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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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since they lost their jobs, when the travellers stopped coming because of co, the dime team pandemic restrictions brought financial hardship to many here valley . now as the island reopens for international travelers, some say they want more just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have how to form a truism work is learn how to cut it used to be a tour guide. now he farms cabbage with. i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer as the island prepares to welcome visitors again, many say the pandemic has told them valuable lessons. never forget, ah, at least 46 people have found dead in an abandoned truck in the u. s. state of
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texas. the mac coals that a horrific human tragedy. the patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion. ah, ha, ha ha robin watching all of their life. well, headquarters here in doug also coming up widespread condemnation of a russian missile strike, call of shopping mouth in ukraine. at least 18 people are dead. the war in ukraine such double 8 states, a meeting with traits. the alliance as russia is the biggest threat to its security . and a 101 year old, former nazi god, is jail for 5 years. involvement to the murders of 3 and a half 1000 people. ah,
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bookings the broker, at least 46 people. he found debt is either truck in the state of texas. it appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in recent years along the us mexico border victoria gate. and he has the story. the grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas, a man working near by her to cry for help and saw a trailer with the door partially opened. inside the wood, dozens of bodies piled on top of one another. temperature in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and children were too weak to get out of the trailer paces that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering all from heat, stroke, heat exhaustion. ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that rig. the victims a believe to be migrants who crossed the us mexico border looking for a better life,
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disappears to be one of the was cases of migrant deaths in the us in recent years. so the plight of migrants, city refuse is always the humanity in crisis, but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge you. busy to think compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing, the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to h aside. it is now a federal investigation. the migration point is that the u. s. saw the buddha is a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings are low. republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being
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politicized by both sides. in the meantime, migrants continue to cross the border. in this case with tragic consequences. victoria gate and b algae 0. russia says it 5 missiles at a weapons, dep her in central ukraine and a subsequent explosion triggered the fire at a nearby shopping bow. 18 people were killed and dozens injured in the attack in the city of crimean, chuck charles stratford reports are from keith. the shopping mall in the city of crimean shook and central ukraine was reportedly full of people when the russian missile hit, the cranes president vladimir zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside at the time versus kilda, a delay on what center of come and georgia today's russian strike on a shopping center in chrome and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in european history of a peaceful city. an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilians, believe this is not
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a mistaken hit by missiles. this is a calculated russian strike at the shopping center feature. as the blaze sprayed emergency services battled on the billowing smoke to put out the fire. ukraine's national security and defense council said, preliminary data, suggested the strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft . it said the other hit the cities, sports stadium. what would be? this is how the shelves look in the supermarket. this is what the russians did when one is scary, to imagine the horror people can suffer by simply going shopping with your ukraine's foreign minister, dimitra co labor tweeted russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must face the consequences. the response should be more heavy arms for ukraine, more sanctions on russia, and more business leaving russia. ukraine in authority say there were no strategic or military targets near the shopping. more on sunday, ukrainian military said
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a russian missile hit the cities bridge of the denise river, killing one person, and injuring 5. moscow says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties, but how the day goes by when a civilian is not either killed or injured in a russian missile strike a long way from the front lines. john suffered al jazeera, give g 7 leaders meeting in germany have described the strike as a war crime. they announce plans to impose more sanctions of russia and pledge solidarity with ukraine for as long as it takes native label. russia a direct threat to security. the alliance is chief, insulted by the number of troops on high alert, will rise from 40000 to more than 300000 well take his present. divert again is to meet the leaders of sweden and finland in the coming out to discuss the bids to join nato. that again brought their applications saying they supported armed groups
