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tv   Al Jazeera World Al Shishakli Syrias Master of Coups  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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monday, there's numerous nationalities among them, but the vast majority or from venezuela o one to reach the united states. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most. there are many of us migrants here. we need help just like this woman. many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to sit out from southern mexico this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, ah, emerald madison, and go had the talk stories on al jazeera cheese. 70 does have been discussing ways to help ukraine and ron pop pressure on russia. they're meeting in germany for 3
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days. summit said vasa reports damaged pots and cookson the scenic be so. views of the bavarian alps are in contrast with the urgent and grim crisis. the 7 leaders of the world's highest income countries have to tackle just before german chancellor, olive shoals greeted his guests. russian rockets, his ukrainian capital key, if it was seen as a message from president flag may put into the lead us of the g 7 who want to impose more sanctions on russia like an export ban on gold. mister president, you've a reaction to the russian missile strike from the apartment building and he's the us president replied, calling it more of russia, the barbarism leaders of the keys 71 to show a united front against potent and their common support for ukraine. but the unity is increasingly under pressure. now that the fall out of the war is affecting more and more people worldwide, including and g. 7 countries is even stopping all g. 7 countries are concerned
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about the crises that we have to deal with. some countries, these franken growth rates, increasing inflation shortage of goods and disruption of supplies. these are not small challenges together. we have to take responsibility, but i'm very confident that we will send a clear signal of unity from the summit that's getting the most urgent signal aid organizations are waiting for is a clear plan on how to tackle food shortages as a consequence of the war column that put into the wall just pop in visual because he's action is effect and millions of people very far from where he was, where he thought he was happy that you know he's well. so that is the call. but beyond that, as well, is to think about how do we come, how do we collect, how do we talk about, you know, how do we get everybody on the table? it is time to think about the lives of those were affected. and, you know, and this price is as soon as possible. a survey house ahead of the summit shows
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that while most european feels solidarity way to crane and support the sanctions against russia. many are worried about the am at cost of the war and they want the war the and as soon as possible. they also not necessarily went to booth military support for you. great. a message leaders here may have to take into account. steadfast al jazeera in that respect and hear him or the attack on ukraine's capital is the 1st time has been targeted in 3 weeks. official say one person's been killed and 5 others have been injured. 14 missiles were launched. they had a residential building, a military site, and a kindergarten officials in columbia say at least 4 people have been killed and dozens had been injured after part of an arena collapse during a bull fight. some bulls escaped and ran through the streets, injuring several more people, is feared, the death toll will rise. acros national assembly has restarted a debate on removing president guillermo lasso from office, and comes as indigenous groups promised to continue their nationwide strike into
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a 3rd week. agencies of joined the taliban and calling for western sanctions in afghanistan to be eas, after wednesday's devastating earthquake. more than 1100 people died and another 2000 were injured sedan. as accused ethiopia of executing 7 sudanese soldiers and a civilian, a spokesman for the armed forces claims ethiopia executed the prisoners of war and put the bodies on public display. decades of tension between the opiate and sudan, a surged in recent months over the disputed border area of alpha, chicago, south african authorities, and investigating the deaths of at least $21.00 young people found inside a popular tavern in the coastal town of east london. police are collecting samples to see if the victims were exposed to some kind of poison protest. continuing across the us, 2 days after the supreme court voted to remove woman's right to abortion, several states of already closed abortion clinics. leading female democrats have
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called him president by man congress to protect abortion rights nationwide. in haiti, hundreds of supporters of the former president jean bertrand aristide, of gathered in the capital demand that he returns. they say he needs to come back to the presidency to end the current crisis. lose the headlines coming up next al jazeera world, good by. ah ah ah,
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syria occupies an extremely important cultural, political and strategic position in the middle east. it has suffered more than 10 years of terrible conflict since 2011. but even in previous decades, syria had a history of colonization, coups and assassinations. after the 1st world war, a, syria was put under a french mandate, which govern the country from 1920 until it gains independence from france in 1946 . but independence led to a period of successive choose. one of serious politicians behind several of these crews was an army officer called a debug shockley. he helped overthrow the syrian government in december 1949 and dominated syrian politics for 5 tumultuous years.
