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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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the forbidden real art one, the birth of afghan cinema on just either in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you gone solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could get 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and must hold the contract for taking my father away from me. and exclude is the influence, the former pontiac establishments still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people empower investigation on al jazeera. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report i, we brave bullets and bomb, and we always include the views from all sites. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our line from dough ha! coming up in the next 60 minutes, at least 46 people are found dead in an abandoned track in the u. s. state of texas . the may calls it a who refit human tragedy. g 7 later is wrap up their summit in germany pledging billions to tackle local food security. partly as a result of russia's invasion of ukraine. spain sounds the alarm over russia's increasing presence in africa ahead of the nato summit in madrid. and 101 year old, former nazi god, ease and jail for 5 years. these involvement in the murders of 3 and a half 1000. and i'm sort of hard feel. sports news is raphael natal prepares to open his wimbledon challenge and women's world number one is shown tax center stage on center court. i have the best of the action coming up.
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ah for beginners, news our in the u. s. and the white house is it will take action to disrupt human smuggling networks. after at least 46 people were discovered dead inside a truck in the state of texas. it appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in recent years on the us mexico border 16th survivors were taken to hospital suffering, aid exhaustion, victoria gate, and b reports. the grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas, a man working near by her to cry for help and saw a trailer with the door partially opened. inside, there were dozens of bodies piled on top of one another. temperatures in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and children were too weak to get out of the trailer. patience that we saw were hot
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to the touch. they were suffering off from heat stroke, feed exhaustion. ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that rig. the victims a believe to be migrants across the us, mexico border looking for a better life. this appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant debts in the us in recent years. so the plight of migrants sitting raptors is always the humanitarian crisis but and i, we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge. busy who have been compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing. the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned
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over to h aside. it is now a federal investigation. the migration crisis at the u. s. southern border is a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings, although republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. in the meantime, migrants continue to cross the border in this case with tragic consequences, victoria gate and be al jazeera and some of the world's 7 riches democracy's hands wrapped up in germany with ladies pledging 4 and a half $1000000000.00 to fight global hunger. that's is the war in ukraine pushes out food prices adding to economic adding to the economic impact of the pandemic. german chancellor, all off shall says the g 7 is also exploring a price cap on russian oil, promising that sanctions will stay in place until moscow accepted failure. ukraine
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from our in this spring instead, beth and who's covering the summit for us is step. it's all wrapped up now, one of the biggest take away well, if you ask me to summarize the summit, i have only one word and that's russia. the war and ukraine has completely overshadowed and dominated said the meeting of the 7, the richest nations in the world. that has been more pledges for military support, also pledges for more money to ukraine of shoals, the germans, chancellor, and also the chair of the g $7.00 fresh that they are fairly united to 7 countries . that they are that united in their democracies and their human rights, and basically also against the photo italian, sorry, don't, don't terrorism. and also what is coming from this summit is that there was a lot of talk before that the g 7 really wanted to reach out to the rest of the world. was now suffering from the fall out of the war and sending more food support
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more money, more 8 to africa, to asian countries. you such as it's $4500000000.00 us dollars. 8 organization save that, it's far from enough. what is needed is more than $30000000000.00 use dollars to really make sure that this in imminent need that countries have at the moment, people already starving from hunger that that will be covered. so there's a lot of disappointment. they say there's a lot of strong language, but it lacks in from trees, action. ok and step, moving ahead. now, many of those g 7 ladies and now in madrid for the nato summit. what can we expect over the next 3 days then? yes, they all now traveling to madrid, to join the other nato partners. and this is also very crucial and important summit because the world has changed dramatically because of the war in ukraine. and that's why nato is sort of revamping itself. it's looking at
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a different future has called russia and direct threats. so there's going to be a lot of thought, but there's also this urge to have an expansion of nato, finland, and sweden have sat, they want to join. and there's still a huge issue with that because starkey has resisted this until now. so president or the line is on the way to madrid. the welding talks how to day with finland and sweden and, and nate to achieve salt and burke to try to make some movement on that front because it doesn't look so good for nato. if that plan fails, it shows a little bit of a crack in the unity. thank you for bringing it up to speed penny moving pants and step that's in line for us there. thank you. spain meanwhile, is calling for nathan to do more to counter rushes, growing influence in africa. the wagner group is a private russian military contractor that said to have links with the russian
