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i want dining ideals, the french republic, islam for a claim, but just what is modern, france in a 4 part series, but big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera india is that a heat wave is 19 glazes across the country, destroying people's help homes and live one on one east investigate india on fire on al jazeera. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread on al jazeera government shutoff access to social media a russian missile strike. it's a crowded shopping mall in central ukraine. a 1000 people were said to be inside.
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ah, you're watching l 0 light for my headquarters in del hi, darian obligated also. a heads. nature says upon sir boost this rapid response for 7 full to more than 300000 troops. sher lanka, looks to russia for help with its fuel prices, saucer people. q for days, up petrol stations. so don accuses ethiopia of killing its soldiers, and the civilian escalating cross border tensions if you use as the troops died in cautious. so we begin with breaking news from ukraine. a russian missile strike has had a crowded shopping wall in the central city of kremlin troop officials there say at least 2 people have been killed. dozens of others are endured. more than
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a 1000 people are believed to have been in the building at the time of the attack. charles stratford is joining us from keith with an update on the situation at the shopping mall and the latest the casualty figures and death hall is charles reportedly this, sir? this strike happened around mid day to day a few hours ago now. an x coating government authorities were still looking at 2 confirmed dead and at least 20 injured. as you mentioned, the president of his country, of norma zalinski said that there were more than a 1000 people in this mall when the missiles strikes of when the missiles struck. so well, it would not be according to those kind of figures, inconceivable to see many more people i'm dying and being injured. some horrific images, though that have been posted on social media of the billowing smoke and flames. we're seeing pictures of people being put into ambulances on stretches. there's
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also been a pause, last half an hour or so of what's been described as a fire train being sent to the mall to help try and extinguish the blaze. now of course, russia has always said that it tries to avoid civilian casualties and heating civilian targets. in this rule, we are getting reports that one of the reported to miss isles that to hit that area was not a direct hit that may well of actually hit close to the shopping mall. but as i say, rush of it was denied that they do attack and target civilian infrastructure. as we saw yesterday here in the capital city cave, when they were missiles, strikes, again, they will submit an infrastructure. i'm hate and there was at least one civilian killed in those attacks. importantly, with respect to the location of this city, it is a big industrial city that sits on the dani per river. it's around 200 kilometers approximately, from the southern front line and
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a similar kind of distance to the east in frontline as well. and as i say, the ukrainian government saying that there is no weaponry, no kind of military institutions or infrastructure strategic infrastructure near that mold. but yesterday, the bridge that stay was that river was hit by a russian strike and that killed according to the ukrainian government, one civilian an injured, another 5 people. yes, a terrible, seemingly a terrible strike. this hit me small and great fears about the numbers of people that could well according to the ultimate linux case. numbers could well have been killed or injured. all right, charles, he'll keep across a story for us for the time being. thank you so much for all stratford reporting from keys. let's keep this conversation going with samuel romani, who's a geopolitical security analyst and associate fellow at the royal united services institute. he's joining us from oxford in the u. k. so i'm to remind welcome back to al jazeera charles was just saying,
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this particular shopping mall is about 200 kilometers away from the southern and eastern front lines. why do you think the shopping mall would be hidden and why? now? for russia is launching a series of nationwide tags made ukrainian cities was really intensified over the past 48 hours. we see attorney here in northern ukraine be targeted german joke as intentionally. right. i've also seen our cars, the, another city that was largely untouched by the warrants enjoy crane being hit. and then of course the tax i'm here and on the arm transfer facilities training facility guarantee. ready believe so, rush just trying to show that even though it's focusing on military efforts, and don bass is still a nationwide ambition. so with this uptake in recent russian strikes, what is the, what is the message that's being sent out and to whom? what message will you send to several parties? first of all, as being sent to foreign leaders, strategy shall no party be quite as safe. so visiting keyboard, disney you rein,
