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shirley, structural lebanon needs and use also contract in order for it to solve his problem informed opinions, international communities on the go with my students. and that creates a government that has knowledge to be seen in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. how and why did, who become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing, or we're talking about why american today your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, lead us from the well 7 richest nations gather in germany, where they are expected to announce a ban on russian gold impulse. ah
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ha, ha ha robin you. what y'all is there a long while? headquarters here in deck also coming up keep under a tank russian forces at a residential complex and the 1st strikes on the ukrainian capital in weeks acquittals, president n's a state of emergency as he faces no competence votes for rising inflation. and oh wow, let's get loud rival demonstrators at the homes of south korea's past and current presidents try to out protest each other. ah, welcome to the burger world leaders arriving in germany for a 3 day g 7 summit. those are we dominated by the war in ukraine,
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solely inflation and a global food crisis. not us present. joe biden will be sitting down with the leaders of germany, france, britain, italy, canada, and japan. the 7 nations are to discuss banning new imports of russian gold as they seek to punish moscow for its invasion of ukraine. diplomat together, james phase, is there. when the g 7 and nato leaders last met, it was just a month after the invasion of ukraine. and just days before russia pulled back from its assault on keith, ukraine surprised many bites resolve in the early days of the war. but now it's over 4 months since the start of the conflict, and it's become a deadly war of attrition and eastern ukraine. jamie shay was a senior nato official, the alliance spokesman during the kosovo war in 1999. the bombing went on for $78.00 days. the crane was now lasted longer than that. and he said it's presenting many more challenges. when we had the crisis in kosovo,
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we didn't have an energy crisis, we didn't have inflation. we didn't have petrol going up at the pump and the food crisis across the world. and all of these ripple effects that we're seeing now. we didn't have to impose the kind of sanctions on serbia that were imposing on russia and economy of coast with which were closely intertwined. so in that way, the economic pie and a ripple effect a much greater than what we saw a then at both the g 7 summit here in the bavarian alps and at the nato meeting in madrid. leaders will once again try to ramp up the pressure on russia, but the plan to green light, finland, and sweden as new nato members, is still being held up by objections from turkey. present. zalinski got a symbolic boost in recent days when the ease said his country could become a candidate for membership, bought from the g 7 a. nate, so he'll want more immediate help in terms of more money and more weapons. james bay's al jazeera in the bavarian house,
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now on the ground in ukraine. millions of being thing areas around the eastern city of central the nes, after fell to russian control. the advance of moscow forces followed what the craze minute described as a tactical withdrawal. it was the biggest set, but for ukraine in more than a month, pro russian separatist, a russian troops now attacking the neighboring city of louis chance. if you chance it was a horror over the past week yesterday, we couldn't take it anymore. thank you to the soldiers who evacuated us from the otherwise this would have been it. i already told my husband, if i die, please bury me behind the house. there was so much showing so many ruined houses. it was no good to say the landscape flying. it's impossible to sleep and the flying so low. when i learned a sofa near the window and looked the pain was so low, i could see the pilot so low and the sound was horrible. the wing so huge. the size
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of 2 houses so scary that the ukrainian president says the relentless missile attacks of proof, the sanctions on russia are not enough to help you. crane he's asking for more weapons. i listen, man. i mean, do these, this is such a crucial stage of the wall, spiritually and emotionally difficult. it's when we know the enemy won't succeed. and when we know we'll be able to defend our country, but we don't have a sense of how long it last. how many more blows losses and efforts will be needed before we see victory? no russian missile of no strikes can break the spirit of the ukrainian people. now, there have been several explosions across the capital itself in keys. let's cross over to charles stratford, who's lived for us that what more do we know, charles, what, what's going on? or the how can you talk to me? i think i'm i just, i think we might not be able to get in touch or can't speak to charles the moment.
