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tv   Witness Hillbilly  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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horses, if you gone solve the problem by the movie the guy, then you could keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice, reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and must hold the contract for taking my father away from me. and expose is the influence, the former a part i just stablish mon, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this at people empower investigation on al jazeera. ah, which is here. where ever you oh, i am an insight into i top stories on out is there. like he has agreed to back finland
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and sweden in their bed stick join, nate, say and what countries decided to play the membership off to russia invaded ukraine . turkey, you fill them and sweden ha signs. on the memorandum that addresses trickiest concerns, including around arms, exports on the fight against terrorism. no ally has suffered more brutally toast attacks. dr. kia, including from the terrace group, p k, k. china hall has moved from the dread. what a round of try caught. i talked this afternoon between turkey, mr. early one and the leaders of finland and sweden clearly produced a breakthrough. the 3 signed a memorandum a memorandum quote to extend their full support against threats to each other's security. jen stockton burg hailing the successful search for common ground. he
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said nato has resolved it's differences. now. turkey had been the only hold out among the 30 nato members. against this bid by sweden and finland to join on the basis mister o 2 am said of the 2 nordic countries providing a safe haven for kurdish militant groups. it is not clear exactly what has been agreed here in terms of addressing that particular issue, nor is it entirely clear whether perhaps some other concessions may have been part of the deal at what we do know of course, is that this allows no nato to put forward a united front in the face of russian aggression and that is actually the core and central to the aims of this summit. not just a united front but an expanded front with 2 new members. now, mr. stoughton burg saying the political decision has been made finland and sweden, giving up their traditional military neutrality. as i said in the face of the war, new crime. he claims president wants the united nations to expel russia laws. ms.
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lensky address the security council a day after russian missile strike on a shopping center in the ukrainian city of clamor, chuck, which killed 18 people. the landscape presented video, which he says shows the building was the intended targets. moscow says it fired missiles at a nearby weapons. debbie, a subsequent explosion triggered a fire at the more a former white house aid has testified before a congressional panel investigating last year storming of the u. s. capital, cassidy hutchinson said former president donald trump wanted to join his supporters and tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine. when his security agents refused to take him to the capitol. the president said something to the effect of, i'm the up in president. take me up to the capital now to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mister engel grabbed his arm,
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said sir, you need to take your head off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capital. mister trump then used his free hand to lunch towards bobby angle, the british so sly. delane maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping millionaire jeffrey epstein, sexually abuse under age girls. she was convicted of sex trafficking, she told victims she hoped her sentence would bring them closer. i could always president has withdrawn from negotiations and a nationwide strike by indigenous farmers. discussions in the capital kito were due to resume on wednesday, but the government refused to take part after soldier was killed in a clash with protesters in the amazon region. in korea, police of class with anti government protest and demanding the president pedal. castillo, increased teacher salaries and support the pension. the philippine media regulator
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has upheld in order to close rattler. that's the news website co founded by journalists, maria ressa. the decision comes a day before president rodrigo detached a leaves office. rest this criticism of, to today's drug war has led to several legal battles. okay. they say headlines. witnesses next? ah ah ah.
