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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ought to the communist revolution on a just ego thousands of migrants set out from the city of dublin, chula, in the early hours of monday. there is numerous nationalities among them. but the vast majority, or from venice when, oh, when to reach the united states. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most. there are many of us migrants here. we need help just like this woman. many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to set out from southern mexico. this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight, and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm adrian again. this is that he was alive from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. we media will reset, in fact, against one with your soul. u. s. president joe biden pledges more military support from nato as the alliance his leaders meet in madrid. the president says an effect of i'm the f in president taking up to the capitol now a full, a white house aid tells of inquiry that donald trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine. so that he could join his supporters storing the capital a 20 a sentence for galle maxwell was the british searchlights, in jail for sexually trafficking on the age goes out as rodrigo to say ends his presidency. the philippines media regulator upholds, in order to shut down one of his post vocal critics. and in school, serena williams says she has no definite plans as to when or if she again after
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coming back from a career threatening injury to 40 year old was beats in the 1st round that women ah, so we started madrid where major leaders a meeting at one of the most critical points in the alliance is $73.00, a history. they'll focus on approving a new strategy in the face of the war in ukraine. one of the biggest challenge is to the alliance in years president joe biden has just announced that the us will boost forces across europe to ward off russian aggression. he says that america will make sure nato is ready to meet threats from all directions together. our allies, we're going to make sure the nato is ready to meet threats all directions. busy across every domain land in the state. and we'll put in a shattered fish in europe, tacked a very, very kennedy of rule based order. united states and our allies,
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we're going to step up. we're stepping up for the nato is more needed now than it ever has been. and it's as important as ever has been earlier. turkey agreed to support bids by finland and sweetened to join they. so the nordic nations applied for membership after russia invaded ukraine. let's go straight to madrid or diplomatic as a james base is at the summit. james, let's stop with what president biden had to say about the number of troops on european soil means an increase coming from the us in terms of the deployments in europe that stop close to where i am now recently placed in the same country in terms of destroyers including the ships that got here in spain, missile destroys based of the road to naval based on the south spain going up from
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4 to 6 also in terms of power 2 additional f, $35.00 squadrons to the u. k. then you go to poland and that's where the u. s. half the battle groups, the u. s. helping to protect poland, post do rushes border, and the 5th army is setting up an h q in poland. there will also be an additional brigade, $3000.00 troops in romania and enhancement of rotations. the deployment of army forces to the baltic countries as well. so some details, although the exact total numbers we don't have at this stage coming from the u. s. president. now he said with base and with sweden and finland joining nato. what you have now is what peter with the finland, zation of europe, a reference to finland during the time of the soviet union when finland was an independent country, but couldn't oppose the soviet union for
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a policy. he said instead of that, and they should, you now, getting the nato was ation of europe. president biden was also talking to his chief about the alliance being strengthened by sweden and finland, joining a move at turkey. james was finally approved. ah, yes, it's taken a long time. it was back in may that the swedish and finish ambassadors put in their letters to nato. say we want to join your alliance and major, you turn after years of being countries that were non aligned and not part of the nato alliance. and that followed real changes of public opinion in both countries since february and since the invasion of, of ukraine. turkey objected for a long time, but in the long talks that took place that finally the breakthrough was here. just a matter of hours before the summit opened,
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turkey has dropped its objections and finland and sweden are here in madrid. and there, here as invitees, nations to nato, that doesn't mean they join now, and they don't join here at this summit. what will happen is that sir, they'll now be a process of ratification by all the 30 nato countries, in many cases that they're parliament to have to ratify this. and then, in a few months time, they will formally become members and nato will go from 30 members to $32.00 members. are diplomatic editor, james based reporting live there from the nato summit in madrid. james, for the moment many thanks. and did hovel falcon hires a russian defense analyst? he joins us now live from moscow. good tele with us. so puzzle. what will moscow make of this expansion and the number of us troops on european soil? and previously russia said that sweden and finland would face consequences for joining nato. what might those consequences be? oh, well though, the most quickly changes in the form of the russian forces taking into account the
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changing situation especially that there is concern about friend one very close neighbor of russia with a long border and close to st. petersburg and of course rush and finland. ready fight to. ready wars and the thirties and forties and. ready that would be seen as very dangerous. no official russian line is as long as there are no foreign troops. bourbon, good deploy on finish or a swedish territory now american basis. that doesn't really change the. ready overall situation, so there's no need for russia do right now immediately react and most likely russia cannot much react very much with because with the russian military right now very much. ready engaged in the operation and ukraine,
