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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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at the same time, in its summer season, officials here have taken measures to prevent wild wires, but they are calling on people to do the same and avoid any risk activities like holding barbecues and forest. like leaf seen empty solar al jazeera, my maris 18 coast of turkey, hundreds of firefighters trying to put out wild fires in southern siberia that were caused by thunder storms with strong winds fanning the flames. crews of battling wildfires from the air and land in the southern alti region. everything areas have so far not been affected. and unusual phenomenons cause venice is famous. st. marks square to partially flood high water levels, known as aqua. alta are very unusual in june, but the sunset ty wasn't high enough to activate, flood barriers installed in 2020, to protect the fragile city. rising waters are caused by combination of factors made worse by climate change.
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ah, this is audra 0. these are the top stories, abortion clinics have begun closing in parts of the united states. a day after the supreme court overturned a decades old ruling, allowing women the rights to abortion. residential by the says, this will put women's health and lives at risk protests against fight. his decision continue across the country june, i know painful and devastating decision is for so many americans have, i mean so many americans, the decision is a implemented by states i ministration is going to focus on how they administer and whether or not they violate other laws i've decided to not allow people across state lines to public health services, and we're going to take action to protect women's rights and reproductive health in
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ukraine, the eastern cities that are done yet because now under russian control are to ukrainian forces completed. their withdrawal is the biggest setback for ukraine since the fall of mario paul on the 18th of may. cargo planes loaded with aid have been landing in afghanistan, bringing vital supplies after wednesday's devastating earthquake. the taliban is appealing for more international health people and proxy here province, which was the hardest hit, a desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. human rights organizations are calling for an independent investigation into the deaths of 23 migrants near the spanish enclave of melia. in north africa, these are pictures showing a moroccan officer beating one of the migrants attempted to cross into ma. american human rights association says injured migrants were left there without help for hours, which increased the number of fatalities. about a 130 people succeeded in breaching the border phase. ecuador, as president, has ended, a state of emergency conceding to one of the key demands of
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a digital protesters who have led nearly 2 weeks of a nationwide strike. yet more lasso is under added pressure after the opposition and please hold for a nor confidence voted him. demonstrators are demanding cuts to food and fuel prices. coming out next, it's the listening post. goodbye. hong kong is preparing to march 25 years since britain handed it back to china. life has changed, dramatically. critic safely does have been stripped away and china is tightened. it's good to want hold know for the one country to systems once promised by beijing . the hong kong handle special coverage on al jazeera you cray, in the special media operation that has russian journalists, hunger control down and st. one, fleet street neil the times of london,
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crumbs bugger, political pressure plus the julian assange case. and how authoritarian regimes are using it to their events. ah, hello, i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening to post where we provide explanatory journalism about journalism and the global news media. it's now been 4 months more than $100.00 days since russia invaded ukraine. a war that looks like it could last for years. the propaganda around this conflict is also escalating. shifting in both tone and content in russia, independent journalism has all but disappeared. clearing the way for the kremlin narrative to go on a post state controlled television channels and newspapers serve as the putin governments, messengers. they've got the country on a war footing while maintaining the rhetorical illusion that russian forces aren't even in a war. just a special military operation,
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and they are mocking the parade of western leaders making visits to the ukrainian capital. are a starting point this week. is keith ah, they keep rolling into keith, world leaders, hollywood celebrities lining up to meet with president vladimir zalinski, signalling their support, providing ammunition for the information war. the leaders of italy, france, germany, and romania visited the president of ukraine and paid thursday. but ukrainians are now more than 100 days into this. and the photo ops cannot obscure the fact that russia control 20 percent of their country. not that the facts are of particular interest to russian news trends that have ridiculed zelinski all along and have recently altered their messaging refined for audiences at home and abroad.
