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tv   People Power South Africa My Father Died For This  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2022 1:30am-2:00am AST

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the suki shi might nuclear plant accident. this heat wave comes less than 2 weeks before a national election. heil voters concerns the price of electricity and according to opinion polls, an issue causing a dip and key. she does approval ratings. quite often goal model. and while people wait for the temperature to drop, they're doing all they can to stay cool. sonya gaggle al jazeera, an armed gang who rated a dutch art fair on tuesday, and believe to stolen a necklace worth at least $28000000.00. witnesses told local media, the 4 men took a rare yellow diamond necklace. from the event in the city of ma street, the theme stole a piece of jewelry in broad daylight, smashing its glass case with a sledge hammer. police later arrested to belgian men, but their lawyers say it's a misunderstanding. ah,
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reminder, the top stories around his era, nato declared russia the most significant and direct threat to its security during a crucial summit in madrid. in irons plans to bolster its forces across europe and step up military and financial support to ukraine. as it battles russian forces sector general. yet stoughton bokes, as keith can count on the alliance for as long as it takes made the lee. this. however, i've just taken the assistance to transform on strength from our lawrence up. this people told torn for our security person to tunes war against cyclone house, shattered piece in europe, and has created the biggest security crisis in europe since the 2nd world war. made laws respond lube with strength and unity on presidents, landscape leadership and courage. orland inspiration to all of us
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when all rescue workers are continuing to come through the rubble of a mole and ukraine's crumb and shook after struck by a russian missile on monday, at least 18 people have been confirmed dead than other 20 is still missing. the only surviving member of a group that carried out the deadly 2015 paris attacks has been found guilty of murder and terrorism. set up this law was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the attacks which left 130 people dead. 19 others were also found guilty on charges related to the gun. the bomb attacks on november 13th, 2015. the coordinated event was the worst attack in france as peace time history. police in the indian set of russia, stars have called the murder of a hindu man. an act of terror and higher law was stopped in the neck on tuesday by 2 muslim men posted the act online. killing comes after months of rising tensions
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between hindus and muslims. you're saying it all, county has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for effects offenses. a jury and new york convicted the 55 year old racketeering and sex trafficking crimes. in september, the court said he committed the crimes. i was 3 decades in the music industry. he's already spent close to 3 years behind boss. there's lots of stories to stay with. a lot of people in power is coming up next. thanks for watching bye. for now. india is a huge way. this is 900 glazes across the country, destroying people's help homes. unlike want to investigate india on fire. on al jazeera, me africa is apartheid regime for to cling on to power. in the latter, the 20th century,
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it routinely imprisons tortured and murdered its opponents. controversially, many of those crimes went on punished in the years of reconciliation that followed, but the families of victims have never given up hopes of justice. this is the remarkable joy of one man's breath. i to hold his father's killer to account i. it's light a blind till the 27th of june, 1985 in a remote region of apartheid south africa for young activists returning home to credit. the tiny town in the east and cape, not a level if they followed by security police force off the road. is that
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an eye doctor? it they'll never be seen alive again. 36 years later, the families of these men still white for the murderers. and those who ordered the deaths to be brought to justice. my father fought kilometer messy gordon. anyway, spectrum conference gum fowley. they were killed in 1985. these files here. ah, apartheid basically documents it proves beyond any shadow of adopt that my father was killed by, by the appropriate government or the death of the credit for as they came to be known, caused local and international outrage. 60000 people attended the funeral. they
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hadn't expected that the revolution would actually come from the middle of the crew . in a small town like this theory, the anger would sprayed the state, clamped down on black south africans. the government banged the funeral in. this is my 1st memory of my dad to then it's to funeral. so later that afternoon, the government then became a state of emergency. the apartheid state didn't, however, find any one culpable of the mood as of the credit for but a decade later, off to white rule came to an end. a truce commission was set up to invite to get crimes like these. it was dub the t r c. the monday a lotta. the conyers mother was one of the 1st to testify at the t. r. c. grin. and i was team 20 anytime. and i couldn't handle this. so i was thinking to and if it
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is and when i. 2 me was cry terribly. the testimony of victims may i was soon followed by that of perpetrators. one of them was the man who personally killed fort gelato. eric taylor, a former security policeman. i hit mister carter from behind this he b. i'm r chick. approximate the way they hate joins they make your own that was who fell to the ground. this was what i was under the impression that he was on the conditions on the other. so then the other black men raised stabbed him with knives. i was 3 years old. you know, my mother was pregnant, but for little girl, my older sister was 9 years old. my mother was 26. my father was twin and are a shockingly foot palatez. murder is just one of hundreds from the