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the possibility of re deployment and strengthening forces on the guy that we knew piri may russia borders. is a bit low right now limited. because because of other deployments, but russia will react, that's sure. on, on that point, probably you case private ahead of the nation meeting. and the trip said that if president putin was aiming for less nato with his ward ukraine, the opposite has happened. and that he's got more nato now. has russia strategy? do you think back, fired? ah, well, this is not most likely very advantageous to russia. what's happening right now? nato is falling back basically to its core mission. ah, preparing to fight the major war in europe. i mean, that's what they did during the cold war that was abandoned after the demise of the
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more so back the soviet union. and right now, nato doesn't have such an option, but now they're going to do that. defense spending is going up. maybe 2 times over all over europe, there's going to be retirement. there's going to be a rapid deployment force of 300000 best preparation for big war i forward again, not for maybe for everyone in russia. that's bad news for the russian military. basically more threat that the, the better they'll be saying, that's what we're talking all about. this is the west aggressive. this is the west building up forces and that means we should get more equipment more men do more, meet the challenge, spain's a prime minister said the alliance was delivering a strong message to president pushing over ukraine. you will not, when he said, and the russia would be identified as nato's main threat, that miss some it could russia succeed in its operation in ukraine and remain
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internationally isolated with more nato forces on its borders. or when it do, you think be forced to negotiate a settlement that will ultimately leave it weakened and, and humiliated. well, of course the, the kremlin and the russian government said and rushed motor saying that yes will when there's no problem. battle the objectives will be met. russia still has the initiative on the battlefield and uses it. fired power superior to and fro very heavy casualties on the ukrainians, and hopes that will break their morale when you're bringing in resistance will snap bend. ukraine will seek or compromise or maybe simply could be more or less capitulate a little that happened or not. we'll see. the summer campaign is only the 1st month really in action. and. ready last 2. ready at least mid september may be even october when the autumn rain, so turn the terrain into a sea of mud again and the military action of have to subside. so there an
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ukrainians are such re hope that they can overcome, that they can kind of be afraid to take the initiative for away from the russians and begin their own offensive operation. the push the russians out a little that happened or not again, that's anybody's yes. but we're going to see very, you're very boy, the fighting happening right now in the summer campaign and your brain. and it's going to be decisive for both sides. good, don't capable, many thanks. and a pebble fell on how that in moscow. thank you. it cranes, president has called for the united nations to expel russia, followed him as lensky addressed the security council of to russian missiles had a shopping center in the cranium, city of credential killing, 18 people. so lensky shad video that he says shows the building was the intended target. moscow says it hit a near by weapons depot, but
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a subsequent exclusion triggered a fire at the mouth. i'll just, here's kristen salumi reports now from the united nations. ukrainian president vladimir the landscape called russia a terrorist state, and demanded that the united nations expel it from the international body during an emergency meeting of the security council. in an emotional speech, he called for a moment of silence. after reciting the names of some of the civilians killed in recent days, including children and the elderly. i have a question for you, ladies and gentlemen, who have you does not agree that this is terrorism. if any other parts of the world, any organisation acted, just like russia who is killing ukrainians, if they kill peaceful people, that would definitely be recognized as terrorism. russia joined the other council members and standing for that moment of silence, but took no responsibility for the dest, instead accusing ukraine of waging and information war,
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in an attempt to get more weapons from the west. he said it was weapons, not a shopping mall that was targeted in the city of command ship. but listen, when you, when you, unless you in reality, there was no strike on the shopping center. the russian armed forces use precision weapons to strike hangers with western weapons and munitions received from the united states in europe and countries in the area of the kremlin shook road machinery plant. those weapons and ammunition were spread throughout the warehouse area for further shipment to ukrainian troops. in dawn bass fil a group of western council members accused russia of attacking residential areas and civilian infrastructure. in recent days, a un official noted the latest wave of air strikes and muscle attack happens far from the front lines, killing or injuring many civilians. according to the un since the start of the conflict, 4700 civilian ukrainians have been killed and other 5900 injured. and those are just the casualties who have been verified. it with nissan from al 0. so come on
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the program. tributes in texas will hear from the community is coming to terms with a human trafficking tragedy. and we'll hear how it could all presidents survive that impeachment attempt. why he's pulled out of talks and protests against the government at its sport of ty, we returned to form for this olympic champion. ah, for you as president donald trump wanted to join his supporters as they stormed the capital in an attempt to stop congress certifying jo biden's victory. that's the testimony given by a former white house aide who appeared to the hearing into last year's riots. the aid said the trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle what he was told, but he wasn't being driven to the capital. i'll to serious heidi joe castro reports from washington and were going to the capital on january 6th,
