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he was sorry, all this all alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gardener from europe than never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path, international filmmakers in world class journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire you. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, sun, sand, and so a while postcard image hide the visa battle of the past and future of these island parents. when i, when i meet the locals, determined to keep for why, for why on al jazeera ah, a russia stem south as attack on ukraine is g 7 lead us meeting germany calls you
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to, to defeat muster. we have to stay together is true news. we can, you know, in the beginning it's about a splinter, ah, 11 o'clock, this is out 0 life and also coming up this time collapses during a bull fighting columbia can be at least 4 people and injuring dozens of others, destroy parents seek ounces in south africa. after 21 young people are founded in about 3 to why why the latest nasa launch is taking place in australia, not america. ah . so russian missiles have targeted the ukrainian capital for the 1st time in 3
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weeks. it's happened as g. 7 leaders have been gathering a gemini for 3 day summit. i'll be talking about the consequences of the war in ukraine, including global food crisis and soaring, inflation. steadfast reports from summit and garbage parking, catching. the scenic be sole views of the bavarian alps are in contrast with the urgent and grim crisis. the 7 leaders of the world's highest income countries have to tackle just before german chancellor, olive shoals greeted his guests russian rockets, his ukrainian capital key. if it was seen as a message from president flag may put into the leaders of the g 7 who want to impose more sanctions on russia like an export ban on golds. mister president, you've a reaction to the russian missile strike from the apartment building and he's the us president replied, calling it more of russia. the barbarism lead us of the keys $71.00 to show a united front against potent and their common support for ukraine. but the unity
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is increasingly under pressure. now that the fall out of the war is affecting more and more people worldwide, including and cheese 7 countries is even stopping old g. 7 countries are concerned about the crises that we have to deal with. some countries, these franken growth rates, increasing inflation shortage of goods and disruption of supplies. these are not small challenges together. we have to take responsibility, but i'm very confident that we will send a clear signal of unity from the summit that's getting the most urgent signal 8 organizations are waiting for is a clear plan on how to tackle food shortages as a consequence of the war column for the food into the wall, just pop the invasion because he's action is effect and millions of people very far from where he was, where he thought he was happy that you know, he's what so that is a call. but beyond that, as well, is to think about how do we come, how do we deescalate, how do we talk about,
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you know, how do we get everybody on the table? it is time to think about the lives of those were affected. and, you know, and this price is as soon as possible. a survey house ahead of the summit shows that while most european feel solidarity will ukraine and support the sanctions against russia. many are worried about the, the number costs of the war and they want the war to and as soon as possible, they also not necessarily want to boost military support for your grade, a message leaders here. they have to take into account sub files and algebra english fox and well g 7 lead is of also announced a multi $1000000000.00 infrastructure plan to counter china's growing influence in low income countries. out diplomatic edits, a james base has more. you just have to rewind 12 months. one year ago, the g 7 wasn't here. it was in coma in the u. k. and that they came up with a plan that was known as a rather awkward title. build back a better world b 3
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w. that was going to be a global infrastructure plan. nothing really actually much happened after that. and it seems that they are trying to rebuild the idea. it has a new name. now it's partnership for global infrastructure investment, new acronym, it's p g. i. and the plan is to rival the belt and road initiative of china to try and put infrastructure around the world. and to show that it's something that democratic countries are doing and present, bud was very keen to stress that this is what democracy can do if they work together. i think that's a little bit of it. they got china, but also of course, at russia at this time of the war and ukraine. well, the attack on ukraine's capital is the 1st time it's been targeted in 3 weeks. official say, one person has been killed and 5 have been injured. 14 missiles were launched, hits the residential building, military site and kindergarten. rescues have been trying to reach survivors, please be stuck inside. tell strap it is more from the scene of the time. supported
