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we discussing the impact the potential uncontrolled development could have on these diverse wildlife pieces living here. if unprotected we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera, sun, sand, and so the warnings postcard image hide the piece of battle of the past future of this island paradise. when i, when 8th meet the locals determined to keep for why, for war on al jazeera, ah, russian missiles write down on keep hitching and apartment block while people was
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sleeping. scene is a message from present. vladimir putin to g 70 does. a meeting in germany, they are striving to ramp up the pressure on moscow with a move to ban imports of rush and gold. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm no mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. distort parents seek on says in south africa, often 21 young people have found dead in a tavern. ah, accruals president left a state of emergency imposed, emitted to eat strike as opposition. politicians tried to remove him from office. and oh, why there's no such thing as a quiet life for south korea leaders past and present all their neighbors.
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ah, hello, welcome to the program. russian missiles have right down on ukraine's capital for the 1st time in weeks hitting and apartment block in cave. it came hours before leaders from the group of 7 wealthy nations began a 3 day summit in germany. they reaffirm their support for ukraine and announced more sanctions against russia. but 4 months into the war, lead as a facing multiple crises. countries around the world are hoping for concrete solutions to sol, high inflation, food shortages and hunger. as every step, vast reports now from the summit, and garnish protection. the scenic be so views of the various alps are in contrast with the urgent and grim crisis. the 7 leaders of the world's highest income countries have to tackle. just before german chancellor,
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olive shoals greeted his guest. russian rockets hid the ukrainian capital key if it was seen as a message from president flurry may put him to the leaders of the g 7 who want to impose more sanctions on russia. like an export ban on gold. mister president, you were reacting to the russian missile frightfully apartment building heave the u . s. president replied, calling it more of russia's barbarism. leaders of the cheese happened one to show a united front against potent and their common support for ukraine. but their unity is increasingly under pressure. now that the fall out of the war is affecting more and more people worldwide, including and cheese 7 countries alike is even stopping. it's all g. 7 countries are concerned about the crises that we have to deal with. some countries see shrinking growth rates, increasing inflation shortage of goods sent disruption of supplies. and these are not small challenges together. we have to take responsibility,
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but i'm very confident that we will send a clear signal of unity from the summit that says on skinning that. the most urgent signal 8 organizations are waiting for is a clear plan on how to tackle food shortages as a consequence of the war. is called the pudding to stop the war. to stop the invasion because his action is effect and millions of people very far from where he was, where he thought he was having his you know, his wall. so that is a call. but beyond that, as well, is to think about how do we come, how do we deescalate, how do we talk about our, you know, how do we get everybody on the table? it is time to think about the lives of those were affected. and, and, you know, and this price is as soon as possible. a survey house ahead of the summit shows that while most europeans feel solidarity, wait your grain and support the sanctions against russia. many are worried about the of the cost of the war and they want the war to and as soon as possible, they also not necessarily want to boost military support for your grade. a message leaders here. they have to take into account step fossil al jazeera in government
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box and get him. meanwhile, inside ukraine, at least one person was killed in the capitol cave after it was targeted by russian missiles for the 1st time in 3 weeks. official st apartment building was hit in the early hours and several people were injured, including children. equally national guard reported that 14 missiles were launched at the capital on sunday morning. in the most sustained barrett cave is experienced in months rescue as have been trying to reach survivors, believe to be trapped inside. keeps may of italy catch go told al jazeera, the timing of this latest attack is not a coincidence. oh, i see it destroyed, destroyed more than 220 apartment building well lead people civilians, and her before at mo, the summit motto they attacked. it may be symbolic years and more like gig
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russians in bruises days. her her wake up the egg because the last the deck is, was gerald trigger a united nations? was it the key? algiers. charles traffic reports now from the scene of those strikes in cave. about it behind me, civilian residential building hit. we understand this morning by at least one cruise missile were told that another one landed in the near vicinity. also the have been civilian casualties or ongoing rescue efforts. we understand to try and free one woman injured possibly fell dead. her daughter was taken away, sadly injured a few minutes ago. her husband also severely injured no signs of life when he was taken away in unsettled we've been told. i mean,
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you can see the level of destruction of the power of these missiles the, say these 2 or 2 of for the hit, the capitol given the early hours of this morning, ukrainian military says at least 14 missiles hit various locations in the cave region. early sunday morning, and i developed or when we are saved the young girl approximately 8 years old. her mother is still under the rebel. we are finding it difficult to remove the debris, but the situation is under control. officially sasslof, we heard them, he style come in. this is not the 1st time this era has been here. so when you, we just had 23 seconds to take our after the explosion to the came outside to ask neighbors if the milky, then we heard the force rocket coming in and we ran for cower an hour or so later. emergency services carried an injured woman from the destroyed block of flats. this is one of the other strike sites close by what you're looking at. there is a kindergarten. now it's sunday. the school is not open today,