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2021. president donald trump did not accompany his supporters to the capital to disrupt the certification of his election loss, but he wanted to thank you very much. according to cassidy hutchinson, the 1st, the former trump white house employee to testify publicly. trump finished his stop . this deal speech boarded his limousine and was surprised to learn from his security chief bobby angle that their destination was the white house. the president said, since the effect of i'm the effing president, take me up to the capital now. to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the present reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle. and when or not i had recounted the story to me, he had motioned towards his clavicles. hutchinson did not see the episode herself,
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but said she heard it from tony or nato. the former white house chief of operations and with angle present the president of the anecdote was the most startling of many shared by the former white house ada tuesdays hearing one that was urgently announced after the committee said it received new evidence for white house of police audio from january 6, revealed gun had been spotted among the crowd, gathered near trumps, rally hutchinson said backstage she heard trump said the event should not have had metal detectors. i ever heard the president say something. i don't think that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. the suing violence, contributed to the deaths of at least 7 people, and injured 150 police officers. hutchinson said she watched the riot unfold from the white house, just doors down from trump. she recounted this conversation between her boss, chief of staff, mark meadows, and the white house of top lawyer. i remember pat,
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safe and effective mark. we need to do something more there literally calling for the vice president to be. i think hong and mark had responded something to the effect of you've heard of had he thinks like a girl that he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong. the he was trump. according to hutchinson testimony, she said, trump was reluctant when he called off the riders more than 3 hours into the violence. we have to have peace. so go home, we love you, you're very special. trump weighed in on tuesdays hearing, saying he hardly knows hutchinson and denied many of the accusations. hutchinson also says meadows and at trump's former personal attorney, rudy giuliani. both thought presidential pardons and she says many members of trump's inner circle were concerned at the cabinet would use the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. committee member say they've seen concerning signs of witness tampering. the plan at least 2 more of these hearings. in july,
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heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. a criminal investigations been opened in the united states after 51 migrants were found dead in a truck in texas. they were discovered in the abandoned vehicle on the outskirts of san antonio on monday. officials say it's the greatest loss of life on record from a human trafficking attempt in the u. s. o 0. manuel rob, hello, report. a community still in shock in southern texas on tuesday, residents of san antonio visited the site where dozens of migrants were found dead crammed into the back of a tractor trailer, under extreme heat conditions, most of the deceased, or believed to be from mexico, mexican diplomats in san antonio visited area hospitals were survivors are being treated oh, i live in general medical staff, the hospitals i insist in general have indicated those injured are in a critical condition, suffering from neurological renal and hepatic failure,
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as well as internal bleeding. thousands of migrants have been using san antonio as a transit point in recent months. according to immigration, advocates in the us many years say the tragedy that occurred on monday is a symptom of a broken immigration system. oh, rediculous. mom. as an elected official, i think that people need to get registered to vote when it. now, people who don't care about this community at a vigil convened local residence, arrive to pay their respect and show their solidarity with all migrants seeking a better life in the united states. my venture dying every day. if you start adding up one after another after another, we're on track to this year, be the deadliest years for migrants right across into united states law really speaks. and it's important to have events like this to commemorate those lives that are laws that yeah, number 10 is that the upper emotions are still high in san antonio. by the last time,
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something like this happened was in 2017 when 10 people died after being packed in the back of a tractor trailer, carrying as many as 200 migrants. the vigil was organized by community members from the city of san antonio. many of whom have expressed a desire for public action to be taken to prevent more tragedies involving migrants and asylum seekers from ever happening again. agents from the u. s. department of homeland security continue to work to identify the bodies and or treating this is one of the deadliest cases of human trafficking in the united states in recent memory. manuel rap, hello al jazeera san antonio british socialite, gillian maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping financier jeffrey epstein, sexually abuse, underage girls. she was convicted in december for recruiting and grooming girls for epstein during the 1990s to early 2000 on to zeros. gabriel alexander reports from new york, shackled and wearing
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a blue prison uniform. gillan maxwell heard her fate from a judge at the end of a nearly 4 hours sentencing that saw several of our alleged victims give statements . sometimes looking directly at maxwell. one was sarah ransom who broke down in tears in court and said she twice tried to commit suicide after being victimized by maxwell. after the sentencing, she told me she was pleased. i'm. i'm feeling pretty amazing. okay. i'm feeling gray. i'm but there is. ah, you know, this is a 66 year journey for me. i incredible highs some really, really, really deep blurs for me. maxwell briefly spoke in court saying she was sorry for the pain. her victims felt, but she did not take responsibility for the crimes or where it's going through her when he heard your and speak in court. ah, glen glen like so. for me they were just words.
