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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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this site's agreement witness documentary on al jazeera. the heart wrenching goodbyes, loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading wis to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters in dal, fine daddy navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes. russian missile strikes had a crowd and shopping all in central ukraine. at least 11 people are reportedly dent . nato says it plans to boost its rapid response for 7 full to more than 300000 troops. so don accuses ethiopia of killing its soldiers and a civilian escalating cross border tensions. ethiopia says the troops died in clashes, an ocean emergency, how climate change over fishing and pos like waste are threatening marine life. i'm people similar to the sports news 6, tom champion lubbock, jock of ich, is also a winning story of the fuse wimbledon. the best of the action on the way later this news, our ah
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hello, breaking news out of ukraine. a russian missile strike has hit a crowded shopping mall in the city of crime and choke around a 1000. people are believed to have been in the building at the time of the attack, straight to charles for he's joining us a more from key for more on the attack. charles, what are you hearing? that's right. yes. those casualty figures updated just a few minutes ago. that's according to the regional authorities. they're saying now 11 dead, a least, 40 injured 21 of whom are receiving treatment full their injuries in hospital. we've also had some lines that have come out from the national security and defense counsel of ukraine. they are saying that according to what they describe as preliminary data, the strikes were by x 22 air based cruise missiles fide from an aircraft to rockets fired at one they say hit that shopping center. another one landed in the cities stadium. what we also know about the city is like,
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is the case with many attacks by russia over the last couple of months. crunch of the city itself is a long way away from those front lines in the south and the east of the country around 200 kilometers, at least from those front lines. ukrainians, as always saying that these strikes were no in any kind of strategic targets. but it's important to recognize it. it was only yesterday that the bridge in that city, the bridge that crosses the denise per river was hit by a russian strike, then killing one civilian and injuring 5 others. but the pictures certainly of this attack are absolutely horrific and seeing that mole on fire, the year billowing smoke emergency services oversee trying to put that blaze out. we understand now that the place is under control, if not completely extinguished. we also understand that it involves having to get what was described as a fire training to come and help that effort in putting out the blaze. of course,
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russia continues. he says that it is trying to avoid civilian casualties in this war. but as we know, it was only yesterday here in the the capital city kid, where there were at least 4 or would describe as cruise missiles. i hate at 2 of them, at least hating civilian areas and one civilian being killed and at least 6 others injured motions. she served, she saying they are still going through that burnt rubble looking for moral bodies . and if it's anything to go by the kind of numbers that president zalinski was saying, we're in that role at the time. of course we can't confirm that, but he was saying that around a 1000 people were inside that the time of that strike, it would not be inconceivable if many more days are found in that rubble. all right, thank you so much. all stratford reporting from keys. so as the war in ukraine, escalades, nato has announce, it's going to strengthen its presence on the eastern flank. the military alliance
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wants to boost its rapid reaction. forces from 40000 soldiers 230-0000. on the 2nd day of a summit, g 7 leaders applied solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes, according to them. they've announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia, including a possible cap on the price. if it's oil or earlier, the ukranian president involved muranski address the leaders by video link. he's asked for more weapons and says g 7 nations have the collective power to stop rushes advance. let's bring in our diplomatic editor james base. he's in bavaria covering the g 7 meeting. so ukraine very much the focus of the 2nd day of the summit. james also can you let us know whether there's been any reaction from leaders over there on the latest strike that took place on a ukrainian shopping mall? the answer to that earlier on when you asked me was no, but actually we now have reaction from the u. s. the u. s. secretary state antony blinkin is here travelling as part of president biden's team at the g 7. he's set
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on twitter. the world is horrified by russia's miss our strike, which had a crowded ukrainian shopping mall. the latest in a string of atrocities were continues to more or ukrainian partners and hold russia, including those responsible for atrocities, to account, very much supporting ukraine was what presidents lensky was talking about, were told on this occasion. normally, presidents landscape addresses are made public. this was behind closed doors were told, it was detailed and sensitive. he asked for more resources from the g 7 in order to try and bring this war to an end before winter sets in. has he got that? well, they certainly say they're going to bring in more sanctions and do more, get more money to help ukraine. but anything new and specific, quite hard to find. one thing they have been talking about is trying to cap the price of russian oil around the world to try and starve president putin of money and his government of money. that is an idea. they've certainly been discussing this certainly going to continue to work on. but they've been some differences.
