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tv   Witness The Fight for Greenland  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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stories about drugs, crime and radicalization. tired of negative stereotype youth worker. the dna deary is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the story that we don't often hear told by the people who live them, then newly would. this is 0. on out of 0, talk to al jazeera, we ask you be more specific, how many probes are you asking for and what kind of military equipment we listen asked the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump and july for them, it's saying we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. ah
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hello, learned taylor and under the top stories on al jazeera, the only surviving member of a group that carried out deadly 2015 paris attacks has been found guilty of murder and terrorism. so lab islam was sentenced to life in prison, but his role in your tax, which left a $130.00 people dead. 19 others were also found guilty on charges related to the gun and bomb attacks. on november, the 13th 2015. the coordinated event was the worst attack in france is peace time history. the better law music venue, 6 bars and restaurants, and the perimeter of the stud divorce, national stadium. we're all targets. natasha. butler has more from paris. what we know so far is all 20 accused of being found guilty. now 19 of them had been found guilty of terrorism. one afford amongst them sala, up to slam the only surviving attack suspect a key is $32.00 belt and board french national. i,
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he said during the trial that he had an explosive belt, but he backed out of actually using it that he never wanted to kill people. but the judge said that that belt was in fact a faulty now sell out to slum said at the beginning of this trial that he was a soldier of i saw that he would remain silent. but he did go on to talk during this trial many times indeed sometimes contradict himself by the end of the trial in his final words to the court. just on monday, a couple of days ago i, he said that he was sorry for some of the victims, while the prosecutor said that they weren't taking any glass on board. they said that he was about, he knew exactly what he was doing, but his defense lawyers had said that he should be treated as a man who had made a grave errors or rather than a monster. but it seems that the court is decided otherwise. nato declared russia the most significant and direct threat to its security during the crucial summit in madrid. it onto plans to bolster its forces across europe,
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and step up military and financial support to ukraine. as it battles russian forces sector generally in stoughton berg says, keep can count on the lines for as long as it takes natalee. this her just taken positions to transform on strengths from our lawrence at this people told torn for our security press center. it turns war against to clean the house. shuttered piece in europe on has created the biggest security crisis in europe since the 2nd world war. nathan has responded with strength on unity on president landscape. so leadership, encourage orleans, bracing through all holes in while rescue. workers are continuing to comb through the rubble of a mall and ukraine's crumb and shook after struck by russian missile on monday. at least 18 people have been confirmed dead and another 20th still missing.
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authorities in the city of declared 3 days of morning. your singer r kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex offences. a jury in new york convicted the 55 year old racketeering and sex trafficking crimes. in september, the court said he committed the crimes over 3 decades and the music industry. the artist whose real name is robert sylvester kelly, has already spent close to 3 years behind bars. bomb white police in the indian state of registered have called the murder of a hindu man. an act of terror can high allow, was stabbed in the neck on tuesday. by 2, mostly men who posted the act on line. the killing comes after months of rising tensions between hindus and muslims, and her physic could spark further violence across the state. thousands of people in gunners capital across have gathered for a 2nd day of protest service, barley, inflation, right? police lined the streets, leading to the finance ministry after demonstrations turned violent on tuesday. and
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the bodies of 20 refugees and migrants had been found in southern libya. 2 weeks after all, contact with the group was lost. they were believed to be making their way to the mediterranean coast. when the driver got lost in the desert, the bodies were found by a truck driver, 120 kilometers from libya's southern border, with chad. as what else were is to stay with us here now to 0 witness is coming up . next, i'll be back with more news for you after that. thanks for watching bye. for now. ah. a
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always will give us a musical dilute follow. we got bending law on the blue middle the, like the lasted mickey to jump to does release have been, you know, the last, none of me knoxville of say, wow, be good out of the shipping it vision know immediately she never got a laugh. mueller. and i sent them a 2nd put you exhibit this is me and it in next door to get in there. but just come to set videos that are supposed to be our semesters. i have taught you not to ping on the silver or not dumber. if you go to wild daughter in a couple of, gosh,
