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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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around 3 quarters of sub saharan african cultural heritage is on display in western museums. although it didn't happen overnight, we were rob color time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how european colonization removed tens of thousands of artifacts and the uphill struggle to reclaim restitution. africa stolen on episode one, plunder oh, now jazeera oh jeez. i with national chapel. ah, a g 7 val. solidarity with you trying for as long as it tanks saying it will
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increase sanctions on russia. ah, hello, i am emily ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the night i military alliance plans says it plans to boost its rapid response. forced tenfold to more than 300000 troops shall anchor looks to moscow for help with its fuel prices up to people q for days at petrol stations. a stand collapses during a bull fight in columbia, killing at least 4 people and injuring dozens more. ah, hello. we're begin the program with the latest from the g. 7 summit in germany, where ladies have played to solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes they've
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been holding talks on the conflict and it's global repercussions. laid is a man's plans to impose more sanctions on russia, including a possible cap on the price of its oil earlier ukrainian president vladimir zalinski addressed the latest by video early link. he asked for more weapons and says g, 7 nations, have the collective power to stop rushes advance. meanwhile, the night her chief gens sultan burke has described russia as the most significant and direct threat to security as allies prepare for summit in madrid. the military lines wants to boost its rapid reaction, forces from 40000 soldiers 230-0000. for more on this like bringing out diplomatic edison james base who's covering the summit for us in germany. james, i want to get to the met her developments in a moment. but 1st, how do you assess what, what happened on day 2 of the summer? day to the g. 7 was all about ukraine presidents lensky,
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briefing them by video link. now in the password presence, muranski is, is sent one of these video briefings and discuss things with nature leaders is opening address with 9 or 7 leaders is opening address has been released the video, or at least the transcript has been released by the training president's office that's not happened this time and were told by the us national security advisor jake sullivan. that's because a lot of what was discussed was detailed and very sensitive. we understand that that was new commitments that were made to ukraine. we know that the us is saying that it's going to give you credit, new advanced anti missile systems. but the medium long range that been reports of the nasa system, which is a know which in the us system, very sophisticated that being one of the things that's going to be deployed. although that wasn't, hasn't yet been confirmed. certainly all going to give new technology to the
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ukrainian government could prevent sort of miscellaneous attacks. we sort of started the g 7 old and tv with regard to sanctions. g servers issued a statement saying we can be much tough sanctions coming, but we don't have many details of what is new and any great specifics. one of the things have been a lot, talks about here is a, is trying to stop the russian. all price getting a cap on that, russian oil price, particularly non g 7 countries trying to find a mechanism to keep the price down. and that would starve of vladimir putin and his government of money that they get for oil. that they're talking about that now and saying they're coming up with some sort of mechanism and that they, they all agree that there should be some sort of mechanism. but again, national security advisor for the u. s. jake sullivan said that it is a very novel plan. nothing like this has ever been tried before. ready and that's why they can't announce the specifics of his time as they're working on. yeah,
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no doubt. we'll wait for those details. james, in and significant developments out of brussels. nato is boosting it's true. forces from 40002300000. and that's a significant increase what i'd like to go, well, yeah, that's the, that's not nato forces because they have many more forces than that. this is there a rapid response element of their forces. those that can deploy a very short. ready notice, and the other thing they're doing is, is pre positioning more equipment, more air craft around the eastern flank of nato. they've had bases in the baltic countries in poland, in bulgaria, in hungary and romania. now they're effectively making those faces more permanent. the baltics have been pushing the multi countries pushing for this fact as a sort of trip wire. before they were brought up, we could act as a trip war and stop the russians. if there was an invasion for a short period, while reinforcements came, they now believe they need a bigger forces there on
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a more permanent basis. and as you say, this is in addition to the announced by the nato secretary general of an increase to the rapid response forces. at the summit, we will strengthen our forward the fences. we will enhance our battle groups in the eastern part of the alliance, up to be gade levels. we will transform the nato response force and increase the number of our high read. this forces to well over 300000 will also boost our ability to reinforce in crisis and conflict. that's been about a month with regard to another key, things going to happen, some of that stuff plan and then to join nato. if that happens, all the nato allies have to great, one of them doesn't turkey. well, what's happening now is 11. told the swedish prime minister in brussels with the