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preston, micron, france, i'm told, said, well, if we're gonna cap the price of russian or what are we cap price of all, all around the world and some others said, why don't we cap the prices of russian gas as well as oil? so some differences on the scope and also exactly how this would work because it's a pretty novel idea to try in the global economy. something has not been done before and requires a lot of effort to try and work out a mechanism to do it. yeah, and times how significant is the announcement by nato that it's finding to strengthen its presence on the eastern flank. this is important, and this is going to be one of those set piece. announcements are going to be ratified by all of the nato leaders. the g 7, for example, on their way after this summer ends to madrid, all of them including japan, nato, nato member that is invited as a guest. and they're certainly going to, i think, ratify this plan to increase the number of high readiness troops that they have available. these aren't new nato troops,
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but the nato troops that can be deployed much faster, and they're going to put more permanent and not using the word permanent, but that's what they mean more permanent resources into the states that are on the front line with russia. another important development with regard to the nato summit and diplomacy that is going to go on until the nato summit starts until all the leaders, including these from the g 7, arrive in madrid. and that's that going to be a now a mini summit that takes place before the summit. and that's because sweden and finland said in may, they want to join nato. all of nato said yes, apart from one country, turkey. they're trying to resolve this with some last minute negotiations that will be taking place in madrid. but for the summit, trying to deal with turkey's concerns the nato secretary general st. sweden has certainly gone a long way to try and address those concerns, even looking at turkish requests for extradition. and the swedish prime minister saying, as she was with the nato secretary general and brussels before they both go to nato, that she is reasonably hopeful that this can be resolved soon. and she said ideally
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before the full nato summit starts in madrid. all right, thank you so much and say is reporting from germany. sir lanka is sending to government ministers to russia to negotiate for fuel. as petro pumps run dry, the army has been deployed to the few petrol stations that have any fuel left to help implement a new rationing system. the government has extended a to a closure of non essential state institutions, and al fernandez reports from colombo. many here have wasted hours and days waiting for fuel. the sri lankan government says is running out no comfort to the thousands . like for bath. he has spent the last 3 days in a que may boiling melinda in the law. now, after waiting so long and getting 8 leases of fuel, we earn a few 1000 rupees, but we have to use part of that to buy fuel. again, what we're left with isn't enough to buy food, let alone bring up 3 children. the minister of power and energy says, shall anchor owes around $735000000.00 for early of fuel of shipments. and no one
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is willing to provide more. you see, must amalgam up. no company is willing to supply us with fuel without pre payment. we regret the situation in coming to that. we need 550000000 for fuel this month, but we only have 130 minute. she longed, has been running out to foreign currency to please the food medicine, fuel and cooking gas in days providing $4000000000.00 in credit. and some other countries have offered to help a u. s. delegation from the treasury and state department began talks with the government on monday. minister vi jessica says government representatives will travel to russia and cutter to try and negotiate fuel purchasers. with less than a day's worth of stock. the state petroleum provider is limiting what it sends to fuel stations and dollars have been a lot liquor. i am wondering how to divide to these lot among all these people,
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them. we give 30 liters for vehicles, 3 wheelers and motor weiss, a full tank. but of course, vehicles don't get through to the judges will have to stop hearing cases. so a gentleman from the u. this year, he's asking for fuel for judges. these are the kinds of challenges i face here. on monday the military began issuing tokens that assured the holder a guaranteed chance to fuel up when stocks arrive, but not all i can in seats practical system. i or i think the guy im, if an all goes off berlin, god willing that there are things will improve. i mean that there's no other bitter 100 living of than sri lanka. i would say if things are come into place, the government is struggling to find supplies, willing to provide fuel. and this means the hundreds of thousands of people queuing at petro stations around the country can only hope. and wait
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a minute. fernandez ojo 0 colombo want to moorehead on the alta 0 news ira including 12 people im allow, including a priest are sentenced for the murder of a man with albinism searching for answers. police in south africa trying to saw the mysterious dance of 21 young people inside a bar. the colorado avalanche when their 1st stanley cup in 21 years after beating the 2 time defending champions of the tampa bay lightning. that's coming up in sports. ah. so am a law we court has sentence a catholic priest to 30 years in prison for the murder of a man with albinism. 12 people were convicted for the 2018 killing. with 5 handed life sentences. the judge says there were plans to sell the tissue of mcdonald muscle bunker after his deck rate groups including amnesty international,
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calling for urgent action to protect people with albinism. it's an inherited skin condition that prevents the body from creating enough color to protect the skin from the sun. the disorder is very rare, but effects a higher number of people on the african continent. rates group say people, their face discrimination and abuses which are often fueled by superstitions. this has led to a trade in human bones and flesh in southern and eastern afro. the un says it's received hundreds of reports of attacks on people with albinism in the region. let so speak to bon face. massage was the director of standing voice malawi, that's an organization that works to defend the rights of people with albinism in africa is also a member of the malawi human rights commission. he's joining us from osaka in zombie. a welcome to al jazeera, so thanks so much for your time. first. can i get your reaction on the court sentencing? a catholic, priest, and other people for the 28 killing. what is your reaction?
