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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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for example, germany, germany is committed to spending 2 percent going forward and announced a special fund for its military of more than $100000000000.00. slovakia check republic and another ones have announced they will also meet their 2 percent commitments. paula remaining estonia, latvia, lithuanian are doing more than 2.5 percent, some as high as 3 percent together to deploy more assets in capabilities to bolster our alliances across all domains. lan, air, c, cyber and space. we were, we reaffirm that our article 5 commitment is sacred and an attack on one as an attack on all, and we will defend every edge of nato territory. every inch of nato territory, for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said, we would do it food and invaded, enhance our forest posture and your will station more ships in here in spain were
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stationed more air defense in italy and germany more f 30 fives in the united kingdom and to strengthen our eastern flank, no permanent headquarters for their army. 5th corps in poland. in addition, an additional brigade combat team position in romania and additional rotational deployments in the ball. countries. things are changing to adapt to the world as we have it to day. and all this is against the backdrop of our response, the nato's, a to russia's aggression, and to help ukraine defend itself. united states is raleigh in the world to stand with ukraine allies and partners around the globe were making significant contributions. secretary austin just brought together more than 50 countries or than 50 countries pledging new commitments. and this is a global effort to support ukraine. nearly
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a 140000 an i tank systems. more than 600 tanks, nearly 500 artillery systems or than 600000 rounds of artillery ammunition, as well as advanced multiple launch rock and systems and i ship systems and air defense systems. and again, united states is leading the way we provide you with nearly $7000000000.00 in security systems since i took office. the next few days were in general now is more than 800000000 more, including new advance western air defense systems. ukraine, more artillery ammunition counter battery radars. additional ammunition for the high mars multiple large rockets. it's and we've already given ukraine and more high mars coming from other countries as well. we're also welcome for the 1st time our partners in a pacific to participate in the nato summit. as i indicated to put in this would be his actually would cause world wide response bringing together democratic allies,
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partners from the atlantic and the pacific to focus on the challenges of matter to our future. and to defend roles based order against the challenges. including from china and the g 7 in germany were also launched. what started off to be? they build back better notion, but it's more didn't do the partnership for global infrastructure investment to offer developing a middle income countries, better options to meet their urgent infrastructure needs. because when it stays in g 7 countries put skin in the game, it help helps bring millions of dollars up to buy for it's all over up to possibly a trillion dollars or private sector money off the sidelines. $600000000000.00. and just the next few years, unlike china, these projects will be done transparently. and with very high standards. for example, u. s. government just facilitate
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a new partnership between 2 american firms and the government of an goal, dash $2000000000.00 building a significant solar project in and goal. it's a partnership to help our goal meet as climate goals and energy needs rob creating new markets for american technologies in good jobs scheme in and goal is you heard me say before when i think climate, i think jobs and the g 7 also said we'd work together to take on china's abuse and course of trade practices and rid our supply change of products made with forced labor. we task our teams to work on the details of the price cap on russian oil to drive down, put in revenues without hurting americans and others of the gas pump. we'll seek to use the funds from the chart on russian goods to help ukraine rebuild
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were committed. we've committed more than 4.5. 7 1000000000 more than half of that from the united states to address food insecurity. and the immediate crisis caused by the russian war. at every step of this trip, we set down a marker of unity determination. deep capabilities of the democratic nations of the world to do what need be done, food and thought he could break the trans atlantic alliance. he tried to weaken us, expected resolve to fracture, but he's getting exactly what he did not want. he wanted the federalist nation of nato. he got the nato was ation of finland. think about this. that's what he thought. now, nato and sweden are closer than ever to join the this will occur we're, we're more united than that. and with the addition of federal swimming will be stronger than ever they have serious military as both of them are going to increase
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the nato border by 800 miles along the finish brushing border. sweden is all in the point is we're meeting the goals i set out. when we 1st the 1st g 7 meeting, we're moving to a place that reflects the realities of the 22nd quarter of the 21st century. and we're, we're on the verge and making significant progress. now i'd be happy to take your questions. and the 1st question i'm told is darlene super bill from the associated press. mister president. to question please. course america is back was your motto as the 1st native summit last year. and you've come to this summit here and the one in germany after the u. s. supreme court overturned constitutional protections for
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abortion. after the shootings in buffalo and texas, at a time of record inflation and as new pulling this week, shows that 85 percent of the us public things the country is going in the wrong direction. how do you explain this to those people who feel the country is going in the wrong direction, including some of the leaders you've been meeting with this week? who think that when you put all of this together, it amounts to an america that is going backward. they do not think that you haven't found one person one world later to say america going backwards. barrick is better position to lead the world than we ever have been. we have the strongest economy, the world, our inflation rates are lower than other nations in the world. the one thing that has been to stabilize it is the outrageous behavior, the supreme court of united states, and over rolling not only roe v wade, but essentially challenging the right to privacy. we've been
