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tv   Al Jazeera World Al Shishakli Syrias Master of Coups  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 9:00am-10:00am AST

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carrillo was in columbia and to mexico where the cartels had been responsible for him. merciless spiral of violence . the final episode of drug trafficking, politics, territories on his era. hong kong is preparing to march 25 years since putting handed it back to china. life has changed dramatically. critics, a freedoms have been stripped away, and china is tightened. it's good to want hope now for the one country to systems once promised. monday, jane. the hong kong handle special cover on al jazeera, ah . alarm the clock into how the top stories here on al jazeera and what appears to be
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one of the worst cases of migrant death in the united states. in recent years, at least 46 people have been found dead inside a truck in texas. the discovery was made on the outskirts of san antonio. 16 people found alive and being treated in hospital patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer, but there was no visible working ac unit on that rig. rosalyn jordan is falling development from washington dc. the authorities showed up at this truck which was parked on a road outside this industrial yard and discovered the 46 dead people, as well as the other 16 people who were then taken to nearby hospitals for heat exhaustion. and in some cases, heat stroke and which means those people were very close to perhaps dying. it was a very hot day in san antonio, which is in southern texas,
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temperatures in the upper twenties of some, suggesting perhaps in the low thirties and inside a truck without air conditioning. the temperatures were even higher. john holeman is in mexico city and has reaction from across the border. while the mess confirm minister has been really active, actually mostly on twitter, giving out information about this. some of it is already going out in the u. s. press the fact that 16 people have been taken to hospital. he said that in don't group with those 16 people taking the hospital to people from guatemala, been identified and 4 minus. and he also says that the trailer actually had plates that were put on us plates on top of a plate suggesting that, that fate plates. and he said after that, it's very probable that this was done by people smugglers. so that sort of
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information that's coming from mit can foreign ministry, and this is something in terms of people, 5 people smuggling groups being taken up this route from central america or even further south through met going to the united states that happens quite regularly. we've actually followed and tracked a convoy of those are those trucks heading north through the state of chapters in the very south of next year in the past. and another time we follow people going all the way up to the us border. and it has resulted in tragedies before the larger criminal groups in mexico. some of them are invoked in the trafficking people to get them up that route to the united states. and people can pay thousands of dollars to get up to that route. but obviously the conditions in which they're being transported are far, far from ideal as the tragedy of tonight's, where there was a lack of air conditioning, obviously, and people suffer from heat stroke. in that truck indicate, at least 16 people have been killed in a russian method strike on
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a shopping man in ukraine. it happened in the central city of criminal. dozens of others were injured. g 7 leaders have called the attack of hon and a war crime president vladimir zalinski says about a 1000 people were in the building at the time of the attack. the head of nato, who's called russia the most significant and direct threat to security. i like to prepare for summit in madrid. the launch wants to boost his rapid reaction forces from 40000 troops 230-0000. a tank of chlorine gas has fallen from a crane that the jordanian port of aca kelly. at least 13 people. at least 260 people were reported injured. people living nearby were told to stay at home and keep their windows closed. talks between the ecuadorian government and indigenous leaders aimed at india 2 week long and national strike is set to restart on tuesday morning. 7 hours to talk on monday failed to reach an agreement . lead is one to bigger cut to fuel prices. and the president is promising parts of
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the netherlands to clean up after tornado that killed at least one person 70 people . what also include when it's swept through the southwest and there is the key z. it's the 1st fatal tornado to hit the country into 3 decades headlines. one is coming up right after algebra. well bye for now. the. ready ah
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ah, syria occupies an extremely important cultural, political and strategic position in the middle east. it has suffered more than 10 years of terrible conflict since 2011. but even in previous decades, syria had a history of colonization, coups and assassinations. after the 1st world war, syria was put under a french mandate, which governed the country from 1920 until it gained independence from france in 1946. but independence led to a period of successive choose. one of serious politicians behind several of these crews was an army officer called a debug shockley. he helped overthrow the syrian
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government in december 1949 and dominated syrian politics for 5 tumultuous years. but he was also a pragmatist. and when he left the presidential palace in 1954, he did so quietly to spare his country unnecessary bloodshed. this is the story of the rise and fall of a di but shockley and his relentless pursuits of power. yanine j is a known. we shall see, you will demo to levy. i knew it more would see joe betty land france alice williams had he been headquarters le sola would you differentiate the mother? allah, a sal thought i would probably see. yeah, under my gonna p a g h a yeah. and the dog and thought on. see what holla bought a sa. hi una michelle. yeah, there was you there?
