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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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or but there were many of gone astonished awe thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archived spawning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a just ego. ah ah, in europe nato leaders prepare for a strategic shift to the military alliance to deter russia. leaders of turkey,
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nato, finland on sweden. meter are now differences over the nordic nations bed to join the alliance. ah, you're watching al jazeera life from a headquarters and alpha i'm danny navigator. also a heads. the deadly costs of human smuggling. at least 50 migrants are dead. after being abandoned inside a truck in texas, i columbia will hear the truth about nearly 60 years of an armed conflict that kill tens of thousands of people. ah, hello the leaders of finland and sweden have met with the turkish president, raja ty berto on in madrid ahead of a crucial nato summit. it's an a bid to get him to drop objections to their applications to join the military alliance. turkey has been blocking them saying
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they offer a safe haven to kurdish armed groups. other members say they belong in nato, in the coming hours or the one is also expected to meet with the us president joe biden. nato leaders are meeting on wednesday to decide on what's being described as a most consequential strategic shift for the alliance in decades. life to join a hall who, joining us in madrid, where those meetings are taking place. so, jonah, has there any progress been made on dropping turkish opposition to the 2 countries? joining nato will tell me to seem to be reporting that, that meeting between president, one of the prime ministers, the filament sweden has ended. it possibly went on for a couple of hours, but that hasn't been confirmed here as yet. the leaders will be moving on from those meetings pretty much straight away to a gathering of all the alliance heads hosted course by spain. so it's unlikely we will hear anything further tonight. no immediate signs of any breakthrough,
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but already, you know, there's some, it's not formal yet underway. one of its biggest obstacles already becoming a parent. that is the bid by st. wouldn't sweden and finland to join nato. they were to have been celebrated as being approved at the summit. turkey, of course, blocking them over its objections to the activities alleged of could you stick dice for groups in those noting daughter countries in support of band militant groups like the kurdish workers party, the p k. k. it's not clear exactly what is being demanded or what to do. i would like to see done about them, but it is clear that he sees in all of this an opportunity to extract crucial concessions from the nordics. but also from the allies. you'll be meeting president biden, most likely, i think now on wednesday, they're going to talk about the delivery of us built f. 16 fighter jets that were promised under the trumpet administration. he wants to see an easing of arms embargo put in place an informal one over turkeys incursion in northern syria in 2001, 900. and there's a question mark over washington's continued support for y. p g fight is in northern
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syria. the backbone of syrian democratic forces there, of course, supported by the united states. it's quite a shopping list of potential demands and concessions. none of them will be given easily, but remember that prize of swedish finish native membership expanding the alliance in the face of russian aggression is something that many alliance members consider it to be a question of when not if so, what else can we expect from the summit the secretary general young stolen bird has been laying out the picture a little bit already but i'll give you a flavor of it a very short while ago. just a few minutes from where i'm standing. we heard live from the crate, sco brothers vitale. plates go to the mayor of ki, of, and his brother vladimir both former boxing champions. they had this to say, this is got to be stopped. we have, we need troops, we need defensive weapons. we need offensive weapons wake up, guys. they said what's gonna happen next?
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next, this will come knocking on your door and that is the backdrop of this. some, it's a gen stuff, but the secretary general has described is the most significant transformation in a generation, the biggest overall of defense and deterrent system since the cold war. they will be building up the rapid reaction force from 40000 troops to an astonishing 300000 troops contributed by the allies who will be kept to the high sting state of readiness, with heavy munitions and weapon systems. moved further towards the east of europe. there is a building up of battalion sized battle groups in the baltics and for new eastern european countries. since the start of the war, they will become brigade sized battle groups as a further deterrence to president putin on would advance towards nature countries. and that will be a new package of measures to assist ukraine, not military normally. so remember, this is a defensive alliance. it is individual member states who deliver weapons,
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munitions. a big point of discussion here will be just how far to go in assistance for ukraine by the nato alliance with everyone here. deeply aware of the real danger involved in allowing president putin to paint this conflict as one between russia and nater. thank you so much, donna hall reporting from madrid. well before some of those leaders arrived in madrid, they were at a summit of 7 of the world's riches democracies. in germany. leaders there pledged 4 and a half $1000000000.00 to fight global hunger. that's the conflict, pushes up food prices, adding to the economic impact of the pandemic stuff. austin reports from germany. it was a summit of throng language, amid scenic views lead us up to 7 highest income country, stressed how united they are in the condemnation of russia's war in ukraine. missile attacks on keys and the crowd is supermarket and common joke taking place during the summit. only increase their anger, we have addon fighter,
