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christie, then did he weigh one 0, one east, those to the fiery heart. if the crisis center goal heads to the poles with the main opposition parties united can be worth whole power away from the ruling party . july on al jazeera, he got in contact with me, a getting a, getting my ideals to french republic, his loan for a claim. but just what ease modern france in a 4 part series. but big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera. ah russia, that's up it's attack on ukraine is g. 7 leave is making germany coughing,
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unity to defeat most. we have to stay together. is true news from counting on to the beginning? christmas. how nato with splendor? ah, hello, i'm nick clog this is our desert life from the also coming as time collapses during a bull fighting columbia can be at least 4 people and injuring dozens of others, destroy parent sequences in south africa, off to 21. young people are found dead. and we report from northern iraq, where authorities have declared a state of emergency room. wesley kara said in russian missiles have talked to the ukrainian capital for the 1st time in 3
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weeks. it's happened as g. 7 leaders have been gathering in germany for a 3 day summit. i've been talking about the consequences of the war in ukraine, including global food crisis and soaring inflation. step vast and reports from the summit, darmesh parking coaching. the scenic be sole views of the bavarian alps are in contrast with the urgent and grim crisis. the 7 leaders of the world's highest income countries have to tackle just before german chancellor, olive shoals greeted his guests rush and rockets hid the ukrainian capital key. if it was seen as a message from president flag may put him to the lead us of the g 7 who want to impose more sanctions on russia like an export ban on golds. mr. president, you've a reaction to the russian missile strike from the apartment building and have the u . s. president replied, calling it more of russia. the barbarism lead us of the g $71.00 to show a united front against potent and their common support for ukraine. but the unity is increasingly under pressure. now that the fall out of the war is affecting more
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and more people worldwide, including and cheese 7 countries is even stopping all g. 7 countries are concerned about the crises that we have to deal with. some countries, these franken growth rates in tracing inflation shortage of goods sent disruption of supplies. these are not small challenges together. we have to take responsibility, but i'm very confident that we will send a clear signal of unity from the summit that's getting that the most urgent signal 8 organizations are waiting for is a clear plan on how to tackle food shortages as a consequence of the war column the put into the wall, just talk to in visual because he's action is effect and millions of people very far from where he was, where he thought he was happy that you know, he's what so that is a call. but beyond that, as well, is to think about how do we come, how do we de escalate? how do we talk about, you know, how do we get everybody on the table? it is time to think about the lives of those were affected. and, you know,
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and this price is as soon as possible. a survey house ahead of the summit shows that while most european feels solidarity way to crane and support the sanctions against russia. many are worried about the cost of the war and they want the war to and as soon as possible, they also not necessarily want to boost military support for ukraine. a message leaders here may have to take into account sub files and algae, theora, english, fox, and g 7. leaders have also announced a multi $1000000000.00 infrastructure plan to counter china's growing influence in low income countries. out there is a metric, it's a james base as well. you just have to rewind 12 months. one year ago, the g 7 wasn't here. it was in coma in the u. k. and that they came up with a plan that was known as rather awkward title, build back better world b 3 w. that was going to be a global infrastructure plan. nothing really actually much happened after that. and
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it seems that they are trying to reboot the idea. it has a new name. now it's partnership for global infrastructure investment and new acronym. it's p g. i. and the plan is to rival the belt and road initiative of china to try and put infrastructure around the world. and to show that it's something the democratic countries are doing. and present, bud was very keen to stress that this is what democracy can do if they work together. i think that's a little bit of a big china. but also, of course, at russia, at this time of the war and ukraine for the attack on ukraine's capital is the 1st time has been targeted in 3 weeks. official say, one person has been killed and 5 have been injured. 40 missiles were launched, hitting a residential building. a military citing kindergarten rescues have been trying to reach survivors believe to be stuck inside. shaw stratford has more from the scene of the attack. the building behind me civilian residential building hit. we understand this morning by at least one cruise missile withholding another one