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fi g h l cause the day it you had a dish? she shook. he can beat the sour sheena. yet. the come. so are by 18. and then on shaka, i know i'm j shut, see'd out an address in frenzy i la medina diminished gammon a bit as the bought him leave here near buffle delilah frenzy. this of all are in the conversation and fuzz shout. uh huh. oh, see me, get that on the south. okay, bardo harrison for sun had a philistine in order. so slow as this isn't cause a hud, couldn't the should osama gum a bit us hums the bought at that and you had him for the feed on 30 association is on me. we ally and there, there can hack of the year, and on b, b of medina, some of why i learn a lot. i'll a more of her this really iris at urbanatto food in m m m a
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d bench checkley was born in the syrian city of hammer in 19 o 9. around 20 years later he graduated from the military academy of damascus. shockley was a nationalist opposed to unifying syria and at ark, and took part in a qu, lead by another army officer. hast neil's aim in 1949 as aim was implicated in the dust of a lebanese politician and syrian nationalist, anton sada. he was arrested, tried and executed by the lebanese authorities, huss, nazarenes, time as head of state lasted for just 4 months before he too was executed. shaddick with danny suddenly until inside the lawn, alcazar, shakira, and who alia had come, he switched new zion and will look like the duma. i do, i dare say my o. what sharla julia commute muttered onto side. there were luck with her at an id
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is same. a d bench shockley was a member of the syrian social nationalist party. founded by anton sada in 1932, the party campaigned for a greater syrian nation, one that would include several neighboring countries. adieva she said you were shuffling casala as she said he can, although it has the city of poem industry. murray, what can mean be forgot to do what candlemass will be due shortly was that gamma suv miss more? i thought he had told me she was gonna watch on be tons of shipping last getting what us gotti? one of the sol been the whole name on to inside the fi athena. yeah. in molly spell that sophie mozilla. he went off
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shack lee. uh huh. what can i watch? i been ill. i had my b f got on saturday when i can now let me check 1. 11011. has i sorry. what was that? give me. i have the model, another army officer, sammy and he now we came to power in 1949, but and she now we and a deep and she secondly were direct political opponents. checkley was a syrian nationalist while, and he now we supported the idea of unifying syria with ad hoc, a confrontation between the 2 men was inevitable. jan abbey shaking away in december of this out of i. ain. lee is hauled had then mitchell, while kelly, mit a she shortly, she had a lender em embed. embedded prelim could have been a while a new will be december or south over in gun lea inlaw,
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who was sold to lot of the saudi leafy crit, ah, that he little hussy will surely a cobra. yeah, anyhow, the leisure would allow the attainment tell, are we in po me, a sooty savvy fun, was edna and the whole cut off. i'm really, i'm ready. it's about 10 to one as you be that thoughts and victory angels, yi y i am and be you know, or get mountain of it or from yacht to nick fitzwilliam. williams w. l. a t. latha lea a has you mean joel can be done? i don't shockey, i let up. i'm a general be or gone a 10 up and pulled law a c s. yeah. fin. yeah. hey, to out of a not worthy day. it and francine at the middle of the law should be in. he is a ye that the and he, mo, it for who not menu applauded. give them. sure he out of doing, we're who knocked menu, applauded islam short a little bit off. what, who knock minute you applauded. the audi admitted the eva sophia,
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for i kind of had a movie show me that it was all dumb, a shadow, a saudi, a my at the showers fish. as you read a flea media with there we are, for in north america, not obvious shore. dea, lemme on to a year and from julia iraq were la eldon, natalia sarah, and has she gamma and not muscle cannot thought of poor as a a little the mom was a talk hobby is the flu. so ria for kind of a model and out of the a she shipley and you ok, has he enfolded in the early 19 fifties? at ark, jordan, egypt and saudi arabia all had an interest in syria as well as britain and france. the united states now saw the middle east as strategically important to be. heck him apply elisha allen with that. if i let you put that on a plan, ha ha,
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ha. lungfuls had a year been had the it was, are it? and now gonna, who natca as yes idea the far to be a deep, shaky. what hazard can am kellum daddy's? he more stock. i'll act so. sneeze aim your lee foot hitting a rock. well. she fell empty key. who s but it to dolan we're catching a stick about us made a key if he a one on caleb? no. fis fill island a. well, i'm a li. i've been behind las ca slipped it on his aim of lantus out to seen lay you had a deal built luck. aledo would head is ye me, i'll get out of the machine yellow. well well it then woman hall and more than i will over can. can own were happy, he no i'mma. she on see yet if you don't get it booked, a she is more to had how she meets all gun shortcut. i'm jan woman. i'm killer humor. why duncan own act of hobby, he man will, will expedited ambiguity,
