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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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one person, one that citizens have political and while, and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. runs a foam, a slave before your well baby, for debit, table of brotherhood. i have a dream, my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. there are some of the media stories of critical look at the global news media a on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. ah, at least 46 people are found dead in an abandon truck in the us state of texas in
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what the mac is calling and a refit human tragedy. the patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion. ah, the whole realm of the watching i was there alive. my headquarters here in doha also coming up widespread condemnation of russia strike on a ukrainian shopping mouth. at least 18 people are killed. also, the war and ukraine set to dominate and nato meeting in madrid. the alliance says russia is the biggest threat to it. security and a prominent journalist is arrested in india. critics accused the government of cracking down on press freedom ah, bottom to the program, at least 46 people are being found dead inside a truck in texas. it appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in the
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us in recent years. victoria gate and b has the story. the grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas, a man working there by her to cry for help and saw a trailer with the door partially opened. inside, there were dozens of bodies piled on top of one another. temperature in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and children were too weak to get out of the trailer paces that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering off from heat stroke, heat exhaustion. ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that rig. the victims a believe to be migrants who crossed the us mexico border looking for a better life, disappears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in the us in recent years
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. so the flight of migrants, city refuse is always the humanity in crisis, but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge you. busy to think compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing, the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to a cesar. it is now a federal investigation. the migration prices that the u. s. saw the buddha is a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings are low. republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november, human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. in the
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meantime, migrants continue to cross the border. in this case with tragic consequences, victoria gate and be al jazeera. no, that's been international condemnation of a russian missile strigler's shopping well in ukraine. 18 people were killed in the central city of clement shook and dozens more were injured. charles strafford reports now from cave. the shopping mall in the city of crew men shook in central ukraine was reportedly full of people when the russian missile hit ukraine's president. below them is zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside at the time versus kilda, a delay in what center of common judah, today's russian strike on a shopping center in chrome. and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in european history of a peaceful city in an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilians and bullied in this is not a mistaken hit by missiles. this is a calculated russian strike at the shopping center. as the blaze spread emergency
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services battled on, the billowing smoke to put out the fire, ukraine's national security and defense council said, preliminary data suggested the strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft. it said the other hit the cities, sports stadium. what would it be? this is how the shelves look in the supermarket. this is what the russians did and why it's scary to imagine the horror people can suffer by simply going shopping. ukraine's foreign minister demitra co labor tweeted russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must space the consequences. the response should be more heavy arms for ukraine, more sanctions on russia and more business leaving russia. ukraine and authority say there were no strategic or military targets near the shopping. more on sunday, ukrainian military said a russian miss, i hit the cities bridge of the denise river,
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killing one person and injuring 5. moscow says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties. but how the day goes by, when a civilian is not either killed or injured in a russian missile strike, a long way from the front lines shall suffered al jazeera give. the g 7 lead us meet in germany have described brought strike that strike as a war crime. they announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia and pledge solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes nato has labeled russia as a direct threat to security. allowances, chief, insulting back, said the number of troops on high alert will be bolted from 40000 to more than 300000 diplomatic efforts. james bay's is in milton, vault south of munich. and with those concerns, obviously, let's focus on the intent to break through the impasse really between turkey and the countries that walk to join nato. james, which will be the focus of those behind the scenes discussions where you are and
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it'll go on to madrid as well. later well it's i think it's going to be starting in madrid pretty soon. let me just give you the timeframe of things. the leaders here president biden, the others will be leaving about 3 hours from now president by one of the 1st to be heading to madrid. they get that pretty fast because they can go by helicopter to munich airport. and then with their own private jets, they get that pretty fast. president of turkey in about 2 hours time is heading to madrid and head of all the other leaders actually starting the summit. he is going to have a meeting with the president of finland, the prime minister suite of the nato secretary general. it's 11 out of our talks. they are going to try in this meeting to resolve something. they haven't been able to resolve since finland and sweden back in may put in their letters saying they wanted to join nato. turkey has been making it clear. it's not happy and he wants concessions from those countries. they have made concessions in some cases. and