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behind me, civilian residential building hit. we understand this morning by at least one cruise missile withholding another one landed in the near vicinity. also, the have been civilian casualties or ongoing rescue efforts we understand to try and free one woman injured possibly fade dead. her daughter was taken away badly injured. a few minutes ago, her husband also severely injured no signs of life when he was taken away in an id . that's what we've been told. i mean, you can see the level of destruction of the power of these missiles. the say these 2 are 2 of for the, the capitol given the early hours of this morning, ukrainian military says at least can t missiles hit various locations in the cave region early sunday morning. and i see that a door when we are saved a young girl approximately 8 years old. her mother is still under the rebel. we are
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finding it difficult to remove the debris, but the situation is under control. officially, 1000 office. we heard the me file come in, this is not the 1st time this error has been heat. so when you we just had 23 seconds to take our after explosions. we came outside to ask neighbors if they will keep. then we heard the 1st rocket coming in and we ran for cower an hour or so later. emergency services carried an injured woman from the destroyed block of flats. this is one of the other strikes sites close by what you're looking at. there is a kindergarten. now it's sunday. the school is not open today, but look at the size of this greater. it gives you some sort of idea of, of the power of the weaponry that sir the russians are using. according to locals. they heard the explosion around about $615.00. this morning, residence in the building behind me on the right believes that at least one person has been injured. as a result of this strike,
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bear in mind that according to the ukrainian government, this kindergarten is one of more than 800 schools that have been damaged since the war began on february, the 24th cha, stratford al jazeera keith. russia has mr. debts interest repayment of $100000000.00, its 1st foreign default, and more than a century where moscow says it's not an actual default. it says it has the money, but can't make the payment on the us led sanctions. chris refers sir strategy consultancy firm called macro advisory. he says the crm then what we to concerned about missing the well is that no impact over the short medium term? because moscow has not been planning, of course, are not able to borrow money on international markets for some time and being able to for about 3 or 4 years. and there's no plan. so i just need to of course, because, right, know, the, the government or the country is earning
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a great deal. the money from exports in commodities at these high prices. the impact is more longer term, i guess when assuming we were to get back to some sort of normality. then the fact that russia will have default is, of course, will be like anybody, i guess, just a bad mark on your credit rating and it'll make russia, it'll make it more difficult for russia to borrow money down the road. but over the short medium term, there'll be no difference other than perhaps moscow may know may be forced into accelerating some other payments, but the total amount would be about less than $2000000.00. and right now, rushes earning that amount almost every 2nd decade from export. sudan, the qsi, the pure of executing 7 suit new soldiers in the civilian space. when the sudanese armed forces claims if you have to execute the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display, he says to don will retaliate. well,
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decades attention between dcf here and sudan has surged in recent months over the disputed border area of alpha sergeant. each accuses the other. violating sovereignty has been the site of regular flareups, of violence between the 2 armies. the south african authorities are investigating how at least 21 young people died inside a popular bar in the eastern cape province. they've been celebrating the end of their exams. and so far there's no explanation for how why they died. or the challenge is this police forensic teams and onlookers gathered at a south african township pub on sunday. but what killed many young people inside this building in the city of east london is still a mystery. officials said the bodies don't show obvious signs of injury. they were found strewn across the tables, chairs, and the floor. investigators taking samples the signs of poisoning. it's believed the place was busy on saturday night,
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as teenagers from the scenery park area celebrated after high school exams. the deaths of raised questions about youth alcohol consumption and safety standards at the informal local bars that any of any tavin is typical of parents if the victims spoke of their shock. and i know we have a child that was there who passed away on the scene. that's the information that we have. this child, we were not thinking would die this way. this was a humble child respectful and he listened. but as we know, kids will always be kids from the information we have. he was with one of his friends and that attended a function after their exams and had finished at school. they hired a car and went to that place. he was 17 turning 18 in november. we are very sad indeed. we are unemployed and we don't even know where to start. his father here is not even, well, we have parents who don't know what to do in south african president, serial rama fossa,