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charles, can you hear me at the moment? charles stratford and keith, can you hear me? charles is so robin here in denver of c. it's quite difficult her to get those communication links once as an attack in keith. i will try to get back to charles as soon as we can. i'll, let's move on to other news now where the former u. s. president donald trump has declared the supreme court ruling a victory for anti abortion rights advocates. yesterday, the court handed down a victory, a victory for the rule of law and above all, a victory for life. this breakthrough is the answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people. and these prayers have gone on for decades. for decades and decades. they've been praying. and now those prayers have
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been answered to the generations of americans in the pro life movement as well as countless constitutional conservatives, your boundless love, sacrifice and devotion, has finally been rewarded. info, congratulations. novelty to links of begin closing in parts of the united states after the supreme court overturned a decades old ruling, which allowed women the right to terminate pregnancies, purchase for and against friday's rule, and continue across the country. how did you, castro to portsmouth from washington, dc? o, as shock waves from friday, supreme court decision continued to reverberate from washington to cities across the country. protestors gathered for a 2nd day of nationwide protest. i daughter is a 94 year old carroll folk brave the son to join the crowd outside the u. s. supreme court, she says, as
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a social worker who helped poor women for a quarter century, this outcome is tragic to see in her life time. i'm sorry that i somebody people are older and male. don't understand. our young people are good to be in the b, and this is a, this rural expression of anger and grief from abortion, rights, supporters, which according to polls make up the majority of americans. these protesters say, though they're not only angry about losing the right to abortion, they're also fearful of what other freedoms they may lose to con, according to the reasoning of the courts, conservative majority, the u. s. constitution only protects americans rights that were understood to exist in 1868. that means recently established rights like same sex marriage and even access to birth control may be at risk of being revoked as well. i think it's
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just a very ominous sign of what's coming down the line. it feels like i am losing my future and it's very paralyzing. and i, i don't really see a way out of it. a live a few dozen, anti abortion activists stage, a counter pro. as in washington, i have run into the brain. why? why still come out here? what do you want to do? a portion of the legal in anything. i said, we're not going to stop until no child was killed by a bushy republican run. states have race to immediately, ban abortion. within a few weeks, they'll be illegal in roughly half the country. as democrats, voice, fear of a right word turn at the high court, that's only begun. ha id, jo, castro, al jazeera washington. kudos president has ended a state of emergency conceding to demand of indigenous protesters. they've been on
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a nationwide strike than any 2 weeks. wilma lasso is under added pressure after the opposition called a new confidence those in parliament. he's accused indigenous leaders of trying to overthrow his government or latin america editor lucy newman has more from the capital kito. we're outside and when your native malware, thousands and thousands of indigenous demonstrators are here waiting to find out what happened in the know competence vote that is taking place. however, the deputies are not inside the legislative palace, they're doing this debate is taking place online remotely. apparently for security reasons. congress does have at the faculty to remove the president in under certain circumstances of what they call national convulsions is not quite sure whether the opposition has the necessary 90 to vote. to remove the president. these people were all here are waiting to find out whether the president will be removed
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or not. you can see some of the signs that say out with last all geared more laflin m resident. they're very angry because after nearly 2 weeks of a national strike, they have not received any sign other concession from the government to their demands, which include lowering basic food prices, the price of fuel for better health and education. for me, they have a list of 10 demands for government in the plaza, said that they cannot all be met with that it is willing to negotiate with an engine is leaders. the only real change now is that the head of the indigenous confederate announced that as a, as a concession, he will allow some of the roadblocks that have all over the country to be open data free when he calls a humanitarian part on to allow food fuel. 2 another supplies to reach the capitol pito after nearly 2 weeks of us. right. let's get back to