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government, its mercenaries operate in libya. molly, central african republic, and sudan. they, you and us have accused the, when a group of for mentoring violence in africa and plundering its natural resources. the shortest distance between spain and africa is just 14 kilometers. span is warning, matter must urgently strengthen its southern flank. remember what i going to say to them and what we wanted to strengthen our collaboration with some of the governments in the area precisely in order to be able to reduce anticipate security risks for the allies, for quite some time. now, quite a few years, we've been reflecting on this 360 degrees strategy, with the threats to security, not only come from the flank. these risks are evident, but they can also have some kind of replica on the south. let's think about where russia is located in the middle range and, and also how it's unfortunately more and more present in some site health countries . ok, let's take a closer look at his now and bring in jude a more who's
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a senior policy fellow at the center for global development and a former librarian minister. he joins us from washington. d. c. ga, thanks so much for being on the program. which countries in africa being impacted the most by russia influence i would say the list will probably be a central africa, which, where they have a very significant presence. august in libya comes to mind as and also molly, where the government has kicked out the french and turn to the rushes. there is also a big presence in and so they previously had a process mozambique and even scar and to them what impact is that influence having on those countries? so most of the places where the russians have a presence are places where if a significant local security issues, for example, there will be a civil wars. there will be
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a surgeon rules and the governments in those places have basically turned to the russians. busy for both military weapons and for military assistance in dealing with the services in most places. because the past no fish of the red commission with russia government being are obviously a mercenary group. and that has sort of driven up the air of the west in terms of rushes, expand in presence, and the one whose presence in these countries here, you know, how has the role of the crime was exposed to moscow influence in the region. this is, i am to be honest. this isn't clear what exact threat spain is talking about uninstall the land that might come from russia because russian presidents in africa is involved in localized conflicts. it appears to me that because the strategic
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meeting of nato is going to be about russia and china, spain is doing everything. it can so that the migration problem is spain because a nato priority. but in terms of russian thread, credible russian threat to europe or spain coming out of africa, it's really, really non existent. what about the power of social media? how is russia using communication tools to push it's narrative and disinformation? and then what impact is that have on, on the region? i think this is an issue back there have been that russian told farms in parts of africa trying to influence local elections. so we've seen across the west. and that is a malign influence where from the russia. but again, that is largely an african concern and actually the concern of the african union at
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regional africa organizations. but the war and different african nations, if it causes any threat to, you know, at all, it is best a 2nd there. so, russian actions in africa pose the most risk to african governments themselves, the african citizens themselves and, and barely any to you about me, not in a for, and which the russians are present on it today. and we were talking about russia's influence in the region to way they need to talk about china's influence in the wage. and how does that come into play? so for the 1st time that europe strategic document is going to mention china, but there's a discussion back and forth with germany and france, one to be softer and the u. k. a u. s. wanted. ready to be harder, so span again, sort of include china. chinese presence on the carpet is largely economic. what about the military influence? china has, is base and you bully and peacekeeping operations elsewhere. so most of china in
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gauge, but with africa on trade and covers obviously because of china, china's mending that investment, china's influence has grown these every year. so if you wanted, if she wants to out to balance our china the way and your address to economic cooperation is africans and not receiving china's presence, there are some sort of greg to you sound right. all right, thank you very much for your analysis of this complex issue today. more senior policy fellow at the center for global development. thank you. and we are expected to hear from nato secretary general again, stilton beg shortly, and will bring you that as long as soon as that happens live in the meantime. these are pictures of you as president joe biden, arriving in madrid ahead of that nature summit. moving on now in a former nazi concentration camp. god has been sentenced to 5 years in jail by jim and cold. joseph shoots is the oldest person so far to be charged with complicity
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in war crimes. during the holocaust, he is 101 years old. shoots was convicted of involvement in the murders of more than 3 and a half 1000 prison is covering. this story for us is dominant. kane, who's live in berlin. dominic, what are the other details of the case for emily? i'm actually physically in but in anymore i've actually come to the camp itself, sucks in the house and the concentration camp, which mr. shirts denied ever having been at, even though the prosecution was able convincingly to say to judges, we have documentary evidence to prove that a person with your name, with your birth date, with your physical address was here in the s s. god. here i'm physically in the area where the executions of prisoners would take place over my shoulder. here in the sunken area. you see that is where people were murdered by firing squad.
