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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al jazeera, the hillbilly, the harmonies caricature or a malicious label denying of people their culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources. that the batting target thing has been so successful that even people in a region leave the field type then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it? what's in a name hill, billy? a witness documentary on al jazeera. here are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. ah, the g 7 val solidarity with ukraine's for as long as it takes saying it'll increase
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sanctions on russia. ah, hello. so robin watching as they were locked by headquarters here in dough ha, also coming up, sir lanka, looks to moscow for help with its fuel crisis after people chief a days, a petrol stations. a stunned collapses during a bull fighting columbia, killing at least 4 people and injuring dozens mall. also, police in south africa are investigating what caused the deaths of more than 20 and people inside a ball. ah, welcome to the program g 70 does of pledge solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes. they say they'll continue giving financial military and diplomatic support to keep on their plan to impose more sanctions on russia. they've been
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discussing the war in ukraine and it's go global repercussions during a summit in germany. diplomatic editor james bayes is covering the event forwards from the summit. it was a closed door session, james, and we're getting this word 9, a very strong statement, indeed. so strong a statement from the g 7 on the very support from ukraine and increasing sanctions on russia. they proceed on my phone. we've only got it in the last few minutes. i've been working my way through it quickly. i would tell you that they are very strong in the language of a specific. are they saying anything new in this? well, is not a lot of specific details, but i can find a figure for the amount of a they're going to give you credit just to keep the budget going. for the rest of this year, 29500000000 us dollars. they say they're going to support 2 claims reconstruction, know specific figure given in the statement. i stressed by the way that the
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statement refers to an annex and the reporters hill. certainly our team haven't managed to get hold of the amex yet, so that may be more details in that. on sanctions they say they're going to increase the sanctions tougher. but what's interesting there is there's no specific mention of some of the things that have been discussed, the u. s. right. the beginning of the summer and some of the g 7 partners were saying they were going to try and get a ban on russian goals. they seem to make it sound like it was a done deal. banning russian gold exports into the g 7 countries and what's not specifically mentioned in here. there's also a plan to try and have price camps on washing oil. most of the g 77 have sanctions on russian. all ready? the you last round a sanction sanction, most of russian all imports into the european union dog. but you know, mention of this plan that will be trying to stop other countries restricting the price that russia can charge for its oil and starving russia then of chief funds
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know specifics in that and we know some countries were cautious about it. of course, i need to stress, this is the statement on crane. the final communique is not out because the g 7 doesn't finish. it has a 3rd day still to run here. james, to stay with us because he straight back is also speaking to somebody at brussels in brussels, listening to our security. it will address shine off for the 1st time and the challenges that begging pulses to our security interests and values. it also cover all revolving approach to a number of other fits and challenges, including terrorism, cyber and hybrid. at the summit, we will strengthen our forward the fences. we will enhance our battle groups in the eastern part of the alliance, up to be gay, that levels we will transform the nato response force and increase the
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number of our high read. this forces to well over 300000 rules of boosts our ability to reinforce in crisis and conflict. including when more pre positioned equipments and stock par, it's omitted that he supplies more forward, deployed capabilities like an offense, strengthen command and control and upgrade the defense fans with forces preassigned to defense specific alice. these troops will exercise together with home defense forces and they will become familiar with local terrain facilities and our new preposition stocks. so that, that, so that it so that, that comes and responds smoothly and swiftly to any emergency together. this
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constitutes the biggest overhaul our collect to the fence and the tenants since the cold war. and to do this, we need to invest more to day, we are releasing new defense spending figures. they saw that 2022 would be the 8th consecutive year or increases across european allies and canada. by the end of the year, they will have invested well over $350000000000.00 us dollars extra. since we agreed our defense investment edge in $2149.00 allies now reach or exceed the 2 percent target. 19 allies have clear plans to reach it by 2024 on an additional 5. how concrete commitments to meet that after 2 percent is increasingly considered
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a floor not to ceiling. we will also agree to invest more together in nato, for the benefit of our security. they are crane and government, and people continue to resist russia's brutal war organization. their courage and commitments are an inspiration. and i welcome the present zalinski. i will join those at the nato summit, nato and alice have provided substantial support to ukraine since marshall's illegal annexation of romeo in 2014, including with military and financial aid and training. oh, tens of thousands of ukrainian forces. all of this is making a difference on the battlefield every day. and synced invasion in february, allies have stepped up even more with billions of euro's worth of military
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financial and humanitarian assistance at the summit. so we will agree a strengthened comprehensive assistant package for ukraine. this will include substantial deliveries of support in areas like secured communications, anti drawn systems and fuel. over the longer term, we will help ukraine transition from so it era military equipment to mod, done nato equipment. and further strengthen it's the fence and security institutions at the summit will also take decisions to continue adapting natal, including with a new $1000000000.00 euro nate though in, in the innovation fund to invest in dual use emerging technologies. arnold climate change and we will agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions for nato ask. organization
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will also deepen our corporation with naples, closest partners? i welcome that australia japan, new season and the republic of korea. and we join us for the 1st time at our summit, georgia and the european union will also take part and we will adopt new packages of support from partners. georgia. boston unanswered every now and then a public on moldova, as well as were atanya. and tunisia we also have to make progress on finan, unsweetened, historic publications for ne, don't membership while ensuring the security concerns of all allies are addressed. i spoke with the president argon on saturday, and that we'll meet with the prime minister on this on later today. i'm glad that
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the president either on present nina's door, i'm prime minister on the song, have accepted my invitation to meet in madrid to morrow. and to day we are hosting another meeting of senior officials from all 3 countries here at the nato headquarters. finally, allies will discuss threats and challenges from the south. we will re commit to the fight against terrorism, addressed the food crisis, or of course, by russia's invasion of ukraine, and consider our response to russia and showing us increasing influence in our southern neighborhoods. a bo all will re affirm that the trans atlantic bomb remains the bedrock of our security europe and north america. together in natal. i mean that i'm ready to take her questions. okay, we'll go to bloomberg in the 2nd room.
