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tv   Drug Trafficking Politics and Power The Lost Territories  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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senegal heads to the poles with the main opposition parties uniting, can they wrestle power away from the ruling party july on al jazeera. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just 0. ah, i'm nick log into how that. so stories here on al jazeera and abortion clinics have begun. closing around the united states day after
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a supreme court ruling overturned a decades old decision, allowing a woman the right to an abortion i. yes, this will be decision by the court with the a 6 to 3 conservative majority in said to varsity change women's rights. people across the country have been protesting against the decision. oh, oh, oh i, i, a president joe biden pledge to protect women's rights and review house dates enforced the decision. the decision is implemented by states i ministration is going to focus on how they administer and whether or not they violate other laws.
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i've decided to allow people across state lines in public health services. and then we're going to take action to protect women's rights and reproductive health. president biden is also signed a significant tongue control lourdes. the 1st legislation of its kind in 3 decades bite and says a bipartisan bill doesn't do everything he wanted, but he says it will save lives. the legislation toughened background check for young people and help state to next. so called red flank laws, which allow authorities to remove weapons from people deemed dangerous. several explosions were heard in the crating capital of keith. early on sunday, there are reports. a residential complex near the city center was hit keys mess as ambulances were dispatched, but there's no information on casualties in east and ukraine. people are fleeing arrows around the city. as for the net sculpture, it fell under russian control. it's all it's weeks of heavy fighting and is the biggest set for keep in more than a month. well,
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the city has been fully occupied by the russian federation. they are trying to impose their rose and appoint some sorts of commandant who is organizing some activity. while the crating president says wars becoming tougher to handle emotionally, but he's bound to win back old territory last to russia. all of us hit this 7 the next lynette lu, hands and the old. get them back. we. every week we go to care some other single day. we forget about johnson and muddy opal. all other cities of ukraine, which are temporarily occupied will be only ukraine in again. human rights groups are calling for an independent investigation into the death of 23 migrants near the spanish enclave of melia. in north africa, these are pictures showing american officer beating one of the migrants attempting to cross into 1000000 american monitors, say injured migrants were left there without help route to increase the number of fatalities. spain is blamed human traffickers for the day. do i get
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a pretty middle majority that he say i have expressed my solidarity and vindicated the extraordinary work being done by the state security forces of our country. some of them were injured because of this violence of salt. i want to highlight the violent and organized assault by mafia's, trafficking, human beings to a city on spanish territory. therefore, it was an attack on the territorial integrity of our country in a violent manner. i could, or president, has ended a state of emergency conceding to one of the key demands of indigenous protested to lead nearly 2 weeks of a nationwide strike. my last, who is under pressure after opposition impeach, called for no competence voting him. that was true. is it demanding cuts to food and fuel prices has accused indigenous leaders of attempting to overthrow the government. at least 6 people have been killed since the protests began. cargo planes loaded with aid have been lamb being in afghanistan,
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bringing vital supplies off to wednesdays. devastating earthquake. the taliban is appealing for more international help people, impractical province, which was the hardest hit. a desperate for food for shelter and for drinking water . got their headlines. more news coming up here on out 0 after drug trafficking, power and politics. ah. in 1971, richard nixon launched the war on drugs. americas public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse in order to fight and defeat this enemy. it is necessary to wage a new all out of fancy. washington sent agents from it's brand new drug enforcement
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administration, specializing an intelligence, the d. e a partner, the french police and its investigations. within 5 years, 3010 traffickers and dealers were arrested and the chemists of the corsican mafia fled. the french connection was dismantled, leaving us yonder electronics your fiance, so we will not go sysk lab, but alaska, when he let his company see us as heroine continue to flow on to the american market. another drug surface deep within the andes. cocaine. extremely rare. the white powder lit up the well to finance the walls of wall street and the jet said, there was actually a time magazine cover, the champagne of roger, the wonderful brogue ion, and it's not a dictum. raul dead, raul?
