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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, what official and line of the journey ah al jazeera when ever you oh no. ready this is al jazeera
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ah hello, i'm emily, angling. this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 16 minutes. the u. s . bushes, the new sanctions against russia as ukraine's president appeals to the g. 7 for more weapons and supports shall anchor looks to moscow for help with its fuel crisis after people q, the days of petrol stations as stand collapses during a bull fight in columbia, killing at least 4 people and injuring johnson and police in south africa are investigating what caused the deaths of more than 20 young people inside a bar? and i'm sort of hide it with the sport, including the colorado avalanche when they're 1st standing up in 21 years of speaking at the time defending time is at tampa bay lightning.
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ah. the u. s. is pushing for significant new sanctions against russia as imp, made j 7 leaders in germany. they're discussing the war in ukraine and it's global rape precautions. the white house says the group will commit to a package of actions including measures against moscow's defense sector. ukrainian president for a lot of me zalinski address the summit. he called on g 7 nations to maintain pressure on the kremlin. at diplomatic editor, james bays is covering the summit for us. sir james was the lens keys. address was behind closed doors. keith has revealed more about what he was requesting from the j 7. yeah, we watch the start of the meeting live. we watched the t 7 leaders sit around the table. we watch the video feed pop up with presence lensky, and then because it was a closed meeting,
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the pictures that we were being shown stopped. and the press who were actually filming the more squatted out what we do know what president lensky wants. and it's a wishlist that really has been repeating many, many times in now more than 4 months is the russian invasion antea craft systems. he wants security guarantees for ukraine. he wants help on getting the grain that stuck in your crane out, getting that grain exported. he wants further tough sanctions on russia and he wants money to start rebuilding his country because of the damage, particularly around the capitol, where most of the attacks, although we've seen over the last 24 hours i have now start. he believes that can be a good reconstruction. he wants money for that reconstruction on some of those. i think we might see some progress. certainly on sanctions. g 7 is discussing that on anti aircraft systems. some sources saying the u. s. is considering given ukraine something called the nass sam's system. as a norwegian
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u. s. very sophisticated anti missile system and with regard to grain exports the un working very closely on a plan with turkey to try and get the gray and the strapped and ukraine out through the black sea using the turkish navy, 2 weeks to escort the merchant navy vessels that would carry the gray and use a un inspectors to inspect those vessels to satisfy russia. there are no weapons on board when the vessels come into the portal dash and other ukrainian pores, that is a reasonably advanced negotiation. was underway right now, and it's interesting that the un secretary general later on is not attending this g 7 summit. he will be virtually telling the g 7 leaders the latest on that negotiation. st. lengthy list there, james. and what about this 2nd package of action from the white house? tell us more about that? well, it's
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a package of what the white house one says not. yes. a package of new actions by the g 7. we've already had the white house talking about gold stars of this summit trying to set the agenda same. the g 7 were set to put an export by all russian gold. no russian gold will be brought into the g 7 countries. that certainly many of the g 7 countries are on board with that. but it's not yet agreed by everyone in every way. so not yet finally in which you mean the k. and that's true. the other key new measure that they want, which is a price cap on russian oil to try and stop pushing of the money that he gets from russian all around the world. no much the g 7 put bands on the impulse of russian oil already. you even put a stop most of russian oil and it's lost a package of sanctions. the idea is to find a mechanism to persuade the rest of the world to put a cap on russian oil. now i'm told that mechanism is not going to be revealed here
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. at the g 7, some it is very, very complicated, is something financed ministers will have to work with other governments. all, all we're gonna get, i think at this summit is a shared objective from the g 7 that something they want to pursue. and james was not a member of the g 7 indonesia president is also at the summit among with some other observe nations chicago pie an important role in the coming weeks in potential piece. yeah, absolutely. indonesia is a key player, key regional player in asia. and the engineering president has said that he was going to conduct some shuttle diplomacy. going to both cheese and to moscow. i think he is in the quite unique position here because he's obviously not a western leader. president putin, the talk to him, in fact,
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you look at the public opinion lyn denisia. it tends to be more pro ration than not proven crime, but pro western more people are supported with most of the opinion polls of russia than the western allies right now. and indonesia has a unique role to in that it's going to be sharing the g 20 summit coming up in bali of the end of the summer. and that is going to be with all the g 20 around the table. indonesia has invited some ukraine to participate. so potentially you're going to have ukraine, they're russia, and you're going to have the u. s. and i'm told by one indonesian source that there's somewhat worried about any of those people sitting around the table together. it could be a bit of a diplomatic nightmare, but i think it does show the key role indonesia is playing other countries invited here to this summit, as you say, india, a country that has reasonably good relations with russia for many decades as for weapons from russia, but argentina, you, senegal and south africa, i think the g 7 trying to get
