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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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ah, and mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics, allan territories on al jazeera. in 19854 young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you gone solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. they must all be convicted for, kicking my father away from me and exclusion. the influence, the former a party to establish mon, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people impair investigation on al jazeera. ah. that leads 46 people are found dead inside a truck in the u. s. state of texas. ah,
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i'm not clog, this is out 0 life and there are also coming up international condemnation after a russian missile hit to crowded shopping. well, in the ukranian city of crimson took g 7. lead is called it a war crime, a chlorine explosion at jordan's ac about port kills at least a dozen people and inches more than $200.00. apostle shot down in sri lanka, the government holds non essential fuel sales. the 2 weeks is the economic crisis worse. ah, so in what appears to be one of the was cases of micro dust and united states in recent years at least $46.00 people have been found dead inside a truck in texas. the discovery was made on the outskirts of san antonio. 16 people
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found alive at being treated in hospital paces that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat, stroke, heated soft in ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no visible working ac unit on that rig. let's cro straightaway to roseman jordan. he joins us live from washington. d . c. a rose. what more? we now at this point. well, the situation started unfolding about 4 hours ago. and that's when a worker at a facility in a nearby industrial yard heard someone screaming, went out and called 911 that's when authorities showed up at this truck, which was parked on a road outside this industrial yard. and discovered the 46 dead people, as well as the other 16 people who were then taken to nearby hospitals for heat exhaustion. and in some cases, heat stroke. and which means those people were very close to perhaps dying. it was
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a very hot day in san antonio, which is in southern texas, temperatures in the upper twenties on some, suggesting perhaps in the low thirties and inside a truck without air conditioning. the temperatures were even higher. now, authorities did say they have arrested or, or detained. i should say 3 people, but it's not clear whether they are it connected to the situation with this tractor . trailer being found on the side of the road authorities did spend some time on monday evening looking through some nearby woods to see if there were any other people who might have been connected to this truck either as passengers or perhaps involved with the movement of the truck, but so far they haven't found anything. now this is an investigation, even the local police and fire departments are responded. it's now being conducted
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by the department of homeland security, which does suggest that this could be, and i stress, could be a human trafficking case or a rosalie there for the moment. thanks very much. i. let's be to john holden, who joins is from mexico city a john, what reaction you hearing from the well, the met confirm minister is been really active, actually mostly on twitter, giving out information about this. some of it is already going out in the u. s. press the fact that 16 people have been taken to hospital. he said in the group of those 16 people taking the hospital to people from guatemala, been identified and full minus. and he also says, interestingly, especially will rose after what rose to said that the trailer actually had a place that will put on us place on top of a place which is just in the same place. and he said after that, it's very probable that this was done by people smugglers. so that sort of
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information that's coming from it's can foreign ministry. this is something in terms of people by people smuggling groups being taken up this route from central america or even further south through met going to the united states. that happens quite regularly. we've actually followed and tracked a convoy of those of those trucks heading north through the state of chapters in the very south of mexico in the past. and another time we followed people going all the way up to the us border. and it has resulted in tragedies before. it was early in december of last year, 2021. when even more people, more than 50 people died in the back of the trailer, in that 7 state chapters when they were involved in a road accident. so this is something obviously that people are doing because they're desperate they want to get to the united states. they want to avoid the checkpoints that especially in the south of mexico. there's, there's, there's different checkpoints trying to stop. people get through the larger