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has justice been served? yes, i think a for us, this is read the they have met. so for justice, for people 5 in is in the in monopoly and across africa we have been i think cry ah force p dis and dissing and judgment for the key. lots of people. barbie news and so today reading mugs and by judgment that we have seen a high profile case ah, reaching gay conclusion are also we have seen as victims sit upgrading that b cody, it has been a long wait ah, for this judgment and we are so happy that all novel coach, i'll find out a good case rate. i mean this is not the 1st case of violence against people living with albinism, specifically in mental and malawi, as we're saying because of certain superstitions and beliefs of witchcraft. but in this particular case, seeing that one of the people sentence where the was a catholic priest,
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it just shows you how this issue permeates in many levels of society. does not yes, i think a why why we said a bit in this case, but it does demonstrate to do a different layout of the attack us on it to read. it shows that it's a well organized syndicate, the involvement of the priest, the catholic priest, the involvement of the police officer, the involvement of the medical piece, or now read it to this. people had to plan on how clinic this is been in the state level that we are taking not to penetrate. and we have to consider this as, as a breakthrough case, to show that it's not only the poor people, q p, p 5 isn't there, is it demanded is another layer which we need to push and ensure that we are, is individual. you also say that attitudes right across the continent need to be investigated and it's an issue that affects the whole of africa and crosses borders according to you. how much progress do you think has been made thus far?
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to tackle the issue and to change people's perceptions. yeah, i think your border now is to look at what i was african here. i didn't know that i think the most of it is how miserable it failed to protect it. but there is hope because the african union and not africa. and there is a process of appointing an envoy and i've been isn't to that effect. and we still believe that's the route that we should go to ensure that we are for a strategic responses, continental level, but also to national level. and it also be important for african state to be accountable on how to protect and promote tomorrow. so i've been using right using the action plan, you know, right. i just wanted to ask you finally, i mean, is that enough or what more needs to be done in your opinion?
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yes, more needs to be done. i think we need to invest more in the access to justice issues of access to we had that we're looking at avenues in from my oldest eco point of view. so it's not just the attitudes, but also how do we create your platform whereby people have been using what is it will ensure that you have access to education del accessing brain meet and he'd been in social life in our big spaces. so it's really a pocket you'll enjoy writing that we are visible post aboard in our voices. is it not only in government? i have been privacy, certainly not in our communities. are right about foss. massage. we thank you so much for speaking to us from somebody else. thank you. so donna's planning to recall. it's ambassador to addis ababa comes after accusations. ethiopia is army, kill 7 sous any soldiers and one civilian. a spokesman for the sudanese armed forces said if you can kill the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display, a senior, if you have been official, denied the claims, decades attention between ethiopians who don have surged in recent months over the
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disputed border area of alpha, each accuses the other of violating its sovereignty. we have to correspondence covering the story, so we'll get to chose standing by for us in the if you are being top so 80 sapa. but 1st let's go to him. morgan was joining us from cartoon. what more are we hearing from the sudanese side table? while hauling the statement from the sidney's folks army spokesperson that 7 a prisoner soldiers were killed and a civilian on monday morning, the the sudanese army launched attacks. they say on if you open positions along the border between sedan and if you appear the head of the sovereignty council, who's also the commander in chief, i general of them for their albert han went to unfair sugar on monday morning to visit the troops to pay his condolences but also to boost their morals. and he also sent a message to the soldiers and officers there saying that the response to the killing of the 7 soldiers will be seen on the ground. and it looks like the one of that
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response is the attack on the if you open positions by the sudanese army. now alpha is a 250000 square kilometer area that it's a 250 square kilometer area that is disputed by a dispute on between sedan and if you'd be for decades now, according to colonial agreement that was signed in 19 or 2, it belongs to sudan, but for 50 years, if he had been, farmers has been, have been farming fair. and that has created some kind of dispute intentions. now, since 2020, so disney's army have been pushing the few pins out of the territory and regaining control of most of the land. and that has created a lot of tension. over the past few months. there has been more of this been little skirmishes between the 2 sides. but since yesterday since sunday, it seems to have escalated and hear him how to tune the moon. his minister of foreign affairs, summoned if he had been ambassador to complain. the minister of foreign affairs also said that it has filed a complaint at the un security council, and that it will escalate the matter diplomatically as well,
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to sure they feel that they're not happy with what has happened. all right, thank you so much. have a morgan reporting from her too. let's find out what the if your be in government is saying about this, if anything at all, and speak to samuel get a child who's joining us sir, via sky from addie some of our samuel. so what were you hearing from the philippines? the ciocca government are waited until 5 pm past 5 pm. it's your been time to make a statement saying how, sorry they are. they blamed the t peer left again that he can left b being the provincial government. that's a great region where there is a conflict going on. they said they blamed them and they said their story and they're looking at some kind of resolution to bring this actors to the, to the table perhaps. but again, the sudan and yoga have had a historic relationship that begun a long time ago, a sudan hosting 1000. so for if you're gonna refugees in recent here, say lease your car,
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being host to south sudanese refugees. when south saddam was part pro for the sudan, but the children side had denied this the whole day and they admitted at night. but they seemed to be concerned. and there's a concern or just from the top inside from everyone that's a concern, was that what's happening in ethiopia? if this was going to be a conflict or a war with the, the sudan, it, i'd say to the conflict that still going on with to grow. i'm her. and our far that seems to be a uniform like problem across ethiopia, and a nation and a nation of her 100115 1000000 people. thank you so much, samuel. it's ciao reporting for us from adding some of our relatives, or at least 21 young people who died in a bar in a south african township, or waiting to find out what caused their deaths. samples from the bodies have been taken to toxicology labs. they died in the city of east london and the eastern cape province. farmington miller has more from johannesburg. families at this point to