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landed in the near vicinity. also, the have been civilian casualties or ongoing rescue efforts we understand to try and free one woman injured, possibly fair dead. her daughter was taken away badly injured. a few minutes ago, her husband also severely injured no signs of life when he was taken away in an id . that's what we've been told. i mean, you can see the level of destruction of the power of these missiles. the say these 2. busy 2 of for the, the capital cube in the early hours of this morning, ukrainian military says at least can t missiles hit various locations in the cave region early sunday morning. and i developed or one that we have saved the young girl approximately 8 years old. her mother is still under the rebel. we are finding it difficult to remove the debris, but the situation is under control. officially,
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1000 office. we heard to me style come in. this is not the 1st time this error has been heat. so when you, we just had 23 seconds to take our after explosion to the came outside to ask the neighbors if they will key. then we heard the foster kids coming in and we ran for cower an hour or so later. emergency services carried an injured woman from the destroyed block of flats. this is one of the other strikes sites close by what you're looking at. there is a kindergarten. now it's sunday. the school is not open today, but look at the size of this crater. it gives you some sort of idea of the power of the weaponry that the russians are using. according to locals, they heard the explosion around about 615 this morning. residents in the buildings behind me on the right believes that at least one person has been injured. as a result of this strike, bear in mind that according to the ukrainian government,
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this kindergarten is one of more than 800 schools that have been damaged. since the war began on february, the 24th cha, stratford al jazeera keith, where russia is expected to miss a debt interest re payment of $100000000.00. it'll be at 1st foreign default and more than a century for moscow says it wouldn't be an actual default. it says it has the money, but can't make the payment on the u. s. lead sanctions. chris weaver is a ceo of a strategy consultancy firm called macro advisory, and he says, the criminal wouldn't be too concerned about missing the payment. it will have no impact over the short medium term. because moscow has not been planning, of course, are not able to borrow money on international markets for some time. and some been able to for about 3 or 4 years. and there's no plan to just need to of course, because right now the, the government or the country is earning a great money from exports in commodities at these high prices. the impact is more
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longer term, i guess when assuming we were to get back to some sort of normality. then the fact that russia will have default is, of course, will be like anybody, i guess, just a bad mark on your credit rating and it'll make russia, it'll make it more difficult for russia to borrow money down the road. but over the short medium term, there'll be no difference other than perhaps moscow may know may be forced into accelerating some other payments, but the total amount would be about less than the $1000000000.00. and right now, rushes earning that amount almost every 2nd decade from export. officials in columbia said at least 4 people have been killed and dozens have been injured after part of an arena collapse. during the bullfight video taken by witness captured, the menu fell apart. in the time some bulls escaped and run through the streets, injuring several people. the fears the death toll will rise. the mail day i fell
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from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those dance crashing down when when it was going to be blood ski is a freelance journalist and bogota and she says safety at bullfights. events is been a long standing issue in columbia. these types of fighting festivals are common here in columbia. they're different than a spanish bullfight, in which there's one bull and dies at the end. it usually involves about 30 bulls and spectators. the public are invited to engage with the bulls to read them, taught them, and it has resulted in injuries and deaths before in columbia. president elect to study petro tweeted, i hope that all the people affected by the collapse of the past. so now will be able to recover from their injuries. this has happened born since a level be treated as marriage is not authorized any more, especially with the death of people or animals. this has come up legally in
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columbia before the time the band, the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago . in the event that he's referencing northern city in columbia, known for the festivals in 1983 levels of the wooden balconies class and left 400 people dead. and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 19 years, but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again in 2013. so this has been a political issue in columbia for many years with those on one side saying that it's a tradition and those on the other saying that it constitutes animal cruelty and a danger to the public as well as the dawn has accused. if you're pure of executing 7 sidney soldiers and civilians spokesmen from the sudanese armed forces claims ethiopia executed the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display. it says, sue don will retaliate. decades attention between if your answer don has searched recent months over the disputed border area of alpha,