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a story. we tried to bring you a strike sold the ukranian capital. let's join charles stratford, our correspondent. he's following events for us in the capitol. charles, good to have you back with us. just give us an update on what we know about these strikes while you join us here. so outside one of the strike sites, this is a civilian residential building that we understood. stand was hated by one of 2 missiles. the other one line very close to those missiles, 2 of 4 that would be reported were cruise missiles that landed in cave in the early hours of this morning, emergency services. here we understand a still trying to search for bodies people that they understand are trapped inside . at least one woman. 3 her daughter was taken away in an ambulance in the last hour or so as was her husband severely aged,
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the husbands not actually showing any signs of life. you can see that the level of devastation, the power of these, these cruise missiles that hit. interestingly, the building was just off camera to, to my left her, to my right. sorry, was also hate about a month ago. so this is not the 1st time this area has been hit. we also understand there is another strike site up the road. we're being told a kindergarten or very close to a kindergarten was being described as a huge crater in the ground. as i say about 630 this morning, we were woken up at our hotel. and by what sounded we initially thought as a jet fighter, transpired that these were cruise missiles. now, as i say, these are the 1st hits on the, on the ukrainian capital for about a months now. we had the mer here earlier on, as you can imagine, condemning these attacks. he's saying that this was another example of russian
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atrocities. and yet again, highlighting that there seems to be nowhere throughout this country that the russians cannot hear. but yeah, very worrying scenes here, as i say, the search goes on for this woman believes still to be trapped inside this building . thanks so much for the update. charles trump with the forest in keys. well, stella had here on al jazeera, faced with paul rainfall. and not enough land. we catch up with a young zimbabwe in his exploring new ways of farming. and the town about appeals to more international aid as cargo planes arriving. gonna start with vital supplies . after wednesday's earthquake. ah, with summer rain is falling in france.
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don't look particularly summary after say the swirling thing in for ireland. you probably don't think that windy witness probably true for western scotland as well . now that's all moving in slowly, but quite slowly than the eastern side of your really just beyond the shores of europe into turkey. that low means significant rain. again, probably for anchor between the 2. it's quite warm hot. in fact, from italy, north was the baltic states, there is rain and probably going to be sundry and significant in france. the light extends out through denmark and norway just edging into sweden as well. but didn't make much progress further east or further south, which is telling because temperature quite high, and they have been for a long time in italy. and on monday, i've been lucky on the door of records again for florence naples. that hot strip goes down to north africa as well, particularly to new zealand to this shows 44 degrees. but the consequences heat has
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also meant a lack of rain and the river po has exposed distance deliberately sunk in the 1940s . that's how much the river level has dropped in a drought in italy. there is right now in west africa, quite a long way north in nigeria. ah, too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of gonna stop thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just 0 lou
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. ah. but good watching it. how she's there with me sell. rather reminder of all top stories will lead us arriving in germany for a 3 day g. 7 summit dominated by the war and ukraine, sorry, inflation, other global food crisis. they're also set to discuss banding, new impulse of russian gold. several explosions have been heard and the ukranian capital keith russian force is reportedly hit a residential complex near the city center. the 1st strikes there, in nearly 3 weeks. i kudos president presented a state of emergency conceding to a main demand of indigenous protested. they've been on a nationwide strike than any 2 weeks. glamour lasso is not facing a no confidence fight. said bob way is having to import grain as to what government
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officials, cold and erratic rainy season as a result some farmers of entering into upon it the praises of farming without soil . it's relatively new concept in the laundry agriculture based country. it's been struggling to feed itself. how would tarza, how's this report from moran data? yes, a park i wanted to go into farming, but he didn't have much land to grow crops, erratic grateful in zimbabwe and recurring droughts for the complicated his plans. so he chose aquatics combining fish farming with growing plants in water without using soil. this is a root system ah, of these tomato vines that you see here, the excrement or waste the fish produce fertilizers his plants. the roots soak up them in your, from the fish purifying the water, which is then pumped back into the fish tanks. were in a crisis. and you know, in the next 10 years or so it's, it's going to be a very,