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but he was also a pragmatist. and when he left the presidential palace in 1954, he did so quietly to spare his country unnecessary bloodshed. this is the story of the rise and fall of a deep shockley and his relentless pursuits of power. yanine jack is a knuckle bush. elsie will demo to be the let enjoy madrid she jo at de la francis. will you have you been headquarters? la soda. would you be financing the mother of so bob, i'll probably see. yeah, i got my gun up. p ashish a. yeah. and the doubt and thought and see what holla bought a saw high. you know? mean if there was you there, t j sh, i'll cause be day it. you had
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a dish. she shaky can beat the sour sheena yet. um, so are bardeen. and them on shaka, i'm her, i'm j shut, see'd out an address in from seattle medina, the mush cabman, a bit of the bought him the in buffalo while her answer the some all over in the conversation a buzz shout. oh see me, get that on the south. ok. vargo harrison for sun had a philistine in order. so slow as this isn't cause a hud. couldn't the should osama gum a bit us hums the bought at that and you had him for the feed on 30 association is on me. we are lou and her there can hack of the year. and on b, a. have medina, some of why i learn a lot. i learn more of head slightly. i was just a bunch of food. we're in a monday. do you bench checkley was born in the syrian city of hammer
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in 19 o 9. around 20 years later, he graduated from the military academy of damascus. shockley was a nationalist opposed to unifying syria and at ark, and took part in a qu, lead by another army officer personnel zane, in 1949 as aim was implicated in the dust of a lebanese politician and syrian nationalist, anton sada, he was arrested, tried, and executed by the lebanese authorities, huss neil james. time as head of state lasted for just 4 months before he too was executed. shaddick with attorney suddenly until inside the lawn, i'll go, sir, shakira, and who alia had promised witnesses, i even will look at duma. what do i le, dear said, my oh, what? shallow julia commute muttered onto side. there were luck with her at an id is i m a d bench. shockley was a member of the syrian social nationalist party,
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founded by anton sada in 1932, the party campaign for a greater syrian nation, one that would include several neighboring countries. adieva she said you are shockley for so long as she can, although it has the sooty of me to do my work. annual mean be for good until inside the what candlemass will be due shortly was that gamma suv ms. moore, i thought he had told me the issue was gonna be thumbs him a heads up shipping. last getting what scottie? what of the saw been the whole day? not same on inside the fi, philippines, cardinal marvey as well. that's the whole fee, mozilla. he meant it shortly. uh huh. oh,
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what can i'm watch. i've been ill. i had my god. i did when i can now let me check 111011. has i sorry for me and i'm not that good. me have the minute math. another army officer, sammy and he now we came to power in 1949 but and she now we and a deep and she sucky were direct political opponents. checkley was a syrian nationalist while, and he now we supported the idea of unifying syria with anake confrontation between the 2 men was inevitable jalapeno machine shaking a would be the same. but at this out of i, ain lee is hauled had then mitchell, while kelly mit as she shook leesha, he had a lynn aka, lynn baghdad. abandoned portland could have been a while, a new will be december or south over in gum li inlaw who was sold to lot of the saudi leaf. it crit, ah, that he little hussy was truly a cobra. yeah,
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he had the lizard. i let the attention tell, are we in po me, a sooty savion? was edna and the whole cut off. i'm like, i'm ready. it's papa 10 me when as you be that ducks and victory an ideology, why i am and be, you know, or get mountain of it with an yacht to nick fitzwilliam. julian was to pollute l. a . t like tom don lee, ann alhashan mean joel can be to my home shockey. i let up. i'm a general be or gone a cannot and pulled law a c s. yeah. feed you hey, to upper he not were be day the from seen at the middle of the law should be in. he is a ye that the anymore it for who not menu applauded. give them, should he up it, end of dawn were who knocked menu applauded islam short a lay at all were who knock minute you applauded, be out. it admitted the eye either shari'a for i kind of had a movie show me that it full was autumn, a shadow, sweaty,
