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thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film, archived, spanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a just 0. the great thing about being amused presenter, the net booklet conscious era, is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here a, you're seen news from parts of the world, but other networks just don't come up. you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many correspondence in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera ah felon. and sweden got a step closer to joining nato off to tag. he agrees to drop its opposition to them
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membership bed. ah, i'm on the inside. this is out. is there a lie from die out? was that coming up? the president said, since the effect of i'm the are being president, take me up to the capitol. now. shocking testimony about former president donald trump's actions during the 2021 insurrection. when is the causes storm? the council talks an anti government protest in ecuador, off the president refuses to resume negotiations with indigenous groups of to sorta is killed on the british socialite jolaine maxwell is sentenced 20 years in prison for sexually trafficking under age goes ah, off to weeks of uncertainty,
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turkey has agreed to support felon and sweden in their bed to join nato, clearing the path for major shift in european security. the breakthrough came on the eve of the military alliance summit in madrid. the nordic countries have been neutral for decades, but pushed for membership off to russia, invaded ukraine. turkey had originally threatened to block the application. turkey yo, fillum and sweden. huh. signs on them or on them. that addresses trickiest concerns, including around arms exports on the fight against the partisan. noah has suffered more brutally toast with arcs, dr. kia, including from the texas group, p k, k. china hall has more from madrid. well around of tripod, i talked this afternoon between turkey. mr. and the leaders in suite and clearly
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produced a breakthrough. the 3 signed a memorandum, a memorandum quote to extend their full support against threats to each other's security. jen stilton burg. hailing the successful search for common ground, he said nato has resolved its differences. now turkey had been the only hold out among the 39 members against this bid by sweden and finland to join on the basis mister, i do, i'm said of the to nordic countries, providing a safe haven for kurdish militant groups. it is not clear exactly what has been agreed here in terms of addressing that particular issue, nor is it entirely clear whether perhaps some other concessions may have been part of the deal. what we do know, of course, is that this allows nato to put forward a united front in the face of russian aggression. and that is actually the core and central to the aims of this summit. not just a united front, but an expanded front with 2 new members. now, mr. stoughton,
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back saying the political decision has been made finland and sweden giving up their traditional military neutrality. as i said in the face of the war and ukraine. william courtney is a former us ambassador to catholic stone, and georgia explains wolfe expansion will mean for the alliance for freedom has a lot of naval power in the baltic sea that will be important. simon has a long border with russia, and so it through will have a strategic importance beyond the size of finland. if you will finish this by 64, u. s. f 35 aircraft the most of the fighter in the world. both of those countries have been integrated in terms of inter operability of their motors were made for a long time. so it will substantially strengthen the alliance. i think the emphasis sweetness of the issue of p k. k. the opposition movement,
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the concern as early once march, about sweden central promise to follow the rules law here present early on has relented, rejection and unexpected results. turkey does not want to be left isolated. doesn't want to be unsupported by its nature allies because turkey lives in a more dangerous neighborhood there. most of the other nato allies do so most people are expected, the turkey would come along as it has a former age. the white house chief of staff has testified before the john u. 6 select committee, custody hutchinson has said than us president donald trump was told people at his raleigh were armed with guns and knives. she also said trump tried to take the steering wheel of the white house limousine when he was told it was not taking him to the capital d. j. cass reports and we're going to the capital on january 6th,
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2021. president donald trump did not accompany his supporters to the capital to disrupt the certification of his election loss, but he wanted to thank you very much. according to cassidy hutchinson, the 1st former trump white house employee to testify publicly. trump finished his stop. this deal, speech boarded his limousine and was surprised to learn from his security chief bobby angle that their destination was the white house. the president said something to the effect of, i'm the irving president. take me up to the capital now. to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the prison reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mister trump then used his free hand to lunch towards bobby angle, and mister, when mister renada had recounted the stories me had motioned towards his clavicles . hutchinson did not see the episode herself,