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very big problem to our fresh water to get crops. and this is definitely one of the ways we as a country, we can have food security without worrying too much about our water issues. aqua appendix is still a relatively new way of fi me and said, well, we and much of africa pharmacy. the process uses 80 to 90 percent less water than traditional farming methods, but it can cost thousands of dollars to install depending on the size of the business. young people account for a large part of the african population. some of they may find these new as a farming attractive, but many here say government and policy makers need to provide proper facilities, education and financial support for such projects to thrive. the barbie's government expects its harvest of maze grain to fall by nearly half this year because of poor rainfall. in the recent growing season. private millers in zimbabwe,
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i now importing more grain to increase their supplies. some of the countries are now important to cover to increase their, their sorta to grin the reserves is a result presence of food mays and which have gone up. i'll give an example. said to him, to serve as 2021. it turned off, miss suite was lending ins. bob with it therefore, and an interest on us to day is lending its $687.00. the convert 19 pandemic, and the war in ukraine is yet another reminder. countries need to be more self sufficient. aqua pioneer won't replace traditional finding any time soon in zimbabwe. but yes, a park, i believe it could be the future. one way to help africa when it's off, off imports by increasing local food production. had m a t i to al jazeera miranda zimbabwe rights groups are calling for
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a comprehensive investigation into the death of 23 migrants with stampede never spanish enclave of maliyah. this group appears to show a moroccan officer, beating one of the migrant suit tried to climb aboard a fence. american association for human rights says injured migrants were left to die. spain's prime minister blaine's human traffickers for what happens. now the taliban government of gaston is appealing for more international aid. after wednesday's devastating earthquake cargo planes from took pakistan. a pakistan and cat are brought in vital supplies. at least 1100 people were killed and entire villages destroyed. alan titi has more from the city of host. the host airport is open once again. but this time it aid not passengers coming and going wednesdays. magnitude 5.9 are quite killed. more than 1100 people and destroyed thousands of homes and i want to san se. now, several countries and international organizations have been sending 8 flights to
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this airport. hot, they're sent a military plane full of food assistance. a group of medical workers from pakistan has come to provide medical care for those providing assistance to the people of park, the car and horse provinces. it's a moral obligation, a model shadowy from catholic charities as the people of color were devastated by the news reports. and wanted to do something to help our facility to be here and to shallow, we are we going to be supported them from this time and this lab, they need to support for like the medical and the hospital here also need to support. and they sharla and then next, like you're also thinking more thing to have the hospital the taller bon government, which is struggling under sanctions and aid cutbacks welcomes the health officials here, say at least $300.00 homes are destroyed and hoarse. if they aren't rebuilt by winter,
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people could face another humanitarian disaster. if i tell you about the aid, it would include pakistan, iran, kat, talk and helping with the food, a shelter and clothing, whether the aid is big or small, what matters the most is that support should be coming in to rebuild these people's homes using this one's quite airport as a base for the foreign aid. also either the strain on military planes. previously, most of the 8 was transported on helicopters that were also being used to fly the injured to waiting ambulances. but now larger planes from other countries, the united nations and the world food program of ethos. the pressure on of, on a sunday already limited military helicopters for months. this airport here and horse lay dormant and empty. but now at a time when i want a son is a greatest need, it's active and bustling again and all day there have been flights from all over the world. dropping aid to people devastated by last week's earthquake,
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people who lost everything. and it's sending a comforting message to the people of alanis on one of their most trying times that the world has not forgotten about them. and is willing to take care of people suffering from natural disasters and other setbacks. alley. let's feel caused algebra authorities in turkey say it was filed, the a g and caste is now under control. it was deliberately lit on tuesday and destroyed thousands of forests near a resort town that prompted the government to consider a tougher sentences. the people convicted of awesome and priscilla has more barbarous. the counter jelly observes the forest through drawn, his family has run the camping side in marbury for more than 40 years, but recent fires in southern course. so turkey had taught him to be better prepared for safety and to act even in the case of a small fire. dirty clay, we should present the result of climate change, environmental risk,