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in band group. pub, me, in turkey, my fin, the was accepted, it was significantly strength, and the alliance is presence on its land border with russia. for now, nato troops occupy the eastern frontiers of a stony latvia. norway just touches russia. in the arctic circle lithuania and poland flank, the baltic enclave of cleaning grad, then inclusion was at 1300 kilometers to native border with russia. diplomatic editor james bay's is in miss involved in south of munich for sir james. that's just focusing on where these talks are, with regards to sweden and finland wanting to join data. because we've pivoting now towards madrid. yes. in fact, the g 7 leaders are gonna be leaving shortly from here because the weather is closing in and most of them would like to get by helicopter to, to the airport in munich, and then fly in on their private jets to madrid. so wrapping up perhaps perhaps a little bit early ahead of them arriving though there are going to these separate
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talks between the president of turkey, the president, finland, the prime minister of sweden and the nato secretary general. really 11th our talks, a sort of mini summit before the summit to try and resolve this problem as problem has existed since may remember that's when sweden and finland said they wanted to join nato. they put in that letter to nato headquarters and all of the other nato nations said, yes, we want them to be members apart from turkey. now they've been trying to work through the reservations. the swedish prime minister certainly says that they've gone a long way to doing that. they're even looking at the extradition, recreate west quote requests that turkey has made for some of some citizens of kurdish origin. the turkey would like to see sent back to turkey for possible trial . is this enough? we'll lay managed to secure an agreement. as the swedish prime minister said she was hopeful of our before the full madrid summit starts in few hours time,
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or will this issue continue in the background? or sometimes in the foreground and throughout the rest of the summit at which takes place on wednesday and thursday. clearly it's a big issue because sweden and finland bring quite a lot of military assets to the nato alliance. they will be there anyway because their partners and moto, so they will be allowed to attend. but if there is this route continues, then some will see it. i think as disunity. and that could be something that in, in some ways or nato, where it will send a message to let them in person. and either normally after a g 7 summit, we get the inklings or what might be in a final communicate, nothing's been published quite yet. but what are your sources saying? yeah, final communique actually moved out might be in about an hour ago. i couldn't tell the worth on it had finished by the sherpas. they're the senior diplomats from each of the 7 nations who who are the sherpas, who climbed the summit of the summit. and they were working on this all night long
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and come up with a final text. hasn't been sent to us yet, but i know what's in it because i've been briefed by an e u official and also the statement on the food bed. the food security bit has been released that we start with that they're going to pledge an additional $4500000000.00 to protect the most vulnerable from hunger mound nutrition that brings a total this year so far. $14000000000.00 from the g 7. they also say they are very supportive of the u. n. 's efforts to unlock a safe maritime called coin offered through the black sea. that's interesting because that evolved the u. n. a un inspectors who would inspect any ships that took the grain out of to make sure that and bring weapons on the way in. but it also involves turkey once again, which seems to be at the center of a lot of the diplomacy here. because it's turkish navy, that what is escort those ships with regard to fresh sanctions on russia? nothing specific or nothing particularly new. there were 2 things we were watching
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for. one was price caps on russian, oil and gas. they say it's a very novel concept, but very technical. and so they can actually announce anything now, but they're looking into it further and looking at the complex technical issues. the other one was man on russian gold until they're all in favor of no longer. i'm having russian gold in the g 7 countries, but the european union has lots of members who are not in the g 727, e u members. this will be another sanctions package for them. and so it will have to go through the procedures in brussels and that would be a 7th sanctions package by the european union gen fully up there. and so it changed based on diplomatic editor, there non negotiators from iran in the us, i and cut off the latest. rather indirect talks to revise. the 2015 nuclear deal runs on basset to cancer. has tweeted this picture with iranian diplomat tale by hattie, who's now indo huh. official negotiations in vienna had been stalled because of differences between the us and around. but earlier this week,
