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station remains tens of thousands of artifacts and the uphill struggle to reclaim restitution. africa stolen on episode one blunder. oh, now jazeera he got kathy with mont downing ideals. the french republic has long for a claim, but just what is modern. france in a 4 part series, but the picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera ah at least 46 people have found dead in an abandon truck in the us state of texas.
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the mac calls that a horrific human tragedy. ah, i'm so robin watching all of his ever life my headquarters here in doha also coming up widespread condemnation of a russian missile strike. all of shopping, mal in ukraine, at least 18 people at dad. the war in ukraine set to dominate tonight. so meeting in madrid, the alliance says russia is the biggest threat to its security. and the prominent journalist is arrested in india. critics accused the government of cracking down on press freedom. ah welcome to the prego. at least 46 people have been found dead inside a truck in the state of texas. it appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in recent years along the us mexico border patrol. he gave me reports. the
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grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas, a man working near by her to cry for help and saw a trailer with the door partially opened. inside, there were dozens of bodies piled on top of one another. temperature in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and children were too weak to get out of the trailer. patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering off from heat stroke, feed exhaustion. ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer, but there was no uh, visible working ac unit on that rig. the victims are believed to be migrants across the us, mexico border looking for a better life, disappears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in the us in recent years . so the plight of migrants sitting raptors is always the humanity in crisis. but and i, we are dealing with
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a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge all. busy to bring compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing, the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to h aside. it is now a federal investigation. the migration crisis at the u. s. southern buddha is a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings are low. republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. in the meantime, migrants continue to cross the border. in this case, with tragic consequences, victoria gay to be al jazeera,
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the cuban coast says it's rescued. 6 people at intercepting a speed boat in national waters, one coast guard or was injured, and a member of the speed boat crew shot dead during the operation. 9 others on the boat and missing authorities suspect human traffic as we're using the vessel transport migrants to the us. now the coast guards, as it blocked more than a dozen speed, both the past 6 months. a russian missile strike on a shopping mal and ukraine has been widely condemned. 18 people were killed and dozens injured in the central city of glen choke. charles strafford reports on keith. the shopping mall in the city of crew men shook and central ukraine was reportedly full of people when the russian missile hit ukraine's president. vladimir zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside at the time versus kilda or delane. what center of common judah, today's russian strike on a shopping center in chrome. and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in
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european history of a peaceful city in an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilians and bullied in. this is not a mistaken hit by missiles. this is a calculated russian strike at the shopping center feature. as the blaze spread emergency service is battled on the billowing smoke to put out the fire. ukraine's national security and defense council said, preliminary data, suggested the strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft . it said the other hit, the cities, sports stadium will be. this is how the shelves look in the supermarket. this is what the russians did, but it's scary to imagine the horrid people can suffer by simply going shopping with your ukraine's foreign minister, dimitra co labor tweeted russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must face the consequences. the response should be more heavy arms for ukraine, more sanctions on russia,
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and more business leaving russia. ukrainian, sorry to say, there were no strategical military targets near the shopping mall. from sunday, ukrainian military said a russian miss. aw, hit the city's bridge of the denise river, killing one person, and enjoying 5. moscow says it's tried to avoid civilian casualties, but hardly a day goes by when a civilian is not either killed or injured in a russian missile strike a long way from the front lines. john stratford al jazeera, give g 7 lead us meeting in germany who describe what that strike as a war crime. they announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia and pledge solidarity with ukraine full as long as it takes nature has labeled russia a direct threat to security. the alliances chief in salzburg said that the number of troops on high alert will rise from 40000 to more than 300000. well it took