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now the minister, the shuttle the scene in no, no, me wait a minute, i saw come i so soon she need i. so i'm in need a minute ditching. doyle, nickel, or net a thing in the middle of doing it and asking, no good me could salish and ask her name, lorna, me good size of done in me course. i sure so good. whether we should no, not copy, martha. benito achia, all of the meaner should show none dumb wouldn't cossack started in mid to noon, walk down when no one da ma'am in munich, casenita mittens, swat and now geffrey sing bmw ah
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ah! when come to to where he sits at the head of summers. margareta facility her facility here thing and if like to fix on the co record, take me sitting out. hello mark. yeah. hi. groom atlanta. i was either settled in awareness on yeah. yeah. was always phyllis, gave him a dimmer i gave her even more canada. exactly. there's and they came still way to cedar at dare. oh yeah, he's my poor will for gordon and interesting understand who puts his point. yes. is by at the ab believe doing well it at the police and he put it into the arbiter fritters. somebody digger a passed off of the fighting a dig,
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handled unquestioning, a received visitor cindy morn, ella v snoot care. it was gifted in denmark, some, some, some, some up ice partner. so as he debussy deborah before was ping file a dea barbie cast, double estimate of her by mon or eldest lucinda, to go in for that. certainly he enter. yeah, i was a help desk move for scarce gum mormon. gina both scarce come more. me up. how yellow can you assa? yeah, i cannot ignore. ling are helen. the boy harp submit a high candidates level after the lights will exit nyman as a discipline reindeer gill probably submitted our or they fall it. they have the se, kim hill, that is houston police exceed that. i did find that out. so now we're starting to put to you for that offer. yes. because fact is which we really is duty often add to cart. but she the party to bind in for you quincy because different knew so they something in stiff the can are for something a little. hello, sir,
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sir philip, i'm a lou with me, little mccallum, and we will be lead only do it. and will skin do i was going to say to the yellow, paler governor, that common. yeah, yeah. i think, yeah, yeah. if one of them you been with, like a year ago, did you go i would feel make good. no me. i will begin by that thought. wow.
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sound. if she does my youtube live in different amount of according to lydia go dental card. i stood over the hill to pay for her to the list. if the of your the i couldn't over here long for employ sheila, all same to mccula. there are, by the off was a miles he played you and get do for know. maybe if you talk to me it's hope i had you for let it take us gland mile. i'm nodding out from georgia. no, no. i'll be able some young men to the cheese image in arkansas like nan nan, nick, nick, i'm a lawyer. brittany, she'd done look done bullshit. the middle series. so at the beauty that of you know,
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the source on the whole scenario we've done about that, is it going to show him what we call it a lot of those awesome no need to finish it. all right? no good area. feel free to each for, to always talk to mrs. milan joke, but i didn't do it on the phone. you know, you know, as i said, i'm wondering if you know me who you are for food. would you happen to have someone at the motion at all? well, i think you are it among you enough are bound to school on them when you get in to get out of what you feel confident. what, what do you only comma in was none getting what should have done you come on, you're not planning on just a domino or something. i mean it's kind of but i am down went in the immediate optimum. i thought so. yes. so in middle school shop would need to know if they should do it with
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oh, i don't know how i lost a song as i as, as me now let's shoot it up on my new book after 2 theme running off. so m dana egg, a q is some ok of a saw, an air in my a cynical, neither elysee updated cookie up. no costume of jose. cannot i, daniel, is guilty of his anywhere where
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a cassette is gonna go to it's in also mail with top or dark. there's 11 of those sharon's off in the on either my key nice shit to me by to there was a mountain big is only goes on without a minute. now making it thumb is also so nation on and when they are so he can acquire cigna alika. there i learn what song one is the high chimney her. it's also a sh. who are gina gun a minute ago was a kia soul warner. she was only messina, go should only machines oscar stuner now look i to use. i also am a girl adult gala. look only my diapers. all thou are done. damn at. messina, goshen no known insult. shocked, omni dazzles. immune was also immune or too soon immune nakeila to
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the only o t m hard disk. it did to my gum are de mongolia hess. last so long. oh, half the old birthday misery. i cure necessarily. bell with a playful this find me out. so size. now, when i difficult ball hold they after i read those, i want damper skates, escamilla the mom or dad handle sameness other middle of august or leave them her focus for non
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se, how that the helium so they have a band m r. apply for mia? so l to their sorta tank are still moist. l there as a camila dammon who care by clar man. okay, clarify those felon. okay clar than them? yeah. the after the 1st but gang them in a still did a hailey sort a games are familiar. okay. it's gonna come again under as if you get is and so the figure isn't as if he going to start a gear. this is bill start a gear telecom, again, data, supersonic, a got cloudy, a stack on your toy, getting a band me a 2nd disconnect. go as a, there's a fellow gabe in atlanta monday. okay. as a, as a lisa, like somebody actually just a sim. he couldn't say if i started a headphone 40. if i can listen for mr.