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but said she heard it from tony or nato. the former white house chief of operations and with angle present the president is the anecdote was the most startling of many shared by the former white house aide at tuesday's hearing. one that was urgently announced after the committee said it received new evidence, one white mail house. how police audio from january 6 revealed guns had been spotted among the crowd, gathered near trumps, rally hutchinson said backstage she heard trumps say the event should not have had metal detectors. i overheard the presidency on the super tough. you know, i, i don't, i think her that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. the suing violence contributed to the deaths of at least 7 people and injured a $150.00 police officers. hutchinson said, she watched the riot unfold from the white house, just doors down from trump. she recounted this conversation between her boss, chief of staff, mark meadows, and the white house of top lawyer. i remember saying,
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mark, we need to do something more. there literally calling from the vice president the i think han and mark had responded something to the effect of you heard him had he thinks like a girl that he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong. the he was trump. according to hutchinson testimony, she said, trump was reluctant when he called off the riders more than 3 hours into the violence. we have to have peace. so go home, we love you, you're very special. trump weighed in on tuesdays hearing, saying he hardly knows hutchinson and denied many of the accusations. hutchinson also said meadow and trump warmer, personal attorney, rudy giuliani, both thought presidential pardon. and she says, many members of from inner circle were concerned that the cabinet would use the 25th amendment to remove trump from office committee member say they've been concerning signs of witness tampering. the plan at least 2 more of these hearing in
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july, heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. melanie sloane is a former counsel to the us house judiciary committee on a partner with some strategy. she says the testimony is damaging to dawn from. it was explosive testimony. i don't think anybody had any idea that cassidy hutchinson would have so much as so important so many important things to say. but not only did she talk about the efforts of the, the president to grab the steering wheel. but i think it's also just as important, if not more important, that she talk at length about what president trump said about the people with, with firearms who were there that they weren't there to attack him. and that means that he had awareness that there were people with guns and that he got up there and he incited those people. and that i think has been one of the questions, was the president just engaged in 1st amendment protected political speech?
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or was he actually inciting seditious conspiracy? and knowing that there were people there with guns who were ready to attack other people. and we also heard that he didn't care mike pence did get hung, suggests that the justice department may well be able to make a case against mr. trump. the consequences of his testimony are a potential prosecution of donald trump. this is the 1st time we've had someone testify about exactly what donald trump said on during the stay. at the time all of this violence was starting to take place. it also shows that he had an intent to be there what part of him grabbing the steering wheel, trying to push the secret service agent to be there, shows that he was, he wrote, you really wanted to be a part of it was prevented from, from being further part of it, and in the past, we've only had trump at the white house, serve as a bystander to all the violence. but this is the 1st time we had someone really putting him in the violence. the british, a social like elaine maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping
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the 1000000 a jeffrey epstein, sexually abuse under age girls. the 6 year old was convicted in december for recruiting and grooming girls for epstein. during the 19 nineties and early 2 thousands, gabriel allison moved from new york, shackled and wearing a blue prison uniform. gillan maxwell heard her fate from a judge at the end of a nearly 4 hours sentencing that saw several of our alleged victims give statements . sometimes looking directly at maxwell. one was sarah ransom who broke down in tears in court and said she twice tried to commit suicide after being victimized by maxwell. after the sentencing, she told me she was pleased. i'm, i'm feeling pretty amazing. okay, i'm feeling grey. i'm but there is, i, you know, this is a 66 year journey for me. i incredible highs some really, really,
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really deep lows for me. maxwell briefly spoke in court saying she was sorry for the pain. her victims felt, but she did not take responsibility for the crimes or where it's going through head when he heard gear and speak in court. ah, glen glen like so. for me they were just words. but they were words that i never thought out of a here as saying, i'm sorry, lawyers for the victims were satisfied with the outcome to day showed us that individuals can be held accountable irrespective of power and privilege. and you, maxwell, the daughter of a british newspaper magnet was once part of an elite global social circle that included some of the world's most powerful people. but at her month long trial, last december, prosecutor said she also facilitated the trafficking of women some as young as 14