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and my at the shower fish. as you read a for the media where there we are, the ina america, not a b, as sure. dea, lemme one to a year and from lum, soraya, iraq, we're a little dawn, natalia done. the sarah has she, lia, gamma, and not muscle. the guy not thought of poor as a a little the mom was a top hobby, is the flu. so ria for kind of a model and a she shipley and you with has he enfolded in the early 19 fifties at ark, jordan, egypt and saudi arabia all had an interest in syria, as well as britain and france. the united states now saw the middle east as strategically important the heck him apply elisha allen. with that, if i let you put that on the la la ha ha. lungfuls in a year been had the it was out it. and now ghana who natca as yes idea the far to
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hadn't heard from me. oh, hello cassim osha and hasn't come in as she certainly was heavily involved in the 3 crews of 1949, but he did an always seek personal advancement when the regime changed. he was sometimes happy to play a background role, though his influence remained strong. however, the yacht, by the loankey lab b ma sip, sorry you not a bristle or gun. what cannot a slot, godfrey that he can walked. and what about been not a lot of zane and what i'm a been nord la canada to smith zane. good luck allah! let's bur to bassetti, i to my thing little bit, i mean general, who were martez. electra domonique m i n the martinez. he is a year where as thick jeff, no air as i can and let me know what
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a soul of the butler dinner others. oh min celeste that the old mother where zealous at the old dusk every year. like in her. oh there we are. yeah. leapt or i'm mad, it gets here and they when the shirtless deferment i that you should be happy with them or either to nearly wish to willer with heifer going under she should be. oh, because under she man there the men will sula so little her can be shaken. marsha and even she shook the mac are under a man and hell. i woke. well, i can, but also what, who will i am can a year been? was you learn when a new home sick be i'm at the show chicken will by shortly and in los go alcorda e kind of we are see different zaman ma'am. would it be iron enough or lay reed on the door? can? no, you're in town. her design, danny, all right, and i ran out my, if i was your, my late been casino was the docked the other. and philip yet, trina,
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they'll cut her that she has seen e l. i won't be sad. she has a water bottle many lucky level, or tele mandible to the to the to alamo board let off i would, or dumpy enough to watch any follicle doll. bye. 1951. and she shockley was serious top level power broker. he wasn't president or prime minister, but he wielded huge political influence. he controlled 2 vital components of the syrian state, the army, and the intelligence service. he was quite happy to let the career politicians get on with the business of government. but when it came to defense, he insisted on complete control. while yoletta easy jamalia and look, i know we'll discuss lou lynn that had the hon. minisey, i see lamar cody,
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we're m by any pull up. what had no other sugar was ira apollonia, how about it? i think one is some why and the best news, even the fact lisa one sla venue vehicle for as a day amid the i as a shop, a latin, eminem. mcmillion natalie named niamack would see as he would, but will hold dish will oh no, no, it was after the fight was leafy. but then you, the hoodie, jess, but miss mina, janet with cc may moment i asked her to you, but the instead of dish would include dish latency as it migrate the shuttle narrative shippy or an aerial and usually maybe it been her way racing position as got it we november of idle come see that the as it her call me lee. she se bed is muscle. when off of the nile has was sharp while and when was the mean? you dar model for dbi?
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when i and her lab model for do any, be it off of a little door, a lima pie live. she shook lee were apart, was added to defer mark her foisy. so we're at a better idea. she, shaky next the lair when wide the orbit. the oper doable it default elizabeth beano . been home. i will only be lou auto. yes it is. was understood was shakira. publican of attorney started to calum. we'll just keep it marcell slash will beauty a deep shockley. higher government had of color, waterford and normal cliff re saudi evidence for them old work. let daniel look of a minute. i thought that he did it with him up to viet hate. how cool me and a circle. sort of them. yes. that she'd model for delevie or a banana. they're like, i'm in a feel. i what danny hutton her comin. all that has was chub, physician, been an i let her that bottle of hash him at this is the hi, my kind of, you know, blushing at this, i learn how to do stuff, eat. i know use of not in over the managed to feed not hold that it as he did,
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though, jani mckinney could meet him in the earnest money. following the 1951 to al shockley made sweeping changes to the syrian government, a few ministers remained from the previous regime. but many new faces arrived at the cabinet table. some syrian politicians fell in and out of favor. but one man, a debug shecky was ever present and increased his influence. what i was you. hello for the shallow as getty up de minova looked a bit o at water. water is no. lu royce was an hour, it was you had the far walked up united reach of can the and now who then idiocy of the whole world had committed mortlock b help awhile, but the all woman derucia did ru fool it and had f. a lizzy will help,