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having to rely on eye witness accounts on what happened to understand what happened from some of the other people who were at that bar on saturday evening, as these are unconfirmed reports. but some of the people who claim to have been at the barn saturday evening of use social media to try and explain what happened. saying that at some point in an effort to try and close the club will get people out of that bar. there was some sort of spray used of perhaps a pepper spray with some sort of gas and again, this is unconfirmed, but it's most of the information that's come out so far, all from people who were at that bar that evening. so far, police have said that they are investigating, they have forensic experts on seen. and as you mentioned there, they are doing tests to determine whether there was some sort of poisoning or get further shed some light on exactly what happened. but it, the families are who are morning,
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the 21 people who were killed at least 17 of them were found dead at that bar. as soon as police arrived a full, others died later at hospital. and it seems that they are still civil bodies to haven't been identified. so they still appears to be a significant amount of confusion around what happened. and essentially, people are waiting for police to explain the events that took place in the early hours of sunday morning. british prime minister boris johnson says the u. k. could cross legislation this year to ditch parts of the northern ireland protocol. a post brick said agreement governs tracks on goods being shipped to the region. johnson said the unilateral changes would be relatively trivial, but the european union has said the move breaks international law and it's taken legal action. so this is what the northern ireland protocol is and here's why it's so controversial. when the u. k. left that you, a new system was needed to regulate trade from outside the european single markets
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that men potentially getting a hard border between northern island. that's part of the u. k. and the republic of ireland and you member. but that would tear up the peace deal that ended decades of violence between pro irish nationalists and pro british unionists. so to avoid that, the protocol with the customs border between northern island and the rest of the u . k. some goods arriving from britain are now checked at the northern irish ports. the regions main unionist party says that undermines northern ireland place in the u. k. as refusing to foreign power, sharing government until boars, johnson scrubs, the protocol you got barriers, unnecessary barriers to, to trade from great britain to know about it. all we all say is that you can get rid of those. i was not in any way endangering the e you think how soon, how soon will that happen? i think we can do it fairly rapidly, but obviously what would be this year? what would be even better? yes, i think we could do. we could do very fast. but what it parliament living
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a bit, what would be even better in this? i think this is this trust approach that could resource i said is it is very clear be even better if we just get some of that flexibility. we need in our conversations with mouth assessments and say, well, we remain optimistic. charlie angela has more from london. this is the 2nd reading of the bell, but the 1st time m, p 's really get to discuss it. so we are expecting some pretty furious debate because although boris johnson has called this a trivial set of adjustments to the protocol. many here sir is a near rewrite of an international finding treaty. and just to take you through a few parts of the bell, the main crux of it is the creation of these 2 channels. a green channel for goods going from england to northern ireland, a red channel for those going from the u. k to the e. that's very similar to the express lane that the you itself was proposing. but
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more controversially, this bill includes an option for you k businesses to choose between e, you or british trading standards and undermines the jurisdiction of the european court of justice when it comes to trade. disputes a, b, e u is obviously incredibly frustrated and these very strong language that calling this bill and legal and unrealistic and have already lot legal action. and there are now even rumors of a looming trade rule and also opposition m. p 's and a lot of conservative back bench. and he's a very concerned that this bill could be breaking international law. not only that undermining britons imaged at home and abroad. so should the prime minister be optimistic? well, it is unlikely that we're going to see a large scale rebellion from his m keys today, considering how recently he won that vote of confidence, but it's not going to be fully still ahead. on the al jazeera news, our report from ecuador were indigenous protesters of kidnapped dozens of soldiers
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during the past 2 weeks. going dark, why people in tokyo or be asked to save electricity in sports, peter will be here to look ahead to the women's roles. number one's chances at wimbledon. ah, then the big circulating system, overly rather warm black seas, please flash flooding and south ghost of russia and is searching. it might produce some flooding in northern turkey. the persistence this rain, the big circulation around it has picked up the sand and dust in syria and iraq. we saw 1st of all the sandstorm in the north and then the seasonal winds picked up. we now got side of the air for the south. the, the rocks and in buzzer is keeping south is going south street q 8 and through the gulf in increasingly strong wind. and that is the sort of result. now that windy
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season or the sandstone to see somebody simply more of them to happen more than that average this year. and here's the wind for tuesday, the temperature still in the forty's, the most part, the dust at his worth, possibly in land of a saudi arabia. it's counted by that southwest. the monsoons been insular, which really means cloudy weather here, but otherwise hot, dry and dusty. it has been very hot around norton iran and took my son. those temperatures are coming down and some good news here with the monsoons advance, i think we'll see some right in somalia, shout neath. yep. yeah. and can you not a huge number, but this is a dr. written part after, of course any rain would be helpful for the south. the rain is light, but it's quite cold around compare with the average in place like zimbabwe, botswana. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were
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many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just ego. meteorites, small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to wash and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. all 0 worlds joins the moroccan, know mice in their desert search for these gifts from a sky. head up here. no, i can tell that it's a meter i had it is it is i me to write morocco's meet you write hunter's on all josie lou.