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lum tums were bearing the lot about done. i love her, julia cobra. our to hadn't heard from me. oh, hello. oh shipment has come in. as she certainly was heavily involved in the 3 crews of 1949, but he didn't always seek personal advancement when the regime changed. he was sometimes happy to play a background role, though his influence remained strong. who are the yacht by the loankey lab? be marcia, sorry, yeah. not a bracelet gun. what can i do? a slot, godfrey that he can walked. and what about been not a lot of zane and what about been node? what canada to smith zane told luck. i let. let's bow a to boss getty. yeah. to my thing, let's make the, i mean general, who were martez. electra domonique m i n, the martinez. he is a year where as thick jeff, no air. and as i can and let me know what
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a soul of the butler dinner worth. oh min celeste, that old mother where the last that the old us get a year like in her. oh, there we are. yeah, lemme to, i'm mad because here and i mean the shirtless deferment i that he was should be happy with them or either to nearly wish to willer with heifer going under she should be. oh, because under she manner, the men will swallow a lesser little hook on. we shall, marsha adam, she shook the mac are under a man. m and hell i woke. well, i can, but also what, who will i am can a year been? was you learn when a new home sick be i'm with the full chicken will by shortly and in los go, alcorda e kind of we are see different zaman ma'am. would it be iron enough or lay reed on the door? can? no, you're in tired. her design, danny, all right,
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and i ran out my if i was your my late been caulsey and mano was the docked the other. and philip. yeah, trina, they'll cut her that she has seen e l. i won't be sad. she has a water bottle many, a water level or tele mandible, that it would be to alamo board let off i would, or dumpy enough to watch any follicle doll. bye. 1951 as shockley was serious top level power broker. he wasn't president or prime minister, but he wielded huge political influence. he controlled 2 vital components of the syrian state, the army, and the intelligence service. he was quite happy to let the career politicians get on with the business of government. but when it came to defense, he insisted on complete control.
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what yolanda easy jamalia and look, i know will dish. hello. lennette had the hon. minisey, i see lamar cody, we're m by any pull up. we're had no other sugar was ira. are funny. how about it? i think one is and why had the best news? even the fact the 2nd sla venue vehicle for as a day amid the i as a shop a not an eminem. mcmillion. natalie named niamack would see as he would, but who hold dish will. oh no, no, it was that that the fire was leafy. but then you the whole digests, but many men at janney with c, as he may more matter, ask her to you. but then instead would dish, but then hello dish re dan c. as in margaret, the shuttle id shippy or an aerial it should be maybe it went away right in missouri as got it. we november, that'll come see in there that the as it local me, lee. she se bed is muscle when off of the night has was sharp while and when was
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the mean? you dar model for dbi? when i and her lab model for do any b, it off of a little door, a name, a pi live she shortly, we're a part was added to defer mark her foisy. so we're at the better. and he was she shaky next. the lair when wide the orbit, the oper doable. it default elizabeth beano. been home. i drove to only be lou auto . the any or is was as should was shabbat akira. uncle of attorney. i started to calum. we'll just keep it marcell slash will beauty. a deep shockley higher government hasn't clam waterford and normal cliff resort. he evidence for them old work will let him, daniel, look of a minute. i thought that he did it with him up to the viet hate. how cool me. and as i thought of, lem, yes, that she'd model for delevie webinar and another like i'm in oklahoma. danny hutton herculean law has was chub, physician, been an i let her that bottle of hash him at as he stifled my canopy. now
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professionally. as i learn a produce defeat, i know use of not nevada managed to feed. not that a dozen though jani mckinney could meet him in the earnest money following the 1951 q l shockley made sweeping changes to the syrian government. a few ministers remained from the previous regime, but many new faces arrived at the cabinet table. some syrian politicians fell in and out of favor, but one man, a debussy chucky was ever present and increased his influence. what i was you. hello for the shallow. i've got he up de minova looked a bit o at water. water is no new royce was on our it was you had the fall. looked up. i been, i believe so can the and know who then it su laurel had committed mortlock be help