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its presence of divert gun is to meet the leaders of sweden, finland on cheese day in the beds to join nato. edward blocked their applications, saying they support armed groups band in turkey. but if inland was accepted, it was significantly strength. and the alliance is presence on the land border with russia. for now, nato troops occupy the eastern frontiers of sonia and latvia in a way, just such as russia. in the arctic circle between the impulse flank the baltic enclave of cleaning grad finland's inclusion with 1300 kilometers to native border with russia. let's get more in a small diplomatic editor jane's base. he said miss invalid south of me to count the g 7 conference. and of course the meeting has come up with a final communicate. we believe james was saying we haven't got it yet. not been released to the press but the sherpas, they're the people from each of the g 7 nations, the senior diplomats that do actually the heavy lifting on this. they'd come up with a text we understand the leaders have been looking at it in the last few minutes
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and i'm told the text will come to us very shortly. a 40 pages long are the key thing i think to look at is what more they're going to do on ukraine. and i think there were 2 things with regards sanctions on ukraine. we were looking for. one was the idea of capping the price of russian oil and potentially russian gas. now they have looked at this and they say that it's something they will continue to look at and try and make work. they say the got details probably of, of this in the text, but they say there are many questions that still need to be discussed. it's a complex market, very technical. so lots of detail still, we work at what out. that's what i'm told by the u. official, the other a bit in there, that was what was a new sanction that the u. s. was pushing how to get over the line. here was the idea of banding rush and gold. now that again hasn't actually happened. they believe that would be important. moved to reduce the revenues of putin. they agree
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with the idea and principle all of them untold. but the e. u needs to put it to all their members are all 27. ready members of the you need to agree because this would be a new sanction and effectively a new sanctions package that we've had 6 as we part of a 7th. and the only thing i'm told about that which is interesting is a non e u. country switzerland might have a problem with that, with that idea of not importing russian gold. i'm told that the attack that we saw in ukraine is certainly shocked the e u leaders. and they, they say it's not, not anything new, but it, it, it's, it's, it's an increase their resolve. and the other thing that was with disgust, which i think is going to be a growing controversy in the coming months, november there's a g 20 meeting. so grouping of the, the most important economic countries in the world cost that includes china. but it also includes russia and u. s. is there as well. and ukraine has been invited. so all the u. s. are the you
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going to go to that g 20 summit in bali? i think there's a big debate about that. a lot of discussion and told among g 7 leaders i'm told, with regard to the e you are, they believe that it's necessary to go to confront the russian delegation. chance the shots that the german chancellor said it's important not all to torpedo. the g 20 summit. so james, as pivot now to madrid, where nato will be gathering on this ongoing conversation that is happening behind closed doors, most of the time between turkey and finland and sweden again. oh, with nato chief, they're trying to, you might say, find a way to keep everybody happy. yeah, absolutely. these are back to back summit's. the g 7 o d camp to madrid, including japan, which is not a member of nato, but it is if there is a guest and you can probably say looking quite dog around here. well,
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i'm told some of the g 7 lead is going to leave a bit early, including president biden, to get that motor cage to the airport. because they're worried about cover and helicopters flying because they, they may well be a big storm here soon. so they will be leaving in the next hour or so some of them and in the next hour or so present one will be on his way to madrid. so basically these really large sausage negotiation is going to take place before all these leaders arrive in madrid, the turkish president, the finished president, the swedish prime minister, and the u. n. sex nato secretary general role. going to try and get everyone on the same page at the last minute before the summit to try and get these these problems resolved. the suites certainly think they've gone a long way to try and accommodate turkey. they've even said the look of some of the turkish extradition requests that they put in for kurdish nationals, kurdish people, kurdish leaders who are living in sweden. and they believe they might be able to solve this. but it really is coming down to the line these negotiations ahead of