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a more global platform for camping down on putin because they know that some of these countries are beginning to think, well, the effects on us, the effect on the rising of food prices and energy prices are because of the war and in part because of their actions in the west and the sanctions they put in place. and not solely because of what president putin has done in ordering the invasion of ukraine in february. certainly a busy wait to ahead. thank you very much for breaking down for us the james bank. add to the meg editor. for more analysis. let's bring in. maximilian hands sees a fellow at the foreign policy research institute enjoys as via skype in london. maximillian, thanks so much for being on this news. our as we were discussing with our correspondence, the landscape has been a thing the g 7 for what i believe is the 2nd time since the war began. and among many requests, he's asking for more funding. how long do you think g 7 countries will be receptive
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to putting their hands in their pockets to fund this for particularly given all the myriad of other financial pressures that are happening globally? certainly i think the primary focus that we've seen right now coming out of media reports is on that military and that further direct spending and support there. i think that's likely to continue for the foreseeable future. russia carrying out air strikes on here just as the g 7 gathers, certainly provides renewed impetus for that. the other angle, however, is the cost that the g 7 is bearing. as a result of the sanctions on russia. there's still a lot of willingness there, but it's inflation continues to mount and the economy continues to be troubled in the west for fear of recession. russia strategy is really to try to hold out and hope that it can break the sanctions unity there so far. however, it remains quite strong and all the while france and u. k. seem to sort of be agreeing to a military. so does that mean that they believe that pershing can be defeated
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militarily or is there still the possibility of paste talks being successful? i think it's very unlikely that they're all the peace talks anytime soon. we've seen vladimir putin as war aims are quite extensive reaching all the way to kiev and potentially even on the south west as well. what is sort of really important are these economic measures. we saw russia fall into default today. we've seen a continued escalation of them, the invitation of india to the g 7 summit where they're talking about banding use goal purchases is particularly important. but really, the strategy is not to defeat russia on the battlefield so much. but to support ukraine, to enable it to resist russia potentially pushed back in some further areas while the western gauges in a simultaneous economic war supported by much of the international community outside of the west as well in an attempt to try to degrade the russian economy political system and military capability over the medium term because if there's an
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attempt to try to reach temporary so it's quite clear. and we'll just package that being said maximilian ivy's wide ranging sanctions even working. i mean, particularly given that tens of billions of dollars rushes, making every month from fossil fuels, and the ruble is now stronger now than it was before the war. sure, the rubel doesn't really matter at all. it's a currency the can trade really any more. we don't talk with any importance about the value of the human and so on international markets. it's just whatever the government says it is. i do think the sanctions are working. the reality is 30 percent more russians now live in poverty than at the beginning of the war. and the russian military industry is facing significant difficulties as well. however, it really is going to be a battle that isn't one just in the coming weeks or months, but one that could take quite a bit of time. and western unity really needs to remain for that to be effective. what's left in this sanctions awful. so to speak. sure,
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the primary vectors are further sanctions on russian oil, but really on russian gas as well. the problem is made quite clear, its willing to use its gas as an instrument of pressure and leverage against europe . we've seen these gaps for rouble demands to try to keep rouble convert ability open as well. so fully cutting off the ruble from international convert ability and hitting rushes gas sales will be the sort of real major next. that however, those particularly on gas are the ones that are going to have the most impact costs for the world. and particularly for europe, where my baseline scenario is now that we should expect gas rationing by this winter. wow. ok, extraordinary day. before we let you go, i just wanted to get your take on how important you think indonesia role will be in the coming weeks. we heard from correspondent james phase about chicago playing a sort of middleman type role in helping to end the school. certainly there's an important role to be played in the conflict for countries that are sort of non
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align resumption of this idea from the cold war era, indonesia, malaysia. these countries of play g roles and regional and international trade, including with regards to some previous sanctions in malaysia. i'm getting that as well and oil out that the russians and the chinese supported the west is really trying to bring everybody so on board with regards to the sanction museum. you've seen some success, for example, and singapore, which would make any efforts to get around that. and these are harder. however, will these countries be able to actually help reach a diplomatic solution? i think that's very unlikely because student has shown no interest in diplomacy while we really appreciate you breaking down these complex issues and are willing to think why thank you for your time. maximilian has a fellow at the foreign policy. thank. meanwhile, the kremlin says it does not, except that it has defaulted on its dead after missing a repayment deadline for the 1st time in more than