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initially it would be small batches, one person, 234. and stan later would be more people and i file scott camera, men martin's a pan across and to focus in on the area you see where these people are. and then next to where they are is a row of stones that being collected and pictures in black and white of people. those pictures of soviet prisoners of war in that area lie the remains of somewhere around $13.00 to $14000.00 soviet prisoners of war. who are all murders that in the course of 10 weeks in the awesome the fall of 1941. but all of that is dwarf somewhat by what is behind my shoulder behind that white wall. you see there, what's behind there is where the s s, who ran this camp improvised guest chambers and then crematorium. so that they could guess the victims secretly and burn their bodies and with it burn the
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evidence. why does vast element in so far as mister shuts matter, simply because, although he wasn't here when the murder of the soviet prisoners of war took place, he was here in the opinion of the court when these gas chambers were in use. when these crematory were in use, and the point to make is that anyone who worked for the s s here at that time, as the guard walking around the precinct of this camp, it beggars to belief, belief to imagine that they would not have been aware of what was taking place here? other than being 101 years old, i'm the oldest to be charged with such crimes. what's the significance of this case? one of the things that really stands out about this case is not the case itself of this rather obscure individual use of shots 101 years old. it's that it's taking germany so long to identify these individuals and to prosecute them, convict them,
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and then punished. another pointed 5 year sentences, appealing against him, saying he was never here. that appeal will have to be heard. it's likely that he will not ever have to spend any time in prison, or that if he does, it will be short because of his advanced age. but there is a central question here. why did it take so long to prosecute the individuals this man, he wasn't an officer here. he wasn't involved in the decisions to murder people at the strategic level. but many people were many, many thousands of people involved in the s. s. the gestapo, the secret police, were involved and they were never prosecuted. some people suggest that more than half of the people who would have worked in the concentration camp system around occupied europe. whenever prosecutors and successive generations of west and east german governments did not prosecute them. the central question,
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why didn't they do it? why did they leave? it said along. why is it only narrow that individuals such as yours of shots are being brought to justice? ok, thank you very much for that report. dominic came live for us then negotiated from iran and the us written cutout for the latest round of indirect talks to revive the 2015 nuclear do runs ambassador to share this image with the run in diplomat alley. but harry, who is now enjoy a visual negotiations in vienna, had stored because of differences between the us in iran. but earlier this week, around foreign ministers in tehran was ready to resume talks anymore. i had a misuse our including a wide spread condemnation of a russian missile strike on a shopping mall in ukraine. at least 18 people were killed. and we look at the dangers of living with albinism in malawi. a priest is sentence for his involvement
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in the killing of a man with the condition. ah, more than 180 people are being treated in hospital after a tank of chlorine exploded in jordan. a tank blew up on monday after falling from a crane in the port of a cobber, at least 13 people were killed. as mohammed val reports all witnesses described the explosion as extremely powerful. 30 tons of clothing gas created a thick yellow cloud. the force of the blast, scattering workers and more vehicles around the dock. my your score was him to clean his wanted but lucky to have survived. ah. and had the helga been, i was inside the crane and i heard the sound of an explosion. a very loud explosion . i came out from the crane towards the ship viola,
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and just before i reached the ship, i saw this yellow material. i didn't know that it was toxic and i thought the ship had exploded. this ship is egg i was supposed to be heading to g booty and about $525.00 there, a man dying of jordan time. this accident happened exactly what happened is not clear, but some something happened at burst stair container and had his glorying. and it's fred out to 2 people in the area, killing and injuring people. and most in jordan is there also other national that currently among those war, dead injured emergency workers put a 500 meter cotton around the site surrounding areas where evacuated and people is struggling to stay indoors. authorities say 2700 security and emergency presented were sent to the scene. dozens of them sustained injuries during the rescue operation. i'll talk with hundreds of wounded people were rushed to hospitals, some of them to intensive care units, or i see use some of the,
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some of the law to the emergency room department dealt with the casualties. some of them were put on respirators and some of them were transferred to the news. and all of the medical staff were available and people also came from outside to help us become more for it is say, the nearest residential areas are 25 kilometers away. and well effected many people in the area want to know how the issue that happened and whether it could affect health. dating authorities say they would launch an investigation to find out how much fun are. 3 people including a polio, vaccinate i have been killed in north was or was 010. it's the district of pakistan bordering afghanistan. the drive to inoculate nearly 13000000 people across pakistan started on monday. the nation programs have previously been targeted after the us intelligence agency admitted use such drives for its operations. at least
