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or some of the media stories a critical look at the global news media aspect of also on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. around 3 quarters of sub saharan africa's cultural heritage is on display in western museums. that didn't happen overnight. we were rob color time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how european colonization remove tens of thousands of artifacts and the uphill struggle to reclaim restitution. africa stolen on episode one blunder. oh, now jazeera ah, russian missile strikes had a crowded shopping mall and central ukraine. at least 10 people are reportedly
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ah, you're watching all their life from headquarters in delphi and jedi navigator also ahead. major says bonds to boost. that's rapid response for 7 full to more than 300000 troops. to don accuses ethiopia of killing it, soldiers under civilian escalating cross board attentions says the troops died in clashes and an ocean emergency. how climate change over fishing on plastic waste or threatening marine life? ah, hello, breaking news out of ukraine or russian missile strike instead of crowded shopping mall and the city of crime and shook around a 1000 people are believed to have been in the building at the time of the attack. let's go straight to troll stratford. he's joining us from key for more on the
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attack. charles, what are you hearing or we have an update for you with respect to the desk and decile, and those that are injured according to the head of the civil administration of graham on shook. that have now been 10 people confirmed dead and at least 40 injured 21 of whom are receiving treatment for their injuries in hospital. we understand that this attack happened mid afternoon and on that shopping mall. incredible pitches, terrifying pitches of flames. a billowing smoke emergency services there quickly at the scene, we understand that it actually involves reportedly at least a what was described as a fire train was sent to the area to help put out that blaze. we've had condemnations across the board from ma'am, ukraine and officials, the latest which from the ukraine inform minister demi choke crew labor,
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who tweeted that. so he said that russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must face the consequences. the response should be more heavy arms for ukraine, more sanctions on russia, and more business leaving russia. we know certainly according to what sir the kremlin tells the world that they are trying to avoid civilian casualties in this rule. but even though the city of korean shows like many other cities that have been hit by missile strikes across ukraine in the last 4 months or a long way from these front lines crunch, it's around 200 kilometers from a sudden frontline, similar kind of distance to the east the ukrainians is saying that there were no strategic targets that sir could have actually been aimed at in this attack. what we do know though, is that the city's bridge crunch. it sits on the dundee per rivers. the cities bridge yesterday was hit by a russian shell that's according to the ukranian military saying that or at least
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one person was killed and 5 others were injured. so were certainly according to the president, this country, he was saying that there were around about a 1000 people in that shopping mall, emergency services, a saying that they expect more to be injured. those kind of figures with that amount of people in them all that would not be inconceivable. emergency service is saying they are continuing to look for bodies in the bud rubble. and we are expecting some sort of press conference by the local authorities and emergency services in the next few minutes. so we'll be able to bring you more dates in the next hour. all right, charles, we'll cross back to you as a man and that happens. thank you so much for the time being charles stratford reporting from keith. so as to warn ukraine, escalades nato has announced that it is going to strengthen its presence on the eastern flank. the military alliance wants to boost its rapid reaction, forces from 40000 soldiers 230-0000. on the 2nd day of the summit, g 7 leaders had pled slower solidarity with ukraine for quote,
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as long as it takes they've announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia, including impossible cap on the price of its oil. and earlier the ukranian president voluntary zalinski addressed the leaders by video link. he's asked for more weapons and says g 7 nations have the collective power to stop russia's advance. let's say bring in our diplomatic editor james base, he's in bavaria covering the g 7 meeting. so how would you assess what happened on the 2nd day of the summer, james? well, in terms of the main business, it was all really about ukraine. yes, there was a discussion about the global food crisis, but the set, the center of attention, i think was ukraine and i think it will continue to be in some ways. so the, the latest attack we've seen in the last couple of hours president zalinski addressing the leaders. and this time there was not an address that was then released to the media around the world. i'm told it was a closed and sensitive convert the conversation with the ukranian leader demanding what he really needs from these g 7 leaders. has he got what he needs?
