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tv   The Forbidden Reel The Birth of Afghan Cinema  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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to prevent them by raising awareness, poverty, mythology, 0 new delhi. know the world health organization says monkey pox is not yet a global health emergency, but it is monitoring the outbreak closely. 40 countries outside central africa where the disease endemic have reported cases in the past 6 weeks. monkey box is not usually fatal, and health experts say is not nearly as infectious as coven 19. or more than 200 firefighters are trying to extinguish wildfires in southern siberia that are caused by thunderstorms, with strong winds fanning the flames. crews are battling the blaze from the land and in the southern alti region. the fire has scorched more than 2000 hector's. ah! don't shield there with me! so hill robin de hall! reminder of all top stories will lead the gathering and jimmie for
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a 3 day g 7 summit that will be dominated by the ukraine war sewing inflation on a global food crisis. us president joe biden has just been welcomed by german trans shows by commended chills on his efforts to maintain pressure on russian president vladimir putin over his invasions of ukraine. your 1st course was in the world. and we gotta make sure we have this stay together. you know, continue working on that konami challenges we face when we get to this my strong diplomat together, james phase has more from the summit in the bavarian alps, really addressing a very, very grave situation on this g 7. the world has changed a great deal since these leaders, not all the same leaders to the new but these leaders last met in the u. k. in comb . ringback the main thing that has changed it, of course,
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is the war in ukraine. the g 7 did have an emergency meeting in the 1st month after the war that took place in brussels. then of course, the early days of the war, the, the, the, the whole of public opinion was talking about the war in the shock of the war. now they've got to work out what to do, i think, because we now 4 months since the start of the war, how to keep the momentum up, how to keep the pressure on polluted. russian missile sort of has at least 2 residential buildings in the center of the ukrainian capital. keith, the national police chief says high people were injured. it's the 1st time that he has been hit since early this month. i kudos president has ended. they say to the emergency, conceding to remain demanded. indigenous protested. they've been on a nationwide strike the nearly 2 weeks. well, i mean, last, so it's facing a no confidence at least 17 people have been found dead in a nightclub in south africa. the eastern cape province,
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police in east london say the victims were aged between 18 and 20. is believe the bodies have no apparent injuries and investigation is underway. of course you can follow all of those stories on a website at outlook. dot com is updated throughout the day. will have more knees and half non time in the news. i with emily, i'm going to stay with the for been real. a birth of a consumer is next. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten.
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the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was brand new, changed, or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the other afghanistan that existed saving decades of history. they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19 sixty's afghan cinema was born, filmmakers were on aware of the dangers to come
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into the ottawa stick it. i mean, why did it look if i give walmart good mob on physical data? me film, which i'm grandma dad, i mean he died hello fi, data meet me in a medium when, when i buy you know what she stamp can what you good im in all of my to my job done for the more anatomy done with eod. she 51 from
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he or she would like you that the i got that i get everything toilet cuz my like catherine again them. if one boy here, i mean no more than she gave the usual boy that data was yours. you're welcome. she get to walk, i mean, i can't get enough of it cassock has been game with our mission at the bad. that won't be bad, didn't you bosom with you? and i'm a general moment for me was i thought it was the question about what you ask them, what were funky dad to fill joy cast off of that he can pretty much push because i gotta yet my mom often. but why would you feel that it was young, gotta eat that was young, got out with that or how do they got that? all of them fail. and mo, walla fin, you book full amount of to put all of fillmore do that to start or get in before you do that again. oh, fun begins jacob,