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that madrid summit, and they may well be the negotiations continue while that some it continues for the next few days in madrid. we following events with you from injured as well. james bays are diplomatic, added to thank you. now the head of sedans, ruling sovereign council, has visited the disputed border region of chicago. the trip comes after ethiopian forces killed 7 sudanese soldiers and a civilian dancers. the bodies were displayed publicly and that the killings breached international law. ethiopia, described as a tragic incident and called for the escalation and of the sutter burton has promised saddam will retaliate negotiated from iran. and the us saw in cas off the latest round when direct told to revise the 2015 nuclear deal. official negotiations in vienna had been stall because of differences between the 2 countries. but earlier this week, iran foreign ministers that to her on was ready to resume talks. european union is
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mediating the meeting in a tank of chlorine has exploded after falling from a crane in jordan, killing at least 13 people. local media reports at least $260.00 were injured after the tank blew up in the port of acrobat. at least 195 are being treated in hospital . those living nearby have been told to stay at home and keep the windows closed. still a had here on al jazeera morning in mexico. the murder of 2 jesuit priest, spotlight on government failures to curve violence and humanity is said to be facing an ocean emergency. and time is running out why rising temperatures could be in the end of 10 years. coral reefs. ah,
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the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine book your travel package today. there are some vicious weather yesterday running a long relied of thunderstorms. this is a tornado that touch down on the coast of the netherlands to some damage killed at least one person. so that shows you how much energy is in the system is pushing against the wall. so the research has been slow moving. be coming from france, the last 3 or 4 days. and this is where it's like to be hanging around. i think the next 2 or 3 is a division between the fine weather to a west until he gets the rain and the hot but fine weather further east. that's the line of existing heat wave radiates from sweden and finland down to latvia, hungary, in towards italy, all the temp to the well above where they should be for the time the year. that's been hard work trying to push in this hot weather and it's probably come to his it's end now end of its movement. so it's stationary, thunderstorms heavy, rain,
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northern italy, heavy rain up in norway, both could cause some flooding and then thunderstorms develop from germany through to check republic. weston, poland. this jury wednesday or timed further west is either wet or find nothing. extraordinary. south of it all, africans doing its usual stuff now, some pretty big shadow. got a long way in land into the cell, but the still a concentration. this time, rather further west. i saw air, white official airline of the journey witnessed the ocean with plaintiff's witness difference if witness change. witness happiness. witness. large. witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. loss. witness. charity, witness. confusion. witness. clarity. witness. family. i'm witness. friends. witness the beginning, witness, the end witness life. witness. an algebra.
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ah ah, what about your child is there with me said robin in doha. reminder of all top news stories that these 46 people are eaten dead inside and abandon truck in the state of texas was discovered on the road to the outskirts of the city of san antonio. 16 were found alive including 4 children. a russian missile strike on a busy shopping malony pain has been widely condemned. 18 people were killed and dozens injured in the central city of them. sure. gees of leaders meeting in germany have described walked so that strike as a wall crime,
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they announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia. it is sans it'll boost truitt numbers for it's rapid response forces 230-0000. okay, vulcan is a forward u. s. ambassador to nato, and a distinguished fellow with the center for european policy analysis. he says, russia is limited in how it can respond to nato's new measures. brushes already put a lot into its armed forces and is deployed them forward. now those forces are finding in ukraine and really bogged down. they don't have a lot to spare. so while they were complained about rhetorically, i don't see this is changing anything. i also think it's a very prudent measure by nato to send a clear message to russia. that's the kind of aggression that it is conducting. and ukraine is not something that they could successfully pursue against the natal country. this is not about the conflict in ukraine directly. this is about sending a message to russia. the nato means what it says, it will protect and defend the territory of all the member states,
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including the baltic states, including poland, including romania and moscow, should have no illusions about that to attack any natal member would be tantamount to an attack on all new members now, as far as the war ukraine goes, this is a reaction in some way, because we've seen the aggression and the brutality that russia is capable of in europe. and so this is his persuaded native members that this is necessary. it is not, however, going to relate to any kind of direct intervention into the car. we can ukraine by nature. that's something that all of the leaders of nato have ruled out. i think it's going to take an awful long time and a lot of rebuilding of trust by russia if they expect countries to reduce their arm and since relax. because as long as suton is leading russia, you have a war criminal right there in charge of the country. they are defending their aggression against ukraine as though it is justified in some way. that is unacceptable to any other european state. and so as long as russia is in this