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it is a risky never 2nd of all. busy it say 8 if hiring a warning shot at the ukrainian military trying to scatter their forces to defend other parts of the country. as the russians on the cost of conquering bohannon's can now want to push forgiven odessa, they want to win circle the winning forces and on bass and divide them elsewhere. and thirdly, i think is also a message is being sent to the ab. but people in the west who are sending arms jew grant rushes in this for the long haul and could be on the e in on this war for many years. and how are the ukrainians firing and all this on the ground and militarily? well on this particular attack is obviously devastating. re reading civilians with the 1000 civilians be located in the mall. it's going to be a lot higher casualty than some of the other tax we've seen and journey heath and keith over the last 48 hours, militarily, taking a look at the broader perspective. be craniums are suffering a bit of a set back and low hands because of the lots of burden yeske. but they also have the knowledge that they have a city to buy a weapon that should be able to help them,
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potentially turn the tide. his optimism in ukraine about a counter offensive incurs on ac. he off at the end of august. so and he was talking to dave, if you rank at the appropriate weapons, they could have this war done by the end of the year. so there is some optimism, new grain about the. busy j situation, but obviously the losses, the 1000000 lives across the country are devastating free craniums. yeah. the shore . okay, thank you so much samuel ronnie for joining us from oxford. thank you. so the strikes come just as the leaders of the world's wealthy countries are meeting in germany for the g 7 summit and just ahead of nato summit that's had to kick off on tuesday or the plot to get her to james bases in bavaria. he's covering the g 7 meeting. so james, we were just talking about the strikes that took place on a ukrainian shopping mall. i wonder if there's been any reaction from a g 7 leaders where you are and just tell us how you assess what's happened on day 2. if not so much. no reaction from any of the g. 7 leaders. we were listening very
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closely in the last couple of minutes when shorts, the chancellor of germany and the host of this meeting was giving a brief statement. he didn't also refer to the latest attacks. he did talk about presence and then ski and the support that giving to president sky. he said the president savanski who spoke to them by the video link. interestingly, that video link message was not released in the media as has been done in the past . it was kept secret private, but he said that he deemed the situation as urgent. more support was needed and mister sharp said that they will certainly continue to help ukraine landscape, by other reports not from chunks. shots said that he wants this more to be concluded by winter. that is his hope. and he clearly asked the g 7 for more support. we understand that some of those things he's going to get we understand that slightly of the us are going to provide new missile defense systems, but medium range and long range in the near future. some of the other things, well,
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they might be on the way. one of the things is trying to have a cap on oil prices around the world now must g 7 countries have stopped importing russian oil. but the idea was to have a capital, the price of russian oil for other parts of the world economy. and that would hate very much russia in his pocket. if that was to happen, it's a complicated thing to do. it's very technical. they're trying to a mechanism. so for now that is an aspiration rather than somebody that's in place . all right, and there was a significant announcement earlier on by nature saying that there boosting the rapid respond force from 40002300000. i mean, that's pretty dramatic. james was behind that decision. yeah, it is important. i mean, it's not necessarily a huge new number of nato troops that nato troops that already existed, but they're on a different footing. now. the idea is that they could deploy very, very quickly. and i think what's important is the, the east and flank of nato,
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those countries that border russia, which already had nato forces there in addition to the national armies, they are now going to be put, it seems in a more permanent switching, that's going to be pre positioned aircraft, pre positioned equipment. those forces are going to, i think, be more acquainted with the locality and keep coming back to the same places already. you have certain nature countries which are the lead nation in east each of those countries in the east, in the baltics and in poland and other important development with regard to nato, that nato summit is to, to start pretty soon. the g 7 leaders will fly from here to madrid, including japan. japan is not in nato, but it is a guest, so they will be going and joining the other leaders. but before that happens, that's going to be a mini son summit to try and deal with the concerns and turkey, which is blocking sweden and finland from becoming new nato members. a last ditch 11th our attempt. and interestingly, in the last few moments,
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the nato secretary general, yet insulted bug, was speaking with this, this soon as prime minister magdalena anderson. and it was interesting what the sexy general said. he said that sweden did already started new criminal investigations to please turkey. that's into the p k. k, which she described as a terrorist organization. he said they were already examining extradition requests from turkey. he said that nato, as a whole, would look at mom's exports because certainly there are things that turkey wants from some other nato members, and he says he's gonna introduce that nato summit, a new session on the counter terrorism. now i think that's supposed to please turkey because they described the p k. k. as i said, as a terrorist organization, or the swedish, or the swedish prime minister said when she spoke to reporters literally a few moments ago, she had every hope that this could be concluded soon. ideally before the summit on the summit happens in just