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welcome on day go. he said you would qualify what they mean. he just got a body image. it often gonna yeah, bud. talk to him. yeah. that i've any boss those i'm your federal college got what georgia and she did fill in the youngest daughter. let me get into your chart and understood each other. she's not you have this ammonium again, any minutia, jenny? miller, welcome, i miss your choice can work. you must of all for lisa wilson for the policy of austin. you had a couple quick follow would you probably are closely done. joy
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kid, zebra john? no, you russia? but a hood, la, la, joel mccloud, jenny, of one friend more lot harder. we do have commodities because what up? because maria money comes up. come up. hello. everyone goes to more towards mission . good on. because groper, somebody, you won't play long. i'm always interested in archives. as an artist, as a filmmaker, and as a teacher, and i had been making work in, in about afghanistan for a number of years. and for me, it was really exciting to find out that afghanistan had this incredibly rich and deep cinematic history of which i was totally unaware. and then to realize that
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most other people were also totally unaware of it. it was like finding a hidden treasure. and then thinking, here's something i can actually do to start bringing some of those histories back into circulation. ah, what is really extraordinary about looking at these films is that they all tell us something really important about afghanistan as a nation, and how it envisioned itself at the moment that those films were made. ah
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says she wants to push it. so who do? i don't know who was the hardest to go to because i always feel like she's already front whole. i jumped on it, i was like, you know, a my, you're kias or to so you see, i'm all hustle. but you shall come right. each of them, i ease how perception walk to grandma's, your definitely with your didn't die out. who's on a boat, that america my hum roy more that m a ross don't buy sina. moyer, zion up i, i and the chic modem with the leaf. what kind of them, but in this thought,
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a to jerusalem. all hours in bold. bottom you can reach emma, who the child so loud, nimble little section middleton was playing. shoed with coldwell. oh well you're there. make it hollow, be almost bother him. jeff said police would. will coble martin's astronomy. got him to have them on us. you know what, what hot rosa drama sought to do when i'm able to let you know my audio? no. wonderful, my little boy's your time too much for the love. why am i going mommy ship us for some of them. do you enjoy me guess you can talk. i just you know i was but a hold him the off and there is no balsam kick. are there i can move it yourself. why more? she would cut all that. ah
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yes. yes. we have more. she was the last and you told me if i can fill them in and they will, can boy, you must get a hold of my mom is by the time that was off, it can, we can give me more. she know what the hold up. you're gonna love this awesome. well if she's a, give us a call, but i'm a johnny with chuck, just submitted a 50 voters for them. she wouldn't meet on a yard. i'm all up with the additional key. he says, you know how to clean as you nice to meet me is when you get to see the show more him into gas hollow yacht, tougher porter. and the chart guess you know, when that us ah, i, when i 1st went to the african films archive, the physical plant as the building was really deteriorating. so they had actual
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leaks in the archive. and you were really out of luck and trying to figure out what with the salable to feed the what they're going to be doing local dog, better movie should be no good. actually caught him off key for more that cleveland doors or the new as a, filling them with another one utility for the mobile data. right. they just put the product because i know you cannot actually do that by now. me fill out a massage in any fell in the film as in all of my you need that didn't commit that . can you need more or more than a voicemail? so we'll say mike, a couple and event will be brought up with that marie fillmore because i'm a show me that you could pass on. why didn't you, buddy?