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ah. on june, 18th, 2019. somewhere in the pacific ocean. oh oh god. oh god. go the war on drugs as engender new, leviathan's, invisible, unconquerable pray that are nearly impossible to spot to day out in the open seas, a rare catch in the underwater belly of this beast. the coast guard discovers over 7 tons of cocaine,
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bloot worth $230000000.00. when drug lords fool criminal organizations reinvent themselves once more, they never despair. they simply we compose into networks, not structures. they become nodes in a wider network. and even the camel nodes in these networks you can take down a command mode, but it doesn't dismantle the workings of the network itself. a new era for criminal organizations began at the start of the 90s in a system where everything was accelerating, transportation, communication, cash flow, globalization, the triumph of free trade hope to raise borders. i
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believe we made a decision now that will permit us to create an economic order in the world that will promote more growth, more quality, better preservation of the environment, and a greater possibility of world peace. in 1994 the united states, along with canada and mexico inaugurated the greatest free trade zone in the world . no more trade barriers and fewer border controls. mexican factories set up the pace and lines of trucks at the u. s. border grew longer hiding drug cargo in the stream of vehicles became the favorite pastime of the mexican cartels implanted along the 3000 kilometer border heroine. marijuana and cocaine flowed practically unobstructed
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helming the country, mexico sole political party. the p r. i received it. share of the profits as long as the traffickers take drugs to the gringos and as long as they don't challenge the state, it's okay. as long as they don't act against them, interest of the spy to key powers. the state will not interfere with the drug trade very much in columbia at the head of the cocaine trafficking chain, the political establishment finally let loose on drug traffickers under pressure from the da, the criminals who came after pablo escobar were hunted down. the shell companies were dismantled under arrest, increased to absorb losses. those who had survived counted on their mexican transporters. they asked them to step up the pace and they weren't flying one at
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a time. they were flying convoys. 7 or 14 planes would take off at a time with each loaded up with nearly a 1000 kilos of cocaine and landing in northern mexico and chihuahua. they would be sage there and that smuggle across the border into the u. s. logistics of the mexican cartels were full. trish they had the upper hand of the colombians and imposed a new division of labor. the mexicans took charge of the riskiest a most lucrative component of the traffic. cocaine distribution in the united states make amazon and that i've been led up um, which must conversica. yes. can us little yep. as almost what a year's kit gary's muss a him a it began was a good allegory soon does his demo as it at mass performed. c e love you last year but my don't go to camp were keyless and that told him a been up leather a at balise to was johnny. yes, a produce him much of let it up,
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let them in this thing that was who is seen only more of your lens you than what it oh wow. mexico got caught up in a never ending spiral of violence. meanwhile, colombian traffic has stepped back to focus on production covering entire walls of their land with coca crops. by the end of the ninety's, drug production had become concentrated in lawless areas, where is impossible to unseat columbia was the world's leading cocaine producer. and another country emerged as a permanent player and the story of drug trafficking. afghanistan, the world's top opium producer. oh, today, 80 percent of the world's heroine is produced in afghanistan. the completely elicit drug represents one 3rd of the countries revenue from the dusty streets
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of its capital, kabul to the highest levels of state. all of afghanistan has become addicted to heroin an addiction that was born in the eighty's, in the midst of the cold war. ah, the soviet army occupied the country's big cities and in the countryside, the russians strove to repress afghan resistance. so in the mid 19 eighties they adopted so called scorched earth policy. they decided to destroy the countryside, so people could not live there. and in order to do so, they would burn down or church destroyed what their system poison wells. but not every one moved. instead people started called their ethan opium, poppy. for 10 years opium, poppy funded the tribal leaders resistance to the soviet occupation. what was once
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a marginal crop, became the main source of revenue for peasants and warlords. when the russians left afghanistan, tribal leaders clashed in a struggle to take our o. several 1000 afghans died in there was throughout the ravaged land. one movement channeled the anger of the people prostrated by years of conflict. the taliban gained ground dead little conjectures that didn't like drugs. when they started, they really were very upset, which all those corrupted wallets in afghanistan had to read them like, should want to bring law in order. it was not the gun of loan or to be liked would . that was their perception. so bought of debt was to stop opium open was a vice is, are on, is not clean every why they went,
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the taliban, impose their strict laws, closing movie theaters, outlawing music, hiding women from view. but opium was the livelihood of tens of thousands of families. if they banded the taliban rest losing support in the countryside to build political capital, the taliban started saying, well, the koran says that opium poppy is her own. and it's still her round to use it. but it would say, as long as you produce opium puppy for dick a few years for the infidels, as long as it goes to russia or goes to the us, that's perfectly fine with us. opium allowed the taliban to finance their advance on cowboy. the afghan capital fell in 1996 afghan. his son was immediately ostracized by the international community and cut
