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of the days global headlines, this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members. inside story on al jazeera, july on al jazeera home cold marks 25 years since it's hand over from british to chinese rule, but with china's cracked on an opposing voices and an exit of citizens. what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported? people in power investigates, they use an abusive power around the world to live humans vote in a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the out of spring uprising as india f, as unprecedented heat wave? one or 18th, those to the fiery heart. if the crisis center goal head to the polls with the main opposition parties united can be reco powder away from the ruling party. july on al jazeera president,
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prudence war against to claim house shot to the peace in europe. nato announces its bolstering its forces in europe to count on what he calls a direct threat from russia. ah, well robin watching all their life more headquarters hearing devil also coming up, the president said, since the fact of i'm the acting president, take me up to the capitol now. donald trump denies trying to bribe the steering wheel of his limousine, so he could join his supporters. storing the capital and security stepped up in a craw as thousands of gone eons take to the streets to protest. rising costs and warnings of an army rise in child marriages in the world of africa. eunice that says drought and the region is pushing families to the edge.
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ah, welcome to the program. nato has declared russia the most significant and direct threat to its members, and is bolstering its forces across europe. the lines will also step up its military and financial support to ukraine as it battles russian forces jo whole reports now from the summit in madrid. nato leaders arrived at a historic summit, projecting unity and strength in the face of a new threat. this conflict in ukraine is not a regional issue. it's a global struggle between democracy and they'll talk hassey. nato is rewriting its own playbook, boosting battle ready troops. numbers across its eastern flank and with plans to vastly increased. rapid reaction force numbers from 40002300000 troops by 2023. russia's deadly attack on a shopping mall in se ukraine. on monday for shadowed the summit until recently
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considered a nato partner, russia will, for the 1st time since the cold war officially be re designated an enemy threat. we meet in the midst of the most serious security guards says so we have faced the since the 2nd world war president zelinski appealed as he does relentlessly at international events. football help trying to do with him. i cannot, he was the leaders present that russia's next move may be against one of them. and nato is determined to do what he can offering a further package of non lethal assistance. this defensive alliance, careful not to be seen to be joining the conflict. but we never wanted to have an escalation with russia. all we want is to live in peace in europe. and therefore, we are making crystal clear that we are ready to defend our self and preparing all
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this truck so, so for what we need. the summit began on a high note after an alms insecurity agreement was reached, allowing turkey to lift its objection to bids by sweden and finland to join the alliance. so sweden and finland attend the summit as official invitees. their membership bids approved by 30 leaders to be ratified by national parliaments in the coming months. turkey said it got what it wanted. will. so did nato able to project both the united and expanded front and gaining superiority over russia in the baltic region? president biden announcing and expanded us military presence in europe, said the airlines had never been so galvanized a major shift to a state of readiness for whatever turns russian aggression may yet take. jonah, how al jazeera madrid diplomat to get to james bay's is at the summit with more
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military plans for the future in the coming months and years. and for the next 10 years, because he's also announce something called the strategic concept, which is nato's strategy plan. going forward, designating russia is that principle threat. but also interestingly saying that there are many challenges that nato potentially faces and nato nations faith from china. but in terms of the immediate threat with the war in ukraine, they are putting more forces into the eastern flank of nato, into those countries, posters to russia. they're going to make some of those forces more permanent. the u . s. which is mainly based in poland, that is where it has its battle group that is going to have the largest number of any data forces in poland. that's where they'll be more than any of the other battle groups. and that is the 1st permanent. busy headquarters of the u. s. in one of those countries closest to russia. they are saying that this is an important day, a transformative day for nato. thousands of people in the garden and capital