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a few hours time on tuesday. and this last minute talks between finland, sweden, the nato secretary general, and present. oh to one of turkey. happened in just the hours before that 11th hour diplomacy. but for a big summit of nature, thank you so much. i had to pull madison james mays reporting from term still had on al jazeera he stands collapses during a bull fighting columbia, killing at least 4 people. and going dark white people in tokyo are being asked to save electricity. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to cattle. hook your travel package to day. now the cleanser swirling over the top of the philippines and they might amount to something of interest. the moment that like a loose cluster is clear,
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the focus of the potential heavy rain for the next day or 2, which might cause some flooding in lose on elsewhere, wide spread showers and thunderstorms on a daily basis, just reasonably nor the it's a bit on the wet side of the moment, but in manila, bit of a focus here with 2 days or you may not see much of the sun at all, maybe 3 days, and light winds. the potential for some flooding is there and if this develops into a circulation that's even more interesting. now that would be normal. this is abdul to see the rain jump this fun all so quickly has done so in the last few days. a line through what was knowles in china now for the south, that's the korean peninsula. this is the sort of thing you see in july, not in duty early august. please left japan hot and dry at the moment she would in places with a big problem, was anxious to supply as a result. now the rain should be saturday young scene. it looks like we try to develop it there. it's not coming to very much after say, in the foothills of the himalaya, now the monsoon france is gone to most places in north then do you see an increase
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in the amount of thunderstorms, big downpours, which will be a problem enhancing the flooding. cat, official airline of the journey on counting the cost central banks take decisive action and bring in aggressive rate hikes to try and bring sore and consumer prices under control. but what more can be done? last, we take a look at what's in store for the aviation industry following the global pandemic. counting the cost on al jazeera, there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen. what we want to know, how do these things are people we revisit, please stay, even when they're no international headline. how does your really invest in that? and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah,
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the me. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, russia result of a crowded shopping center in the central city of cremeans shook. at least 2 people are reported dead. nato chief ian thornburg is calling for a huge increase in rapid reaction troops on the eastern flank because the alliance for parents, for a summit in madrid, g 7 liter, as opposed to found by ukraine for as long as it takes to end the war with russia ukrainian president voluntarism sky joined summit by video link and asked for more weapons, aid and sanctions, sri lanka, ascending to government ministers to russia to negotiate for fuel. as petro pumps run dry, the army has been deployed to the few petrol stations that have any fuel left to help implement
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a new rationing system. the government is extended to the closure of non essential state institutions. in l fernandez reports from colombo, many here has wasted hours and days waiting for fuel. the sri lankan government says is running out no comfort to the thousands like for bath. he has spent the last 3 days in a que may boiling melinda linda le, after waiting so long and getting out leases of fuel. we earn a few 1000 rupees, but we have to use part of that to buy fuel. again, what we're left with isn't enough to buy food, let alone bring up 3 children. the minister of power and energy says, shall anchor owes around $735000000.00 for early of fuel of shipments. and no one is willing to provide more. you see, must amalgam up. no company is willing to supply us with fuel without pre payment. we regret the situation in coming to that. we need 550000000 for fuel this month, but we only have 130 minute. she longed,
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has been running out to foreign currency to please the food medicine, fuel and cooking gas in days providing $4000000000.00 in credit. and some other countries have offered to help a u. s. delegation from the treasury and state department began talks with the government on monday. minister vi jessica says government representatives will travel to russia and cutter to try and negotiate fuel purchasers. with less than a day's worth of stock, the state petroleum provider is limiting what it sends to fuel stations and dollars have been a lot victim. i'm wondering how to divide to these lot among all these people that we give circulators for vehicles. 3 wheelers and motor weiss are full tank. my discourse vehicles don't get thrilled today. judges will have to stop hearing cases . saw a gentleman from the u this year. he's asking for a fuel for judges. these are the kinds of challenges i face you up. on monday the
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military began issuing tokens that assured the holder a guaranteed chance to fuel up when stocks arrive, but not all are convinced. it's a practical system. i or i think the guy in fennel goes off berlin, god willing, but there are things will improve. i'm in the there's no other bitter content louvin of than sri lanka. i would say if things are come into place, the government is struggling to find supplies, willing to provide fuel. and this means the hundreds of thousands of people queuing at petro stations around the country can only hope. and wait a minute, fernandez ojo 0 colombo. so done is planning to recall that ambassador to 80 saba bar. it comes after accusations, ethiopia is army killed. 7 sunni soldiers and one civilian spokesman for the sudanese armed forces, said ethiopia, killed the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display,
