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tv   Witness The Fight for Greenland  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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and the police violently dispersing crisis. these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to flee, cobble inspired to program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to apply for it and al jazeera indies, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera for lo, i'm adrian finnegan, in doha, with a summary of the news analysis europe. russia says that its forces withdrawn from ukraine strategic outpost in the black sea snake island. the kremlin says that it pulled out as a good will gesture, as part of regional efforts to open
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a humanitarian corridor to export grain from ukraine. it asked when comes after ukraine launched several raids on russian forces on the island are diplomatic, added to james bay's reports from madrid. this is a deal mainly involving turkey and the turkish navy. i'm turkey has been involved in lots of the negotiations along with senior. you and officials, i will, i think learn a little bit more of that in the coming hours because president erred won is giving a news conference here. and it's lightly he'll be asked about it. clearly ukraine is on board. the question is whether russia and turkey are on board and what final communications have to happen between the 2 presidents before this deal, which looks quite lightly now, can finally be done in the course is not done until everyone agrees. meanwhile, native leaders have wrapped up their summit in the spanish capital madrid. they approved a new strategy in the face of the war in ukraine and deemed russia the most significant
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and direct threat since the cold war. we've faced the most serious security situation in decades. but we are, i seem to the challenge with unity, i'll dissolve the decisions you have taken in madrid will ensure that our reliance continued to preserve, preserve peace, prevent conflict, and protect the people and our values. europe on north america, standing together in april. israel is to hold its 5th election in 4 years after politicians voted to dissolve parliament. though to set for november, 1st, foreign affairs minister at yale appeared will take over until a new government is formed. natalie bennett, who served just one year in office as prime minister upset on wednesday, that he won't be standing in the upcoming election. thousands of people are protesting in sir dan's capitol against ongoing military rule in the country. a 15 year old protest was killed during civil or protests on wednesday. at least 103
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people have been killed during crackdowns. since the delivery took over last october, thursday marks 33 years since omar alba, sheer seized power in sudan in a qu. ferdinand marco's julia has been sworn in as president of the philippines. he's the son of a former president who many describe as a dictator. time mark was one, a landslide victory and the election in may. he had help from his running mate, solid 30. who's the daughter of the outgoing president of the 0? joel alan duncan in manila has more on the inauguration. his analogy reason is quite different. it was a bit more grand and those of his free disasters of the dare. and aquino, yet more parade more pop than usual, but that was slowly, you know, we neutralized but he is much more sober speech where he basically reached out to the public to the country or reconciliation. it's been
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a deeply divisive election and election and he said, even go during the campaign. he did not say much. he intends to live up to all of his promises within the next year. it's quite spectacular. i mean, the marcus resurgence really is a product of decades of well funded, well orchestrated campaign to revise history. and in this year's election. what happened is his massive machinery of online propaganda, including myth making, coupled with his own families, vast wealth and his alliance with that there to really be the weight for his presidency. i mean, it's shocking for many of the, of the global audience, but it's something that's been built over the years. i mean, there is no way that the opposition was able to going to come up and fight against this massive missionary of the march of 17. 31000000 votes. unprecedented since the 960 china as president sheesh and ping has arrived in hong kong to mock the 25th anniversary of a turnbook from the u. k. to mainland china. up the territory is imposed heightened
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security measures for the celebrations. guests to quarantine head of she's arrival . it's the 1st time he's left mainland china since the beginning of the pandemic. there's the headline. studies continues here on al jazeera after witness coming up next. ah. a
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his wasn't. it was when you just put on the apollo can continue to what are your comments build a minute? we're going to send you a welcome. you're welcome. thank didn't via morgan or the morgan motors in ny. it's wanted me to see them come home until i did try to match up. my example of i know started a hold of kimberly me boy as a denmark, going to going land when she's landing, they live all men most of make on campus borlin than foss come, you know,
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supply via mid to this is dale. i'm into adela. yes, pasquale then mux on the i a die dan scott. them? yeah. past although i job i call in yes, so there was savannah, who just had she even of swan against nurses in oklahoma. and i could go up to the soon as you decided children. so thank you usually go for each with we always have a musical da will follow. we got bending law on all come. i like united mcgee,