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a while, but the are, were medusa general food a little had f. a lizzy will help the who were, who were does our home a soon? yeah, we're the dad, most of the esa a studio is that if fidel has you for that, all right. how you were there all while. know who he just knew. there were a story. yeah. so i, i gotten a mo, asked that he and i'm millennium. mm. al shockley divides opinion about his contribution to syrian politics. his supporters saw him as a major figure, capable of raising serious profile and status both domestically and internationally . but to his opponents and critics. to day, he was mackey, violin and autocratic. be helpful in to kylie how come on, but it was is who i little as up assess the how to get that. he had
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a lobby. i may learn how to kill eminem huffy, who had damage a self fall, and had a que se, se you when couldn't audit in here? can it? it sounds probably a ya leanne towel on rob my shaky home for a fellow to follow, my faster haddock. it at the head of a lot of you will hear lisa has a what a smile. her havoc at them at their feet above the yes yes. here and let the initial fee and bob her a few. bob, how are the hug mean center walked by that why this and the homes guy and jamal mean alco, me, lot of the now then i'll be c s at the shack leaders
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that i was lucky, a minute that have my, let me call my soul to remain covers, can mozilla, but naji. how about the jeep? who, who alam aliya. and then calabria let, has the let. oh, let it be so rich to let you know. come see it. oh min mama la measure then took by la la our turn. we're yeah. and you said me, i'm in cal m. now kayla. yahoo nor my yahoo! yet they're on lucky eb, aidan min. so the yet at the man shall jaw. who oxer that can no, no members, so they must be low as bob who later the as you shuffle fuck up
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the he tinkled mud. ha, cancer you. nick said, ha, bank all with him out of yet. they meanwhile, the ruling hashemite families in jordan and had all wanted to see syrian territory . the assassination of king abdullah of jordan in 1951 created an opportunity for as shack me was ya sherbie than her confirmed man. you don alec bullard and humbling to come that he should been on what have you? she shook he's out of your man. why for the heads of her to be, i had it shortly rather annoying. he had a few drama of them, was his him and had the cut out can lead to heed and it was for me ever to adopt it again and have a more be sorry, a go, but what i need done, nobody said a lady that yet who hello melissa florida, and she really crusade eli can you should be should be my bomb hold much for oh yeah. we can do enough sill mom. sorry. yeah. when you miss ellen,
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ham and know donald valley is it on the computer? yes. has alley her. not people for half. jean luc 19. say it money ever by becky. why let a guy mean be have an old will be and not email be standing? shaqia luke 9 e l model thought will the military cl, buddy fun. yeah. after she certainly be my balance id. yeah. oh, see, let the lady mean laid up more carbon to sleep. a jamalia lead was the last shockley. next move was to hold talks with the americans, us secretary of state john foster, dulles visited damascus in may. 1953 at the top of shackle agenda were weapons for carla who was here and she knew she would be enough
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to stand. we do not have a base that i eat is our what any a lead to starman has a sheet out. should i eat 5? you can you know who called for bon does that a she shipley has the apollo had a sharpie. shaky lp, had that done by them with a heart the does yet it john foster dance. why me then we'll talk about it. even share mission to she should clear sanisha or hello joan faust of dance. i law haile 8 medicaid limb and why the latin died there, where you all that know the been for how much when most would but the lot. i know hey for so a look and not an undefeated eddie fearfully. anna mabis sylvia
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la la. if neat. oh, and the in the clear, i'm you, can you b c. s at them of me. oh, somebody shovel some shed thought, sadly, baccalaureate enough, mind by see you sure. you know plot and sibling america. and she certainly was not at all happy with washington's demand for negotiations with israel in return for us weapons named mc one, she shed a yet, me you, the upholstered mark said i. e r. walker, the poppy at the cinema were, who are before by where did happy of call what that if can all be young. wow, hold me and you said it. lemme usually a, this on my i do, would i e, and am i gonna be acceptable? evansville x ray them,
