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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah ah, oh ha, fisher and i know the journey. hong kong is preparing to march 25 years since britain handed it back to china. life was changed to a matic. critics or if we do have been stripped away in china is toys. it's good toward hold no, for the one country to systems one's promised. monday, jane the hong kong handle special coverage on all 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah
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hello, i'm in language. this is the news allan live from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 46 people have found dead in an abandoned track in the i state of texas. they may call it a holistic human tragedy. widespread condemnation of a russian and miss south strike on a shopping mall lane in the crime. i say people are dead and the war is set to dominate and made so amazing in the dreads. the line says roster is the biggest threat to its security. and a prominent generalist is arrested in india. critics accused the government of cracking down on chris freedom and i'm sort of hired to the sports news is, were found adult prepares to open his wimbledon challenge. he'll be looking to join 6, find champion, no back jacobin in the 2nd round, off to the sub had a tough opening test on center court.
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ah, we begin this news hour in the us where at least 46 people have been found dead inside a truck in the state of texas. it appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in recent years along the us mexico border. victoria gaten b reports. the grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas. a man working near by heard a cry for help and saw a trailer with the doors partially opened. inside there were dozens of bodies piled on top of one. another. temperature is in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and children were too weak to get out of the trailer. patience that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering off from heat stroke, feed exhaustion, ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that
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rig. the victims a believe to be migrants across the us, mexico border looking for a better life. this appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in the us in recent years. so the plight of migrants, city raptors is always the humanity in crisis. but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge you. busy to think compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing, the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to h aside. it is now a federal investigation. the migration prices that the u. s. southern border is
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a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings are low. republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. in the meantime, migrants continue to cross the border. in this case with tragic consequences, victoria gate and be al jazeera. russia says the fire and a shopping center in the ukranian city of crime and choke was triggered after it, finally sells at a nearby weapons depot. 18 people were killed and dozens injured in the attack. on monday. as charles stratford reports from cave shopping mall in the city of credential can, central ukraine was reportedly full of people when the russian missile is ukraine's president. florida may zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside at the time, but she's kilda literally normal center of common today. today's russian strike on
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a shopping center in chrome and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in european history over a peaceful city. an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilians, believe this is not a mistaken hit by missiles. this is a calculated russian strike at the shopping center feature. as the place sprayed emergency services battled on the billowing smoke, to put out a fire. ukraine's national security and defense counsel said, preliminary data, suggested the strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft . it said the other hit the cities sports stadium. hopefully, this is how the shelves look in the supermarket. this is what the russians did when one is scary, to imagine the horror people can suffer by simply going shopping. ukraine's foreign minister demitra caliber tweeted, russia is a disgrace to humanity and it must face the consequences. the response should be
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more heavy arms for ukraine. more sanctions on russia and more business leaving russia, ukraine and authority say there were no strategic or military targets near the shopping. more on sunday, ukrainian military said a russian missile hit the cities bridge of the denise river, killing one person, and injuring 5. moscow says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties, but holiday a day goes by when a civilian is not either killed or injured in a russian missile strike. a long way from the front lines shall suffered al jazeera give. g 7. light is amazing in germany have described that striking ukraine as a war crime lab announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia, including a price cap on oil. the latest of the u. k. france, germany, the u. s. and easily had a meeting on the sidelines and the final day of the summit, british prime minister barak johnson, says the group of 7 is also working on how to move clang knocked up in ukrainian
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ports. meanwhile, turkish president rodge of ty, berta, one is to make the ladies of sweden and finland in the coming hours to discuss their bids to join him. it was blocked their application, saying they support armed groups band in turkey. if finland is accepted, it would significantly strengthen the alliance is presence on its land border with russia. for now, nato troops. okey by the eastern frontier service, tanya and latvia. no way just touches russia in the arctic circle. lithuania and poland flank the baltic, ex clave of kellen in grad, finland. inclusion would add 1300 kilometers teenagers border with mainland russia . let's bring him and diplomatic added to james bay's now. who's in mit involved? south of munich, james, i want to get to the military summit shortly, but firstly, the g 7 is wrapping up and the contents of the final communique trickling
