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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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hurricanes well, so far they are just under storms in nigeria and togo, moving a long way for the nurse. ah lou criminal drug dealing 50 to places beyond the reach of the many people in the afghan government way involved in the doctorate. gorilla was in columbia and to mexico, where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics our territories on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello,
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i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news, allan life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. russian missiles write down on keep hitting an apartment block while people was sleeping. scene as a message from president guten to g. 70 does meeting in germany. they're striving to ramp up the pressure on moscow with a move to ban russian gold exports a stand collapses during a bull fighting columbia, killing at least 4 people. dozens more, have been injured. and destroy parent seat on says in south africa, off to $21.00 young people, a found dead in a tavern. and on he to 17 dough with your sport. south korea's in g. chun secures the women's pga championship. thus we continue our build up to wimbledon. we'll hear from to tom sharpie and andy murray, and the sports biggest enigma mc teary os.
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ah, ah, hello, and welcome to the program or russian missiles have arraigned down on ukraine's capital for the 1st time in weeks. they've hit an apartment block in keys. this came just hours before leaders from the group of 7 wealthy nation started a summer in germany. they have reaffirmed their support for ukraine and announced more sanctions against russia. but for months into the war, leaders are facing multiple crises and countries around the world hoping for concrete solutions to solve high inflation, food shortages and hunger, as there is a step vast and reports. now from the summit, the scenic beautiful views of the bavarian alps are in contrast with the urgent and grim crisis. the 7 leaders of the world's highest income countries have to tackle. just before german chancellor,
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olive shoals greeted his guest. russian rockets hid the ukrainian capital key if it was seen as a matter from president vladimir putin to the leaders of the g 7 who want to impose more sanctions on russia. like an export ban on gold. mister president, you were reacting to the russian missile straight from the apartment building. he, the u. s. president replied calling it more of russia's barbarism. leaders of the cheese happened one to show a united front against potent and their common support for ukraine. but their unity is increasingly under pressure. now that the fall out of the war is affecting more and more people worldwide, including in g 7 countries. ali is even stopping. it's all g 7 countries are concerned about the crises that we have to deal with. some countries see shrinking growth rates, increasing inflation shortage of good sent disruption of supplies. these are not small challenges together. we have to take responsibility, but i'm very confident that we will send a clear signal of unity from the summit,
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thus as one spinning that the most urgent signal 8 organizations are waiting for is a clear play on how to tackle food shortages as a consequence of the war is a column for the pudding to stop the war, to stop the invasion because he's action is effect and millions of people very far from where he was, where he thought he was having his you know, his wall. so that is a call. but beyond that, as well, is to think about how do we come, how do we deescalate, how do we talk about, oh, you know, how do we get everybody on the table? it is time to think about the lives of those who are affected. and, you know, and this crises as soon as possible. a survey health ahead of the summit shows that while most europeans feel solidarity with ukraine and support the sanctions against russia. many are worried about the economic costs of the war and they want the war to and as soon as possible, they also not necessarily want to booth military support for you. great. a message lead us here may have to take into account. steadfast al jazeera in government,
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fucked and kia had any other g. 7 leaders of court on cameron, mocking the russian presidents, pan chauffeur, matcher photo opportunities like bad back horse riding. they sat down from meeting, they could be heard joking about whether to remove their clothes. ah, with at the summit g 70 does have ortho announced a multi $1000000000.00 infrastructure plan to count a, china's growing influence in low income countries and diplomatic edits. james space has minus now you just have to rewind 12 months. one year ago the g 7 wasn't here, it was in comb, will in the u. k. and that they came up with a plan that was known as a rather awkward title. build that fact better world b 3
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w, that was going to be a global infrastructure plan. nothing really actually much happened after that. and it seems that they are trying to rebuild the idea. it has a new name. now it's partnership for global infrastructure investment and new acronym. it's p g. i. and the plan is to rival the belt and road initiative of china to try and put infrastructure around the world. and to show that it's something that democratic countries are doing and present, bud was very keen to stress that this is what democracy can do if they work together. i think that's a little bit of what they got china, but also of course, at russia at this time of the war and ukraine. the talk on your cries, capital cave, was the 1st time had been targeted by russian missiles in 3 weeks. official say one person was killed, one apartment building was hit in the early hours, and 6 people were injured. this includes children, ukrainian,
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national guard reported that 14 missiles were launched at the capital on sunday morning in the most sustained barge key. the key was experienced in month rescues had been trying to reach, survive as believes to be stuck inside and keep the mayor of italy critical, told al jazeera, the timing of this latest attack is not the coincidence. i see the destroy. it destroyed more than 220 partners building where leave people civilians and before and now the summit, nato, they attacked. it may be symbolic years symbolic aggressions in the resist days. it's the same like attack because the last attack is, was his general secretary, a united nations wizard keith as yours shall shaft reports from the scene of thy strikes in keys. the building behind me civilian residential building
