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tv   The Forbidden Reel The Birth of Afghan Cinema  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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and this is for future development bodies, but lot of things need to be done to beg. the scout list realty specially different supporting programs suit to be debt. many businesses have grown near the fe terminals, and most of them will not have to shut down glucose. hopefully you got that on. we have been doing business here for a long time. our livelihood is dependent on this. yes, the bridge will hurt our business. we have no choice but to look for new business or shift our location. there was some initial controversy after the world bang brought corruption allegation regarding its funding, which was later dismissed by a canadian code. but many here are proud bangladesh has built a bridge of this size using its own resources. they say it's a landmark achievement. turnville child re, i'll jazeera mo, up bangladesh. ah, look at the main stories were following the sour abortion clinics have already
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started closing around the united states is protest continue against friday supreme court ruling. oh, it was a red and unprecedented decision $6.00 to $3.00 by the supreme court, removing the calls to tional. right, to an abortion honest that to vastly change women's rights in the country. president biden, and other democrats say the reversal of the almost 50 year old roe vs wade ruling, puts women's health and lives at risk. i did your castro's outside. the supreme court met the moment, surrounded by the pro abortion micro dusters, which has been overwhelming in their number comparison to those who are counter protesting. and more and more people have been showing up here. what are the usaa report now a day after that monumental decision that had angered so many really, people here expressing here
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with this rated and other developments you as president biden assigned the most, we've been gone violence legislation for decades. house of representatives gave final approval on friday, iden, signed into law just before leaving washington for 2 summits in europe. a bipartisan bill came together, weeks after mass shootings at a school in a vault a texas and a supermarket in buffalo, new york, the east and ukrainian city of savannah, done yet because fallen to russia may, as, as invading troops occupy the area, falling weeks of some the was bloodiest fighting, ukrainian official say the retreat from the says he was tactical to fight from higher ground in nearby lucy chance. but taliban is appealing for more international aid for afghans left with nothing after wednesday's devastating of quake. cargo planes have been landing in afghanistan, bringing vital supplies, people in practical province, a desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. on the number of people who died while trying to storm the
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border from rural cone to a spanish enclave has risen to 23. according to state television, around 2000 migrants try to get into melia by climbing the fence. so that's it for myself and the team here in london will see you tomorrow. the forbidden real is next on counts the cost. central banks take decisive action and bring in aggressive rate hikes to try and bring sore, and consumer prices under control. but what more can be done? last, we take a look at what's in store for the aviation industry following the global pandemic. counting the cost on al jazeera ah
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many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was banned, new changed, or blown up. a small group of people risk their lives to save the national archives . they managed to preserve the films and these reports of all of the, of the afghanistan that exist in saving decades of history. they believe these films have something to give to the present moment. in the 19 sixty's afghans cinema was born filmmakers on aware of the dangers to
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you all often would you bubble film on with your, put it all a fillmore, if you'd like to settle, got in big boy or not do that again. oh, fun. the sugar bowl come on day. get me said you would qualify what they mean. it's just not about it any just often one if i won't bud, talk to him to death that i've any boss though, just had a more college got what georgia could. she didn't fill in the youngest don't let me get in to get you on another sheet. each i don't know that you not, you do have the civilian again, any of my minutia. jenny miller, welcome and miss
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your toys can kick him up. of one of these out one flu. quality of water in it a couple will follow. would you put a layer close, get done. joy, kid, zebra, john? no, you russia, but a hub law? no. julie mccloud. jenny, i've one friend more. dot com. we'd be happy go lucky because what up? maria? money come south commack. hello. everyone goes to more towards mission good on because groper, somebody get him when play long. i'm always interested in archives as an artist, as a filmmaker, and as a teacher. and i had been making work in, in about afghanistan for
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a number of years. and for me, it was really exciting to find out that afghanistan had this incredibly rich and deep cinematic history of which i was totally unaware. and then to realize that most other people were also totally unaware of it. it was like finding a hidden treasure. and then thinking, here's something i can actually do to start bringing some of those histories back into circulation. ah, what is really extraordinary about looking at these films is that they all tell us something really important about afghanistan as a nation, and how it envisioned itself at the moment that those films were made. ah
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i, when i 1st went to the african films archive, the physical plant as the building was really deteriorating. so they had actual leaks in the archive. and you were really out of luck and trying to figure out what with caleb to feed the what they're going to be doing. local dog, better movie should be no good. actually caught him off key for more that cleveland doors or the new as a, filling them with another one utility for the mobile data. right. they just put the product on those on cannot actually do that. but let me fill out a massage in any fell in the film as in. all right, you need that. didn't commit that care a need have more or more than
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ah, engineer is the most prolific afghan director. probably the most beloved one as well among his peers and making calls to them and the younger generation ever. i found something because he's made films that are touch sounds like and think of love. and because he made at least one film a year for so many years who's i'm when he come and see all the deal, tell grandma from a see no more, no storm. my am cannot shadows but swept the academic. that's jonathan is from barnum. mccourt used to hold here. sure. okay. ah, i scott cl dislodged with quite a be see all the arts asked me to walk to the camera and i would discuss a model. oh,
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stony sentiment. just some all me fun as it is said, 2 years audio. no, said i not to madam undesirable jelena boy. so we can make an okay well can what it was in my nose magazine. i mean it was i think it's important for these films to be more widely available in afghanistan. and i want to help a friend from the digitize, the entire archive. and of course, the 1st stage as doing anything like digitization is to try to understand what you actually have this option. do you mean fulsome popular
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gazoomba culture or news or medicine? rough mug? i or those sliding doors in, i'm park all of months while i new doors. ah ah, the new earth can stand outside of canon sun is so monolithic. and i think the earlier afghanistan's that existed afghan, intellectual, as them laugh, gone modernism, afghan left ism, all of these other histories are actually present in this archive. and to see them acted out on film. it really changes the way that people think about afghanistan. we've
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been seeing, especially in the past few years, these incidents have really extreme violence. and it's important to be reminded that there were decades when afghanistan was not a place where violet was normal. it ashima on the the book of ski, audi a lot that to go with
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the next episode of the she didn't real a communist, coo and a golden age of african cinema. i started my don't our equal will. yeah. got his job by the shoot. jack black. good jack. chip. john here missile the tire aging. you potter was cadillac. barbara said alba wagon for george lucas fishing? good, meghan. good. healthy. all good to talk out. jonathan jenoma is speak of the hour. huh. you course. all right, but you can figure that out. that he did go. laura said that he shot about what he might have done to whitish 2nd week of good if she wants to july analogies here. home cold march 25 years since it's hand over from british to
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chinese rule. with china's cracked on, on the closing voices and, and texted us citizens. what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported people empower investigates, they use an abusive power around the world, to lesbians voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the out of spring uprisings, as india suffers unprecedented heat wave, one or 18th goes to the fiery heart at the crisis center goal heads to the poles with the main opposition parties uniting can be wrestled power away from the ruling party july on al jazeera. ah i protest continue against the.


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