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yes, we're going to have a news conference very shortly by the german chances, the host, the summits, olaf shots and i will probably see the communicate arrive in our jealous inboxes exactly the same time we start speaking that's they try and coordinate these things . but i can tell you, i've already seen the draft conclusions for it. i've been briefed by any you official on the details of it. and certainly with regard to sanctions on russia, there is no real new steps. there's, there's talk of new steps, but they're not actually decided on those new steps. and the key ones were price caps on russian oil and gas, and those we price caps, not just for the g 7 members, that something that we're trying to impose globally. that's a complex, a technical klan sorta thing that's not really been done before. busy so they're simply going to say they like the idea, they're working with the idea and they're trying to see if they can make it work, but they're not announcing price gaps here. and now. secondly, on the russian,
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a gold that some of the americans at the start of the summit was saying was something they wanted to get done. a ban on russian gold imports from, from rush going from russia, exported from russia into the g 7 countries. that again, is somebody they say that they like the idea of and they're going to work towards. but they're not announcing it now. and that's because there are many countries in the european union who aren't in the g 7 or 27 countries and all, and a sanctions package like that. that includes foods, gold that has to go to a vote of the european union. so they have to wait for that, but it's something that is likely to happen in the near future. on food. there is a commitment of an extra $4500000000.00 to protect the most vulnerable from hunger and malnutrition. that brings the total of $14000000000.00 so far this year, that that is awfully important. and they also say they are strongly supporting you and efforts to unlock a safe maritime corridor through the black sea. pretty advanced negotiations
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involving the un and turkey. turkey would provide enable escort for those vessels that would take the grain out through the back. see where, of course, that was. russian armada is based the same time to be un inspectors making sure those ships were not when they arriving in ukrainian posts like that. so when bringing weapons in pretty advance those talks, but it's not a done deal until it's done. and it's ultimately something that's another one of turkey and president putin, of russia and presidents and then give you crane, have to sign off on. but pretty advanced, i'm thinking of turkey. many of those g 7 ladies are now making their way to madrid for the night summit. and one of the thing that we'll be looking at for the progress on finland and sweden joining the alliance. talk us through that. yeah, some of them already leaving actually because the weather is closing in here now, and it's already i think too difficult for them to fly by helicopter. so they're
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going to learn about medicaid, at least down the mountain, and then heading off to munich airport and flying to madrid as they fly to madrid. so do the leaders of sweden and finland and turkey. they are going to have pre meetings with the nato secretary general. the idea is to try and solve this problem that's been in place ever since sweden and send them so they want to join nato, put the letters in in may. turkey was the only native country, the objected, objected to the policies in particular on kurdish groups and kurdish individuals. those countries, particularly sweden's as it's now looking at extradition, requests from a turkey among other measures, is this enough for the turks can they saw this before? the nato summit formerly stops on wednesday morning while president on when he left on chrome, still talking tough not to religious, just sort of the nature. membership comes with its own responsibilities. if finland
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and sweden are going to be nature, members that have to take turkey security concerns into consideration, which has been a member for 70 years. it cannot be any other way. well, 2 other important developments as these law stitch 11 found negotiations take place . the finished president solving any so when he arrived in madrid, he said there was a somewhat more mutual understanding between finland and turkey. but he said when he was off he was neither optimistic or pessimistic about reaching some sort of conclusion. successful conclude conclusion with regard to finland and for that matter, sweden's membership and the other person who's been involved is the president joe biden. he's been on the phone to president juan, and we're also told in the last, out by the white house that is intended the president button and printed present. i'm going to meet face to face in madrid, at the nato summit. and james,
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you're heading to madrid, so no that will cross back to you throughout the day. thank you very much for that update. james had diplomatic added to that. all right, these are live shots out of the bavarian outs, where we're expecting german chancellor all of shows to speak on that last day of the g 7 summit as we heard from james. so we'll bring that to you as it comes to a former nazi concentration camp. god has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by german court yourself. shorts is the oldest person to be charged with complicity in war crimes. during the holocaust, he is 101 years old, dominant cane has more in the story from belin. the defense that this man should, sir, offered the caught was that he'd never been to the camp at the prosecution, was able to introduce documentary evidence that said somebody with his name years of should. so somebody with his same birth date with his same address, had indeed been an s s guard. at the concentration camp in saxon the halls and the
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actual charges against him refer to the death of 3 and a half 1000 people. he's not acc he was not accused directly of murdering these people, rather of aiding and abetting the system which killed these people. and it is worth making the point that the camp in question is about 30 kilometers from the center of berlin, from where i am now speaking to from and this man. well, every day that he would work, they don his uniform, pick up his weapon and stand there in the watched hours walking around the camp, while thousands of people were persecuted there, it's estimated that around a half of all the inmates who ever went to saxon halls and during the nazi government died there, many of them starved to death worked to death. many of them also actively murdered when you go to the camp. it is hard to believe that somebody could say that they were there as a member of the oppressive regime. and not see the sorts of criminality atrocities