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ah, hello again, the top stories on the al jazeera news, our russia missiles are at a crowded shopping center in the city of crime and sher killing at least 10 people around a 1000 are believe to have been in the building at the time of the attack nato chief, un thornburg, has called russia the most significant and direct threat to security. as allies prepare for a summit in madrid's, the alliance wants to boost as rapid reaction forces from 40000 troops 230-0000 suzanne as planning to recall its ambassador to addis ababa following accusations. ethiopia army murdered 7 sudanese soldiers, and one civilian ethiopia says the soldiers were inside its territory and were killed in clashes in ecuador,
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the interior minister says nearly 30 soldiers have been kidnapped, and a 175 police officers endured during the last 2 weeks of protests, the demonstrations are led by indigenous groups who have rejected the president promised to cut fuel prices geared more loss, so says he will reduce petrol and diesel. i $0.10 a gallon but protest her want a $0.40 cut. the national assembly is debating whether to remove him from office let to bring in our latin america editor this year new and she's joining us now from a creature. so lucy, a how tense do things remain on the ground? extremely tense were actually outside of kito in an agricultural community about an hour away. you can see behind me a huge a roadblock. it's one of many that have been set up. now this is a strategic road that leads to the pan american highway and all around the, the capital and on the roads leading up to the capital and other parts of the
9:32 pm
country. in fact, the strikers have been told to again, put up roadblocks and only lead food and medicine go through. this has been going on now for more than 2 weeks were entered into the 3rd week of this national strike . the president had gone on national television late on sunday, and again this morning to repeat that he would offer a 10 cent cut in diesel and a, and a gasoline as you just mentioned. but the strikers and most of the people were talking to in this town, say that that's absurd, that it's much too little, that it's not going to solve the problem. they want a lot more than that. not only of 40 st cut, they want subsidies for those who are most in need. now, just a short while ago, security forces moved into this town. there were running battles between the residents and the security forces of to tear gas into homes. we were told by many of the residents into houses with women and children. there have been a lot of people injured here. the police eventually left they, we could hear that there's some more action going on about 2 or 3 kilometers from
9:33 pm
here. so this is happening all around the capital and, and in the area surrounding it at this hour. and there's no sign yet that the, the, or the, the strikers and the members of the government will actually sit down and negotiate a deal in about an hour. we understand that there will be an attempt to buy thousands and thousands of strikers to move to an area near the presidential palace to meet with they say, with other members of the institutions of this country. but that doesn't sound too promising at this hour. lucille, how much a political pressure is this putting on the president the president is, of course, under a lot of political pressure, but he's not giving in to some of the most important demands of the the strikers. one of them is, for example, that there be a moratorium on the payment of debt. the other one is, of course, an a decrease,
9:34 pm
and a substantial decrease that will last not just for a month or, or a couple of months, but for a long period in the price of fuel and also to stop giving concessions to oil companies and mining companies. in the amazonian region, those are the 3 points that the government has not really wanted to budge on up until now. in the meantime, see that the situation remains very tense, very violent, and that is affecting the production of oil in this country. it's the main export oil production has now been reduced to less than half, and the energy minister announced just a short while ago. that unless there is a break through the next 48 hours, they will stop production altogether because they are not getting. they cannot transport their product, their, their fuel and they also are not getting the, the, the necessary supplies that they need to keep the oil rigs going and serious situation. thank you so much. lucille newman reporting for us from ecuador. now the death all is expected to rise after part of an arena collapse during
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a bull fight in columbia. at least 4 people were killed and hundreds injured. barbara and go for reports. this is the amendment multiple levels. if you would and understand caved in. turning a popular bull running festival into a tragedy. several spectators were killed while others say they were lucky to survive. or to fight 8 boxes collapsed like surely you can order the see that it so would structure we we are in very good when we saw the structure falling in ugliness. one who know me all day i fell from the 2nd floor and that's how i broke my foot and my right wrist. it was like a game of dominoes. it just swept around and brought all those stands crashing down one when it unlocks punish bullfighting. animals are not killed at festivals, menace currently has members of the public are invited to enter the ring and torn
9:36 pm
to the animals have been many cause to band practice. this has come up illegally in columbia before bulletin herds. band, the practice before it was overturned by the constitutional court several years ago in de la hold the event that he is referencing a northern city in columbia, known for these both festivals in at 983 levels of the wooden balconies class and left 400 people dead and 4000 injured and the town been suspended the festivals for 19 years, but then resumed again in 1999 before being suspended again and 2013. so this has been a political issue. samples escaped to ring and ran through the streets of our espionage, injuring bystanders. the incident may prompt the incoming president to regulate the practice which formed a strong part of many colombians cultural identity. but for now, the focus is on treating the winter and finding out why the stadium collapsed. papa