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yukon. romanian fee or yeah, she yet cause hold on my site. you my full pin hood. net yet to fucked. hello ma'am . to which good luck in shot and the a cool. i'm the good rolla new selection of so be luck with you. we have to look good and shorter than normal helen away eula. and yet tim, danny mack, i'm sad about i'm to tie one minus eileen and i'm a kind of you to know yet the joe was on the mold in the an until the merger of them the see like jani can yet more cool watch will be right you back by what slowly in our lives and tucked them. mid atlantic, missouri salon, the helen, the my father, my mom on the hi. my left him. he can i embrace at county education. this lady can under affably with opiate salam unit, he had a b k. does have ms. any it though it is solely decided, had that im what
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a certified had was to set us free will. and my manager the a jealous. yes. it was your how jealous, yes, it needs, sorry. i couldn't say coming up in part to general and shockley makes his move for the presidency, but his term does not last long too often of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just 0 to some a rowboat is
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a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple that androids today can be dearly humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. alger 0 documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine. the origins of the solution owner because it there are some of the media stories a critical look at the global news media cast right on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. lou o'clock in the top stories here on al jazeera in what appears to be one of the
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worst cases of migrant death in the united states. in recent years, at least 46 people have been found dead inside a truck in texas. the discovery was made on the outskirts of san antonio. 16 people found alive and being treated in hospital. patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat stroke. heat exhaustion are no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer, but there was no visible working ac unit on that rig. rosalyn jordan is following developments from washington. d. c. authorities showed up at this truck which was parked on a road outside this industrial yard and discovered the 46 dead people, as well as the other 16 people who were then taken to nearby hospitals for heat exhaustion. and in some cases, heat stroke. and which means those people were very close to perhaps dying. it was a very hot day in san antonio, which is in southern texas,
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temperatures in the upper twenties, some suggesting perhaps in the low thirty's and inside a truck with out air conditioning. the temperatures were even higher. at least 16 people have been killed in a russian missile strike on a shopping man in ukraine. it happened in the central city of kremlin. took dozens of others were injured. g 7 leaders of called it's like a bundle and a walk right. president flooding zalinski says about a 1000 people in the building at the time of the attack. the head of nato is called russia the most significant and direct threat to security is allies prepare for summit in madrid. the lines wants to boost its rapid reaction, forces from 40000 troops 230-0000. a tank of chlorine gas is fallen from a crane at the jordanian port of acrobat kindly. and these 13 people. these 260 were reported injured. people living nearby were told to stay at home and keep their windows closed toes between the ecuadorian government and indigenous leaders aimed
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at ending a 2 week long national strike a set to restart on tuesday morning. 7 hours talks on monday, fail to reach an agreement. leaders want to bigger cut to, to fuel prices, and the president is promising just the headlines one use here on out 0 right after i was 0. world july analogy 0. hong kong marks 25 years since it's hand over from british to chinese rule. but with china's cracked on on opposing voices, and i texted us citizens, what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported people empower investigates, they use an abusive power around the world, to lesbians voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the arab spring uprisings, as india suffers unprecedented heat waves. one 0, one east does to the fiery heart of the crisis center goal heads to the poles with
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the main opposition parties uniting can the vessel power away from the ruling party july on al jazeera ah, by the early 19 fifties serial was of major strategic importance in the middle east, but it was politically unstable and suffered a series of military coups. all somehow involving general a d, but shockey, military and intelligence chief and the power broker within the government. the much i with them below the sogba the orbit of this i'd be so dea, a wooden 0 whom will to has this was the wrap. them with 0 will be was added to 0 out. zak has a late fee. saudi year has in knob law. shylie, how are that at the be shockley one?