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chicago. age accuses the other of violating 70. it's been the sides of regular flare up of violence between the 2 armies. south african authorities are investigating hartley's 21. young people died inside a popular bar in the eastern cape province. they be not celebrating the end of their exams so far. there's no explanation for how and why they died or challenge reports. police forensic teams and onlookers gathered at a south african township pub on sunday, but what killed many young people inside this building in the city of east london is still a mystery. officials said the bodies don't show obvious signs of injury. they were found strewn across the tables, chairs, and the floor. investigators had taking samples the signs of poisoning. it's believed the place was busy on saturday night, as teenagers from the scenery park area celebrated after high school exams. the
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deaths of raised questions about youth alcohol consumption and safety standards at the informal local bars that any of any tavern is typical of parents. if the victims spoke of their shock, and now you know, we have a child that was there who passed away on the scene. that's the information that we have. this child, we were not thinking would die this way. this was a humble child respectful and he listened. but as we know, kids will always be kids from the information we have. he was with one of his friends and that attended a function after their exams and they finished at school. they hired a car and went to that place and he was 17 turning 18 in november. we have very sad indeed. we are unemployed and we don't even know where to start. his father here is not even, well, we have parents who don't know what to do. south african president, cyril ramah fossa, expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims. those families
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waited outside the mole where bodies had been taken, hoping for news and for answers will reach helen's al jazeera was still ahead here now desert days off to north. great hit, a remote part of afghanistan, survivors say help is still in shoals blood. and the british journalist made it in the amazon alone and in his mistake lay to rest his family says the desk will not be in vain. ah, ah, there are still hot in southern states of the us, but the stormy weather actually is to the north by stormy, i mean from the storms that could have produced tornadoes. they're dying down now, but they're being brought by this frontal system, which is going to squash the want that resistance. i dropped temperature by 6 to 10 degrees loss of cool things down in texas, houston,
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and dallas down 6 or 7 degrees as a thunderstorms develop at its welcome rain in the desert southwest. this is the time of the year when you, if you're lucky, get these big shares course they can be dangerous, but they are also, i'm sure welcome, but maybe surprising. there is heat now in the pacific coast and particularly somewhere like oregon with portland 11 version and idaho boise, idaho is also pretty warm 11 above average. what time i get to monday. this will get knocked back, but not till tuesday is rain. the more familiar type of weather reaches vancouver, seattle, and then she may be portland, as drops as the biggest showers in the last few days at the next few days, i think could well be around cuba to make it in the central bahamas. but also in southern mexico and fact good posts of mexico looks fairly wet. same is true venezuela in columbia, but it's much dryer now through brazil and not very warming montevideo 11 degrees rather below the normal. ah. ready
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too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of them thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives stand for decade, review the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one the birth of afghan cinema on it just either lou . oh oh yeah, you're watching out 0 mind about top stories and leaders from the group of 7
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nations meeting germany have been trying to show a united front in ukraine announcing further sanctions of russia that pushy for solutions to reduce the impact of the war with global economy officials in columbia, so at least 4 people will be killed in dozens of you didn't get off to park, but it really, that's true to pull samples, escaped and run through the streets and drink several more south african authorities are investigating the deaths of at least $21.00 young people found inside the popular bar in the coastal town of east london. police are collecting samples to see if the victims were exposed to some kind of poison. equip old's national assembly his resume to debate on whether to remove president grammar last or from office comes as indigenous groups promised to continue. then nationwide strike into a 3rd week on saturday, the president lifted a state of siege imposed in several provinces. sick civilians have died during the process digits, movement says it will keep up its pressure until the government meets its platform