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but look at the size of this crater. it gives you some sort of idea of, of the power of the weaponry that sir the russians are using. according to locals. they heard the explosion around about 615 this morning. residence in the building behind me on the right believes that at least one person has been injured. as a result of this strike, bear in mind that according to ukrainian government, this kindergarten is one of more than 800 schools that have been damaged since the war began on february, the 24th chaw stratford al jazeera keith. all civilians have been fleeing aries around the eastern city of savannah, danielle sculptor. it fell to russian control on saturday. the occupation by moscow's forces followed what ukraine's military described as a tactical withdrawal. after weeks of intense fighting which has left the city in ruins. pro rushes upward to say russian troops are now attacking the neighboring
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city of list a chance. the eastern regions is significant for russian supply line. city annexed crimea, peninsula, russian rock. it's also a residential area, harkey, lay on saturday. police say several properties as well as a hospital where hit people trapped on the debris, rescued by emergency services invading troops of renewed their attacks on new wines . larger city, after weeks of relative peace argue suffered heavy bombardment from the very start of russia's invasion. but ukrainian fighters pushed trips back towards russia in may. and you must be equally booster. 90000 of the rescuers came quickly and started to pull us up immediately. but it took around an hour, we were trapped quite deep. there was a lot of wood on top of us. ah, now south african authorities are investigating the death of at least $21.00 young people found inside a popular tavern. and the coastal town of east london police are collecting samples
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to see if the victims are exposed to some kind of poison or a challenge reports. police forensic teams and onlookers scabbard at the south african township pub on sunday. but what killed many young people inside this building in the city of east london is still a mystery. officials said the bodies don't show obvious signs of injury. they were found strewn across the tables, chairs, and the floor. investigators had taking samples assigned to poisoning. it's believed the place was busy on saturday night, as teenagers from the scenery park area celebrated after high school exams. the deaths of raised questions about youth alcohol consumption and safety standards at the informal local bars that any, any tavern is typical of parents. if the victims spoke their shock, oh no, no, no. we have
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a child that was there who passed away on the scene. that's the information that we have. this child, we were not thinking would die this way. this was a humble child respectful and he listened. but as we know, kids will always be kids from the information we have. he was with one of his friends and that attended a function after their exams and finished at school. they hired a car and went to that place. he was 17 turning 18 in november. we are very sad indeed. we are unemployed and we don't even know where to start. his father here is not even well, we have parents who don't know what to do to. south african president, cyril roma fossa, expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims. those families waited outside the morgue, where bodies had been taken, hoping for news, and for answers will reach helen's how to 0. we go to echoed on how the president has left it a state of emergency imposed in 6 states. i'm in an ongoing strike led by
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indigenous groups in which 6 civilians have died. for 2 weeks. they've been protesting against the government. angry at rising fuel and food prices, they say present gear molasses, economic reforms are hurting the country's most vulnerable communities law. so as accused indigenous leaders of trying to overthrow this government, the national assembly will resume and her confidence hearing on the president in the coming hours. it was suspended late on saturday after 8 hours of heated debate is in human reports from one indigenous community in ecuador. jim woodley is an indigenous hamlet in the ecuadorian countryside at the diana class. it is takes us to her field to show us why there are more poor than ever i refund the mom of phillip on aloud. he asked when we can't afford fertilizer, this is all that grows. we can't sell anything ever look m m. as in most indigenous communities, this one lacks decent education for the children, only to teaches for the entire elementary school,
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but that is not the name of all of our please have fallen on deaf ears says 35 year old at the diana who has 5 children mother is one with who is sped, answer has been working. that feels good since she was 7 and says her hands are permanently stained from the soil, moving them in the by the seal, and the cost of everything goes up except that of our produce, the president doesn't know anything about working yourself to the bone. all he does is some people to kill us, like my husband and son who are in the capitol risking their lives protesting should be quality for everyone in this country. chronic infant malnutrition has soared in ecuador in the last 2 years, reaching nearly 50 percent in most indigenous communities. the 2nd highest in latin america or not because that has new one out of every 3 children is suffering from chronic malnutrition and half of them are indigenous. oh, outside of the capitol? mainly,
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indigenous communities have been blocking highways as part of the total clock strike. they want to want to know that their demands can not wait young, but oh, well, we can't afford to feed our families. our children are starving. we can't send our children to school or even ever, even before the pandemic and the war in ukraine. indigenous communities who provide the lion's share of food and labor, which struggling more than 50 percent of non indigenous ecuadorian, are also supporting their demands for better education, fuel subsidies, health services, and a moratorium on bank debt. but as has happened many times in the past in this country, the ones who are leading the charge of those who say they have nothing left to lose . to see a newman, al jazeera, tim bootleg heck, little watch while still had for you on the program. days after an earthquake hit remote part of afghanistan, survivors are in despair over the lack of help in friends and family made