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but the who were, who were does our home a suli? yeah, we're the dod, mostly lovely, esa a studio. is that if fidel has you put that all or how you were the all while know who few just meant. there were a story. yeah. so i, i gotten a mo asked that he, an i'm medina. ah, al shockley divides opinion about his contribution to syrian politics. his supporters saw him as a major figure capable of raising serious profile and status, both domestically and internationally. but to his opponents and critics, today he was mackey of alien and autocratic. be helpful into finally how come on but he was is who i was i'll as up assess the had a good that he had a lot of b. i may learn how to kaylee. i mean,
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i'm also huffy and you had damage of sa health, so far and had a kiss. yes ye, when couldn't madina he? i can it at this fan? ah, fabia lee, i damn town. i sab, my a deep, shaky home, but a fuddle at the far home mouth. fafsa, haddock it at the head. he had a lot of you were yelling at his a. what a sma haddock at them. are there fi, ha. i alabama shook the yet s yes, yeah, i let the ad if and i shall see and bob will ha, l dot kite. see bob, ha, ha ha, that no fee la means and i want to buy that. we're at if and the home guy knows jamar. i mean octo me, lot up a levine at the now b, c, i sat a deep, she shak leaps, thereby alamahood. we're lucky a minute that he melanie elko,
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my soul suleiman cupboard can mozilla. mm hm. but no g villa madness ye. who were? who were at m. alam aaliyah. liv. lynch. willoughby let the hustle it. oh let there only had to be so rude to let out. when you're you know, come see it. oh mama la, one measured, then as thick berlin were half hour then were there. yeah, and his head me, i'm in kellum, the nellikka lab, man yala, who no mashaila, who yet the faren. lucky obeyed. then min. so the yet at the men shall yahoo! ok. so let can yonah i left the members so deal mostly low as verbal will. they said the azure chastity for cut the he tinkled mud. ha, cancer you. nick said, ha, bank all with him out of yet. they meanwhile,
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the ruling hashemite families in jordan and had all wanted to see syrian territory . the assassination of king abdullah of jordan in 1951 created an opportunity for as shack me was. yeah, sherbie than her confirmed man. you don medic, olive and humbly to come that it should been on what have you. she shook he's out of your man. why? for the heads of her to be i had and shortly cut a lot of annoying. he had a few drama, was his manhattan cut out can lead to he'd lose me even at off the it again on the have a more be sorry a go but what they need and nobody said a lady that a who really fell out on her machine with really crusade in the can you should be should be my bomb hold much for oh yeah, we can do enough sill of mommy. sorry. yeah. well miss ellen and no thought valley
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. is it a computer? yes. had ali her not people for half. jean luc 19. say it money every by becky. why that guy mean we have a mold will be and not a mainly be standing as a loop 9 year model fall or the mean agency l buddy? funny, yeah, she certainly be my balance id. yeah. odyssey like lazy, mina laid up mccarthy to sleep. a gym warrior lead was the other last. elsa shack lease next move was to hold talks with the americans, us secretary of state john foster, dulles visited damascus in may 1953. at the top of elsa settlers agenda were weapons for carla, who was here at mary len, news or with the the high enough to stand. we do not how the base that i
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eat is are what any. a lead to starman has. a she said i e 5, you can you know who called at the bottom a she shipley has the apollo had the shelter. shaky now, please had that done by them with a heart the does yet it a john foster dance. why me then we'll talk about hittie michelle. their mission to she shook leah sanisha or hello john foster dance. i law. hardly any key a limb and why the lads with the idea where you all that know the been for how much when most rude, but the lot. i know hey for so a look and not an undefeated eddie. physically anna mabis, sylvia blah. if need o. i n t not see it. i mckennie
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b c s at them of need somebody asia little some chaverra, sadly, but claudia could not mind. basil sure, you know, plot and submit america. and she certainly was not at all happy with washington's demand for negotiations with israel in return for us weapons named mc one. she shut a yet, me upholstered mac, said i. e r rocket to copy yet the cinema or who are before by you. were you happy call what that if gonna all be young while hold me in the shed it, them usually a up to sod model. i do want to said i. e and m are gonna be simple. evansville x ray them, yukon, manny on fi,