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hit. we understand this morning by at least one cruise missile was holding another one landed in the near vicinity. also the have been civilian casualties or ongoing rescue efforts. we understand to try and free one woman injured, possibly fair dead. her daughter was taken away, sadly injured. a few minutes ago, her husband also severely injured no signs of life when he's taken away in an id. that's what we've been told. i mean, you can see the level of destruction of the power of these missiles. the say these 2. busy to afford the hit the capital key in the early hours of this morning. ukrainian military says at least 19 missiles hit various locations in the keep region. early sunday morning and i developed over the we have saved the young girl approximately 8 years old. her mother is still under the rebel. we are finding it
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difficult to remove the debris, but the situation is under control. also solice razzles. we heard the me file come in. this is not the 1st time this era has been here. so when you, we just had 23 seconds to take our after explosion to the came outside to ask neighbors if they will key. then we heard the force rocket coming in and we ran for cower an hour or so later. emergency services carried an injured woman from the destroyed block of flats. this is one of the other strike sites close by what you're looking at. there is a kindergarten. now it's sunday. the school is not open today, but look at the size of this crater. it gives you some sort of idea of, of the power of the weaponry that sir the russians are using. according to locals. they heard the explosion round about 615 this morning. residence in the building behind me on the right believes that at least one person has been injured. as
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a result of this strike, bear in mind that according to the ukrainian government, this kindergarten is one of more than 800 schools that have been damaged. since the war began on february, the 24th cha, stratford al jazeera keith civilians have been fleeing areas around the eastern city of savannah. done yet scoffed. or it fell to russian control on saturday. the occupation by moscow's forces for what ukraine's military described as a tactical withdrawal after weeks of intense fighting which have left the city and ruins. pro russians purchased, a russian troops are now attacking the neighboring city of listed chunks. the eastern regions are significant for russian supply lines to the annex crime the peninsula. for joining me now is alexandra janski's, an adviser to present rogers, the landscape, and assistant professor of economics at cambridge university. can i ask you about the missile strikes on the capital keven the devastation on this apartment building
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while people were asleep? do you fear that we will see more such attacks taking place in cities in ukraine, away from the city of front line in the east? yes, well that is obviously a clear possibility. i can tell you what will happen, but we should be expect anything from russia and the more weapons were going to get west and weapons. multi rocket launch systems that the russians here, just in general, any type of military support. the more likely these attacks will be used again because that's what russia is doing to basically have their revenge to know show that they will not know. basically acetate from hitting are civilians as a response to more military support. and also the more, you know, the more there is talk about putting extra sanctions pressure on russia. the more likely this will be the case as well. so that's what we should expect. do you fear
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that western support for ukraine is fading? will lose certain fear in that direction? i will say because we obviously we can notice that there is severe fatigue with the more people are now just tired of seeing the pictures, the deaths, the bad news all the time, especially in western europe and in the west. more generally. so there is a certain fatigue and people want to have good news with just distract themselves by, you know, looking elsewhere. and that is, you know, bad news for resistance or the bad news for, you know, you cranes, war against russia and continuous support that we should be getting both military and economic, an extra pressure on the russian regime through sanction. so we do fear certain fatigue, but so far we've been getting the support this just sometimes not been fast enough . well, you get much of it at the g 7 summit. do you think? well, we are hoping that there will be clear signal and certain decisions made and that
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in fact, this attack that we've just witness will be extra impetus for action been known to support ukraine and punish russia. so we're hoping that this will mobilize extra military support because we're obviously out gunned. we are quantitatively basically weaker than the russian side, but qualitatively stronger. but that still makes for a difficult fight. the civil we need is extra military support. more quickly, we need more machinery, we need more, tillery, we need all these weapons to be able to employ them. and these, then also we need to make sure that rushes increasingly put on a more sanction special. that hasn't really happened enough. i mean, obviously we've had the sanction packages, but it currently gas prices do less likely. now, given the food and fuel crisis, years own inflation is off of 8 percent inflation in the united states that a 4 decade high seems as though western leaders and policymakers tend to be more
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preoccupied with short term electoral cycles. we are very concerned about the economic costs of this will perhaps more so than the humanitarian consequences of it. well that's, that's right, and that's very unfortunate because everybody should be aware of the fact that in the long run, and even in the media run, this will have even higher costs if we focus on the short term costs right now for the economy in the western europe, whether it's higher gas prices or energy prices more generally. i mean, this is a very low price to pay if the question is human lives and just peace and stability in europe. because if we don't make sure that we pay a slightly higher price, now there is no full support than this war might escalate. as people have been saying repeatedly and then there's going to be human lives on the line. so i would say let's the, everybody should ship chip and right now everybody should support ukraine as much as they can economically, financially, but also also with weapons such that we can make sure that we can actually end this