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expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims. those families waited outside the morgue where bodies had been taken, hoping for news. and for answers will reach helen's al jazeera so that they are not 0, nothing left to lose. we look at the reality behind the prentice to by indigent times in ecuador, and phase with poor rainfall and muffler young's. and bob with exploring new ways. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine. your travel package today. hot and dry normally covers it, as you know for the middle east is time of the year. but there are distinct differences is getting windy again and dusty and that catches the edge of the
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monsoon. the still what looks unusual weather in turkey and that influences the weather in the levant, as well, with a cooler breathing temperatures come down. the same is true. normally, this is rain again for turkey with anchor being something of a focus and all that which means potentially flooding on the streets, at least temporarily. but hot and dry is the normal story that's particularly so through iraq and iran. in fact, there are temperatures here and around and maybe ask about which are knocking on maybe producing new wreck, or this is where the real heat is, at least for a while. it stretches down towards the gulf coast of iran as well where we saw 50 just yesterday. now the winds picking up during monday and tuesday, which means temperature drop a little bit down to the low fourties in the some dust in the air ticket for eastern saudi in bahrain and disappearing at the empty quarter. now i did mention the monsoon breeze. acosta rain is officially reached good to rat, but this all comes out from further. status is of moisture, late in wind, and he comes up through some are the which means good news for margaret issues 3 days of radius the which is month admittedly. but to watch the forecast rain
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a somalia got to be a good thing. i saw airway official elling, of the johnny new voice, the heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners. we can't really hear what i really think in their own country shifting paleface case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, we're ah,
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or again, you're watching out 0 or might about top stories is are and leaders from me group of 7 nations made in germany have been trying to show a united front with craig. and i was in for the sanctions on russia, the pushing for solutions to reduce the impacts of the war on the global economy. officials in columbia certainties for people to be killed and dozens have been injured off to part of an arena. collector will find some balls escaped to run through the streets in dreams. several moving south african authorities are investigating deaths of at least 21 young people from the top of the ball in the coastal town of east london. the police are collecting samples to see if the victims were exposed to some kind of ecuador president has promised to cut fuel prices in response to a nationwide strike now into it's 3rd week when my law so says he will reduce petrol. a diesel by $0.10 a gallon on saturday, la. so lifted a state of siege imposed in several provinces. and the national assembly is
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debating whether to remove him from office indigenous lead protest movements as 10 demands, including blurring food and fuel prices. genuine ports from one integers, community and chin. bully is an indigenous hamilton, the ecuadorian countryside at the diana cassette is, takes us to her field to show us why they're more poor than ever. i was to spend a mom of philip on an audi ask when we can't afford fertilizer. this is all that grows. we can't fell anything ever looking on them as in most indigenous communities. this, when lacks decent education for the children. only 2 teachers for the entire elementary school, but that is not the name of all of our please have fallen on deaf ears says 35 year old at the diana who has 5 children. mother is one with who is sped. answer has been working the feels good since she was 7. as her hands are permanently stained from the soil. moving in my 11th the seal,
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the cost of everything goes up except that of our produce, the president doesn't know anything about working yourself to the bone. all he does is some people to kill us, like my husband and son who are in the capitol risking their lives protesting should be quality for everyone in this country. chronic infant malnutrition has soared in ecuador in the last 2 years, reaching nearly 50 percent in most indigenous communities. the 2nd highest in latin america or not because that has new one out of every 3 children is suffering from chronic malnutrition and half of them are indigenous. oh, outside of the capitol? mainly indigenous communities have been blocking highways as part of the tone clock strike. they want to work to know that their demands can not wait young, but oh, well, we can't afford to feed our families. our children are starving. we can't send our children to school. that even, even before the pandemic and war in ukraine,
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indigenous communities who provide the lion's share of food and labor, which struggling more than 50 percent of non indigenous ecuadorian are also supporting their demands for better education, fuel subsidies, health services, and a moratorium on bank debt but as has happened many times in the past in this country, the ones who are leading the charge of those who say they have nothing left to lose . to see a newman al jazeera, tim bootleg equity in haiti 100 the supporters of the former president jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital 2 to mont is return. they say he needs to come back to the presidency to in the crown current crisis. i go requirement just to be working with them last week, a number of civil society organizations accused ago with a few links to organized crime, also called the un mission that to be terminated. a funeral has been held for british journalists don't phillips who was murdered in the brazilian emerson's
