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tv   Witness Riders Of Destiny  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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nets dragged along the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can go parrot where bulldozing down a forest to try and get some deer, but then after that there will be no forest, no more dear. the same is happening through the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life in the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set to rise by more than 2 degrees. you can't, you can get away with not reducing carbon emissions by having existence at that add to new conditions of sequester, more carbon things like that. we need to reduce all the combinations possible, and then count on by diversity. replanting can help preserve existing corals. but if rising c, temperatures aren't stopped, they'll hardly be any coral left to replant malcolm web al jazeera. ah,
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the top stories here on al jazeera, at least 13 people were killed when a russian missile strike had a shopping mall in ukraine. it happened at the central city of cremeans shook. dozens of others were injured. g 7 leaders of called the attack. brutal avowed, russian president vladimir putin will be held to account. nato chief un stalson berg has called russia the most significant and direct threat to security. as allies prepare for a summit in madrid, the alliance wants to boost its rapid reaction forces from 40000 troops 230-0000 troops. meanwhile, leaders of the g 7 meeting in germany pledge to increase sanctions on russia and vowed to leave them in place for as long as it takes r. a new concept will guide those in an era or strategic competition. i expect it all make clear that allies consider russia as the most
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significant and bardic threat to our security. it will address china for the 1st time and the challenges that begging pulses to our security interests and values. a tank of toxic gas has fallen from a crane in jordan killing at least 12 people. local media reports around $260.00 people were injured to win the tank, hit the ground and burst at aga port jordan's only seaport. people living nearby have been told to stay at home and keep their windows closed. the shall ankin government is sending ministers to russia to negotiate for fuel. petro pumps are running dry to, to the countries worst economic crisis and decades. the army has been deployed to the few petrol stations with remaining stock to help implement a new rationing system and the government to shop schools and told employees to work from home until further notice. in ecuador, the organization leading the indigenous protests as it is agreed to hold talks with
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the government to try to end. the strike that has gripped parts of the country for 2 weeks, protest is, are angry, over high fuel prices. the national assembly is debating whether to remove lasso from office. okay, those are the top stories witnesses coming up, say with us here on al jazeera well lead us will convene in the very and else in the latest attempt to address the war in ukraine. and these financial pressure on the global economy, the g 7 meeting will be immediately followed by a nato summit in madrid, where expansion of the block and supporting ukraine will dominate, get all the latest developments on al jazeera. i got a
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a malicious label denying of people that culture to justify the exploitation of natural resources. that divide and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in the region leave the stereotype then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it? what's in a name? he'll be late, a witness documentary on al jazeera. what happens in new york has implications all around the world to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people. the mayor of the city announced that he was doing away with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch doing way in and then pulling back out again to some a rowboat is a mechanic or even that self driving train. the apple. but android today can be the ever, the humanoid robots like, me, will be everywhere. alger 0 documentaries, niche,
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the lead on the weird and wonderful world world books learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. the origins of the solution is owner because it lendue is a popular filming location in france. when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization, tired of negative stereotype. youth worker then ideally, is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the stories be, don't often hear told by the people who live them live newly would this is europe on al jazeera ah, who. ready ready as the war and ukraine escalades


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