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natives that could general giving a news conference in the coming hours. they're both getting on the plane early to the madrid summit that will be meeting with president heard while i'm with the president of finland to have last minute 11 talks sort of mini summit for the summit to try and break the impasse on that issue. and what can you also about another development related to turkey. right now the g 7 in the area has been quite un secretary general because it's quite to the stage now. they're all going on to try and get the grain the straps inside ukraine out to the country using the key because providing the navy ship to the carry, the grain, the u. n. is gonna provide inspection, keep the russians happy. there are no weapons on those ships. that go into a desa, ukrainian force and the other part of this is to try and get russian grade and fertilizer back over the world. markets. now,
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is this in any way linked to toby. turkey holds the togs on voting to issues of g, set it and nato. so although they don't seem linked like turkey at the center of things on to g, right, issues or i thank you very much for bringing us up to st. james bass at diplomatic editor in the area moving on now to sudan, which is planning to recall exam back to the to add this up a bomb. it comes off the accusations, ethiopia, i mean killed 7 suit any soldiers and one civilian as folks and to the sudanese armed forces said a p o p. i killed the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display as senior. the open official denied the claims decades of tension between the 2 countries of surged in recent months over the disputed border area of alpha ashika . each accuses the other violating its sovereignty. let's bring in here morgan now whose life for us in cuts him. he but tension has been building as we've heard and
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racing wake. so what's happened this morning while the incident, which was revealed by the for the news on this on late sunday, has increased the tension between sedan and if on monday morning the for the news army launch several military operations against the fuel p. and along the border in particular territory, that's about 250 square kilometers of area that is disputed between if you and then both claiming it as its own. the head of the sovereignty council and the head and the commander of the armed forces, general abdel for the hon, has visited the 1st guy this morning. he is still there. as of this afternoon, several other commanders from the forces are also accompanying him on the visit to pay condolences to the soldiers who are on the front lines, but also to show support. he's also ordered the closure off by that's one of the border crossings. and the only functioning border crossing between for that. and if
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you'll be a sense attention increase between put down and if you'll be over pressure go here . and there has been political reactions as well. several political parties have condemned the killings of the 7 soldiers. and once a 1000000000 calling it's shocking, the minister of foreign affairs announced that it will be completing to the un security council at the time it didn't fit. and it didn't complain to several other international bodies. it has someone be if you can back that it to put down to file a complaint over the incident, saying that this is a violation of international law and something that they do not find acceptable and which will train their relationship further between them. you see this latest incident of killing 7 soldiers and a civilian that was by the army on late sunday has increase attention between for them. and it looks like things are escalating further with military attacks launched by for the needs. soldiers on if you are in position. all right,
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thank you very much for that update. we have to move on even move and live for us to at least 26 people have been killed in an attack by an armed group in south west camera room. it happened in the wire district way rights group say violence has increased local sources to the tank was linked to an ethnic dispute over land and st. aggravated by separate as fighters. they want greater representation for english speaking minorities. and i've been fighting the military since 2017 sherlock a sending government ministers to russia and cut to negotiate for fuel. as petro pumps run dry, and the few stations left with petrol, now selling the loss of their dog, jamini is using a token system to prioritize who can receive the final supplies. sure, lank is foreign reserves as severely depleted and that's led to shortages of food and medicine. the government has extended it to a closure of non essential state institutions to save fuel. mental fernandez has
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more from the petrol station in the capital, colombo and most sure stations are like the one behind me pretty much deserted. the pumps are not working at the moment or because most of them have run out of fuel, there is no fresh supply here. if you look at the list of the options available, most of the petrol and the diesel, all of them basically indicate that there are no stocks, obviously a nor to the bottom that says, do not for the former q. if fuel is not available, doesn't really mean anything because people are desperate. and if you just look over my shoulder down here, you can actually see the q. it's not just cars waiting for federal on the other side. it's 3 will a, taxis, we've heard people having cured for 3 days or 5 days, and people are absolutely desperate. they say they have no other means of finding their livelihoods and wants to spend this amount of time in the queue. you know, there is a limited amount of supply, but even that we're seeing prices have been increased. that's obviously for prices
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that are in stock at the moment. and the government says there's no hope of any of the shipments being delivered. we've got the government sending 2 ministers to russia to try and negotiate some kind of concession re terms. we've got another minister heading to cut or are so these other things that are happening and just across the other side of the road is a prime minister's office. and a, we're having a u. s. delegation from the treasury and the state department coming in to talk to the government to see how they can help. so she'll anchor in some really, really bad. are sort of a situation at the moment with really no end in sight and hoping that they can turn things around. but for most people at the scene or hope at the moment, still a head on al jazeera, searching elise in south africa, trying to solve the mysterious depths of 21 young people inside a bar. and going dark white people in tokyo, i'm asked to save electricity. ah,