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a final farewell to force as john was stone phillips who was murdered in the amazon way. life in brazil. ah ah! now for the next few days, all of this weather coming across the bite, the air that's tucked into isn't really cold. stuff from the antarctic is just cold dish. so it doesn't really produce extreme weather either. in the 1st sites, maybe a for west australia might guess a windy weather that might be true in tasmania, which is pretty windy recently, but not as bad. i have to say, and it's not very warm and nobody at 30 degrees, but then again, it is the middle of winter. most of australia is looking find there are rain showers, likely unknown territory. and if you notice $1.29, that surprisingly is on the low side. it hasn't dropped below 30 much this year,
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but it's on its way maybe now in new zealand. but you might expect, this is rain is now on its way through south island. so christ church gets cold and average because it's going to be overcast and rating most the day. that rain has to waltz. wellington probably fall late tuesday in early wednesday is a line of developing significant thunderstorms, stretching from the philippines, including manila, all way down to the western side of bonia, towards weston java sweat. his place, i think, in southeast asia and the monsoon range that having burst, almost in all of good jurret, suggest to circulation day which means heavy rain, but the heaviest is probably good to be around the himalayas. the pole in the northeast of india, ah, with
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wherever you go in the world, one line goes to make it for you. exceptional caraway's going places to go. o. a. welcome back to the main stories. now g 7 lead is a meeting in germany where they announced the sanctions against moscow, including a move to ban russian gold export 4 months into the warn you crime. they are facing multiple crises and countries hoping for concrete solutions to the high inflation and food shortages hours before this time it began, a russian missile has
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a residential building in ukraine's capital killing at least one person quite national contest. 14 russian miss sounds, but launched on sunday morning in the most sustained bearing key experience for weeks. police in south africa or investigation. the death of a 21 young people inside a cabin in the town of east london. police are collecting samples to see if they were exposed to some kind of poison agencies of joined the taliban and calling for western sanctions on off canister to be eased after wednesdays. devastating of quake, women, 1100 people died. and now the 2000 were injured. and the magnitude 6 quake struck deliveries of vital supplies to people in the remote pac teacup province have been held up because of terrible roads left survive as desperate for help afghan health officials a warning of disease outbreaks among of quake survivors. another one of them would be the entire world to help the very poor people there were on 500
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to 600 injured and they have been transported to the cities. joining me now from cobble is shelly across from the un. well, food program in afghanistan, and i stopped by asking you what you found on your recent visit to the affected areas. and if you managed to speak to any survivors of the earthquake and say, march, yeah, i came back particular this morning. back to cobble and, and number one is very, very remote area. we left on friday morning, very early. i have o'clock in the morning to get to host, to get to spera this 3 effect district again. and one of the things you just struck by is just the she a distance off going to start as a huge country. but when you are going out these remote places, the roads are really tough to navigate. very windy,
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you're close to the border with pakistan. the mountainous and region is, is it's just, it's rocky and it's bumpy. so when we dispatched 18 to trip from thursday, we pretty much caught up with them as we left by road on friday. but by then they've been able to get food and most essentially food assistance and shelter is just critical in these days. and as you mentioned, and just that week before, just infections are concerned because people are shipping out in the cold. and charlie, can i, how is it your fear of and that there are many more effected than was initially reported? you have an updated assessment on, on the numbers. we don't have any more than the numbers that are continued to be reported, which is over a 1000. but when i was in these affected areas, again, just being struck by traveling from district to district can take 3 to 4 hours. so
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we've been getting up some of the more remote communities. i mean, yesterday we met one young family member who said, who even showed me around. it is just his it, the house is no more. i mean, i could see a civil broken bed outside and just little bits of colored fabric, which would have been men's clothing just left from floor. and he said, because because people shipping early in the morning he left, they left the house case as they could. but unfortunately, the last 2 female members of the family. and again, we probably don't, we probably don't know just now what, what that final number. what that will do now is that you know that many people, thousands of people who are desperately need food assistance and emergency supplies . and of course, this is a country already suffering from hunger and poverty. what was a particular challenges which existed in a place like eco,
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which is one of the poorest provinces in the country that's been neglected for many years. right? emergency upon emergency. and we're dealing with a massive food insecurity. prices before this way impact he can close both provinces, out of the 34 province, says and who have been receiving food assistant needs remote areas of teachers to killing dr province as well. so again, just, you know, there isn't any agriculture. there is, you know, most people, level remittances, perhaps family members working iran or over in gulf countries, an auction pine. now the again, over the years because of the, the, the pandemic and also the economic crisis. some of the family members who we spoke to had, who, dependent on the pine, the decent that which company,