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certainly they're investigating other things. for example, turkish expedition requests of kurdish figures. and they're hoping that the matches that they have taken, according to the swedish prime minister, are enough ideally and words to solve this before the big somebody starts. but literally moments before hours before the summit, we're going to have this separate meeting to try and resolve one of the central issues. because obviously finland and sweden will still be at the nato summit because they are close partners of nato. but the plan wasn't as them to have to have them. there is invitee nations. it's very symbolic. and if that doesn't happen, it perhaps shows some cracks in the west of the lines to president putin. and there were 70 moving parts to the story right now as well. go monday, james, you and i discuss the relationship that observe a nation's have at the g 7 when it comes obviously to the issue of russia because that is coming into focus and was coming into focus that especially those that do business with it. i suppose the g 7 wanted to change the narrative about what their
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aims are with countries like india who need rushes energy. oh absolutely. india or a key player here in the knees. your team play has been here. actually. they all now those part of the nation's heading away in 5 prime minister modi, left left here a short time ago heading back to india. but the g 7 is important. it represents more nearly 50 percent of the world's economic wealth, but in terms of population, in terms of the billions of people who are manufacturers potentially and consumers . the g 7 is, is not that big. you got to think about all of those other countries around the world and public opinion that is not necessarily on the side of the western nations . take indonesia, for example, their public opinion, pretty much in recent opinion, polls more on the side of russia, and i think the g 7 knows that there is a problem going forward. as the world's economy continues to have problems,
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as inflation continues to rise, as energy prices continue to rise, as food prices continue to rise, many people in, in countries around the world are going to blame the war. and they're going to blame the war on ukraine, on russia and on those western countries that are supplying ukraine with its weapons. and i think trying to keep the narrative of what pollution invasion and that is the reason for all this is going to increasingly as time goes on, going to be a problem for the g 7. right. in the early days after the. ready they got a very strong vote in the un general assembly condemning putin. i wonder, would they get a similar vote now? interesting, i will follow events with you throughout the day as you traveled to madrid as well . james spencer was changed space or diplomatic editor. lead us from iran and the u . s. are expected to meeting castle for the latest round of indirect talks to revise. the 2015 nuclear deal official associations in vienna had been stall
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because of differences between the 2 countries. but earlier this week, around foreign minister said to her own, was ready to resume talks. the european union is mediating the meeting in cancel. a tank of chlorine has fallen from a crane in jordan killing at least 13 people. local media says at least 260 people injured when the tank fell and exploded at the port of aca. as many as 185 people are being treated in hospital. and those living nearby have been told to stay home and keep their windows closed. and i've been, i was inside the crane and i heard the sound of an explosion. a very loud explosion came out from the crane towards the ship. just before i reached the ship, i saw this yellow material. i didn't know that it was toxic and i thought the ship exploded. no doubt group is a journalist based in the man he described what happened. this ship is supposed to
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be heading to g booty and about $525.00 a month of jordan time. this accident happened exactly what happened is not clear, but some, something happened that burst container and a had to chlorine and it spread out to 2 people in the area, killing and injuring people. and most in jordan, is there also other national guarantee among those war, dead injured initially? yes, there was almost locked down on on. but i just spoke to a friend who runs a beat to shop in downtown bar. and she said in the back to normal in the city, but the area or tele bay, if you know the area near the port is closed off and the r e s come in the prime minister flu for my helicopter to alco bar. and the crown prince and the follow up at the creighton center. they are trying to take command of it in the army. apparently they can control over cleaning up the employees in the
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chemicals that cause the death. it's not clear whether the forward is going to be effected, whether it will be delays and already we're having a lot of the 8th in the shipment. the thing though is that the continues that could have an effect on prices on the, on the availability of products, especially the food chain is always been and vulnerable. and especially in the day because of the cold. when there is not a lot of stock in the need. so these are the issues that people are concerned about . but that's, i think that's why the army has been brought into kind of clean up as quickly as possible so that it won't be a long delay in the delivery zip codes. so had hail al jazeera, apostle shut down of sterling to the government, holds whole lot of central fuel cells for 2 weeks. as the economic crisis. watson's ah,
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hello there. the weather's cooled at the edges of europe, particularly for the west and the east. but in the middle of these sides, we've got a heat wave savaged between the 2. lots of warmth, coming through from the south, mediterranean stretching up toward scandinavia in particular for southern areas of italy where we have got red warnings out for that heat. but there is some wet or whether to be found in the north, a rumble of thunder storms, which could bring some flooding to the north west. and if we trace those up a stretch all the way up through central areas towards norway, now we are going to these and drenching down pools here on tuesday as that mass of wet weather works its way towards the northeast. but i wouldn't say it's the baltic states that see the more fierce thunderstorms to the west for britain, an island. it isn't improving picture with just some showers, but spells of sunshine. and as we headed down to the southwest for spain and
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portugal, not to find enjoy, whether to be found that stretches across the mediterranean towards greece was just a peppering showers here and there he is. certainly building for the balkans places like serbia. how good alerts out to for that heat. if we have a look at a temperature for belgrade we're going to be touching up into the mid thirty's. well above the average and sunshine through to friday. that should weather update. ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs and use also contract in order for it to solve this problem and opinions, communities on the goal, this my security and thus creates a government, has knowledge to be seen in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing