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a crops have gathered for a 2nd day of protest against corruption and a stagnating economy demonstrates the angry about rising taxes. 2 prizes navigations of police brutality. 29, protested, arrested on tuesday while we're joined by corresponding m addresses in across. obviously the public are very angry with the government. what else do they want from them? what basically they want to need it out from the government of precedent. now before i go to deal with the rising cost of living in this country, they also want to see a quick caption over the issues they want at rest. one of them is of course, and they just cases of the corruption of the residences of corruption. they also want to see that certain tax who certainly was introduced by the government as part of economic policies or economic measures to deal with the rising cost of governors in this country. and they wanted to see some of lease taxes reduced or even completely removed. also wanted the government to address some of the issues
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surrounding the location of lands in this country, as well as the key issues, educators and infrastructure development. and most importantly, unemployment in this country, they say the rising numbers of unemployed people and the rising number of businesses collapsing is not good for the economy. and we spoke to key economies here in god. i was a former prime minister who said, yes, they mentioned how painful inflation is going all around the world. but again, the government is to act quickly in the short term in they want the government to make sure that that touches introduce our for, according to him in his own words, sunset goals should be implemented in thoughts, laws actually ensure that these factors don't last in fact, the way the individual supplement and if you look at the situation yesterday, today's proctors are remarkably different for what we saw the chaotic to use. we
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saw yesterday today it was quarterly a few causes, although we're not seeing the numbers we saw yesterday. a few thousands of the protesters are here. and there are also hundreds of police officers who idea to keep are gonna come in demo on order. and they've been doing that. this is the most pressure started in the central parts of a crock. we following the demonstrators through the shoot to the parliament building here, where the leaders of the demonstrators are now presenting their petition to this pickup. parliament will jelly great on this matter and of course probably consult with preston that are quite as well. sure. and just thanks very much edited yourself for us in the gone am capital. now, donald trump denied he tried to grab the steering wheel of a limousines as to being told he wasn't being taken to the capital. on the day his support a storm, the building before us president dismissed the allegations as fake sick, fraudulent and ridiculous is after a former white house i gave testimony during a hearing into last year's riots. i did, your castro has more from washington
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d. c. and we're going to the capital on january 6, 2021 president donald trump did not accompany his supporters to the capital to disrupt the certification of his election loss. but he wanted to thank you very much. according to cassidy hutchinson, the 1st former trump point house employee to testify publicly. trump finished his stopped the steel speech board at his limousine and was surprised to learn from his security chief bobby angle that their destination was the white house. the president said something to the effect of i'm the acting president, take me up to the capital now. which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the present reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle, and when mister and i had recounted the story to me, he had motioned towards his clavicles. hutchinson did not see the episode herself,
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but said she heard it from tony or nato. the former white house chief of operation and with angle present the president of the anecdote was the most startling of many shared by the former white house ada tuesdays hearing one that was urgently announced after the committee said it received new evidence for the white house of police audio from january 6 reveal guns had been spotted among the crowd, gathered near trumps, rally hutchinson said backstage she heard trumps say the event should not have had metal detectors. i ever heard the president say something. i don't think that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. the ensuing violence contributed to the death of at least 7 people and injured a $150.00 police officers. hutchinson said she watched the riot unfold from the white house, just doors down from trump. she recounted this conversation between her boss, chief of staff, mark meadows, and the white house of top lawyer. i remember pat,
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say, mark, we need to do something more. there literally calling from the vice president the i think hong and mark had responded something to the effect of you've heard him had, he thinks like a girl that he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong. the he was trump. according to hutchinson testimony, she said, trump was reluctant when he called off the riders more than 3 hours into the violence. we have to have peace. so go home, we love you, you're very special. trump weighed in on tuesdays hearing, saying he hardly knows hutchinson and denied many of the accusations. hutchinson also says meadows and trump's former personal attorney, rudy giuliani, both thought presidential pardons and she says many members of trump's inner circle were concerned that the cabinet would use the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. committee member say this thing concerning signs of witness tampering?