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war sooner and later. otherwise, civil, we will have much higher economic costs for western europe and the economies over with alexandra jones. k. thank you. thanks. he was, he is our life from london much more to that for you on the program. oh, equity was president left, the state of emergency imposed, emitted to wheat strike is opposition. politicians tried to remove him from office days after an earthquake hit a remote part of afghanistan. survivors say help is still in short supply later and support a 3rd title for this chinese golfer european ah, colombian media reporting that at least 4 people have been killed and dozens injured in a stadium collapse. part of the arena collapse in the middle of a bull fighting event in l. s. banal,
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in central columbia. this footage was captured by a witness. some bulls escaped and ran through the streets, injuring people. or if his death toll will rise. as a gustavo petros, twisted about this, these express concern for those who were there. so let's get more this now from genevieve. glad ski, a freelance journalist in bogota. thank you for joining us. so there were lots of people in the stadium at the time. do you have an update on a casualties? i thank you for having me. no, we don't have statistics yet on how many casualties. we know there were at least 4 local media saying that about 500 were injured, but we don't have firm statistics just yet. and what about the bulls? because some of them escaped and they've caused havoc and in the city injuring people. obviously, that's a very dangerous situation of you had any information about our yes, local authorities reported that one bull escaped and was running loose through the streets, causing even more chaos and panic on an already chaotic day. but we don't have any
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information beyond that just yet. do they often hold events in this stadium because just looking at images of it now it looks very vulnerable yet. so these types of bull fighting festivals are common here in columbia. they're different than a spanish bullfight, in which there's one bullet dies at the end. it usually involves about 30 bulls and of spectators. the public are invited to engage with the bulls to ride them, taught them chase, and it has resulted in injuries and us before in columbia. but so what then caused this to happen because we can see images of one part of the stadium collapsing was, is it just because the, the building itself was insecure and unstable? owed might something else have prompted this? no, we really don't know yet. the details are still coming and what about the political reaction? there's just been an election in columbia with
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a historic result present. gustavo, petro will present elect apps, i should say, very concerned about this. now, what, how, what are they doing? what is the response been from the authorities? so yeah, president elect gustavo petra tweeted, i hope that all the people affected by the collapse of the process, but now we'll be able to recover from their injuries. this has happened before, and since dela hokey tweeted i asked the mayor's office is not authorized any more spectacles with the death of people or animals. this has come up legally in columbia before but with todd has been to the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago in zillow. the event that he's referencing a northern city in columbia known for these both festivals in that $983.00 levels of the wooden balconies class and left $400.00 people dead. and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 19 years. but then resumed again in 1099 before being suspended again and 2013. so this has been
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a political issue in columbia for many years with those on one side saying that it's a tradition and those on the other saying that it constitutes federal cruelty and a danger to the public as well. thank you very much. johnny from bob bo guitar, genevieve, glad sky. thank you for having said african authorities are investigating the deaths of at least 21 young people found inside a popular tavin in the coastal town of east london. police are collecting samples to see if the victims were exposed to some kind of poison. or we challenge reports . police forensic teams and onlookers cabbage to the south african township pav on sunday. but what too many young people inside this building in the city of east london is still a mystery. officials said the bodies don't show obvious signs of injury. they were found strewn across the tables, chairs, and the floor. investigators taking samples the sign. the poisoning. it's believed
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the place was busy on saturday night, as teenagers from the scenery park area celebrated after high school exams. the deaths of raised questions about youth alcohol consumption and safety standards at the informal local bars that any of any tavin is typical of parents. if the victims spoke their shopping. now, you know, we have a child that was there who passed away on the scene. that's the information that we have. this child, we were not thinking would die this way. this was a humble child respectful and he listened. but as we know, kids will always be kids from the information we have. he was with one of his friends and that attended a function after their exam. so they finished at school. they hired a car and went to that place and he was 17 turning 18 in november. we have very sad indeed. we are unemployed and we don't even know where to start. his father here is
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not even, well, we have parents who don't know what to do. south african president, serial rama foes, expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims. those families waited outside the morgue, where bodies had been taken, hoping for news, and for answers will reach helen's to 0. allen national assembly in ecuador is resumed and no confidence hearing in the president grandma. so it was suspended late on saturday after 8 hours of heated debate losses lifted, a state of emergency imposed in 6 states made an ongoing strike led by indigenous groups in which 6 civilians have died for 2 weeks have been protesting against a government angry at rising fuel and food prices, they say last as economic forms are hurting the country's most vulnerable law. so his accused indigenous leaders of trying to overthrow his government. alas, america under salisia newman reports from indigenous community in ecuador.