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shit yet. cause what i my, my foot hood net, you had to fuck to la mine to which good luck in shot. and the a cool, i'm the could rolla and you said that enough. so be like when you get up to what good and true for no much helen away the la and yet tim, danny malcolm said about i'm to die one minus eileen and i'm a kind of it, you know, it's a jo was own the modem in an optical movie, other than the see, la jani, can yet more cool watch will be it out to back bob, whatsoever in our lead and tuck them. miller, monica resorts july the helen b for boy. my mom on the high my left him, he can name, but he said counties asian, this lady can under affably with opiate salam mune, he had a bleak a dev, have me zeniah dough. it is. so he decided to add him. well, they said he saw the head was t as in oscar willa mama anisha de la
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a jealous. yes. if and was your howard jealous? yes, it needs a surreal. i like little coming up in part to general and shortly makes his move for the presidency. but his term does not last long. in germany's capital, there is a barber like no other than what he did to have them for. i mark natasha cross with you. but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the road. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the master barber of berlin. this is europe on al jazeera, control of the narrative shapes the landscape. that's fairly, unquote to the pol, keep those images front of mind is
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a war that very much bring forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening pace dissect the media on al jazeera when the news breaks, people having to my whole breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones. when people need to be heard and the story told, not is it even the home hope to return one day with exclusive interviews and in depth through course, al jazeera has teens on the ground. president biden need to contain fuel prices with way to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied niece lou madison, and don't have the top stories and al jazeera leaders from the group of 7 nations meeting in germany. i've been trying to show united front and ukraine announcing
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further sanctions on russia. they're pushing for solutions to reduce the impact of the war in the global economy. the meeting opened in the same day that russia fired missiles on to the ukrainian capital hitting an apartment block. it was the 1st time kiva been targeted in 3 weeks. officials in columbia say at least 4 people have been killed and dozens have been injured after part of an arena collapse during a bull fight. it's fear the death toll is going to rise. echoes national assembly has restarted a debate on removing president guillermo lasso from office. it comes as indigenous groups promise to continue their nationwide strike into a 3rd week. this year, newman has more for kito. well, despite the very cheerful atmosphere you see behind me, this strike is taking a very, very deep tone, not only on the strikers, but also on the economy of the country and on the political stability of this country at this hour, not far from where we are right now, the legislature,
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the congress of this country is, are in the 2nd session, the 2nd day of a, of hearing arguments for or against the know confidence vote for against the president. now the president there certainly getting an ear full, but it does look like he will survive politically because they are not in a vote from the opposition to and see them at this point. so don has accused it he appeal of executing 7 sudanese soldiers and the civilian. a spokesman for the armed forces claims ethiopia executed the prisoners of war and put the bodies on public. display tension between ethiopia and sudan has surged in recent months over the disputed border area of all for chicago. so of african authorities and investigating the deaths of at least $21.00 young people found inside a popular tavern in the coastal town of east london. police are collecting samples to see if the victims were exposed to some kind of poison protests or continuing across the us. 2 days after the supreme court voted to remove women's rights to
4:33 am
abortion, several states have already closed abortion claims in haiti. hundreds of supporters of the former president john beth honda, her seed of gathered in the capital to demand that he returns. they say he needs to come back to end the current crisis. now it's back to al jazeera worlds good by. ah
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ah ah ah, by the early 19 fifties, syria was of major strategic importance in the middle east. but it was politically unstable and suffered a series of military coups. all somehow involving general a d. but shaky military and intelligence chief and the power broker within the government, the much i with them been decided by the warm it up this i'd be so dea,