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a century. moscow appears to be struggling to keep up payments on $14000000000.00 worth of outstanding bonds. it was supposed to repay over you interest of $100000000.00. by sunday. the kremlin says it has the money comp make the payment. because if sanctions imposed by the u. s. for its invasion of ukraine. meanwhile, is sure lanka is sending to government ministers to russia to negotiate for fuel. as petrol pumps run dry, the few stations left with petrol and now selling the last of this stalk. the army is using a token system to prioritize who can receive the final supplies. sherland is foreign reserves us severely to plate it and that's led to shortages of food and medicine. the government has extended a 2 way closure of non essential state institutions to save fuel. michelle fernandez has more from a petrol station in the capitol, colombo last, sure stations are like the one behind me pretty much deserted. the pumps are not
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working at the moment. or because most of them have run out of fuel, there is no fresh supply here. if you look at the list of the options available, most of the petrol and the diesel, all of them basically indicate that there are no stocks, obviously, nor to the bottom, that says, do not follow former q if fuel is not available. doesn't really mean anything because people are desperate and if you just look over my shoulder down here, you can actually see the queue. it's not just cars waiting for federal on the other side. it's 3 will attack, sees, we've heard people having cured for 3 days or 5 days, and people are absolutely desperate. they say they have no other means of finding their livelihoods. and one suspend this amount of time in the queue. you know, there is a limited amount of supply, but even that we're seeing prices have been increased. that obviously for prices that are in stock at the moment and the government says, there's no hope of any of the shipments being delivered. we've got the government
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sending 2 ministers to russia to try and negotiate some kind of concession re terms . we've got another minister heading to cut or are so these other things that are happening and just across the other side of the road is a prime minister's office. and a, we're having a u. s. delegation from the treasury and the state department coming in to talk to the government to see how they can help. so she'll anchor in some really, really bad. are sort of a situation at the moment with really no end in sight and hoping that they can turn things around. but for most people, a day scene or hope at the moment, plenty more head on his knees. our including calls for change in haiti. protest is say, only a new term for an old president can fix the country's crime crisis. a british journalist, murdered in the amazon along with an indigenous expert are laid to rest. his family says they gets wanting when within 2022 begins in
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london with defending champion at norfolk geography is going for his 7th title. ah, the death toll is expected to rise off to part of an arena collapsed during a bull fight in columbia. at least 4 people were killed and hundreds injured. barbara and copper reports demand multiple levels of reward and understand caved in. turning a popular bull running festival into a tragedy. several spectators were killed while others say they were lucky to survive. or to fight 8 boxes collapsed structurally, you can already see that it's a wood structural we, we are in very good when we saw the structural falling and ugliness or may or bay.
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i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot. and my right wrist, it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stands crashing down one with it on max punish bullfighting. animals are not killed at festivals, menace currently has members of the public are invited to enter the ring and torn to the animals have been many cause to band practice. this has camer illegally in columbia before baton heard back to the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court. several years ago in zillow held the event that he's referencing a northern city in columbia known for these ball festivals. in 1983 levels of the wind balconies class and left 400 people dead. and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 19 years, but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again and 2013. so this has been a political issue. symbols escaped to ring and run through the streets of our eskimo
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injuring bystanders. the incident may prompt the incoming president to regulate the practice which formed a strong part of many colombians cultural identity. but for now, the focus is on treating the winter and finding out why the stadium collapsed. barbara anger put out a 0 acquittal as president, has promised to cut fuel prices in response to a nationwide strike. that is now in its 3rd wake, where mer last. so says he will reduce petrol and diesel by $0.10 a gallon. strike is want a 40 cent cut. on saturday, lesser lifted a state of sage imposed in several provinces. the national assembly is debating whether to remove him from office. hold it all. either see you, i decided to reduce the price of gasoline by $0.10 per gallon and diesel also by $0.10 per gallon. this, you'll hit what brianna ecuadorian who seek dialogue will find a government with an outstretched hand. either those who see chaos on violence and
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terrorism will find the full force of the law. ecuador, indigenous protest is have 10 demands, including lower 3rd prices, and latin america editor lucy newman reports from one of the countries indigenous communities. jim woodley is an indigenous hamilton, the ecuadorian countryside at the diana cassette is, takes us to her field to show us why they're more poor than ever. i was to find a mom, a phillip on the loudy ask when we can't afford fertilizer. this is all that grows . we can't sell anything ever look m m. as in most indigenous communities, this, when lacks decent education for the children. only 2 teachers for the entire elementary school other than is not the name of all of our please have fallen on deaf ears says 35 year old at the diana who has 5 children. mother is one with who is sped, answer has been working the feels good since she was 7 and says her hands are