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a parted era that have yet to be prosecuted. the question is, was just want to pull, was there intelligence con howard varney, a human rights lawyer has been pursuing these cases for decades. a t r c handed over a list of some 400 cases. as far back as the late 19 nineties and next to nothing has happened since those those families of course have been pushing for answers, particularly in cases where amnesty was denied. mr. taylor, have a look at paragraph for iraq. taylor was one of those was denied amnesty, in part because he wouldn't reveal, had given him his orders. if this is through a pack of lies, headpiece has been told with this committee, but the state chose not to prosecute men like eric taylor in all those above him. they chose not to because
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a political decision was taken at the highest political level post 2002. and that decision was there will be no justice in any of these cases, prosecutors and police investigators were instructed to simply don tools. but connie has been seeking justice for his father's death since the t r. c's work ended back in 2003. those attempts have been swatted at every turn. the credit for is a case in point. the investigation docket disappeared out of the offices of the national prosecuting authority, but typically with a docket disappears, we know why it disappeared. it's because somebody doesn't want to see justice done in that case. and the fact that it has disappeared from the headquarters of the national prosecutor authority is deeply alarming. and yet we see no alarm being expressed by the national prosecuting authority. we had come to the cape town,
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central police station, obviously to come and open a charge of theft against the national prosecuting authority. when mister carlotta tried to open up the case, he was ignored for more than a year. he begged the investigating officers to look into why that docket was removed and has never been found. once we came here, we were then told that we can't really open the case. we had to write to the commission of police and said, if you want to open up a docket, we'll see you in court. finally, after intervention from our lawyers, and from the office of the commissioner and the minister, we were at least able to open the case. if i looks at the little progress that has been made over the last few years, it's only been by because the families have made an effort. but because the police have decided to take up the cases, we not having any luck with the national prosecuting authority. despite on many requests, but neither the prosecuting authority or the department of justice granted us into
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views. what evidence concrete evidence do you have that there was high level political interference? well, the concrete evidence comes from mccully himself. was he mccauley was the head of south africa's national prosecuting authority, also known as the mpa from 2005 to 2007. the direct interference that, that, that i experienced was when the minister viewed my bundle. she thought that when would proceeding with the prosecutions richard mc bandler was the minister of justice at the time. she declined to be interviewed. but in a statement said that the call is claim in relation to my service is untrue. the prosecutions in question were against 2 senior partied officials. audrey, i'm flock, former minister of law, and order and your hon from the mover, former commissioner of police. they were accused of the attempted murder of
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reverend frank to connie, a high profile antea party activist. we are under pressure from the government to give light sentences for the attempted murder of river french academy. no. and in the prison for licenses i was under pressure not to even go ahead. with the case itself. that's the pressure that they said they got to what tenure suspended sentences. why was it a pressure on you not to pursue these cases from the n c government? was the fellow yes. there was a fear within the prosecuting, but the general would also mean members of the sea are still being prosecuted. the liberation of, even though they fight for just cause happened,
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it was gross human rights violations only bobbins or the german lawyer and legal researcher investigation. why after the t or c ended prosecutions have stolen, the n c abroad had a structure called the national if he'd be very high ranking and you all the zoom are and saw a very strong evidence for drawing a direct line from orders and instructions given by the n b c, there was a left by a campaign, for instance, in the eighty's, the liberation left mines streets. obviously a lot of civilian died from the the church bond in there because f o r l in the eighty's, which was also directly in front of by the c 19 died and 217 were wounded, many of them civilians. then pippins told us just how much influence
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the former party establishment still wielded in the new south africa. ready lawyer acting on the all the accused in the she karma made a direct call to context. that lawyer is young wagner, a former state attorney for the old regime, who since represented many former parties, security forces, all of the whole situation was suspended. they, the security police side was able to pressure the suspension by using inflammation . they had the cranky on crimes committed by the liberation movement and use this as a very good tool. pressure with government team would want that case to go ahead. it even been able to get a bug and it was a big struggle. the least that we able to do was to make sure that their own to have criminal court that such as the best that it,