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be thank you so much for the question. natasha as yet from bloomberg. i just want to follow up on the meeting tomorrow between the leaders of turkey, sweden and finland. what you expect from that meeting tomorrow, and is it still possible that sweden and finland could join the summit in madrid as invitees? thank you. so we have her worked hard her since financing and applied for membership a to ensure that they can join the lines as soon as possible. at the same time, we need to take into account her concerns expressed by her alice. and in this case, her case bestbuy trickier. and as susan also why we haven't intensified the dialogue with our ally at a kia and we've been in sweden over the last 2 weeks. i spoke with best another wrong on on saturday. and i'll meet or prime is on the song later today. and then
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i'm very, very glad that are present in as long as another on, on the on premises on the wrong will meet in maria to morrow and accepted my invitation to meet her on the margins of the madrid summit. the purpose of that meeting is of course, to make progress, all the accession of financing. i will not make any promises um, but i can just re assure you that we are are working actively to ensure progress. because of the applications of finance written to join nato, they are historic. it will strength from the security of finance reason. it will strengthen a thought on it will be something that will contribute to stability across or that you are down the atlantic area, europe and north america. and so,
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so of the aim is to make progress and the, and, and it's too early to say what kind of progress you can make by the summit. he will go to french television in the last row. yes. think you're firm to question gina gets buried to foster your 0 out of tension, sir, on killing ged. do singer sweet is serious to sing? russia could. i think one of the both take state and what could be the response of nato is there would be an attack. thank you. so nato is there to protect from the fans all alice and we have increased our presence, some in the baltic region, and we have done so on since we hadn't done that since 2014 with the but the groups are without your redness or with more a policing, but since the invasion of ukraine, we stepped up further and now we have
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a more than $40000.00 troops under the arctic nato command. and most of them in eastern part of the alliance on and many of them are in the baltic region. the purpose of this increased presence is to send a message that we are ready to protect and defend every in shall allied territory, including of course, latrina and buildable to countries. and by doing that, we are providing credible deterrence. and the purpose of credible deterrence is not to provoke a conflict, but to prevent the conflict, to prevent russia or any other or, or, and the other potentially the so from attacking the de alotted country. and i'm confident that moscow preston putin understands. our collective security guarantees and stands to consequence of attack dna valard country. it will triggers funds from the whole alliance and, and the pin that message will increase the presence. so that's the main message is that we will defend and by it's sending that message, clearly we are actually preventing and attacked. then of course,
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we are concerned about the military buildup in cleaning it out. or we have seen that on many years, also with highly advanced weapon systems. that's also part of the reason why we have a modernized our, our own forces our, our capabilities and also increase our presence in that part of the region. and those are that or did now see is that the drain your or implementing e. you agreed? economic sanctions and need to allies are welcomed. you sanctions need wireless hope. all's im impulse sanctions on the russia. and these sanctions are important because they and sure that a president putin has to pay a price for these reckless genius a brutal mildred act on a ukraine. he will go to her a profit argument thanks
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lots to has got to have her put ag man. it's i don't m secretary general. i have 2 questions following your introductory remarks. the 1st one you said that we were, or nate will enhance a better groups in the eastern part m up to brigade lever. does that apply to all the 8 better groups or just to earn some of them? question number one and question number 2. on common funding m, you've made the case to double the common budget last year, and no m that was met by significant resistance from a few member states. now it appears that you're almost there so we won't be doubled, but almost the budget. could you please explain why this has changed in the mean time and how this is related to the war against ukraine and the new poster at the eastern flank. thanks. a 1st and then increase presence of again level or will be something we will do in some of the 8
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countries where we today had battle groups or we don't have it one size fits all of there are different needs in different countries. and we also need to see the whole regions ah, as one analysis that old need for a increased forwarded presence. oh, but of course this has to be understood in the lot the what has only happened because since the invasion, ah, we have doubled the size of the excess thing, but groups present germany has increased their presence in that way. now. u. k, a increases persons in a stall now uncanny long all the countries increase persons in a lot. also more or less doubled the size of dixies thing for about the new we had before the nation. then go double the number of bathrooms from 4 to 8, and then we are added in more troops and forces both on line, but also see an air forces. so this is