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this is already then you really know you're real good. and we, do they raise money for our fran off? are you, i don't know what it's doing. so this is where we're owning our hillbilly. we're taking pride in the way we look back. definitely the really nice way they help the program with what is a hillbilly? let me know you with modern times. this is what we're calling arguably here. i
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think i can better leg. oh, hi dr. well, you left a him, stick to bag black white, my interview, go talk about the bus and i was going on on it to amber, go full. so brian doing a bond with her to marry. you was massett the ballot mail. you're going to get to know me a lot better to all of these are represent the things that we fear is america a he is out but he don't. wow. i grew up in appalachia watching my grandfather shows like he hot. oh, in the beverly hillbillies. ah, i hated the shows growing up. i'm gonna go with grandeur. you can't you are ma'am. oh, what? yeah. there's a long history of stereotyping that has plagued the appalachian region. yeah. now
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the dumb trav voters really are the dumb troll voters because they certainly all sound as tacky and as stupid. and as mind blowing, we ignorant as he does. i in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, i was making a film about portrayals of appalachian people and pop culture. news coverage about the region exploded. and suddenly, every one was talking about the great divide. blue versus red, urban versus rural in one region, my hometown region was singled out as the reason for trump's rise. my hometown is kemper kentucky, right in the heart of the appalachian coalfields. though when most people hear my accent, they assume i'm from the south. appalachian in the region where the history and culture that is complicated and all sound the term hillbilly was born here. and more recently the idea of the heart of trump country
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ah, ah ah, ah, this is me during the election. this was my facebook page. ah this is my granny shelby ah, around the time of the election. this was her facebook page. ah, donald trump grabbing me, i just can't believe my grandmother posted this on my wall. i may be the only person from kemper kentucky and los angeles. almost everyone i know hear,
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despises trump, but back home the perspective is quite different. the 2016 election may painfully clear the disdain that urban liberals have towards so much of rural america, particularly appalachia. i relate to both worlds. as a progressive feminist and filmmaker, i was curious to visit my home town during this device. it political moment. her we are on our way to meet house holler, which is where i grew up, and where i lived until i was 18 years old. when i was accepted to the university of kentucky and i packed up u haul and moved out in. this is
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me when i was 9. i won the spelling bee that year. i was a member of the speech and drama team. i was on the homecoming court. i graduated at the head of my class. there's a photograph from the day i moved out. i had no idea when i was standing in that driveway when i was about to experience moving from rural kentucky to urban kentucky was the greatest culture shock of my life. people identified me as someone from the mountains, the reactions to the way i talked or insulting and made me feel silent. i moved to los angeles years later and to this day, people fill out. where'd you get that accent? where are you from? oh my goodness gracious,
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this is me taller and my childhood home right before we moved out of that house in 1998. is that a rebel flag right there in the middle? yeah, this was my bedroom up here. my dad did all this brick work for the record. this flagpole was not here when we lived here and there certainly was no confederate flag flying high on our property. my mom was a nurse and my dad worked in the coal mines until he got laid off. he became a brick mason. he once said to me that people would look at him and my mom as embodying the american dream. they went from living in a single wide trailer to building their dream home. i felt fortunate as a child for most people in my home town, at that time,
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there were basically 2 job opportunities. cole and wal mart. i work at wal mart. it gets hard times out here and it gets rough best and you know, when or when it's no one, none of them. you know me and the best way you can just try to make ends made back in the hills of floyd county, kentucky. you will find some of the forest places in america. one road out, lloyd county, i'm going. that's right. next door to pike county where i education is the only way out. when i was 9 years old, i saw this 48 hours news program which made sweeping generalizations about people from my region. like we were all to be pity. so this is your room. i was a little crowded near that show made me feel shame for being from eastern kentucky
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during the war on poverty in the 60s. the federal government spent more than $3000000000.00 to build highways, connecting the appalachian hills to the rest of america. but a university of kentucky study found that many residents can't even afford the gas . it would take to get away every day. that's probably struggle for the things many people take for granted that tv news program had a lasting impact on me. it was the 1st time i saw my community portrayed of poor white trash, a legacy that goes way back. and this is going to gratian to they here and now declares unconventional war on poverty in america wasn't, even mrs. johnson were to gucci population globally, morton county, kentucky. the war on poverty is complicated, while it helped some people by establishing social welfare programs like food
