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tv   101 East The Fight For Hawaii  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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tie a button, there will be no more life in the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set to rise by more than 2 degrees. you can't, and you can get away with not reducing carbon emissions by having existence that add to new conditions or sequester more car, things like that. we need to reduce all the carbon emissions possible, and then count on by diversity. replanting can help preserve existing corals. but if rising, see, temperatures aren't stopped, they'll hardly be any coral left to replant malcolm web al jazeera. and you can find a lot more on our website, including the breaking news out of texas and saying 46 people have been found dead inside a truck. suspected to be carrying migrants. is all the 0 dot com ah,
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this is all the 0. these are the top stories, police in texas 846 people have been found dead inside a truck, suspected to be carrying migrants. 3 people are in custody in connection with the discovery in the city of san antonio, 16 people found alive are being treated in the hospital. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to h. s. i. it is now a federal investigation turned it over to them about probably 2 hours ago. but right now we've got 3 folks in custody. the head of nato has called russia the most significant and direct threat to security as allies prepare for summit in madrid. the alliance wants to boost its rapid reaction forces from 40000 troops 230-0000. at least 16 people have been killed in a russian missile strike on
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a shopping mall in ukraine. it happened in the central city of cannon shock. dozens of others were injured. charles stratford has more from the capital heave. emergency services are saying that they are now still sifting through the burnt rubble expecting, potentially to find the charred remains of more people who were killed. we've also had some interesting information from the national security and defense council of ukraine. they saying that according to preliminary data, they believe that these attacks involved what they say were x 22 air base. cruise missiles are fired from an aircraft. they said that one hit the shopping mall. another one hit the city's stadium. a tank of toxic gas has fallen from a crane at the jordanian port of ark about killing at least 12 people. at least 260 people reported injured people living nearby have been told to stay at home and keep their windows closed. the indigenous movement that's lead more than 2
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weeks of protests in ecuador has been meeting the government to discuss possible solutions. leaders want a higher cut to fuel prices than the president is promising, as well as a halt to mining on indigenous land. and those, the headlines, the news is going to continue here on al jazeera in about 25 minutes time after one or one east. good bye. how and why did susan become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, and the home of aloha. these pacific islands are a slice of paradise for some, but nice ones, have
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a different story to tell him. i know he is being sold to call boy lee was not given. take i take take it it's a struggle for land, language and culture, forcibly taken from them, bugs, united states of america. this is a 5th, premeditated a system of thighs. we cannot consider a south american. we are not going to be quiet on one or one east. we make those determined to write these wrong and keep hawaii's, hawaii a ah good day that we want to build a long time for anybody. we're here 25 seconds to remain in the place. my staffing began, the most famous of all competition is underway on the north shore,
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the pipeline product. we'll check out this energy is hoping i fly among the favorites is 11 time, well champ, american kelly slider, later the hawaiian surfers like seth moneys, it's a chance to shine on home turf in the sport these islands gifted to the well, it's a great honor to see i am, i'm a native wyatt of white blood cell and i was very special to me. my whole family friends because they have on here. i mean down it's support. it's always awesome. we're so grateful to kick off the championship toward here in hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, the women, a tackling pipeline for the 1st time in competition. and the hawaiians a leading the charge, the non more so than hawaii,
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queen of surfing 5 time well champ, carissa molten casa, you can actually watch, like when they go out there, which really inspires people like me to, sir. do you, have you ever been at applaud like no, i'm not doing that. yeah, no, it is absolutely massive out there. why, why? oh my speech. when equal advice is that a separate type thing right now for saying broken board, but thankfully, not too much damage the services themselves on what a patrol behind me doesn't matter how big it is. they're out there, runs size. so this contest we keep on going most of the time just like broke elisha is broken, board, relate to 6 or 7 broken parts. it's pretty gnarly, rugged out. they're born and bred on a wa whose north shore per my whole up. healey is a member of the hot water patrol. none of our crew got injured so nobody gets
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a gone in their own car. out ambulance. murky on. oh, here, surfing in the ocean is about much more than a multi $1000000000.00 industry. it's the root of hawaiian culture for hundreds of years, hawaiians, even their kings and queens, served on wooden boards like these. like recycled boards. these are some of the boards i make. they are like old school style. back in the day. they're all like one piece like 22 feet, 7 meters,
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the most revered practitioners of this ocean culture, a known as the water men and women of the island. what makes a good waterman or a water woman? to me, i would say like the gracious notion and on land to culminating that in here life to where everything seems like surfing are like flowing, like the ultimate goal that flowed was best exemplified by god michael, the father of modern says at bondai beach, we have a welcome, visible duke dynamo, cool. last time he came to australia, he introduced the seth bonner to this country from his native. why, how much pleasure, the sport you introduced has brought to countless australians. ah, jukes aquatic prowess crossed from the ocean to the olympic swimming pool,