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to be sexually abused by her long time partner jeffrey epstein and allegedly other rich men. epstein was arrested in charge in july 2019. but was found dead in his jail cell a month later, before delivering her sentence, the g said maxwell's crimes were heinous and predatory, and said she deserves a strong sentence. partially because of her lack of remorse. elaine maxwell is 60 years old. if she serves her entire sentence, that means she wouldn't be released until she's 80. gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york fella had on al jazeera no. is the time for independence i latest pushed by scottish needed to leave the united kingdom soon as next year. the oldest person to go on trial for war crimes during the holocaust
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finds out his face. ah ah. hello there, let's look to north america and much of the weather action is happening in the very north and the very south. now we saw a lot of heat lingering around those southern usa to the beginning of the week, but that's been knocked out by this stream of thunderstorms, bringing some really rumbly showers in heavy rain to the likes of texas for example . and that's going to knock a lot of the warmth out of cities like houston, if we have a look at the 3 day, the temperature dipping below the average thunderstorms all the way through to friday. now we've seen some severe storms roll across the canadian prairies, working their way further east, bringing some heavy falls to northern areas of the mid west and the great lakes in the us. but behind it, it is the clara and quiet a picture, and it's largely quiet. for much of the west coast of the us,
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we're still seeing those mon soon showers bring some relief to the desert southwest . and it's looking largely clear for the east coast that the head of some way whether that's going to work its way in by the weekend. and speaking of wet weather, we're seeing heavy rain and strong winds pull across the wind, wood islands and northern areas of venezuela. that's thanks to a tropical psycho that's developing as it works its way south of the carrier b and c. i'm going to bring some heavy rain in the days the head to the likes of costa rica and panama. that sure whether ah a ah, wherever you go in the world,
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warmer line goes to make it for you. exception. got all right, wires going places to go. lou. ah ah. oh, come back. you watching out. as a reminder, our top story is this. our tugee has agree to back finland and sweden and they bid to join nato. they signed an agreement on the eve of the military alliance summit in monterey, and all the countries ended decades of neutrality when they apply to join. often russia invaded ukraine. a former white house aide has testified before congressional panel investigating last year's attack on the u. s. capital cassidy
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hutch and hutchinson said the president donald trump tried to seize the steering wheel of limousine. when he was told it was on taking him to the capital ways supported variety. and the british socialite, galle maxwell has been sent us 20 years in prison for helping the millionaire jeffrey epstein, sexually abused under age goes 6 year old apologize. the victim saying she hoped her sentence would bring them closer. ukraine's resident once the united nations to expel russia. belgium is lensky. address the security council, a day after russian missile strike on a shopping center in the ukrainian city of crime and choke killed 18 people. the key presented video, which he says shows the building walls, the intended target. moscow says it 5 missile, it's at a nearby weapons step. but a subsequent explosion triggered a fi optimal christian slave has moved from the united nations. ukrainian president
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vladimir, is a landscape called russia a terrorist state, and demanded that the united nations expel it from the international body during an emergency meeting of the security council. in an emotional speech, he called for a moment of silence. after reciting the names of some of the civilians killed in recent days, including children and the elderly. i have a question for you, ladies and gentlemen, who have you does not agree that this is terrorism. if any other parts of the world, any organization acted just like russia who is killing ukrainians, if they kill peaceful people, that would definitely be recognized as terrorism. russia joined the other council members and standing for that moment of silence, but took no responsibility for the death, instead accusing ukraine of waging and information war in an attempt to get more weapons from the west. he said it was weapons, not a shopping mall that was targeted in the city of command ship. but listen,