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a huge on significant increase or naples presence in the east while they're doing now is that at the summit we will take the sessions that will be a transformative for our the turns on the fence that the role lead to the fundamental shift in the way we organize, collect the defense in april, and that will be built on many elements on c, navel cyber power. but when it comes to that land element, and the main message is, is part to have up to be gay level forward presence, germany, and in the drain as well. example. i spent all that allies to make similar announcements. then it will be based on more forward deployed equipment stocks, fuels, weapons emanation. ah. and then it will be ah, ah,
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made up by pre assigned forces in their home country. but these forces will train exercise regularly in those countries or where they are pre designed to be deployed in times of crisis. and by doing that, we are fundamentally strengthening both our forward defense, but also our ability to quickly reinforce it's quite to move people goes quite fast to move heavy equipment takes time by doing more, afford or deploy the equipment or including rules or more for deployed combat formations and more exercises, or we will significantly increase our ability to defend and protect all allies. also these on part of the annoyance then on common funding. well, 1st of all, i think that to understand common funding as part of the broader efforts to increase defense spending. your yahoo! there are english and there is ins. dalton berg, the secretary general of nato speaking, and brussels are about the funding of nato. how that funding will be used. all of
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course, leading to the much larger nater summit, which begins on tuesday in madrid. and he dealt with the issues in general themes, the threat of china and russia, cyberspace. and of course, the war in ukraine. let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bays, who's been listening to that. obviously, all of these summit she got the g 7. where you are, james, you're going to be heading to madrid to listen to what a insult and berg, another nato members have to say about the current situation, not just globally, but obviously focused with ukraine. he talked about the east and flank in ukraine. he talked about the funding of nations, so that could pre position armaments and weapons in relation to strategic threats. yeah, it's something that will be discussed a great deal in madrid that some it was discussed here as well. to be honest,
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because if you look at the g 7 most, a nato members, the only one that isn't, of course, because it's in the different part of the world is in japan. but japan is actually coming as a guest to the nato summit, i think, showing the increased integration of these. i lies, the e u, nato, and the g 7, which would be more coordinated since the invasion of ukraine anytime before. i think it's important what nato is just announced with regard to strengthening its eastern flank. the nato forces that have been on the border with russia since russia took ukraine in 2014 there in the politic nations. the 3 baltic nation are in poland. and in recent months, there also in romania, well those were temporary forces. pretty much temporary bases with troops pre deployed. the idea was i supposed to be a trip. why? if, if russia was with one of those countries, they'd hold the russian troops temporarily, while mil reinforcements came, while the baltic nations in particular was a trick. war isn't good enough. we're now in
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a situation where they could be an invasion any day. and we need more permanent forces, and that's what you're now getting pre positioned assets, aircraft equipment put into this eastern flank, really ramping up the military infrastructure of nato. to, to, to prevent, they would say an invasion by russia if that's what president putin was to decide, and a massive increase in the high readiness force. nato has various high readiness groups, one called the very high right in this group, but 40000 and they have before 300000 troops on pretty, pretty me just stand by if called up by nato. that's a big change. and he's also talking up the applications of finland and sweden to join nato, to help in some sticking points that being ankara. but he also, i think, alluded to the fact that he has been talking behind the scenes of behind closed doors to all of these presidents and prime ministers of the informed countries. and
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he hopes to have them all in madrid to speak to them face to face. well, it's very interesting. this was supposed to have happened some time ago. we remember that we had that day. i was there in brussels, where both sweden and finland jointly in their applications. and nato was hoping to false, try all the procedures and sweden and finland around the nighttime table in madrid, as invitees nations having been invited by the whole lives, the whole lands can't invite nations to join unless all are agreed on one nation. turkey has not been agreed. there's been diplomacy ever since that day until now, and it hasn't resolved the concerns of ankara. now we're in the stage of 11th out diplomacy. the swedish prime minister my dilemma anderson is going to brussels later this afternoon. she'll be with mister salt, a book that we understand leaders or officials from nato, from turkey,
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from sweden and finland are meeting in brussels. and then the swedish prime minister and the nation general will fly to madrid, whether some it takes place before the some it takes place and now he's going to be a mini emergency. some. ready with president other one with a swedish prime minister with a soul in the stone who is the president of finland that trying the 11th hour to resolve this something they haven't been down as a result of some considerable time to see if they can still get to the original target of having to new countries, sweden and finland around the table as invitee nations of stress. if i manage to do that and pull that off, that doesn't make them nato members yet, because there is then a process of ratification. and in most cases, in most countries of nato, that's involving the national parliaments to ratify the session of those 2 countries. but if they were there and as an invite to nations, then that means they're definitely going to join nato. lastly, to say on that, so they will be immigrate anyway because actually sweden and finland joined summits