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criminal groups in mexico, some of them are invoked in the trafficking people to get them up that route to the united states. and people can pay thousands of dollars to get up to that route. but obviously the conditions in which they're being transported are far from ideal as the tragedy of tonight's, where there was a lack of air conditioning obviously, and people suffer from heat stroke. can that truck indicate or i, john, thanks very much indeed. and bring more in the story as we get it. not least 16 people have been killed after a russian missile hit a shopping mile in ukraine. it happened in the central city of cremeans. chuck, dozens of others were injured. charles traffic has his report now from keith. the shopping mall in the city of crimean shook in central ukraine was reportedly full of people when the russian missile hit ukraine's president laudermill zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside at the time versus kilda. delane with senator of come in today,
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today's russian strike on a shopping center in chrome and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in european history over a peaceful city. an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilians, believe in this is not a mistaken hit by missiles. this is a calculated russian strike at the shopping center feature. as the place sprayed emergency services battled on the billowing smoke to put out the fire, ukraine's national security and defense council said, preliminary data suggested the strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft. it said the other hit, the cities, sports stadium will be. this is how the shelves look in the supermarket. this is what the russians did, but it's scary to imagine the horror people can suffer by simply going shopping. ukraine's foreign minister dimitra co labor tweeted russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must face the consequences. the response should be
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more heavy arms for ukraine, more sanctions on russia and more business leaving russia. ukraine and authority say there were no strategic or military targets near the shopping. more on sunday, ukrainian military said a russian missile hit the city's bridge of the deep or river killing one person and injuring 5. moscow says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties, but hardly a day goes by when a civilian is not either killed or injured in a russian missile strike a long way from the front lines. charles, raffle al jazeera, give g 7. lead is made in germany, a cold event strike a war cry mer, nouns, plans to impose more sanctions on russian pledge solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes stat rassen reports. now from the summit, with 18000 police officers guarding the summit. these protesters wrote a lock and try to grab the attention of the leaders urging the g 7 to the
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everything possible to stop the war in ukraine. a statement of good, we're talking about the war, the destruction of the world, the climate catastrophe. and we want to share our protest inside the castle, ukrainian president lansky invited to attend fire. video link was asking for more weapons. telling the g 7 leaders. he wanted the war to be over before winter for their party. united states announced it would st. new advance air defenses them to ukraine. while g, 7 leaders, disgust increasing military fire power. nato chief install to burke in brussels, announced a large expansion of battle ready troops. we will strengthen our forward, the fences. we will enhance are battle groups in the eastern part of the alliance, up to brigade levels. we will transform the nato response force and increase the number of our high reduce forces to well over 300000,
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such massive numbers, making this the biggest overhaul of nato's deterrence since the cold war. i isd these are creek, so it is clear that this war has a very deep impact on international relations. as i said before, i see russia's attack on ukraine as a turning point. all international rules of corporation have been broken, especially that borders can't be changed by force. we as g several agree that these will be long lasting effects and will stay with us a very long time and influence international relations for a very long time. it's been a delicate balancing act here at the castle 1000 meters high, libertarian out how to increase brush on russia, and continued to support your grain while making sure that sanctions won't back fire on cheese 7 economies. developing countries are also played a very high price, indonesian president joke away, daughter invited as one of the guests to the summit, urged the g 7 to find
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a solution to the food crisis. hitting developing nations as a result of the war to gather with un secretary general until you good terrorist leaders discussed ways to lift a blockade of ukrainian food stocks with widespread humanitarian disasters looming and the war and ukraine. ongoing. g 7 leaders will leave the bavarian alps with multiple crises unresolved next on their agenda. the nato summit in madrid. later this week, steadfast and al jazeera in garbage parked and kia were the new u. s. ambassador to ukraine has been sworn in philly imposed that have been up to you for more than 2 years. bridget brink was nominated by president joe biden. in april, a nomination process was fast tractor. the senate unanimously confirmed to re may. the previous ambassador was recalled in 2019 for standing in the way of been president. donald trump's efforts to pressure came to investigate joe biden. and his son hunter, a tank of toxic gases, fallen from a crane in jordan,