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but they were words that i never thought out of a here as saying, i'm sorry, lawyers for the victims were satisfied with the outcome to day showed us that individuals can be held accountable irrespective of power and privilege. and u maxwell, the daughter of a british newspaper magnet, was once part of an elite global social circle that included some of the world's most powerful people. but at her month long trial, last december, prosecutor said she also facilitated the trafficking of women, some as young as 14, to be sexually abused by her longtime partner, jeffrey epstein, and allegedly other rich men. epstein was arrested in charge in july 2019, but was found dead in his jail cell a month later, before delivering her sentence, the judge said maxwell's crimes were heinous and predatory, and said she deserves
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a strong sentence. partially because of her lack of remorse. elaine maxwell is 60 years old, if she serves her entire sentence, that means she wouldn't be released until she's 80. gabriel's hondo out is it. new york police have fought with people protesting against the government in peruse capital. lima demonstrates is demanding the president federal castillo increased teacher salaries and support for pensioners, as they are, as a former teacher himself, and union leader that he's faced political gridlock and unrest since taking office last year truck drivers of declared it a definite strike until morristown to tackle higher fuel prices. 6 dozens of truck drivers in argentina have blocked a major access road to the capital to protest against fuel shortages and rising prices, cause we're backed up for several kilometers until the demonstrators agreed to open
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up one lane to point us out as a government has promised to guarantee the supply of fuel has been restricted by the war in ukraine. famous in utah lays sheila oil. we continue to fly some new ideas to bring the voice of all truckers who a mobilizing nationally on the diesel issue. and on the issue of rights. we want performing prices to start and minimum rise, and to include a trigger clause that when fuel prices increase fuel. so do al, right? i'm in ecuador, as president, has survived the impeachment vote and suspended negotiations with striking indigenous groups. several people have died and violence during demonstrations over shortages of food and oil, or latin america. editor lucio newman reports now from kito. o indigenous strikers gathered outside of people's basilica, reacting angrily toodle to meet him issued by ecuadorian president key and more lasso. oh ha, ha, ha, ha ha, thank god, i hope we will radicalize our strike. we won't leave pizza without results. long
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lived the struggle into the 3rd week of a crippling, nationwide strike led by the confederation of indigenous peoples. it appeared that negotiations with the government inside the basilica were making headway. but an overnight attack against a military convoy escorting fuel from the oil rich amazonia legion, left one soldier dead and 12 injured. the government blames the confederations leader loony thus isa. who in turn suggests it was the army that attacked an indigenous community. first allow him president lasso rushed to end the talks. they don't normally get him or has him. thermal had yelled out, we will not sit down again at the negotiating table with lenny. does he son who only defends his own political interests and not those of his union members? indigenous brothers model you deserve better than this opportunistic leader who has deceived you and the entire country. ah, the ultimatum is seen by many indigenous communities. as
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a declaration of war. ramos are one. we are going to resist them until the last consequences we want cylinder. if we have to die standing up is not on our knees any while the national assembly prepared to vote on a no confidence vote against law. so, you know, you're the leader of the legislature appealed to the president to return to the negotiating table. the president strategies obviously, to try to divide the until now united indigenous breakers, but it seems unlikely that they will want to turn their back on the charismatic leona that's isa, at least in the short term president loss of has refused to cave into demands to lower fuel prices and repeal a decrease that expands mining and indigenous regions out of them put on them will cover, pl. sooner or later the government will have to understand what the situation is unsustainable. and given the situation of ungovernable to here is dramatic value.
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but lasso is remaining firm knowing full well that in the last 26 years, 3 ecuadorian presidents have been forced out with the help of the combative indigenous movement. to see a newman al jazeera kito, well got a weather update next here on the south still to come with the program. we find out how the heading in northern india was pushed. religious tension dangerously high, 5 years in jail, for the oldest person to be convicted of nazi iraq war crimes who are more trying to 11 year old. joseph shoots at its force. no apologies for religious schools to sign up for controversial new competition. and here with us, little it ah
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hello there, the heat continues to build the core central and eastern areas of europe. and we're going to see that warmth spread its way farther north at the end of the week. but it's still a rather stormy situation for many, and we saw some of those fear thunderstorms drop, large hail, flooding rains, and even produced lightning in the south east of germany. now on wednesday, we're still seeing that mass of what we're the collector on north eastern areas of is city, push up into austria and the czech republic. now we could see some flooding here from those to renshaw rains. we're also seeing storms break out across the baltic states. we have got. c fly warnings out here, but by the time we get into thursday that whether, whether it works its way towards the black sea where we have seen flooding. but it's really in the west that we see the wet weather pick up for france. we've got some severe thunderstorms and showers rolling across eastern areas and that wet weather is going to knock the temperature down in paris. but if we look further east to this, well, temperatures are on the upper places like poland, as well as many of the balkan states. if we have a look, for example, at serbia,