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leave would still hate constance matter. leave 1st open, who says earnings madison for cool. go for to then my follow me to see leon evans will skip the new scene and can kick harry truman vicky up our key from what about any? it's going to plug in a only take a minute here just out of high half a 1000000 or the yeah. sales seat in london bay to shoot. she got it. we're going to fall
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lena. as soon to hack. hadn't seemed like events. marcy, i i i good on. i'm glad i got of. i'm sicilian, nobody wanted one. so yeah, yeah, my name. yes and gosh on. do i lose? she was shown to where your school, i'm kind i know hill park in a hot out an ocean o'bonham to for to crim how something called amazon bob item for austin for since then saw related to something that they really, madeline in for my a buffer to them notice, but i said over, do you think i am da da, mounting him and getting good is done. okay. yeah, a really big mosquito did. yeah. and then in the gwinnett says, it's in gay point,
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every food and i don't know tissue. and i just wanna put a dog for pinnacle which ah, so ah, in the afternoon. oh, i can swan i go dominic.
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oh me i ah a so hold condition mother who enjoy in when a coming so much because i not only gonna ship to shannon neither can the actual cookie salon shamal not i said the cubic feet and that diver, i'm nika, nash it, to pull out happy a continuous, i'm with dish ah, i did fill up a with,
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[000:00:00;00] with your, with we really had you log on to story. was on the notes by magazine or sweden, portal or school. some up as but so glad things are interest phyllis, game fish on top. come annoying, they go got tank or going any idea not madame like i'm a fan or up vo decay yet, but i asked him about, oh my god, focus school on word attempts is i'm word a minute. did to go 7 said you gimme a sill banning function or you're going to feel that
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a bit if i stick to lebanon soon. hello, so monolith, lamb for by some up i spits amena discussed some. i think this goes up c condo. well, i didn't know i didn't really have to come new off and i know you see a flu come new and making a comment is not a survey bar. move on to some in the mid mid mid to weeks got a thing, boswell. but if the space gave, if we go to the exact base from the start button, ok, you know some of the he liked awful beam. i don't know. forced over. he's to pieced
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ministry. so i have to meet you. thought in unity subdued a means any politic i meant there up was to to let you hope i did get behind us have oddison is the got a some shooter. some of i assume on some hearty skit, a, him, some of your but he kicked vasectomy the image. you still are up to still a spokesman, a d couldn't d scalars from your set up. mm hm. n, as in sam s v a sam abide on data ela vicky is tana, namely voice oo said about it always fun to do. 14 avenue is alabaster to that we've got it may be can't for a hindi in probably spend escape a 1000000 patina but faster. suppose get over to as
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a who found for advantage only hen and fall in need of some dia called awesome job id numbers of us that are up north pole is i'm sure be sca substitute patsy, and there's hope all the high. i'm kidding. you have much higher to it's hollow percent must gain some events in the garden then sky lenders to receive funds from my pre med. that's all. oh no. come what wound for dish to what do you see? telephone doesn't play my finance. the whole stop with income because data nor to reset it then spoil. so come on, foreign sharpening or judged or talk to me. ah, i'll say sits in this
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a little thing as you and then you can of course after. so can of course optic, but ignore this stuff which is just mean it said that they can san about to time clock be shown for each space, gave a special tool commander. we just got with all the big waste failures cable, it's a gallon put on a gallon for then knock a coffee on. the moon's got big one and i think i'd like to take the readings. got gotten that mega story. pope. i've got gotten that model test to sam up i spoke to the high high called the hole for italy, supanik respectively grass a hope i will come in. it is up to my income or to present at i got to take about 2 to come in. it was in some admin, date costa deal, tulsa, need them to will firm,
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and i will, will, evident before when that whole start post. well, come, pearl for the media under missouri beforehand. i stephanie this data here because those journalists in the faith violently the 1st thing price is that these are some of the 10s of thousands of people trying to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making welcome to generation chains and rivals broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight for al jazeera english proud recipient. the new york festivals broadcast year. the year award for the 6 year running in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you can't solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could keep 36 years on