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3 people have died after building collapsed in india. and operation is underway to rescue people who may be trapped in the city of moon by the local media is reporting the collapse. stretcher is one of several buildings that were condemned at least 5 years ago. police in india have arrested the co founder of the fact checking website news. my husband isabel has been a vocal critic of prime minister rental modem government. he's often a key criticized hate speech by hinder right. when groups have me, mitchell has moved from new delhi. he is going to be in police custody for another day, at least a. we were told that the police sought custody for a week, but authorities have only given them cost of custody for one day. now there is growing solidarity and support for mohammed zubair. his arrest comes at
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a time when there are growing concerns about increasing incidence of hate and attacks on minority right. as well as of concerns over shrinking space for descent under prime minister no rain to remove these government. now mohammed's bear is the co founder of a prominent new site that is known for fact checking. his speech in particular, i mean, mohammed's bear has been on the forefront of lagging content that has been targeting minorities, particularly by members affiliated to the b, j, p. and for this, he has been, excuse me, repeatedly targeted san jacob poor is the editor of hard news and the general secretary of the abs. his guild of india. he says indian society is becoming more aware of the importance of fact checking in the media a deal about 8 or 9 years ago, nobody paid much attention to a fracture. so phenomena would just come up with a spread of disinformation,
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which has become so rampant that i think practically the people that you look for to confirm what is being stated up without, especially on the twitter and facebook to be correct or not. so from that standpoint, i think patrick was important then as he confesses himself, my mom was of a, it is not a journalist, he's a factor. and that in a certain way, bruce, we are on, in the face of all those people who use this information as a tool for lowering the credibility of media. and also for executing whatever agenda they might be having or the perpetrating certain kind of divisiveness. and this is the deepening divide of a kind which allows them to create a certain violence or many things that they have in the world. so this information is very important then needed to be some kind of intervention that had to be done with the internet, especially in the new social media platforms ever come in. and they needed to be, you know, checked on a manner that people start understanding that whatever this is not
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a proud i a truth and they need to be cautious about it. i think that understanding that awareness is really grown in the, in, in society that people have begun to say, oh, this is not, this is part of a lack of media that has been put out so sure it is a bit of a casualty. but i think i'll use as a to a major role in raising awareness of that because she has to put libya on a path to hold long, wide with elections taking place in geneva, the you and political chafie searching the heads of libby is to rival parliaments to a grand plan, to hold freight fair and any closer vote. negotiations aimed at restoring and un like election fell apart last year. last december. where we challenge has more on the talks in geneva. what you have here is 2 days of talks between these 2 rival delegations. you've got, i get a salary, who's the speaker of the house of representatives,
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and then there's colored mystery. the president of the high state council overseeing and mediating is stephanie williams. she's a former us pro match who is now the special envoy ready to the united nation support mission in libya. and what these negotiations are trying to do is to get libya back to a more positive and stable version of where the country was in december 2021. that's when parliamentary and presidential elections were abandons at the last minute. basically because of disagreements over the the, the candidates, the, the shad jewel, the legitimacy of the vote. we've had 3 rounds of talks in cairo that concluded last week with progress made but no real breakthrough. and so stephanie williams invited these 2 men and delegations here to geneva to try and bridge
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those gaps, or she puts it in, in diplomatic, speak, the timelines, the modalities, and the milestones to guarantee a clear part of the holding of national elections as soon as possible. and malik trainer is in tripoli where he says many people came to go to the polls when we looked at the elections that were supposed to take place in 2021 over 2800000 people registered to vote are so that really shows that there's a huge appetite. libyans want to exercise their right to vote and to and to put into office those they believe can move the country forward. look, having these people talk, having these officials talking. i think liberty will tell you it's a good thing. you know, trying to bridge those gaps, trying to bridge the differences is a good thing. but libyans don't feel that there's going to be any breakthrough because it's the house of representatives and the high council state of that are
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being asked to come to an agreement to bring him to bring in, to bring in elections that will see them removed. so, you know, they've been very, very good at staying in power. the parliament or house of representatives were, officials, were elected in 2014, the high council state in 2012. so they've been very good at stain in positions of power a. so live is, don't feel that there is gonna be a breakthrough. and even if a breakthrough is going to be made, there are still 2 governments in libya. so they come to an agreement on a constitutional framework. who's gonna run those elections? is it going to be that the government in the west or the government in the east? so very complicated comp, complicated situation, but a lot of international pressure for these legislative houses to come up with the rules to bring about elections, hearing live. it's time now for a check on whether he's run. studying has been a bit of