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the plan at least 2 more of these hearings in july. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. the attentions are really high in the indian state of raja saw. a 3 hindu man was stamped and killed by 2 muslin men on tuesday. the video of the incident was posted on line 2. people have been arrested poverty middle. how's the story? hundreds of people take part in a funeral procession for con ha. surrounded by security officials and t v cameras, they demand justice, his wife. yes, she'll da says she wants those responsible held to account. yeah, we one justice and yes, we want them to be given the death penalty authorities are arrested to men accused of murdering law in his day during shop. there alleged to have boasted a video online and made threats against by minister noreen through moby. according to media reports, they're accused of killing laws for supporting a no push armor of form,
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a spokeswoman of the b j. p party and who was suspended for making islam before be common, like the incident has sparked tensions and roger pon state in western india protest in the city of wood, their port on violent and shops were shut down. a coffee was imposed in several cities, and internet access was suspended across the state. those things could be bond. any internal law and order is being meant, dana, the situation is peaceful, even after the murder. they have be no major incident in which any mazda did you say, the situation is completely under control. our police, the law received many threats, while his social media posts and had thought police protection, his wife to a local media that he had skipped work. the days before his killing investigator see they treating his killing as a case of terrorism. pardon him, then odysseyware, you deli, india's sandstone continues to face. what may be the worst floods in its history? people there say they haven't received enough relief funds in neighboring
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bangladesh. more than a 150 people have died and millions more been displaced by catastrophic flooding. tens of thousands of factors, a farmland has been damaged, and austria southern region of carinthia has also declared a civil state of emergency. after several villages were cut off by mud slides and heavy flooding residents who got trapped in their homes at to be airlifted to safety, at least one person has died. and another person has been reported missing. while still had here on al jazeera as rodrigo detached eons, his presidency, the philippines, immediate regulator, at polls in order to shut down, one of his most vocal critics, and tributes and texas will hear from the community coming to terms with a human trafficking tragedy. ah
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hello there. he continues to dominate the story across the middle east, in particular, western areas of iran, we've seen temperatures pick up to nearly 50 degrees here and they will continue to rise. iraq's is similar story, lots of hot conditions. baghdad, touching 49 degrees on thursday, similar story fluctuate. we've got blustery wind blowing down the gulf states temperatures in places like doha, and re add, touching up by the time we get in. so friday, so hot dry and very dusty. now as we move across to north africa, the heat is certainly the story into nicea. it matched its highest national temperature in june on tuesday. we have got some heat warnings out from neighboring algeria as that hot and dry weather continues here. it's weather, however, around the gulf of guinea, we could see some severe thunderstorms in gonna togo and been in on friday as well as nigeria where we have already seen flooding. now as we move farther south,
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it's much west eastern areas, the likes of mozambique as well as in bob were very dry. however, for south africa, the cape town, but that's gonna change. we've got a cold front sweeping in bringing some rain by friday, and it's going to be wrong rather chilly. i saturday, especially at night that to with ha, ah, one of the fastest growing nations in the way on it with 3 of 2, both filling a problem with the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh,
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the me to 0 is nice. the whole rama reminder of our top story, nathan has agreed to boost its military presence in eastern europe as it faces the biggest security crisis in world war 2. security general insult him back says russia's war against ukraine is shattered piece on the continent. thousands of people in the gulf and capital of a crime have gathered for the 2nd day of protest against corruption and the stagnating economy. the angry, rushing taxes fuel prices and allegations of police brutality, a full white house. it says donald trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his limousine and the security agents refused to take him to the capital. joining the bryant, the full me you as president says the allegations of fake fraudulent and ridiculous
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the philippines media regulator has upheld in order to close wrapper. the news website k funded by janice maria dresser in 2018. it said rapid violated rules on foreign ownership, but the website appealed. the decision comes a day before present, rodrigo, detach lee's office as his criticism of his so called war on drugs that to several legal battles and her wedding, the nobel peace prize. last year, she says the government is trying to intimidate the press. we wish hand rule of law . and since we are fighting for this in court civil law, we will continue to demand accreditation. we have long stood by the constitutionality of this agreement. it's a philippine depository receipts others i've had it there's, i think that i've also, you've heard mistake repeatedly over the last 6 years that we have been harassed. this is intimidation. it. these are political tactics. we refuse to succumb to them