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as partners and data in recent years. but it's question of the status and as a question of whether turkey is going to drop its opposition, very important. 24 hours ahead. you'll of the be in the very a finance with the g 7, but we'll also see you in madrid in less than 24 hours as well. thank strength phase. i'll see the diplomatic added to the thank you. now the kremlin says it does not accept that it's defaulted on its debt after missing every payment deadline for the 1st time since $998.00, moscow appears to be struggling to give up payments on 40000000000 dollars worth of outstanding bonds. now the kremlin says it has the money but can't make the payment because it's sanctions imposed by the u. s. for surveys of ukraine, it was supposed to repay over due interest of a $100000000.00 by sunday. through lanka is sending to government ministers to russia to negotiate the field of petrol pumps. run dry, the few stations left with petrol and selling the last of vessels. the army is easy
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. a token system to prioritize who can receive the final supplies slang because foreign reserves are severely depleted and that's the to a shortage of food. and medicine. governments extended a 2 week closure of non essential state institutions to say fuel. but l flanders has more from the capital, colombo, last, sure stations are like the one behind me pretty much deserted. the pumps are not working at the moment or because most of them have run out of fuel, there is no fresh supply here. if you look at the list of the options available, most of the petrol and the diesel, all of them basically indicate that there are no stocks. obviously a note at the bottom that says, do not follow former q if fuel is not available, doesn't really mean anything because people are desperate. and if you just look over my shoulder down here, you can actually see the q. it's not just cars waiting for federal on the other side. it's 3 will attack, sees, we've heard people having cured for 3 days or 5 days,
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and people are absolutely desperate. they say they have no other means of finding their livelihoods. and once they spend this amount of time in the queue, you know, there is a limited amount of supply, but even that we're seeing prices have been increased. that's obviously for prices that are in stock at the moment. and the government says, there's no hope of any of the shipments being delivered. we've got the government sending to ministers to russia to try and negotiate some kind of concession terms. we've got another minister heading to cutter are. so these other things that are happening and just across the other side of the road is a prime minister's office. and a, we're having a u. s. delegation from the treasury and the state department coming in to talk to the government to see how they can help. so she'll anchor in some really, really bad. are sort of a situation at the moment with really no end in sight and hoping that they can turn things around. but for most people at the scene or hope at the moment,
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at least 4 people have been killed and dozens injured after part of an arena. clamps during a bull fight, a witness film the moment the stand fell apart. in the town of alice banal, some bulls escaped and run through the streets and during several people, the fears the death toll will rise. no may all day i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stones crashing down one when it. i could also president has promised to cut fuel prices in response to a nationwide strike that's now in its 3rd week glamour loss has said that he'll reduce petrol and diesel by $0.10 a gallon strike us. want a 40 cent cut on saturday. lasso lifted a state of siege imposed in several provinces. the national assembly is debating whether to remove him from office or if it is c d. u. i decided to reduce the price of gasoline by $0.10 per gallon. and diesel also by $0.10 per gallon. you'll have
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what the annual ecuadorian to seek dialogue will find a government with an outstretched hand. he that those who see chaos in violence and terrorism will find the full force of the law called by law. the relatives of at least 21 young people who died in the bar in south south african township, awaiting the answers about the cause of death. so some pulls from the bodies have been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london in the eastern cape province. for me, the miller has more from janice, but families at this point having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that bar on saturday evening as these are unconfirmed reports. but some of the people who claim to have been at the barn saturday evening of you social media to try and explain what happened. saying that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that bar. there was some sort of spray used or perhaps
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a pepper spray or some sort of gas and again, this is unconfirmed, but it's most of the information that's come out so far are from people who were at that bar that evening. so far, police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing tests to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get further shed some light on exactly what happened. but it, the families are who are morning, the 21 people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived or 4 others out, died later at hospital. and it seems that they are still civil bodies that haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially people are waiting for police to explain of events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning. oh.


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