4:35 am
a wouldn't 0 home with the house. this was the wrap. them with 0 will be was added 0 out. this is how solid fee. so to your has in not block shylie. ha. that at the be shack. leave 11 i the heck me were lacking the hat was, but the abbey. what that if the one with the ada, a b, a new to be of the, of the fog. saudi. what the heck was the law? as 0. our see now was to cease circuit model the much but dodie, but the muscle and the i had a deep shortly one the had seen the high i thought the summer hacker caught the saudi. i'm logged then i had my fee of these is is see how am, why, what are that a lot of money our the have be my payment if you value looked ashlyn $1000000.00 and hon. locker one. so d n. c. not either nominal sin optimality in the whole,
4:36 am
lee of it, right? let's check him. know, sonata constantly in the country. it largely uncomfortable, basher, i'm be ro, chef it normally on hold. look to solve the can i know how or not the feel call i need it and then yeah, to hurry you must kima mean my mckenna had been lab don't. but phil had to allow, ma evolve at done in the studio. deed i love the apo happy sweet. what i no, no, no, no way. and the way you have half a day must be a guy that was not rely out of the robot to shut up fee that he can walk up the samuel plot to come see not about the problem man. a saudi will have that fee. i had the 2nd for the month ending tear in the equation. the 60 will be who are how i get them and by that because i had to be
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home and then on monday would be them enough been, hadn't i any less and less now? i will be mr. what no commitment. i will miss will be able to can most day and just be with the other side of that. but we'd love to spend the rest of the my kind of maturity. i had the light of mine that shows the se, michelle, much to my he's and which is it, will it's been alley, or any they had them in abilene. should the mean, why did should become the michelle yet to me? sure, yes. middle, be huh. irish huh. or how does she the term in the family? sure, i see. i think about that as al shack lease power grew, so that his list of enemies there were rumors of attempts on his life. one news report falsely claimed he'd been killed in a machine gun attack appeal and the whole excel of modlin went to
4:38 am
lean saudi of the emotional ambit. shiela welcom, kill of her and her own mother. sway had been a mortar. bah, he not to sort of allah manure isn't done on the cooling altogether. how came if saudi daddy hotel counted as you believe are happy but on fema how to deal on come see, be october. looking out at the bottom of the alarm in the whole alika a social, i don't know, soccer hash him even multiple then in july 1953 al shockley made his move empowered by the army and serious economic growth. she held and won a referendum that made him president of the republic of syria in october of the same year he called for parliamentary elections, which he won by a landslide,
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a deep and shortly had reached the pinnacle of power. for now, alaska, it lay up. couldn't the lovers here see what the last one last, gabby? yeah, yeah. car t matlab casita at? yeah, i see a lot but yeah, i see is much more us here. see out, ali and lie boon. c as he your oh yeah, yeah. car that he is a problem with the leg by b. y had well thought a lie being o'bannon mortality been ah. yeah. near ha that let me our dishes, her cli, if your high lit there was a nom. uh huh. a she shook li. fridell. sure. ella, a s her a sorta. yeah. be hazy sir. all hannah it there was your ballet on young bozer. so
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now we're at the aqua, had his role and was some my be a headache, it at the harry of a lot of the article in the chicago that i had a he had o'clock. can 80 murder alvo's the slow up one? me my a ship willow adieva. she shook lee sarah, or sula, ill hook him, walk us sorta. we lay it was use hulu. garbage used carefully saw it. been related with died it made a key. i will feel you saw to be an old been hollow fell mp's that hinge ish and was using the eyelid be shaken book that if me, by early 1954 opposition to answer shockley was growing. some of the fiercest protest came from the drews, ethno religious group based in japan, a lot up the mountainous region of southern syria. just
4:41 am
a bit and was at one being ha, and without a medic. yeah. well fancy. yeah. be and now i laid up a ye model. oh wow, da foul, bessie lash. what can i that he got? b date i had a kid, allow c, n fi jabal abdur rose was b date, a thorough i let t, gannett, alameda do met for our main cable aledo. what cannot the cod either list the flat out to you that it will be? and now who natca had aca met for our min noise side? what was the allen law to shop denila li, death that he fi, soraya bad them. how a lack of the not a letty at our father. and he was, she shortly woman horn was at auto by the end of to shift. do him a danny my not occur. what are my interview by laura viola?