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around foreign ministers, a tougher on was ready to resume talks more than 180 people are being treated in hospital after a tank of chlorine exploded in jordan. the tank blew up on monday, after falling from a crane in the port city of ac. above these 13 people were killed. those living nearby have been told to stay home and keep their windows closed. on the ban, i was inside the crane and i heard the sound of an explosion. a very loud explosion came out from the crane towards the ship. just before i reached the ship, i saw this yellow material. i didn't know that it was toxic and i thought the ship exploded. will still ahead here on out there, a prominent germ this is arrested in india. critics. the keys, the government of cracking down on press freedom and look at these dangers of living without being in malawi, a priest sentence by involvement in the killing of
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a man with the condition. ah, ah, there are a tropical revolutions taking place again. this is one to watch over the philippines, that massive thunderstorms may well end up in a circulation to the west of liaison in the south china sea. if it doesn't mold and that will be of great interest with, even if it doesn't, it will produce some flooding in the song. and if you follow it back here, it sort of phase away, but the still concentration or potential concentration of thunderstorms in west and bornea, java looks rather sunny and dry dares something different. and this may be a reason for that because just the east of java stretching cross into northern territory is a line of cloud and raved as keeping temperatures down in northern territory
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straight. but the south is doing what it should do. it's a bit more rain coming in to adelaide purse, enjoying the sunshine, about $819.00 degrees. but so i say rain could well be concentrating upon darwin and tropical queens with temperatures are quite a long way down on where they should be. this is the tropic sunny variation is notable. they have just 31 for doward. that's not at the moment. as for new zealand, back to normal now, one band of rain followed by another one in fairly quick succession. but most the time, christ church and the needing are in shelter in the sun. ah . with this the ocean witness claims witness difference is witness. change. witness, happiness. witness? not witness. sunlight, witness de la. witness. last witnessed. charity. witness, confusion, witness clarity, witness. family. i'm witness. friends,
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witness the beginning. witness the end. witness life witness analogy for ah ah, what about you what you have to do with me? so robin, reminder of all told stories at least 46 people are being found dead inside and abandon truck in the us state of texas. it was discovered on a road on the outskirts of the city of san antonio. 16 people were found to live including 4 children. russia says it fought missiles as a weapon. stucco in central ukraine on monday. it's as a subsequent explosion trigger the fire. it's a nearby shopping mouth in roman job,
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killing 18 people incident has been widely condemned. and g 70 does a wrapping up so much in germany, where russia's invasion has dominate discussions. the untroubled traits for nature talks to consider bits by sweden and finland to join the alliance. preservice of divert, again, it's against their inclusion places india per the rest of the co founder of the fact checking website out news. barman's a bad has been a vocal critic of private cement promoting government. he's often criticized hate speech by hindu right tween groups that's bringing son jacob who is the editor of hard news on the general secretary of the editors guild of india. and josie from new daddy. good. have you with a sister couple on the program and how important is the role of fact check is in the media in india right now in ohio. how highly regarded is out news.
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thank you for inviting me or your program. you know, a little about the 8 or 9 years ago, nobody paid much attention to a fracture because the 2nd just come up with the spread of disinformation which has become so rampant that i think back to the people that you look on or to confirm what is the stated port dollars, especially on the twitter and facebook to be correct or not. so from that standpoint, i think back because we important then as he confesses himself, my mom was of a, it is not a journalist, he's a factor. and that in a certain way, bruce, we have con in the face of all those people who use this information as a tool for lowering the credibility of media and also porter, executing whatever agenda they might be having or perpetrating certain kind of divisiveness into society. deepening divide of a kind which allows them to create a certain violence or many things that they have in the most. so this information is very important to go to the recent phenomena. no, please, can you repeat that?