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stamps and medicaid, it led to an influx of volunteers and journalists from around the world. their efforts were confusing and troubling to some folks, like my dad and his 2 sisters who were children at the time living in eastern kentucky was one day a school. somebody came in with a truck and gave a every student, they are a pair of shoes. just half the jail was full of ugly shoot. that's what the government, i guess, thought we needed. and it was an interesting to have people coming in to look at this area. but it became very evident that it, it was critical. and we did said on the porch and we went barefoot, that was just what we did. so when i see the films and i see the depiction of the poor appalachian mountain people, and it really irritates me because i didn't see us as that. where my granny shelby live,
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a need for you. i'm good. i'm just putting this my thing on me and then i'm gonna give you huff. hi baby. it's good to see. oh, it's great sweet, you granny, this, let's click that on your bell so that it sounds i don't if bill ashley ha hi. hello . you know i'm gonna greet you get right to let you keep me her. brian are granting so see perfect. because otherwise was roosters are competing rooster here, bird. so this 11 penny tell you 1st are french and you to actually found me on you to yeah l a for song. oh, what you find in sam phillips? he said, i'll say to some talk, are now kidding. bullshit. trump cap. he's been wearing trunk shirt truck cap, which we all have a, a,
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a. so he went with us to the rally. you're going to look back at this election. i'd say this is by far the most important vote that you've ever chose for any one at any time because it was unfathomable to me, the trunk could be hillary. i just could not understand why my family, who voted for barack obama supported him. what is it about donald trump that makes he want him to be the 45th president and say, well, the man knows how to make money. no, he is. he's got over $10000000.00. she has know how to make money. so i believe you could actually bring the jobs back and create jobs. i'm not saying trump didn't say some stopped. it should have been say the locker room talk, but i'll be honest with you. i'm not, may anybody who hasn't done something similar to that and they just blow it out of
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proportion. did you all expect to be this enthusiastic about the election because it's been very intriguing to see some of these posts that had been going around. i was a democrat all my la and then primary. i went and changed to republican just so i could vote for trump during the caucus here. for a mountainous about that i for i'm from really had and want to have our back before . isn't just the same old thing, empty promises. yeah. now, you know, they're just too much stuff on hillary, just all the investigations and stuff like that. so what we had to loose vote trump. could you go for? i voted for hillary clinton. oh shang god, ash i did you all. water was getting him sour. looks all i know. i
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did full disclosure. i did a vote by mail application. i did the ballot who's i must not, not a virtue you girls just rap. and should he'll g upside them. hadn't dion, you bet. and let you, bert. and you'd be a lot lot smarter, but okay. i appreciate you. are we still love? yeah, he did that i even if it did lead to me becoming a radical progressive, we still love you no matter what. oh yeah. we did. you need me for god about that. ah, this is interesting. this is a story that the city paper did in like saying 10. i think the question wise,
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where do you see yourself in 10 years? i would have been 18 here. and i said, angela. and that's what happened. my family has lived in eastern kentucky for 6 generations. he was a co minor, my grandparents on both sides, worked in the coal industry. you were probably 6 right month old. my whole life i was told to get out. i never questioned why. i went to serve our country, but people just rode. de leon talked over me and like i wasn't even there, they sang just because i grew up in a city and they talk with more pronounced words. especially when i know fans went after southern california. that was the worst i was looking for the the brotherhood under preop. ah,
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do you think that was all somehow related to their stereotypes of mountain people or to yes, yes, will they? they still think northerners always did that. they'd always think that they're above it. bailey hillary said that we were all deplorable. according to her. we're all nursing. we're a bunch of back woods, people that are scum under her feet. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable right. people in california and all these other sites look at the hillbillies like lot may they have a certain perception above what i was, whatever they see on t b. well, bobby, i empathize when i was that youngster at 18 years old going from the holler to the big city, lexington kentucky. that's how i felt, you know, them, i was