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you can see that heat continuing to build a bow grade. we're going to see plenty of fine and dry weather, lots of sunshine coming in. and that's gonna last us through to the weekend with a little bit of cloud on saturday. ah, meteorites, small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to wash and have high market value for rock and mineral collectors. al jazeera world joins the moroccan, know mice in their desert search for these gifts from the sky ada shanna. i can tell that it's a me to roy, had anything it does. i mean to roy morocco's meteorite hunters on all, josie ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is
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accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah, lou ah, hello again, adrian finnegan here and so how about that he is al, from al jazeera the headlines president joe biden has announced that the us will boost forces it locations across europe to ward off washing aggression. he made the statement in the drink where the leaders of the nato alliance have gathered for
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a summit. ukraine's president of called the united nations to expel russia. volota may zalinski address the security council after a russian missile strike or shopping center in ukraine, killed 18 people. moscow says that it targeted a weapons death open. at a full white house aid has testified that donald trump wanted to join his supporters during last year. stormy of the u. s. capital, he told her house, she told the house committee, the trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine when agents refused to take him to the camp. stay with that that made her leaders meeting in madrid. germany's foreign minister on a lena bear bach is at the summit. she says that allowing finland and sweden to join nato will significantly bolster european security. because those countries, so societies have decided and the pos that they would not like to join. but at this moment, they are realizing that they need for the future of the children for peace and
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security for themself, metal as a guarantee. and therefore, it was crystal clear for us that if they decide to join nato is not only letting them in. but this is also a good chance for nato because those 2 countries are strong democracies. they have also powerful armies themselves. so it also makes, made us stronger. and therefore, it's really important was finland and sweden and for nato put in is trying with every thing he's doing also indirectly to split our unity within g 7 within the u within nature. but also within the 141 countries who are sending for international law and the rule of law and therefore was so important. and then when others ask for support like that in sweden, that nato is ready to let them in. so therefore, this was also a sign of unity for those who stand for international solidarity. the philippine
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media regulator has upheld in order to close wrap up the news website co founded by the journalist, maria ressa in 2018, and said the raffle of violated rules on foreign ownership. but the website appealed. the decision comes a day before president rodrigo to 30 leaves office, rest his criticism of his so called war on drugs, led to several legal battles and her winning the nobel peace prize. last year. she says the government is trying to intimidate the press. we wish and all the flaw, and since we are fighting for this in court civil law, we will continue to demand accreditation. we have long stood by the constitutionality of this agreement for the pin depository receipts others i've had it, it, there's, i think that i've also, you've heard me speak repeatedly over the last 6 years that we have been harassed. this is intimidation. it. these are political tactics. we refuse to succumb to them
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out here as general alan dog has more now on the legacy. the turtle. ministration leaves your mind, your wor and i will mind mine, rodrigo. the 3rd to was mayor of diverse city in the southern philippines for more than 20 years. he was catapulted into the presidency by his ability to convince millions filipinos to rally behind him. do not destroy in office. the territory quickly cemented his role as an autocratic leader, his warren drugs was so violent that the rights groups believe at least 30000 people had been killed in police operations over the last 5 years. critics say he has used state violence in ways not seen since the marshal or period under president ferdinand marcus in the 19 seventy's and eighty's. the 3rd there went after oligarchy, but he also jailed activists and members of the opposition and shut down the
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country's biggest media network. and though he promised that just a whiff of corruption would be enough for him to fire officials. years later, most of those removed from office have yet to face charges, but he had to make deals with establish political forces. so with that comes the inability to sincerely push back against institutionalized corruption. the president also hasn't revealed his own wealth, refusing to release an official statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth, the 1st president to do so in decades. one, when he was me or he did not strengths and he did not need a chicken balance because he was a king of dow, steven, so he did not need to listen to apple. he called by the, the pan demick and the recession is triggered, or perhaps the most challenging issues deterred to his space. but still, many believe he deserves credit for prioritizing large scale infrastructure
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projects. to 30 made those secret of his admiration for a chinese president. she didn't pink, and at 1st he was so eager to be in china's good graces that the charity cancelled a defense agreement with the country strongest ally the united states. i position he reversed just a few months ago as deterred to enters his final days in office. he remains an enigma, one of the most polarizing, but also one of the most popular president ever elected in recent philippine history. to melinda, again, i'll jazeera o city 7th, and we saw richard. hey, darian, who in journalist that report there, he's a political analyst and associate professor at the polytechnic university, the philippines, and he's with us now live. good terry, with us richard, will people in general be sad to see, deter, take, go all they better off now than they were when he came to palm. are we good folks?