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kill you. at least 12 people they will meet is at least 260 people injured when the tank fell and burst open in the portal back of a people living nearby. i've been told to stay at home and keep the windows closed . though the cook top is jealous base and a man, he describes what happened this ship was supposed to be heading to g booty and about $525.00, a month of jordan time. this accident happened exactly what happened is not clear, but some, something happened that burst container and a had to chlorine and it spread out to 2 people in the area, killing and injuring people. and most in jordan is there also other national guarantee among those were injured initially. yes, there was almost locked down on on. but i just spoke to a friend who runs a beat to shop in downtown bar. and she said things are back to normal in the city,
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but the area near tele bay, if you know the area near the port is closed off and the r e s come in, the prime minister flu for my helicopter to alco bar. and the crown prince follow up with the crisis center. they are trying to take command of this in the army. apparently they can control over cleaning up the employees in the chemicals that cause the death. it's not clear whether the forward is going to be effected, whether it will be delays and already we're having a lot of the nathan, the shipment. the thing though is that the continues that could have an effect on prices on them, on the availability of products, especially the food chain is always been and vulnerable, and especially in the day because of the cold when there is not a lot of stock in the need so these are the issues that people are concerned about, but that's, i think that's why the army has been brought in to kind of clean up as quickly as
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possible so that there won't be a long delay in the delivery zip codes. still ahead here in al jazeera ah morning in mexico, the motor to judgment, priest spotlight on government failures to cope violence and an ocean emergency health climate change over fishing cluster ways with marine law. oh hello. then it's up to north america. we started the week of the build up of heat in the south and more western areas, but things are changing. we are going to see things cool down along that west coast, and instead it'll be the east that starts to clear. we will see lots of sunshine come back and temperatures pick up. now the wet and windy weather is once again
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pulling into western parts of canada. after a brief break, we'll see that wet weather skirting more inland, turning winter, as it edges into central canada. but along the west coast of the us, it is a fine and dry picture temperatures here, slightly down. it is starting to cool on the monsoon rains will continue to fall across the desert south west. now if we edge across to the east coast, we can see that system pulling out to sea leaving behind clearer conditions for cities like new york and washington d. c. and if we have a look at the 3 day, we are going to see the temperature continue to climb a lot about heat coming through and lasting through to the weekend. it's wet or further south of this for the some of those se states on wet or across many of the caribbean islands like cuba wetter as well for western areas of mexico. some of the heavier falls to be found in costa rica and panama, and we are seeing some very heavy rain fall across the wind and islands. thanks to a tropical wave. that's moving its way west. ah
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oh, oh. ready oh, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go. ah ah
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again you watch out 0 mind about top stories this hour and police in texas say 46 people have been found dead inside a truck. on the outskirts of san antonio, 16 people who are alive are being treated in hospital a tank of chlorine gas is fallen from a crane at the jordanian port of actor by kennedy. at least 12 people. 260 people with into this. well, people living nearby were told to stay at home, keep them windows. at least 16 have been killed in a russian missile strike on a shopping mall in ukraine, top and in the central city of kermit, dozens of others were injured. a passenger train has derailed in the u. s. state of missouri kelly, at least 3 people in drink dozens more young truck service was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it collided with a dump truck at a rail. crossing 7 calls and 2 locomotives derailed for longer is shutting goals and limiting the sale of fuel to essential services. for the next 2 weeks,
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petro pumps would be running. dr. made a deepening economic crisis, and the government has administered to russia to buy fuel reserves. hit rock bottom, no financial reports now from columbus. many here have wasted hours and days waiting for fuel. the sri lankan government says is running out. no comfort to the thousands like for bath. he has spent the last 3 days in a que may boiling melinda in the law now after waiting so long and getting out leases of fuel. we earn a few 1000 rupees, but we have to use part of that to buy fuel a game. what we're left with isn't enough to buy food, let alone bring up 3 children. the minister of power and energy says, shall anchor owes around $735000000.00 for early a few of shipments and no one is willing to provide more. you see, must amalgam up. no company is willing to supply us with fuel without pre payment. we regret the situation and coming to that, we need 550000000 for fuel this month. but we only have 130 minute. she