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that were taking place there on a daily basis. plenty more had i miss news, including we look at the dangers of living with albinism in malawi at praise. is sentence for his involvement in the killing of a man whose condition and his dreams job for the home favorite. and the women told him that wimbledon will have all the actions ah, negotiated from iran. and the us are in cut up for the latest round of indirect talks to revive the 2015 nuclear do. runs ambassador to cause i has share this image with the iranian diplomat to ali harry, who is now in jo. hum, official negotiations in vienna had stalled because of the differences between the
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u. s. and iran. earlier this week around foreign minister said tara was ready to resume talks. okay, she ations to help i to help long awaited elections in libya. i b r about to get underway at the united nations headquarters in geneva. the u. n's. political chief is urging rival fractions to agree on a framework for freight and inclusive elections. libby a split between rival groups in the east and west in 2014. but last year they will hopes of progress towards unification with the rival powers cooperating. abdul how may the debate was installed in march as head of the u. back to government of national unity in tripoli in the west. he was tasked with leading the country to national december's national elections ronda in december. but the polls didn't happen. the fin based parliament declared the government invalid and appointed fatty sugar as prime minister, prime minister,
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debated by and the western base till 30 have refused to recognise shank is government. the 2 legislative bodies have fighters, loyal to them, their fees, if a political solution can be found, there will be another civil war. for more on this, we have to report a standing by malik traina is in tripoli. but 1st, let's head to worry challenge whose life for us in geneva? hello, there, rory. these tools will get underway in about an hour's time. how much hope is there, that this will eventually lead to an election being held well, essentially got what we got here. it is, is 2 days of talks, the representatives are valid missionary who is the president of the high state council and a good, a salad. the speaker of the house of representatives overseen and mediated by stephanie williams. a former us diplomat who is now the head of the united nations
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support mission in libya. now these 2 rival, legislative fir entities are, are one of the kind of tortured sir results of libby, as long as atomization on military economics, societal and, and, and political grounds. that was the result essentially of the overthrow of dictator, more mcgaffey in, in, in 2011. and these specific talks taking place over the next couple of days in geneva are the results of 3 rounds of for negotiations that concluded about a week ago in cairo that made progress, but didn't achieve any breakthrough. what they are trying to do is to gets the country of libya back to an improved and more stable version of, of where it was in december 21. when those are presidential and parliamentary elections were abandoned the last minute because of disagreements ready over
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a candidacy or the shed jewel, the legitimacy or of any vote, et cetera. so at stephanie williams is basically invited these to mystery and sally to geneva to try get them at a bridge. those gaps that the gap, the main gap we are we understand from reports in, in the libby media is about candice as it candidacy. and who could actually stand it in elections. the high state council apparently does not want military personnel to be able to do that. now that is being perceived really as a, as, as a better to, to stop the renegade military leader halifax, cast off a half hour for him from running as to where will be this time tomorrow. i don't know, we'll have to wait and see how these are these talks progress, and we'll cross patch you in a day. thank you very much. we're a challenge life raspberry in geneva. let's head to tripoli now in manic china is standing by. malik. how important is it for libyans that these talks result in,
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in elections, and how difficult has it been to have to rival governments? well, it's extremely difficult having to governments in a country, especially in libya. and we have to remember that our libya has been divided for many years. and, and these legislative houses are a result of a un facilitated deal that was believed to be a breakthrough at the time. and also the, the government, the or the political deal that brought abdul hamid survey by the un painted that as a breakthrough as well. but what we've seen in the last, in the last years since the u. n. started this is, you know, agreements are made and then when one part, 11 side of the conflict doesn't like it, or things fall through. so, you know, the baby came into power through a peace agreement. he was supposed to run the country until elections when, when the elections didn't happen in the eastern base parliament brought in
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a new government. the question really is that, let's just be hopeful. i mean, libyans here are very hopeful that talks are gonna are going to achieve any breakthroughs, but let's just returned or let's just say that the, an agreement is made and they agree on a constitutional framework to hold elections, which government is gonna overseas. those elections? you have a government in the west and you have a government, the east. well, we'll each government be, you know, we'll, we'll, we'll try to make sure that these elections are held in a clear and transparent way. well that's, it's difficult. that's difficult. it's going to be extremely difficult for, for elections to be held as long as there are 2 governments. so there's also another challenge to be the, the heads, the, the president of the high council state, the legislative house in, in tripoli. and the eastern based parliament. want to discuss the new executive body, a new government and, and the un and international and in the international community are trying to put
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on pressure on both of these houses to, let's not focus on the government. let's focus on election. so we're gonna have to see how this progresses and we'll and, and see if they can come to an agreement to hold elections or in the, in the near future. let's, i'd say thank you very much. you're right. you know, damn fast malik china live for us. in chip lane and clean a gas explosion at jordan's, a cab or port has killed at least a 13 paypal, an injured more than $250.00. on monday it happened after a tank containing chlorine fell from a crane. mohammed val, reports witnesses described the explosion as extremely powerful. 30 tons of clothing gas created a thick yellow cloud. the force of the blast, scattering workers and more vehicles around the dock. my yes score was him to clean his wanted, but lucky to have survived. ah and had the helga been,