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jim woodley is an indigenous hamlet in the ecuadorian countryside. at the diana class, it is takes us to her field to show us why they're more poor than ever. oh, the fun alarm of philip or melodious when we can't afford fertilizer. this is all that grows. we can't sell anything ever. look, m m, as in most indigenous communities, this one lacks decent education for the children, only 2 teachers for the entire elementary school, but that is not the name of all of our please have fallen on deaf ears says 35 year old at the deanna who has 5 children, mother islamist who is spit, answer has been working the feels good since she was 7 and says her hands are permanently stained from the soil, moving him in liver, this him and the cost of everything goes up except that of our produce the president doesn't know anything about working yourself to the bone. all he does is some people to kill us, like my husband and son, who are in the capitol risking their lives protesting. it should be
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a quality for everyone in this country. chronic infant malnutrition has soared in ecuador in the last 2 years, reaching nearly 50 percent in most indigenous communities. the 2nd highest in latin america or not because that has new one out of every 3 children is suffering from chronic malnutrition and half of them indigenous o outside of the capitol. mainly, indigenous communities have been blocking highways as part of the total loan strike . they want to want to know that their demands cannot wait, young man. oh man, we can't afford to feed our families. our children are starving. we can't send our children to school. that even it, even before the pandemic and war in ukraine, indigenous communities who provide the lion's share of food and labor which struggling more than 50 percent of non indigenous ecuadorian are also supporting their demands for better education, fuel subsidies, health services, and
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a moratorium on bank debt, but as has happened many times in the past in this country, the ones who are leading the charge of those who say they have nothing left to lose . to see a newman al jazeera jim bootleg equity, alysia joins us live now. what's happening while you are at the moment? nicea right now, we are right outside of the culture. the cultures centers, it's called. it's kind of the home away from home for the indigenous communities that are here in the capital kito striking to days what they called their day off. they've been given permission. if you liked by their leaders to not go out on to the streets and protest, ah, but they are waiting to see what happens waiting to see what happens with talks that we believe are taking place right now. very, very guarded. we don't know where they're taking place between the leadership of the confederation of indigenous peoples of ecuador and the members of the
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government, including the, the president, spokesman. we have also heard that some concessions had to the 10 point dud list of demands that the indigenous people have have been met, but not the main ones. the lonely thus isa, who is their leader says that that is not enough and that they will continue to strike and that it will be back out on the streets. to morrow. this, after the government had actually lifted a state of emergency, which was under the key demands for even considering a dialogue or a negotiation with the government. so things are still dense, but they may just may i underscore that be going in the right direction after 2 weeks of a, of a nationwide strike that has paralyzed most of the country. and i guess that's partly why'd he assembly as resumed, debating on present losses, no confidence vote to see any sign of breakthrough in the negotiations. and
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i can't hear you and i don't know if you are i, but i understand just in case you are still with us and i were just wanted to also add that at this hour, the national assembly has renewed the session for due to didn't not know competence vote session for the president. however, that is pretty much a formality at this point because it looks like the opposition that presented. that motion does not have the votes to unseat the president. at this stage, however, this has weakened president, a he had more laugh, so substantially he's under a lot of pressure now to show that if he stays in office, he can resolve this critical situation in the country at which everyone says cannot last much longer, couldn't hear me but the henry hans had the question. thank you very much. shots, our latin america at his salisia, newman reporting from quito ecuador. with the news our lie from london still ahead on the program. look at why indian administered kashmiri. seen a sharp rise in wild animals attacking humans, friends and family that
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a final where farewell to british journalist on phillips who was murdered in the amazon. we live in brazil. slipping up at the final tongue all the latest sports action later in the program. ah. methyl next few days or that is where the coming across the bite, the air that's tucked into isn't really cold stuff from the antarctic. he's just cold dish. so it doesn't really produce extreme weather either in the 1st sites, maybe for western shady markets, windy weather that might be true in tasmania, which is pretty windy recently, but not as bad after say. and it's not very warm in melbourne, it's 13 degrees. but then again, it is the middle of winter. most of all studies looking for there are rain showers,
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likely unknown territory. and if you notice dar was 29. that surprisingly is on the low side. it hasn't dropped below 30 much this year, but it's on its way maybe now in new zealand, where you bought expect this is rain and snow on its way through south island, so christ church gets cold and average because it's going to be overcast and rating verse today that rain has towards wellington property for later tuesday. early wednesday is a line of developing significant thunderstorms, stretching from the philippines, including manila, all way down to the western side of bonia towards western jar, philips wet his place, i think in southeast asia and the monsoon range. now having burst, almost in all of good jurret, suggests the circulation day, which means heavy rain, but the heaviest is probably going to be around the himalayas. the pole in the northeast to india. ah. but with
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ideals, the french republic is long for a claim, but just what is modern france in a 4 part series, that big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode one on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. oh, electricity was turned off. this is our life setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, the never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera lou.