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posture, this kind of preparedness foster by nature will continue place in india, the rest of the case and of the fact checking website out news. merman's a bow has been a vocal critic of prime minister, the vend, remote in government is often criticized hate speech by hindu right wing groups. part of the middle of correspondence in the deli joyce, we now obviously a surprising detention. what more do we know about it? because he's obviously upset the authorities well, there is going support and solidarity for mohammed bear. he is currently in police custody. he's been arrested for a treat that the police a heart with just sentiments of hindus. this is a tweet he posted 4 years ago. now, mohammed, the better is a well known way, respect to john list. he is a co founder, a book prominent fact checking sites and has been on the forefront of flagging
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increase incidence of hate crime and his speech against minorities in india and his arrest comes at the time when there is growing concern about. * shrinking space for descent, as well as increased incidence of his crime against minorities on the prime minister and the reins of the government. now for his work, mom as a bear says he has been repeatedly targeted. recently he was charged for calling a group of him to lead us hedge mall guys. 6 these leaders had open recalls for genocide against muslims act it public mission. mom was a very was also one of the 1st few people to flag islam or for the comment made by a prominent politician off the b. j. b. these comments off a diplomatic route with various countries in the gus. eventually the b j. p distance,
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it says from her comments and suspended her. we actually interviewed him for that story and he told us that when he posted that video, he saw that many people affiliated with a b, j. p, supported and encouraged and harassed, and told him for doing his work. now his arrest has fall wife, but condemnation activists, john list, members of civil society have condemned it. they are demanding he be released immediately. i have said that this is another instance of defense being harassed and targeted by 40 middle for new delhi. thanks for the update. indigenous leaders and government officials and i could go on negotiating to end a nationwide strike. the government has agreed to meet some of the strike as demands, but some differences remain unresolved or latin america to lucy newman. haas, both on the capital kito o. negotiations to end ecuador is crippling. nationwide strike have been
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excruciatingly slow and complex, but at least they've begun. an outside of ketone basilica amazonian guards kept everyone at a safe distance while supporters of the indigenous lead strike, which is now in its 3rd week, danced for good luck. in always a precedent kian molasses representative warned that the government would not cave into all of the strikers demands, especially of 40 cent cut in petrol and diesel prizes. acadia with those of agree to everything. also him on doing the right thing. rather they're receiving orders that is the characteristic of a kidnapped government, and we will not be one of those. but indigenous leaders stood firm. this, our objective is for the wealth of this country which we to produce to be redistributed fairly and equally. oh, in the absence of
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a breakthrough roadblocks that have crippled much of the economy, including a good was key oil industry. we reinforced this as the town of wallow, a poor agricultural community outside of the capital kito. when we arrived a short while ago to find this huge road block, leading to one of the main highways in this country, as well as tires, burning, and tempers flaring the residence. tell us just a short while ago they had a violent encounter with security voices. we saw an ambulance race off with one of the injured an elderly man who was reportedly attacked by riot police inside his oh, i quit. no, no, just to say they were fired upon at close range with tear gas and rubber pellets. and you'd have been visiting them at that they came here to kill us. they have no compassion for women and children, or the elderly. while scores of security forces have also been seriously injured in
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reading battles with protesters. and 6 favorite victims so far have been demonstrators. your 60 year old, bad 3 sammy. this insist their strike is just that i mark, i'm of go north of off about and we worked a land without picks and shovels to survive. we aren't rich so we need the government to lower the price of fuel of april. so more. 6 0 yes, the government has agreed to alleviate farmers bank debts and improve health and education services, and it's offered to decrease fuel by $0.10 a gallon. but indigenous leaders say that is not nearly enough. and so the government continues to weigh carefully. it's commitment to i a methyl, stared, he measures against a govern ability crisis. that is worsening by the day. to see a newman al jazeera, kito funerals have been held the to jesuit priest murder than the mexican state of chihuahua. critic say the killings expose the government's failure to reduce