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a journalism student. you know, journalists are supposed to speak with a midwestern accent, which is meant to be no accent so that you can pick up and move. and it basically just like sterilized as any kind of culture or regional uniqueness. that might be. and i was told you've got to speak correctly, which man i was b incorrectly. and of course, i believed it like, well, the teachers, the professionals, you know, i was working for the m p r affiliate i worked at the city newspaper of the editor student paper. i was the edwards tv stable energy transfer. you were there. what you were all right. ah, i would have never hurt him any more than i had heard in june, bug my sag. is that like ours go you got this kind of like florida panhandle. thing going where's? what you really want is more of a so via not actually i don't that of them don't ever arkansas kind of live. it pulls by the constant market. south,
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alabama. yeah. you mailed that real. why they get a going to have seen tom and again, from these media portrayals is that it produces shame and self hatred. i mean our, with a lot of young people who don't want people to know where they are from. they want to change the way they speak, they want to escape the region as soon as possible because they're ashamed of it. as somebody who grew up in the region, i have always felt several layers of being. the other. always discouraged is feel like a perpetual immigrant because we've been here so long. i mean, my family has been an apple out of for 8 generations to some extent were still treated like immigrants were treated like we're from another country. when we go out into the rest of the united states, such a strange phenomenon, people speak slowly to us and expect that we're not gonna, you know,
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get common references. a woman once asked me if i knew johnny carson was, you know, because i was from appalachian she didn't like we had phoebe's or nobody was literally apalachee was a construction, it was a social and cultural invention. for example, iowa is a construction to the difference between iowa and appalachian is, you know, when you're in iowa because there's a sign there that says, welcome to iowa. there's no such sign with appalachian everywhere in the world. there are happy latches and therefore everywhere you go, there are hillbillies. if we think of the hillbilly as sort of an outcast group, this your 1st trip to new york, i collected an article in which the official chinese news agency criticized a group of chinese people living far away from be gain. as the equivalent of
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hillbillies. everybody has an appalachian, everybody has some body that they can feel superior to. we all do bad. why the hillbilly is the image of a guy with a corn cob, by remote ignorant, barefoot, lazy, and so has really been a way of legitimate in the dispossession of the mountains. it's a region of people who are to praised, not part of the american dream. they don't really deserve the kind of resources and wells that lie beneath the land of appalachian particularly coal. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it in the flooded valez of the appalachians. about 20 people are dead. 20 odd 1000. they've been moved out and helicopters on roads to blame for the flash. flooding is being placed on extreme erosion outside coal operations strip mining and large tree clearing that allow the
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water to cascade and rivers with great speed. there were immediate promises of temporary housing from the federal government, but no trailers have arrived yet. nobody gave us anything we worked for. but now we do need help and this is when we do the hip. why do we need the government? if we can't get the coal industry created the towns we grew up in, it was the centerpiece of life and the livelihood and identity of so many folks in my home town. while it sustained our families, it ravaged the land without call. you have very little if anything in our area like this area should be very happy, let corporations such as ours, us steel and others are here. for decades, all companies came to where we grew up and took out truckload after truckload of coal. the mining calls floods and destroyed home and left our creeks orange and lifeless. they brand,
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you got anything to say, you know, going going which got anything, display that news media, my my granny. i remember he's mack, the plus, you know, plus 77 plus took home floods that, you know, people had to raise their houses and they suffered deeply from that and didn't get support from the government like migrating i remember her whole life was fighting for support and stuff this is a flood plain here. what we wrong is for fema to come in and help us. i mean people, this is, this is, it's a shame. it's more than i don't care about people like that live here in these areas. that feel water is not a little support, it was around,
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but i would call the newspaper and get them to come over and take pictures. the government is supposed to be up for by the people. but that isn't the way the politician when they get an office they know who's take care of because they're the ones take care of them. i certainly didn't agree with my grand and politics, but i knew she had a long list of resentments against the government, which helped me understand her point of view. you know, the minor is to a certain so down and they've been treated so badly that they haven't been voted. they haven't been going out and voting like they can and that includes members of their family that have left the mining business. let members of the family they've left home. i think at that time, if somebody would have asked her, would you ever bow for someone who would make a comment that he freely would grab one about a i think she'll have