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walk it awful. kinetic that he ali annoy whom we humbly ask every year she needed a bus. the ah monta could john lot up. why i don't want to have corroborated me. timms id run by the new australian happened to ronald about what the level was palmer tomorrow the i was startled in it will. should a marcella down on the whole fi job? lot up, come on baton while father in law or don ayana come will eat, come malaise. finally, i shall come up. la schwann us. have cathy in amal min b was hamlet shadow. letty should not allow mont asoft the l o y b at martin. she did, anna that says your been a lot of a remote shipper had a death in the sri. submit
4:43 am
a she shipley? my leanne y r o b n y lee ann meshida. shavon ashish mom ahead he. he madden it swayed up. where hes, he, he had up the father b i that it had his soraya it at as with a remodeled law been asleep? ha, we're shira, assemblyman. nom, a thought i thus a year, but i doubt it must have been a c, a. she did a deep a shish that she shut, it was assad, been ha hockman. now then another military crew was launched in february 1954. but this time it's aim was to bring down and sucking the leaders of the 2 included opposition, politicians and high ranking army officers, president allister checkley,
4:44 am
resigned before being forced from office. ah the syrian chief of staff shall catch care then arranged immediate safe passage for al shockly to the lebanese capital bade root by the presidential car ah, there are differing accounts as to exactly why a debug shockley stepped down as president. some sources say it was to dampen the rebellion and swayed on some say it was simply because he believed he could not survive an office. while others say it was a ploy to buy time to lie low with the aim of returning some time in the future. ah
4:45 am
ah, because i know how did the ball to do hey, that has been in my life on the wound. on israel muslin, luna hannah and alpha dra, known as huff at them. i rode me shaking gum. it can read this. she shook. yeah. to kind of who the head of his but he echo bobbitt. yeah, i love i love it. ducked it in a hokey either. i love that. who good luck on a for a nick one who knocks us with dema. we're a stuffy. oh, let me or condemn a william hire. o le mickland de maria. well, we're mas hallett, that i can see enough, so must allot, allow them a lou and washy. here, your hosting is very little, but as the that i could see enough to it. ah, holla min heather will hi lemon. hal co news akin
4:46 am
so? yeah, his were his rama fall was hands hey, come on po la. i know who can and will shandey man, oh man, oh, my lack gun for canada. yep. tosh, b as hoss a lizzie? and they will shake you, luna, help out on audi. for shitty is our ha word and yes ha, couldn't with the murder the dean? and yet, and your censured? how would i be a little busy should at all, and medically for yet hope, but the toilet up it had the mish man, bad been russia wanna muster. i, sandy, and for shitty men at the start and said i eat as prolaw were fed is the and now yet doors miss baja. walker tad showed his b. now a fraud won. all said a g h, a saudi, and every day that i can, i'm the for the whole war and then will her that is of the coon,
4:47 am
a federal casita thought. well, who could that i live? i would be wonderful. thank you. give you no murder, pull him that hook him. what is your initial slide? with that he said he should cripple what he want. buddy lea locked the division that an alley stuck him. i'd be shaky after answer shortly lost power. his supporters tried to get him back into high office. they attempted to more cruise, both involving shadley against his successor. president shook re alkahottie howard in america and he never get up. let me enjoy what kind of philosophy additionally or for sheila and no campus the to say you look at the fuses, a need a slung female by love actually unable to eat, lem yet there was not a help walk. how can i not get the,
4:48 am
the long to lab jed eat your code to who a lack of assange deep element to me ill, his suit, his own? what kind of who knack down, right among or mean i will act in the handle. i made a key and he had an uncle up while i'm shad bay, not sharpie, a deep she, shirley and emma atalla shortly. i'll up a false seed had he had to go alone. caleb was there and that we should done one before he asked a demon fighting valley rough. abolished the oxy. how the lab will mussa hammer feet and how it is said he and how it is on bush yearly. none of us are me and what am i going to do strictly enter that the rama will be fella plus and all we'll talk tomorrow. all the no none. what followed while am a blood now while you know,
4:49 am
i hope you do it. if you do a shot, why national? we have the anyway. what do i think? lucia island, none. none. job bob. bob. bob bought in the can. which are the bay talk animals would be the 2nd wooster mom on or at his london model and wants to sell as kitty will be lead. what color and then collab isde halle when to have him than michelle. ah . exactly. had lost power and gradually his influence also began to wane. his supporters in the united states and saudi arabia deserted him while in syria. his political enemies wanted him dead. aah! elsa checklist! only option was to go into exile,
4:50 am
preferably as far from syria as possible. what to me and at that francis me after sentence himself, i'm seen, won't die, lunacy sir. innocent as at the rest of data. and here at the ymca marshall one or a bladder breeding census, a think on it, and what as in between my j fear. moultrie mean, i actually in walla, honey, but when this, when the only because my chauffeur will your household know madness of not do you ever had a field trip, but as even from us or i to he or, or by them, good are, are, are from zillow upwards camel allah! oh lose room and the sure knowledgeable a liberal to what's in jest, should he be emerett a deep shockley across some hole that run her shots and swayed up men monkey could swear they any? no of his only shot so soon he will not re albanese myers you motor him. what county r a fool yada, yada. from an hoa
4:51 am
a saba who that he won't be in our osha. t. y. i pluck alejandro castillo your pool into common men. oh, danny measure, i mean myself, he and i are abraham, she is a good man. took job and cable and racial of the a good word if shortly. maybe there is the best to be iranian ala in my seen yet, because i'm in the room gone. obasi. hello cars him. when the rules in the kennel was seen, he came in no co means we're in during our and why the ship? those aren't the apple savvy warranty mom to apple. genuine or in emma li, kind of mute on. by see you watch the iraqi, you was you or you can do the ship lee who had to know your title, hon. the has on our lot. i'm fucking, there's, i'll,
4:52 am
you'll mobile best a keep seems good movies that will lead to the and i should i, and at live i should i, at the moment, moment not to go. i think it was on the elevators were as much as usual, less than that. then i'm going to play, i live in a. uh huh. like the all my family can for sure. but the handle a lot less than that then can i a debug shockley was assassinated in the brazilian town of fitness. he was shot 5 times by a lone gunman, while crossing a bridge. opinion is still equally divided on his career and achievements. as shockley was undoubtedly an expert in behind the scenes political manipulation, the puppet master in chief. so in the process, he made many enemies who ultimately outmaneuvered him and eventually killed him.