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longed, has been running out to foreign currency to please the food medicine, fuel and cooking ass in days, providing $4000000000.00 in credit. and some other countries have offered to help a u. s. delegation from the treasury and state department began talks with the government on monday, minister v. jessica says government representatives will travel to russia and cutter to try and negotiate fuel purchasers. with less than a day's worth of stock. the state petroleum provider is limiting what it sends to fuel stations and dollars have been a lot victim. i am wondering how to divide to these lot among all these people, them. we give 30 liters for vehicles, 3 wheelers and motor weiss, a full tank. but of course, vehicles don't get through to the judges will have to stop hearing cases. so a gentleman from the u. this year, he's asking for fuel for judges. these are the kinds of challenges i face here. on
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monday the military began issuing tokens that assure the holder, a guaranteed chance to fuel up when stocks arrive, but not all convinced. it's a practical system. i hope for things that i am, if and all goes off velan, god willing that her things will improve. i'm in the there's no other bitter country living or than sri lanka. i would say if things are come into place, the government is struggling to find supplies, willing to provide fuel. and this means the hundreds of thousands of people queuing at pepto stations around the country can only hope and wait minute fernandez, ojo 0, colombo, the truck drivers in peru have declared an indefinite strike after negotiations with the government over fuel prices broke down a union representing about $400000.00 drivers has been asking for a fuel tax waiver to be extended. prices have been sorries, is watney crane,
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began the indigenous movement that lead to more than 2 weeks protest in ecuador has been meeting the government to discuss possible solutions. indigenous leaders rejected a promise by president g m, or lesser, to cut the price of petrol and diesel by $0.10 a gallon. they said it wasn't enough. now, asking for cut of $0.40 per gallon as well as a halt to mining on indigenous land. a latin america editor to see a newman is that those talks in kito. we are inside the basilica right now, and that's where the talks are taking place. this is the 1st serious attempt, if you like, of a dialogue of a negotiation, if you'd like to call it that between the government side and the indigenous strikers are led by the confederation of ecuador, and indigenous peoples. a short time ago, the government spokesman spoke, it sounded angry when he responded to some of the charges from the leadership of the indigenous union. saying that even though that he recognized that there were
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a lot that there was a new quality and that many of their demands were just, the government could not go sheet with a pistol up to its head. that the, that the indigenous strikers were not able to guarantee security in the country or infiltrators that were causing destruction to the country, vandalism. very, very tough words. he also said that while it was fine to consider the 10 demand that the confederation has, has made, they would, there was absolutely no way that any government would agree a priori to meet all of those demands. so right now, it's very difficult to say whether or not they will finally leave this facility, go with an agreement or even a partial agreement. meanwhile, there are still roadblocks all over the country, especially around the capital that are stopping trucks, food, some degree of food is getting through, but the fuel and other another basic goods are not arriving in the capital and another parts of the city of the country. rather because of this strike,
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which is now in its 3rd week representatives of the us government in venezuela for talks, the state department says they will discuss the situation of american citizens and president nicholas madeau confirmed the visit comes with us is under pressure to ease restrictions on venezuelan oil exports as a result of sanctions on russian fuel to implement because you can read, i have a message here from jorge rodriguez, the president of the national assembly. because jorge rodriguez is right now receiving a visit from an important delegation from the u. s. government which arrived in venezuela 2 hours ago. they are here to continue the context, begun on march 5th, and to continue work on our bilateral agenda between our 2 governments. but not only police in india have arrest because founder of the top of fact checking website news i'm hammered. zubair has been a vocal critic of prime minister and the rent remote is government is often called out hate speech by hindu. right. when groups on the internet,
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there had also exposed controversial comments about the prophet mohammed by a former b. j. p. spokeswoman police accused him of provoking religious outrage committee to protect jealous as condemned the arrest. the ethiopian government is blame rebels from to grey for killing at 7 sudanese soldiers and one civilian who were reportedly captured last week. this follows sudan denounced that it will recall its envoy to meet you on sunday. cal team said if you have your forces executed the prisoners of war and put their bodies on public display, decades of tension between the p. u answer have surged in recent months over the disputed border area of office. i got the coffin connelly's independence here at patrice. lumber has arrived at its final resting place 60 years after his assassination. the longer his last known remains a gold tooth will be buried in chester and a 5 day to cross the country where people lined the street on him. remember played