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a very different answer at that time. in her life with with join the debate, wonderful as i did the problematic language, it really means nothing on the ground. annette or online at your voice, the queen is be removed as head of safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do sports journalist. i look like me if you need to
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listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard and when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this screen on al jazeera, for some, a robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but android today can be the ever, the humanoid robots like, me, will be everywhere. alger 0 documentaries, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. origins of the solution. owner who's here. lu i'm a lean side and oh hi year top stories on al jazeera, finland and sweden are
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a step closer to joining nato and soft turkey agreed to drop that so position to that membership bid. the nordic countries decided supplies be part of the military alliance. off to russia, invaded ukraine. turkey, you fill them on sweden. however, 5 of them are on them. that addresses trickiest concerns, including around arms or sports. on the far against the partisan. noah has suffered more brutally toast with arcs. dr. kia, including from the titus group, p k. k, ukraine's president wants the united nations to expel russia will also may zalinski address the security council a day after russian missile strike on the shopping center. the coin in city a cremmit took killed 18 people. zelinski presented video, which he says shows the building was the intended target. moscow says it,
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5 missiles have a nearby weapons depot. but a subsequent explosion triggered a fire at the mall. a former white house aid has testified before congressional panel investigating last year storming of the u. s. capital. cassie hutchinson said former president donald trump wanted to join his supporters and tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine. when his security agents refused to take him to the capitol, british though slight delay in maxwell's been sentenced, 20 years in prison for sex trafficking, she was convicted for helping millionaire jeffrey epstein, sexually a bees and age girls. equity was president, has withdrawn from negotiations and a nationwide strike by indigenous farmers. discussions in the capitol would teach regime on cheese day, but the government refused to take part off. the soldier was killed in confrontations with protestants in the amazon region. police of class, when antique government protested in the peruvian capital, lima,
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demanding the present pedo castillo, increased teacher salaries and supports the pension. the philippine media regulate hes upheld in order to close the investigative news website rattler. it's co founder journalist and nobel peace prize laureate maria ressa as a governess trying to intimidate the press. those your headlights witnesses back. ah, ah ah ah,
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ah, ah ah, you oh i see. and listen to the story. not all relate to the, this is harland county usa. i saw this movie when i was 19 era guy to go out on the picket lab. and we'll wender contract. if they'll, i'll stand it. it was the 1st time i remember seeing the people of eastern kentucky represented the dignity on film. oh,
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this film inspired me to make documentaries. that was like an aha moment. i mean, i grew up in a rural place in public education and it wasn't, you know, a space of like radical thought or ideas. and i think that, that very much set the tone for me and for the direction of my life. and i was interested in telling stories of marginalized and vulnerable people because i grew up in a place where a lot of people are marginalized and a lot of people are vulnerable. i mean, it's really incredible the way that media works and how the stories can get told in the immediate aftermath of the civil war. the local color writing presented appalachia as a sort of quirky and quaint peoples. but as industrialists become interested in the region for minerals, for lumber, for coal, the people that were living there could also be seen as a kind of potential threat or at least a interference with their economic plans. and so a new conception emerges of them as
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a dangerous and threatening people who might threaten civilization itself or not just talking about hillbillies. i eat people who live in the mountains, are talking about poor people who live in the mountains. they're the ones who are going to cut your throat regional and national newspapers promote them out and people as dangerous and threatening if they stand in the way of progress. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. you can still hear that. that piece of music, and so you'll lock the car doors just in case the car were to break down. hey, john leo, for the male thing. in deliverance. there is this horrifying right now, if you hear that leg on the banjo, it brings up this image of right
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ah, in deliverance, there is an acknowledgement at the beginning, the film with the images mountain being blown up. an acknowledgment of the cities exploitation of the rural gall rate. does god damn landscaping rapes. oh louis my extreme point of view agreements. are you nervous the a little bit? are you nervous about this? i'm not all. i've always been that way. this is used to be my classroom. we had to direct look for extra and somehow they come in, our class got to look and it picked tools out. i wouldn't assign the same person that i was when they put that make up the head market. and it, and it collie, ah,