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violence across mexico. by mil repellant husband funeral services for to jesuit priest who were killed in northern mexico last week. members of the indigenous glad moody community performed a ritual dance to honor the 2 priest fucking mora and hub, yet campbells who were killed during an alleged encounter with a wanted drug trafficker mercer mother. he is a martyr to me because whenever i talked to him, he said that his life was a uni came municipality, and that he would give his life for the communities. and he gave his life for the killing of the priest, sent shock waves across mexico. and frustrations are growing over, worsening violence, as are criticisms of the mexican governments failure to curb homicides. themes, if you hand on the hood, or can we continue to demand justice that the federal public security policy be changed? because this is not working,
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no matter how much the authority side that it is working, nothing is going to change of homes and i'm going to work on the other. violence in mexico is at its highest point in decades. statistics suggest that nearly 100 people are murdered in the country every day. the catholic church says mexico is going through a historic wave of violence. even pope frances has expressed deep concerns over the crisis line tuchi shawnee mesh. so many killings in mexico. i'm close with my fiction and prayers to the catholic community that's been afflicted by this tragedy . once again, i repeat violence does not resolve problems, but creates unnecessary suffering. mexico's president and businessman, when lopez over other condemned the killing of the 2 priests. but the president has also drawn criticism. after being asked about the growing public outcry over his national security policy. no arms. we're not going to modify our strategy.
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we maintain that human beings are not evil by nature. that is the circumstances that lead some to take the path of anti social behavior ah, following the deaths of the priests in the state of chihuahua. catholic bishops in mexico have called on the mexican government to host a national dialogue with the goal of taking concrete actions to build a path toward peace. manila below al jazeera, mustering some breaking news coming out of germany. a former nazi concentration camp guard has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by a german court. joseph shoots, age 101 is the oldest person so far to be charged with complicity in war crimes during the holocaust that he's convicted in the involvement of the murders of as many as 3518 prisoners at least one person has been killed and 7 injured in the 1st tornado to hit the netherlands in 3 decades. a
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clean up operation is underway and the south western city of zel z roofs were blown off homes and trees top hold on to cars. emergency services have mounted a major operation. the world is facing an ocean emergency dance. the warning from the un secretary general of the start of the un ocean's conference antennae good. harris says more needs to be done to protect marine life and people living in coastal areas in kenya, damage coal, re sobbing, replanted, but it may not be enough to save them. as malcolm web explains, some of the world's most diverse ecosystems are found here in the coral reefs of kenya's coast. but they're under threat one to these divers, one to do something about it. the part of the foundation called refill lucian, that was set up after a series of devastating coral bleaching events in the indian nation. they rescued
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broken pieces of coral and replant them on specially made structures. they say they're planting about $8000.00 carls a year. yet in patel, the project manager says it's working because they get to nutrients from all side. they grow very quickly. so piece which is this small in 6 months, can become this bigger. reggie, the coral provides a crucial breeding ground for fish, which in local communities depend on planting on the structures, helps restore some of the marine habitat. this is where they made the project involved, the local fishing community to and employ some of them. there. subsist and fishes who are depending on, on this channel for the fishing activity, can benefit one as a fishing area. ah, number 2, they can also use this area full scale snorkeling activities. about half of the
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world's coral is already been destroyed. and scientists say most all of it will be wiped out in the next 30 years without drastic action. one of the threats is industrial fishing trawlers, nets dragged along, the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can compare it with build ocean down a forest to try and get some deer, but then after that there will be no forest, no more deer. the same is happening through the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life and the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set to rise by more than 2 degrees you conference. you can get away with not reduced carbon emissions by having systems that can you conditions, request and things like that. we need to reduce all the combinations possible and then counts on by the message. replanting can help preserve existing car.


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