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you will, when you, when you, unless you in reality there was no strike on the shopping center. the russian armed forces use precision weapons to strike hangers with western weapons and munitions received from the united states in europe and countries in the area of the kremlin shook road machinery plant. those weapons and ammunition were spread throughout the warehouse area for further shipment to ukrainian troops. in dawn bass fil a group of western council members accused russia of attacking residential areas and civilian infrastructure. in recent days, a un official noted the latest wave of air strikes and muscle attack happens far from the front lines, killing or injuring many civilians. according to the un, since the start of the conflict, 4700 civilian ukrainians have been killed and other 5900 injured and those are just the casualties who have been verified. the war and ukraine dominated the summit of the well 7 richest nations g 7 latest pledge, $4500000000.00 to find growing hunger,
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and the conflict pushes out the global fee prices. they made the commitment during the final day for meeting in southern germany. steadfast a report from that. it was the summit of strong language amid scenic views, lead us up to 7 highest income countries, stressed how united they are in the condemnation of russia's war in ukraine. missile attacks on q and a crowd, a supermarket, and comment joke taking place during the summit. only increased their anger, we have addon fighter, we will continue to hold up and drive up the economy and political costs of this war for president putin and his regime to that. and it's important to stand together also during the long haul, and that will surely be at stake here to learn interesting. and we will also resolutely counter the russian narrative that this is actually a conflict with. and we're only the west and the so called global west is condemning this attack. and otherwise the world is watching what russia is actually doing. that is not the case leaders acknowledge the fall out of the war is increasingly being felt around the world and needs urgent action. but they sat
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little about a possible solution to a russian blockade of ukrainian grain. an additional $4500000000.00 package to protect people around the world against hunger is seen by 8 organizations as disappointing focuses on the warranty, ukraine. and they found billions and billions of dollars for that. and they haven't found the money that we need to to find hunger for their own. communicating is that over 323000000 people worldwide, a new record could face salvation in the next few months. 4 and a half $1000000.00 is a drop in the ocean for that. so it's a real finding by the g 7 with the war and ukraine and the energy crisis, taking nearly all their attention. the main loza here seems to be the climate, a german lat, reversal on a band for public funding on fossil fuels, as seen by environmental brooks as a real setback. while still,
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depending on russian fossil fuel for their energy supply, g 7 lead us appeared more concerned with lowering energy prices and trying to reduce rushes, large profits on oil and gas. they agreed to investigate whether to impose a controversial price cap on russian oil. that message is from 3 and they will be able to present here. the situation is absurd. the rise and global energy prices helps to fund the war in russia. that's the reality. so the idea to kept prices is a very good one. the difficulty is the technical one. russian oil doesn't flow only through one pipe at sold in several countries. and if y'all be with many crises unresolved, the leaders are traveling to madrid, to join other nato partners at a summit, which will determine the future of the alliance. steadfast m l, g 0. in gar, ms. barton kia him. the president of ecuador has withdrawn from negotiations to end a nationwide strike by indigenous farmers. it's paralyzed the country and left at least 7 dead. in the last hour,
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the country's legislative assembly has voted against a motion to remove the president glenmore lasso from office. miss ian human reports from quito. oh, indigenous strikers gathered outside of kettles, basilica, reacting angrily tune ultimatum issued by ecuadorian president key and more lasso. oh ha ha ha ha ha. and go on up. we will radicalize our strike. we won't leave pizza without results. long lived the struggle ha ha! into the 3rd week of a crippling, nationwide strike, led by the confederation of indigenous peoples. it appeared that negotiations with the government inside the basilica were making headway. but an overnight attack against a military convoy escorting fuel from the oil rich amazonia legion, left one soldier dead and 12 injured. the government blames the confederations leader. loony thus isa. who in turn suggests it was the army that attacked an
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indigenous community? first i let him, president russell rushed to end the talks. they don't normally get him or has him. thermal had yelled out. we will not sit down again at the negotiating table with lenny. does he son who only defends his own political interests or not those of his union members, indigenous brothers model you deserve better, the miss opportunistic leader who has deceived you and the entire country? ah, the ultimatum is seen by many indigenous communities as a declaration of war. ramos are one, we are going to resist him until the last consequences we want said and done. if we have to die, it will be standing up if not on our knees any while the national assembly prepared to vote on a no confidence vote against law. so, you know, you're, the leader of the legislature appealed to the president to return to the negotiating table. the president strategies obviously, to try to divide the until now united indigenous breakers. but it seems unlikely that they will want to turn their back on the charismatic leona that's isa,