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ah, ah, welcome back and made stories. now g 70 does a meeting in germany where they have announced further sanctions against moscow, including a move to bond russian gold exports for months into the war, new crane. they are facing multiple crises countries hoping for concrete solutions to solve high inflation and food shortages. i was before the summit began a russian missile he to residential building and ukraine's capital killing. the east one person grains national guard says 14 russian missiles were launched on sunday morning in the most sustained barge cave is experienced for weeks and at least 5 people have been killed and dozens injured off to a stand in the arena in columbia collapse. this happened during the bull fighting
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event in the central part of the country. at least one bull is escaped and is causing havoc in the streets. agencies of joined the taliban and calling for western sanctions. and i've got a stand to be eased off to wednesdays. devastating earthquake, walden 1100 people died and another 2000 were injured. when the magnitude 6 quake struck. deliveries of vital supplies to people in the remote pac teacup province have been held up because of poor roads leaving survivors desperate for help. afghan health officials a warning of disease outbreaks among earthquake survivors. or should i between 10 and 30 house is small. it's around 100 to 200 people have been killed and most of them were children. many were injured and died due to the way for someone to show you another one of them with the others. we are the entire world to help people. there are very poor there were on 500 to 600 injured and they have been
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transported to the cities. i spoke to sherry, shelly, it's across from the u. s. while food program and has just returned to cobble from one of the west effected areas. i asked her what she'd seen on her visit when i was in these affected areas. again, just being struck by traveling from district to district can take 3 to 4 hours. so we've been getting out some of the more remote communities. i mean, yesterday we met one young family member who said, who even showed me around this is just the house is no more. i mean, i could see a super broken bed outside and just little bits of colored fabric, which would have been men's clothing just left from floor. and he said, because which is people shipping early in the morning he left, they left the house case as they could. but unfortunately the last 2 female members of the family. and again, we probably don't probably don't know just now what,
12:33 am
what that final number, what, but that will do now is that you know that many people, thousands of people who desperately need food, assistance and emergencies. and of course, this is a country already suffering from hunger and poverty. what was a particular challenge is which existed in a place like eco, which is one of the poorest provinces in the country that's been neglected for many years, right? emergency upon emergency. and we're dealing with a massive food insecurity prices before this play can patchy, can close both provinces out of the 34 province who have been receiving food assistance, these remote areas of teachers, typically dr. province as well. so again, just, you know, there isn't any agriculture. there is, you know, most people live or family members working or wrong or over in gulf
12:34 am
countries and also the pine community, again, over the years because of the, the, the pandemic and also the economic crisis. some of the family members who we spoke to had, who depended on the, i know the, the, that which company, you know, very, they can be sold at quite a high price. because again, they weren't able to sell these. you know, because the markets have just in shot have been shot because of the damage. so people are really living humped mouth. india's military are stepping up efforts to get food and drinking water to areas in the north east, badly affected by catastrophic flooding. the forces dropping supplies to people whose homes have been inundated and some state doctors say children are getting sick because of the lack of clean water flooding is display some 5 and a half 1000000 people with many living in make shift shelters. will deforestation has been by for sharp rise and animal attacks and indian administered kashmir. 3
12:35 am
children will move this month and, and other 4 people who attacked by a bear on friday. experts say animals are approaching settlement in search of food and shelter. oven metal has more oh. c helemano has experienced the unimaginable, she saw her daughter being attacked by a leopard, relatives, and neighbors a morning with the family as a corpse with the trauma which are so filled in with. i was walking with my daughters when i saw one of them being dragged. i tried to chase it, but my other daughter shouted start. the leopard will kill us too. i told her to get help while i tracked the animal. indian administered kashmir is seeing a sharp rise in attacks like these. wild animals have killed at least 10 people since january and wounded nearly 150 others. most of them i believe, to have been attacked by leopards or bess. ali mohammed managed to survive
12:36 am
a bare attack many years ago. he says the emotional scars are harder to heal, will no longer vogue religion of a blood for, for them i face a lot of discrimination. people run away when they see me. no one walks with me and they always keep their distance. it's hard to take public transport. authorities have stepped up tracking efforts. dr. oman, as his team has been implanting microchips in the animals. it's a dangerous and time consuming process that he says is critical to stopping these attacks. over and over the animal is released back into the back into the while, if we get to get to recapture of the animal again, this gives us and this gives us the idea about the movement cartoon. what is the range of the animal? and a lot of the things that help us to do ice various rojo calls you to strategies how to combine that man. and we'll conflict experts say increased human activity like agriculture, deforestation,
12:37 am