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no one they would come on me and last month in the beginning of the war was he bought ukrainian politicians. it was bought ukraine, president landscape, lots of jobs were trying to, to make him looks to pet. all. not really important. and now it's about walk lead us, it's about the countries, it's not on the barge a great deal. they're making fun of micron and landscape hugging. micro mark as well. it's patillo in there. whether it's got the humans or something still doing. he got double only they are saying also that johnson has a lot of problems inside of his own country, and he uses ukraine for his own purposes. speech. see me. he made me some somebody by the name and they're saying that there is no
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war. and ukraine is the leaders of the big european country i visiting ukraine right now. it means that there has not been any war there going on. and this is the proof for the audience. so this propaganda channels that listen guys, this is special news. your information is concentrated on the east of ukraine. and quite shockingly, russia is setting up information centers which are really large tv screens on truck that they roll into even places is devastated. is mary opal. and when you're in a queue in mary, waiting for food, you will be shown such program being told that you've been liberated against fascism as you look around the devastated landscape of your cities. and then critically, they're really making the point that the economic degradation of the global system
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caused by the sanctions is really biting. which of which was focus, living in jeopardy position for them, but challenging the west to say ok, you've supported ukraine, but the price of gas so high. do you really want to keep, you know, your, your generosity towards ukraine? what has not changed is russia's insistence that this is not a war. just a special military operation. it is a term that grows more absurd with every bomb that falls. every life that is lost. but rushes foreign minister was sticking to that story. in an interview, he recently gave the b, b, c. the kremlin seldom grants such interviews, but this one was conducted in russia and set a gay lover that seemed better prepared for the b, b, c, than the b b, c was for him. i cannot say that i love fully succeeded with that, but he was pretty close to guiding the interview because lovegrove was not me to
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answer actually any question from the anchor that i get to watch. and it'll, which you suction when they go to, because there's a deal that i see. and that's why i think this interview was a kind of failure because when the end could tries to stick to a neutral standard, he is predicting that he's rest content will answer these questions and will play within the same rules of the game. luckily was playing his own game ski the left, the love of interview was a masterful political piece. he knows how to work the interview. he doesn't accept any of the counter questions. he denies all the facts when you manage with him. but then another student, he talks over any questions, he doesn't agree with the challenges the journalist back, notably it was conducted in russian. and we can assume it was required to be conducted in russia. so it must be that it was intended to be aired in the russian
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audience. and of course, you're asking, why would she speak with the b, b, c at all? i would tell you this is for russian propaganda channels, television channels and, and, and other media organizations connected with glen, to quote la roth and to show russians how strong and smart and authoritative he is. but he looked at the whole debt of berlin, but felt i could sadness me thus update that because a little guy would have abused me mom. if he didn't, you catch him and they are there now laughing at the b. c. and that adoring said a gale of her, of one of the main faces of this, of this terrible war with going back to the special military operation. the orwellian absurdity of that term. more and more cracks are starting
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to show on the russian era things. it remains technically illegal to call it a war. yet news anchors are allowed to frame ukraine as part of a larger war on nature or war on the west. it's mostly the naturalists. sama unless by a show i not which and why not the same have i am. and despite the orders from on high and all those obedient russian journalists, sometimes the truth just slips. f. fleeting moments of accuracy in the kremlin controlled news, media accidental ones. it's interesting that it saves through from time to time talk shows refer to war correspondents being on the scene, which was an interesting usage even in the russian bathroom on it. we have a pro, engage for, for war, may have, may have slipped to use that term. so it slips out. but if you are an activist, if you used it purposefully, you would potentially suffer consequences. it's dog with kind of wing,
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like everybody understands in russia let it's, it is a was. so we are trying to, to say that was a to outside ups before of is was and it gives, or than a people it feel that fame belong to something bigger than that trying to play, observe west, trying to deceive them. and re ordinary russians who are part of this game, but makes, i'll be there in russia where freedom of expression is under siege. and people have good reason to fear speaking freely to journalists and even pollsters. it is impossible to accurately measure public opinion, but even russian opponents of the war in ukraine. conceit that most of their fellow citizens support it. as for the more complicated questions of why and how much the russian media have to do with that,
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those are things we may never really know. listen, people wants to believe that this is a special military operation. people want to trust their government because if they don't, then they need to acknowledge that their country's killing civilians. right now. that's why millions of russians do not want to to understand the reality. and it's more comfortable for them to believe this propaganda to trust. this liars and to feel themselves as just viewers. not participants are russian people supporting the war because of the media, or they happily consuming the official line because they wish to receive it. ukraine, friends, even they had said that the russian state media is so harsh and ferocious that even they get dizzy over time when they listen to it and lose their bearing.