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please carry on a because the 2nd bullet question is how highly regarded out news is in the indian dis, flora. so all teams are the set me of a binding. a bird started by a gentleman called the feature not who was he didn't have back down the media. he came in because you realize that they needed to be some kind of intervention that had to be done with the internet, especially the new social media platform that her come in. and they needed to be, you know, checking on a matter that people start understanding that whatever this is not a proud i a truth and they need to be cautious about it. i think that understanding that awareness is really grown in the, in, in society that people have begun to say, oh, this is not, this is part of for lack of media that of being pulled out. so short is a bit of a casualty, but i think i'll use as a major role in raising awareness of that. i mean, indian politics,
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the stakes are always very high because at this moment in time, is that the, for the past decade to so it's merged with religion and regional loyalties. how worrying has that become full editors and journalists across the board? very much so. i mean, it is very distressing because everything that is stated is seen from the prism of bars, especially histories being re interpreted in a manner that we had never quoted would be everything the scene with the, you know, as an act of descent by this moment, by the administration and the modem that there is an ecosystem which has been created, which is so aggressive, i just rundowns anything that goes through the narrative of the identity of the state. and that is that it becomes a problematic. i think john loosen it does, but he in a certain way that you give them out anything that will cause cause some kind of dilution either to us. so that is an excessive amount of self censorship that goes
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in to do it. everybody in fact has to go to substance back information the for lack the point of view less it, you know, attracts delegation from social media and even from the government site. how important and how difficult does it become to tell a story impartially across india. now when you know the government is watching out for every comment and, and perhaps maybe sometimes the goal post significantly changed as to what is acceptable and what is not. as you say, if you don't tell the official line, i think by large people have begun to recognise what is only going to hurt the government. and even the editors recognize that. so good example of what really happened during the time when you had defending sweeping large part of the country . and you also had many magnets leaving big cities and going back. and that is the time when i think the government was
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a bit unsure and people and about how you should be actually. and they decided that they would not upset that is going to make the people dying. so there was a major garb and the number of people that they wanted to own up as dying because a friend to me. but there was, i think masking of somebody dead sheep, people going back and it got it on for quite right. and then the treaty, you know, things went out of control and then the some warning up to a case by, but by the time dot com has been done. but when you look at it, we have has ended our policy because coming up from w h o, we have every possible figure that has come out. so the same message starts going down to be a detroit a lot is. so media do right 20. but when it comes to television, the other ones will be targeted far more than the print. but i think there is an understanding that the dentist seen read less than the 3 media game fact. it's good to get your insights on your analysis of hard news. and jacob,
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thanks for joining us from new delhi. thank you so much. no form, and that's the concentration camp guard has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by german court. use of shoots is the oldest person to be charged with complicity in war crimes. during the holocaust. he's 101 years old joe now by dominant cane his following the case for me. what sort of response that we hearing to this verdict and the details of the case? obviously, quite harrowing. the details of the case are indeed harrowing. the defense that this man should, sir, offered. the court was that he'd never been to the camp at the prosecution, was able to introduce documentary evidence that said somebody with his name, yours of shirts, or somebody with his same birth date with his same address, had indeed been an s s guard. at the concentration camp in saxon,
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the halls and the actual charges against him refer to the death of 3 and a half 1000 people. he's not like, he was not accused directly of murdering these people, rather of aiding and abetting the system which killed these people. and it is worth making the point that the camp in question is about 30 kilometers from the center of berlin from where i am now speaking to from and this man. well, every day that he would work there, he don is uniform, pick up his weapon and stand there in the watched hours walking around the camp, while thousands of people were persecuted there, it's estimated that around a half of all the inmates who ever went to saxon halls and during the nazi government died there. many of them starved to death worked to death. many of them also actively murdered when you go to the camp. it is hard to believe that somebody could say that they were there as a member of the oppressive regime and not see the sorts of criminality atrocities