4:53 am
oh, i should have been in a maximum. i thought. oh, had them every man, what month? kennedy, my diamond by fe who i can feel non fallin mom. i can be a him meet that them and then not will the, sorry we had to put the whole market in the farm with the last here. how are the fish in melody maker ramos with a robe and mac can feed. i have a when i lose within this, on what they had to cook him and i'm willing the, the misleading can be what the master she life bas element us for the also for to with that we don't, we don't have the concert. i can be less we had the she and b l in last for the
4:54 am
internet. the mac food said than most ah, i ah who it is. shake the can. hey r o hot landed the money the night. you talking bad sir. my name is jacqueline balop. we'll let them in the spend the had that they are my santa santa maria for that little fella mcduffy on select from them. kenny and debbie shakily, last kennedy at of done kelly, len,
4:55 am
manhattan design class. kenny. yeah, any kids have kids at db shortly. c a c. i can zacharon been huston is i don't know customers, i murders. hello, but c a. c, e r le abdullah maria kuhn were what her, what that will pass her leer. hm could be in tears. he n a d b shortly. lamar thought the, i knew your hoc committee let the mom had the man who had vivica was yes, one act or alex more than with the body to count and on a shonda a see it in mother can under vision and even she, she can undo yet about her larry, by the hate and up with that was stella les if dome monsieur de shall see ye were
4:56 am
much loss? yes i still cl. colin alway him can as well as cup a saw happened can up me i thought that was enough or what are good what was what was your horrible uh
4:57 am
let me meet you nice small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimum collectors. alders either world's joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts for adults. yeah, i can tell that it's a meter, right. had it is it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on or disease . ah
4:58 am
they're still hot in southern states of the us, but the stormy weather actually is to the north in barstow we, i mean from the storms that could have produced tornadoes. they're dying down now, but they're being brought by this frontal system, which is going to squash the wall that from this eastern side drop temperature by 6 to 10 degrees loza cool things down in texas, houston and dallas down 6 or 7 degrees as a thunderstorms develop and it's welcome right in the desert southwest, the time of year when you, if you're lucky, get these big showers because that can be dangerous, but they are also, i'm sure welcome, but maybe surprising. there is heat now in the pacific coast and particularly some i like oregon with portland 11 version and idaho boise. idaho is also pretty warm 11 above average. what time i get to monday. this will get knocked back,
4:59 am
but not till tuesday is rain. the more familiar type of weather reaches vancouver, seattle, and then she may be portland, as drops as the biggest showers in the last few days at the next few days, i think could well be around cuba to make it in the central bahamas. but also in southern mexico, in fact, good posts of mexico looks very wet. same is true that is wider in columbia, but it's much dryer now through brazil and not very warming montevideo, 11 degrees rather below the normal. ah. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real
5:00 am
part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just 0. the latest news as it breaks the all the town square features $21.00 white forces, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. with detailed coverage already up there is worth a simply over well, from around the world with gathered here. they will read, you know, the market go to go home, remain unchanged. ah, russian missiles had to residential buildings in chief is the 1st time in weeks the .


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