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part of the raise my are lot mom and shot to do again. was low on a sunday and was it on him and i am on the other person or stood at them. okay. about accurate joe gunman? my know when i was all come to the home i can visit however he comes to me for he must have been die also don't get them negative doors, doesn't that? oh no you belinda said as you should get him silly for may sub would his her boss man more see is pretty good on for me. her mother he sobs fair mare who just some or me finance would work with them. yeah,
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work had good of them colleagues. long cushion. oh, my boss packet of bizarre. catherine is anytime you fucking in the camera. so ricardo archer, the you can okay. never heard of. i mean, we bought bought, hawkins, there's a camera that jonas, we think we'll start to watch up. i should, i had told him what he can do and you know, which would give him my number, the keys. i could have that ready didn't patrone home on the should look at as he comes. i me for me the for me this helen put up my i said it dont custodian dick don't but i understand. so once i've seen that, that has all the major media and i'm on the way i was, yes, i had made of some come with she civic of do hello ma'am. as right now, harsher me, ah, the, his certain color ah, engineer is the most prolific afghan director. probably the most beloved one as
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well among his peers and making calls to them. and the younger generation ever asked and something is. because he's made films that are touch sounds like they go love and because the need at least one film a year for so many years who's i'm only come up with your deal. tell grandma pharmacy no more. no storm. my m cannot shadow stuff, but sweat the academic that should have thought of some bohannon. mccormick to hardy issues go i, i think scott sealed defaulted. could it be ceos your testament to walk to the camera and i would go to shut to mod. ah,
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that in san a behind those i said you would, but whoo hoo! asap on treadmills. gov some kid my throne yet my stone, my nose, my senate politician, he cast on why my yet gun after me a long soft team will trust me. marcus had already come back about the room, gagnen a said you that could have won his son as well is said to you, i've won fairy must. she didn't cross off each to tony sticky to pieces. oh, but i. but i must be the data i could eat, but i don't even get the they should get to come. oh no, don't sell me ish to haughty dema soft hope i am a frederick soft him but i went in bob dis, mortgage by soc daughter fell may well and day dos. funny for remember just some all me from done as is said you years all the on off had not been out among visible joe. anybody so okay,
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to me could okay. well, can what it was in my nose magazine i'm, it was i think it's important for the seller to be more widely available in afghanistan. and i want to help a friend from the digitize, the entire archive. and of course, the 1st stage as doing anything like digitization is to try to understand what you actually have this option. do you dream fulsome tripler, gazoomba culture or news or murder, some rough mug i or those sliding doors, and i'm park all a month. while i do that
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. ah, the new earth grandstand outside of canon sun is so monolithic. and i think the earlier afghanistan's that existed with afghan, intellectual, as them left on modernism, african left ism, all of these other histories are actually present in this archive. and to see them acted out on film, it really changes the way that people think about afghanistan. we've been seeing, especially in the past few years, these incidents have really extreme violence. and it's important to be reminded
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that there were decades when afghanistan was not a place where violet was normal. it ashima on the the book of ski a lot that to go with her with
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her grandmother circle metabolic day shot in missouri shave home. we live now then base a lot also be on the shine. also forgetful, cannot go to, but i put us horner with him and raised configure, going back to heaven. bessie mammal may have to go hugley last. they felt more than me the don't does an immediate get around me turn on. he had rosie, i'm a to yet you'll not be shown on me when i'm up. i let him turn on. oh, damn it and who you are or damage marked as sybil. good. here i told by my tub is held muscular mcgue's. mom at the bottom. air hub, i had was glee mama my was done because i am going to say by that my was tammy get him gay wide matter by my tap on our back that bona double off at
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had to mission to soften is see no more as it is. see phoebe keandrea carter de schwab. i just had a fellow myself team as yet had a phone, but he's seen almost 1000. they give me candy mall. fidel a, he cheer a sina moyer. not on weekly nat e, donnie. no, lou party, nothing. debach pursues buddy. my i misha, buddy, the scene amada as the deck of han medium at dd at cloud. hangin lataya hoarding mom, you know, sitting the mall. i'm a chateau audi him was so ready. dish, let him over that. been into his makeup day on ticket that we are part of that missouri hammer. ask audition in the next episode of the she didn't real a communist coo and
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a golden age of african cinema. ah, i started my don't our equal will. yeah. got his job by the shoot deck boy a jack chip jagged year missile the tire aging. you. potter was cadillac bubbles with alba wagon for georgia edge, east coast fishing. good megan kalki. all good to talk on. jonathan jeremiah is sick of the hour. huh. you was all with that, but if you can figure that out, that he did go. laura said that he shot up to wiley, but then the height is 2nd week of good if she wants to too often of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades reveals the
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forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a j 0. lou criminal drug dealing shifted to places beyond the reach of louis through many people in the afghan government away involved in a doctorate. gorilla was in columbia and to mexico, where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics allan territories on which is era. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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