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well, certainly he's got the words and they say they're going to do more and they're going to tighten sanctions. but in terms of the specifics, the ban on the import of russian gold, for example, is mentioned in their statement on ukraine. but it's not very specific about how that will work. and also you have this idea of a cap on the price of oil from russia that was certainly discussed that was pushed by some of the nations. but there were some problems there because i'm told that one delegation, president, macro of france said, well, if we're gonna have a count on russian oil, why don't we have a cap on the price of oil. ready around the world, and that may not get down well with some g 7 countries, which are oil producers and clearly won't go down well with some other countries that are pretty friendly with the g 7. so they talked so far and i think this is going to be the, the language in the communique about exploring the ideas and saying it's something
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they plan to do, but in terms of the scope and the detailing exactly how it work. because a mechanism like this is something that really hasn't been tried before. no details yet. all right, and no, james, one announcement that was made was by natal saying that it's going to boost as rapid response for some 40002300000. that's a pretty dramatic increase, isn't it? and what's behind this announcement? it's a dramatic increase, but it's worth telling you. it doesn't mean lots of new soldiers where soldiers are also already in nato armies. they're just going to be on a different footing. they can respond much faster. i think also important is the fact that nato has been reinforcing its troops along the border with russia along 8th the nato's eastern flank. they've added drum units there since 2014, since russian was aiden crimea, and they boosted them again in the last 4 months. well, they now are talking about those being more permanent. they're not using the word permanent, but they're going to preposition, air, craft,
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and preposition equipment and leave it there pretty permanently so that they can respond much quicker if russia were to cross one of those borders. the forces there at the moment are designed to be a trick while to stop russia for a few days until they get more there will, i think they're trying to have a more substantial force in all of those countries in the eastern area of the alliance. now the other important thing that's going on ahead of the nato summit, because all these g 7 leaders here, including japan, not a nato member, but as a guest are going to madrid for the nato summit. and there is a big thing there on the expansion of nato. a, you have sweden and finland who in may and said they wanted to join. everyone said yes, apart from turkey. and in the last few hours before that madrid summit starts 11th hour diplomacy is going on to try and solve the problem. we had a news conference in the last hour, from insult above the nato secretary general and magdalena anderson, the swedish prime minister, the native speakers general said that some sweden had already amended swedish law.
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it's a would launch new police inquiries into kurdish groups potentially would look at and request from turkey to l. x like people it would look at arm's exports and other issue that i'm turkey is concerned about. and it would add a session to the madrid summit. all about counter terrorism, which i said for turkey means kurdish groups that are there later pricing that he does not like. now will this assuage the turks? there is a last meeting before the madrid summit. it's going to happen a sort of mini summit before the summit. where the native sector again will sit down with president to turkey, the president of finland, and the prime minister of sweden to try and resolve this at the very final stage. thank you so much for medic, editor james baynes reporting from germany. also donna's planning to recall it, ambassador to nissan. about it comes after accusations, ethiopia is army killed. 7 suit any soldiers and one civilian, a spokesman for the sudanese armed forces that he killed the prisoners of war and
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put their bodies on public display. a senior, if you'll be an official, denied the claims decades a tension between ethiopians don, have surge in recent months over the disputed border area of flesh ago. each accuses the other a violating its sovereignty. let's speak to her, but morgan joining us from her to him. so tension has been building as we've been saying in the past few weeks. what is the latest on the ground right now? have a while following the statement from the spokes person of beth's nissan for the late sunday. since monday there has been confrontation between the sudanese forces and if you're being forth on the area of pressure, got 825-025-0000 square kilometer area that has been disputed upon by both sides for down. and if you, according to colonial agreement, signed in 1902, the land belongs to them, but for more than 50 years, if you in farmers have been farming on bad territory. now since monday morning, the sudanese armed forces have been launching attacks on territories and
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a few sites ask for their words. they say that they have been launching, archery strikes artillery strike on areas that are dominated or controlled by a few opinions. now the head of the city needs armed forces and the head of the sovereignty council general had them for the hon. visited official and met with the soldiers there to pay condolences but also to boot their morals and say that what happened on sunday will not be repeated. and he said that the response to the killing of 7 prisoners of war soldiers who are prisoners of war and a farmer will be met with reality on the ground. and it looks like the attacks that are, that have been launched by the good news on 4th is, is the response from the, from the army to what happened on sunday. there's also been, there's been reaction from political parties here and to me, as well as from the ministry all foreign affairs, if someone that if you can impact that to sedan, to complain against the killing of the 7 soldiers and the civilian. and they said that they're filing a complaint to the un security council. so obviously the tension between that and