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month, along with the leading experts and local culture. phillips and burner perrera were short term walnut research trip and a part of the rain forest with tribes are in conflict with illegal fishermen. monica jakita for ports now from rio de janeiro. remembering british journalist donald phillips and indigenous expert group idiot up 3 weeks after they were killed in the brazilian amazon o dom phillips was laid to rest in brazil on sunday is wife. i listened to some by when family members, some of whom traveled from b. u. k gather to bid farewell and ask for justice for the rider and his cause. he was killed because he tried to. 7 tell below what was happening to the rain forest and being inhabitants. his mission clashed with the interests of individuals who are determined to exploit the amazon rain
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forest. dom phillips and brutal biddy. it went missing on june. the 5th, while traveling to remote area of the brazilian amazon video, was mapping invasions by a legal fisherman and poachers in their job id valley home to the largest number of isolated tribes in the world. while phillips was researching for a book on how to save the rain forest ago, this fisherman confessed to the murder and the police have detained 3 suspects who deanna was buried on friday in his hometown in northeastern brazil. phillips funeral was in metropolitan rio de janeiro. his widow, thank indigenous leaders who helped find the bodies of the 2 men and those who supported their cause. it's lucky milton. this has become a world wide mobilization of solidarity a cry in defense of the environment and the indigenous people who protect it. it
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brings us hope the ceremony was just for close friends and family, but outside the cemetery. this group is holding a banner, asking for justice for journalists, don phillips, and indigenous expert. but a little bit era, as well as for many activists that have died defending the amazon protesters blamed brazil's president j able so model for turning a blind night. we legal mining, launching and land grabbing in the amazon and for promoting the commercial exploitation of indigenous territories. at this vigil in central reposition, narrow demonstrators called out the names of phillips and video. they're demanding the government to do more to protect the amazon and hope. the death of the 2 men have not been in vain. monica now give all just sarah. we have janeiro protested, continuing across the united states. 2 days after the supreme court voted to remove women's right to abortion, the conservative dominated court over turns the road versus wade precedent,
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say it's now up to individual states, decide whether to allow the procedure. several states have already closed the under protest as of gathered in madrid to condemn the death of 23 migrants who tried to stone the border between morocco and the spanish enclave of museum. the demonstrators lay down in the square and performance imitating the videos that emerged share in the migrants flat on the ground. some of them were beaten. the morocco authorities say the disaster happened when the migrants tried to scalar friends to cross into millions. rights groups have called for an investigation. i mean, we want to know what happened and malea, who are these people? what was the protocol they followed? what happened with these people? are they being assisted? we are human rights activists. i'm a migrant and i want to ask leslie government and pedro sanchez, if he is happy and proud of james migration policies. or if they are dictating
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these policies from above, the agencies have joined the taliban and calling for western sciences. and i've got this down to be eased after wednesdays, devastating earthquake, more than $1100.00 people died and another 2000 were injured. it's been difficult to get aid and much needed supplies, and survivors in the remote pac chica province, a desperate for help africa and health officials, a one of the potential for outbreaks of disease. surely a throttle is with the you and world food program in afghanistan. and she says, thousands of people are in need and then it just takes are extremely difficult. number one, it's a very, very remote area left on friday morning, very early. i've o'clock in the morning to get to host, to get to spare the 3 effective districts. again, and one of the things you just struck by is just the she had this done as a huge country, but when you are going out these remote places,
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the roads are really tough to navigate. very windy, you're close to the border with pakistan on the mountainous region. it's is, it's just, it's rocky and it's from. so when we dispatched 18 to trip on thursday and we pretty much caught up with them as we left on friday. but then they've been able to get food. and most essentially food assistance and shelter is just critical in these days. and again, we probably don't probably just know just now what, what that final number, what we do know is with you know that many people, thousands of people with desperately need food, assistance and emergency supplies is involved with suffering a food crisis with a severe shortage of grain and other basic supplies, government officials say the rainy season has been erratic, which is forced farmers to try and new practices some of entering into process of