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off from the world. afghanistan was around richland, and there was no foreign aid. ah, and so, ah, opium, ah, was them the knife, the cut through the gordian knot of this social puzzle of how to restore economy? it's an annual crop. you put the seed in the ground. and a few months later, he got a commodity and solicit that magically crosses all boundaries. no, ah, without any impediment whatsoever. the talent been set up labs on their land and turned afghanistan into the world's leading heroine, producer. ah, drug money made them bold thinking they could flout international law. in 1998, they granted a safe haven to members of al qaeda. but heroine could not ensure the survival of an entire country. poverty was rife in afghanistan. the taliban regime
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sorely needed international aid. in hopes of regaining international favor, the taliban outlawed opium. poppy production throughout the country in 2000 peasants risk to death if they planted the forbidden seed in just one year, nearly every poppy failed in afghanistan had disappeared. and the international community said things like, well, no, thank you. in the united states, under secretary of state colin powell actually award the regime, i think $41000000.00 in foreign aid. but there were other issues human rights, the status of women. and so the un wasn't going to recognize them until the taliban had. now in retrospect, conducted an act of economic suicide. after
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the taxes, september, the 11th 2001, the united states invaded afghanistan. in a matter of weeks the taliban were pushed back into isolated zones, doomed to disappear the patiently little by little they recon could the land by encouraging the cultivation of opium poppy, a miraculous source of funds for the rebirth of that movement. key colombian essays in columbia in the mid nineties, coca fields covered whole stretches of land far from the cities which were now on
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the high civilians. drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungle. the mountains well out of the states reach full of you of by use up as i vision museum, danny le held up here, super complex as well and give them base to didn't much of berlin with the common. we've got you in 30 year e killer mojo, throw a hook on to lateral territorial. she has had a pain as his thumb was, did with i loop borrow. after that he thought you thought of e aden, which was he to them did. why? when he t o in these remote areas, a modern day far west land belong to whoever had the means to take it. large landowners purged columbia's land of it's wealth, gemstones, minerals, oil rare woods. to extend their operations. these large families, created militias that would move populations by force. colombians called the
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paramilitaries with coca crops, booming in the countryside. drug traffickers also out fitted themselves with paramilitary groups. look yes, he ended up brought the head lucky. i rattled nicholas k, o u m anthy agent aint gotta go on a lot. emily thought his, this be hardly less the error. the last campus emo de los go la, no, they load, they see load that all he, it, they said computer nothing. it will show, you know, e, your most didn't set the of butter, but i say good, illinois, russia roggette. the paramilitary lead is gradually took control of coca production and the lads and handle connections with the mexican cartels and major international crime networks. deep in the jungle, the scramble for coca would change the fate of another armed group
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the fog, a marks his guerrilla group fought for a fair distribution of land active on a few fronts. but with meagre means, they would extort large landowners and kidnapped them for ransom. but in the mid nineties far guerrillas adapted to the changing times without looking arkansas about whom community can meet us. also because about young breezy barrett i and gone through medical traffic over yoga room peddler lucille. but it's, it's your job. but as your medical owner for k u, as in down the middle. and so they say it's okay to, ah, cultivate coker. and being good revolutionaries and trying to build a social base. so they start delivering a variety of public services flush with the money they get from taxing acculturation. the font used drug money to buy arms
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and ammunition, but also communication tools that allowed them to synchronize their various fronts and make rapid progress. the fark continued their abductions, targeting the very heart of the government. governor's deputies and former ministers were all held hostage. the guerrillas camped outside, but what are that we're hearing met a year and they were outside. colleen at the end of the ninety's, people were talking about the potential of climate becoming a naca state with the gorillas taking poem. faced with a fox growing power paramilitary groups, wanted to retain control of coca production zones. in 1997, all the paramilitary factions gathered under one commander a far right militia, 20000 men, the united self defenders of columbia defied the guerrillas. meanwhile,
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columbia, as legitimate military, suffered ambushes by the far soldiers were abducted in their hundreds does kill, couldn't mrs. mafia's then mean an echoing sound. the us here, they nick anti at the barrels port dot columbia deseeno cohen. i am contracted as getty has been hunter. yeah. look as in those are, let me check another gallery of villas on us. see north hit hillis t. s. c. used to be sell eskimo colutus butter. lex put us on the knuckle, gone. the paramilitaries eliminated their opponents by the systematic killing, led to the displacement of millions of people, the power, militaristic, take their laws in the zones. they took oliver areas the states could never reach. chic, you're in control. they lead to the little money i in columbia losing going for i.