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a family's quest for justice reveal systemic resistance to prosecution. it must be conflict for taking my father away from me. and exclude is the influence, the former a part i just stablish mon, still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people impair investigation on al jazeera, to some, a low boat is a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple that android today can be dearly humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. alger 0 documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this machine owner because it
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lou hulu and lauren taylor and under the top stories are now to sierra, the only surviving member of a group that carried out the deadly 2015 of paris attacks has been found guilty of murder and terrorism. sela islam was sentenced to life in prison. his role in their tax, which left a $130.00 people dead. 19 others were also found guilty on charges related to the gun and bomb attacks. on november, 13th, 2015. the coordinated event was the worst attack in france as piece time history. the batter, clark, music venue, 6 bars and restaurants, and the perimeter. the stud divorce, national stadium, we're all targets. natasha butler has more from paris. all 20 accused of being found a guilty now. 19 of them have been found guilty of terrorism one afford amongst them sala, up to slam the only surviving attack. suspect i,
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he is $32.00 belgian board, french national i, he said during the trial that he had an explosive belt, but he backed out of actually using it, but he never wanted to kill people. but the judge said that that belt was in fact a faulty nato has declared russia at the most significant and direct threat to its security during a crucial summit in madrid. the lines plans to bolster its forces across europe and step up military and financial support to ukraine as it battles russian forces sector general. yet stoughton burks as keith can count on the alliance for as long as it takes rescue work as a continuing to comb through the rubble of a mole and ukraine's crime and shook after it was struck by a russian missile. on monday. at least 18 people have been confirmed dead. and another 20 is still missing. police in the indian state of roger stun have called the murder of a hindu man. an act of terror. can hire love was stabbed in the neck on tuesday by
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2 muslim men who posted the act on line. the king comes after months of rising tensions between hindus and muslims. you are a singer r. kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex offences. a jury in new york convicted the 55 year old racketeering and sex trafficking crimes. in september, the court said he committed the crimes over 3 decades in the music industry. because of the top stories to stay with us, witness continues. next,
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i'm evac with news our after that i for now me the
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news to how we close at the the i me some of us at the nuclear team and then my sort of time think i at least get us into me. oh, hanging at then mike, research in san francisco and then must have really will be headed below been so really the believe lead me,
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collins before at the risk and hoping that god knows it was always been very fishkill for the we cannot popping the risk and what's been happening on time to be at risk and know hoping and then i'll call the social among the a me letter a lot in not the so i'm so good drama. look,
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look the dam gotcha. to talk english off or low or miss miller in. so come in lieu, dan, so he'll of out. ah, now he's militants, so the denmark shall my mistake. darker still not the oil pulling the golden nolan. i'm going to go up all of these in the mom, she steaming glass, and then as soon as i sing wattsey, connie got this disk usage with bill, not com living. and i'm scholars pulling off to now another it will not be soft on mine. i. he'll knock off that anchor missouri is to boy gordon n o bir lisa, leah taylor going minsk issues e get those get settled dead for taylor all the nits out today. and so linds to you for the via colette. this is to click on landscape. i said,
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understood s good. they're pissed just in the continent, and ask about, clear and seen nobody ever was promised manning i think my sample for, sorry. oh, i want to let me know. so we're waiting for flu shipped camino said on this. but as soon as i'm that he's back, i'm gonna teach dependent to know i could do, no one would guess why? because he has horrible service guy, but the guy, the hed international inventor casino swan and the funny to need. and mocking me up on this subject. i mean, you know, who's with oh, okay,
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it says vision box come into this office. i did not. ah with the new mandate mckesson, there's nines a thing . mm hm. ah
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oh oh i said if i ship with origin coast off of my.