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i can hear the studio. i, richard, can you hear me? will people be sad to see the 30 go? are they better off now than when he came to power? oh, sorry richard, can't hear me. we'll come back to richard in just a few moments sir. bear with us. and our tension is running high and the indian state of rochester, after a hindu man, was beheaded on tuesday. the act was posted online. police have arrested 2 people out as he was pumping the towel reports, hundreds of people take part in a funeral procession for con ha. surrounded by security officials and t v cameras, they demand justice, his wife, he assured us, says she wants those responsible held to account. we want justice and yes, we want them to be given the death penalty. authorities are arrested. 2 men accused of murdering law in his teetering shop. they are alleged to have posted
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a video online and made threats against prime minister entering through moby according to media reports. they're accused of killing laws for supporting no push sharma, a former spoke so much of the b j. p. party man who was suspended for making islam before become an issue. the incident has spark tensions and roger pon state in west in india, protest in the city of with their port on violent and shops were shot down, a coffee was imposed in several cities and internet access was suspended across the state. and those things did they bond any internal law in order is being montana. the situation is peaceful even after the murder. they have been no major incident in which any one has done. the 2nd, the situation is completely under control load up, police say law received many threats for his social media posts and had thought police protection his wife to a local media that he had skipped work for days before his killing investigator see the treating, his killing as a case of terrorism partner with an al jazeera you,
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denny. i. let's go back to richard. hey, doran in manila, richard at wil people in general, be sad to see, to take go, are they better off now than they were when he came to power? well, that's a difficult question. i mean, if you look at it quantitatively, meaning the popularity ratings of benefit he's going out as the most popular president, if not one of the most popular leaders ever and close to 80 percent approval rating . so that means that's majority of the didn't seem to be satisfied with at the same time, you know, i think a lot of filipinos are also recognizing the fact that this country is not necessarily in good place. you know, 2 years have been dam, make 5 court this of recession. and the thing with that really is that he's, he's a master of performative populism. he knows how to entertain people. he knows how to inspire people who are you still fear. but the reality is if you look at the 3rd, this presidency, yes, there have been some games in terms of piece processing in the now some
1:40 pm
infrastructure development, some sort of pushing for independence from the united states. but overall, his presidency has been a bon fire of institutions. he has been very good and undermining democratic institutions or liberalism, in the philippines. but he has not been a very effective statesman in terms of creating a new order or a new constitutional order altogether. i wanted to ask you more about that. you mentioned that the state of the country and, and whether off to 6 years of to today it is actually better off in terms of its, its wealth, the rule of law. and as you, you mentioned that the state of its institutions, right. i mean, in terms of the economy of 1st is there that can make an excuse that well, you had the pandemic. it's not my fault. but the reality is that the economy could have done the way better. had it been under much more effective leadership. i mean the philippines that close to 10 percent g d p contraction in 2020, because of the extended lock downs and delayed response by the government. while
1:41 pm
some of our neighbors that tie one and get even hot g to be growth in 2020 not to mention china are the same thing to look at it when it comes to foreign policy. busy he asked for more independence from us, but at the same thing was becoming more and more depend, i'm trying to even rush into a certain point before the invasion of ukraine. but really, the real problem to cross the problem is the rule of law. presidents are going to run on an anti crime and a drug campaign, and it's 6 years in the office. we have no evidence whatsoever ever to suggest that he has had a sustain solution to this problem. what we know about art or this thousands of extrajudicial kings are allegations of massive human rights abuse, not to mention shutting down right and left of different independent media outlets . and those who have criticize the government and president throughout the past year. so through and loss situation has dramatically deteriorate that in past years, even as the philippines was, of course, never perfect. but there does also not shown in any clear, again, long term gain terms of the war on drugs were the big fish that he was talking about. where is the sustain solution to the drug problem coming out in the country?
1:42 pm
if you have so many extra judicial killings and unexplained debts. so how do you think history will judge his presidency? i suppose it depends very much upon what comes next. definitely, i mean the therapy is the best thing that has happened in the marquesas tomorrow. i mean, soon are very dean and mark with junior it will be on the president, philippines, next president, the philippines. and i think a huge part of that is because it's earth it, it was one of the big things that they did was to complete their rehabilitation of the mark assess. and when his daughter started to period in calming vice president in all we all freedom markers junior, it became an unbeatable team for the opposition. so in that sense, he's one of these biggest legacies will be the return of the market. and let's see how people who are going to judge their thing of the markets is, but for the foreseeable future, i expect that there, that to remain a popular leader for a lot of filipinos who just want that something different offers, think it's of dysfunctional politics. and half art that liberator forms always good
1:43 pm
to richard many. thanks indeed. richard. hey, darian that in manila, hong kong is new leader. john lee will be sworn in on friday at a ceremony that's expected to be attended by china's president cheese in pink. the event also marks the 25th anniversary of the terms for his return from british to chinese rule. i was just here as adrian brown reports from hong kong. the nice bed families packing up like thousands of other expatriates, matt and his wife sama cant be persuaded to remain. mat was born in hong kong and met his wife. he is 16 years ago, where typical of the white collar professionals now taking their skills elsewhere in their case australia, where summer's from. the honest truth is, i don't think there's anything that we're capable here right now with their 3 children. they live in the other hong kong lance. how island, hong kong, biggest and far from the congestion and clamor of the central business district.