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e. and last, but i'm really that is a years until a friendship. oliver loaded little than it gentlemen was. yours capital, matthew, my much activities you might act, although our body odor like last have only begun columbia global. i won't be to my now nice thought them again as long and the group uniformly thought injured at the moment of will no longer able to play up unable to believe i do preventables e for sympathy on fully bigger than i am. i never confronted the loan as you under so many gun in the early 2, thousands. the paramilitaries were in the same position as pablo escobar, 20 years earlier. denisia. we've been feel into your cell by thought 8 monkwood before the congress, one of their leaders, salvatore mancuso defended the role of his men. a few years later, salvatore mancuso, nicknamed triple 0,
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would admit to the murder of 300 people. i didn't want a like when i lost a unit employee, mccarthy. gail bone police are probably up to go get us also. what of all some. but what about who are going be a levy? digna, they would, i am ha seagate pick salvatore mancuso spoke to an appreciative audience. paramilitaries control the 3rd of parliament. columbia had failed to push. traffic is out. the paramilitaries had turned it into a knock a state. unlike colombian traffickers, the cartels in mexico never tried to take the reins of the government. traffic has
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accepted the game of corruption, orchestrated by the single party, the p. r. i in power for 70 years. in 2000 mexican shrugged off the authoritarian reign of the p. r i by electing v center folks as president it was the promise of a new era for mexico and the change. empower, reshuffled the cards for traffickers. it did break, but i would call the parks mafioso, and that is to say the a centrally the understanding between the mexican state and the major narcotic trafficking organizations that they were, they were untouchable, the rogue going to be touch. so it did break that certainty of that you had had for years under the pura the t r. i acted as a mediator between the cartels once they were gone, highlands was the only way to weed out competitors. overlapping war soon broke out
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among all the cartels being as i'm willing to like, classic bully the jack locally, regional know out in a lot males but i boy continental, pull it out on medical. every guns there may go, didn't put emo's, it includes regular, lagerry medical, but i see where i live, but i still am groversville. ah, in this cartel war, the historic bassetti and of trafficking, the sinaloa, was on every front, driven by the insatiable appetite of its leader l. chapel freshly escaped from a high security prison. l. chapa guzman is one of the most successful drug traffickers ever in history. and his nickname before chapel was a drop your quick one because he was able to move drugs into the u. s. at a very,
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very high speed. se will be all in his stuffing food. air emblematic air, gassy, mito law, heger electrical to them he can. chapel was also very diligent and very systematic in how to manage brutality and extortion against rivals. clever and ruthless as chapo would have to strike even harder if he wanted to stay in the game. on the other side of the country, the gulf cartel recruited elite soldiers from the mexican army and created an armed wing last set us military discipline planned operations. intelligence methods were redirected with a single goal, terrorize the competition and take over their territory loss such as triggered one upmanship among the other cartels. she wanna sued ag wires and sinaloa all out
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fitted themselves with elite units. scenes of horror erupted. ah, ah, i am in germany's capital. there is a barber, like no other liquidity to holland, for i marked latortia from which you but as his city changes his moving with and going on the roads. the stories he don't often hear told by the people who lived them. the master barber of
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berlin. this is europe on al jazeera. ah, the hillbilly, the harmless caricature, or a malicious label denying of people their culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources. that the bad and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in a region leave the field type, then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it? what's in a name hill? billy? a witness documentary on al jazeera lou. hello mclaughlin. there how the top story here on al jazeera, abortion clinics have begun closing and part of the united states
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a day after the supreme court overturned a decades old ruling july women, the right to abortion. people across the country have been protesting against a decision. yes, president joe biden has signed a significant gun control law. it is the 1st legislation of its kind in 3 decades fighting says the bipartisan bill doesn't do everything he wanted, but he says it will save lives. russia has seized complete control of the east in ukrainian city of the road. the net scoff to weeks of intense fighting. it is the biggest setback for ukraine since the fall of maria pole in may. well, the city has been fully occupied by the russian federation. they are trying to impose their rows and appoint some sorts of commandant who is organizing some activity. the grading president says the war is becoming tougher to handle emotionally, but he's proud to win back all territory last to russia. she nursing is all i was hit. this she ever donates, donates lou hands and we all get them back. every week we go to cassandra,