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that you could do under the circumstances. in 2007 full confirmed the murder both received suspended sentences. since then, the no further reporting era prosecution of the security policy through i even collect investigation docket. move out yes. the secret parent. i asked a question to look at the government at work and me lay some of these things on for you here. this official reluctance to prosecute the crimes of the past has left the pursuit of justice in the hands of ordinary citizens. like the canoe and the over the years he's accumulated a mountain of evidence for which implicates not just the trigger polars, but also those who gave them their orders. one of them says laconia was adrien fluke, the man prosecuted by the kole. on the 5th of june, i then flung visits, croak takes a drive to wait, where we stayed, and my mum remembers thinking, oh,
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that's flock because she was looking at him through the window on the 6th of june, flock shade a meeting of the eastern province joint management center and then on the 7th of june, this militaristic is sent to the states to go to council. this signal recommends the permanent removal from society of method granola, bull ella, good, newer and fort collab. permanently removed from society. for decades, apartheid officials have steadfastly denied, but the use of this phrase was in order to kill the spot in 1989 judicial inquiry concluding that amounted to a death warrant i sanctioned. at the highest level we interviewed our gym flock, who's known as eighty's. we asked him if he was involved in planning the killings
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of the credit for i really had no authority to do the sorting of things. i, i, i went to do to dc areas. i asked the security forces to give me a briefing, what is going on, what is the situation? but i could not give them instructions to kill people. my authority says as far as i said, lock them up. but later in the interview, that flock made a startling admission. there was definitely an order that found its way into the state security council saying i must be permanently removed from society. what does that mean to remove a person from the society? or you know, we, we, in the, in is to say, security council. we are very careful not to tell, not to say and to, to make a note and to every day in a minute or to kill anybody. so we would say a at a move, a person from the society at a movie and her,
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you know, it never, nobody said killing. but we, i, i thought it probably, it was meant if you can't solve the problem by the moving the guy, then you could killer. you thought that then not, not conscious. but after was thinking back, i must admit that i realized as was a possibility. none of these things would have escaped to some one, like former president, f w hd o'clock. there was actual proof of his attendance to some of those states occurred to cancel meetings. if w to clerk was south africa's last white president, his foundation didn't respond to our interview requests to make it clear from the out. but he's previously strenuously denied allegations that he sanctioned or knew about any political murders. i have never been thought of any decision taken by
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cabinet. the state security council or any comedy authorizing or instructing the commission of such gross violations of human rights. but without actual prosecutions. the full truth behind such killings when never come to light of what has come to light though, is that the agency government and its apartheid era counterparts held secretly go she ations intended to ensure that such prosecutions would never happen. the talk started off the main part of the 1998 until about 2003 on the title of the police. i spoke with the fall on national commission on maga. even s w, declare acted on the police. the frame as law on the side of the gun. iranian government officially, among other becky,
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vice president, president, adf general. they engaged in haul starting tomorrow. there was a great interest off the government and to avoid trials. this requires quite differently. they put together a team of people who call the amnesty tossed him secret body. well, they talked him successor 5 secret. and this and he tossed team was given the following direction. come up with recommendations to somehow guarantee impunity for people on all sides. the secret amnesty arrangement might well have succeeded. if vonnie and other human rights lawyers hadn't intervened we. we opposed most of those applications on the basis that it was held secretly until we picked up the 1st we didn't even know he was applying victims themselves. couldn't make any representations, but in the face of mounting legal pressure applied of decades,
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the m p a might now finally be forced to act. we have had to apply pressure, constant pressure. today i'm happy to report that the office of the deputy public prosecutor is now guiding the investigation into the motors of the credit for which to de la conyers. joining a call with the director for priority crime investigations. dpi, i need to close out, was speaking nice. clifford marian, who's a lead investigator that was appointed by the foundation for human rights. that's the human rights organization representing laconia and his family. the murder dock, it's been shell for so long that marian must now re brief. stayed investigators about the own case with all known