1:44 pm
many factors are behind the decision to go, including changes to the school curriculum with a focus on patry, artic education. i think it just made the decision to go easier and easier. um, we've had such a blessed time here in hong kong. are the children of thrived my husband and i've had successful careers and it's been very comfortable place to leave for a long time. but there's a real sense that the feature is going to be different to the past, and we've thought about that deeply. and i'd say yes, it's contributed. hong kong is always been a transitory place. 25 years ago, i reported on another exodus. retiring british civil servants and others who'd enjoyed a life of privilege here headed home in style. unwilling to live under chinese rule after the hamburger. now it's happening again. many of the hong kong chinese leaving a going to britain taking advantage of
1:45 pm
a new visa scheme that opens a pathway to citizenship. a quarter of a century on hong kong population, around 7 and a half 1000000 is decreasing. more than 300000 people have left since the implementation of that national security law almost 2 years ago. and one reason opinion poll shows the round the quarter of the city's population have made plans to leave. one reason for that is hong kong strict cove at 19 regulations that earlier this year, so mothers separated from children. another impetus is politics, especially the new national security. this, that family soon will need to worry about all of that. like most of those going, they'd rather be staying if only circumstances were different. adrian brown, al jazeera uncle, scotland plans to hold another referendum on independence from the united kingdom
1:46 pm
votes from propose for october next year. it'll be the 2nd time the question's been put to scottish versus the 1st one to the polls in 2014. and just to have a half of voters chose to stay in the u. k. scotlands 1st minister nicole's to nicholas sturgeon says that she'll ask for formal permission from the british prime minister to hold the vote. but she says, but if she doesn't get it, she'll go ahead regardless. the 1st. no, is the time to get scotland on the right path. the path chosen by those who left here now is the time for independence. i want the process set and trained to day to lead to a lawful constitutional referendum. and for that to take place on the 19th of october, 2023. that is what we are preparing for. but if the law says that is not possible, the general election will be a de facto referendum. either way,
1:47 pm
the people of scotland will have their seat. a court in germany has sentenced a former nazi concentration camp guard to 5 years in jail. 101 year old joseph shoots was convicted of being involved in the murders of more than 3500 people don't want it. kane reports for much of the last 77 years. yours of shirts had lived in obscurity. but on tuesday, that came to an end. despite all his attempts to conceal his identity, he could no longer hide his past. escalate at an ugly clocked void to being by the court has sent him to the accused to 5 years in prison for aiding and abetting murder and attempted murder. the court was convinced, after having gone through the evidence, that the accused had worked for 3 years as a guard at the saxon house in concentration camp and had supported the murders committed their through his activities at winchester to day few of the barracks that has the hundreds of thousands of prisoners remain, but reminders of nazi brutality linger this sign,
1:48 pm
reads any one crossing this line will be shot without warning. it would regularly be patrolled by guards. people like use of shots the duties of a guarded this camp were many and various, but one of them was in this building, looking out on the can where you see all the barracks and was left of them. why? because here the s s built and machine gun nest to look in on the inmates because in the view of the ss, the inmates were the threat. this is where prisoners would be murdered at 1st in small numbers. but then the nazis took to killing soviet printers of war in the thousands, eventually gas chambers and a crematorium allowed them to dispose of the evidence of murder in secret. the prosecution maintained shirts could not have not seen the processes that led to the deaths of thousands. so why did it take more than 75 years to bring shirts to
1:49 pm
justice? why were others like him left to live out their lives as to lie works in the memorial site here? she told me that following the end of the war, many felt it important to choose rebuilding their country over the search for justice. it took a long time until a generation m grew up and we said, we're gonna stop this now we can every one, like like persons like this and just let them unto day who's completely free of their the thought that he had to kind of and, and keep it under the blanket soon, all those who played a role in the murder of millions of innocent people will be gone and germany will be left with the question. why so few were ever brought to justice. dominic cane al jazeera at the former's oxen house and concentration camp services
1:50 pm
forces his andi. okay, thanks so much. sherm adrian. serena williams says she has no definite plans as to when or if she'll play again after coming back from a career threatening injury. the 4th year old was beats and in the 1st round at wimbledon, son hamish triples, could this be the last time we get to see serena williams playing at wimbledon? ah, the 40 year old was beaten in the 1st round and could offer no guarantees that she'd be making a return on that. that's a, that's a question i can't answer like, i don't know or feel like. um, you know, i don't know who knows we, missouri, papa williams was taken on hominy tan of france. a match the american would normally be expected to win was something to spare. but tant, since her 1st appearance at the torment could be one to remember. the $23.00 time grand slam champion has barely played since injuring herself at
1:51 pm
wimbledon. last year. williams though, was still able to produce moments that reminded the center court crowd, how she won this title and said no cajuns but it was wolf number 11510 who won the decisive tie break to secure the biggest win of her career. when i saw the draw, i was really scared. i'm in because her yes sir, no one youngsters. she's a legend and her i was like, oh my god, how can i play? and if i can win one game or 2 games, it was really good for me. i love changing the game or think that's, you know, something that i never kind of set out to do. i and then somehow i did it
1:52 pm