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i think one of the things that makes deliverance work on lots of levels is that billy's character and my character were able to sort of connect, ah, having that seen work really put this film on a different level. which was the break of my life. i guess that's probably one of the great moments ever been on the screen. is there anyone out there who hasn't seen the motion picture delivers? i've seen it a large number of times. well, there is a moment there when he plays the banjo with a retired boy, and they suddenly discover each other. and ronnie plays the guitar and they do dueling banjos. and i guess probably one of the most electric moments on the screen, i get goose pimples. just thinking about it. it was nominated for academy award, my academy awards presentation. and it's nearly always listed in the top 15 or 30 of the best films of all time, the ged, with
9:39 am
how much money did you make for your role and deliberate and they'd never been. mm. i wish i were could be an actor. i just let to go to los angeles. that's my doing. i'm hoping now get i just want to happen in billy was only in the 4th grade when the directors came to his school. he had no idea how the movie would be used or that he would become
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a symbol for the entire region. deliverance for billy his hope and his hindrance. me. when i 1st find the movie, i didn't know that partner going to be in there. and i thought to myself, the people this going to say that movie is going to fight minette this stray. so robin county ah ah, this is a sports bar that has a white trash theme. it's got the rusty bullet auction to me is taking someone else's culture and explaining it, you know, and using it for your profit. there's a lot of ironic red next she and i think it only bothers me in the same way. the
9:41 am
white people are turning their block through adopting hip hop culture does. it's not your experience with along with today, which is called the white trash party. i thought we just made with the best get so in a way this normally spans with when you get your ideas about what, what trash looks like. wow. i see a lot of imagery on the internet. i see what are they called memes are means internet means. yeah, somebody will put up a picture of like, torn jeans on here with a local white trash. you know, port mainly of char turned into, you know, drinking glass, you know, like rash. and i saw a lot of deliverance when i was kid. ah, if a new hipster like what really? no like white trash like white hair. yeah, absolutely. yeah.
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why does it say that or maybe dressing like this? don't even know where apalachee is or understand any of the issues about it. oh, you poor west virginia and you'll have to like my call to get your electricity. when like 14 percent of the power of new york city comes from west virginia, call these hipsters, the millennials are going to be the people running our country. and do they know, like that, say, for instance, west virginia has the highest rate of overdose death in the nation from opioid use, but they're wearing our clothes and trying to look our look and can vegetables and drink moonshine. ah, the co option of politicians. there's a long history there. mcconnell and the senate won his 1st election, running
9:43 am
a tv ad in which he used hound dogs. he played the hillbilly, switch to mich george w bush and seen them read back. that's actually nice child privilege. totally different. close ones on the shack, ones when the country club is a cultural politics to the success of more right wing groups in this country and hinges in part depiction of white working class, people from the right you get. this depiction is the salt of the earth. you know, the people that we lived up and from the left, you get the stereotypes of vicious. they voted against their own economic interest because of the gun because of gays. and because of the 3 cheese their own behavior is precisely what people on the right point to in enlist thing white working class folks for very right wayne cause, i mean,
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they have contempt for the core, the country for no class for rural america. and they're now admitting it, it's really important that people who consider themselves progressive, understand what harm they're doing. i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key in the cold country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. we're making a movie about media representations and appalachian american people. so what do you think is important? 2016. 0 man. her one is a mom saying the dogs around here were the commons is gone. it's got really bad for a lot of folks. i think about the election. oh, anyway, it goes, there's no way, no co mind and is going to lose a lot of kentucky. people jobs and this is from my goal. lot of people
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not be able to like for their family. i really want him to be present in united states now. well, i don't want you to try because he is very rude to women in this a painful, well, i can't help the latest. they all are right and races. what do you think about his promise to make america great. again big rush live. do you identify hillbillies or? yeah, i'm here. leave my keys. are you the only thing? i me i why now, but it didn't work well. don't don't us that the color turned out after you do it.