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when i li, hickman, we're lacking the ha must. but the abbey. what that apple one with the header erby a new al gabby lock decides saudi what the half form was. stella ala as 0 was see now, was that cease for? can it model the much but dodie? but the at miss helen t. v i had a deep a she shortly. once the had fini high at i think. sama ah ha caught the saudi armoire. that ham murphy, of those deal is, is free. i am. why had, what are that isla elani our the had the marquis met? if you valeca locked ashleen $1000000.00 on hun walker, one. saudi young us in art or you love after turn on the exam. send to melissa. read the whole lee of dallied. second. no sir arthur comes to the country at large and comfortable. basha b 0. sheriff it? norman on hold. let me know how and i will call anita and then. yeah the how are
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you alma, alma kima. mean mckenna had been lab don't but phil. hey, i allow ma you've off at done in the student. deed, i love the alpha on the us. we what i no, no, no, no way, and the way you have half of the machine gun that was not rely out of the robot. the sharp fee that he can look at samuel plot. come see, not a bad thing for man. a saudi will have that fee. i had the 2nd for the month ending here in the equation. the 60 will be who are howard, if the money by that because i had to be home and then on monday would be a them enough, been hon. and i any less and less now, i will be mr. what no commitment. i own mr. will be with the can most day and just
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be with who was silent, but as we find them, i can patient the my kind of majority of ally. my name is tracy michelle. much to my account and which is it? will it have been alley, or any they had them in abilene? should the me and why did you become the machine yet to me? sure. yes. middle. be huh. huh. or how does she the term in the famous sure, i see. i think about that as al suspect least power grew. so did his list of enemies. there were rumors of attempts on his life. one news report falsely claimed he'd been killed in a machine gun attack appeal in the whole excel of my i had moment to lean saudi of the emotional ambit, shiela, welcom killer her and her own. i had mother sway had been and mortar but he not to
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sort of i la manure isn't done on a cooling, appeared in hockey, mixed saudi daddy hotel, counted as you believe are happy, but on fema how to tear long come see, be october, looking out at the bottom of gelatin, the whole alika essential. i don't know, soccer hash him even multiple then in july 1953 al shockley made his move empowered by the army and serious economic growth. she held and won a referendum that made him president of the republic of syria in october of the same year he called for parliamentary elections, which he won by a landslide, a deep and shortly had reached the pinnacle of power. for now, alaska, it lay up. couldn't the lovers here see what the last one last, gabby?
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yeah. yeah. car t matlab casita at? yeah, i see it a lot, but yeah, i see is much more us here. see out oh in lie, boone. see i see your oh yeah, yeah god the he, it a problem with ally b. y had well thought a malaria being obeyed then we'll tell i been ah yeah, nit ha that lem. yeah. or did she check lee? if he hi, lip, there was a nom. uh huh. a she shook li for will. sure. ella. a s her a sorta. yeah. be hazy sorrel hannah. yet there was your ballet and young bozer. so now we're ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, who? some my be a heart, it at the harry of a lot of the article in the chicago,
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the academy. he had the clock can 80 murder alvo's, the slow oct. one me may i ship willow adieva? she shook li sara, or sula, hook him. we're casa, we lay it was use hulu. garbage used, carefully saw it, been related with the i that made a key. i will feel, i feel you saw to be an all been referral m's that his yeesh and music, the eyelash michigan book that if me, by early 1954 opposition to answer shockley was growing, some of the fiercest protest came from the drews, ethno religious group. based in japan, a lot up the mountainous region of southern syria. just a bit and was at one brain. ha. and with that it's a medic. yeah. well fancy. yeah. be, and now i laid up a ye model. oh wow, the foul be see lash. what can i evaluate?
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god be date. i had a kid. allow c, n fi job l a do? rose was be date. a thorough. i let ye kanutz allah may of do met for our main cable. i laid off. what cannot the god either list the flight i to you that it will be and now who natca had aca met for our min noise side. what was the allen law to shop denila li, death that a year? fi, soraya, bad them. how a lack of that? i a letty or father and he was she shortly or been horn was at auto. a bother and up to shift do him. oh, danny mulatto co. what are my interview by laura b r. sheila walk it awful kinetic that he ali annoy whom we humbly ask at a year shed. edith unless the monta could join loud up. wow, could you quote over to me, tim? that even but anyway storming happened to ronald about what he level was palmer
9:42 am
tomorrow. the i was startled in and we'll should a marcella down on the whole fee double are up. come on baton while father in law or don ha, come, will eat, come malaise. finally, i shall come up la schwann. us with kathy animal. min b was hamlet shadow. letty should not allow mont asoft the l o y b at martin shahid. anna that says your been a lot of a remote shipper had a death in the sri. submit a she shipley my leanne y r o b n y lee ann, michigan. shavon ashish. mom i had he he made unit s way that where hes, he,