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we will continue to hold up and drive up the economy and political cost of this war for president putin and his regime to that. and it's important to stand together also during the long haul, and that will surely be at stake here long interest. and we will also resolutely counter the russian narrative that this is actually a conflict. and we're only the west and the so called global west is condemning this attack. and otherwise the world is watching what russia is actually doing. that is not the case, isn't leaders. acknowledge the fall out of the war is increasingly being felt around the world and needs urgent action. but they sat little about a possible solution to a russian blockade of ukrainian grain. an additional $4500000000.00 package to protect people around the world against hunger is seen by 8 organizations as disappointing focuses on the warranty, ukraine. and they found billions and billions of dollars for that. and they haven't found the money that we need to find hunger for their own communicators. over
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323000000 people worldwide, a new record could face salvation in the next few months. for an off any and done is a drop in the ocean for that. so it's a real finding by the g 7 with the war and ukraine and the energy crisis, taking nearly all their attention. the main loza here seems to be the climate. a german lat, reversal on a band for public funding on fossil fuels is seen by environmental brooks as a real setback. while still, depending on russian fossil fuel, so their energy supply, g 7 leaders appeared more concerned with lowering energy prices and trying to reduce rushes, large profits on oil and gas. they agreed to investigate well to impose a controversial price cap on russian oil. that message is from 3 and if a kid with opposite fuel, the situation is absurd. the rise and global energy prices helps to fund the war in russia. that's the reality. so the idea to cap prices is a very good one. and the difficulty as a technical one,
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russian oil doesn't flow only through one pipe sold in several countries. and if he'll be with many crises unresolved, the leaders are traveling to madrid, to join other nato partners at a summit which will determined the future of the alliance. steadfast an algae 0 and garnish baton kia him while they were found and sweltering heat inside and abandon truck in texas, at least 50 people have now died. and what's been called one of the worst tragedies affecting migrants along the us mexico border. the white house says it's committed to act against human smuggling networks. atoria gate and b has one. the grim discovery was made in a remote area on the outskirts of san antonio in texas, a man working near by her to cry for help and saw a trailer with the door partially opened. inside the wood, dozens of bodies piled on top of one another. temperatures in the area had reached 39 degrees centigrade on monday. those who survived mostly young adults and
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children were too weak to get out of the trailer paces that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering awe from heat stroke, feed exhaustion, ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that rig. the victims a believe to be migrants who crossed the us mexico border looking for a better life. this appears to be one of the worst cases of migrant deaths in the us in recent years. so the plight of migrants, city refuse is always the humanitarian crisis, but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge you. busy to think compassionately and pray for the deceased the ailing, the families. the trailer was found near a major highway that stretches all the way to the border with mexico. san antonio police have made arrests. we have 3 people in custody. we don't know
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if they are absolutely connected to this or not. this investigation has been turned over to h aside. it is now a federal investigation. the migration prices that the u. s. saw the buddha is a problem for president biden, whose approval ratings are low. republicans are focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. in the meantime, migrants continue to cross the border. in this case with tragic consequences, victoria gate and be al jazeera ortho who i capitol hill, the u. s. house committee who's investigating last year. his attack on the capital is holding another public hearing to present new evidence that it's recently obtained. and that's cassidy hutchinson right there, who served as a senior aide to the trump white house, chief of staff, mark meadows at the time. so she's giving her a testimony. let's listen. and i had
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a lot of outreach with members of congress, senior cabinet, cabinet officials. we would work, i would work on policy issues with relevant internal components and members on the hell, as well as security protocol at the white house complex. for mr. madison, the president and the annual roost. you received another promotion in march 2020. at that time you became the principal aide to the new white house chief of staff, mog meadows. is that right? that's correct, sir. what did a typical day look like for you in your work with mr. meadows? it varied with what was going on. we spent a lot of time on the hill, i spent time on the hill independently to as i was his liaison for capitol hill. and we did the last presidential travel engagements, but mostly i was there to serve what the chief of staff needed. and a lot of times what the chief of staff needed was a reflection of what the president schedule is detailed to do that day. so is it
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fair to say that you spoke regular in your position? oh, with members of congress and will senior members of the trump administration? that's correct, that's a fair assessment, sir. and would you say that in your work with myths, tomatoes you are typically in contact with him and others in the white house throughout the day. that's correct, sir. mister madison, aaron contacted almost pretty much throughout every day consistently. although so much of grave importance happens in the west wing of the white house. it's a quiet of small building. above me. on the screen, you can see a map of the 1st floor or the west wing of the white house. on the right, you can see the president's oval office. on the left, the chief of staff office suite would be the chief of staff office suite. is the