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to rely on doug and has more on the legacy of to 10 days of ministration that he leaves behind your mind. your wor and i will mind mine, rodrigo. the 3rd to was mayor of diverse city in the southern philippines. for more than 20 years, he was catapulted into the presidency by his ability to convince millions filipinos to rally behind him. do not destroy in office. the territory quickly cemented his role as an autocratic leader, his warren drugs was so violent that the rights groups believe at least 30000 people had been killed in police operations over the last 5 years. critics say he has used state violence in ways not seen since the martial law period under president ferdinand marcus in the 19 seventy's and eighty's. the 3rd there went after oligarchy, but he also jailed activists and members of the opposition and shut down the
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country's biggest media network. and though he promised that just a whiff of corruption would be enough for him to fire officials. years later, most of those removed from office have yet to face charges, but he had to make deals with establish political forces. so with that comes the inability to sincerely push back against institutionalized crossing. the president also hasn't revealed his own wealth, refusing to release an official statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth, the 1st president to do so in decades. oh no. when he was me, or he did not strengths, and he did not need a chicken balance because he was a king of dow, steven, so he did not need to listen to apple. he called by b. the pandemic and the recession is triggered, or perhaps the most challenging issues deterred to his space. but still many
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believe he deserves credit for prioritizing large scale infrastructure projects. to 30 made those secret of his admiration for a chinese president. she didn't ping, and at 1st he was so eager to be in china's good graces that the territory cancelled a defense agreement with the country strongest ally the united states. i position he reversed just a few months ago as the 3rd to enters his final veins in office. he remains an enigma, one of the most polarizing, but also one of the most popular presidents ever elected in recent philippine history. chameleon doug and algebra to be i think that scott england's to hold it of the referendum on independence from the united kingdom. a vote has been proposed for october of next year. now it will be the 2nd time the question's been put to scottish voters. they 1st went to the polls in 2014 and just over half of them chose to stay in the u. k. scotlands 1st minister nicholas
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sturgeon social ask for formal punish permission from the british prime minister to hold those. but she says that she doesn't get it, she'll go ahead regardless child marriage is on the rise in the hold of africans. and a western drought is to blame a unit that says the regions they survey a drought in 40 years is putting families under pressure. girls as young as 12 are being forced into marriage and many phase a higher risk of female genital mutilation. in one year, child marriage has more than doubled in ethiopia, which is the worst affected by drought. the number of children at risk of dropping out of schooling, kenya, somalia, and the the do to drought has tripled in 3 months from 1100000 to an estimated 3.3 and close to 2000000 children are in desperate need of treatment due to severe acute malnutrition, anti brooks is a unicef regional child protection adviser for eastern and southern africa. he says this concern,
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the latest developments are hindering the progress that's already been made. the real standout figure is a 267 percent increase in somali beach, which is on the board, which is on the border with somalia. and one of the reasons which our marriage was high, but through a lot of engagement on keeping up in school and empowering go through different kinds of support clubs, reproductive. how they progress was being made. progress was being made on f, g m as well. and the side thing, and the big fear we have is that the progress made on may very, very quickly. the school is a major predictable route. see an environment where children can be tracked poverty . the fact that, you know, we're being told that the price, but our respect to marriott is much less than it would sometimes $2.00 or 3 girls. it gets married and it's 2 or 3 miles to feed in the house as well. so these are some of the drivers that are these into the child marriage in some of those areas. s g m, is the pretest marriage, the more getting cut them,
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it gets cut younger in order to get child married. married later marriage was 20 migrants and refugees have been on dead in the libyan desert. 2 weeks after all, contact was lost with the group. the bodies were found by a truck drive in the border with chad. libya has become a major transit points of migrants and refugees hoping to reach europe often through dangerous journey across the mediterranean sea. a criminal investigations been opened in the united states after 50 will. michael found dead in a truck in texas. they were discovered in the abandoned vehicle on the outskirts of some antonio on monday. officials say it's the greatest loss of life all wrinkled from a human trafficking attempt in the u. s. manuel rap alone has more a community still in shock in southern texas. on tuesday, the residence of san antonio visited the site were dozens of micro were found dead crammed into the back of a tractor trailer. under extreme conditions. most of the deceased are believed to