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0 truck drivers and peru of declared an indefinite strike. after negotiations with the government failed. a union representing about $400000.00 truck drivers, has been asking for an extension to eliminate fuel tax. inflation has spiked in recent months and fuel prices have been rising since the war and ukraine began. in april, a strike led to violent protests on road blocks with the imposition of a curfew. in haiti, hundreds of supporters of the former president jean bertrand aristide, have gathered in the capital to demand his return. they're angry about political instability and a worsening crime rates. victoria gate and be reports. this is a country without a functioning government. its economy has collapsed its streets. a run by gangs of violent crime and kidnappings have searched the supporters of former president jean bertrand aristide. say only he can save haiti for gentlemen wonder. we've taken to
9:38 pm
the streets to appeal to president aristide because it's him. we won't. we won't. aristide, to be the transitional president. because people are suffering. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. with a long history of political turmoil, haitians voted in their 1st free election in 1990 electing era steed. but he was ousted in a qu less than a year later. after the assassination of president jovan elma east last july area henri took power on re, has broad political support from the international community. but he's been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new elections. if the international community is to be a true ally of haiti, we are demanding. they collaborate with president audi steve. to save us from crisis, haiti still struggling to recover from a devastating 7 point to earthquake that destroyed the the tip of the peninsula last year. ah,
9:39 pm
crippling economic conditions are likely to worsen as the political crisis drags on when attitude was president, life wasn't too expensive. rise and oil were cheap into go, do you make everyone afraid outside of it? we want to see to be the president of the transition. supporters of our steed, se, they'll continue to protest until they get the change. they say the country so desperately needs. oh, victoria gay to be al jazeera, at least 10 people have been killed after a tank full of toxic gas fell from a crane in jordans, aka a port jordanians. they television supporting that more than 200 people were injured. it says specialized teens are dealing with the leak and ish and assure that it is far from residential areas in hong kong. security has entitled to head if an anticipated visit by presidency, jim ping,
9:40 pm
china state media says he'll attend the swearing in ceremony of the territory next, chief executive. the events coincides with the 25th anniversary, anniversary of it's hand over by britain to beijing. adrian brown reports she ging being was lost in hong kong in 2017. to march the 20th anniversary of the territories returned from british to chinese rule. this visit will be his 1st known trip outside mainland china since january 2020. until a few days ago, there had been uncertainty over whether he'd be coming at all. this followed an increase in coven infections with 2 senior hong kong government officials, among the latest cases. but at the weekend, chinese state control media confirmed she would be attending the ceremony on friday, although it didn't clarify whether he'd be doing so in person or virtually. i'm confident that the authority is called together with the security arrangements for the child is president,
9:41 pm
will make sure that the ceremony will proceed safely and there will be no real threat to the safety or security of the chinese president and his entourage to shield china's president from the risk of infection, hong kong government officials will have to quarantine ahead of friday, swearing in ceremony. a ceremony taking place close to streets where 3 years ago mass protest took place against china's growing influence. here. on july, the 1st 2019 demonstrate to smash the way into the local legislature. china's leaders eventually responded to the unrest by implementing a national security law that led to the arrest of more than $180.00 people, including elected politicians and activists. the hong kong authorities hope she's is it will prove the territory is a happy place. now, a false picture says one analyst. and so there is still this resentment,
9:42 pm
alienation, and hard feeling. i think about many people call, but they won't be on the street demonstrating this year mark. so halfway point of hong kong is 50 transition from british to chinese rule. during this period, hong kong was promised it's freedoms would remain unchanged. a promise that critic say has been undermined by china's hasse campaign against political descent. adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. india's military is stepping up efforts to get essential supplies to north eastern areas affected by catastrophic flooding. doctors and some states say a lack of clean drinking water is making children sick. the flooding displaced about 5 and a half 1000000 people and nearly 4000000 are living and makes shelters. the air force is dropping supplies to those whose homes have been flooded. major flooding and southern china has force tens of 1000 people to flee their homes,
9:43 pm
police and growing dong. providence have released this footage of a rescue in the city of the day. the woman was stranded in her car before being pulled to safety long. john is one of the areas that's worst hit as it faces record rainfall. people living in and around japan's capital have been asked to cut back on their use of electricity. japan is in the middle of a heat wave. after its rainy season ended early for the 1st time in decades. it's led to a surge and the use of air conditioners natasha. her name reports tokyo feels like a sauna people in japan's capital have been sweating through the last days of june with temperatures far higher than usual for this time of year. yeah, be clean if i'm surprised. it's hot every year and usually it gets this hot after the rainy season. so these temperatures at the end of june are surprising. the rain
9:44 pm