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we can go in and make adjustments, but i don't actually think it's at blue really beautiful. so rare that you see appalachian through the eyes of an appalachian person in like new york city. or like, you know, in the new york times or something. there are storytellers here who are able to critically examine their communities and to tell powerful and honest stories and that you don't necessarily always have to fly somebody. and to tell that story in memory of the black coal mine and i like to show their hands down the fact that there is a small black community given in this place that i didn't even know about for all my years of living and training a law was pretty much completely changed off and it's really got me in touch with my community and just help people don't have to be alone in the world that they live. i day, the girl in college,
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her parents really races. obviously she is why her parents had a very negative view of black people, lazy and dangerous, all kinds of stuff. and we had it in secret. and we dated almost for 2 years and her parents pulled out of the school. once they found out that we were dating and i haven't seen her since 2012000 really a heartbreaking thing for me. it's tiring to have to have who you are. as a person, everyone should be able to say who they are as a person. that was always very big tomboy, went to school, developed a crush on a girl. like i was laying my bed and just crow every night cuz my entire family, they found out they would hate me like just disowning. sometimes people come in and they haven't really had to hear what it's like for a l g b t q used to be discriminated against our for
9:48 am
a person color in the group to be discriminated against. so i think it's creating a bridge of understanding between young people and their own community. there is a guardian article that came out about my home town. they were doing a series about poverty in america. they said something like the average yearly income for a household in lee county. kentucky is something what $13000.00 or $14000.00 a year, unless you are over the age of $65.00. and then that drops down to like $6000.00 something dollars a year. not only is this a place where people are so overwhelmingly poor, but also it's a place in america where people are overwhelmingly watt and the vast majority of them always vote republican. i'm not conservative, but i think it's wrong to say, oh you guys are stupid,
9:49 am
you're just doing it to your sales republican so you're doing it to your sale. that's not the case. it just seems like you know it's, they're not blaming you for being republican and thereby me for being on greg. if they're not on for that and not by me for that, then you're lazy. after this article came out, there are all these people who outside the community are saying things like this article is really sad. i feel so sorry for the people who live here. ok, like this person, the brown people get up and move to places, the opportunities, which is what brought people always do. it's the brain drain. they're telling the people to do the same stuff that teachers said to me when i was going to high school and bite, well, you got to get out. you can't, you don't need to be here. you got to get out. there's nothing here. ah, me there's like around have something else. so yeah,
9:50 am
i don't know. i don't know what to tell you to do. why not for you to just have like a big circle with a head. yeah. like say, if we were going to do a montage of the you know, gotcha. gotcha. all right. voting and finally got in the race for president motors, head of the whole you choose between the 1st woman president and a business man running for his 1st elected office. 2015 has truly been unlike any political race we've ever covered before. trump was eager to out surveys that show him gaining ground. lot of good goals out there. what's still unknown is the outcome on election day. now, i don't know where we're at. what's up in america? let's pick a president, y'all. been hard time reading daddy. hold on ah, a new hilder cell. i read because we did this the
9:51 am
most important election i've ever participated in it before. i really didn't care who i voted for this time. i know lots of people with i voted stickers on people seem to be voting a guess here, but we'll see they're like moving up in the morning. what kind of hang over would it be? you know, i was in there for that. well, you're going to like break it or something. went out with, well, i'm blank that hillary, i get a lot more votes and kentucky than people blank. yeah, she's not a whim, but there are lots of little blue dots all over this red site. so i was
9:52 am
for my daughter's, i was from and jason, all the couples i know who were able to get married on a lot of floor in a decision. well, you did america. donald trump wins west virginia and it's a state where his message deployed. well, it's whole industry is taking a, beating the map, filling in 19 electoral votes to trump at this early hour. a because it is such a hard question because i love these people because people are, i mean people, they have people that built this country. these are amazing people, so i would, i just hope my family and i historic relevant what's unfolding right now. it's not over yet. we're watching every state, every electoral, without
9:53 am
a doubt by one of the most momentous nights in american political history or in the bank here, secretary. and then you want to pull out, you say, here's the issue, law to read, right? they're smaller, but they're only the only 24 percent of the vote for who. oh, there is parcels in hill is what casually, oh gosh. this you lost and i was happy and happy that i support the and i'm happy that my vote helped him get there. i just really believed that hillary clinton was gonna be the 45th president of the united states. i believed it so much and i wanted it so badly. you had your hopes on being to be able to see the
9:54 am
1st woman president now voted for. then your dream was crushed and i can accept it . you know, i'm not in that camp of like this is a deal breaker and i want to like in my relationships with people who voted for donald trump because we all know people who voted for donald trump. and i know another problem that was clearly revealed in this campaign is that hillary wasn't able to appeal to rural folk. and i think that hurt her. i want to see like what a girl could do, but i don't want healy know. well when i run prison it's can all vote me. huh. shelby gold rowdy. i will be a bigger who are . don't touch the. i won't look. that looks like it would get that looks like it might burn a little late bringing your laundry. did you hear my stomach growl?