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just does with glass. none of me knoxville of say wow. 6 be good out of the shipping it vision know the minute the re she never got a lot. mueller. and i sent them a 2nd. please give it to me. this is me and it in next door to get in. yeah. but just come to set it up. it's pretty much i have to attend to being on the silver or not dumber. if you go to a while to obtain a couple, get us not the ministry shuttle the ocean. no,
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no me. when i saw come, i shall soon she had i. so i'm in a minute ditching doyle and go to teaching it and asking me, could salish and ask him no warning done in the course. i sure would, when it was, you know, not comp being, you know, you mean should show none dumb and immune to new down when been done, let me send you to me . ah,
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when it comes to ellis to most no good, sir. sylvia says here thing and if liked to fix the co record. cygnus indigo. how to mark your hague movement? mine i was i the subtlety and awareness on. yeah, yeah. was always phyllis, gave him a demo. thank you there in the more canada exactly. there's nichoela storing the seed at there. oh yeah, he's my poor before going and in this case, understand who puts us point yes is back at the ad building, putting out well it at the face. any political there are better fritters, some political, a post off of the fighting, a dig, handled unquestioning, supercilious cindy morn in la di snit care. it was gifted in denmark, some, some, some, some up ice partner. so as he did, he w 4 was ping file, a deer,
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bobby cast are more estimate of their buying mon or eldest luciana, to go in for as ursula. he lena? yeah, i was a help desk with the scare scam mom in gina. both a scarce gum or meat up. how yellow can you assa? yeah, i cannot ignore lena. helena boy. hobbs, i'm it. hi kelly. it's a little after the lights for lisa nyman as a the sibling reindeer girl. probably smith there are they fall it. they have be sake him, he'll battles he's doin politic. seed of i'd like to find it out. so now we're starting to pretty over for that offer you. the fact is because we re issued yeah, from ed to have a t b, a t devine in between quincy? because diff no so this and in stiff ticket are for something a little. hello sir sir. goodbye and lou with me living with alma me with the letter like you're in the will scan do,
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will i was gay for sake till yellow, paler governor. that common. yeah, yeah. i think yeah, i understand you been with like a year ago did you feel like oh feel they got no me oh, we'll begin by that boy. ah ah sound if he does my youtube liddy. indifferent among them. according to lydia, go to my card. i stood on the hill to pay for the blister of your there couldn't
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over here long for a employ. sheila, all seem to mccula. there are, by the off was the miles he played you and get, do for know maybe if you talk l d some it's whole body for let it take us go. and while i'm nodding our thing, ordered not a vehicle. some young men to the cheese image, an architect i, nan, nan, nick, nick on a lawyer, brittany, she dunlab. then also the middle theory show it to be hurted that off. she nodded. you saw on the last night we've done a goal of about that, is it gonna show oh will to recall that on lot of those off no units and you get to me shows it all. i look good at them and i feel that fish to each for to always
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want to do, says milan job, crowding me. do it on the funded up. you know, i to the shit. i'm wondering if you know me who you are for food. we're on the hard from on, at the motion, not well. gossip, dancing you are eat among into enough. are bound to school comment on the when you get busy in the summer, get out from the what you feel confident where i'm already only calmer in with none getting work should have done you commander, not bending. i was just running a dominant a sub to me. i'm yards of but i am down. let me, let me go out to look. i thought so, but you're still in middle school. so pa, good. we need you to notice a do a who the middle ah oh, i don't the how
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a lot if you turn auto center are part of sasha campus. i think as i, as, as i me now this through to the family negotiated with funding last year. and then a q is on, okay, so i'm in my sydney coordinator, elisha hood cookie up not to my pussy. cannot identify the sick guilty office anymore or a cassette is that gonna go out in order to meet with a darker on one of those sharon's off or might
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keenest sitting by to that was a mom that big is only goes on without a minute. now making a thumb is also so nice, you know, and when they are, so could clinical. i see getting out of there, i learned what song one is the height, give me a so so a sh. who are gina? got a minute to go was a diesel one a. she was only messina, go should only machines all sketch. do not know how to use. i also de mccoy little gallop. only my die up little die. what done damage museum. goshen no known insult . shocked on the moon. dazzles mean was all so immuno to us from the minute the min akina to the hourly o t m hard disk it did i come are the mongolia hash