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permanently stained from the soil. moving in my in liver, these seal, and the cost of everything goes up except that of our produce the president doesn't know anything about working yourself to the bone. all he does is some people to kill us, like my husband and son who are in the capitol risking their lives protesting is should be quality for everyone in this country. chronic infant malnutrition has soared in ecuador in the last 2 years, reaching nearly 50 percent in most indigenous communities. the 2nd highest in latin america or not because that has new one out of every 3 children is suffering from chronic malnutrition and half of them are indigenous. oh, outside of the capitol. mainly, indigenous communities have been blocking highways as part of the total loan strike . they want the world to know that their demands can not wait young guns. but oh, well, we can't afford to feed our families. our children are starving. we can't send our children to school, even it,
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even before the pandemic and war in ukraine. indigenous communities who provide the lion's share of food and labor, which struggling more than 50 percent of non indigenous ecuadorian, are also supporting their demands for better education, fuel subsidies, health services, and a moratorium on bank debt. what as has happened many times in the past, in this country, the ones who are leading the charge of those who say they have nothing left to lose . to see a newman al jazeera, tim bootleg take little relatives of at least 21 young people who died in a by, in the south african township are waiting for answers about the cause of the deaths . samples from the bodies have been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london in the east and cape province for more on the story. let's bring in for made a miller, whose life for us in johannesburg, the made it is still a lot of mystery surrounding this case. has there been any further light been shed
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on, on the cause of these deaths? hello families at this point, having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that bar on saturday evening. as these are unconfirmed reports, but some of the people who claim to have been at the bar and saturday evening of use social media to try and explain what happened. saying that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that bar. there was some sort of spray used or perhaps a pepper spray or some sort of gas. and again, this is unconfirmed, but it's most of the information that's come out so far are from people who were at that bar that evening. so far, police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing tests to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get
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further shed some light on exactly what happened. but it, the families are who are morning. the 21 people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived or 4 others died later at hospital and it seems that they are still civil bodies had to haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially people are waiting for police to explain the events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning. all right, thank you very much for that update. keep us posted as to how things develop from minimal ally for us in johannesburg. sedan has accused ethiopia of executing 7 sudanese soldiers and a civilian. a spokesman for the sudanese armed forces says ethiopia executed the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display. he says, sudan will retaliate. decades of tension between ethiopia and sudan has surged in
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recent months over the disputed border area of l. for chicago. each accuses the other, violating its sovereignty. as you know, has been hell of british journalists don't. phillips who was murdered in the brazilian amazon this month, along with a leading expert in local coaches. phillips and burnham herrera was shot dead while on a research trip. they were in part of the rainforest way. tribes are in conflict with illegal fishermen, monica, you knock it reports from rear diginero. remembering british journalist donald phillips and indigenous expert group idiot up 3 weeks after they were killed in the brazilian amazon o dom phillips was laid to rest in brazil on sunday. his wife alyssa, sum by one family members, some of whom travelled from the u. k. gather to bid farewell and ask for justice
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for the rider and his cause. he was killed because he tried to. 7 tell below what was happening to the rain forest. i'm the thing habitants. his mission clashed with the interests of individuals who are determined to exploit the amazon rain forest. dom phillips and bruno video went missing on june. the 5th, while traveling to remote area of the brazilian amazon video, was mapping invasions by a legal fisherman and poachers in their job id valley home to the largest number of isolated tribes in the world. while phillips was researching for a book on how to save the rain forest ago, this fisherman confessed to the murder and the police have detained 3 suspects. he deanna was buried on friday in his home town in northeastern brazil. phillips funeral was in metropolitan rio de janeiro, his widow,
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thank the indigenous leaders who help find the bodies of the 2 men, and those who supported their cause. this will be male school. this has become a world wide mobilization of solidarity a cry in defense of the environment and the indigenous people who protect it. it brings us hope. the ceremony was just for close friends and family, but outside the cemetery. this group is holding a banner asking for justice for journalists, don phillips, and indigenous expert, but a little bit era, as well as for many activists that have died defending the amazon protesters blamed brazil's presence able so model for turning a blind night. we legal mining, launching and land grabbing in the amazon and for promoting the commercial exploitation of indigenous territories. at this vigil in central rio de janeiro, demonstrators called out the names of phillips and video ada. they're demanding the