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of 10 demands, including lower fuel prices and caps on the cost of food. allotted america editor lucille newman as more now from quito. right now, where you can see the way i'm in a very lively place where a hundreds, if not thousands of strikers, are enjoying the day off, at least that's what they've been given by their leadership. after 2 weeks of constant fighting constant striking, it's been very difficult. many of the people here sleep on the floor with their children. but right now they're taking a right for the go back on to the streets tomorrow. they say, because the president has not given in to the most important demand on the 10 list on their list of 10, some concessions have been made. it doesn't look like there are tops going on. but i did the leadership of the indigenous confederation that is leading the strike throughout the country says that that is simply not enough to allow to allow their
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families, their, their people to get out of the deep, deep poverty that they're living in. this strike is taking a very, very deep tone, not only on the strikers, but also on the economy of the country and on the political stability of this country at this hour, not far from where we are right now. the, the legislature, the congress of this country is, are in the 2nd session, the 2nd day of a, of hearing arguments for or against the non confidence row for against the president. now, the president is certainly getting an ear full, but it does look like he will survive politically because they are not in a vote from the opposition to and see them. at this point, a funeral has been held for the british journalist dumb phillips who was murdered in the brazilian emerson this month, along with a leading expert and local cultures. phillips and burner pereira was, were shot dead while on a research trip in a part of the rain forest, where tribes were in conflict with the legal fisherman mechanic. here for pulled stuff reared sooner. remembering british journalist,
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donald phillips and indigenous expert group era, 3 weeks after they were killed in the brazilian amazon o dom phillips was laid to rest in brazil on sunday. his wife, i listened to some violent family members, some of whom travelled from b, u. k. gather to bid farewell and ask for justice for the rider and his cause. he was killed because he tried to tell below what was happening to the rain forest and its inhabitants. his mission clashed with the interests of individuals who are determined to exploit the amazon rain forest dom phillips and brutal biddy. it went missing on june. the 5th, while traveling from remote area of the brazilian amazon video, was mapping invasions by legal fishermen and poachers in their job id valley home
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to the largest number of isolated tribes in the world. while phillips was researching for a book on how to save the rain forest, one ago this fisherman confessed to the murder and the police have detained. 3 suspects. he deanna was buried on friday in his hometown, in northeastern brazil. phillips funeral was in metropolitan rio de janeiro, his widow, thank the indigenous leaders who helped find the bodies of the 2 men, and those who supported their cause. it's a lovely male to put, this has become a world wide mobilization of solidarity a cry in defense of the environment and the indigenous people who protect it. it brings us hope. the ceremony was just for close friends and family, but outside the cemetery. this group is holding a banner asking for justice for journalists, don phillips, and indigenous expert,
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but a little bit era, as well as for many activists that have died defending the amazon protesters blamed brazil's presence able so model for turning a blind night. we legal mining, launching and land grabbing in the amazon and for promoting the commercial exploitation of indigenous territories. at this vigil in central reposition, narrow demonstrators called out the names of phillips and video. they're demanding the government to do more to protect the amazon and hope. the death of the 2 men have not been in vain. monica now give all just sarah. we have janeiro in haiti, hundreds of supporters of the former president, jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital to demand his return. they say he needs to come back to the presidency to the current crisis as anger over a crime rate, which could be worth some medical instability. last week, a number of civil says, civil society organizations accused government being linked to organized crime. so he called the un mission that's be terminated as
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a continuation across the u. s. 2 days after the supreme court voted to remove women's rights to abortion. the conservative dominated courts overturn the road versus way president same now up to individual states. decide whether to allow the procedure. several states have already closed abortion clinics. leading female democrats have called on president biden, and congress to protect proportion rights. nationwide. hundreds of protests have gathered in madrid to condemn the death of 23 migrants who try to storm the border between morocco and spanish and clave. emilia. demonstrators lay down in the square in a performance imitating videos that emerge. so in the migrants flat on the ground, some of them will be broken. authorities say the disaster happened when the