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a problem just the last few days around the black sea is big circulation course flooding in such in southern rochelle, in the crimea. and also in turkey. we've had recent flash flooding, this a picture from synthetic policy to see waste deep water and bit further south in crimea. that was also flooding. this is just the north coast of turkey. big enough floods hit a wash, a bridge away. it hasn't yet finished eyes. the rain is still falling. as you can see, devastating, it is for take you through the rest of tuesday into wednesday. it's daughter's extreme as it was still an error in northern turkey. looks at risk now is that slowly fades away. more normal weather can be seen further south, the winds are quite strong out of iraq. they're hot and dusty. the eastern side of sadie miti up against the monsoon flow. now she's notable and in ceylon, what means the longest, some parts of their money coach? it'll be cloudy for a few weeks, if not months. now without increasing the flow of the monsoon,
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ought to be good news is not normally a wet months in either somalia or can urine ddc opiate, but this bit of a pushes it hops went in the cloud and the moisture barrington might bring some right to somalia and kenya and kick up those showers in ethiopia. still ahead on al jazeera. ah morning in mexico, the matter of the jesuit priest, the spotlight on government valley is head violent and a 3 time formula one. well, champion is that thing allegations of racism over what he said about louis hamilton . that's all coming up a little later is old. ah . and the price is 300 years of danish colonization and international interest in the either a younger generation american. a
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me to wrap and his fiance as student and a politician as they tackle h l issues with that powerful forces the fight for greenland. a witness documentary on al jazeera cotton, one of the fastest growing nations in the world, won a contract needed to oakland and develop it whole into national shipping companies to become a key, middle east, and pump for trade and wanting skilfully. mcdonald, 3 key areas of develop, oh, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato? gatos gateway to whoa trade. ah ah,
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ah. hello your challenges here i am emily ang, when he is a reminder about top stories. the salam, the white house is it will take action to disrupt human smuggling networks. it comes after, at least $46.00 people were discovered dead inside a truck. in the state of texas, 16 survivors were taken to hospitals suffering with exhaustion. estimate of the world 7 riches democracies has wrapped up in germany with ladies pledging 4 and a half $1000000000.00 to fight global hunger. that says the war in ukraine pushes out food prices adding to the economic impact of the pandemic. and a former nazi concentration camp god has been sentenced to 5 years in giles by german court. joseph shoots is the oldest person so far to be charged with complicity in war crimes. during the holocaust more now,
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$11.00 about top stories and developments around the war in ukraine. russia says it 5 missiles at a weapon, steptoe in central ukraine on monday. it says a subsequent explosion triggered the fire at a nearby shopping mall in criminal, killing 18 people. the incident has been widely condemned. france has described it as a war crime. child stratford has the latest from keith bloodied bandy to faces, and in shock. husband and wife nicola and luc miller tried to comfort each other because they were inside the shopping. or when the missile hit that shoes, that the gear shall bro. i flew head 1st and splinters hits my body. the whole place was collapsing. i then landed on the floor and i don't know if i was conscious or unconscious. i didn't understand anything. i opened my eyes, i saw a big piece. the rubble was on top of me. i started to scream,
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help me. what was coming from somewhere? the water woke me up, we color described the scene on the ground, he pulled it on. i saw lots of wounded people burned people, some were covered in blood. one girl fell down and we helped pull her along. the hospital staff worked all night st. the dozens of wounded people, but not every one thought to the hospital supplied. outside people registered the names of friends and family. they cannot find the opera to also. i'm a housing. i was working and i heard the explosion and i saw the fire or what i thought my friend's name on the list. but we have no information about whether he's alive or not. a burnt out shell is all that remains of the shopping center. emergency services such in the rubble for survivors remains so move um,
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probably eula was working in a shop across the street in the attack. happened. yeah, be little. yeah. you know, they hate us. i'm bell, a russian. i was born in belarus, this is my fatherland, just didn't ashamed. president laudermill zalinski said there were around a 1000 people inside them all the time versus kilda or the relating on what center of come in today. today's russian strike on a shopping center in chrome and chuck is one of the most daring terrorist acts in european history and a peaceful city. an ordinary shopping center inside women, children, ordinary civilian, the loss of embodied ukraine's national security and defense council said preliminary data, suggested the russian strike was from one of 2 x 22 cruise missiles fired from an aircraft. it said the other in the cities, sports, stadium, chrome and shook has been hit by russian missiles at least twice before. but they
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didn't leave this scale of death and destruction. moscow says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties, but hardly a day goes by. when a civilian isn't either killed or injured in a russian missile, strike a long way from the front lines. charles, trifle al jazeera keith, as has been reporting the conflict has dominated the j. 7 summit in germany for more in this sense bring in tina forum who's a geopolitical strategy at stan days in london. taylor, thanks so much for being on this news. ella. what's your assessment of the j 7 summit? was that a success? i think that this has been a very important and consequential g 7 summit for all kinds of reasons. and that's probably something that the world should be grateful for, given the sheer amount of disruption and dislocation, whether you like it or not. the g 7 grouping of the world's richest democracies is