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the journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to cattle. hook your travel package today. the cleanser swirling of the top of the philippines or they might amount to something of interest. the moment it is like a loose cluster was clear the focus of the potential heavy rain for the next day or 2, which might cause some flooding lose on elsewhere, wide spread showers and thunderstorms on a daily basis, just reasonably nor the bit on the website. the moment, but in manila, bit of a focus here with 2 days or you may not see much of the sun at all, maybe 3 days and light winds. the potential for some flooding is there. and if this develops into a circulation that's even more interesting. now that would be normal. this is abdul to see the rain jump this font or so quickly is done. so in the last few days. a line through what was northern china now
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a bit for the saturday to the korean peninsula. this is the sort of thing you see in july, not in june eden, early august. please left japan hot and dry at the moment she would in places would have been a problem with extra t supply as a result. now the rain should be south of the yanks in, it looks like we tried to develop it. there is not coming to very much have to say in the foothills of the himalaya. now the monsoon fronts is gone to most places in knolls. then do you see the increase in the amount of thunderstorms big downpours, which will be a problem enhancing the flooding cas official airline of the journey. and this addition to algebra will take you on a journey with ours, diverse wildlife toys by a marine environmentalist and also conservationist. and we'll be discussing the impact the potential uncontrolled development could have on these diverse wildlife pieces living here. if unprotected
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ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back, threats to our planet. on al jazeera lou. ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily angry. he's a reminder of our top stories. this alum, j 7 late is have pledged to stand by ukraine for as long as it takes to end the war with russia. ukrainian president. a lot of me zalinski joined the summit by video link and asked for more weapons aid and sanctions. the wall nitro chafie installed hamburg has cold rush of the most significant and direct threat to security. as allies prepare for a summit in madrid,
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the lines wants to boost its rapid reaction. forces from 40000 troops 230-0000 sudan is planning to recall its ambassador to addis ababa following accusations ethiopians army mooted 7. certainly, soldiers in one civilian decades of tension have surged in recent months over disputed border region. the death toll is expected to rise after part of an urena collapsed during a bull fighting columbia. at least 4 people were killed and hundreds more injured as barbara and gaba reports. i this is the amendment multiple levels. if you wouldn't understand caved in, turning a popular bull running festival into a tragedy. several spectators were killed while others say they were lucky to survive. it's like 8 boxes collapsed like surely,
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you can order the see that it. so would structural. we were in very good when we saw the structure falling in a domino effect. one who know me all day i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stands crashing down one with it unlocks, punish bull, fighting animals and not killed at festivals, menace currently has members of the public are invited to enter the ring and talk to animals have been many course to ban the practice this has come up a little in columbia before, but the time has been to the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago. instance zillow, the event that he is referencing a northern city in columbia, known for these both festivals in at $983.00 levels of the wooden balconies class and left $400.00 people dead. and 4000 injured. and the town then suspended the festivals for 19 years, but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again and 2013. so this has
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been a political issue. samples escaped to ring and ran through the streets of out espn, now injuring bystanders. the incident may prompt the incoming president to regulate the practice which forms a strong part of many colombians cultural identity. but for now, the focus is on treating the winters and finding out why the stadium collapsed. proper anger pot, he says, in ecuador, as president has promised to cut fuel prices in response to a nation wide strike is now in its 3rd wake grammar. what last so says he will reduce petrol and diesel by $0.10 a gallon. strike is want a 40 cent cut on saturday. last are left to the state of sage imposed in several provinces. the national assembly is now debating whether to remove him from office all day. so here the c d. u. i decided to reduce the price of gasoline by $0.10 per gallon and diesel also by $0.10 per gallon. this,
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you'll hit what brianna ecuadorian who seek dialogue will find a government with an outstretched hand. either those who see chaos on violence and terrorism lane, we'll find the full force of the law ballet in haiti, hundreds and supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital to demand his return. they're angry about political instability and a worsening crime. right? as victoria gayton b reports, this is a country without a functioning government. its economy has collapsed its streets. a run by gangs of violent crime and kidnappings have searched the supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide. say only he can save haiti for gentlemen wonder. we've taken to the streets to appeal to president aristide because it's him, we won't, we won't aristid to be the transitional president because people are suffering.