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i was inside the crane and i heard the sound of an explosion. a very loud explosion . i came out from the crane towards the ship, viola, and just before i reached the ship, i saw this yellow material. i didn't know that it was toxic and i thought the ship had exploded. this ship is egg i was supposed to be heading to g booty. and about $525.00 there, a man dying of jordan died. this accident happened exactly what happened is not clear, but some something happened at burst stair container and had his corene. and it's fred out to 2 people in the area, killing and injuring people. and most in jordan is there also other national that currently among those war, dead injured emergency workers put a 500 meter cotton around the site surrounding areas where evacuated and people is struggling to stay indoors. authorities say 2700 security and emergency presented were sent to the scene. dozens of them sustained injuries during the rescue
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operation. i'll talk with hundreds of wounded people were rushed to hospitals, some of them to intensive care units or i see use some muscle mama vocal smith followed the emergency room department dealt with the casualties. some of them were put on respirators, some of them were transferred to the i. c news. and all of the medical staff were available and people also came from outside to help us become more. authorities say the nearest residential areas are 25 kilometers away. and world affected many people in the area want to know how the incident happened and with it is quickly affect jordanian authorities say they will launch an investigation to find out how much fun are diesel. the head of sedans, rolling sovereign council, has visited the disputed border region of alpha chic um. the trip comes after ethiopian forces killed 7 sudanese soldiers and a civilian said and says the bodies were displayed publicly and that the killings
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breached international law. ethiopia described it as a tragic incidents and called for de escalation, general abdel for their birth, hon has promised sir. john will retaliate in babylon. central bank has raised its main interest rank to a record high of 200 percent. that's the highest in the world. the bank is trying to time inflation of more than 190 percent. people are already struggling to pay for essential goods. as hulu. matessa reports, a lack of confidence in some bobby's dollar and soaring, inflation is taking a toll on its people. the central bank is more than doubling interest rates from 80 to 200 percent from july, the 1st an attempt to reign in inflation. the finance minister hopes to boost market confidence, saying other currencies will still be used for the next 5 years. government is getting stated, isn't it's intention of maintaining
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a multi current system best on the jewel use of the us dollar in this robert dollar in the main. however, the market slick of consequence of the multi current systems it is, is causing us challenges. and i want to assure you that the smile to current system is here to stay into the foreseeable future. inflation reach more than 191 percent in june. best made life even harder for millions of people. previous attempts by the government sub collapse as above, as parents include the teen day ban on bank lending. economies here are divided on whether that worked official se, they'll not introduce gold coins into the market for individuals to store value. but some economists say this may not be practical. 49 percent of the population in extreme, but $7900000.00 people who cannot live on a dollar night cents a day. they can even go to bed that eating. 70 percent of the rural population in
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profit. so he's going to buy the gold coins. government officials also planned to reduce taxes and fuel to curb price increases, as well as increase allowances for health workers and civil servants. after unions rejected a 100 percent wage increased, but with soaring inflation. this may do little to help people facing a rising cost of living. how to matessa out his or her id. okay, these are life pitches out of germany where the chancellor all of shots is making his way to the podium and to hold a press conference on the last day of the g. 7 summit in the very and lp's g 7 ladies have the meeting man, have described a race and strike in ukraine as a war crime and have announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia, including a price cap on oil. the latest of the u. k. france, germany,
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the u. s. and easily holding amazing on the sidelines of the final day. the summit and british prime minister bars johnson says the group of 7 is also working on a way to move grain from ukraine, where it's locked up in the port. so we'll just wait until the chancellor makes that very long journey by the looks of it to the podium and we'll head to a break and then we'll come back to it in a moment. so still have on our era terrain. i will remember it will be live from a service in london celebrating the life and work off the journalists killed by israeli forces and women's world number one tech centers day john center call from women coming out with sarah sport. ah ah there were some vicious weather yesterday running along the line
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a thunderstorm. this is the tornado that touched down on the coast of the netherlands to some damage killed at least one person. so that shows you how much energy is in the system is pushing against the wall. so the reason has been slow moving, becoming her of france the last 3 or 4 days. and this is where it's like to be hanging around. i think the next 2 or 3 is the division between the fine weather to west and to get the rain and the hot but fine weather further east. that the line of existing heat wave reduce from sweden and finland, dancer, latvia, hungary towards italy, always tempted to, well above where they should be for this time the year. that's been hard work trying to push into this hot weather and it's probably come to his it's end now end of its movement. so stationary thunderstorms heavy rain in northern italy heavy rain up in norway, both could cause some flooding. and then thunderstorms develop from germany through the czech republic, western poland. this jury, wednesday all the time for the west is either wet or find nothing extraordinary.