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influential and had there been disagreements or as it's called daylight between the leaders of these countries. it would have been difficult to send a strong signal to the kremlin with regard to the war in ukraine. and the other points of this summit have been taking on climate which the german hosts were very keen to emphasize and also sending a message to, to china with a kind of a, an alternative to built in road. tina, you mentioned that message of unity and the g 7. how important was that? and then in turn, do you think roches strikes on civilians were a reaction to the strength of that message? well, it wasn't that long ago that the g 7 was the g 8 and included russia. so as much as the kremlin has intensified its anti western and
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anti democracy rhetoric. i suspect there was a, more than a small element, vitriol, and jam deliberateness involved in the timing of these 2 attacks. a arming that she just reported on crime and shook russia is showing attempting to show that it doesn't care what the west has to say. and indeed, i think it's going in a $1000000.00 a day in energy sales, which is why the discussion of caps is so important. many people are discussing what russian has done as a, as a war crime. and that's another reason why a service should expect sanctions against russia to stay on for the foreseeable future as possible runs trials to, to follow this conflict. tina, looking ahead now to the night i summit, do you think will say any progress on finland and swayed and joining the alliance
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in just how important is that going forward? but the expansion of nato to include a speed is the opposite of what america had in mind. right, ostensibly, his objection to, to ukraine. joining nato are participating, and nato has been part of the rationale there. but in fact, it is expanding. i think that sweden and finland are likely to be admitted in the objections can be overcome. then there will be some tough negotiations involved, has stated its opposition to what it describes, this kind of pro kurdish policies in those countries or in sweden in particular. but i think this is a detail, and i think the expansion will go ahead kind of looking at the house nation, spain. it's calling a neighborhood to do more to counter rushes influence in africa. what does that
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look like? residence in africa. i'm more of a below radar policy. russian mercenaries, for lack of a more diplomatic term, have been active in a number of conflicts. when i think about, you know how to kind of contextualize rushes roll. i think of a comment that john kerry was made, and that is that russia is a spoiler. and china is a competitor. and so russia has used various types of actors in initiatives to stabilize around the world, including in, in africa, africa has been the forgotten continent in both us and european foreign policy. for some time, china has largely taken up the slack on that. not only is built in rude initiative, but, but other sources of support for african leaders the united states hasn't been involved
4:41 pm
at all. that's left a vacuum that russia and china, in their different ways have attempted to fill. and just lastly, before we let you go, taina, energy prices are clearly a global issue. we've been talking about that for weeks now. how do you say that playing? and as we approach to your pain, when to towards the end of the well, the rising energy prices and prices are 2 issues that are going to impact countries around the world. obviously, particularly energy importing countries. all leaders, democratically elected are otherwise are going to be most affected by this price rises. and so inflation risk is a political risk around the world. busy economists are divided on whether price caps or other mechanisms can really were, but the sort of territory that we're entering from an economic policy perspective with ro, forecast coming down,
4:42 pm
unemployment remaining high question and interest rates going out is painful. not just for investors, but for citizens and for leaders around the world. we haven't been in this place for quite a while and it's, it's pretty unwelcome combination of factors and certainly is. and we really appreciate your analysis on this and breaking down for us. thank you. very much, dana fordham, a geo political strategist, life lesson london. the head of sedans, ruling sovereign council, has visited the disputed border region of alpha. the trip comes off to ethiopian forces killed, 7 sit in a soldiers and a civilian. sedan says the body who displayed publicly and that the killings breached international mold. if you have, you described it as a tragic incident and cold for d escalation. general abdel fata han has promised sudan will retaliate. i catholic priest in milan. he is beginning
4:43 pm
a 30 year prison 10th. his role in the killing of the man with albinism. 5 of the traffic is received at life sentences for the murder of the 22 year old back in 2018. a court heard the gang planned to sell his organs as barbara and go. pat reports from catholic priest to prisoner thomas mo hutcher is led away after being convicted for the murder of mcdonald, my son booker, a man with albinism. 5 others were handed like sentences, including a medical officer, a policeman, and the victims brother william romberg of unhappy has been sentenced to life imprisonment. so the little tough to see him again, just like i will never see his brother, whom he betrayed. the group was found guilty of luring my sam booker into a trap with a promise of marriage, but they killed him to traffic the 22 year olds, organs, some believe albino pots bring wealth and good luck and superstitious rituals. his
4:44 pm