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a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights. and it is a mistake in my view for the supreme court do what it did. but i have not seen anyone come up to may do anything other than nor have you heard them say anything other than thank you for america's leadership. you've changed the dynamic of nato and the g 7. so i, i can understand why the american people are frustrated because of what the supreme court did, i can understand why the american people are frustrated because of inflation. but inflation is higher and almost every other country. prices and bumper, higher and almost every other country were better position to deal with this in any one. but we have a way to go and the supreme court, we have to change that decision by kind of find the way. there were some comments by some of your counterparts after the us supreme court ruling. but my 2nd question is g 7 leaders. that's we pledge to support ukraine quote, for as long as it takes. and i'm wondering if you would explain what that means to
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the american people, for as long as it takes doesn't mean indefinite support from the united states or ukraine. or will there come a time when you have to say to president lensky, that the united states cannot support his country any longer. thank you. we're going to support your great, as long as it takes look at the impact that war on ukraine has had on russia. they've had to renege on their national debt for the 1st time since the beginning, almost well over a 100 years. they've lost 15 years of the games they made in terms of their economy . they're in a situation where they're having trouble because of my position of, of dealing with what can be exported to russia in terms of technology. they can even, you know, they're having to, they're going to have trouble maintaining oil production because they don't have the technology to do it. they need american technology. and they're also in
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a similar, similar situation in terms of their weapon systems and some of their military systems. so they're paying a very, very heavy price for this. and just today, snake island is now taken over by the, by the ukrainians. so we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies to stick with ukraine, as long as it takes to, in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by, by ukraine, and issue in ukraine, by, by, by russia. and by the way, think of this, ukraine has already dealt a severe blow to russia. russia, in fact, has already lost its international standing rushes in a position where the whole world look at and say, wait a minute. all this effort you tried to take the whole country, you tried to take, leave you lost, you've tried to take the dom boss and all of it. you haven't done that yet. the
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generic point is that we're supplying them with the capacity. and they overwhelming courage. they've demonstrated that in fact, they can continue to resist the russian aggression. and so i don't know what, how it's going to end, but it will not end with brushes, feet of ukraine in ukraine. supposed to go down the list here. jim new york jim tank is the new york times mister president. thank you. this week you and g 7 allies introduced a plan for an oil price cap for russian exports, which is not yet filled out. and obviously, is a response to the high price of gasoline in the united states and around the world . are you confident that that cap would bring down prices for american drivers? and how long as it expect fair to expect american drivers to get
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a premium because of this was just the 2nd part of the question was, would it bring down the price will bring down prices and the war has pushed. price is up. they could go as high as $200.00 a barrel. some analysts thank how long is it fair to expect american drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war? as long as it takes russia can not, in fact, defeat ukraine and move beyond ukraine. this is a critical, critical position for the world. here we are. why do we have nato? i told put, in fact, if we were to move, we would move to strengthen nato. we would move to strengthen us, strengthen nato, across the board. look, let me explain the, the price i suggested a while ago that we should consider doing is putting a cap on the amount of money that we would pay for the world would pay for russian
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oil. and that we would not, there would, we would not provide the west. right. insurance would not insure russian ships carrying oil. we would not provide insurance for them so they would have great difficulty getting customers. the point is that we've said to them, here's the deal. we're going to allow you to have a profit on what you make, but not the exorbitant prices that you're charging for the oil. now we've, we've delegated commission, our group of our sherbet, our national security people sit down and work out that mechanism. we think it can be done, we think it can be done, and it would drive down the price of oil and it will drive down the price of gasoline as well. in addition, in addition at home, i've also call for changes we've, i've released a 1000000 barrels of oil per day from our oil reserve. and in addition to getting
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other nations to move forward, a total of 240000000 barrels of oil to release from the strategic petroleum reserve . number one, number 2, i've asked congress, would they in fact go and, and they temporarily and the tax on gasoline at the pump. and thirdly, to asked the states to do the same thing. if we do these things, it's estimated we could bring down tomorrow if they congress agreed. and the states agreed. we could bring down the price of oil, bought a dollar a gallon at the pump in that range. and so we could have immediate relief. and in terms of the reduction of the, of the, of the elimination of temporary elimination of the gas tax. and so i think there's a lot of things we can do and we will do. but the bottom line is,
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ultimately the reason why gas prices are up is because of russia, russia, russia, russia, the reason why the food crisis exist is because of russia, russia not allowing grain to get out of ukraine. and so that's the, that's the way in which i think we should move and i think it would have a positive impact on the price of the pump as well. ah jordan fabian bloomberg. thank you miss no read big. thank you, mr. president. i also have 2 questions for you. course. thanks. the 1st one is on, on turkey. what assurances if any, did you make to present air to one about is requests for new f, 16 jets for his military. what i said was, i said back in december, as you recall,
