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tv   The Forbidden Reel The Birth of Afghan Cinema  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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actual charges against him refer to the death of 3 and a half 1000 people hypnotic. he was not accused directly of murdering these people, rather of aiding and abetting the system which killed these people. and it is worth making. the point that the camp in question is about 30 kilometers from the center of berlin from where i am now speaking to you from. and this man, well, every day that he would work, he dont his uniform pick up his weapon and stand in the watched house walking around the camp. while thousands of people were persecuted, the it's estimated that around a half of all the inmates who ever went to zach's house and during the nazi government died, the many of them starved to death work to death. many of them also actively murdered when you go to the camp. it is hard to believe that somebody could say that they were there as a member of the oppressive regime and not see the sorts of criminality atrocities that were taking place there on
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a daily basis. ah, the headlines on al jazeera, the white house says it will take action to disrupt human smuggling networks, thought after at least 50 people were found dead inside a truck. in the state of texas, 16 survivors were taken to hospital suffering, heat exhaustion, a salad or the 7 of the world's riches democracies as wrapped up in germany. leaders pledge 4 and a half $1000000000.00 to fight global hunger. that's the war and ukraine. fishes of food prices adding to the economic impacts of the pandemic. the leaders of finland and sweden have met the turkish president ahead of nato summit in madrid in a bit to get him to drop objections to them joining the military alliance. turkey has him blocking the applications of the 2 countries, while other members say they belong in nato. jo ho has more from the summit in madrid. we don't specifically know whether any progress has been made. we don't
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even specifically know what turkey demands are of finland and sweden, although we understand written demands were handed over to those governments that up until now had not be met. mister irwin, leaving anchor earlier said he wanted to see actions not words but already. i mean the summit is not officially open. one of its key obstacles making itself apparent here. the bids by sweden and finland to join nato were meant to be celebrated as approved at the summit. turkey, as you say, standing in their way, mister irwin clearly has seen an opportunity here to extract key concessions. a committee created under the 2016 p steel colombia fork rebels is set to release its final report. on the country's decades long civil conflict. almost 30000 people were interviewed during the past 5 years. it's seen as a historic step towards reconciliation. firefighters are looking for survivors dropped under the rubble of a destroy shopping mall and central ukraine. rushes for
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a minister denied the retail center was targeted in miss all strike on monday. at least 18 people were killed. thousands of people are protesting and gone us capital across against corruption and a stagnating economy. the demonstrators are angry about steep tax increases and rising fuel prices. those are the headlines, the for britain real is up. next, news, news, news, news. ah,
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many aspects of african culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was brand new, changed, or blown up? a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films, and these records of all of the other afghanistan, existing saving decades of history. they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19 sixty's afghans cinema was born filmmakers, one on aware of the dangerous to come
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eod, she 51 from he or she would like you that that bag of i get of things toya, cosmetic gases again them if one boy here i need to fill model she gave are you sure boy that data was? yeah, you're welcome to get to walk. i mean, i guess enough home, it just has beauty game with my mission at the bad. that won't be bad, didn't you go someone with you? and i'm a general moment for me was i thought it will not touch with us to let you send them over. thank a dad to phone joy, cast off other different much push advocacy. i got yet bottom of it, but why would you feel that it was young? got it that it was young. got up. was that or how do you think that all of them
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fail? and mo, you all often would you bubble film on the, to put it all a fillmore do that to set or get in before you do that again. oh, fun begins jacob, welcome on day go. he said you would qualify with a media not about any just i'm gonna i won't bud. talk to him to death that i've any boss though she, i'm just that amount college got what georgia and she didn't feel and the young get us. don't get me getting the children understand each other. another issue that you have the civilian again, any of my minutia. jenny miller, welcome. i miss
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your choice. good luck pick him up of want for lisa one for the flu. quality of it. a couple quick follow, would you put a layer of clothes or done joy, kid, zebra. john? no, you russia, but a hub law? no. george mccloud. jenny, out one fin more. dot com. we do have commodities because a lot of money, a money comes up, come up. hello. everyone goes to more towards mission. good on, because groper, somebody, you won't be long. i'm always interested in archives as an artist, as a filmmaker, and as a teacher. and i had been making work in, in about afghanistan for
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a number of years. and for me, it was really exciting to find out that afghanistan had this incredibly rich and deep cinematic history of which i was totally unaware. and then to realize that most other people were also totally unaware of it, it was like finding a hidden treasure. and then thinking here is something i can actually do to start bringing some of those histories back into circulation. ah, what is really extraordinary about looking at these films is that they all tell us something really important about afghanistan as a nation, and how it envisioned itself at the moment that those films were made. ah
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ah, cookers. didn't she chest? yes, we are more she to see i was and you told me can fill believe the human walk. boy, you must get a hard time all this by the time of the rules off, it can make it more. she know what you're gonna love. this awesome, well if she did give us some majority, we could just submit 15 letters for them. she wouldn't meet on a yard. i'm all got what the additional key he asked to hold technology nice to meet me is when we get to see the show mohammed gas, how often yacht tough poor and the shock they guess you know when that us ah