now i'm serena and that's pretty awesome. regardless of how it ends, williams has written a tennis story. few will ever match sun move on to 0 while well, number one, a gets free on soc, is at a very different stage of her career sachs beat. santa sets, in the opening round in straight sets. the victory means she extended a winning street to 36 matches. she's already won 6 titles issue. you know, if it's pretty convenient, noticed. i mean, i really worked on that and i knew how tough did as to weeks were. and you know, my team also gave me huge support and all that worried that we've been doing it, craig this season. so i think it's great left to 3 years away. rafael madero was a winner on his wimbledon, returned the spaniard looking to win a 3rd grand slam this year and a record extending 23rd overall. took his 1st to chief. those milestones with a full set victory orchard seen as francisco surrender. look at all who seated 2nd
1:53 pm
this year hasn't won wimbledon title since 2010. nick curious is admitted to spitting in the direction of respect. thank to who he says was abusive towards him . during this with prince britain's pull she up, your strategy and how early can find the on about members of the crowd being allowed to abuse lies on call. curious, could now face being falling due to p. feet in the direction of one of the people disrespecting. yes, so that was deliberate to yes, i would not be doing that. someone who was supporting me today like as soon as i won the myrtle turned him and i'll just, i've been dealing with hayden. ah, negativity for a long time. so otto filica, that person, anything like that. he literally came to the much to literally just like, not even support any one really was more just to like, stir up and disrespect and that's fine. but if i'll give it back to you,
1:54 pm
then that's just how it is. the final run of ticket sales for the cuts are world cut will start next week. tickets will be available on a 1st come 1st serve basis from july 5th, with the sales period ending in mid august with less than 5 months to go. and so kick off organizers say 1800000 tickets have already been solved showing cuz they tributes. crickets in great shane warne ahead of the 1st test against australia. one died only this year at the age of $56.00. he shrank from cricket. little said, yas trailing was a true friend who did much to help the country in the aftermath of the 2014 army showing have just been pulled out for 212 on day one of this matching goal. the human and gulf a bryce and a sham by says a controversial breakaway competition, could benefit the long term pro for the gang. the 2nd live event he's off in the united states. on thursday, the $25000000.00 price fund up for grabs is more than 3 times. watson offered a page yates, or event being held of the same time, the sham by which joined a growing list of place to join the saudi arabian backs live series were golfers at
1:55 pm
the end of the day. and i think that i respect everybody's opinion, that's the most important thing people can understand, hopefully understanding me is that i do respect it, but golf is a, is a force for good. and i think as time goes on, awfully, people will see the, the good that they're doing and, and what they're trying to accomplish, rather than looking at the bad that's happened before. i think moving on from that is important and going and continue to move forward in a positive light. is something that could be a force for good for the future. the game, an olympic surfing champ, increase of all his returns, a form in the world, surfline the 5 time world champion, was in danger of losing her number one ranking in the sports at the 3 runner, finishes moorland, that her 1st one of the season. at this events in prison aren't as high school's looking for now. as you, abby many thanks indeed. now and you ought show in london as addressing racial injustice using the follow g. a counter narratives, as well as fantasy 11 black artists of come together support groups show cold in
1:56 pm
the black. fantastic jessica baldwin, what's a sound? sit by african american artists. nick cave, wearable oversized sculptures that obscure with pattern and color, is the person inside, black, white, male or female. this particular sounds hoot was made in response to the murder of george floyd. the wearer cannot be overlooked, or d valued. 11 black artists brought together in one exhibition in the black, fantastic, ah, using paint film, sculpture and textiles. to address racial injustice. these all to so graph clear with some po for it difficult subjects, but many of the works in here are compelling them beautiful. mesmerizing works,
1:57 pm
there's no dichotomy here. the choice of these art is to embrace beauty is not about denali was difficult histories, the blurring of fantasy and reality to emphasize alternatives to the usual euro centric vision. in i'm talking about sad, seen reversal ideas around blackness and how we as a mostly western society have created a like a stigma around it. there's a lot of negative connotations. so say to with blackness, with the darkness i'm so i'm really trying to turn on his head and, and create a different viewpoints. these artists are disrupting traditional history, providing an alternative to the largely western narrative of white supremacy and black subjugation. using mythology counter narratives. and fantasy these artists show that race is a fiction, a socially constructed fiction with no scientific basis. the 11 artists are just
1:58 pm
a small sample of a far larger emerging conversation happening among writers, authors, musicians within the black creative community. the gruesome legacy of oppression is replaced by a new narrative of infinite possibilities in the way the black diaspora can construct the world. jessica baldwin al jazeera london. i'll be back on 1300 hours gmc, with all the news out darren jordan here in just a moment with more of the day's news. i'll see you again. ah, this audio difficult. so a lot of them nationwide is one of the how do you to visit what i will cancel the philistine with the, from the switch for yeah, so will, and about the fisa can
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a little sob? is it done? well, i can get to how hard is the car? there's topics here. how that if awesome, thought not valuable camella coffee and like in the, on the path on macedonian, that a fee on the line is like a month to help out or yeah, i mean for the shuttle in the garage. i feel you've loved it. i can't even fucking with the ha ah, with those journalism, the police violently. the 1st thing protest this, these are sort of a book. tens of thousands of people try to flee. gobble,
2:00 pm
inspired to program, making welcome to generation chains, unrivalled with broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running outside of the conflict in the ukraine. how concerned should we be about designed to build up? we bring the stories in different months that are rapidly the world. we're living, the want become roches new dollars. it becoming rushes new dawn, counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, the media will we say in fact yes one second here. so resident jo by.


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