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government to do more to protect the amazon. and hope the deaths of the 2 men have not been in vain. monica and not give al jazeera me janeiro. still head on al jazeera play for release in afghanistan. agencies asked the world to a sanctions against the taliban to get help to earthquakes of either a report from northern iraq where a state of emergency has been declared over an outbreak of cholera. ah, then he's go home with him. he's trying, he's and really didn't know he's coming up in school with with i thought we might just get some flooding problems from slow moving weather systems that this
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one here is running up from northern spain, through france and up towards norway. it really isn't going to push much further east in fat, sit against these, this dome of high pressure. you've got temperatures shop pretty high, and i'm not going to change very much for the most part, encountering that we've had re, which has been quite nasty, around southern russia and running into turkey this low over the black sea, which is quite warm. and so between those 2, here is the area of warmth. 13th talk, come down to about 14 in tunis has big suede of central and eastern europe now further west to say, it's much cooling. it wasn't some places. rain could be a problem. it might be well cream, what are 2 places, but got this line from the pyrenees up to the western outside and city of denmark, and probably norway for a day or 2. now vienna, which is just on the warm side, just see if you some, some spark as this thing tries to come through and you see temperatures are approaching their reco, but not getting there. but we're definitely on the high side of normal by this time
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. but he's where the rain may well be welcomed in the po valley of northern italy with a very low river that i'm 70 year drought. and here's the rate barnes you that could cause some flooding as well. ah. but for some, a rowboat is a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple that android today can be here for the humanoid. robots like me, will be everywhere, al jazeera documentaries, to lift the lid on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. the origins of this owner is here. ah the shake him odd award for
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translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august 15th this year for more information go to w w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m lou ah ah, hello, you're watching out 0. i'm emily. angling. he's a reminder of our top stories. his salad, the u. s. is pushing for significant new sanctions against russia as if makes g 7 late in germany to discuss the warn claim. the white house is the group a will agree on a package of actions,
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including measures against moscow's defense sector. ch lanka is sending government ministers to both russia and cutoff to negotiate for fuel pumps. run dry. the few stations left with pat petrol by mouth, selling the last of the supply and at least 4 people had been killed in hundreds injured after part of an urena collapsed during a full fight in columbia. some bulls escaped and ran through the straits in hazy, hundreds of supporters of the former president, jean bertrand aristide, a have gathered in the capital to demand his return for his anger. about political instability and a crime right, which is getting worse. a tori gave me reports. ah, this is a country without a functioning government. it's economy has collapsed its streets around by gangs of
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violent crime and kidnappings. have searched the supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide. say only he can save haiti. for example, from wonder. we've taken to the streets to appeal to president aristide because it's him. we won't what we want our state to be the transitional president because people are suffering. ah, haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. with a long history of political turmoil, haitians voted in their 1st free election in 1990 electing aristide. but he was ousted in a qu less than a year later. after the assassination of president jovan elma east last july area henri took power on re, has broad political support from international community. but he's been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new elections one. 0, if the international community is to be a true ally of hazy,
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we are demanding. they collaborate with president aristide to save us from crisis. haiti still struggling to recover from a devastating $7.00 earthquake that destroyed the southern tip of the peninsula last year. crippling economic conditions are likely to worsen as the political crisis drags on when attitude was president, life wasn't too expensive. rising oil were cheap, indigo d makes everyone afraid. i'm tired of it. we want to see to be the president of the transition supporters of aristide say they'll continue to protest until they get the change. they say the country so desperately needs. oh, victoria gay to be al jazeera, hundreds of protest as have gathered in madrid to condemn the deaths of $23.00 migrants. you tried to stone the border between a morocco and the spanish enclave of malaya. the demonstrators laid down in a square in a performance imitating videos of the incident,
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showing migrants on the ground as some of them would beaten the moroccan authority said the incident happened when the migrants tried to scale a fence to cross into malaya. rights groups have called for an investigation. i'm mindy, and we want to know what happened in malea, who are these people? what was the protocol? we followed? what happened with these people? are they being assisted? we are human rights activists. i'm a migrant and i want to ask the left wing government and pedro sanchez, if he is happy and proud of spain, migration policies. or if they are dictating these policies from above, that place in turkey have broken up crowns, gathering for an annual pride march in east campbell ha. dozens and people, including journalists, were wasted. as it is, authorities had issued a 7 day ban on gatherings leading up to sunday to prevent the much taking place. but hundreds of protest is waving rainbow flags, gavin,