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back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera lou . ah, what about feel? what channel is over with me? so he'll rob the reminder of all top new stories. at least 46 people have been found dead inside and abandon truck to new york state of texas. the vehicle was discovered on the road on the outskirts of the city of san antonio. 16 people were found alive including 4 children as the widespread condemnation of a russian missile, a tackle of shopping, mal in ukraine, 18 people were killed and dozens more injured in the central city of clemens and g
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. 70 does meeting in germany of describe what struck that strike as a war crime. they announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia. they to say little boost shoot numbers for is rapid response forces to 300000 that could, vulcan is a full me or some basset, to nato, the distinguished fellow with the center for european policy analysis. he says russia is limited and how it can respond to nato's new measures. brushes already put a lot into its armed forces and is deployed and forward. now those forces are fighting in ukraine and really bogged down. they don't have a lot to spare. so while they were complained about rhetorically, i don't see this is changing anything. i also think it's a very prudent measure by nato to send a clear message to russia. that's a kind of aggression that is conducting and ukraine is not something that they could successfully pursue against the nato country. this is not about the conflict in ukraine directly. this is about sending a message to russia, and nato means what it says. it will protect and defend the territory of all the
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member states, including the baltic states, including poland, including romania and moscow, should have no illusions about that to attack any natal member would be tantamount to an attack on all new members. now as far as war and ukraine goes, this is a reaction from way because we've seen the aggression and the brutality that russia is capable of in europe. and so this is persuaded, new members of this is necessary. it is not. however, going to relate to any kind of direct intervention into the car. we can ukraine by nato. that's something that all of the leaders need to have ruled out. i think it's going to take an awful long time and a lot of rebuilding of trust by russia if they expect countries to reduce their arm and since relax. because as long as food is leading, you have a war criminal right there in charge of the country. they are defending their aggression against ukraine as though it is justified in some way. that is
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unacceptable to any other european state. and so as long as russia is in this posture, this kind of preparedness foster by nature will continue. police in india have arrested the co founder of top fact checking website out news. mama, isabel has been a vocal critic of prime minister, no remote in government. he's often called up hate speech by hindu right wing group has got more on this from bob, the middle law correspondent in new delhi. he's obviously come to the attention of the authorities. but how are they detaining him and what charges so he is going to be in police custody for another day, at least a. we were told that the police sought custody for a week, but authorities have only given them cost to custody for one day. now are those growing solidarity and support for mohammed zubair? his arrest comes at
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a time when there are growing concerns about increasing incidence of hate and attacks on minority right. as well as concerns or were shrinking space for descent under prime minister, no rain to remove these government. now mohammed's bear is the co founder of a prominent new site that is known for fact checking. head speech in particular, i mean mama's about has been on the forefront of flagging content that has been targeting minorities, particularly by members affiliated to the b j p. and for this he has been c as me repeatedly targeted. earlier this month he was charged for calling a group of hindu. a leaders hate mongers. these leaders had recently called for genocide of muslims in a public meeting. he was also one of the 1st people to flag islam of for the comments made by a spokeswoman off the b. j. pete. those comments parked
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a diplomatic row with several countries in the gulf region. eventually the party suspended her and distance. it says from those comments. now, we actually interviewed him for that story a while ago. and he told us that he and many colleagues have actually been facing the brunt of doing their job. they have been targeted repeatedly online and been harassed online for, for doing their job. and for vocal vocally, coiling out. rising incidence of hit many activists, john, unless and members of civil society have condemned his arrest and have voiced concerns over what this means for the political discourse in india will keep the place. i'm not sorry for the missile that in new delhi, thank must ranking the shutting schools and limiting the sale of fuel to essential services for the next 2 weeks. petro pumps have been running dry m at
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a deepening economic crisis. the government has now sent ministers to russia to buy fuel as reserves hit rock bottom. linelle fernandez has moved from colombo. many here have wasted hours and days waiting for fuel. the sri lankan government says is running out no comfort to the thousands. like for bath. he has spent the last 3 days in a que near boiling melinda lane de la, after waiting so long and getting 8 leases of fuel. we earn a few 1000 rupees, but we have to use part of that to buy fuel. again, what we're left with isn't enough to buy food, let alone bring up 3 children. the minister of power and energy says, shall anchor owes around $735000000.00 for early philo shipments. and no one is willing to provide more, you see, must amalgam up. no company is willing to supply us with fuel without pre payment. we regret the situation in coming to that. we need 515000000 for fuel this month,