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that were taking place there on a daily basis. the interesting thing is that the judges in passing sentence on this manuals of should, sir, said that he had willingly and knowingly acted as a member of this system which cause such atrocities to happen. there is one question that comes from all of this, which is, has been asked by some people, how can it be that it is taken so long to bring such people to justice and then the corroborate of that is how can it be that successive generations of west and east germans over 70 years allowed so many people to go and prosecuted and unpunished, for their complicity in not see crimes dominate. canaan berlin, thank you. no catholic, priest. malory is beginning a 30 year prison. so for his role in the killing of a man with albinism, 5 rather traffickers receive life sentences, murder of 22 year old
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b. 22 year old in 2018 barbara anger, pop referrals from catholic priest to prisoner thomas mo hutcher is led away after being convicted for the murder of mcdonald. my sam booker. a man with albinism. 5 others were handed life sentences, including a medical officer, a policeman, and the victim's brother. wasn't able to run big of unhappy has been sentenced to life imprisonment. so that i don't have to see him again. just like i will never see his brother, whom he betrayed, that the group was found guilty of luring my sam booker into a trap with a promise of marriage. but they killed him to traffic the 22 year olds. organs, sam, believe albino parts bring wealth and good luck and superstitious rituals. his matter is one of dozens against albinos in malawi, in the past decade. i think this is air thrown through all my low young's that this
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10 days? oh, very kidding with oh, face moved without even using hugh do with you in you effect his door. he goes to we are through who i knew things. we need you to enjoy the late as interviewing else. fair remains and parts of africa for people born with albinism activists say, at least in this case, the powerful have been held to account. barbara and copa al to sarah savoy, central bank has raised its main interest rate to a record high of 200 percent. that's the highest rates in the world. now the bank is trying to tame inflation. that's running at more than 190 percent or him a toss. a has moved from perry. a lack of confidence in some bobby's dollar and soaring, inflation is taking a toll on its people. the central bank is more than doubling interest rates from 80 to 200 percent from july. the 1st an attempt to rain in inflation. the finance
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minister hopes to boost market confidence, saying other currencies will still be used for the next 5 years. the government is getting stated is in its intention of maintaining a multi current system best. only jewel use of the us dollar in this bubble dollar in the main. however, the markets lack of confidence in multi current systems. it is, is causing us challenges. and i want to assure you that the smile to current system is here to stay into the foreseeable future. inflation reach more than 191 percent in june. best made life even harder for millions of people. previous attempts by the government of a collapse, those above paris includes attain their ban on the bank, landing economists here are divided on whether that work, official se, they'll not introduce gold coins into the market for individuals to store value. but some economists say this may not be practical. 49 percent of the population in
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extreme bullet. $7900000.00 people who cannot live on a dollar night cents a day. they can even go to bed that eating. 70 percent of the rural population in profit. so we're going to buy the good point. government officials also plan to reduce taxes and fuel to curve price increases, as well as increase allowances. the health workers and civil service after unions rejected a 100 percent wage increase, both soaring inflation. this may do little to help people facing a rising cost of living. hadn't title out their heretic. but the world is facing an ocean emergency. that's the warning from the un secretary general at the start of the united nations ocean conference until you get harris says more needs to be done to protect marine life and people living in coastal areas in came you damage coral reef sobbing, replanted. but that may not be enough to save them now, malcolm webb has the story. some of the world's most diverse ecosystems
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a found here in the coral reefs of kenya's coast. but they're under threat. one of these dive is one to do something about it. the part of the foundation called refill ition that was set up after a series of devastating coral bleaching events in the indian nation. the rescue broken pieces of coral and replant them on specially made structures. they say they're planting about $8000.00 carls a year. yet in patel, the project manager says it's working because they get to nutrients from all sides . they grow very quickly. so piece which is this small in 6 months, can become this bigger. ready? the coral provide the crucial breeding ground for fish, which in local communities depend on replanting on the structures, helps restore some of the marine habitat. this is where they made the project
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involves the local fishing community to and employ some of them. there. subsist and fishers who are depending on, on this channel for the fishing activity, can benefit one as a fishing area. ah, number 2, they can also use this area for snorkeling activities. about half of the world's coral is already been destroyed. as scientists say, most all of it will be wiped out in the next 30 years without drastic action. one of the threats is industrial fishing trawlers, nets dragged along the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can compare it with build dosing down a forest to try and get some deer, but then after that will be no forest, no more deer. the same is happening through the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life. the future changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe.


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