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south of it all africa's doing his usual stuff. now some pretty big shadow. got a long way in land into this a hell. but the still a concentration this time brought further west. ah, the boat journalism, the police violently the person crazy. these are some of the 10s of thousands of people trying to flee all inspired to program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight for jessica al jazeera indies, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running. a
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mark ideals, the french republic has long proclaimed. but just what is modern? france in a 4 part series put the picture, takes an in depth look the trouble with france episode one on al jazeera. oh, a hello, you're watching out here. i'm emily angry. he's a reminder about top stories. the sound. at least 46 people have been found inside and abandoned truck in the us tank of texas. it was discovered on a road in the outskirts of the city of san antonio and 16 people were found alive,
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including 4 children. rush says the 5 myself at a weapon, steptoe in central your crime. on monday, a subsequent explosion triggered the fire at a nearby shopping mall in criminal, killing 18 people. incident has been widely condemned to 7 ladies meeting in germany have described as striking ukraine as a war crime announced plans to impose more sanctions on russia and just discussing how to move grain. stockton, ukrainian point and services being held in london for murdered al jazeera journalist, shall reign abu clara. she was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment engineering dreams without 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation by bringing nadine baba now who's live for us in london outside the service. nadeem. what's happening there today,
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and how is she being remembered? well, the services just getting underway here at some rides. church, they call it the journalist church. are there have been over the decades many, many services of remembrance for journalists who died or been killed doing fair job justice charee in was in the city of jeanine. so it's called a service of thanksgiving for the life and work of sheree in abil eichler. and so it's, it's very multi faceted, a multi lingual. we're going to be hearing via video link from people like her colleague ali a. so moody who was shot in the same same incident, i will be hearing from lina sharina nice, who's been vocal in pushing a for an independent investigation. and of course that campaign has led to, for example, a number of senators in the u. s. saying there should be an independent investigation
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into her killing because she was a us citizen. we're going to be hearing palestinian music. in fact, you might be able to hear some of the service behind me. there's a well known palestinian singer called ream kalani performing here. they are going to be people are involved in a, in the service, some from artists for palestine, u k, the arab organization for human rights, u. k. it's really a chance for people to remember where she came from and what she represented away from the politics, to honor the journalism, to honor the person. dame. thank you very much for that is in babylon for us in london, we're going to head to a live event. now where jim and chancellor, all of shelton stated on the last day, the g 70 summit. let's listen. let's financial aid. budgetary aid, 29 and gillian. us dollars duncan together office has been mobilized and we long continued to provide humanitarian support. and this is our so this is also occurred
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in 2022 and will add up to $2800000000.00. and of course, this includes giving ukraine military support and we will providing weapons many other countries are doing so as well. we have also talked about the long term reconstruction. we also will have additional money that will be mobilized for this purpose. but we need to come together and we have to talk about g 7, but also other european union members to talk about discussing reconstruction. we need a marshall plan for ukraine. this needs to be planned well and developed well, that is one of our goals. a 2nd message is that we are finding famine world wide, and this is an even greater challenge as
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a result of the russian attack on ukraine. this is russia's war that is making a lot of people worry that they will no longer be able to feed themselves and their families. right now we see 345000000 people and we know that they don't have enough to eat. that's 4 times as many people that live that live in germany, the climate crisis, the pen there make, and the world the war from russia. they have made these problems even worse. this is, and it says the existential threat in many countries in africa in particular. that is why we want to take action. and that is why we have come up with a global alliance for food security. we have $4500000000.00 us dollars committed in germany is involved in this significantly as well. here we're talking about very specific steps. and this also includes working together with the secretary general,
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even i did, nations, so that grain and for eliza, which is being stored in your green should also be made available to the rest of the world. of course, visit war has also showed how dependent we are on energy from russia in particular for energy employees. and that is why we have to reduce this dependency . and that is why this is something we discussed and decided together. we will also expand renewable energies and from work even more intensively on this is a blog. and that is why the decisions that we show that when it comes to finance financing fossil sources of energy. this is something that is to come to an end. but of course, again, this very specific situation we are now in. we will be helping many countries if they need to make investments for being war of hydrogen ready, they will make use of this opportunity. as long as this is in line with the 1.5