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vast so long? oh, half the old birthday missionary. i cure the pseudo, lived there, or with a playful this find me out so size off all in a difficult ball hold. there are those are want damper, skates, escamilla tomorrow. oh, annette handles say marcella middle of august will leave them her focus for se. how that, the helium cell there of a band m, i apply for mia. so l to des sorta tank are still moist. l there as
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a camila dammon who care by clam man. ok. clarify those felon. okay. car. the name? yeah. the after the 1st my gang lehman, i still did a healy saudi games or femina. okay. it's gonna come again as if he get his and some figures and as if he can start a gear. this is bill start a gear telecom, again, data, supersonic, a got cloudy, a stack on your toy, getting a band me a 2nd disconnect. go as a, there's affiliated gabe in atlanta monday. okay. as i said, lisa lange, somebody actually just assume the healer couldn't say if i started a headphone 45, i'm more than for less than 50 to leave would still hi constance matter was the 1st open who sits in which madison who go on to then follow me to see me all
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insurance gifted me see and can kick harry truman vicky up. ah, push it back to the front. me. what about any? it's going to plug in if it's still a t d my interest on high half a 1000000 with a sales seat in 1st and then pay it through. shoot, she got it. we're going to fall a soon to have a high are
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right. i could on coil. i got a yeah, i mean yes i do a lot is she was shown to where your school and i know i know a lot, i don't know about them to for to couldn't how someone called and i was on by to fall or stuff with. so really it is something that they really and, and for my own offer to them. no spot. i said over, do you think i am da da, mounting him, a good thing? good. was done with the law office of the leg. awesome. doable for believe it was guilty, adolfo adolfo dubia and then in the coin. says it's in game ploy that will
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not allow tissue m i lie here savannah, but at offer pinnacle washington. ah sir. ah. in the afternoon. oh, i can put swan, i go down my name. oh me, i am an average. another meal i thought of at the i so hold condition that of course enjoy in when a gardening so much good house on the on like
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a lush it shalana. i back than the actual cookie sister to shamal not i said the cubic feet and that diver on nika, nash. it took me a questionnaire some with a dish pack. hey philip with
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with, with i want to destroy was on the notes by maggie say, oh sweetie. poor girl all school summer past, but so glad things are interest. finish, game, fish on talk. i'm annoying. legal got pink eye. so going in any idea? not the denmark, i'm a fan up, mo did hear about us hin put ban o more focus school on the word attempts or some word i'm gonna take a 2nd said you give me a sill banning function. you're going to see if i stick to 11 and 2. hello. so monolith, lam for by sam, up, ice pets. the mean? i had discussed a sam. i think this goes up, c, condo, cia,
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boy, i don't know. i didn't have to them or come new off and i know you see a flu come new and mechanical matches. if not you have a song to serve your bomb. moved on to some and there amendment to waste. gov not a power thing. boswell, but i gave it all. it is a ok. you know some of the he like a piece ministry, so i have to meet you. fall in it is up good. a means any political upholstered salad you hope to get behind us have a lot of sinister, got a some all by a still more, some hearty skit, a,
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him, some of your but he kicked vasectomy, the administrator cilla up to see a spokesman, a d. kirsty scalars from yes had open n. as in sam is v, a. sam abide on data. elevate is tana name the voice who's at about always fun to do. 14 avenue is our passport, so that would be great. it would be can't for a hindi info please. finish gabriel in millions patina but faster supposedly a professor who found full advantage only hen with fault and yet some da. com. awesome dion. knit numbers of us that are up north pole is i'm curious. get sent to this is
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horrible. me. hi, i'm kidding. you have my tire to, it's holly percent must gain some at this guy lenders to receive funds in my pre med. that's all. oh no, no. come what wound for. do you still? what do you see? telephone doesn't play. my finance. didn't whole stop income because data nor to reset it then spoiled. so come on for sharpening or is it just or talk to me? i know they said to know a little thing as with pinnacle soccer, soccer, soft, tick, uh, put in speak with to book picking samo by spencer palm club issued for
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the spanish cable. special talk comment or got with always the failure to golf on and to count for denmark, article on the moon, a big one. and i think i'm gonna take the we just got gotten that mega stores. pope august, when you start going to what are tested. when sam up i spoke to the high, high, called, behold for you to listening respectively. grocer, hope i will come in. it is after me income or to present at i got to go by up to talk. manip was in some mandate. costa air dio, tulsa, did them do famine all will ever grunt before when did whole start pebbles? well, camp boil for the media under missouri beforehand or stephanie of his daughter here with kristen.