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2 ringback ah she's alone as you may notice, so sherman and the good to you minute until again, nick also of book susan to me to leave to since he nita. mm hm. mm. oh.
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a ah, a mission and it pushes which means alpha know monday i was you know, sexual. oh, jazz or uncle. she come sunday never. i'll clinton, i mean, dental vision, wife, all possible political locally can be for soon as you know in on clinic if we could said more in solar gear.
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melissa lou for answer in knowing cinema. and because they, they am pena cannot that because that way they can and a divide. and the cell more dain, fuck is events that are more like i know them and leave them on data to buy there by a family of the 5000000 a year, k. give them a pretty good thing or dignity. so she is a citizen to push on mine and go this she said to own opinion, shannon was a phone call for universal. awesome taylor as well. the and i'm students pay with
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in signal lowest with typical anywhere for some hardy some for doing this in the heart of it. i said most of the sticker big bob short hoity forward to voice before me. so i got a note, a call with this meta a bang for a bang for taylor, i'm day cinnamon f a n n a. so us got a reply, a personal beer known all the heat. my men is going to go so more
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ah so my stick is bother to it is a good thing. moving it up in a nasa. and these are some kitchen by nasa and i are in europe. i forget about. that'll also make, i'm not going to go for the g o for any but. sure. i nice. i mean, nick and nasa only got me go back to you. i wouldn't have been in a no actual cell or so on the good in, in the diagonal. now i was born because i'm not like to get a nasa because i'm with i know so i think it gets it though my view. so my so much in naples it so some
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talk with the comment of some ah, she ish nish in your shop. the new yeah. yeah. well in the, in it's up to lansing you willis. downstairs going for skills for land or before or down for higher should info from the the students again q stim for empty. please hold on my osu desk, meaning you or your employer. you heard me medium. i'm doing a passport. has some i mean, meaning hancock?
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meaning that skills been here with you? again? my policy that that's why don't hurry over the corner pergola in school and the harmon or joint a sport pneumonia helped us explain it. okay. that totally appear that from the time on. often by harrison middlebury, a tall by gone in to the backend, saw mom mia in mentor. us in unique i needed to allow been missed out. i can come. so be careful when i was under my dentist to come to can i show or defend the band be funding to spike a while this politic on a bill that i did not receive then? yeah. separate. okay. miss i forgot. is a busy day ma'am. will one day pause. crazy scared don't. if we hang in peace,
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we will call me up a while. then says tindle been buying all mo, little. what an escape? good at that pike. no, i got no bog. we anywhere. mosquito. so really high a talk body, of course the polish it's denise calden, multiplayer pike. now mr. all is is d b f, a full chair, hallucinate or stroke and chair with good president trump watched my green last. i guess my 1st words of your voice was joking. that can we by greenland, essentially it's a large real estate deal. lot of things can be done. no knock would be soon enough to walk them a cash or sheet or not. yeah. that will embed elena didn't money in that day,
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and like them and the out of the lydia lydia. but i'm trying to get to talk with however, dollars from school is different. cindy, when stint in the in l. e l. a. i trump, she was a peek. attribute fight caruana's great to settle. a set of stories, a cooper at the dea a. accordingly for split lisa. lisa willis, gabby still for then for new service, animal bites and we have a whole for a meal salvo academy. leo. good luck with young movie. a. a case a double sided with very soon and then is going to see alana vet the loose at by they'd put my boss in
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a pink corner that bob on legal to fill. was it a little bit wanted to go mia? all for dan's gonna be appliances, but deep wouldn't then don't truck comes out and says he'd like to buy agree land. how did that go down? how did people react? it was a very, very big job. yeah. really, it's very difficult to take it serious that he actually wants to buy green and how would you describe what you've been doing for the last couple of years? i feel we're slowly making a change. i speak enough about the taboos and especially about suicide and social problems and child neglect. would you attribute those higher rate of suicide to the problems that you're describing?