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degrees centigrade target, from that paris agreement increases in energy cost, these are a danger to safety, security, and stability in many countries, we know that there's something that we talked about when we talked about the economic situation worldwide, we also see the major threat of inflation. this is something that we can see in many countries, and that is where many people are very much concerned. and that's why it's good. we found time to discuss these questions as well. this applies to us, but also for the situation in emerging and developing countries. they are being challenged even more by this situation. they have fewer possibilities to deal with such major challenges. price increases, inflation can lead to economic instability or can under pin stability. and that's
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why it's important that we add to together the 3rd message from our g 7 summit is that we will not forget about our long term diverse tasks. we want to have an interest in progress for just world and we want to do justice to our global responsibility. this applies to climate protection. we talked about the question of a climate club which i proposed quite some time ago. and that's why we agreed, and i'm very happy to say that we will be setting up such a climate club by the end of the year. we laid the cornerstone here and the next steps have already been agreed on because we agree we need more ambition in order to achieve our climate targets. the climate club will make a contribution to meeting these commitments. and we also want to see to it that if we consider our national strategies when these are developed and we want to have c o 2 neutral industries. and we also want to implement all of this. we don't want to
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be working against one another. we don't want to set ourselves apart from one another. we want to cooperate here, and that's why this will be possible in an open climate club. that's why our competitiveness will be maintained and that climate prediction can be a competitive edge. another drawback, this also applies to the energy transition because the emerging and developing countries need to be involved. and that's why we also want to send the cornerstone is that these countries can indeed be involved in we have energy transformation with south africa. and this is also something where we have made 700000000 in contributions and a k, f w loan of 300000000 years. the south african president was very pleased with this in the jap, please. and we will continue to initiate additional partnerships with india and an
1:41 pm
easier cynical and vietnam we've planned these already. and what we want to do is cooperate with one another. once again, one thing that brings us altogether, and that is our common values. democracy, human rights, peace and freedom also brings us together with our partner countries. and they were invited to join us here as i said, senator, indonesia, south africa, argentina, and india. these are democratic voices from the global self, and they are the right partners for us to discuss these problems of our common world. and we will only manage this if we work together and we want to have progress for just world. and that is why we will also discuss things in this way as was the case here in hell. now, i think that this summit is extremely important. we don't
1:42 pm
really benefit all that much where politicians get together oftentimes by video and then simply read out their statements. you need to have direct discussions, you have to have bilateral discussions and discuss the different possibilities. and then you can pick up on them a day later or 2 days later. and this is successful here. so it really was paid are for us to talk to one another. we have a great deal of confidence amongst one another. and this is something that will help us out for the time ahead. i'd also like to thank everyone here who works at the elmo castle. they contributed a great deal to the success of our summit with their hospitality. it was excellent . it was lovely to experience all of this. i'd also like to thank the police and the emergency forces who worked here. and they were here, day and night to make sure that we could have a secure meeting. the bavarian police, the federal used in many,
1:43 pm
many others as well. i'd also like to thank the population from damage that occasion and croon. these types of meetings are always the type of burden for the people. and that's why i'd like to say thank you very much. thank you for your understanding. thank you for support. and i'm sure thank you for the perseverance you had once again. thank you. on behalf of all the delegations to were here with us in elmwood, they were happy to be here as your guest, the g 7 presidency. and this is an important point, hasn't come to an end yet it will go on until the end of the year. and as i said at the beginning, this is a very special year, and that's why we will probably have a lot more discussions with one another. and it will work even much better because we made such a good use of our time here in alamo. this is a message of clarity and strength. and that type of message is also very important just before the madrid, nato summer,
1:44 pm