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hard or the worst. when was your desk which was a between or vice president's office, this coast, nurses office and the oval office, the folk infant? is this an accurate picture of where you are located? it's accurate, flat smile than it looks. absolutely. or miss hudson, this is a photo that shows to a short distance between your office and the president oval office. and it only takes 5 to 10 seconds or so to walk down the hall from your office to the oval office. is that right? that's correct. thank you. pursuant to the section 5, c 8 of house resolution 503, the chair recognizes john woman from wyoming. miss chaney for questions. thank you
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very much mister chairman. miss sharon, we will begin today with an exchange that 1st provided miss hutchinson a tangible sense of the ongoing planning for the events of january 6 on january 2nd, 4 days before the attack on our capital president. trump's lead lawyer, mr. juliani was meeting with white house chief of staff, mark meadows and others. ms. hutchinson. do you remember mr. julie, on a meeting with mr. meadows on january 2nd 2021. i do or he met with mr. meadows in the evening of january 2nd. 2021. and we understand that you walked mr. juliani out of the white house that night and he talks to you about january 6th. what you remember him saying as the so julian and i were walking to his vehicles that evening. he looked at me and said something to the effect of cash. are you excited for the 6th? it's going to be a great day. i remember looking at him, saying rudy to explain what's,
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what's happening on the sex. he and he had responded something to the effect of we're going to the capitol. it's going to be crated as it is going to be there. he's going to a powerful, he's, he's going to get the members he's going to be with the senators, talks the chief about it, talk to the chief about it. he knows about it. and did you go back and then up to the west wing and tell mr. meadows about your conversation with mister juliani, i did after mister juliani had left the campus that evening, i went back up to our office and found mr. meadows in his office on the couch, who scrolling through his phone, i remember leaning against the doorway and saying, had an interesting conversation as rudy mark sounds like we're going to go to the capital. he didn't look up from his phone and said something to the effect of there's a lot going on, cass, but i don't know. things might get real real bad on january 6. miss hutchinson, mister meadows is engaged in litigation with the committee to try to avoid
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testifying here. what, what was your reaction when he said to you things might get real real bad. in the days before january 2nd, i was apprehensive about the 6. i had heard general plans for rally. i had heard tentative movements to potentially goes to the capital. but when hearing verde is take on january 6th and then marks response that was the 1st the evening was the 1st moment that i remember feeling scared and nervous for what could happen on january 6. and i had a deeper concern for what was happening with the planning aspects of it. thank you, miss hutchison. today we're going to be focusing primarily on the events of january, 5th, and 6th at the white house. but to begin and to frame the discussion, i want to talk about a conversation that you had, mr. john ratcliff,
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the director of national intelligence. and you had this conversation in december of 2020 mr. ratcliffe was nominated by president trump, to oversee us intelligence or us intelligence community. and before his appointment, mister ratcliffe was a republican member of congress. as you will see on this clip, director ratcliffe's comments in december of 2020 were prescient. my understanding was mister rod director, i didn't want much to do but to pro selection period for felt that it was something that the white house should be pursuing but felt it was dangerous for the president legacy. he a firewall to control and potentially
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be dangerous either for our democracy or with with try to fight it. there's also the election fighting, missing ballast, pressuring a certain date for there didn't seem to be significant evidence and reaching out to state legislatures about that. so pretty much the way that the white house is handling the election period. he felt that that could be dangerous for passions in terms of president, for elections, for the, for the say,
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i'm just hoping that we can see so ms. hutchinson, and now we're going to turn to certain information that was available before january 4th and what the top administration and the president knew about the potential for violence. before january 6 on the screen, you will see an e mail received by acting deputy attorney general donahue. on january 4th from the national security division of the department of justice, mr. donahue testified in our hearings last week. e mail identifies apparent planning by those coming to washington on january 6th to quote occupied federal buildings and discussions of quote, invading the capital building. here's what mr. donahue said to us, and we knew that if you had tens of thousands of very upset, upset people showing up in washington dc that there was potential for you. a secret
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service was looking at similar information and watching the planned demonstrations . in fact, their intelligence division sent several emails to white house personnel like deputy chief of staff, tony or nato, and the head of the president's protective detail. robert angle, including certain materials, listing events like those on the screen. the white house continued to receive updates about plan demonstrations, including information regarding the proud boys organizing and planning to attend events on january 6th. although miss hutchinson has no detailed knowledge of any planning involving the proud boys for january 6th. she did note this i recall hearing the word of cooper and hearing the word proud boys closer to the planning of the january, 6 riley with mister julian, he would be around on january 3rd, the capitol police issued
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a special event assessment in that document. the capitol police noted that the proud boys and other groups plans to be in washington dc on january 6th and indicated that quote, unlike previous post election protests, the targets of the pro, trump, supporters are not necessarily the counter protestors as they were previously, but rather congress itself is the target. on the 6 of course we all know now that the proud boys showed up on january 6th march from the washington monument to the capital that day and led the ride as mom to invade and occupy our capital. miss hutchinson, i want to play you a clip of one of our meetings when you described a call on january 4th, that you received from national security advisor, robert o'brien on the same topic,