and building homes near forests is causing these attacks the pressure on the natural spaces, natural habitats, and which will definitely amal door with our collision into alberts off. are different animals which will lead to the adapt asians and did these adaptations it either we've seen the form of a leopard slip ring getting urbanized or oh, the black bills they get socialized people in this rest of him, allan regency, they are living under constant fear authorities have stepped up patrols and said they are trying to respond to incidents foster. they admit they cannot completely stop these attacks, but insist they are trying to prevent them by raising awareness. pardon him at the al jazeera new delhi writes groups, according for a comprehensive investigation to the death of 23 migrants, tried to storm the border between morocco and the spanish and type of malea. this
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video appears to show a moroccan office of beating one of the migrants to try to climb aboard offense. morgan association of human rights says injured people were left to die. spain for major is blamed human traffic is for this tragedy. we go to brazil. now environmentalists have been holding a video for a leading indigenous ex, but, and john list loaded in the amazon earlier this month on a or a funeral. took place of british jonas, john phillips who was based in brazil is wife. i just wanted to remember, don't love of humanity paid tribute. indigenous people he'd been writing about when he was killed. his sister promised to continue his fight for the environment and social justice. he was killed because he tried to tell what was happening to the rain forest. i'm going to happen to his mission crush would be in front of individuals who are determined to
12:39 am
exploit the amazon rain forest. we are committed to continue with that work, even in the time of the tragedy. the story must be told mechanical has won us now from rio de janeiro there, not only protesting because of bod, dom phillips, and little bit ada, who's the indigenous expert who was traveling with them. but they're calling attention to the fact that there is still massacres. going on in indigenous territories, there was just a reason confrontation. i'm up a little to the saw, which is another stage with other indigenous peoples. so what they're saying is we must continue or not let this story die. we must keep the hid their ideas alive because. 6 all the amazon for is to will be destroyed. this is an
12:40 am
electoral year, there will be a presidential electors in october. people are, are, are people here are blaming this government for having a like, turned a blind eye to the devastation in the amazon and also for having stimulated with the things that he says, ah, for people to take over the amazon for my nerves. he will, he's in favor of exploiting commercially the rain force. so this has made people fearless when they go and they enter lambs that they should not and have and for illegal activities. leading female democrats have been called on us president joe biden, and congress to protect abortion rights nationwide after the supreme court remove them on friday. the court spot protest across the us when it over time the rather the way ruling which recognized women's constitutional rights to an abortion says
12:41 am
it's now to individual states to decide whether the procedure is allowed. that prompted several states that immediately caused termination clinics. president joe biden has called the decision crew. it says it puts the lives of women across the u . s. risk in a riley in illinois. the former president, donald trump, took some credit for this decision, pointing out that he nominated 3 of the court's conservative justices. while an office yesterday, the court handed down a victory for the rule of law and above all, a victory for life. this breakthrough is the answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people. and these prayers have gone on for decades for decades and decades. they've been praying, and now those browser been answered to the generations of americans in the pro life movement as well as counsellors. constitutional, conservative is your boundless love,
12:42 am
sacrifice of devotion has finally been rewarded. info, congratulations. turkish police have broken up crowds gathered for his temples, annual annual pride march. ah, dozens of people, including journalists, were arrested authorities in his sample. it issued a 7 day ban on gatherings leading up to sunday in an attempt to prevent the march from taking place. the honors of protest is waiting rainbow flags gathered in street adjacent to the famous tax and square which was entirely close to the public . now the u. s. one price associations has washington and israel fell to investigate. the killing of al jazeera journalist, rena barclay accused them of awaiting results from investigations which the israeli army has no intention of concluding. sharina was shot in the head mize railey force as one on assignment in the occupied westbank on the day of her funeral. israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners was in pull berries to
12:43 am
almost drop her casket. members of the international community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. i will actually was without his era for 25 years, covering the story of israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. officials in the northern iraqi province of cilla manny. i have declared a state of emergency because of a color outbreak that is getting worse. several people have died. thousands have been admitted to hospital mamma abdur wired reports from of in iraq. 14 year old caroll is in intensive care, receiving treatment for cholera days or vomiting and diarrhea have left him dehydrated. his mother who didn't want to speak on camera, says he only had yogurt to eat. hundreds of similar cases have been admitted to this hospital, me, roxanne, all that in the province of silly mania. in the past few weeks. most of them are
12:44 am
teenagers and young children, doctors, hearsay, cholera outbreaks usually happen this time of year. every the retreated, $100.00 cases, or maybe a 50 percent of them are infected with vivid colorado, expert c, contaminated water, and visual that come in contact with sewage cause color i would breaks. so authorities have launched to campaign to destroy visitor was irrigated by sewage, water, and clothes don't restaurants that are not clean but many in sleigh. many are still rely on ground water not only for farming and raising livestock, but also for household use. saudi mu. we've been drinking well water for centuries without any problems, but with the recent urban expansion, it's become mixed with waste water. in some areas, this in this area is largely contaminated with sewage along with industrial and