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be from mexico. mexican diplomats in san antonio visited area hospitals were survivors are being treated. in general, medical staff, the hospitals, i insist in general have indicated those injured are in a critical condition, suffering from neurological renal and hepatic failure. as well as internal bleeding, thousands of migrants have been using san antonio as a transit point in recent months. according to immigration, advocates in the us. all, many years say the tragedy that occurred on monday is a symptom of a broken immigration system. ridiculous as an elected official, i think that people need to get registered to vote out. people who don't care about this community at a vigil can be local residence, arrive to pay their respects and show their solidarity with all migrant seeking a better life. in the united states,
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migrants are going every day and if you start adding up one after another after another, we're on track. so this year, the deadliest years for migrant trying to cross into united states and i really big and it's important to have events like this to commemorate those lives that are loss unless you have that. but then that's not yet up from emotions are still high and san antonio. the last time something like this happened was in 2017. when 10 people died after being packed in the back of a tractor trailer, carrying as many as 200 micro vigil was organized by community members from the city of san antonio. many of whom have expressed a desire for public action to be taken to prevent more tragedies involving migrants and asylum seekers from ever happening again. agents from the us department of homeland security continued to work to identify the bodies and are treating this is one of the deadliest cases of human trafficking in the united states. in recent memory, manuel did up a little al, jazeera san antonio police,
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a full with people protesting against the government, and to raise capital lima. the demonstrators are demanding present federal castillo, increase teacher salaries on support for pension is the same as a former teacher and union leader, but he's faith, political gridlock and unrest. since he took off 6 months to truck drivers of declared an indefinite strike until more is done to tackle high fuel prices. dozens of truck drives knowledge and tina brought in a drunk says road to the capital to protest against fuel shortages and rising prices. cars were backed up for several kilometers until the demonstrators agreed to open up one lane to burn his iris. the government has promised to guarantee the supply of food fuel has been restricted by the war in ukraine. sheila, we continue to fight and the idea is to bring the voice of all truckers to mobilizing nationally on the diesel issue. and on the issue of right, we want before many prices start at minimum, right. and to include
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a triggered clothes that when fuel prices increase, so do outright, british socialite, good maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping financier jeffrey epstein, sexually abuse under age girls. she was convicted in december. the recruiting and grooming girls abstain during the 1919th early 2, thousands. gabriel alexander has moved from new york, shackled and wearing a blue prison uniform. gillan maxwell heard her fate from a judge at the end of a nearly 4 hours sentencing that saw several of her alleged victims give statements . sometimes looking directly at maxwell. one was sara ransom, who broke down in tears in court and said she twice tried to commit suicide after being victimized by maxwell. after the sentencing, she told me she was pleased. i'm feeling pretty amazing. okay, i'm feeling grey. i'm but there is. ah, you know, this is
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a 66 year journey for me. i incredible. high's some really, really, really deep blurs for me. maxwell briefly spoke in court, saying she was sorry for the pain. her victims felt, but she did not take responsibility for the crimes or where it's going through her when he heard you and speak in court. ah, gillan. gillian like so. for me they were just words. but they were words that i never thought out of a here as saying, i'm sorry, lawyers for the victims were satisfied with the outcome to day showed us that individuals can be held accountable irrespective of power and privilege. and u maxwell, the daughter of a british newspaper magnet, was once part of an elite global social circle that included some of the world's most powerful people. but at her month long trial, last december,
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prosecutor said she also facilitated the trafficking of women some as young as 14 to be sexually abused by her long time partner jeffrey epstein and allegedly other rich men. epstein was arrested in charge in july 2019. but was found dead in his jail cell a month later, before delivering her sentence, the judge said maxwell's crimes were heinous and predatory, and said she deserves a strong sentence. partially because of her lack of remorse. elaine maxwell is 60 years old. if she serves her entire sentence, that means she wouldn't be released until she's 80. gabriel's hondo out is it a new york, and our website is out there, dot com has an update of all the stories that we're covering here on out. so it's updated throughout the day ah.


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