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in the straits next to the famous texans square. the coffin of a slain congolese independence hero is now being displayed at a site where he was murdered. more than 60 years ago, the last known remains of patrice luma was a gold tooth and that's been handed back to his family at a ceremony in brussels last week. the casket is going on a 9 day 2 in a democratic republic of congo before being buried. his body was dissolved in acid after he was killed in 1961 british prime minister boris johnson says the u. k. could pass that legislation this year to ditch parts of the northern ireland protocol, the post bricks that agreement gavin's checks on goods being shipped to the region . johnson said the unilateral changes would be relatively trivial. the european union has said the move franks international law and is taking legal action. so let's take
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a look at what the northern ireland protocol is and why it's so controversial. when the u. k left a u and u system was needed to regulate trade from outside the european single market. that meant potentially creating a hard border between northern ireland that's part of the u. k. and the republic of ireland and e u member. but that would tear up the pay feel that ended decades of violence between pro irish nationalists and pro unionists. to avoid that the protocol put the customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the u. k. some goods arriving from britain and now checked at northern irish ports. and the regions main union as parties says that undermines northern islands place in the u . k. it's refusing to form a power sharing government until bars johnson scraps the protocol. you got various unnecessary barriers to, to trade from great britain to know about it. all we all say is that you can get
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rid of those. i was not in any way endangering the e. you think, how soon, how soon will that happen? i think we can do it fairly rapidly, but obviously what would be this year? what would be even better? yes, i think we could do it. we could do it very fast. but what it parliament living a bit, what would be even better in this? i think this is liz trust, the 1st that could resource i said is it is very clear be even better if we just get some of that flexibility. we need in our conversations with mouth assessments and say, well, we remain optimistic. agencies have joined the taliban in calling for western sanctions on afghanistan to be east after wednesday's a devastating earthquake african health officials. a warning of potential outbreaks of disease. survivors in the peg cheek of province are desperate to help. but it's been difficult to get a much needed supplies into the country. if i come in there by you,
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this was around 1 50 in the morning. it was raining when the craig started. had a terrible sound to our show by the not unctuous, all the houses were destroyed and many children will count so many people. i didn't trouble many of them need treatment and not although them i know right, mind 7 so she's in the conditions are so bad that they are using drugs. we don't know what sort of medication they're using. the world will help us. so because there are between 10 and 30 houses in that small village around 100 to 200 people have been killed and most of them were children. many were injured and died due to the wakes. i'm receiving another one of them with that we are the entire world to how nice they are. very poor. they were on 500 to 600 injured and they have been transported to the cities. shelley fac rolly is with the human
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world food program in afghanistan. she says, the logistics of delivering age are extremely difficult. number one is barry bony remote area left on friday morning, very early, 5 o'clock in the morning to get to host, to get to spera, the 3 effective districts. and again, and one of the things you'll just struck by is just the sheer distance that's going on as a huge country. but when you are going out these remote places, the roads are really tough to navigate. very windy, you're close to the border with pakistan on the mountainous region. it's is, it's just, it's rocky and it's from. so when we dispatched a to trip on thursday and we pretty much caught up with them as we left on friday.
1:41 pm
but then they've been able to get food. and most essentially food assistance and shelter is just critical in these days. and again, we probably can probably just know just now what, what that final number that we do know is with, you know that many people, thousands of people with desperately need food, assistance and emergency supplies. pakistan has launched a new campaign to vaccinate nearly 13000000 children against all or 100000 health care workers will carry out the inoculations door to door. the health ministry reported 11 cases of the virus this year. if one of the of the 2 countries in the world where wild polio virus is circulating, the 2nd is neighboring. afghanistan the northern iraqi provinces of sou lay. many a has declared a state of emergency to combat. a worsening outbreak of cholera officials have reported several depths and thousands of people suspected of being infected. have
1:42 pm
been admitted to hospital, mahmud abdel, why had explained 14 year old carol is in intensive care receiving treatment for cholera. days of vomiting and diarrhea have left him dehydrated. his mother who didn't want to speak on camera, says he only had you go to eat. hundreds of similar cases have been admitted to this hospital in iraq and all of that in the province of silly many. in the past a few weeks, most of them are teenagers and young children. doctors, he is a cholera outbreaks usually happen this time of year. every day we treated $100.00 cases and maybe 50 percent of them infected. just give it a pull it up. experts see contaminated water and visited with that come in contact with sewage, goes cooler, i would breaks. so authorities have launched
1:43 pm