in japan usually tempers the heat leading in to july. but this year, a powerful atmospheric pressure system is stalled over the pacific ocean meteorologist predict the heat wave will continue. the government is worried about the impact on the electrical grid as air conditioners operate at full power. people are being asked to turn off their lights and conserve energy, especially during the late afternoon when usage peaks over the weekend. more than 250 people in tokyo were treated in hospital for heat stroke. wall street journal, we have no choice but to obey the government's request to save electricity except for the refrigerator and the computer i turned everything off. japan's electrical grid is especially compromised on top of reduced nuclear reactor capacity following the fukushima meltdown in 2011 and an ongoing closure of coal plants. japan is also
9:45 pm
facing a shortage of fuel imports from russia. in the coming days, people will have to find a way to stay cool without overtaxing japan's power system. natasha going to a l. jersey around the world is facing an ocean emergency. that's the warning from the un secretary general at the start of the united nations ocean conference. and tony, good tara says, more needs to be done to protect marine life. and people living in coastal areas and kenya efforts are being made to reply and damage coral reefs. but it may not be enough to save them. malcolm lab reports some of the world's most diverse ecosystems of found here in the coral reefs of kenya's coast. but they're under threat. one of these divers want to do something about it. the part of a foundation called refill ition that was set up after a series of devastating coral bleaching events in the indian nation. they rescued,
9:46 pm
broken pieces of coral and replant them on specially made structures. they say they're planting about $8000.00 carls a year. yet in patel, the project manager says it's working because they get to nutrients from all side. they grow very quickly. so piece which is this small in 6 months can become this bigger. reggie, the coral provides a crucial breeding ground for fish, which local communities depend on. replanting on the structures helps restore some of the marine habitat. this is where they made the project involved, the local fishing community to and employ some of them that subsist and fishers who are depending on, on this channel for the fishing activity can benefit one has a fishing area. number 2, they can also use this area for snorkeling activities. about half of the world's
9:47 pm
coral is already been destroyed, and scientists say most, all of it will be white out in the next 30 years without drastic action. one of the threats is industrial fishing trawlers, nets dragged along, the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can compare it with build dosing down a forest to try and get some deer, but then after that it will be no forest. no more dear, the same is happening to the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life in the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set the rise by more than 2 degrees. you compensate, you can get away with not reducing carbon emissions by having systems that can you conditions, request and things like that. we need to reduce polar carbon emissions possible and then counts on bio. replanting can help preserve existing corals, but if rising sea temperatures on stopped,
9:48 pm
they'll hardly be any coral left to replant malcolm web al jazeera, happy clark of the ocean's practice leader with w w. f international. he says, climate change and over fishing is leading to the collapse of important marine systems like coral reefs. the agency of the crisis names and the implications of crisis. so many people, as well as natural systems, means that many people have a stake in responding to this. it's certainly government civil society organizations, but also the private sector and investors. so it's been all hands on deck situation to i should, i should cross and send all stuff cor, well the, i'm them into a role in stabilizing the climate test that also centuries the ations supported the livelihoods of coastal communities around the world. in many developing and late
9:49 pm
developed countries, communities living in coastal areas remain quite profoundly dependent on unhealthy fish, duck fish populations have been depleted by the fishing and destructive fishing practices also by the degradation of coastal habitat like, like mangrove, and those impacts hounded by climate change with thing, the decline and progressive collapse, systems like car race, the perform provide food for so many people. so the, the, the declining help that the ocean has, has quite profound impacts to humanity. but there is hope. we do know how to turn around, but it requires a commitment and an action for all that. that's one of the opportunities presented to us here this week at the conference is to, to redouble our efforts to trend by commitment interaction. the lead on the others are news, our chaotic, the, the rough, a into rough, a major league baseball game. peter will have that story coming up and for them
9:50 pm
just use, ah ah
9:51 pm
ah ah ah ah, hello again. time for the sports news with peter. thank you so much. 6 time wimbledon champion of that, talk of it all to a winning started this year's championships. the defending men's champion faced kwan soon woo on since the court documents needed full 6 to defeat the 75th ranked south korean. it also means the 20 time grand slam champion is now the only man or woman to have one, at least 80 matches at each of the full majors in the open era. and the tennis
9:52 pm
channel's john worth, i'm says it's hard to look beyond joke of. it's for this year's crown, not the one of the youngest, those any more. and the things change a little bit, but the love and, and flame for this sports still burns in me. and, you know, of course, at this stage of my career, i try to always play my best tennis in the grand slams and really deliver, deliver the best tennis on this most significant chords in the history of our sport . and what can i say now that we got to 80? let's get 200 on tuesday australian bad boy, nick here will be an action against pull job. the unseeded player has only ever reached the wimbledon court. finally, once before, but tennis channel analyst on with the enigmatic curios cannot be discounted. i think a lot of people would love it and
9:53 pm