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where he won 3 gold medals for the united states. almost 100 years after his success surfing midas di booth. in the taco olympics. the women's gold medal was won by hawaii's curious, a more unlikely pro surfing hawaiians at the olympics, compete under the american flag for many a reminder of deep historical grievances. it was huge. yeah. the big deal. and boy, people were talking about it. oh, you didn't give us the flag arrow. no, as you still one. you know, we are our own country. there is no annexation treaty like we are actually our own sovereign nation illegally occupied by the united states of america. i with
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january, 17 1893. was the day that we lost our status as an independent point each and we were invaded by the us. and it was a small group of american businessman that over to our not peaceful nation and imprisoned our queen in our own palace. this whole history has been hidden from our people. it was part of the americanization colonization of what a lot of us grew up, not even knowing about the overthrow with these annual marches to yolanda palace began in 1993. on the 100th anniversary of the queen's overthrow. they were led by the iconic activists, the light, how not he k trucks might d o r r m e. and you must understand that they are our enemies. they took
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me to prison, dark green my language. i can, i can't, i can't, i can't hold it. but you'll see when i can, we will die. i am hawaiians, we will be american. mm. all to believe that when she's also strong words, it shook me inside though we are not american the she that we are. people who don't abandon the natural laws of our island in always distance color, who accrued is a community leader and a school principal resistance is not only how we get our them guy definitely receives that. we plan through resistance are going to get us control political
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control back of our lands on, but it's also medicine that resistance is how we ship in cordele with queen lily o kalani was overthrown by the plantation oligarchs known as the big fight. they transformed the islands into farms to mass produce sugar and fruit as the demand for pineapple group. so the need for more lab. so in 1020, to change the island over 90 and converted from a cat is covered island into the largest by no plantation in the world. over the decades. how i was also becoming increasingly important as a strategic base. and in 1959 became the 50th state of the usa. these triggers a boom in terrorism today. how eyes largest source of income. ah
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likely why kiki beach is the jewel in the crown of the tourism industry? every year, millions of visitors descend on this piece of sand today, a taste of paradise. but at the edge of the playground is a different reality. mm hm. these flip side is what indigenous filmmaker chris kona wants to well to see why q 2 is a story about contemporary boy initially for the film industry, boy was seen as hollywood backdrop. so, but you know, it served as
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a beautiful location for caucasian center hero. they shoot here, but the stories weren't created here and they weren't about here. they were just using here as an exotic location that's printed in detroit, for instance, right? the world starting to understand the value of authentic stories, right? the price of land has been rising steadily over the past decade. it showed up even higher during covered as mainlanders bought. island getaways boy is being sold to the global ions and the local population is competing against unlimited funds from everywhere. it's always rank 12, or 3 is the most expensive places to live in the united states. so it's either new york, south cisco, hawaii. how are they supposed to compete against that?
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like what kind of jobs to have. unfortunately, the only jobs that they provide for people in boy is far as jobs which are like servant jobs. right? so i guess servicing of population providing them with entertainment and an experience. it makes you like a servant to system. so you can't live outside of the system will outlined i the housing affordability, crosses it driving. a homeless epidemic state is one of the highest per capita right of homelessness in the us. native hawaiians have been hardest hit. it's hard to go anywhere on the island of the law and not encounter the problem. so i notice here in hawaii, no one says timeless
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a half or this place is like they don't belong here. then they actually have a hole in the fact that they can't afford to purchase a house. it's still their home with a short drive from waikiki is the one i bought. i hear a community of houses, hawaiians, a tackling the crisis together. twinkle bush is the camps matriarch or what. ready i've been here since all the way back to 2004 at that time was only 7 of us. and as people started coming with family all and just people in my camp. yeah, because my thing was i didn't want to get
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a keep stressing. i didn't want to see them speaking on a grown twinkle transform that makes shift camp into something more permanent today, around 250 people live here or a bigger than you work that actually works. yeah, that actually works for me. this is our own, you know, we don't have the privilege of going in and turning on all a so we can on that all the pipe to turn on our water. here we have generators. we're bringing only water. get the water every day. yeah. yeah. who? 22 year old john isaac moved here. 4 years ago. my parents actually moved in before i did. i was living on my own already. mm hm. but the house,
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what i was living with was getting evicted, so i never like be a burden to them. i think i always ask myself, what can i do? how can we get them know what can be built for them? i'm not saying that we 100 percent solution positive solution. 090. a why my kind of kamali hawaiians are looking to themselves. the solutions cloth for him is ground 0. i know kelly, who accrued is the principal at cobb. i own a carnival, a charter school that focuses on reviving hawaiian culture. when you give history to them at a young age, when you give culture and ceremony
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a language to them at a young age, they don't have to feel the loft like we did. you know, they don't have to take that punch in the gut that we had to had to take the generation of natives in this time period for them. it's hopefully lessening the load or the inter generational trauma that they have to bear. i we still believe in the sciences. we still believe in physics and engineering. we still believe in mathematics as long as the ethics that come from the wisdom of our ancestry are attached to them. in the valley behind the school is one of several u. s. military bases, the students regularly hear the sound of bombing from over the range. we tell them here that you feel that in your, in your stomach because i felt it in my stomach, it was like an earthquake. we can keep letting it happen without feeling the