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you know very they can be sold at quite a high price. because again, they weren't able to sell these. you know, because the markets have just been shut. orders have been shut because the 2 people are really living humped mouth. and when they said, when they met us, one of the things they said was, you know, we haven't seen, you know, we will say we're so happy that you'll hear, you know, we haven't, we haven't seen sort of people who can, you know, that she come to talk to us to come to us this what it is we want a very, very long time. oh thank you very much. appreciate you giving us a time, shelley, sacral from the us world food program. joining us from campbell merchant, brazil. now environmentalists a holding a vigil there for leading indigenous experts and journalists loaded in the amazon earlier this month. a funeral has taken place for british john list. dom phillips, who was based in brazil is wife of them. one is to remember tom's love of humanity and pay tribute to the indigenous people have been writing about when he was killed
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. his sister promised to continue the fight for the environment and social justice . he was because he tried to tell below what was happening to the rain forest on the can haverton. his mission, crushed with the interest of individuals who are determined to exploit the amazon rain forest. we are committed to continue with that work. even in this time of tragedy, the story must be home on a concave, joins us live now from rio de janeiro and some very emotional, passionate remarks that from the sister of journalists don't phillips. what else have we been hearing the visual today? yes and are well, it's a bit early here. still the ventura was supposed to have started like now,
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but people are still arriving there. not only protesting because of bar dom philip is envelope era, who's the indigenous expert who was traveling with them. but they're calling attention to the fact that there is still massacres going on in indigenous territories. there was just our, our recent confrontation, our motto, good also. so which is another state with other indigenous peoples. so what they're saying is we must continue or not let this story die. we must keep the their ideas alive because. 6 all the amazon for is to will be destroyed, but i guess the politics of the government is against them on that. yes people are. this is an electoral year, they'll be a presidential electors in october. people are,
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are people here are blaming this government for having a like, turned a blind eye to the devastation in the amazon and also for having stimulated with the things that he says, ah, for people to take over the amazon for my nerves, took him, he's in favor of exploiting commercially the rain forests. so this has made people fearless when they go and they enter land so they should not and for illegal activities. thank you very much. from rio de janeiro, i'm on a canon camera porting. turkish police have broken out crowds gathered, fur, stumbles, annual pride march. ah, thousands of people, including journalists, were arrested authorities in a sample that issued a 7 day battle gatherings leading up to sunday in an attempt to prevent the pride much from taking place. for hundreds of protest is waiting rainbow flags gathered
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in the streets adjacent to the famous toxeme square, which was entirely close to the public. al south korea has an a lively protest culture as well, but at one cause in soul has led to a noisy dispute. quarters of the current and former presidents have sat up outside the homes, eating to complaints from neighbors. mcbride explains when he left office last month, the liberal, former president of south korea, mood j in arrived at his new home, helping for a quiet retirement. but the politics of office followed him as did right wing opponents, setting up a permanent and noisy protest, much to the misery of the neighbors. neither simpleton, just as they play music all night, there's an 86 year old grandma and my friends mom who is 83 suffering from hallucinations. south korea has
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a vibrant protest culture from the massive to the small the angry to the kid. but when the new president, conservative unit secure, seemed unmoved by the plight of his predecessor ha, ha ha. well, if it's all in accordance with the law, he suggested that's when liberal protestors got angry. oh, they took up residence opposite his home in gangnam. the fashionable suburb made famous by the cult classic gangnam style. the protesters sing loudly and often we, what they lack in numbers, a mole the main go in here, boom, this up market, positive soul is chosen by those who cannot rotate. foreheads expert to 70 and sophistication. not much in evidence right now. oh,
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police monitor the noise levels while banners from residence complained that that children can't study and babies can't sleep. will aren't all you got to mean. of course, we're sorry for the rest of the weather, even though we have no choice but to protest loophole drove it. it's partly the president's fault, says this neighbor, is it a nuisance? oh yes, he says, now supporters of the president of set up their own camp to counter the counter protest. so she became a very real here to stop such gatherings because we don't like them at all side, seemingly prepared to try to out protest the other. well, mcbride, al jazeera, so in our hong kong has stage to special light show marking 25 years since the territories hand over to china. events will culminate with a celebration on friday in the hand over from british rule, begging agreed to give hong kong a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. but it since imposed as sweeping national
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security law cracking down on pro democracy protest as an politicians and driving out many young people were 1st to 3 nasa rockets as blasted off from the remote wilderness of northern australia. ah, yes, the mission took off from the on em space center carrying instruments to study the evolution of the universe. it will allow scientists to measure interstellar x rays and provide new data on the structure of the cosmos. 75 nasa purse, now we're in on him for this launch, which is the agencies 1st to have taken place from a commercial spaceport outside the united states. ah.


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