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but we only have 130 minute. she longed has been running out to foreign currency to these food medicine, fuel and cooking gas in days providing $4000000000.00 in credit. and some other countries have offered to help us delegation from the treasury and state department began talks with the government on monday, mr. v. jessica says government representatives will travel to russia and cutter to try and negotiate fuel purchasers with less than a day's worth of stock. the state petroleum provider is limiting what it sends to fewer stations in dallas have been a lot victim. i am wondering how to divide to these lot among all these people them make well we give 30 liters for vehicles, 3 wheelers and motor weiss, a full tank. but if court vehicles don't get through today, judges will have to stop the hearing cases. so a gentleman from the ulysses, he's asking for fuel for judges. these are the kinds of challenges i face. you are
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. on monday the military began issuing tokens that assure the holder, a guaranteed chance to fuel up when stocks arrive, but not all are convinced. it's a practical system, i hope are things with i am, if an all goes off berlin, god willing, but there are things will improve. i'm in the there's no other better country living or than sri lanka. i would say if things are come into place, the government is struggling to find supplies, willing to provide fuel. and this means the hundreds of thousands of people queuing at petrol stations around the country can only hope and wait minute fernandez, ultra 0, colombo zimbabwe, central bank has raised its key interest rate to reco, tie of 200 percent. it's the highest rates in the world. now the bank is trying to tame inflation. that's running at more than 190 percent. people are already
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struggling to pay for essential goods. her room, tulsa has more from the capital herrera. a lack of confidence in some bobby's dollar and soaring, inflation is taking a toll on its people. the central bank is more than doubling interest rates from 80 to 200 percent from july. the 1st, an attempt to rain in inflation. the finance minister hopes to boost market confidence, saying other currencies will still be used for the next 5 years. the government is getting stated this in its intention of maintaining a multi current system best. only jewel use of the us dollar in this mother dollar in the mail. however, the market, locals confidence in multi current systems. it is, is causing us challenges. and i want to assure you that the smile to current system is here to stay into the foreseeable future. inflation reach more than 191 percent in june. that's made life even harder for millions of people. previous
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attempts by the government, summer collapse. those above the close into the teen day ban on the bank lending it one was here are divided on whether that work official say they'll not introduce gold coins into the market for individuals to store value. but some economists say this may not be practical. 49 percent of the population in extreme bullet. $7900000.00 people who cannot live on a dollar night cents a day. they can even go to bed that eating. 70 percent of the population in private . so he's going to buy the gold coins. government officials also plan to reduce taxes and fuel to curb price increases, as well as increase allowances. the health workers and civil servants after unions rejected are 100 percent wage increase, both soaring inflation. this may do little to help people facing a rising cost of living. had him attached to out there had added the call to
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malawi has sentenced a catholic priest to 30 years in prison for the murder of a man with albinism. 12 people were convicted for the 2018 killing with 500 life sentences, including the victims, brother. the judge says they were plans to sell mcdonald musson because body parts . after his death north korean leader kim jogan has held another meeting of the ruling party. the country is now battling an outbreak of an unidentified gastro intestinal disease following a wave of cave at 19 cases. the rainy season is also started earlier than usual that adding to concerns of a crop output with the country already suffering from chronic food shortages. in business leaders and government officials in ecuador and negotiating conditions to end a nationwide strike, or the government has agreed to meet some of the strikers demands for lowering the
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price of basic goods and improving health and education. differences remain the same. human has moved from ecuador capitol, kito o. negotiations to end ecuador is crippling. nationwide strike have been excruciatingly slow and complex, but at least they've begun that outside of keeter's, basilica amazonian guards kept everyone at a safe distance. one supporters of the indigenous lead strike, which is now in its 3rd week, danced for good luck. noisy president, kian molasses representative warned that the government would not cave into all of the strikers demands, especially a 40 cent cut in petrol and diesel prizes. acadia with those who agree to everything. also with him on doing the right thing, rather be receiving orders. that is the characteristic of a kidnapped government and we will not be one of those. but indigenous leaders
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stood firm is that i don't know our objectives for the wealth of this country, which we to produce to be redistributed fairly and equally. oh, in the absence of a breakthrough roadblocks that have crippled much of the economy, including ecuador as key oil industry will reinforced. this is the town of wallow, a poor, agricultural community outside of the capital in quito. when we arrived a short while ago to find this huge road block, leading to one of the main highways in this country, as well as tires, burning and tempers flaring, the residents tell us that just a short while ago they had a violent encounter with security voices we saw an ambulance race off with one of the injured an elderly man and who was reportedly attacked by riot police inside his home. i'll grab no, just to say they were fired upon at close range with tear gas and rubber pellets. and you'd have been visiting them at that they came here to kill us. they have no
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compassion for women and children, or the elderly. while scores of security forces have also been seriously injured and running battles with protesters. the 6 fatal victims so far have been demonstrators. your 60 year old, bad threes for me, this insisted there strike is just to rock. i'm of go north of orthodontic. we worked the land without picks and shovels to survive. we aren't rich so we need the government to lower the price of fuel. oh. 6 as the government has agreed to alleviate farmers bank debts and improve health and education services, and it's offered to decrease fuel by $0.10 a gallon. oh, but indigenous leaders say that is not nearly enough. and so the government continues to weigh carefully. it's commitment to i a methyl stared, he measures against a govern ability crisis. that is worsening by the day.


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