9:43 am
he had up the fod be either had his sorta yo, it at his weed or remodelled law. been asleep? ha! we're shira. assemblyman nom, a thought i thus elijah, but i doubt it must have been a c. a she did a deep a shish that she shook. it was a sawed been ha hockman. now then another military crew was launched in february 1954. but this time it's aim was to bring down and suckling the leaders of the 2 included opposition. politicians and high ranking army officers, president allister checkley, resigned before being forced from office. ah the syrian chief of staff shall catch care then arranged immediate safe passage for
9:44 am
al shockley to the lebanese capital bader by the presidential car ah there are differing accounts as to exactly why a debug shockley stepped down as president some sources say it was to dampen the rebellion and swayed on some say it was simply because he believed he could not survive an office. while others say it was a ploy to buy time to lie low with the aim of returning some time in the future. ah ah figured i don't have the ball to have that he has been in my life on the lucas
9:45 am
on israel muslin, luna, and for dora and known as huff at them. i rode me shaking gum it can read this. she shook yogic and the whole handle is very echo bobbitt. i love, i love it. ducked it in a hokey either. whenever dick, who good luck on a foot a nick one who knocks us with dema. well, as the feet we're let near condemn a william higher. oh allah mickland them. oh yeah. well, we're muscle. it that i can see enough so much. i looked at them a lot and washy. i yeah, yeah. hosting is very little but as the that i could see enough to it. ah, holla, minnie. huzzah. well hi lehman. i hope the news i can say yes is or has roma fall was hey and take a month. oh no, i know who can and will shandey man. oh met. oh my, that gun for canada,
9:46 am
your push but a toss. a lizzie. now you should. you'd wanna help out on audi. shitty is. or how we're the and yes hocking with the murder, the dean. and yet, and yes censured. how would i be a little busy should at all and medically for yet hope, but the toilet up it had the mish man, bad been russia wanna muster. i, sandy and for shitty men at the start and said i eat as prolaw were fed is the and now yet doors miss baja walked her tad showed his be now a fraud one. all said a g h, a saudi, and every, the 8 that i can, i'm the for the so war and no one will. hi. that is the coon a different casita thought. well, we'll cut that island. i wouldn't let her go. whether papa give you. no mother pull him her. come what is your initial slide with that he should he and he
9:47 am
should cripple what he was. buddy lee locked that. if he should that an alley stuck him. i'd be shaky after answer shortly lost power. his supporters tried to get him back into high office. they attempted to more cruise, both involving sharply against his successor. president shook re alkahottie. howard american. get up, let me and john what kind of philosophy additionally or for sheila and no campus the to see what kind of confused a need a flood female by of actually unable to eat, lem yet there was not a halton in walk. how can i not get the, the long to lab, just eat your code to who a lack of assange deed to me, his suit his home. what kind of who knack down,
9:48 am
right among or mean i will act in the handle. i made a key and he had an uncle while half an ambush had vain sheffield a deep shortly. and emma shortly i'll up a false seed had he had a co located, i was the and that we should done was before he off a d my side, the valley rough abolished iraq. see how that will mussa hammer feet and how it is said here, him how an ambush yelling at me and what am i going to do? surely enter that the rama will be fella plus and all will talk to them all the no, none will follow the l. m. a blood. now while you and i hope you do i, if you do a shot us leah, why national? we have the entryway. what do i think shall allude? none. will be none. job by paula bottled,
9:49 am
the bought in the can with to the bay talk animals with dean bill hecker, wooster, mom on or at if london mother and my sis, alaska. he will be lead while cut it out. and then collab isde halley, when to have him than michelle ah, exactly, had lost power, and gradually his influence also began to wane. his supporters in the united states and saudi arabia deserted him while in syria. his political enemies wanted him dead . aah! elsa shackle his only option was to go into exile, preferably as far from syria as possible. what to me and i thought a transfer me after sentence himself, i'm seen, won't die lunacy sir. innocent as of the rest of data. and he had mucus marshall
9:50 am
one or a bladder breeding census, a think on it. but as in my j fi, hamilton, i mean, i actually in walla, honey, but when this, when the only because my chauffeur will your household know matters of not do you ever had a field trip, but as even from us or i to he or, or by them good are or cello upwards, candle ala, lose room, and the sure knowledgeable not a cable to what's in. just should he be emerett, a deep shepley across some in hole that run her? shes been the sweater men montague could swim any, no of his early shot, so soon he will not re albanese wise. you motor him what county are fool yadda yadda from. and what about a sub who that he won't be in our city? we're a block alejandro. castillo, yeah, pull into common men. oh, yeah. you measure. i mean myself, he and i are abraham, seen a good mum took job and cable and racial of the