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if you, if you're over alpha sugar is escalating. thank you so much. have a morgan reporting from cartoon. still a heads on al jazeera calls for a change in haiti, protest her say only a new term for an old president can fix the country's crime crisis and going dark. why people in tokyo are being asked to save electricity. ah, then the big circulating system over the rather warm black seas breeze flashed flooding and south coast of russia and is searching. it might produce some flooding in northern turkey with the persistence this rain, the big circulation around it has picked up the sand and dust in syria and iraq. we saw 1st of all the sandstorm in the north and then the seasonal winds picked up. we
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now got side of the air for the south in the rocks and in basra is keeping south is going south street q 8 and through the gulf in increasingly strong wind. and that is the sort of result. now that windy seasonal the sandstone to see some of the simply more of them to happen more than that average this year. and here's the wind for tuesday. the temperatures still in the forty's, the most part, the dust at his worth, possibly in land of a saudi arabia. it's counted by that southwest. the monsoons been in cellar, which really means cloudy weather here. but other words, hot, dry and dusty, it has been very hot around norden, iran and took my son. those temperatures are coming down. and some good news here with the monsoons advance, i think we'll see some right in somalia, shout neath european. and can you not a huge number, this is a drought written part after. of course, or any rain would be helpful for the south. the rain is light, but it's quite cold around compared with the average in place like zimbabwe, botswana. ah
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frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs. and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go to my security, and that creates a government has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the data. global headlines. this is can be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back. no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. oh, the me. hello again, the ups store is on hold and 0. russia also had
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a crowded shopping center in the city of crime and show killing at least 10 people around a 1000 are believe to have been in the building at the time of the attack. nato chief hand stolberg has called russia the most significant on direct threat to security. as allies prepare for a summit in madrid, the alliance wants to boost its rapid reaction forces from 40000 troops 230-0000. to donna's planning to recall it better to shop about following accusations. ethiopia, the army murders 7 to the soldiers and one civilian if you appear, says the soldiers were inside its territory and were killed in caution. i'm a lower court, has sentenced a catholic priest to 30 years in prison for the murder of a man with albinism. 12 people were convicted for the 2018 killing. with 5 handed life sentences, the judge says the replies to sell the tissue of mcdonald muscle. booker, after his death, the un says people would, albinism have been murdered,
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and faced physical abuse in the african continent. relatives of at least 21 young people who died in a bar in a south african township are waiting to find out what caused their death samples and the bodies have been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london and the eastern k province from the miller has more from johannesburg. families at this point, having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that ball on saturday evening, as these are unconfirmed reports. but some of the people who claim to have been at the ball on saturday evening of use social media to try and explain what happens saying that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that ball. there was some sort of spray used, perhaps the pepper spray with some sort of gas and again, this is unconfirmed,
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but it's most of the information that's come out so far from people who were at that ball that evening. so far the police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing tests to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get further shed some light on exactly what happened. but the families who are morning, the 21, people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived a full, others died later at hospital. and it seems that they are still civil bodies that haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially, people are waiting for the police to explain the events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning. favorite as prime minister boers johnson says the u . k. could pass legislation this year to ditch parts of the northern ireland protocol. the post bricks it agreement governs checked,