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now the single day we forget about the dance and muddy opal. all other cities of ukraine, which are temporarily occupied, will be only ukrainian again. human rights groups calling for an investigation into the death of 23 migrant soft. they attempted to cross from morocco into the spanish and clever malea. morocco monitors, se injured migrants were left without help for hours, which increased the number of fatalities. spain has blamed human traffickers for the death ecuador president with him to the state of emergency conceding to one of the key demands of protested civil at nearly 2 weeks of a nationwide strike grammar law. so as under added pressure off to the opposition called to no confidence vote in parliament on saturday. cargo planes loaded with aid have been landing in afghanistan, bringing the vital supplies in after wednesday's devastating earthquake people in practical providence, which was the hardest hits, desperate for food, shelter,
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and for drinking water. hundreds of firefighters are trying to put out wildfires in southern siberia. they were caused by thunderstorms, with his strong winds, finding the flames crews of working to dallas fires from air and land in the southern alti region. got stuck with headlines, more news coming up right after drug trafficking, power and politics. ah, each and every one of us, it's got a responsibility to change our personal space for the mirror. have we are we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. nobody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here. and jenny,
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this people began to collect the sigma, get the same, re saying this extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we, we need to take america to trying to bring people together, trying to deal with people who can left behind. ah, clever and ruthless l chapo would have to strike even harder if he wanted to stay in the game. on the other side of the country, the gulf cartel recruited elite soldiers from the mexican army and created an armed wing. last cit, us, my god, there were in mitchell calling them in the organized crime group. there her, they were cutting off heads of bible curt also literally tossing him on the dance
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floor. i mean, it was there was out ahead ah, in 2006, the newly elected president, philippe calderon, declared war on the cartels and sent the army to the front. 45000 soldiers tried to win back the lost territories. focusing their efforts on law status. the most bloodthirsty of the cartels. under the armies blows last zit us imploded into a multitude of groups. they tightened their grip on smaller territories, and the violence ratcheted up a notch. closet us filled their murders and torches in detail, leaving a zed on the walls and bodies of their victims. they didn't just stay involved in drug trafficking. you had to pay what's called the be sort for everything. so if you are running human smuggling through their territory, ah, if you are engaged in kidnapping, in their torture extortion,
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they go involved and all you had to pay, they have to pay the surface to the army. unable to fight on every front left the sinaloa cartel to prosper. by the end of the bloody wars and chapel had expanded his own of influence to tijuana, and sued at wise. he lost all day in the harris, he thought. but at that time that these mean we're love you, linda. this will talk, entrepreneurial synth. love you, lindsay, and more solemn in the same man bobo in la for massacre. but as he was at the horses, gabby yard could either see no k. o mental yeoman thought bo looked in a man then that minute wendy, that he was asked. i give that her name, elizabeth, that i am at the at the start of the 2, thousands. the u. s. and columbia also chose the military option. they elaborated
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the most extensive planned for battling drug trafficking, plan colombia, $4000000000.00 over 5 years. hundreds of american advisors revamped the colombian army bolstered by these new means columbia turned away from its initial goal. the main traffickers, paramilitaries allies of the state were not targeted. the plan against drugs became a war plan. bogota, port, everything it had into fighting its main enemy, the fought gorillas, active, and nearly half of the country is sir. oh, seeds us young st. glenna in power. the list. albert made ice in pearson, and at that he thought you were going to have that he thought he only can see to