9:51 am
a good word if shortly. maybe there is the best to be iranian ala marcin because i'm in the room going obasi. i look at him when the rules and the kind of i seen, she came in no comments or in go to our why the ship. those aren't the apple savvy warranty. my apple gun. what? what in emma li, kind of mute on by sea, you watch the iraqi, you was you or you can do the the ship li, who had a know i don't know, but there's a lot of thinking there's a mobile best. the keep seems good movies that will lead to the and i should i and at least i should i at the moment moment not to go. i think it was on the elevators who hadn't as well as your less than that. then i'm going to play. i live in
9:52 am
a uh huh. walk in like the all my family can for sure. but the handle a lot less than that then kimberly ah, a debug shockley was assassinated in the brazilian town of fitness. he was shot 5 times by a lone gunman, while crossing a bridge. opinion is still equally divided on his career and achievements. as shockley was undoubtedly an expert in behind the scenes political manipulation, the puppet master in chief. so in the process, he made many enemies who ultimately outmaneuvered him and eventually killed him. oh, i should have been made
9:53 am
of maximum. i owe them a few man one month company, my diamond by fear. oh, i can see non fallen mom. i can be a him meet at them and they're not really sorry. we had to put them in new fun when the last here. how are the fish in melody make a motion with a robe and mac can feel sure her pay will lose within this on what they had to cook him to be willing, these misleading can be what the master she life bas element us for the also for to with that we don't, we don't have the concert, i can be less. we had the she and be fell in love with the magnitude said that most would ah i
9:54 am
ah who it is. shake the can a r o hotline demand the night you talking about some my seamless jacqueline balop lanham in the spend, the had that he are my santa santa maria for that little fella mcduffy on select from them. kenny and debbie shakily. last katie i, i've done cali, len, manhattan, his aim class, kenny. yeah. any kids have kid at db shockley. the c a c. i can. zach
9:55 am
can men huston is i then the cost is i murders. hello, bill. c a. c, e, e r. le abdullah maria kuhn. we're what we're, what we're per sogba leer. hm. could be in c a c n a d b shortly. lemme your thought there and your hoc committee let the law there. who had the vicar was yes, he one act or alex more than with the bought it again and on a shonda associated with the can on division. and he was she, she can undo lot yet about her larry, by the hate than up with that was stella les if dome monsieur shall see what much loss. yes, you are still cl colon home kim as well as co, a stipend pin up me
9:56 am
i thought that was enough or what are good? what was, what was one half hope you're having a little me
9:57 am
medium ice small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. 00 worlds joins the moroccan nomads in their desert search for these gifts for scotty head up. yeah, i can tell that it's a meter, right. had it is it is, i mean to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's own or disease the hello there. it's hot, dry and dusty for much of the middle east. at the moment. we got strong wind blowing down across iraq into q weight and the gulf states dropping the temperature down. but kicking up a lot of dust and effecting visibility, weather and windy weather farther north brushing across turkey towards the caucuses
9:58 am
. and we're also finding some shop of thunderstorms and showers, edging into western areas of yemen on further east in amman, around musket. the monsoon winds continuing to cool the coast of amman in places like the la, now was move across to northern africa. its been largely cool for the northwest corner. the heat, however, continues to build for julia and to nicea for some welcome weather. we have to move to the west, some pretty fear thunderstorms, however, pulling down, they're going to intensify on wednesday for the keynote fossa, as well as for cameroon, we could see flooding where that rain falls heaviest. and you can see those thunderstorms and showers rumbling across most central areas. it's much dry in south africa at this time, but across the east, while we are seeing the rain pick up for the likes of zimbabwe as well as botswana, the temperature in gabber rone. well below the average with funder storms through to thursday at the weather, ah.
9:59 am
around 3 quarters of sub saharan africa's cultural heritage is on display in western museums. that didn't happen overnight. we were robbed over time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how europeans colonization remove tens of thousands of artifacts and the appeal struggle to reclaim restitution africa stolen on episode one blunder. oh, now jazeera, i will totally excel the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i, when a lot of people felt the world was being turned upside down, man way, dad has been manipulated by populace like donald trump slang on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have
10:00 am
political and while, and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. runs a foam, a slave and the family, but we're baby for down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. there are some of the media stories of critical look at the global news media cast right on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. ah.


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