12:45 am
household waste. there is no recycling or treatment of the water here. some of the wells are only a few meters away from the sewage area. this is one of the tank is allocated for carrying water meant for agricultural use. in some cases, it is used to carry clean water meant for household use, including drinking water for people in remote areas. hurdle fissions here have reported several death is the say they're working to prevent further i would breaks . but the problem will likely continue until the people and labor stock have access to clean drinking water and food ma'am, would outdoor had under 0 insulin, many a city, northern iraq. i a just a bit of news from hong kong has been especially show their marking 25 years and the territories hand over to china. events will culminate with celebration on
12:46 am
friday in hanover from british rule. beijing agreed to give hong kong a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. but it since imposed a sweeping national security law cracking down on pro democracy protest as an politicians and driving many young people out. watching al jazeera ly from london still ahead on the program. oh, massa bloss off on the space agencies 1st ever kaleisha launch outside the united states. well rally championship and kenny up a series leader extensive advantage in the standings that's coming up in school and with well, there's no such thing as a quiet life for south korea leaders past i'm present for their neighbors. ah,
12:47 am
july on al jazeera, home cold marks 25 years since it's handled from british to chinese rule, with china's cracked on on the closing voices. and i texted us citizens. what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported. people empower, investigates, they use an abusive power around the world to live in voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the out of spring uprising? as india suffers unprecedented heat wave, one o one goes to the fiery heart at the crisis center goal heads to the polls with the main opposition parties, you know, can be reco power away from the ruling party. july on al jazeera control of the narrative shapes the landscape. australians went to the paul. read those images front of mind refusal war very much brings forth out in the media as well as on the battle for your listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera
12:48 am
lou. ah, 1st of 3 nasa rock it says blasted off from the remote wilderness of northern austria. oh yes, the mission took off from the on him space center carrying instruments to study the easily evolution of the universe and allow scientists to measure into seller x rays and provide new data on the structure of the cosmos. about $75.00 nasa personnel in on him for the launch, which is the agencies 1st from a commercial spaceport outside the us just like a mini hubble telescope. first one. and it uses
12:49 am
a specific scientific methodology which has been developed by the scientists who are running this program from the university of wisconsin. and then later we'll be doing the university of colorado. they came hines and the measurements. so we've got a lot streamed as i load is comes out of the shell of the rocket at about $300.00. 50 kilometers into spice. okay, it's for now if pita into ha. marian. thank you so much. we'll start with gulf and south korea's in g chime has won her 3rd major timing. the women's pga championship . just thought of the final round with the 3 shortly. but for the 2nd consecutive day, chance school 3 over 75. that opened the door for american. lexi thompson, she was leading with 7 holds to play, but then dropped 4 shots. john needed at least the paul at the final hole,
12:50 am
and she managed exactly that. winning by one shot from thompson and australia's mean g. 3 time grand slam champ, him. andy murray will be among the headline acts on day one at wimbledon on monday . the unseated brits will take on australia's james duck with on the same for court . when will than bend russian and better russian players because of the war in ukraine. the a t p responded by not allocating any rankings points for wimbledon, something mary disagrees with and yet feel bad for them as well. i can also understand the frustration on, on their side. and in terms of the response from the a t p. i didn't really agree with a i just don't see who helps all the players of still showed up to play here. so i don't see how that
12:51 am
puts the a t p in a stronger position, moving forwards, but much as the my, my opinion and the other dangerous unseeded player in the main store with nick curiosity. australian says he's preparation for wimbledon has been, he's best in quite a while. he starts his campaign on tuesday against british wildcard hold job. so i know that i was going to ride the waves. i'm emotionally out there because a crowd obviously gonna be behind the the local him. amused the way that kind of black hat, the villain, thought role. so i want to embrace it. and i'm just going to go out there and play the game. you know, if you look at, look at the results for the last couple weeks, if i just stick to my guns, result say i should win pretty easy, but i know it's not going to be the case. i'm going to be over we focused and earlier today we spoke with john worth, i'm from the tennis channel. he says ref madell who has won the 1st 2 grand slams. this is a content despite its chronic foot injury. but even so,
12:52 am
it is hard to look beyond 6 on champion novak jock a bitch. it's funny to say that he's a defending champion, but has not won a major, did not want to major in 2022. but i think this is where he gets back on the board and get that 21st. i think a combination of is brock record here at this event. the fact that dropping the doll, we still don't know about the foot injury, the absence of russian players. i think a nice draw. i think it's looking very good for the top. the. i think the range of outcome is pretty bad. i mean, rather than the $1.01 this event before multiple times, in fact, but not in more than a decade. and he's had a real rough go of it. you're at times in the past losing early and again, we just don't know about the state of it. but in, on the other hand, you know, he's one of the 1st 2 majors. as you say, he's been terrific in 2020. do you play through that? but in very, and i do think after no joke which roth and donald the 2nd seat is also the 2nd