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call and get over. but meadows, in which, as i've seen double check with the cisco model casually, i drew emily got muttered she does august 1000. you feel a little more bang for your dish and quite a buckle on bishop. you're going to go to medical, but are us which it will be a bracket bluff. it was to show a hot on that. that is milos. yet the dirty war waged far from the cameras. don't a severe blow to the fault. it's historic leaders were eliminated. in time, a process of negotiation will begin with the guerrillas. for colombia, the military offensive was just the 1st step. the next stage was initiated under pressure from washington. despite plan columbia, tons of cocaine was still flowing into the us. the colombian government was ordered to take action against the paramilitaries in 2006, the hard right in power practically offered them an amnesty, leaving over a 100000 killers unpunished power. military fighters turned in their weapons to
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carnival music. the menu on the quote of the gateway to bassi kindy, becky blows victory, mothers not to, we don't give to me to, to succeed unless victimised. nicholas was d at us. nicholas was bropy eyes nicolai, that he is one the middle you, but for lengthy and really at length would me a cure and a lot of good thought this was on us, and they must by dominique. that is controllers in a secular physical my giving career. let me actually go in like my that, and i'm, your brother is infinity. the biggest joke came from the supreme court. the judge is decided to open an investigation into the incestuous relationships between power, minute trends and political leaders. a large scale clean up began. the court
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examined flushed out and convicted several politicians. these efforts towards justice and memory continued to day in a columbia that seems to be catching its breath. violence is diminishing in the big cities, and columbia is becoming a tourist destination yet well as his sight in hard to reach areas, the same actions are carried on endlessly got that i met as easy left by aletha yellow and i thought a lot of buddies, the professor, he has like a la busta. he was given a con berliner like cousin mm. like thousands of coke grow as this farmer has endured eradication campaigns, led by authorities with the help of the da for
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30 years. agent, orange, monsanto's cliff, a sate in thousands of leeches. of herbicides was sprayed on coca plants and ravaged entire regions just do it on your end in or in the what they're going to get her get them. i love it for her hours. we went about that i have know, a little of budget baron ample, great blood, but he had a bet on there can be, i don't know when he got to jesse hon on his 3 actors. this grow i produce is roughly 70 kilos of coca pace, which owns him 10 times more than if he grew coffee. to make one quino cocaine, it takes $350.00 kilos of cocaine leaves $400.00. once it is transformed, crosses borders is sold bulk, then retail,
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and cut all this means that same kena of cocaine cells over a $120000.00 on the streets of new york, $300.00 times its base price in columbia. co castille finance. his dozens of armed groups. ready they are the distant successes of the great cattails. direct descendants of the power in a tree. factions, o fox, who refuse the historic peace dale in 2016 for they think that what in done they are, are going to liberal anglin olmby ambrose inimical gain. again, hunger senior madigan was at the mercy. those will border get louder. gurani's as you and i could he, me not it go yet in the mails, cns he had like amazon. so though, yes them as soon as he doesn't complicate, i defeated lemon hut corners the more the case thus in contact with 2 other cook up when black d o t r is soon account via causes. kennesaw throws those i was como coolant or let just see the thing, the more the goal was with riser up in that is i'm it. as
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long as drug cropped, scro, criminal or insurgent movements can take possession of them. in afghanistan, the u. s. underestimated this latent danger. after driving the taliban out of power in 2001 washington for the problem was sold. a few years later, the u. s. army was facing a powerful insurrection. the taliban had used drug money to enlist thousands of fighters. in 2004 under pressure from washington, president, hunted cause i declared war against opium. but the afghan president would play against his side. his authority was held only by the fragile coalition of war notes and former mojo hiding, who used drug money themselves to run their fife. dean's. of course,
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or of many people in the afghan government away, forced into direct rates. same as in the in the other. i'm opposing forces. this is not the she could, everybody knew it. it was not very convenient in those days to talk about it because there are political allies. that's was that was to logic in 2005 in the region of helmand over 9 tons of opium were discovered in the governor's basement president hammock, cass. i had to remove him without his revenue, the governor's militia changed sides. his $3000.00 men joined the town of an upset, the balance of power the region of helen then fell into the hands of the taliban, who turned it into the country's leading zone of heroine production. to cut off the talons main source of revenue, the u. s. beefed up it's military response. u. s. b 52