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migrants tried to scale offense to cross into 1000000 rights groups have called for an investigation we want to know what happens in malea. who are these people? what was the protocol? we followed? what happened with these people? are they being assisted? we are human rights activists. i'm a migrant and i want to ask the left wing government and pedro sanchez, if he is happy and proud of migration policies. or if they are dictating these policies from above, the agencies have joined the taliban and calling for western sanctions on afghanistan to be east. after wednesday's devastated earthquake more than 1100 people died and another 2000 were injured. it's been difficult to get 8 and much needed supplies and survivors in the remote packet secret province. a desperate for help. i've gotten health officials, a warning potential for outbreaks of disease, comment about june. that was around 115 a morning. it was raining when the earthquake started. it had
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a terrible sound to our show, but the actual was all the houses were destroyed and many children will count so many people. i didn't trouble. many of them need treatment and not although that my right mind is any conditions so bad that they are using drugs. we don't know what sort of a medication they're using. the world was to help us get that issue that are between 10 and 30 houses in that small village with around 100 to 200 people have been killed and most of them were children. many were injured and died. use of the wake receive another one of them with the others. we are the entire world to help people. there are very poor around 500 to 600 injured and they have been transported to the cities was, was shelly as harcourt that with you and weld food program, and i'm going to start,
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as she says, thousands of people are in need of just 6 are strictly difficult. number one is barry bony remote area. we left on friday morning, very early ive o'clock in the morning to get to host, to get to spera, the 3 effective districts. again. and one of the things you just struck by is just the she addressed and then as a country, but when you are going out these remote places, the roads are really tough to navigate. very windy you're close to the border with pakistan on the mountainous region is, is it's just it's rocky and it says. ringback we dispatched 18 trip from thursday and we pretty much caught up with them as we left on friday, but then they've been able to get sued and most distance and shelter is just
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critical in these days. and again, we probably can probably just know just now what, what that i'm a member that we do know is with, you know that many people, thousands of people that desperately need food assistance and emergency supplies in this military is stepping up efforts to get food and drinking water to areas in the northeast affected by catastrophic flooding touches in children to be sick because of a lack of clean water flooding. display some 5 and a half 1000000 people and nearly 4000000 lives in the makeshift shelters. forces dropping supplies to people whose home to be in the northern iraqi province assume, and the air has declared a state of emergency to combat a western cholera outbreak. officials have reported several deaths and thousands of people with suspected cases have been admitted to hospital, murmured otherwise as more 14 year old corolla is in intensive care
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receiving treatment for cholera. days of vomiting and diarrhea have left him dehydrated. his mother who didn't want to speak on camera, says he only had you go to eat hundreds of similar cases have been admitted to this hospital in iraq's and all that in a province of silly many. in the past a few weeks, most of them are teenagers and younger children. doctors, he is a cholera outbreaks usually happen this time of year. every day we cheated $100.00 cases and maybe 50 percent of them. in fact, a just give it a pull it up, experts see contaminated water and visuals that come in contact with sewage goes cooler, i would breaks. so authorities have launched a campaign to destroy the visitor was re gated by sewage, water and clothes don't restaurants that are not keen,
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but many in sleigh. many are still rely on ground water not only for farming and raising livestock, but also for household use. siding, i live center and mostly my father. we have been drinking well water for centuries without any problems, but with the recent urban expansion, it's become mixed with waste water in some areas in this area is largely contaminated with sewage along with industrial and household waste. there is no recycling or treatment of the water here. some of the wells are only a few meters away from the sewage area. this is one of the tankers allocated for carrying water meant for agricultural use. in some cases, it is used to carry clean water. meant for household use, including drinking water for people in remote areas. hurdle fissions here have
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reported several death is they say they're working to prevent further i would breaks. but the problem will likely continue until the people and labor stock have access to clean drinking water and food. ma'am, with abdougla had a 0 in sleigh, many, a city, northern iraq. i'm a gold mine and so found a whole baby willy mammoth in the frozen permafrost of northern canada. remain to be described as one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever discovered and still has his skin in its hair. the local indigenous people named kaufman choker, which means big baby animal and, and sugar was found during an excavation near the canada alaska border ah so this is our desert. these.


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