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fund goods being shipped to the region. johnson said the unilateral changes would be quote, relatively trivial. but the european union has said the move breaks international law and it's taken legal action. let's take a look at what the northern ireland protocol is and why it's so controversial. so when the u. k, left the you, a new system was needed to regulate trade from outside the european single markets that and potentially creating a hard border between northern ireland as part of the u. k. and the republic of ireland and you member. but that would tear up the peace deal and the decades of violence between pro irish nationalists and pro british unionists to avoid that the protocols, but the customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the u. k. some goods arriving from britain are now checked, the northern irish ports, the regions main union as party says that undermines northern ireland place in the u. k. is refusing to form a power sharing government until boars, johnson scraps,
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the protocol. you got barriers, unnecessary barriers to, to trade from great britain to normality. we all say is that you can get rid of our walls, not in any way endangering the you single, mature. how soon? how soon will that happen? i think we can do it just fairly rapidly, but obviously what would be this year? what would be even better? yes, i think we could do. we could do it very fast. but what did parliament living a butch? what would be even better in this? i think at least mistrusted for secretaries also said this is very clear, the even better is if we just get some of that flexibility. we need, you know, conversations with mouth of stuff to which and so what we were made optimist. charlie angela has more from london. this is the 2nd reading of the bell, but the 1st time m. p 's really get to discuss it. so we are expecting some pretty furious debate because although boris johnson has called this a trivial set of adjustments to the protocol. many here sir is
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a near rewrite of an international finding treaty. and just to take you through a few parts of the bell, the main crux of it is the creation of these 2 channels. a green channel for goods going from england to northern ireland, a red channel for those going from the u. k to the e. that's very similar to the express lane that the you itself was proposing. but more controversially, this bill includes an option for you k businesses to choose between e, you or british trading standards and undermines the jurisdiction of the european court of justice when it comes to trade. disputes of the you is oversee incredibly frustrated and that these very strong language that cooling this bill and legal and unrealistic and have already launch legal action. and there are now even rumors of a looming trade rule and also opposition and peace and a lot of conservative back bench. and he's a very concerned that this bill could be breaking international law. not only that undermining britons image home an abroad. so should the prime minister be
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optimistic? well, it is unlikely that we're going to see a large scale rebellion from his employees to day considering how recently he won that vote of confidence. but it's not going to be who the death toll is expected to rise after part of an arena collapse during a bull fight in columbia. pleased 4 people were killed in hundreds injured. barbara, congo, reports demand multiple levels if you would and understand it caved in. turning a popular bull running festival into a tragedy. several spectators were killed while others say they were lucky to survive. or to fight 8 boxes collapsed structurally, you can already see that it's a wood structural we. we are in very good when we saw the structural falling and i don't, we don't know me all day i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot
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and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stands crashing down one. when it unlocks, punish bull fighting animals are not killed at festivals, menace currently has members of the public are invited to enter the ring and torn to animals have been many cause to band practice. this has come up a legally in columbia before, but todd has banned the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago. in zillow. the event that he's referencing a northern city in columbia known for these both festivals in at $983.00 levels of the wooden balconies class and left $400.00 people dead. and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 19 years. but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again and 2013. so this has been a political issue. samples escaped to ring and run through the streets of our eskimo injuring bystanders. the incident may pump the incoming president to
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regulate the practice which forms a strong part of many colombians cultural identity. but for now, the focus is on treating the winter and finding out why the stadium collapsed. proper anger, pi 00 truck drivers and peru had declared an indefinite strike after negotiations with the government failed. a union representing about $400000.00 truck drivers, has been asking for an extension to eliminate fuel tax. inflation has spike in recent months and fuel prices have been rising since the war in ukraine began in april, a strike lots of violent protests and road blocks with the imposition of a curfew. in haiti, hundreds of supporters of the former president jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital to demand his return. they are angry about political instability and a worse than in crime rates. victoria gayton, b reports. ah,