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and threatening to mediterranean based on a real strong last year's wildfires proved that we all need to take more precautions like cleaning the trash and left behind by visitors. and you need to be in constant contact with the forest strictly. that's why flight drawn and check if there are small flyers. last summer blazes followed by strong winds and scorching temperatures toward through forests in turkeys, mediterranean, and egypt regions including mar maris. the wildfires killed out please 8 people and countless animals blazes that lasted for 3 days. this week in my maurice bern, 3400 hackers of woodland, 6 to one helicopters and 13 plains drop water on the hilltops. men of feel lucky, sparsely populated area. the government says the 4th to authorities budget was raised by 220 percent compared to last year. one of them is the ultimate. we hired
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5000 more personnel just for our forestry department and we have 100000 volunteers . last year we had our biggest woodland loss since $945.00. but in the last 10 years, when compared to europe, turkey isn't a good play on them. but some people say the authority fact, it's too late to get the bunch of young i was seeing the flames. from here we did a c. helicopters, of course 5 fighters were on the ground, but that wasn't enough. and the 5 spread. the 1st across spence in the morning until it's sort of a safe planes and helicopters will continue to spray water to cool the hilltops. as you can see around me, this is the damage caused by the recent wildfire and disasters like these are becoming more frequent because of climate change. last year, turkey so floods in the north and wild fires in the south at the same time in its summer season. officials here have taken measures to prevent wildfires,
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but they're calling on people to do the same and avoid any risk activities like holding barbecues and forth like these st. emphasis all, all 0 murmurs agent go. so if turkey will turn to fire fighters are trying to extinguish while bars in southern serbia, they were caused by thunderstorms. with strong winds fanning the flames. crews are battling with blaze from the land and from the southern italy region. the fire has scorched more than 2000 hector's. now the world health organization says monkey pulse is not yet a global health emergency, but it's monitoring the outbreak closely. 48 countries outside a central africa where the disease demik have reported cases in the past 6 weeks. monkey vox is not usually fatal and healthflex, but say it's not clearly. it's not nearly, pardon me, as infectious as covert 19 or primary and secondary schools in beijing will resume
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in person classes from monday. those caves 19 cases in the city decline. can the gardens will be allowed to reopen from next month. the chinese capital shut schools in early may to stop the spread of the con variant shanghai as reported. no new code 19 infections for the 1st time in 2 months. and hong kong has turned on the switch for a special life, a mocking 25 years since the territories handed over to china. it all colonies for the celebration of friday. in the handover from british rule, beijing agreed to a high degree of autonomy the 50 years. but it since imposed a sweeping national security law cracking down on pro democracy, protested and politicians. in south griff, there's been a dispute between supporters of the current and former presidents protested have set apart side each of their homes. and there are complaints going beyond what's acceptable robert bride has more from sole when he left office last month,
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the liberal form of president of south korea moon j, and arrived at his new home hoping for a quiet retirement. but the politics of office followed him as did right wing opponents, setting up a permanent and noisy protest, much to the misery of the neighbor. neither since they play music all night, there's an 86 year old grandma and my friends mom who is 83 suffering from hallucinations. south korea has a vibrant protest culture from the massive to the small the angry to the queue. but when the new president, conservative unit secure, seemed unmoved by the plight of his predecessor, ah, well, if it's all in accordance with the law, he suggested that's when liberal protesters got angry. oh,
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they took up residence opposite his home in gangnam. the fashionable suburb made famous by the cult classic gangnam style. the protesters sing loudly and often we, what they lack in numbers, they, mo, the make up for any volume. this market part of soul is chosen by those who cannot moderate already, expletives devotee and sophistication. not much in evidence right now. no police monitor the noise levels, while banners from residence complained that that children can't study and babies can't sleep, will aren't i got, you mean, of course we're sorry for the rest of the weather, even though we have no choice but to protest. would it be apologize to them? o 2, it's partly the president's fault, says this neighbor, is it a nuisance? oh yes, he says, now supporters of the president of set up their own camp to come.


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