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a senior. if european official denied the claims. decades attention between ethiopia answered, i have searched in recent months over the disputed border area of alpha shallow. each accuses the other of violating its sovereignty. hey, morgan is in cartoon. she says there are several reasons why attention could be escalating now. it is the rainy season and if it is known to be a very fertile land, that's one of the reasons why in farmers have been farming on it for more than $550.00 decades. now according to the colonial agreement that was fined in 1900 or 2. unfortunately, the food in the 3rd, sorry. but if you can, farmers have been on bad land for more than 50 years and they say they have rights to that territory. and this is right now the, the reason provides a perfect opportunity for farming and full growing of crops. and this is, this could be interpreted as one of the reasons why this tension is flaring up right now. another reason could be because of the conflict that is happening a basically, or a bit between the 2 great people's liberation front and if government 4 months now,
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if you, if he has been saying that any tension between it and the left has provided opportunity for the for the new government to basically launch attacks against that and to take more territory or to take over more territory of a push or so that could be another reason as well. but whatever the reason is, it looks like this is now causing more attention and even with no talks inside because there, there was supposed to be some kind of talk since 2020 to the market. the border that hasn't happened, it looked like would be sentient. turning militarily, it doesn't look like they will be in the magic tough between the 2 sides to sort out the issue of the border. at least 26 people have been killed in an attack by an armed group in south west come a rune that happened in the acquire district where rights group say violence has increased. local sources, say the attack was linked to an ethnic dispute. overland. that's been aggravated by separate fist fighters. they want greater representation for english speaking
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minorities and have been fighting the military since 2017 relatives of at least 21 young people who died in a bar in a south african township or waiting to find out what caused their deaths samples from the bodies have been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london in the eastern k province. from the miller has more from johannesburg. families at this point, having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that bar on saturday evening, as these are unconfirmed reports. but some of the people who claim to have been at the bar and saturday evening of use social media to try and explain what happened. saying that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that bar. and there was some sort of spray used, or perhaps a pepper spray with some sort of gas. and again, this is unconfirmed, but it's most of the information that's come out so far are from people who were at
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that bar that evening. so far, police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing tests to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get further shed some light on exactly what happened. but it, the families are who are morning, the 21 people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived or 4 others out, died later at hospital. and it seems that they are still civil bodies that haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially people are waiting for police to explain of events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning. and our tours expected to rise after part of an arena collapse during a bull fight in columbia. at least 4 people were killed in hundreds injured. or rango reports. this amendment multiple levels. if you wouldn't
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understand caved in, turning a popular bull running festival into a tragedy. several spectators were killed while others say they were lucky to survive. which quite a fox's collapse lecture. really, you can already see that it's a word structural. we will bring it when we saw this structure falling in. i don't, we don't know what day i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stands crashing down one way to jump on. next, punishable fighting animals are not killed at festivals known as currently has members of the public are invited to enter their rings and torn animals. have been many cause to band practice. this has come up legally in columbia before will the
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band the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago. infants below the event that he's referencing northern city in columbia, known for these both festivals in 1983 levels of the balconies class, and left 400 people dead. and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 1000 years. but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again in 2013. so this has been a political issue. samples escaped during and run through the streets of our espinosa injuring bystanders. the incident may prompt the incoming president to regulate the practice which forms a strong part of many colombians cultural identity. but for now, the focus is on treating the wintertime and finding out why the stadium collapsed. barbara, anger truck drivers in peru had declared an indefinite stray. gotcha. negotiations with the government failed. the union, representing about $400000.00 truck drivers,