9:55 am
i had i i've been on about the 500 calorie died if that last 4 days it's not intentional. i'm just, i'm just in the i haven't eaten whole lot granny. so i am starving. i'm very excited about this fine mill that you are preparing for us. i had to cook, couldn't. when i was growing up, were you responsible for making meals for your siblings and your family were mother and daddy and all of them. wow. but mother didn't believe that girls should get medication. she wanted me to stay there and take care of kids washed dish. and sweet mop floors and stuff rather than of school. i just wanted to experience life. that's what my dream was. get no jobs pre enough. we'll make something of myself. i have not heard about you. i've never heard you
9:56 am
say that you had a consciousness about leaving. it makes me feel like i am leaving your dream in a way, you know, well, could they that want and desire that you had and didn't get that. that gets transferred to mom and, and amanda and i like as it came to us, we had that opportunity. you know, you know, i'm so grateful for granny. i can't tell you the i'm i'm just to be able to go to school. it's so meaningful. yes. because everybody doesn't get an opportunity, you know, the o letter, the wound and joy and the poem, and not of complication. but you cannot know a place without loving it, hating it, and fill in everything in between. something inside you has to crack the lid and
9:57 am
the lot. so your eyes and brain and heart kind of just properly those attempting to portray the region must become immersed in the region in a special kind of way. they must go to the mountains, drive these one and wrote them a certain job for a while. with folks from the front porches must attend weddings and high school graduation. they must study the history of the place and come to understand them a sin and awake. and look at the lands on the faces of the people, the calluses on their hands, and not understand the gestational and generational complexities of poverty and culture. i must stand for a while else. it's male. the air started the gravestones on the hills, that awake inscriptions of name belong to people. not statistics. not stereotyped
9:58 am
ah, look in the line. sometimes you have to leave where you came from to find your voice. and other times you have to return to that same place to listen for a deeper understanding o, as we need to purchase 300 years of danish colonization and international interest in the islands resources. the younger generation emerging determines to in the future no matter that different meta wrap. and his fiance, a student, and a politician as they tackle age old issues with them. a fight for greenland, a witness documentary on al jazeera.
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hello there for the middle east and levant. it is a largely hot and dry picture, except for further north in turkey where we're seeing some really wet and windy weather. the rain causing some severe flash flooding in north western areas of the country. now that rain is expected to fall through the mid week. and if we have a look what that does to the temperature in ankara. well, we're well below the average for june, but there will be some relief coming in on saturday with sunny spells. the temperature picking up and temperatures are on the up for much of iraq as well as q 8 am western areas of iran. it's for the south where they're sitting, where we expect them to be though it is a very dry and dusty picture. it's only in the very west of yemen that was seen some showers in those feed into the horn of africa. and showers here bringing some welcome relief, but not alleviating the drought conditions for the west, or whether we have to look to that central band of africa. we've got some heavy voice to come from western areas out in the gulf of guinea nigeria in particular on thursday,
10:00 am
seeing some very heavy downfalls. we could see some flooding here. now for the south, if west in eastern areas of southern africa for the likes is the bar where lottery dry across western areas, namibia, south africa, with plenty of sunshine in cape town, head of a wet weekend. ah, ah, al jazeera a pool ah nature leaders meet the high level talks and madrid does the alliance for past to expand.


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