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this is a country without a functioning government. its economy has collapsed its streets. a run by gangs of violent crime and kidnappings have searched the supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide. say only he can save haiti for gentlemen. one good. we've taken to the streets to appeal to president aristide because it's him, we won't, we won't aristid to be the transitional president because people are suffering. ah, haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. with a long history of political turmoil, patients voted in their 1st free election in 1990 electing aristide. but he was ousted in a qu less than a year later. or after the assassination of president jovan elma east. last july area henri took power on re, has broad political support from the international community. but he's been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new
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elections. oh, if the international community is to be a true ally of hazy, we are demanding. they collaborate with president audi steve. to save us from crisis, haiti still struggling to recover from a devastating 7 point to earthquake. the destroyed the southern tip of the peninsula last year. crippling economic conditions are likely to worse and as the political crisis drags on. when at a steed with residence, life wasn't too expensive. rise and oil, but cheap, indigo de makes everyone afraid. i'm tired of it. we want to see to be the president of the transition supporters of aristide say they'll continue to protest until they get the change. they say the country so desperately need. oh, victoria gay to be al jazeera, at least 10 people have been killed off to her tank full of talks. a gas fell from a crane in jordan's october port jordanians,
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state television is reporting that more than 200 people were injured. it says specialized teams are dealing with the leak and that it's far from residential areas. major flooding in southern china has force tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, releasing wrong. dong province have just released this footage of her rescue in the city of young day. the women were stranded in her car before being pulled to safety . gong is one of the areas that's worst hit as it faces record rainfall. people living in and around japan's capsule had been asked to cut back on their use of electricity. japan is in the middle of a heat wave after its rainy season ended early for the 1st time in decades. it's led to a surge and the use of air conditioners and to show the name reports tokyo feels like a sauna people in japan's capital have been sweating through the last days of june, with temperatures far higher than usual for this time of year. yeah,
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be great if i'm surprised. it's hot every year and usually it gets this hot after the rainy season. so these temperatures at the end of june are surprising. the rain in japan usually tempers the heat leading into july. but this year, a powerful atmospheric pressure system is stalled over the pacific ocean meteorologist predict the heat wave will continue. the government is worried about the impact on the electrical grid as air conditioners operate at full power. people are being asked to turn off their lights and conserve energy, especially during the late afternoon when usage peaks over the weekend. more than 250 people in tokyo were treated in hospital for heat stroke. wall street shall we have no choice but to obey the government's request to save electricity except for the refrigerator and the computer i turned everything off. japan's electrical grid
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is especially compromised on top of reduced nuclear reactor capacity following the fukushima meltdown in 2011 and an ongoing closure of coal plants. japan is also facing a shortage of fuel imports from russia. in the coming days, people will have to find a way to stay cool without overtaxing japan's power system. natasha name al jazeera. the world is facing an ocean emergency dance. the warning from the un secretary general at the start of the united nations ocean conference. antonio tara says, more needs to be done to protect marine life and people living in coastal areas. sadly, we have taken the ocean for granted. and to thy we face won't, i will, gall, a notion emergency we must turned the tides. global heating is pushing ocean temperatures to record levels ga,
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thing fiercer and more frequent storms. sea levels are rising low lying highland nations face inundation as do many measure coastal cities in the world. i pay car for the oceans, practice leader with w. w. f international. he says, climate change and over fishing is leading to the collapse of important marine systems. the agency of the crisis main and the implications of the crisis. so many people, as well as natural systems, means that many people have a stake in responding to this. it's certainly government civil society organizations, but also the private sector and investors. so it's been all hands on deck situation . i should, i should cross and send all stuff course well the, i'm the mentor role in stabilizing the climate festival that also century the
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oceans of supported the livelihoods of coastal communities around the world. in many developing and least developed countries, communities living in coastal areas remain quite profoundly dependent on unhealthy fish, stuck at fish populations have been depleted by the fishing and destructive fishing practices also by the degradation of coastal habitat like like men growth and those impacts that can pounded by climate change with thing, the decline and progressive collapse. systems like car race, the performance provide food for so many people. so the, the, the declining health of the ocean has, has quite profound impacts the humanity. but there is type. when do know how to turn around, but it requires a commitment and an action for all that's. that's one of the opportunities presented to us here this week at the national conference to redouble our efforts to trend like commitment interaction.


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