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they think they're still alive. hope they're too wide, rush and public will start doubt. team. what is being delivered to them through official sources of information the number of russian soldiers coming back home that will be critical for when wouldn't the russians will stop feeling after effects of sanction? they might start thinking at some point that the real picture of the war in ukraine is different. from what is being broadcasted on tv channel. now you see it now you don't. an explosive news report is rippling across the world of british politics. it's the story of an illicit affair. corruption, scheming, and state censorship. mean oxy. robbie is here with more anatomy, published by the times of london on june 18th, the, the british prime minister bought, as johnson had tried to hire his now wife as his chief of staff. back in 2018 when
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he was foreign secretary and was having an extramarital affair with her, the job comes with a hefty salary. and it was only the strong disapproval of johnson's advisors that covered his plans. that article managed to make it to some print copies of the time, but then disappeared from later additions, and never made it to the papers website. 10 downing street has since admitted that it demanded the times pull the story. even though there was no denial of the allegation. and elements of the story had been published elsewhere before the times is offered, no explanation for why it caved to the demands of the prime minister's office. and the people's readers are not letting the school, the common sections across numerous other political articles have been jammed. but johnson has been lurching from scandal, scandal, and british media outlets have broken numerous stories of prime ministerial parties during corporate lockdown, corruption in fighting, and the erosion of government services. johnson has survived,
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and the pushback from downing street against journalists has been aggressive from not providing government representative for media questioning to ongoing pressure on news outlets like the b, b, c, and china. for 2 incidents like this. the johnson government keeps going after the messengers. thanks mean it took a while, but the me to movement has finally come to the forefront in greece. the threats faced by greek women from sexual harassment to domestic violence are making headlines, including the ultimate form of gender violence, centerside the intentional killing of women, simply because they are with 38 have been killed over the past 18 months, most often at the hands of current or ex partners, greece is one of europe's most patriarchal societies ranking deadlines in the east gender equality index, and that is reflected in the country's news media. the listening posts. flo phillips now on summer side in greece,
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and the sometimes detrimental role that journalism has played there in the way such crimes have been reported. first came the pictures of family and monet. then came the words spoken by the widowed husband. awesome. oh, wow good. a funeral tribute from a young father to his murdered wife, as he held that baby. the baby's mother was a woman named caroline crouch. and as the story went, she was beaten and strangled to death in her athens. her by a gang of ruthless forest robbers. it was a crime story made for television with elements of glamour and gold, almost to scripted, to be believed. and the greek media feasted on it. it cannot be also let us that
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old legacy, nicky, sir. jim. it satisfied all of greek society stereotypes. a beautiful family, the bread winner, bobby's handsome, successful pilot. and his wife, caroline decided, i mean, i don't know what that was. the thing that they did the valley when mama so mom, all they lived in a beautiful mesa, naturally where they were bringing up their beautiful baby daughter that would be enough to fulfill all societal norms of what a family should look like. but then this perfect family is under attack by whom, by armed foreign burglars a little bit. the greek media turned that material into juicy content and the viewers into collective mourners based on all. yep, that's been everything came crashing down. it took $37.00 days for the real story to come out any longer. so she's michigan owner,
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you know, she knew about a horror. the revelation that crouch was in fact murdered by her own husband, left greeks wheeling and yet the mainstream media. they weren't ready to let go of that narrative. so what offices the coverage of the facts was problematic. there was a reported on sky t v, who after bobby side confessed to the mazda steel, referred to him as the alleged suspect. the federal versus arrested, each regret versus what that little good better. because if you say selena your labor day i'm, i'm awful. she stated that at least he didn't talk to rob. he was almost like he was given the suspect to nanda by instead of calling him out for these heinous crime uncles it done yet. and anything that happened because bobby's was a son in law that every one in greek society wanted to have. it's just that he turned out to be a murderer. the more conservative wing of the greek media, we're eager to justify his actions. there's no reason to go to line. he should be
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no technician on the limit of the gulf hema, ordered them to satisfy horn a severe dement dark. got give him sada steve. go. bobby. suddenly tara line was depicted as a foreign woman way to dynamic and vocal that he did. we are going to keep or should be good with that he think if he stays the followers law and according to a tv psychologist, bobbies was the one who had the ideal online profile. that would get him many followers. the lipsy, hollow horse, but free yo nail gender determines how the media research and report on a story. and it ends up being entirely confusing. it feels like mainstream media here often focus more on the woman, forgetting the actual criminal. the victim was pretty. she was a kind person, a young mother, greek television, usually chooses to stick to journalistically shades better than others. the butter woulda is good with him in the market and by choosing not to listen to these killings is from the sides. we end up with coverage that murders the victim for
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a 2nd time. jessica scott, all the family of, of 34. you can go to louise in the new one on the impact of famous side goes beyond the loss of life. these are crimes that tapping to a collective fear. so how the media treat them really matters, unfortunately for many years now, the greek media heaven helped to bring about a 0 tolerance culture for gender of islands. just the opposite. i live on, we're gonna burn like sound bites for the sympathetic to the murderer, coming from the police department to put movie. stavros, ballast gas was a senior officer on the caroline crouch case. a liking boat dot sound bite came to be known as the ballast gas doctrine. advice delivered on camera, on how to escape true justice. a life sentence if you murder your wife, just called the police and confess right away. there was no follow up from the