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potential violence on january 6th. i received a call from robert bryant, the national security advisor. he had asked if he could speak with mr. meadows about potential violin words of violence that he was hearing that were totally going to happen on the hill. on january 6th. i had asked if he had connected with tony or nato because toyota had a conversation with him. with mark about that topic. robert had said, i'll talk to tony and then i don't know, robert ever connected with mark about it. miss hutchinson can you describe for us, mr. or not as responsibilities as deputy chief of staff? the deputy chief of staff position at the white house for operations is arguably one of the most important positions that somebody can hold. they're in charge of all security protocol for the campus and all 3 presidential protect. he's primarily
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the president and the 1st family. but anything that requires security for any individual that has a presidential protection. so the chief of staff or the national security adviser, as well as the vice president's team to tony would oversee all of that. here's the conduit for security protocol between white house staff and the united states secret service. thank you. and you also described a brief meeting between mr or nato and mr. meadows on the potential for violence. the meeting was on january 4th, they were talking about the potential for violence on january 6. let's listen to a clip of that testimony. remember mr or not, i had talked to him about intelligence reports. i remember mister and i was coming in saying that we had in power report saying that there could potentially be violence on this on the sick. you also told us about reports of violence and
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weapons at the secret service were receiving on the night of january 5th and throughout the day on january 6th. is that correct? that's correct. there are reports that police in washington d. c. had arrested several people with fire arms or ammunition falling, a separate pro, trump rally and freedom plaza on the evening of january 5th. or those some of the reports that you recall hearing about. they are. of course, the world now knows that the people who attacked the capital on january 6th at many different types of weapons. when a president speaks, the secret service typically requires those attending to pass through metal detectors known as magnetometers or mags for short. the select committee has learned that people who willingly entered the enclosed area for president trump speech were screened, so they could attend the rally. at the ellipse, they had weapons and other items that were confiscated. pepper spray knives,
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brass knuckles, tasers, body, armor, gas masks, the tans, blunt weapons. and those were just from the people who chose to go through the security for the president's event on the ellipse. not the several 1000 members of the crowd who refused to go through the mags and watched from the lawn near the washington monument. the select committee has learned about reports from outside the magnetometers and has obtained police radio transmissions. identifying individuals with firearms, including a r fifteens near the ellipse on the morning of january 6. let's listen. the individual's entry was about 6 feet tall, genteel brown, with which got an apology jacket and underneath jacket plate is also in stock with the visuals. but other
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individuals to the individuals in that group at the base, the tree bodies rang green trash outside the whales they had glocks, now pistols in their masses jacked weapon on his right. he's in the light, make sure they have an elevator in the trees, constitutionality flag, american black face capital. each weapon on the right side. hit 3 men, walk out of the c. i a office saying prevented the air fifteens at the 14th and independence. as you saw in those emails,
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the 1st report that we showed we now know was sent in the 8 o'clock hour on january 6. is talking about people in the crowd wearing ballistic helmets and body armor carrying radio equipment and military grade backpacks. the 2nd report we showed you on the screen was sent by the secret service and the 11 a. m our and it address reports of a man with a rifle. you're the ellipse. miss hutchinson in prior testimony. you describe for us the meeting in the white house around 10 am in the morning of january 6 involving chief of staff, meadows and tony are nato. are you in that meeting? i was, let's listen to your testimony about that meeting and then we'll have some questions . i think the last time we talked, you mentioned that some of the weapons that people had at the router included 5 whole. ready oversize 3rd flight holes. there spray. is there
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anything else that you recall hearing about the people. ready that i recall tony and are having a conversation with mark probably around 10 am 10, 15 am. worry. remember tony monday night guys in the 4 pistols. very body armor spears and michael's spirit for one. i don't like one item and then tony have to leave me a something to the effect of these other people are fastening on to the end to fly polls and ms. hutchinson. here's a clip of your testimony regarding mr. meadows response to learning that the rally attendees were armed, that day. what was my to do with the weapons that when i went in to talk to mark that
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morning, margaret sitting on a couch on his phone, which is something typically i remember talking to scott right into, like i said, let you know and informed him like this how many people we had outside the mags right now? these are the weapons that were going to happen possible. he listed more weapons off and i just don't recall and gave him the free but inside a fairly thorough. and i remember distinctly mark not for i remember cody finishing explanation and it taking a few seconds for mark to say, no, i said you're him. and then part time is like already anything else still looking down to this phone and tell it to me and i look to tony and you said no.


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