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joined the debate. wonderful as it is, that the paramedic language, it really means nothing on the ground on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as out of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist i look like me. you need to listen to those voices, perspectives. even when it's hard and when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this green on al jazeera, around 3 quarters of sub saharan africa's cultural heritage, is on display in western museums. but it didn't happen overnight. we were rob colored time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how europeans colonization removed tens of thousands of artifacts and the appeal struggle to reclaim restitution. africa stolen on episode one, plunder oh,
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now jazeera. oh oh, where ever you go in the world? one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. oh, hello again, adrian. i get here and how about the headlines on al jazeera? russia says that its forces withdrawn from ukraine strategic outpost in the black sea stake island. the kremlin says that it pulled out as a goodwill gesture,
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roches withdrawal as part of regional efforts to open a humanitarian curdle to export grain from ukraine. the announcement comes off to ukraine, launched several raids on russian forces on the island, algiers. diplomatic as a james bay's reports from madrid. this is a deal mainly involving turkey in the turkish navy. and turkey has been involved in lots of the negotiations along with senior un officials. will i think learn a little bit more of that in the coming hours because president tuan is giving a news conference here and it's likely he'll be asked about it. clearly ukraine is on board. the question is whether russia and turkey are on board and what final communications have to happen between the 2 presidents before this deal, which looks quite lightly now can finally be done in the course is not done until everyone agrees. well, nature leaders have wrapped up on this in the spanish capital. they approve of use strategy in the face of the war in ukraine and deemed russia the most significant
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and direct threats since the cold war and stuff off the most in the futures security situation in decades. but we are rising to the challenge with unity solve . the decisions you have taken in madrid will ensure that our lines continue to preserve, preserve peace, prevent conflict, and protect the people on our values. europe and north america standing together in nathan, israel is to hold its 5th election in 4 years of the politicians voted to dissolve parliament. lotus sent for november, 1st. foreign affairs minister at yale, a peed will take over until a new government is formed. natalie bennett, who served just one year as prime minister, settled wednesday, that he won't be running in the upcoming election. thousands of people are protesting in the sudanese capital against ongoing military rule in the country. a 15 year old protest to was killed during civil a process on wednesday. at least 103 people have been killed during crackdown since
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the military takeover last october. and soaring temperatures have continued for a 5th day in japan. it's the hottest heat wave there since records began. and those were headlines that he was continuously on al jazeera. let's get you back to witness me. the news
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to how we close at the the i me some of us at the nuclear team and then my sort of time think i'm at least get us into me. oh, hang you that. then my research can plan to school then must have really will be headed below men. so really the blue leaves me cold as before at the risk and hoping that god knows it's always been very fiscal for the risk and hoping the the risk of what's been happening on time to be
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at risk and know, hoping that i'll call the social among all the a hi mila the bellagio? not the saw uncle tom apollo. looked the dumb. it goes to his. soc. apollo or? miss miller in so coming. lou denser he live out. oh, miss miller, that's so the denmark shall my mistake. the question i defy, loyal. pulling the golden millionaire nolan,
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i'm willing to go after all of them. he's in the mom, she steaming glass and then as soon as i sing, what's it gonna go in this disk usage with bill? no home living and i'm supposed falling off to? no, no, not a soft on mine. i feel knock off thou anchor missouri is too boy gone. oh, bare lazy leah. a tailor gone minsk issues e good biscuits had a dense taylor stored in the midst of today. and so lends to you. for the vh colette, this is to click on landscape i said, understood as get their peers just need to coordinate and ask about clear and see no way. diaz, mom is planning. i think most of beside all i want to know. we know,
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lieutenant for food ship camino said on the 6th, but as soon as i'm that he's back, i'm gonna teach dependent to know and can do. no one would guess why cuz but it was, it's horrible service guy, but the guy out the hed international in went to casino swan and wanted to need and mark gimme up with him on this up in the you know, ah oh okay. it says mm hm. so vision box come in full does offer pad
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ah, with the new mundane makers, there's $90.00 a year for amanda a ah
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it is a ship origin close enough money with. 2 ah ah ah. ringback
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she's alone, as you may notice, so sure. winning the good to you minute until again the gossip of book to send to me to leave to since he need. mm hm. mm oh a. ready ah, i dont on them and if bush wins