mother is one of dozens against albinos in malawi, in the past decade. i think this is air thrown through all my low young's that this 10 days. oh, the vital kidding we. all persons with have been using to do with you in you take the stove, he goes away or throw him on new things. we need you to enjoy the life as everyone else. fair remains and parts of africa for people born of albinism activists say, at least in this case, the powerful have been held to account. barbara and cooper al to sara simba with central bank has raised since key interest rate to a record high of 200 percent. it's the highest right in the world bank is trying to time inflation that's running at more than 190 percent. people are already struggling to paint for central goods room. natasha has more from herrera,
4:45 pm
a lack of confidence in some bobby's dollar and soaring. inflation is taking a toll on its people. the central bank is more than doubling interest rates from 80 to 200 percent from july, the 1st an attempt to reign in inflation. the finance minister hopes to boost market confidence, saying other currencies will still be used for the next 5 years. the government is getting stated, isn't it's intention of maintaining a multi current system best only jewel use of the us dollar in this robert dollar in the mail. but however, the market is locals. confidence in the amount of current systems it is, is causing those challenges. and i want to assure you that the smile to current system is here to stay into the foreseeable future. inflation reach more than 191 percent in june. best made life even harder for millions of people. previous
4:46 pm
attempts by the government of a collapse as above, as paris includes, attain their ban on bank lending. economies here are divided on whether that worked, official se they'll not, is, would use gold coins in the market for individuals to store value. but some economists say this may not be practical fraudulent, they said of the population in extreme bullet 7900000 people. will kennedy live on a dollar major since it did, they can even go to bed of that eating, give it 70 percent of the rural population in bought. so he's going to buy the gold coins. government officials also planned to reduce taxes and fuel to curb price increases, as well as increase allowances for health workers and civil servants. after unions rejected a 100 percent wage increased, but with soaring inflation. this may do little to help people facing a rising cost of living. how to matessa our desert. her at the u. s. house committee investigating the january 6th. the riots on capitol hill will hold an
4:47 pm
unexpected public hearing. later on tuesday, the committee was expected to take a break until the 11th of july, but it's called the session to present what it says is recently obtained evidence. indigenous ladies in government officials in ecuador, and negotiating to end a nationwide strike. although the government has great to make some of the strike as demands differences, remain, and latin america editor less than human reports from the capital. peter. oh, well, negotiations to end ecuador is crippling. nationwide strike have been excruciatingly slow and complex, but at least they've begun that outside of ketone, basilica amazonian guards kept everyone at a safe distance. one supporters of the indigenous lead strike, which is now in its 3rd week, danced for good luck. in always
4:48 pm
a precedent guin molasses representative warned that the government would not cave into all of the strikers demands, especially a 40 cent cut in petrol and diesel prizes. arcadia with us, those who agree to everything also with him on doing the right thing, rather be receiving orders. that is the characteristic of a kidnapped government. and we will not be one of those. but indigenous leaders stood firm. this the law, our objective is for the wealth of this country which we to produce to be redistributed fairly and equally. oh, in the absence of a breakthrough roadblocks that have crippled much of the economy, including a good was keep oil industry were reinforced. this is the town of wallow, a poor agricultural community outside of the capital kito, where we arrived a short while ago to find this huge road block leading to one of the main highways in this country, as well as tires,
4:49 pm
burning and tempers flaring. the residents tell us a, just a short while ago they had a violent encounter with security voices. we saw an ambulance race off with one of the injured an elderly man who was reportedly attacked by riot police in his home. oh, well no, no. just to say they were fired upon at close range with tear gas and rubber pellets is the only other thing it happened. if you remember ever came here to kill us. they have no compassion for women and children or the elderly. while scores of security forces have also been seriously injured in running battles with protesters, the 6 favorite victims so far have been demonstrators. your 60 year old bad teresa media since this is their strike is just to rock i'm, i've gone north of ardon, we worked a land with our picks and shovels to survive. we aren't rich, so we need the government to lower the price of fuel rate for foam or oh yeah, the government has agreed to alleviate farmers bank debts and improve health and
4:50 pm
education services. and it's offered to decrease fuel by $0.10 a gallon. oh, but indigenous leaders say that's not nearly enough. and so the government continues to way carefully. it's commitment to i a methyl stared. he measures against a govern ability crisis. that is worsening by the day. to see in human al jazeera kito. he knows have been house for 2 jesuit priests murdered in the mexican state of chihuahua. critics say the killings exposed. the government's family at 2 would choose violence across the country. men, while rapper or votes, funeral services for 2 jesuit priest who were killed in northern mexico last week. members of the indigenous glad moody community performed a ritual dance to honor the 2 priest fucking mortar and hub, yet campbells who were killed during an alleged encounter with
4:51 pm
a wanted drug trafficker. yes, mother, he is a martyr to me because whenever i talked to him, he said that his life was a uni came municipality, and that he would give his life for the communities. and he gave his life the killing of the priest, sent shock waves across mexico. and frustrations are growing over, worsening violence, as are criticisms of the mexican governments failure to curb homicides. themes, if you hand on a home or can we continue to demand justice that the federal public security policy be changed? because this is not working, no matter how much the authority cited it is working, nothing is going to change of homes and i'm going to work on the other. violence in mexico is at its highest point in decades. statistics suggest that nearly 100 people are murdered in the country every day. the catholic church says mexico is going through a historic wave of violence. even pope frances has expressed deep concerns over the