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bombers and u. s. f. 22 raptor fighters bomb taliban heroine labs. so here's a, an f $22.00 fighter course about $400000000.00. and a heroine lab, which sounds fancy, but really as, as a, a mud brick shed was some rusting tim drums and a, and a cheap electric heater. probably $50.00 worth of equipment where the u. s. uses it's more sophisticated military equipment, all of its targeting and intelligence and research, the drones to modern term movement. no, the satellite imagery is a, the b $52.00 bomber, which is the biggest military plan on the planet. and to, to, to attack these, these, these tin roof sheds with their steel drums is a, i think,
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a, a demonstration of the limits of coercion. that is not one case where eradication has bankrupted belligerents or significantly weakened them to made them easier to defeat. people go hungry, they literally don't have anything to eat and they will protest and they will mobilize. and so what happens is that the criminal groups in certain groups, like enough galveston or in columbia get a lot of political capital. people switch allegiance to them. and in fact, the, the history of the so called market militancy nexus, narco insurgency nexus, is that the state to wins against insurgents when it stopped eradicating barbara. after 50 years of war, kaboom afghanistan's capital is now home to the world's highest concentration of
9:47 am
drug addicts. in the countryside, practically one out of every 2 families is affected by heroin addiction. the country continues to founder ah. in mexico, a century after trafficking 1st began, popular culture celebrates marco's, and their swift rise in society. the small farmers, he planted poppies in the last century and the mountains of sinaloa gave birth to traffickers, able to exploit every crack in the system. the drug trafficking organizations can afford the best less they can afford the best investment brokers they can afford. the best accountants and the security forces. lauren forestland are hugely out
9:48 am
gunned in terms of accountants. i'm to lawyers. hundreds of millions of dollars belonging to the sinaloa cartel were found laundered in the accounts of the world's biggest banking institutions. the banks all has hain, the legal settlement. no convictions were pronounced with lucid, yeoman's systems narceena a course on them are our stubborn e or cinnamon that laws son equal to none. but been that easy for the number for the mule levels come so if it's long val mountain is you don't. so what was all i've been 200 to continue here. 50 coffee cla sir has to haunt them. he says, who were there? yeah. when you were the convent keowee on the salvage school dos you. he pulled his young to lot, pres, dunden and his shots at the yeah. non i bare speak to you, not for sale on that. if a real nephew sell p r. laugh order or did on him on the have you were,
9:49 am
lucas will save you the more care in 2015 and chapel was caught when he contacted an actress he'd grown infatuated with ah one of the world's greatest drug king pens was brought down by an am at a mistake. extradited to the united states and sentenced to life in prison and chapel left in his wake and nebular drug trafficking. and the myth of a hierarchical cartel held by a single man to day and mexico violence has crept in everywhere. all the time, yesterday's big cartels have been split up by the army, which is still deployed throughout the country. a myriad of small and elusive
9:50 am
groups appear, decline disappear, and reform constantly. ah, on the pacific coast acapulco, mexico's crown jewel has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world. around 30 crime organizations are active in the region. the medicaid are l'aquila square poor ah, of the dial is ah it as medical forensic domicile you is. the main is, are you lepers are now as you may go,
9:51 am
the p r i n t e are though that for yellow, but i, we have rental along methodical headed for says here when brenda watch, all right, we're for over the past 10 years, more than 40000 people have disappeared in mexico, kill by criminal organizations that blindly strike, extort or kidnap for ransom. people who oftentimes are innocent. it was called me romano thomas merriman. oh my got sick was the other tingle, the julio, that does me lossing, with to go get rid of mary of agora combs the land relentlessly searching for his brother's body. with other grieving families, he has dug up over 400 bodies over the last 5 years. here just an hour's drive from acapulco in is to look at to ya, but i shall, i will not
9:52 am
a while i get rid of cedric will, but i don't mean to wear both. those casino, their daughter, amaral villas, man. they love bees been dallas the lithography by now rec latera to see holes. barbara says he gary of where they said she had as campus. he look at dublin or they had at that i said, my ease but empathetic role sheet. am abolla for the sale. get this up at his gun. a disposal. he segers an yoshi, ann yosh, was campbell of evil foot cookies, a lot, a good title. but as a whole, getting milan almost under a puddle, minnows, myrtle and one other less was a splendid enough citizen. we have also seen louis by such as we will need to see to the missiles. he is better fiddled into this will go on
9:53 am
quarter. if your order can go along the edge i kissed helical and if this is glenann apperson tenny tito, they gotcha. gotcha, i'll okay, i'll bring neither the hidden look but i don't, i didn't it didn't it guy there fendy ill estimate on that. hello.