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alpha nov, monday i was you know, sexual oh, gotta come sooner. never. i'll clinton, i mean data that was in my fall for us for legal enroll acrylic, and if a soon as you know, in our clinic, if we could send more it's holly gear milli listed live far. i'm so annoying syndrome. and because they, they am pena cannot that because that way they can m a divide
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and the sin more dana fuck is events that are more like i know them and their mom, dad to back their bye a ok. yeah. ok. give them a some pretty good thing, remind her dignity, so she can shoot them as a source and the question mila and go this, you said to own opinion. shannon was a phone call for universal. awesome as well. the and i'm still is pay women and signal lois cook with should be plenty ref some hardy some it was 40 us in the hot it didn't have it and wanted to speak to
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bob short for to be funding. so i got a notice over with this middle amendment, he'd been buying for a buying for taylor. i'm day i'm and f a n n a. so us got a reply, a personal beer known all the heat. my men is going to go some more. ah the most tickets bought it. it is something you get a being it up in
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a shop and these are some kitchen by now. so i all in europe i took it and also we can go for the g o for any but. sure. nice. i mean, nick and nasa only got me go back to you. i wouldn't have been in a no up so sorry, so on the good in, in the diag gonna i was bored. don't know how to get a nasa because i mean, i know so i think it gets it done. i have is there my so much in naples it shows exactly the commercial, some ah,
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ish, your mission? jewel shop. so new. yeah. yeah. well, in the, in it's a good lead single willis, downstairs going for skills for land or before or down for higher should info from the list of names there. again, q stim for empty, or please hold on my o. c desk, meaning you or your employer, you heard me medium. i'm, there was a ministry, a passport has some wyoming, meaning i am class meaning skills. been talking with you again,
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my quality that that's why don't have their own covering all the gone up progress. the school and the harmon or joint as per minute helped us explain it. okay. that totally appear that from that time. on often, bye bye. harrison middlebury, a tall by gardener. the backend saw ma mia in mentor, a city mika needed to allow ben is that i can come. so be careful. i was under my dentist to come to can i show or defend the band be funding to spike a while this politic on a villa that did no missing then? yeah. separate. okay. mistake we got is a busy day ma'am. with a wanted a pause. crazy. scared don't if the hang in peace middle got me up a white then says tindle vine all more little. what in whiskey girded up? i know that a cap new bog we anything where mosquito?
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so really high a tall body, of course the polish. it's the new called n d p a bike. now mr. all is his d b f o full chair. hi lucy. oh, just joking. cho, good. president trump watch my real last i guess my 1st raise of your voice was joking that can we by greenland essentially it's a large real estate deal. lot of things could be done. no not would be soon enough to walk them a casual sheet or not. yeah, that will embed elena that in like in that, in like them and the out about delivery of unleaded kind of get to talk with however, dollars from school is different. cindy, when stint in the in l. e l. a i trump, she was
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a peek attribute. fight caruana's. great to settle. i set a store as a cooper at the dea, a. it coordinator for split alyssa, israel escape a still for them for new service animal bites. and we have a whole for assembly or sofa academy leo. good luck with young call me or you don't get off the lid. i'm gonna reach out. sure, sure. i'll talk in case a gets a set of with very soon a dense gonna see alana vet the loose at by. they'd put my boss in a pink corner that bore bonham and legal to fill it a little bit and wanted to go mia all for dan's gonna be appliances. but deep
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wouldn't that don't truck comes out and says he'd like to buy agree land. how did that go down? how did people react? it was a very, very big job. yeah. really. it's very difficult to take it serious that he actually wants to buy green. and how would you describe what you've been doing for the last couple of years? i feel we're slowly making a change, i speak enough about the taboos, and especially about suicide and social problems and child neglect. would you attribute those higher rate of suicide to the problems that you're describing? i mean, because of all of them, but yeah, everything, everything is linked to a generation of parents who are having a call the parents. but we are at the new generation. wow. bridging this very
3:50 pm
unhealthy cycle and we are slowly handling myself. but what was going on in your parents generation they tried to make this danish, my, my mom was sent to the last when she was 11. to become a dane. yeah. ah format for now, like i said, we should keep i good for some of the bigger ones could help new and new to blame or some deceptively more miss clinton and how photo then my chit chat our summer by the dash i yes jeffrey i yes
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ah, a i did look, can i help you? hi. so gotten only. okay. so with a she that dog b o. b o. so leroy tonya. joseph. it but not really starting the book. you know?