4:52 pm
crisis line tuchi shawnee mesh. so many killings in mexico. i am close with my fiction and prayers to the catholic community that's been afflicted by this tragedy . once again, i repeat violence does not resolve problems, but creates unnecessary suffering. mexico's president and the discipline will lopez over other condemned the killing of the 2 priests. but the president has also drawn criticism. after being asked about the growing public outcry over his national security policy was little no vamos, we're not going to modify our strategy. we maintain that human beings are not evil by nature. that is the circumstances that lead some to take the path of anti social behavior. oh, following the deaths of the priests in the state of chihuahua. catholic bishops in mexico have called on the mexican government to host a national dialogue with the goal of taking concrete actions to build
4:53 pm
a path toward peace. when ended up below al jazeera still ahead on al jazeera, one of the plays tipped for the wimbledon title has been forced to withdraw with corona virus. all that more is coming up after the break with with
4:54 pm
mm . oh, lou ah ah, it's time now for sport, he's sour and sour, some big news out of wimbleton that we've got lots of games happening today in the u. k. it's the 2nd woman with 2 former champions preparing to return to send to court or found the dallas. serena williams are both in action,
4:55 pm
but right now it's women's number one. ego should be on tech. who say consensus stage, not a poll is up against yana fats. of croatia, she on psych is looking to extend her winning streak of matches to $36.00. she's already won 6 titles this year and is looking good evening match having taken the 1st set. 6 love i shall take is followed by 2 time winner raphael nadal and then $23.00 grand slam singles champions. serena williams makes her long awaited return. it's been 12 months since an injury forced her to pull out of the 1st round to at wimbledon. bart men's 2021 finalist mateo better seni. as pulled out of the tournament after testing positive for coven 19. he's the 2nd player in just 24 hours to withdraw because of corona virus with the all england club saying it will review its protocols. now it's a big disappointment, of course for the italian who came in to the tournament with back to back titles on grass and stood god and the queens club. and also bad news for former was number 3
4:56 pm
. greg gordon had thrown the ball gary and was forced to withdraw from his 1st round match. after pulling up with a leg injury during his match against usa. steve johnson. now ukrainian tennis player, alina kelly. nina says she'll use aluminum prize money to help rebuild her parents home after it was bombed. during the russian invasion. colleena reached the 2nd round of the tournament where she will play compatriot lithia, serene co, but she says, winning matches isn't a priority. other than a way of helping a fellow countrymen and women. it's hard to focus, but for me mothers, if i reno farlow's, because more i, when of course i got currently money. i'm not only helping my family, i'm helping other families and other people. and they really be really hard to say it's not a pressure, it's a privilege to play here. it's a privilege to play every tournament and to get the quality of the game means
4:57 pm
a better events. you go further, you earn more money and then i'm able to help and i'm helping as much as i can and not only to my family. so for me, the mothers and for one boss says i've criticized former world champion nelson, p k f, using a racial slur. when talking about lewis hamilton in an interview, he came made the comments are present in publication in the video that was released on monday. his words have been condemned by hamilton's and said his team as well as officials for formula one and motor sports governing body the f i a with homicide. also treating about that now hero on switzer, it's more than language. these are ok. mindsets need to change and have no place in sports. it will so that he's been surrounded by these attitudes and talk said he says his whole life has been plenty of time to learn. he adds, time has come for action. moving on slight clings most prestigious race. the
4:58 pm
3rd of france begins the 3 can, but one team has to deal with police raisal, now homes before they left for the start of the race, seemed hurrying victories of confirmed that the homes of riders and stuff was searched across at least 3 or appeal countries as part of an ongoing on tito investigation, they are also such during loss is race in france. well that's just for us for now, but they will be more from the rest of the team later looking forward to it. thanks very much, sarah. and that's it. from make this news out, but i'll be back in the moment with more news. ah. to saudi. so i la la la la la la. national. why is one on one the how do you to visit? well, cancel a philistine bitten the from the fish for yeah, well, no better for sierra can a little sob. is it done?
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well, i can dish out in the cloud. there's topics here that if wilson thought they're not valuable camella coffee and like in the, on the path on my gun, nay. on the, in that a fee alida is like a month to help audi. i mean, for the 2nd law in english, i feel believe why did i can't even before fucking the book? meteorites, small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to wife and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. odyssey of a world joins the moroccan nomads in their desert search with these gifts from the sky, head up sienna, i can tell that it's a meter i've had it isn't it does i mean to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on order 0 he got in contact
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with me getting with voc ideals, the french republic, islam for clayton. but just what is modern? france in a 4 part series, but big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera ah al jazeera, when ever you ah, at least 46 people are found dade in an abandoned trunk and.


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