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farming without soil. it's hard matessa reports now from miranda. yes, a park i wanted to go into farming. but he didn't have much land to grow crops, erratic grateful in zimbabwe, and recurring droughts for the complicated his plans. so he chose aquatics combining fish farming with growing plants in water without using soil. this is a root system ah, of these tomato vines that you see here, the excrement or waste the fish produce fertilizers his plants. the roots soak up the minute from the fish, purifying the water, which is then pumped back into the fish tanks. were in a crisis and you know, in the next 10 years or so, it's going to be a very, very big problem to our fresh water to irrigate crops. and this is definitely one of the ways we as a country we can have food security without worrying too much about our water
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issues. aqua phonics is still a relatively new way of farming and symbol we and much of africa. pharma say the process uses 80 to 90 percent less water than traditional farming methods, but it can cost thousands of dollars to install depending on the size of the business. young people account for a large part of the african population. some of they may find these new as a farming attractive, but many here say government and policy makers need to provide proper facilities education and financial support for such projects to thrive. zimbabwe government expects its harvest of maze grain to fall by nearly half this year because of poor rainfall. in the recent growing season. private millers in zimbabwe, i now importing more grain to increase their supplies. some of the countries are now important to cover to increase their, their sorta to grin the reserves is
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a result presence of food mays and which have gone up. i'll give an example. said to on december 2021, a ton of mays, of which was lending inst, babbling it to find an interest on us today is lending its $687.00 the convert 19 pandemic, and the war in ukraine is yet another reminder. countries need to be more self sufficient. aqua pioneer won't replace traditional finding any time soon in zimbabwe, but jasa parker believes it could be the future. one way to help africa when it's off of imports by increasing local food production. had m a t as al jazeera miranda zimbabwe. the 1st of 3 nicer rockets is blasted off from the remote wilderness of northern australia. oh yeah. yes. the mission to come from the autumn space center kerry instruments to study
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the evolution of the universe will allow scientist must interstellar x rays and provide new dates on the structure of the cosmos. about $75.00, nasa perse, nowhere in on of the launch, which is the agencies 1st from a commercial spaceport outside the united states. like many hubble telescope. that's fun. and it uses a chipping specific scientific methodology, which has been developed by the scientists who are running this program from the university of wisconsin. and the writer will be doing the university of colorado de campaigns and the measurements. so we get a lot of streamed as payload is, comes out of the shell of the rocket at about 350 kilometers to spice. well, it's enough from francesca diego who's a physics and astronomy lecturer at the university college london. and he says, the collaboration will help increase the straight ins interest in space,
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exploration. this is most that was more more r y, the collaboration with you. i mess up because i was just already signed on the i b, i agreement. or that the mr. courts, which i went to several countries with just now. now getting together the lawn, chair, people that are similar to the moon in the next few years on a cell is one of them. so this is just that, what's building up interest in australia, people about a space, exploration, especially the younger generations that will be attracted with this kind of technology. that's a small step of the moment, but they will get bigger and bigger. i think one of the reasons that using australia else is because he's asked access to the southern hemisphere. i'm from the southern hemisphere, they countries, they can see that they as tara for symposiums. and bottles is the closest start to the sun. i'm down, they want to investigate a few things about their houses and photos on the side universities in the united
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states, the i got to be the se installments on this particular projects to go these studies . so it is very important to start to continue with these studies, although it has been done to extend them not just thing by x ray satellites in their walk mora in a way the way before x rays provided satellites of being exploding b, they get the galaxy essentially, but that these little that experiments will help a little bit more, but as well. and gold minus have found a whole baby woolly mammoth in the frozen permafrost of northern canada. their main to being described is one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever discovered. even retains its skin and its hair. local indigenous people named the cough ben ciocca, which means big baby animal than ciocca was found during excavations near the border of canada. and the last.


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