a lot of people would aided the curios is unseated, which is relevant because it means he has a very tough drop means that you're going to play tough competition throughout you've not had great success in terms of physical durability, he played tennis on his, her, he does a thoroughly framed physically. he doesn't really have a coach on the one hand, it would be a blow for doing things on eventually, and i think it also would die. it would definitely be a stop to be tended this the but i think if you look at this will draw, despite the fact that curios is really got to be up there and we talk about the contender on the women's side, british home crowd favorite m a read economies through the 2nd round, the us open champion, defeated belgium's allison, the fun earth, frank in straight sets on center court medical supplies. everyone last year with her run for the full, thrown a virtually unknown 18 year old and on to be swedish, qualify midian, brooklyn. 6163 can is he in 3rd seed has yet to win a grand slam,
9:54 pm
but she did become the 1st arab woman. so when a w t a 1000 and events now on tuesday will number one he gets fiance will capture the imagination. not only does she come into the tournament of the french open champion, but she is also on a 35 match winning hot streak. john with i'm says she is undoubtedly the one to beat. she's playing sort of a simulacrum a and i mean she's looks like we're playing a different sport from the rest of the feel and all the was on her with the 2nd conversation bob weeks ago. believe frederick and she delivered, she will filled all that expectation. i think the same thing is going to be true here. i mean, she has not last february 1, 35 that she didn't play any rock or tune up, which i think caused some people concerned. but, but i think it's actually probably a life decision to rest up and she is be overwhelming. favorite to win here. and when her 2nd grade major, the colorado avalon show the news,
9:55 pm
stanley cup champions of the dethroning, the tampa bay lightning a winning sundays game, 6 ended a long wait for the avalanche to get the title. joanna gush raska has this report. it's been 21 years since colorado last held. the stanley cup were gone away, but they've already left their mark denting ice hockey top trophy during their celebrations moments after receiving it all to the play of disappointment, which saw them lose in the 2nd round. each of the past 3 seasons, it looked like the 2 time defending champions. the tampa bay lightning might strike to deny colorado again back to the point of but nathan mckinnon pulled the avalanche level in the 2nd period before. mckinnon assisted artillery, reckoning making it to one. 0, did you go on? the avalanche then did everything they could to keep the lightening at bay. captain
9:56 pm
gabriel land is called losing part of his skate as he blocked the puck leading the ice on his hands and knees. as the avalanche held on the time to run out for temper to score again, ah, m austria not to look at the clock to mucho's just just trying to stay in the moment and then pier joy being able to throw the gloves off and experienced that again and i mean it's, like i said, it's so amazing to be able to experience with such a great group of guys. so awesome. i had been one of 2020 for tampa bay, kale macowski, did away with the playoffs. most valuable play a trophy of the scoring 29 points in 20 post season games. i met them cadre made history is the 1st muslim player to get his name on the trophy. the avalanche won the 3rd stanley cup in franchise history. ah, joanna roscoe al jazeera, england's world cup winning captain owen morgan,
9:57 pm
i said to retire from international cricket. under morgan, england won the 2019 title and reached the top of the one day and t 20 rankings. he's expected to make a formal announcement on tuesday after struggling for form and fitness recently. meanwhile, england's test team have visa, new zealand to complete a 3 no sweep of their series fits 296 for the when they conflicted by 7 wickets. joe root and johnny bass though put on an unbeaten match, winning $100.00 and. busy even run partnership to secure the windfall, new captain and coach ben stokes. sam brendan mccullen, american basketball player brittany griner has appeared in a rush and called for a preliminary hearing. she was arrested for the legend possession of cannabis. the olympic champion was detained at moscow airport. in february of 2 allegedly being caught carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil, but the u. s. says she's being wrongfully detained. a trial date has been set for july 1st. oh, advised me,
9:58 pm
guy artic scenes interrupted sunday's m. o. b game between the seattle mariners and los angeles angels. both themes got into a massive roll of the tensions over 2 days of inside pitches boiled over the school . this game was delayed by about 18 minutes and several blades from each scene to the managers who moved. okay, we'll leave it there for now. i'll be here again later with it later. thank you so much for that and thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera, we had you over for a seems in london, they'll have more news clamping. i'm with the saudi difficult. and so i la la, la, la national i is one on one the had he had a visit when i will cancel the philistines bitten the from the fish for. yeah. and the better for sierra that kind of little sob isn't done well,
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i can dish out in the car. there's topics here. how that if will sell thought they're not valuable. camella coffee and like in the, on the path on mcanerney in that a fee. alida is like a month to help audi. i mean for the shuttle in english. i feel really why did i can't even fucking at the hot criminal drug dealing shifted to places beyond the reach of the many people in the afghan government way involved in doctorate. gorilla was in columbia and to mexico, where the cocktails have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics territories on al jazeera ah award winning documentary from around the
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world on al jazeera, to some hello boat is a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple, that android today can be here for the humanoid. robots like me, will be everywhere, al jazeera documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. the origins of the species owner is here. ah. ready a russian missile strike, it's a shopping mall in central ukraine. at least 10 people are.


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