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tv   Witness Riders Of Destiny  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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made the project involved, the local fishing community to and employ some of them there. subsist and fishers who are depending on, on this channel for the fishing activity can benefit. one has a fishing area. ah, number 2. they can also use this area for snow calling activities. about half of the world's coral is already been destroyed, and scientists say most all of it will be wiped out in the next 30 years without drastic action. one of the threats is industrial fishing trawlers, nets dragged along, the bottom of the ocean can destroy almost everything in their path. you can compare it with build ocean down to the forest to try and get some deer. but then after that it will be no forest, no more dear. the same is happening through the marine life. if you destroy the entire bottom, there will be no more life in the future. changing climate is making coral bleaching events more frequent and more severe. the world's temperature is set to
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rise by more than 2 degrees. you compensate, you can get away with not just carbon emissions by having systems that. can you conditions of sequester and things like that? we need to reduce all the combinations possible and then counseling bite of s. replanting can help preserve existing corals. but if rising, see temperatures on stopped, thou hardly be any coral left. replant malcolm web al jazeera ah, there with me. so robin and reminder volunteer stories at least $46.00 people to be found dead insights and abandon truck in the us state of texas. it was discovered on a road to the outskirts of the city of unto san antonio. 16 people were found alive including 4 children. the patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were
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suffering from heat, stroke, heated, clogged in no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no visible working a unit on that rig. russia says if i miss on that weapons, death own central ukraine on monday. it says the subsequent explosion triggered the 5 to nearby shopping, mal increment, joke can 18 people, the incident has been widely condemned. g 7 leaders, wrapping up a summit in germany, where russia's invasions dominate the discussion and travel to madrid for nato talks to consider bids by sweden and finland to join. the alliance took his present replies again, is also against that inclusion. while the 180 people are being treated in hospital and a tank of chlorine exploded in jordan, the tank blew up on monday after falling from a crane in the port city vanka. at least 13 people were killed. a former nazi concentration camp god has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by german court is
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shits was convicted of involvement, the murders of the 3 and a half 1000 people. he's 101 years old. please then do you have a rest of the cassandra check in websites out news, numbered, spare has been a vocal critic of prime minister movies government. right. so that's, that was but we won't even have law to stay with us. witnesses next? how and why did it become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing? what we're talking about by american today, we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. i got a
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with the guy. i got a a, a power local name for dorothy young. so the u. s. a n y one, which i would go double mentor. i would do it with
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got the deal and you got say a thing in a long should have being in mind. okay, fantastic. and we'll find out, and we'll discuss troubling any other mis, identical projects. i, i mean, i've seen lately called diet to pass on more on the market. the whole been by side, but i did, but by some do make good idea through december. i decide plus the i like the color see like me and because of fooling and did you what i can get on some places to get down? yes, i love the pump. was almost nearly my balance. my soul up on the
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quote because at so on. yeah. but i sued you guy who came on kentucky. i'm pulling by monday. i see lane but they had blue eyes cut on someone to look to joe to book my best. he lied. you got in his had your gun that the law i had balloon them, but you don't want their party calling unique along sat the woollen guy. come on, i'm on the to mama can i get that? it's been nice who i spoke to somebody i'm see like mm mm ah the boy, you're good one minute he did he no one in black or the joke either. call your godaddy at all. yeah. go to meeting that
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we're thinking about, well, i knew did i you don't want to be good that in mesquite did are nice. you do the it mo, sumo. what are you going to go to dubai? well, i got live, we so same old with the be to buy new buy a fellow daddy husband followed up in high school. i need to shop for a 20 thought. so belmont, se late? lot by yeah, i don't any put a plastic to mom. what's economic? yes i yeah. a
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unless he landed by young and do a book. so i guess he like to add up with that when you get to get back in. yeah. pulling a cool daddy up when i did the a globe. would the younger like it to lansing dec. i see little was good. good. yeah, good luck. i did it. but to laura laura i had to come on with that and i begin with their gang also anal sonya beginning that eugene calendar. but when you beside me they used bloody without even getting like a molly luggage by the associate in ab. yeah. mom, but
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a lou with phone and it'll be to the school. believe me go to school, but i do believe and by to one school, how do you look it up with a new model like winning. okay, and what about this at a minimum i don't have it out with carlos. he left,
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some ball odd, but so i'm more you'll be on my daniel classroom ws, hopefully up them up by the by some if the and i'm going to be so i get my thumb a cool body shop to new to fi 9. yeah. yeah. and i like it, i'm gonna be solely up up, up, up, up. it's like a 10 minute dis, i'm a good idea how to mingle that i've seen on. yeah, yeah. my, like get the on my okay. to get someone did up a little bit of up on my dad's up to a. mm hm. and that would be awesome. see, let me just add that. i bye bye. yeah, i thought i said calling. yeah,
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i'm done. got all my i about blank on my site, you need to go. so that you've gotten with columbia, both of them got them on some sea line. if the money on my son died, the dial on their line random apple corporal could sambota money, a
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would done got the money. i be sure. hold on. got melissa, i'm with the go down going out like the vietnam war. i'm a bang argued about what was up when your mom was hoping in, mama, i don't even know if i thought, mom, i guess my mom is in the wall. brown. he's kelly with the lafayette this blue with oh yeah. did you ask us what it does? is he looking at the up when i was talking,
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i get a check today which i don't know what to do yet. they did make i am in love with other people, john, who do i need to do my him scholarship, which i mean yes, kalu judah, i'm the de la gill, a teacher blocker with la signing up beside jago. so massey, luckily put short be says as soon as what i'm like, oh, i thought that most thought at the summer i'm letting my yeah. some
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priscilla sang at the top, so messiah on got come to us. i left by the i read with i'm done with
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sam yet. cindy. the step by 2 inch, i don't think busty gentle says kind of where the gotten medical model device will and then what kind of weapon don't know me tell you i guess with doing it, but i'm looming in yeah. when you're at the jokey, i'm going to me medic, by young when you do, i mean that the jokey with this article oh
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oh, i just had to get them when you look it all when you go to near me, my said anthony justine dear john so i hope when your soccer detailing yeah. thing i'm going to go to yes. hello. we want to stick and we're going to go now by doing that, we have time on that awful. do you got an aluminum golden? yes. back on my income and you know, do some benee it do evil? yeah. yeah. well my hand is pretty much kasey there's i have no way to get it done. and i've been told by
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a deer conceal and his essays call i sell a say no gun. good money out of your focus because call on you kirk hollow, the any move a little better that day. hello my a good i be day. oh,
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live mom lies 3 sites. so fatima deal morning to get bulletin, dea like yamil, post colonial, one more done. i'm a simon to lackey, sang him in the deed, kill agie. who with with
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me with somebody let me see, let did. did you get in to come back? yeah. dam economy some wine. yeah. get got destiny like ah, well yes i do. i've been to listen to do an update yet. did you get you'll get
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ah, ah, does he think i was really psy up with moving a lot on boys? i yeah. so about food. the guys is in the mold. are most avenue the duty that we say atkins, a need to go new body ducal don't want this right yet he's i will merely my nail. i've gotten into the telling me to. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of gonna stop thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect
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it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on just 0 cats away. official airline of the journey with
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with ah ah ah, what official and line of the journey home calm is preparing to march 25 years since britain handed it back to china. life has changed dramatically. critics, a freedoms have been stripped away and china is tightening. it's great to water know for the one country to systems one's promise by day jane. the hong kong handle special cover on all 0. ah this is al jazeera oh.


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