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example alive or did a lot. but when we tried to track down eric taylor, why his son, we are mirth. some bad news. dear old and i'm a reporter with al jazeera and we would love to talk to eric and wondered if you could put us in touch with my father or brother your father. so he passed away november 2016. that's from elden taylor. facebook. eric taylor's profile is still active about a year before his death. it shows him cradling what looks like his grandchild. and it looks like he's smiling. and someone says, you look like a father that knows about changing that piece, making a buckle and but i can your child's when
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get it. my son knows absolutely nothing about his grandfather. i struggle to raise my son today. there's been many days when i have no clue as to whether what i'm doing in raising my son, whether i'm doing the right thing as a father. because this bastard here took my father away from me. dr. is holding his grandson or grandchild eric taylor. and the blue one that had anything to do with my father's death,
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they'll must all be investigated, they must be prosecuted, and they must all be convicted for taking my father away from me. thank you for after all, that's transpired. laconia decides it's time for him to travel back to craddock, his childhood home. it's back there that his family's history and that of the i and see a deeply entwined his great grandfather, james, author. carlotta was an agency luminary in 1936. he was elected secretary general with in the african national congress. by the time he handed over power in 1949 and they and he was in such good standing that they could been kick off the defiance campaigns of the 1950s. we're on our way to credit to go
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and update my mother. there is some activities that are beginning to show progress. hello, how are you? i'm on. i can move this one progress. it's been so long, but it's just something that i can't work out in get peace when can be until the day i know what happening and then i will made it to myself again. you step lead in my life. like in your mind when i have another meeting and then we'll get an update from from the hawks again to see how far they've gotten with the investigation then. and then we'll see in the morning the family was at faults,
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grave. the news of taylor's death has affected them deeply. if we could have eric taylor ending day, telling them all truth about what happened that evening. that alone would have made me another person would have changed my life. would it take me out of the cliff in the morning that doesn't stop within me when the agency came into power were really having a beak hope that things is going to change. but unfortunately, it's so painful, and i don't even think they know who their credit for is we asked the agency to address this issue of delayed prosecutions. why is that taken? so it's, it's, you know, there's no reason there's no explanation for that. it could have been lack of focus, it could have been bad planning. not being privatized properly. christian, i do. the agency lawyer we interviewed, denied any knowledge of
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a secret amnesty arrangement. i mother, we up in the agreement regarding non prosecution, all perpetrators of a part of it are crimes, some methods would have slipped through the cracks and this would have been one of them. i presume he also told us that the agency has now, after 18 years, recently started supporting prosecution agencies. now fully on board we, we've worked since last year. we doing about 5. we're looking at investigating 5 matters at the moment in 3 different provinces. we hoping to move that along to about 15 this year on his final day and credit. look on your visits for the 1st time. a memorial set up in honor of the credit for this is really so heartbreaking . letters are missing. so it's been w good. anyway, i like them, her own contour, and a long chloe where, where are the rest of the letters? where are the rest of the names?
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what is this in wise laying here? i mean, why is it lane? yeah. you know, we told the agency we told them that we could not trust them. we told them that we could not entrust all father's legacy to them. i honestly, i didn't think it would look very bad. can i can you kilometer has an uphill battle. it's always difficult to, to investigate a case that is decor told because witnesses have died. suspects have died, memories fade. and so much cover up has taken place. but look on your remains resolute. the legacy of the criminal toys is so much more than just power for
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us, is more about honoring their lives in the legacies of people who gave their lives for us to be free. so long as families want justice to be done, then justice needs to be done because the rights of, of those families need to be vindicated. and it's not a question about just letting bygones be bygones. if we are happy to, to let several 100 murders be swept under the carpet and what's to say that we wouldn't be happy to do that again in the future. ah, july on al jazeera, hong kong marks 25 years since it's handed over from british to chinese rule, but with china's cracked on an opposing voices and then texted us citizens. what does the future hold from their headlines to the unreported. people empower
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investigates. they use an abusive power around the wow. tennesseans voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the arab spring uprising? as india suffers unprecedented heat wave? one o, one e goes to the fiery heart of the crisis center goal heads to the poles with the main opposition parties uniting, can the vessel power away from the ruling party, july on al jazeera, outside of the conflict from the ukraine. how concerned should we be about designed to build on we bring the stories in different months that are rapidly changing the world we live in, because the one become roches new dollars. it becoming rushes new dawn counting the coast on al jazeera. ah.


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