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at least in the short term president loss of has refused to cave, into demands to lower fuel prices. and repeal a decree that expands mining and indigenous regions of them put on them will cover, pl. sooner or later, the government will have to understand what the situation is unsustainable. and given the situation of on governor bill to here is dramatic value would last will is remaining firm knowing full well that in the last 26 years, 3 ecuadorian presidents have been forced out with the help of the combative indigenous movement. lucy and human al jazeera kito, dozens of truck drivers in argentina have blocked a major access road to the capital in protest against fuel shortages and rising prices. cars were backed up with several kilometers until truck has agreed to open up one lane to regular traffic. and when is aries? the government has promised to guarantee the supply fuel,
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which has been restricted by the worn ukraine, missouri lucero lace, sheila oil. we continue to fight on the idea is to bring the voice of all truckers who a mobilizing nationally on the diesel issue and on the issue of rights. we want before many prices to started, minimum rise, and to include a trigger clause, the when fuel prices increase, chill. so do al, right? i'm in omen. b. at least $51.00 inmates have died after fire started during a prison rise in the south western colombian city of tula. the head of columbia's prisons agency said the fire started out to some of the inmates lit their mattresses and official read out of the names of those who survived the fires. anxious family members was, was done to waiting us to those waiting outside rides. a common in colombian prisons cheated over crowding and gang violence. first minister, scotland has announced plans to hold a referendum on scottish independence next year, nicholas sturgeon,
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so the 1st step would be to ask the u. k. supreme court to decide whether it would be legal for the scottish parliament to call a referendum without permission from the united kingdom government in london. if it wasn't, she said her party would stand in the next british elections on the single question of independence. no is the time to get scotland on the right path. the path chosen by those who live here? no is the time for independence. i want the process set and cream to d to lead to a lawful constitutional referendum. and for that to take place on the 19th of october, 2023. that is what we are preparing for. but if the law says that is not possible, the general election will be a de facto referendum. either way the people of scotland will have their seat. a german court has sentenced a former nazi concentration camp guard to 5 years in jail. joseph shirts is the
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oldest person to be charged with complicity in war crimes. during the holocaust, a 101 year old was convicted of involvement in the murders of more than 3 and a half 1000 people in a count north of berlin. only came reports. for much of the last 77 years, yours of ships had lived in obscurity. but on tuesday, that came to an end. despite all his attempts to conceal his identity, he could no longer hide his past. escalate at an ugly clocked void to being by the court has sent him to the accused to 5 years in prison for aiding and abetting murder and attempted murder. the court was convinced, after having gone through the evidence, that the accused had worked for 3 years as a guard at the saxon house in concentration camp and had supported the murders committed there through his activities, winchester to day few of the barracks that has the hundreds of thousands of prisoners remain, but reminders of nazi brutality linger this sign,
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reads any one crossing this line will be shot without warning. it would regularly be patrolled by guards. people like use of shots the duties of a guarded this camp were many and various, but one of them was in this building. looking out on the can we see all the barracks and was left of them. why? because here the s s built and machine gun nest to look in on the inmates because in the view of the ss, the inmates were the threat. this is where prisoners would be murdered at 1st in small numbers. but then the nazis took to killing soviet printers of war in the thousands, eventually gas chambers and a crematorium allowed them to dispose of the evidence of murder in secret. the prosecution maintained shirts could not have not seen the processes that led to the deaths of thousands. so why did it take more than 75 years to bring shirts to
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justice? why were others like him left to live out their lives as to lie works in the memorial site here? she told me that following the end of the war, many felt it important to choose rebuilding their country over the search for justice. it took a long time until a generation m grew up and we said, we're gonna stop this. now we can every one, like like persons like this and just let them unto day who's completely free of their the thought that he had to kind of, and tibbetts and nana under the blanket. soon, all those who played a role in the murder of millions of innocent people will be gone and germany will be left with the question. why so few were ever brought to justice. dominic cane al jazeera at the former's oxen house and concentration camp. oh.


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