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journalist. no push back. was it any coincidence then, that in the weeks after more men came forward confessing to killing that partners with all mom me afford ours, that will be up to here is yet another example of us journalist been caught by surprise. we weren't aware of the incredible social impact the statement would have and we should have emphasized how important it was to address it. the journalist never questioned the statement or even triggered a dialogue around him. yes, noticeable yellow. the murder of caroline crouch should not be seen in isolation. feminist groups estimate that over the past 10 years, gender base violence has tripled in greece. and currently at least one woman dies at the high of a man. every months, like, got a failure. sadako pushed off the fillet gun. the doors cliffs by her boyfriend,
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neck tardy are marquee stab 16 times by her estranged husband, or daughter's a hardier gun down by her former partner on the island of raffles. but tune into any of greece's many popular tv shows, and you'd be left guessing as to who the real victims are. but if the city so go in the case of thora, the suspect to uncle got a lot of air time to enhance the keyless profile that maybe we should necessarily what he could give me. i guess if you would give me, i guess, i guess was, have brought another i wanted to see, the greek media reflect the gender inequality that exist in society at large. and they always emphasize the fact that the suspect has never been in trouble with the authorities. kept us holy, sits at his e algebra. the uncle was publicly expressing the other side of the story. he came on my saw and blamed the woman,
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saying that her morals were questionable except the faces. yes, he now mild thought because you know, it's a relief for those of us who present so's lake mine to be able to. so viewers both sides of the argument. you know, my there how difficult at these for us as journalists now because it coin always has to side of the accused, yet leaves his own true full of rest. oh, xena could saline, it doesn't mince her words. she's a host for star channel. and one of the country's most famous faces for more than 3 decades. she's been part of the great media establishment in a country where entrenched patriarchal views have been slow to change. or thought all. or i believe that if all women unite and support deter their men will follow to some extent that we are to name for this current situation. when i present them aside on my so do you know why they observe?
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i observe that if the blame is blazed on, the woman, women stop watching well, men continue. women don't have the strength of character phase, their own tools. it's very important to be able to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, it's your fault that you are picking up with your husband, please. let's not blame everything on the pay. typically, what godaddy tacoma de la, la la, la copa, her cell phone num, lama. yeah. and when we talk about a tree are key sexism. we're toxic masculinity in greece. there's always the strange reaction. sometimes with laughter, with some women get abused for bringing these issues up. and they're never mentioned, don't greek television. i actually don't think i've heard the word patriarchy used on greek tv, new year. but they had here, as it happens, the word patriarchy comes from great. cathy a here, it means rule of the father and covering women the violence they suffer, remains
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a challenge for greek news organizations with their culture of male dominance to this day. and finally, julian assange is one step closer to an american prison. the u. k. government has agreed to extradite the wiki leaks co founder. he faces a sentence of up to 175 years. julian assange is guilty of exposing american secrets, including war crimes in afghanistan and iraq through classified documents, the wiki leaks published, and then provided to news outlets around the world. a sanchez backers have always maintained that this case is bigger than him. in that it sets a menacing precedence for journalism that is in the public interest. and the assange case gives repressive regimes around the world. a tailor made talking point to use against their critics, including the us. because if the americans jail assange for his work,
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why can't other political actors do the same to their journalists, relieving you now with a few examples of how those regimes play the assange card whenever it suits them. and what's the next time you're at the listening the story from if you guys sort of got me me and then you more probably so. so then you need to get before the shift online. if the venue mobile for work, it's not printing. and i excuse me, seeing that armine as will not have free media here. let's talk about how many
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years. sorry, how many years he spent in the quote, in embassy, and what, and where did you not put june on the picnic? you kept the person was actually queueing moral and physically, you did it not. and now he's in prison. ah, i mean, i may use them to that. it was humans, are you sure she with on counseling because central banks take decisive action and bring in aggressive rate hikes to try and bring sore, and consumer prices under control. but what more can be done last we take
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a look at what's in store for the aviation industry following the global pandemic. counting the costs on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was turned off this paul alive, setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as next path. international filmmakers, a world class journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire you. we live one people on this one planet and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera break coil is an international electronic crypto currency used across the globe. it's, it's the best part is exist on the planet. but few know how it's made. it's role in the criminal underworld, it's rise to legal tender. it's implications for the global financial system, and the devastating carbon footprint it leaves behind its energy consumption is put
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a massive step backward. people in power investigates crypto own al jazeera blue from the ruins of mosul, music as we emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the water orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned, been muscle was occupied by i. so the melodies arrived, derfin christian curd arab so need and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i mean the ruins of muscles all city feel strange, but it brings home. the resilience are presidents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah, oh, i grew dais.


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