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pain that the earth is feeling that the land of the creatures there. we have military families and their children here. so we're not necessarily preaching demilitarization, but we're teaching you to see that as a wrong law. desecration of land is wrong, ah, the overthrow, the one kingdom, the us armed forces have always had a presence in hawaii. harbour may well be the most famous military dice here in hawaii. but they reach extends much further across the island of a law who the military occupy more than 20 percent of the land. that's in a place where land is pretty hard to come by. the me adding insult to injury the u. s. navy
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recently admitted to lake and jet fuel into a law whose fresh water supply putting at risk around 400000 people who rely on this quarter. the travesty that we're facing right now with jet fuel in our offer. that is an example to us. navy does not embrace our values. they don't understand waterfall, they don't understand how to care for natural research. they don't not, they don't care about anyone downstream. the water crisis has emboldened cold for the state of hawaii to cancel the military's leases juicer renew in 2029. it has also amplified the debate about stolen land. if we still had our land base, we would not be like this. this is a 5th, you know, premeditated a system that ised. and it took it from our
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a lead through from our chiefs. they took it from the royalty. they took it from all of our families, historically saw that they had the land days because land, you know, bills generational well. and they could control the resources, they could lock up the water, they can lock up the food that lock up, the ability for play to self esteem. i in a valley not far from school. some of that land is being taken back after leaving almost 20 years in a boat hob, a camp twinkle, and had team building a permanent home for their community. last 5 years, i kept telling people, you know, people on my team and they would laugh when i said this going to be home 5 years. i passed this gate as it is going to be all, well, this is where here through
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a mix of donations and grants. twinkle was able to purchase is 20 acre parcel of land. the primary duty note ohms, bringing up people try to work towards being show, sustaining terms of growing food and power. yeah. yeah. and guess what the old when you're running water. amazing. now what i'm doing, doing the things that i am doing today today able to help my sam, you know, to be little bit more productive. amazing. for twinkle, the main focus is giving the next generation a better start. i mean, for my kids. and so adam in with the school, my pay days is when my kids bring me all the diplomas ashby might be
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on sacrifice for me, but at the end it'll be a reward. yeah. to see the accomplishment to cedar does the cycle it a breaking put air from you know just to get ahead ask oh hey. across the islands there is a growing movement to cape how why hawaiian back on the north shore. palmer knows that the tide is turning kind of like a modern high and renaissance. everyone is becoming more educated about and how to deal with it. my daughter is in 5th grade, and in a lot of i. e. i'm in 3rd grade. and so it's funny to come home and have conversations about school and i'm generally speaker and her as much as i can see
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better than your debt. he's learning. so kind of it's fine. i was day at the pipeline pro and the water patrol is back to work. my takes me for spin on the jet ski. check out the conditions, up close with pride of the whine, crowd, seth, moneys, he surfing against the greater civil time. kelly slider said support crew is firing up into 30 already
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30 years. i free 1st one here at pipeline slider. does it again claiming this historic victory slider pacey's respect to the islands of hawaii. everyone who comes on why should should take her this place and really respect the culture and the locals. and in realize it's, it's their home and it's, it's your place to visit but, you know, take care of it. mac, after it is really special and i'm just, i'm happy i can, you know, make them proud. i made to apply it all. you know, we're almost there one spot off, but like i'll be here for a long time and center teacher. the women's final isn't full hawaiian affair. the favorite carissa mall and local wild card,
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milan at jones wall. today. it's not curious as dag molina is crowned the 1st queen. wow. i used to be that kid on the beach reading through disney. and i really just watching the play math all the time. like think, you know, now you can go out there to, to come out here like when the content like an actual giant arm is kind of like, this is insane. everybody came down to watch me screaming for me just like so much report and i couldn't have done it without them in tomorrow. that was a big result. you know. ready there's like 3 out of 4 people in finals from boy. huge was really calling to see that go down in history with the well to amazon in the birthplace of surfing. the
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message is clear, toys we just want to be home in hoyde, be high, speed call, live high and longer you stay alive. the longer people remember like we're here. but if we stop down the line, people stop talking about us. this pair. gotta keep practicing, right. a right here. i be getting a
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high ideals, the french republic, islam for a claim, but just what is modern, france in a 4 part series. the big picture takes an in depth the trouble with france episode one on al jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. the only challenge square features $21.00 white forces, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. with detailed coverage and with from around the world for the 1000 gathered here. that will read, you know, the mind of go to go home, remain unchanged. lou criminal drug dealing sifted to places beyond the reach of law and order for many people in the afghan government way involved in the drug trade. gorilla was in columbia and to mexico,
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where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics. however, when those territories on da 0, in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you've gone solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could get 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and must all be convicted for taking my father away from me. and expose is the influence, the former a part i just stablish mon, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people impair investigation on al jazeera. ah. that leads 46 people are found dead inside a truck of the u. s. state of texas.


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