a campaign to destroy digital re gated by sewage water and closed on restaurants that are not keen but many in sleigh many as still rely on ground water. not only for farming and raising like this talk, but also for household use. so i lived in a month the only thought of we've been drinking well water for centuries without any problems. but with the recent urban expansion, it's become mixed with waste water. in some areas you could. this area is largely contaminated with sewage along with industrial and household waste. there is no recycling of treatment of the water here. some of the wells are only a few meters away from the sewage area. this is one of the tankers allocated for carrying water meant for agricultural use. in some cases, it is used to carry clean water meant for household use,
1:44 pm
including drinking water for people in remote areas. hurdle fissions here have reported several death is the say they're working to prevent further i would breaks, but the problem will likely continue until people and leave us talk have access to clean drinking water and food ma'am would up to were had under 0 insulin, many a city, northern iraq major flooding in southern china has force tens of thousands of people to play their homes. placing gong dong province have just released this footage of a rescue in the city of young death. the woman was stranded in her car before being pulled to safety, clung dong is one of the areas this worst hit as it faces record rainfall. india's military is stepping up efforts to get essential supplies to northeastern areas affected by catastrophic flooding. doctors him as some stay, a lack of clean and drinking water is making children sick. the flooding displaced about 5 and
1:45 pm
a half 1000000 people and nearly 4000000 living in makeshift shelters. the air force is dropping supplies to those whose homes had been flooded. environmental activists from the group ocean rebellion have been demonstrating in lisbon ahead of the united nations ocean conference is co hosted by the governments of portugal and kenya, the meeting is focused on reducing plastic waste over fishing and spaces extinction . antonia gutierrez, the united nations secretary general, told the conference there is no time to waste. sadly, we have taken the ocean for granted. and to very we face what i would call a notion emergency. we must turn the tides. global heating is pushing ocean temperatures to record levels clear things fiercer and more
1:46 pm
frequent. storms. sea levels are rising low lying highland nations face innovation as do many measured coastal cities in the walls. they were living in and around japan's capital have been asked to cut back on their use of electricity. japan is experiencing a hate wave after it's rainy season ended. early for the 1st time in decades, it's led to a surge in the use of air conditioners in tokyo is warning of power shortages. it all good integrity any had you me to know the 1st warning of a tight supply availability has been issued for the area covered under the tokyo, electric power company. would like to ask people to save electricity in a way that does not inconvenienced them in the evenings when the power reserve ratio is low. we hope people will use air conditioners, appropriately. we encourage people to turn off lights that are not being used. so they can save electricity and cut back energy. the laser estrella are investigating after a car drove through
1:47 pm
a blockade is set up by climate protest is in sydney. no injuries were reported. it happened as dozens of members of the group, a blockade, australia, disruptive pay, cow traffic, police close to major road says the group moved through the central city. the press to say they're trying to raise people's awareness of climate change. the 1st of 3 nasa rockets has and blasted off from the remote wilderness of northern australia . oh yeah. the mission took off from the on am space into carrying instruments to study the evolution of the universe. it will allow scientists to measure interstellar x rays and provide new data on the structure of the cosmos. about $75.00 nasa personnel were in for the launch. it was the agencies 1st from a commercial spaceport outside the us like many hubble telescope.
1:48 pm
and it uses a chipping specific scientific methodology, which has been developed by the scientists who are running this program from the university of wisconsin. and the writer will be doing the university of colorado de campaigns and the measurements. so we get a lot of streamed as payload is, comes out of the shell of the rocket at about 350 kilometers to spice. still ahead on al jazeera, the avalanche laid their mark on their 1st stanley cup in 21 year. and so coming up after the break with
1:49 pm
awe, with a full exam. the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity was talking to this paul alive,
1:50 pm
setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gardener from europe than never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, blue criminal drug dealing 50 to places beyond the reach of the order through many people in the afghan government way involved in the drug trade. gorilla wasn't ah, and mexico where the cocktails have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics. territories on al jazeera al jazeera correspondence bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover. this is what's happening on
1:51 pm
a daily basis. the medics here say he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelf about 2 weeks now, the price of 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. ah ah, ah, it's time after sport, he's sour and sour. there's been plenty of celebrate celebrations in denver plant. there has been plenty of that, especially because the colorado avalanche of the new stanley cup champions often thrown in the tampa bay lightning. a wind in sunday's game 6 ended along awaits for
1:52 pm
the avalanche to get the title. joanna roscoe has this report. it's been 21 years since colorado last held. the stanley cup would go away, but they've already left their mark denting ice hockey top trophy during their celebrations. moments after receiving it comes with all to the play of disappointment which saw them lose in the 2nd room. each of the past 3 seasons, it looked like the 2 time defending champions. the tampa bay lightning strikes, deny, colorado, again back to the point of, but nathan mckinnon pulled the avalanche level in the 2nd period before mckinnon assisted altura, lebanon, making it to one. 0 good, did you go on? the avalanche then did everything they could to keep the lightening at bay. captain gabriel london called losing part of his skate as he blocked the puck leading the