which i'll be leaving for today. he'll be talking about trans atlantic partnership . and this shows what we are capable of and that we can defend our countries and our democracy is in the we organized this jointly along those media officials. you had a bit muslim business. the 1st question is media official. please raise your hand. the one who wants to speak should 1st raise your hand, then you will get the microphone and then i'll come to you. i can't promise we have about 3 quarters of an hour. i don't know if you all have a chance to ask you questions. thank you. very much chance the shots in recent days it was quite noticeable that the important results of this summit were communicated by the americans. i would like to know why you were so reserved and why you led the americans have sent
1:45 pm
a stage. and how do you see your role in the deliberations? how would you just your rules, were you more a moderator or did you also play the role of leader here? thank you for the very nice questions. well, 1st of all, i have the impression that we came up with the joint resolves that we communicated jointly so i don't share your observation. and this was a very good discussion we had and it was trig. we had the results that we prepared and that we discussed and worked on them together and i'm pleased that i was able to make an important contribution. g 7. chairmanship is not just the time of the meetings. there's a whole lot more involved and the next one is delynn font. okay, that was german chancellor all off showed speaking on the final day of the j 7 summit in the bavarian alps. let's bring it in our diplomatic editor, james bay's, who's there and been covering this summit. james, let's 1st discuss the creation of this marshall plan and what was said about the
1:46 pm
war in ukraine and, and how that's been mentioned in the communique. well, the marshall plan was the plan that rebuilt much of europe after the 2nd world war, including west germany significantly. it's now a plan that the g 7 has. they've talked about this before to try and provide money to rebuild that ukraine. i'm not sure we have any new commitments in terms of the funding though on that's why we do have new commitments. is the commitments on humanitarian and on them global hunger and the food crisis. they're the g 7 that say that they are going to commit another $4500000000.00 us dollars to the most vulnerable from hunger. that's creating a total this year from g 7 countries of $14000000000.00. so that is an important commitment in terms of money from the g 7 countries. we've got the full communicate
1:47 pm
now it's $28.00 pages long and with the various other documents. so we are working through all of the details of what's in there and clearly that we more details emerge as chancellor shorts continues that run along news con, speaking for another 40 minutes or so. taking questions as he does as a host of this, or before he flies off until the nato summit. some of the other leaders where we left in fact, president biden, i think just about now be in the air on air force one about 5 minutes ago. we saw him boarding a, he'll be on his way from munich to madrid as will all the g 7 leaders. even japan, of course, not a, not her european or atlantic nation, but it is and a partner of nato. and it will be a turning up there is a guest at james and i that communication just dropped and as you mentioned is 20 pages long. so aggy, you're still reading through it, but a shelter did mention in that press conference about establishing a climate class. but a lot more detail you have about that and what would that even look like?
1:48 pm
less german idea. and the idea is it's an open club. ready for those that support the paris climate agreement and the idea is that work together as a new grouping, g 7, it bears are all gonna be part of this climate club and they will encourage any other nation that didn't, i think specify that they had to be in remember, the g 7 is, is democracies, and invite and the other partners invited here like india and indonesia and others are, they are all democracies. i don't think there's a, there's a, a specification for this new climate club that they should be democratic countries . all right, james, well, we'll let you get back to that press conference and listening in and reading through that communication will come back to you a little later in the day. thank you very much. and james, bizarre diplomatic editor there. ok. still ahead on al jazeera, all our sports news, including the hon. favorite. andy murray, serves up a trait at wimbledon. sarah will have all those details next.
1:49 pm
ah ah, with
1:50 pm
whole ah ah ah, how are you watching al jazeera place in india have arrested the co founder of the fact checking website? oh news mom, it's a bear. it has been a vocal critic of prime minister. no injure modi's government. he's often criticized height, speech by hindu right wing groups. the cuban coast guard says it's rescued. 6 people after intercepting a spade bars, you national waters. one coast car was injured and
1:51 pm
a member of the crew was shot. jane dead during the operation. not others on the boat missing authorities suspect human traffic is we're using the vessel to transport migrants. the u. s. coast guard says it blocked more than a dozen space in the past 6 months. time now is thought he had sat with all women's days down. yeah, it will be starting with the room, but then it was raining a lot yesterday. so let's see what happens today, but it's the 2nd day with 2 former champions preparing to return to center court. i found a dial and 3 and williams of both inaction now they'll be looking to join 6 time. when on novak jock bitch in the 2nd round and defending men's chime can be con soon . woo! but he didn't have it all his own way, jock of it. needed full set to meet the 75th rank south korean. it also means the 20 time grandson champion is now the only plan, the one at least 18 matches at each of the 4 majors in the open era.