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so they get so so good to you. you got a guy who did not love love to job and you know, with a big someone, nichols a a,
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a a a b, as in colby, i've open proof. i mean it think baby a
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teen a balance sheet to trump mystery. they know saying yeah. bunker was clean 2 of us when i was all frustrated, i suppose she would then indigenous and 1st nations fear a plenty of fun when we plug to handle our sojourn. so school we had to look just met that skinny ella. the photo then muffin de la my ah, to come at to knock out 6 her back. when i go, god alone. healing is justine to improve divorce control and it's war allen. tell that there was justin. the customer said this is shamile victor, grandmother
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for now, then scott, i think bound sco box up in lan involved follicle kenneth hit fees. gestalt o d, colina, they are, you know, we've got a single buy up. when again, the last union with gill, seen, those are the same email that i knew that is mcgill for his i'll no, not been no,
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not going to be sure to teacher won't admit simply be any good countries on the vienna. this is a be for goal. sorry. i'm going to fun. this is you. the tony says not brandon image to new issue. yeah. little image that signature, da da da da da should good machine. you don't deduct 40 off of to sing you that moment. image to noon should approaching into a meeting up a social construct at noon, nodding, offering love to have a gum and best if our same dentist and dean. you don't know when you're buying a a
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a for a lifetime in finland. ah, live in madrid, swear president joe biden is giving a press briefing at the end of the nato summit listening. and. and in addition to that, we also talked about the g 7, taking on additional responsibilities. before the war started, i told potent that if he invaded ukraine, nato would not only get stronger, but would get more united. and we would,
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she would say democracy in the world stand up in opposes aggression and defend the rules based order. that's exactly what we're seeing today. this summit was about strengthening our alliance meeting the challenges of our world as it is today, and the threats were going to face in the future. the last time data drafted a new mission statement was 12 years ago. at that time, it characterized russia as a partner and it didn't even mention china and the world is changed, changed a great deal since then, and nato is changing as well. at this summit, we rallied our alliances to meet both the direct threats of russia poses europe and the systemic challenges that china poses. jewel roles based world order, and we've been invited to new members to join nato. it was a historic act fiddle in sweden. 2 countries with
3:59 pm
a long tradition to tragedy and choosing to join nato, some of the american press, remember, when i got a phone call from the leader of finland, saying, could he come and see me? and he came the next day and said, will you support my joining my country, joining nato. we got the telephone suggest to recall the leader of switzerland switching. my good, my goodness, i'm, i'm getting really anxious here about expanding nato or sweden. and what happened was got on the phone and she asked if she could come next day to want to talk about joining nato. allies across the board are stepping up, increasing defense spending. the majority of them are on track for the 1st time to exceed are 2 percent of g d p commitments that they make the greatest spent 2 percent of g d p on defense look,
4:00 pm
for example germany. germany is committed to spending 2 percent going forward and announced a special fund for its military more than $100000000000.00. slovakia check republic and another lynch have announced they will also meet their 2 percent commitments. paula romania stoney, or lat. feel that the way you are doing more than 2.5 percent, some as high as 3 percent together, deploy more assets and capabilities to bolster our alliances across all domains. land air c, cyber and space. we're, we reaffirm that article 5 commitment is sacred and an attack on one is an attack on all, and we will defend every inch of nato territory, every inch of nato territory. for our part, the united states is doing exactly what i said to redo it, put in, invaded, enhance our forest posture in europe was.


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