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i, when i 1st went to the african films archive the physical plant of the building was really deteriorating, so they had actual leaks in the archive. and you were really out of luck in trying to figure out what with the salable to feed the what they're going to be doing. local dog, better movies, shouldn't be no good cash should we caught him off key for more than 1 dollar doors or do you as a family member that will need to hold the mobile? right. they just put the product on those on cannot actually do that by now. me fill out of my thought in any fell in the film as an automated me that didn't commit that can need more or more than emotionally. so we'll say mike at
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cumberland event will be brought up with that marie fillmore because i'm a show me that he's got passed on. why didn't you but it was part of that or that raise my are lot mama. charlotte, again, charter was low on his on the problem was on him and the other person or stood at them. okay. about accurate joe gunman? my know, when i was all come to the home i can read the higher he comes to me from. he met a few when die also don't get them negative doors that still me. oh no you belinda said as you should get him silly for may sub would his her boss for man more see
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age for him going on for me. her mercedes, sobs, fair mer, who just some more me and, and you've been loyal to them. your have good of them colleagues long cuz she, the law i remember packet of bassetti is anytime you fucking in the camera. so, dakota archer, the, you can okay. that was kind of, i mean, we bought bought hawkins as younger dad. jonas, we think most out of watch up. i should, i had offered him what he can do in, you know, which would give him my number, the keys. i could have that ready, dim patrone home on the should look at as he comes in for me. the for me, this house put up my a salad tom, custodian deck don't, but i understand. so once i've seen that, that has all the major media and i'm on the way i'll address a 100 of them come with she's at a curb to hold on. i missed my new hall showing me, ah said, am cannot keep up
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with an engineer is the most prolific afghan director. probably the most beloved one as well among his peers and making calls to them and younger generation ever. i found something because he's made films that are touch sounds like a thick of love. and because the need at least one film a year for so many years. who's i'm only come up with your deal. tell grandma pharmacy no more. no storm. my m cannot shadows, but let the package meet that should have thought of some bohannon. mccormick to hardy issues going on. i, i think scott bestow dislodged with quite a be see all the arts asked me to walk to the camera and i will go to shut the
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modem. ah, that in sony, behind those i said you would, but whoo hoo! asap on treadmill with some command thrown, yet there must home my nose, my city petition he cast on. why my yet gun after me a long soft tim will trust me. marcus had already come back about the room. jack denise said you that could have won a song as well is said to you, i form friend must treated last, each tooth on a sticky to pacific. oh, but i but i, but i wish we did. they did a good ease, but i don't get any they should get to come. oh no, don't send me ish to haughty dharma soft hope. aiyona fedex often, but it would involve dis mortgage by soc daughter sallie mae bulletin, da da scone for remember just some all me from done as it is said 2 years audio now
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said i'm not to madam undesirable joe. anybody so forget me can okay. well, can what it is in my nose magazine i'm, it was i think it's important for these films to be more widely available in afghanistan. and i want to help a friend from the digitize, the entire archive. and of course, the 1st stage as doing anything like digitization is to try to understand what you actually have business or from do you hope soon?
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tripler gazoomba culture, news or medicine? rough mode. i'm although sliding doors and i'm park low, mumps for idols. ah, the view of the sky stand outside of god and sun is so monolithic. and i think the earlier afghanistan's that exist dead, the afghan intellectual as them laughed on modernism, african left ism, all of these other histories are actually present in this archive. and to see them act it out on film, it really changes the way that people think about afghanistan.
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we've been seeing, especially in the past few years, these incidents of really extreme violence. and it's important to be reminded that there were decades when f garrison was not a place where violet was normal. it ashima on me. they've got ski brought in a lot of that to go with her
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so the next ocean epoch is quite a lot of kids channels as well. not mandel fighting dio booty, baker dis at that. jenny? that sali, yes. fed and we all decided budget felt had to mission to soften is see no more as it is sci fi here. and you're part of the schwab as yesterday fell. miss helped him as yet. thereupon, but his sna most 1000, the unit kelly mall. fidel, a he cheer siena moyer, not obviously not eat honey. no lou party, nothing debach was seuss buddy. my i misha, buddy, the scene amada as d deck upon medium, at dd at cloud hanging. we're told you hold them um, you know, sitting remarked, i'm a chateau audi him with somebody to slide him over that. been into his makeup on she could then be a part of that. mig sarah hammer ask for the shot in
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the next episode of the she didn't real a communist, coo and a golden age of afghan cinema. ah, savage, my, don't our equal bully? i got a job or shoot that boy that good jak chip jang year missile me. teaching you power was got wacked bible horrible wagon for john edge because she was killed . megan alcohol, could a talk other jonathan jemma is speak of the one. huh. you close all with that, but you can figure that out. that he did go. laura said that he shot up to him while he might have done the whitish 2nd week of them. good. if she wants to function too often of con, astonish, portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister
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thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a just eda. ah wrong with ah. in europe nato leaders prepare for a strategic shift to the military alliance.


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