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haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. with a long history of political turmoil. patients voted in the 1st free election in 1990 electing era steed, but he was ousted in a qu less than a year later. or after the assassination of president jovan elma, east. last july area henri took power on re, has broad political support from the international community. but he's been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new elections one. 0, if the international community is to be a true ally of hazy, we are demanding. they collaborate with president aristide to save us from crisis. haiti still struggling to recover from a devastating 7 point to earthquake that destroyed the southern tip of the peninsula last year. la crippling economic conditions are likely to worsen as the political crisis drags on. oh wow. when attitude
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was president, life wasn't too expensive. rice and oil were cheap into go, do you make everyone afraid? i'm tired of it. we want honesty to be the president of the transition supporters of aristide say they'll continue to protest until they get the change. they say the country so desperately need. victoria gay to be al jazeera relatives of at least 21 young people who died in a bar in a south african township are waiting to find out what caused their depths. samples from the bodies had been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london in the east and came province from in a milla has more from johannesburg. families at this point i having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that bar on saturday evening, as these are unconfirmed reports. but some of the people who claim to been at the barn saturday evening of use social media to try and explain what happened. saying
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that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that bar. there was some sort of spray used or perhaps a pepper spray or some sort of gas and again, this is unconfirmed, but it's most of the information that's come out so far are from people who were at that bar that evening. so far, police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing taste to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get further shed some light on exactly what happened. but it, the families are who are morning, the 21 people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived or 4 others out, died later at hospital. and it seems that they are still civil bodies had to haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially,
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people are waiting for police to explain of events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning to hong kong now where security has been tightened ahead of an anticipated visit by president, shin pink china state media says he'll attend the swearing in ceremony or the territory is not chief executive. he then coincides with the 25th anniversary of its hand over by britain to bang chain. andrew brown has the data she ging paying was lost in hong kong in 2017. to march the 20th anniversary of the territories returned from british to chinese rule, this visit will be his 1st known trip outside mainland china. since january 2020. until a few days ago, there had been uncertainty over whether he'd be coming at all. this followed an increase in coven infections with 2 senior, hong kong government officials, among the latest cases. but at the weekend, chinese state control media confirmed she would be attending the ceremony on friday,
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although it didn't clarify whether he'd be doing so in person or virtually. i'm confident that the authorities in call together with the security arrangements for the child is president, will make sure that the ceremony will proceed safely and there will be no real threat to the safety or security of the chinese president and his entourage to shield china's president from the risk of infection, hong kong government officials will have to quarantine ahead of friday, swearing in ceremony. a ceremony taking place close to streets where 3 years ago mass protest took place against china's growing influence. here. on july, the 1st 2019 demonstrators smashed their way into the local legislature. jain as leaders eventually responded to the unrest by implementing a national security law that led to the arrest of more than $180.00 people,
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including elected politicians and activists. the hong kong authorities hope she's is it will prove the territory is a happy place. now, a false picture says one analyst. and so there is still this resentment, alienation, and hard feeling. i think about many people call, but they won't be on the street demonstrating this year marks a halfway point of hong kong is 50 transition from british to chinese rule. during this period, hong kong was promised its freedoms would remain unchanged. a promise that critic say has been undermined by china's hasse campaign against political descent. adrian brown al jazeera hong kong in his military is stepping up efforts to get essential supplies to ne, in areas affected by catastrophic flooding. doctors in some states say, a lack of claims drinking water is making children sick. the flooding displaced
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about 5 and a half 1000000 people. emily, 4000000 living inmate sheep shelters. the air force is dropping supplies to those who, whose home has been flooded. and there's major flooding in southern china, which is forced at tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. they believe in one province have just released these 40 age. all the rescue in the city of you and the woman was stranded in her car before being pulled to safety. one job is one of the areas that was hit as it faces reco rainfall. environmental activists from the group ocean rebellion have been demonstrating in lisbon ahead of the united nations ocean conference, its co hosted by the governments of portugal and kenya, the meeting is focused on reducing plastic waste over fishing and spaces extinction . the un secretary general antonia good tear is told the conference, there is no time to waste. sadly,
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we have taken the ocean for granted and to thy we face once i would gall a notion emergency. we must turned the tides. global heating is pushing ocean temperatures to record levels, creating fiercer and more frequent storms. sea levels are rising low lying highland nations face innovation as do many measured coastal cities in the wolves. he believing in and around japan's capital have been asked to cut back on a use of electricity. japan is in the middle of a hate wave after it's rainy season ended. early for the 1st time in decades, it's led to a surgeon, the use of air conditioners, as natasha can name reports. tokyo feels like a sauna people in japan's capital have been sweating through the last days of june with temperatures far higher than usual for this time of year. yeah. weekly. it is
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. i'm surprised. it's hot every year and usually it gets this hot after the rainy season. so these temperatures at the end of june are surprising. the rain in japan usually tempers the heat leading into july. but this year, a powerful atmospheric pressure system is stalled over the pacific ocean meteorologist predict the heat wave will continue. the government is worried about the impact on the electrical grid as air conditioners operate at full power. people are being asked to turn off their lights and conserve energy, especially during the late afternoon when usage peaks over the weekend. more than 250 people in tokyo were treated in hospital for heat stroke law. so we need some, we have no choice but to obey the government's request to save electricity except for the refrigerator and the computer i turned everything off. japan's electrical
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grid is especially compromised on top of reduced nuclear reactor capacity following the fukushima meltdown in 2011 and an ongoing closure of coal plants. japan is also facing a shortage of fuel imports from russia. in the coming days, people will have to find a way to stay cool without overtaxing japan's power system. natasha name al jazeera american basketball player britney griner has appeared in a russian court for a preliminary hearing. after being arrested for kind of his position olympic champion was detained and moscow airport in february, after allegedly being caught carrying vape cottages containing cannabis oil, the u. s. says she's being wrongfully detained to trial date has not yet been announced, but is expected soon. ah .


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