12:53 am
favorite. but i do think is a pretty big staircase. dividing joke of action to doll, especially on the surface. ok, let's take a quick look at what's to be expected on day one. on center court. you see there no back talk of it. he's 161 walden's previously, he's an action against soon. we're kwan who's that you might ask the world number 75 from south korea. we've also got allison from a trunk against emma, rather con, as you of course have the support of the home crowd in london and an andy murray and other crowd favorite at wimbledon. he takes on james at duckworth. now let's catch up on a few other stories and over at the b. m. w internationally munich, china's lee, how tongue when he's 3rd tournament on the dp will tour formerly known as the european term. the chinese hold this part to beat belgium, thomas peters in a playoff. lee came into the day with a 3 shot lead, but finished tied a 22 under par before taking the honors in the place. i couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep last night. i slept like poly 5 hours, max and,
12:54 am
and somehow i dream about, i holler trophy and i'm just things happen on the again with this in cordele in moto g p, francesco benya, when the dutch grown pre chevy job leader, fabio quite serrato failed to finish. he crashed on lap 5, which also took our title rival alisha, spotted that all quarter otto was able to continue, but he's race ended. after flipping over his handlebars, he still needs the standings by 64 points, but now i finished the head of marker becky, who claimed he 1st hold him in moto g, p in the motor to category spanish rider elgoose of fernandez, took an unexpected turn after winning his race, he came into the windows enclosure with a little too much speed and in bold over some of his crew, luckily known as hurt a plenty of embarrassment. full fernandez has got a cane over the world rally championship where funds color of am para extended his
12:55 am
lead in the standings of taking asked the event by more than 52 seconds. toyota secured the top 4 positions for the 1st time in 29 years. rally can use the only stock or in africa on the world rally calendar. and during an m l b game. this is the moment pittsville pirates rookie jack. so when ski runs to grab luke ready, fly ball. and then he landed right on top of the spectator watching from the stairs, but somehow incredibly still managing to catch the ball in the bottom of the 6th inning, claire to report that no one was injured. and while that was a, when the pirates went on to lose 65 in the tampa bay raise, oswald z is coming up again later. your anal 0 right now. marion perspective in london. okay, thank you very much, peter. south korea has it a lively protest couch a bit one, cause insole is leading to an noisy dispute. the voices of the current and former presidents have set up outside their homes,
12:56 am
leading to complaints from neighbors. mcbride explains when he left office last month, the liberal, former president of south korea mood j. n. arrived at his new home hoping for a quiet retirement. but the politics of office followed him as did right wing opponents, setting up a permanent and noisy protest, much to the misery of the neighbors. neither simpleton, yes. they play music all night. there's an 86 year old grandma and my friends mom who is 83 suffering from hallucinations. south korea has a vibrant protest culture from the massive to the small, the angry to the kid. but when the new president, conservative unit secure, seemed unmoved by the plight of his predecessor, ha, ha ha. well, if it's all in accordance with the law, he suggested that's when liberal protesters got angry.
12:57 am
oh, they took up residence opposite his home in gangnam. the fashionable suburb made famous by the cult classic gangnam style. the protesters sing loudly and often we, what they lack in numbers, they, mo, the make up for any volume. this market part of soul is chosen by those who cannot moderate already. expos, 70 and sophistication. not much in evidence right now. we know police monitor the noise levels, while banners from residence complained that that children can't study and babies can't sleep, will aren't i got, you mean, of course we're sorry for the rest of the weather. even though we have no choice but to protest, would it be apologized them? oh $2.00, it's partly the president's fault, says this neighbor, is it a nuisance? oh yes, he says,
12:58 am
now supporters of the president of set up their own camp to counter the counter protest. so do you plan on doing on real here to stop such gatherings because we don't like them all and all sides seemingly prepared to try to out protest the other mcbride al jazeera. so that's it. then use our but only back in a couple of minutes with a full bulletin for you to or the latest from germany. as the g 7 summit gets underway that he showed me, ah ah, to saudi i la la, la la, la. national. and why is one on the how do you to visit what else cancel the philistine bitten the from the special for? yeah, well and about the fisa can a little sub is it done?
12:59 am
well i can get to shower in the car. there's topics here. how that was still thought they're not valuable. camella coffee and like in the own up have on macedonian, that a fee on the line is like a month or party. i mean for the, for certain law in the group, i feel you want to either before the hot ah july, oh, al jazeera home po, box 25 years. this is handed over from british to chinese rule with china's cracked on, on the closing voices. and i texted us citizens,
1:00 am
what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported. people empower investigates, they use an abusive power around the world to live humans voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the out of spring uprising? as india suffers unprecedented heat wave? one o 18th goes to the fiery heart at the crisis. center goal heads to the poles with the main opposition parties uniting can be reco power away from the ruling party. july on al jazeera from the for villas of correct us. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah russian missiles right down on cave hitting an apartment block while people was.


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