1:52 pm
one of the young says anymore and things change a little bit, but the love and and flame for this sport still burns in me. and, you know, of course, at this stage of my career, i try to always play my best tennis in the grand slams and really deliver, deliver the best tennis on this most significant course in the history of our sport . and what can i say now that we got to 80? let's get 200 a to time wimbleton winner and he marries also strew to the 2nd round. murray faced james duckworth and threw in a cheeky, under arm serve to throw off his australian of home. and in the 3rd set, having dropped the 1st set, he then came back to win in full. murray hasn't been b on the 3rd round at grand stand for 5 years now because of injuries. tennis says teenage golden boy and carlos alcaraz is also through to the 2nd round. and
1:53 pm
although the spaniard needed 5 sets so overcome, john lennon struck in a match that lasted more than 5 hours. 19 year old al cortes rose to prominence earlier this year when he won the masses. $1000.00 events in miami and madrid. but the men 7th seed became the 1st major casualty who bought for catch was dumped town by spain's alejandro the rich for kina in 5 days or casual school to be a wimbleton contend to the sphere off to winning the title that holler earlier this month. now on the women's side, bridge home crowd favorite, emerald yukon, who was through to the 2nd round. the rest open champion defeated belgians, allison von, out thank in straight sets on center court by the conner. surprised everyone last year with a run to the 4th round. as a virtually unknown 18 year old as an amazing experience and to cool it was the 1st time i played on there. and from the moment i walked out through those gates,
1:54 pm
i could really just feel the energy and the support. and everyone was behind me from the what go so yeah, i really just tried to cherish every single point on there and. yeah. played every point like it could have been one of my loss on that quote. and on should be st. qualify miriam clinton 6163. susan said seat of yeah, 2 and a grand slam, but earlier this year she did become the us, our woman. when the w. c. a 1000 event on tuesday was number one egos, one check cool. takes them to stage on center court let's i need to she come into the tournament as the french open champion, but she's also on a 35 much winning hot streak finished china unless john was fine. says she is undoubtedly the one person to be she's playing sort of a simulacrum a and i mean she's looks like we're playing a different sport from the rest of the feel and all the was on her with the 2nd
1:55 pm
conversation 5 weeks ago. believe french open and she delivered or filled all that expectation. i think the same thing is going to be true here. i mean, she has not last february 1, 35 that you didn't play any rock or tune up, which i think has caused some people concerned. but, but i think it's actually probably a wise decision to rest up. and she is the overwhelming favorite to win here and when her 2nd grade majors 1st shall take from towns center court shortly. she's followed by 2 time winner, i found the doll and then 23 time grandson, singles champions 3 and a williams makes her long way to return. it's been 12 months since an injury for her to pull out the 1st round at wimbledon. but 2021 find this material, but a teeny is pulls out this morning off the testing positive cove at 19. of course, it's a big disappointment for the italian who came into the tournament with box titles on crossed and stood guard. and at the queen's club all phone actually go straight
1:56 pm
in bond for nick katie. oh, he's off against pul job. they unseated as only ever reach the one with a quote to finals once before font john. what time who we are from earlier says kiddos can't be rolled out. i think. 2 a lot of people. 1 would love it and a lot of people would hated the curios is unseated, which is relevant because it means he has a very tough draw, needs that he's going to play tough competition throughout years. not had great success in terms of physical durability. he played tennis on his, her, he doesn't necessarily frame physically. he doesn't really have a coach on the one hand, it would be sort of a blow for doing things on potentially. and i think it also would die. it would definitely be a stock to be tended, but i think if you look at this level and draw despite the fact that nick curios is really got to be up there as we talk about the contenders. now find things nice for 1st, they're just rather rice to, to, to france, begin this weekend for the preparations for one team have been disrupted by
1:57 pm
a police raise on their homes before they left the sun to the race scene behind victoria. i've confirmed the homes of riders and staff was search to cost at least $3.00 european countries as part of an ongoing and tito pay investigation. they were also such during loss is race formula. one bosses have criticized former world champion nelson. p. k for using a racial slur. when talking about louis hamilton in an interview, p. k, made the comments brazilian publication in the video that was released on monday night. one says race, this language is unacceptable and has no part in society. major league soccer has its latest big money signing his needs. national ends in cynthia has joined swan to f. b in a 4 year deal from natalie is reported to be worth $15000000.00. the season making him the top in the league. and the stanley cup, when in colorado, avalanche plays of returned home off today game 6, when over the tampa bay lightning on sunday,
1:58 pm
to secure the innate shells biggest prize. touching down in denver, they were given a war to salute after losing in the 2nd round of the playoffs and each of the past 3 seasons, colorado. finally lands is the big one. this is also the 1st time in 21 years that the avalanche won the stanley cup. let's say a spot for now for me, but i will be back later. thank you very much, sarah. and that's it from me, emily anglin, for this news hour. but don't go anywhere to how rahman will have more of the days . he's in just a moment. stay with us. ah, there's already a lot of them. why is one them, one the, how do you to visit with council the you have a philistine with the, from the special for you to someone that and about the fisa, that kind of little sob isn't done well,
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i can dish out in the cloud. there's topics here called that of wilson. so, not ready by the middle of coffee. i'm like in the press on the market on the, in that a fee of, you know, it's like a month to help out. yeah. i mean, for the shuttle in good shape. so we'll do. why did i can't even before the book with frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change problem, lebanon, it's actually structural lebanon, knees, and you saw some contract for it to solve his problem. in depth analysis of the
2:00 pm
days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media cast right. on out is era. government shut off access to social media. meteorites, small, natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to wash and have high market value for rock and mineral collectors. al jazeera world joins the moroccan, know mice in their desert search for these gifts for sky ada shanna. i can tell that it's a me to roy, had it is it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on all josie. ah, she certainly does wrap up the summit in germany pledging billions to tackle glue.


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