1:53 pm
ice on his hands and knees. as the avalanche held on the time to run out for temper to score again, ah, m austria not to look at the clock to mucho's just just trying to stay in the moment. and then it's pure joy being able to throw the gloves off and experienced that again. and i mean it's like i said it's so amazing to be able to experience with such a great group of guys. so awesome. i have been water 4020 port, tampa bay, kale mccaul skated away with the playoffs most valuable play, a trophy of to scoring 29 points and 20 post season games. i met them cadre made history the 1st muslim player to get his name on the trophy. the avalanche won the 3rd stanley cup in franchise history. ah, john guess raska al jazeera while wimbledon 2022 is here. the 3rd grand slam of the tennis season is underway in london. 35 year old title holder, novak jock habitual tried so much. pete sampras is
1:54 pm
a 7th time wimbledon champion. and the 20 time major, when a starts is defense against south korea's kwan soon woo, who's the wall numbers 75 and a tennis channel's john worth? i'm says, it's hard to look beyond novak jock of ich, for this year's crown. it's funny to say that he's a defending champion, but has not won a major, did not want to major in 2022. but i think this is where he gets back on the board and get that 21st. i think a combination of is proc record here at, at this event, the fact that dropping a doll, we still don't know about the foot injury the absence of russian players. i think a nice draw. i think it's looking very good for like you open at the top the. i think the range of outcome is pretty bad. i mean rock in the dark one this event before and multiple times in fact, but not in more than a decade. and he's had a real rough go of it here at times in the past losing early. and again, we just don't know about the state of it. but in, on the other hand, you know, he's one of the 1st 2 majors. as you say,
1:55 pm
he's been terrific in 2020. do you play through that injury? and i do think after no joke which roth and donald, the 2nd seat is also the 2nd favorite. but i do think there's a pretty big staircase dividing jo convention to doll, especially on the surface while jack of which kicks off the action on center court, followed by home favor and read the condo. the us opened women's champion fix on allison, one funk. and last but not least, to time wimbleton champion, and the murray plays, james dot ques now in boston bands, russian and bell russian players because of the war and ukraine. the atp responded though by natalie kate's in any ranking points for wimbledon, something murray disagrees with and yet feel bad for them as well. i can also understand the frustration on, on their side. and in terms of the
1:56 pm
response from the atp, i didn't really agree with an i just don't see who helps all the players still showed up to play here. so i don't see how it puts the piano stronger position. i'm moving forwards, but i'm rushes to my my opinion. well, i was a colon fame running through golf on sunday, and that was the ending of title dross for the winners. including south korea's in g chung. she was urged her as high from golf during her 3 and a half year windless st bots, her persistence paid off for the woman's pga championship when she won her 3rd major tongue overcame her body fills front 9 foot held off. lexi thompson and min ged by a stroke. she and $1300000.00 for that when i ran it.
1:57 pm
so 1st 9 whole. i got a lot of pressures to be honest. i couldn't enjoy a little to play golf. i believe i have a chance in the back 9, so i tried to pinging there, and i'm so happy that i made it. so my body is still shaking cassandra softly. it had been 3 years since the individual went on. the pga term bought the american end did a great week at the travelers. championship a birdie on the last saw him finished 2 shells clear and 10 months after almost quitting gulf lee. how tongue sank this massive birdie pot to win a playoff at their b. m. w international i can, amelia is his 1st victory and over who he is in the winter of thomas pieces saw him break down. it couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep last night. i sleep like poly 5 hours, max, and somehow i dream about i hold
1:58 pm
a trophy and just sings ha happened on me again. just in cotton. now catholic scenes in trot to sundays, m l b game between the seattle marino's in los angeles angels, both scenes goes into a massive pool of the sanctions over 2 days of inside pictures world over the game was delayed by about 18 minutes and several players from each team including managers, were removed and that so you support for now, but i'll be more later. thank you very much sarah, and that's it from me. emily agrent this news. alan, more news in just a month ago . i taught it difficult, so i la la la la la la nationwide is one on one. the how do you to visit with counsel the philistine with the, from the switch for you to let in about the for say you had
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a kind of little sub isn't done. well, i can get this out in the cod. there's topics here. how that if wilson thought, i'm not ready, vocal of coffee, i'm like in the own up have on my gun a on in that a fee on the line is like a month to help out. yeah. i mean, for the shuttle in the cool, shy fucking will you? why did i can't even before fucking the book ah, with frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon,
2:00 pm
need and use social contract for it. to solve this problem in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, the hillbilly, bahamas, caricature, or a malicious label denying of people that culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources, that the bad and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in a region leave, the stereotype then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash. so why not trash it? what's in a name hill, billy? a witness documentary on al jazeera. here are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. right, if i say, on al jazeera government shutoff access to so needy, ah,


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