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a major role in the democratic republic of congo to fight for independence from belgium. he was abducted and assassinated in 1961. funerals have been held. the 2 jesuit praise to a murder that makes consider chihuahua. the killings have put the spotlight on the government's failure to reduce violence across mexico. manon propeller as historical funeral services through to jesuit priest who were killed in northern mexico last week. members of the indigenous grad moody community performed a ritual dance to honor the 2 priest fucking moda and have yet campbells who were killed during an alleged encounter with a wanted drug trafficker moore from mad he is a martyr to me. because whenever i talk to him, he said that his life is a unique came municipality, and that he would give his life for the communities. and he gave his life the killing of the priest,
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sent shock waves across mexico. and frustrations are growing over worsening violence, as are criticisms of the mexican government's failure to curb homicides. themes, if you handle those or can we continue to demand justice that the federal public security policy be changed? because this is not working, no matter how much the authority side that it is working, nothing is going to change of homes. and i'm going to like i'm, you have no violence in mexico is at its highest point in decade. statistics suggest that nearly 100 people are murdered in the country every day. the catholic church says mexico is going through a historic wave of violence. even pope frances has expressed deep concerns over the crisis quantities shawnee mesh. so many killings in mexico. i am close with my affection and prayers to the catholic community that's been afflicted by this tragedy. once again, i repeat violence does not resolve problems,
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but creates unnecessary suffering. mexico's president and businessman to win lopez over other condemned the killing of the 2 priests. but the president has also drawn criticism. after being asked about the growing public outcry over his national security policy. doesn't know, vamos, we're not going to modify our strategy. we maintain that human beings are not evil by nature. that is the circumstances that lead some to take the path of anti social behavior. oh, following the deaths of the priests in the state of chihuahua. catholic bishops in mexico have called on the mexican government to host a national dialogue with the goal of taking concrete actions to build a path toward peace. when will it up? hello al jazeera, elaine's one person has been killed and 7 others injured in the 1st fatal tornado to hit the netherlands and 3 decades clean uppers now underway. in the southwestern city of zurich, z rooms were blown off homes and trees toppled under cars. the emergency services
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have mounted a major operation in the area. now the world is facing an ocean emergency. that's a warning from un secretary general at the start of the united nations, h a conference. and so i think a terrorist has more needs to be done to protect marine life and people living in coastal areas in kenya, efforts to be made to report damage coral reefs. but it may not be enough to save them as well as this some of the world's most diverse ecosystems a found here in the coral reefs of kenya's coast. but they're under threat one to these divers one to do something about it. the part of the foundation called refill ition that was set up after a series of devastating coral bleaching events in the indian nation. the rescue broken pieces of coral and replant them on specially made structures. they say they're planting about $8000.00 carls a year. yet in patel,
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the project manager says it's working because they get to nutrients from all side. they grow very quickly. so piece which is this small in 6 months, can become this bigger. reggie, the coral provides a crucial breeding ground for fish, which local communities depend on. we planted on the structures helps restore some of the marine habitat. this is where they made the project involved, the local fishing community to and employ some of them that subsist and fishers who are depending on, on this channel for the fishing activity can benefit one has a fishing area. ah, number 2. they can also use this area for snorkeling activities. about half of the world's coral is already been destroyed, and scientists say most, all of it will be wiped out in the next 30 years without drastic action. one of the
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threats his industrial fishing trawlers, nets dragged along the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can compare it with build ocean down a forest to try and get some deer. but then after that there will be no forest, no more deer. the same is happening through the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life in the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set to rise by more than 2 degrees you company. you can get away with not reduced carbon emissions by any systems that can you conditions, question or things like that. we need to reduce all the combinations possible and then count. replanting can help preserve existing corals, but if rising c temperatures on stopped, thou hardly be any coral left replant. malcolm web al jazeera.


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