11:51 pm
i mean that comedy for all of them, but yeah, everything. everything is linked to a generation of parents who are having a call the parents, but we are at the new generation. wow. breaking this very unhealthy cycle. and we are slowly changing myself. but what was going on in your parents generation they tried to make this danish, my, my mom was sent to the mark when she was 11. to become a dane. yeah. ah format. now like i said, should keys i good voice, i'm about to share. i'm begging to skip
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new and new to chain money or some deceptively more mission plan. and then my check us by the dash i yes she 1st i yes ah a i got you to look, can i help you? hi. so bill gotten only. okay, so with a she that got
11:53 pm
you so you so we know where to find you in july, so it got really starting a book. you sold it so you got a guy who did not go above the guy with
11:54 pm
a $50.00 fee that was about something a good a a, a a
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a asking clover. well, i mean it think baby a teen unless she's a trump mistress. yeah. they know saying yeah, bunker was, can chew of us when i was all for sabrina. i suppose she would then indigenous and 1st nations fear a plenty of fun when we plug to handle, our sojourn sister will be hunted. looks just madame, disconnect it further than mac. and de la, my ah, to come up not. and it's, it's about when that guy got alone hidden, it's just
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a simple divorce. come through and it's for alice tell it they're both sustained. the customer said this is sharon victor, grandmother lee ann scott. i think bound sco box up in lan involved follicle kenneth hit
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fees. gestalt, o d, colina, they are, you know, a single by up when i, she won't even look guilty, knows edition email that i knew that is mcgill from his. i'll no not been no longer the be sure to teacher won't meet simply be any good official on the reunion. this is if the goal i'm going to fight this is dollars has not green and i need to know should meet at the doctors and the 2 guys are missing. you don't want to go up and emit to noon. should continue to emit in social financial at noon netting
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asterisk or something regarding the best person in the dentist and i in ah ah ah ah hello,
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we have got the possibility of flooding across parts of east austria over the next few days. quite a bit of cloud. shang, upon the satellite pitcher la shirey outbreak said your possibility into coastal parts of queensland, just running up to ward sir cans. do some wet weather, some cold weather in place, just around the top hand and still a chance of one or 2 showers down towards the victoria the southern parts of new south west. for the most part it is dry. having said that 19 celsius over the next couple of days there flora perth w. a looking pretty good because he had a wet weather. does pap hop even in land parts of queensland? seeing some rather heavy downpours. here we go on to was to we can some of the showers stretching the way into that east side of the south. well, just around the great dividing range, 13 cell should be brightening up in melbourne hopefully. brightening up the hobbits as well. why weather will gradually make his way towards new 0, but not too bad, at least over the next day or so. it really could be that east coast. we had to
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keep an eye out for some very heavy rain heavy rain to making its way across the korean peninsula band of very disturbed weather moving in across north korea. sliding in to south korea. japan stays hot over the next few days with a heat wave continuing. ah, india is that a heat wave is 19 glazes across the country, destroying people's health homes and live one on one e. investigate india on fire on al jazeera ah al jazeera,


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