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has been asking for an extension to eliminate fuel tax. inflation has spiked in recent months and fuel prices have been rising since the war and ukraine began. in april. a strike such a violent protest and roadblocks would be in position of a few 100. the professors have gathered in madrid to condemn the death of 23 migrants who tried to storm to border between morocco and the spanish. on clay of enclave of malea, the demonstrators lay down in a square. in a performance imitating videos of the incidents showing migrants on the grounds, as some of them were beaten, the moroccan authorities say the incident happened when the migraines tried to scale offense to cross into malea rights groups of cold for an investigation. and haiti, hundreds of supporters of the former president jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital to demand his return. they're angry about political instability and a worsening crime rates. atoria, again,
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be reports. this is a country without a functioning government. its economy has collapsed its streets. a run by gangs of violent crime and kidnappings have searched the supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide. say only he can save haiti. worked on one good. we've taken to the streets to appeal to president aristide because it's him. we won't, we won't, aristide, to be the transitional president because people are suffering. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. with a long history of political turmoil. patients voted in the 1st free election in 1990 electing era steed. but he was ousted in a qu, less than a year later after the assassination of president jovan elma east. last july area henri took power on re, has broad political support from the international community. but he's been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new
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elections. oh, if the international community is to be a true ally of hazy, we are demanding. they collaborate with president audi steve. to save us from crisis. haiti still struggling to recover from a devastating 7 point to earthquake that destroyed the southern tip of the peninsula last year. the crippling economic conditions are likely to worsen as the political crisis drags on. yeah, when i defeated the residence life wasn't too expensive. rice and oil, the cheap indigo. do you make everyone afraid? i'm side of it. we want to be the president of the transition supporters of our estate say they'll continue to protest until they get the change. they say the country so desperately needs victoria gates and be al jazeera, focused on how long to new campaign to vaccinate. nearly 13000000 children against
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polio. 800000 health workers will carry out the inoculations door to door. the health industry reported 11 cases. the virus this year, it's one of only 2 countries in the world where the wild polio virus is circulating . the 2nd is neighboring. i've gone on. india's military is stepping up efforts to get essential supplies to northeastern areas affected by catastrophic flooding. doctors and psalms. they say a lack of clean drinking water is making children sick. the flooding displaced about 5 and a half 1000000 people. nearly 4000000 are living and makes of shelters. the air force is dropping supplies to those whose homes have been flooded. major flooding in southern china has force tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, police and wrong dong province have just released this footage. if a rescue in the city of being day, the women who were stranded in her car before being pulled to safety, flung dong is one of the areas that's worst hit as it faces record rainfall. now
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people living in and around japan's capital have been asked to cut back on their use of electricity. japan is in the middle of a heat wave after its rainy season and they ended early for the 1st time in decades . it's led to a surge and the use of air conditioners. that's also rename reports. tokyo feels like a sauna. people in japan's capital have been sweating through the last days of june, with temperatures far higher than usual for this time of year. yeah, the clean it. i'm surprised, it's hot every year and usually it gets this hot after the rainy season. so these temperatures at the end of june are surprising. the rain in japan usually tempers the heat leading into july. but this year, a powerful atmospheric pressure system is stalled over the pacific ocean meteorologist predict the heat wave will continue. the government is worried about the impact on the electrical grid as air conditioners operate at full power. people
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are being asked to turn off their lights and conserve energy, especially during the late afternoon when usage peaks over the weekend. more than 250 people in tokyo were treated in hospital for heat stroke. wall street journal, we have no choice but to obey the government's request to save electricity except for the refrigerator and the computer i turned everything off. japan's electrical grid is especially compromised on top of reduced nuclear reactor capacity following the fukushima meltdown in 2011 and an ongoing closure of coal plants. japan is also facing a shortage of fuel imports from russia. in the coming days, people will have to find a way to stay cool without overtaxing japan's power system. natasha name al jazeera ah.


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