9:54 am
no, such was his thumb of this into randall ebert, others to buy easily. some of this, you know, will be unless he either somebody see those in me. he could say force as gland is dina, send me. he call, he doesn't was he said the lock will last him on the thought that part of the winner, the esl is callaway is mass mckee. kennesaw laneesa and i moved just organ is as young as the moore headers care and their own establish cannot be in a leg up. i see that they pro hosty ca compare that to sit as kitty. those sit, it's sam ah, each mass grave must be visited by the authorities who are storing over $27000.00 unidentified bodies as of today.
9:55 am
ah, a new chapter in the story of drug trafficking is opening somewhere in china. a return full circle. criminal organizations are stolen is another secret from the pharmaceutical industry. by manipulating chemicals they've managed to synthesize fentanyl, a distant cousin of opium manufacture to since the 1950s for medical use, sentinel is made without the slightest trace of poppy flour. the drug is a 100 percent synthetic. to day these ports where the 1st bundles of opium arrived in the 19th century marked the point of departure for invisible cargoes of an infinitely powerful drug. centennial is at least 100 times more um potent than
9:56 am
headline. so it might take several trucks, trailer trucks of cocaine to supply. do you us drug market for a year? well, it might take just one cuddled to supply a small car load to supply the u. s. entire opioid market. but fenton hill, you can basically forget about the agriculture or in your own need. peasants growing opium poppies in afghanistan, or, and mexico or columbia. you are, you know, need armies and war laurens, who are shipping opium, if you're in some way of chemical also that you can, you can manufacture and china on and shipped to mexico and then use them to produce drugs like fat and all it greatly simplifies the process and it means as you can base your operations anywhere. so our modern st. had things drive really have the potential to radically change ah, the illegal drug trade and the politics,
9:57 am
international relations and geopolitics to surrounded sentinel flows into a country grappling with the greatest addiction epidemic in its history. in the united states, the over prescription painkillers encouraged by pharmaceutical lobbies has caused hundreds of thousands of patients to become addicted to opiates. when their treatment stops, and the illusion of well being is shattered, they turn to elicit markets. every day, middle class men and women join the horde of heroin addicts and fall victim to fentanyl, which is less expensive, and a lot more powerful. fentanyl kills $30000.00 people each year in the u. s. this vile is a death trap for those who seek refuge from the pain of living. yet there is
9:58 am
nothing fatal about that. as long as the war targets drug trafficking rather than the causes of drug use, we will live in a constantly shifting matthew environment. the world of drugs was created by our so seattle choices and our economic system. the only solution is to change it. ah, summer rain is falling in france doesn't look particularly summer. you have to say the swirling thing in for all, and you probably don't think that windy witness probably true for western scotland as well. now that's all moving in slowly, but quite slowly than the eastern side of your really just beyond the shores of europe into turkey. that low means significant rain. again, probably for anchor between the 2. it's quite warm hot. in fact, from italy, north was the baltic states, there is rain in probably going to be sundry and significant in france. the light
9:59 am
extends out through denmark and norway just edging into sweden as well. but didn't make much progress further east or further south. which is telling because tend to the quite high, and they have been for a long time in italy. and on monday, i've been lucky on the door of records again for florence naples. that hot strip goes down to north africa as well, particularly to new zealand to this shows 44 degrees. but the consequences heat has also meant a lack of rain and the river po has exposed distance deliberately sunk in the 1940s . that's how much the river level has dropped in a drought in italy. there is rain now in west africa, quite a long way north in nigeria. ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs,
10:00 am
and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the goal is to create a government has knowledge in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, you know, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. how and why did, who become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing? what we're talking about by american today, your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, lead us from the will 7 richest nations gather in germany, whether expected to announce a.


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