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we should sell them the f. 16 jets to the modernize those jets as well. it's not an interest not to do that. and i indicated to them that i've not changed my position at all since december, and there was no quid pro quo or that there's just that we should sell what i need congressional approval to be able to do that. and i think we can get that my, my 2nd question is on your trip to saudi arabia, which is coming up next month. i, as we just discussed, americans are paying almost $5.00 a gallon nationally on average for gas. so do you expect to ask the crown prince of the king to increase oil production? and if so, how will you balance that with your desire to hold them accountable for their human rights abuses? oh, 1st of all, that's not the the purpose of the trip or the purpose of the trip of my 1st of all, i'm starting off on that trip in and israel ah,
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and the israelis are believe is really important that i make to trip on and in addition to that, what we're trying to do is this is g s, the gulf states plus 3. and so i'm sure, as in saudi arabia, but it's not about saudi rate. it's in saudi arabia. and so there's no commitment be made, or i'm not even sure. i guess i will see the, the king and the crown prince, but that's, that's not the meeting i'm going to, they'll be part of a much larger meeting. and what we're talking about and dealing with that trip is that before i go, i'm, as i said, going to israel to meet with israel is leaders to affirm breakable, bond, israeli, united states have part of the purpose is the trip. the middle east is the deep and
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israel's integration to the region, which i think we're going to be able to do. and which is a good, good for peace and good for as israeli security. and that's why israel leaders of come out so strongly for my going to saudi. but the overall piece areas, we're also going to try to reduce the desson and the war that occur in german. there's a whole range of things that go well beyond and they have to do a study in particular. if you were to see the crown prince of the king, would you ask them to increase oil production? no, i'm not going to ask, i'm asked. there's the all the gulf states or media, i've indicated to them that i thought that should be increase, you know, production generically not to the saudi is particularly, and i think we're going to, i hope we see them and their own interest concluding, that makes sense to do and you know, they have
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a real concerns about about what's going on in, in iran and other places in terms of their security as well. all of them to rina wall street journal. thank you mister president. i'm going to keep the trend and also ask 2 questions. if that's ok. one on the summit and one domestic question on the summit, you just said that there would be another round of security assistance for ukraine . after hearing present lensky assessment that the war needs to and before the winter, are you changing your calculation in terms of the pace of the assistance and what kind of assistance you're sending to, you know, the work it in tomorrow? by the way, if russia stops, is irrational behavior. so you know when the whirl and i hope it in, sooner than later, but for at the end, do they have to be in
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a position where is the the ukrainians have all that they can reasonably expect. we can raise when they set to get to them in order to prepaid, provide further physical security and our defenses. and so one does not relate to the other, they need it, we're going to be providing another i guess i'll announce shortly, but another 800000000000 dollars, 800000000 dollars in aid for additional weapons including you know, weapons including air defense system as well as offensive weapons, i have a whole list, i'd be happy to give to you, but that's the next trash is going to occur. and on the domestic question, sir, what further specific executive actions are you considering in response to the rule ruling? and would you declare a public health emergency as several democrats are calling on you to do?
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i'll be happy to go in detail with you on monday and having a meeting with a group of governors. when i get home on friday, and i'll have announcements to make them. but the 1st and foremost thing we should do is make it clear how outragious this decision was and how much it impacts not just on what was right to choose, which is a critical critical piece. and i'm privacy generally on privacy generally. and so i'm going to be talking to, to the governors as to what actions they think i should be taking as well. and, but the most important thing to be clear about is we have to change. i believe we have to clarify roe v wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure the congress votes to do that. and if the filibuster gets in the way, it's like voting rights. it should be, we provide an exception for this. the accept the require an exception,
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a filibuster, for this action to deal with the supreme court decision. hang i go one more here. kelly o'donnell, and b. c. thank you, mr. president. well, you just made some new saying you would support changing the filibuster rules to cut of fi, abortion right? broadly across the country. right to privacy is not just abortion rights, but yes, abortion rights can you describe for us? are many americans are grappling with that. what is your sense today about the integrity and the partially ality of the supreme court? should americans have confidence in the court as an institution and your views on abortion, have evolved in your public life? are you the best messenger to carry this forward? when democrats, many of them, many progressives want you to do the i am, the president only stays america. that may be the best messenger. and i really
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think that it's a serious, serious problem that the court has thrust upon united state. not just in terms of the right to choose, but in terms of right to who you can marry the right whole range of issues related to privacy. and i have written way back a number, larger articles about nights amendment. and in the 14th amendment, why the privacy is considered as part of a constitutional guarantee, and they've just wiped it all out. and so i'm the only president they got, and i'm feel extremely strong. and i'm going to do everything in my power, which i legally can do in terms of executive orders, as well as push the congress in the public. the bottom line here is if you care the
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point that is correct and you think this decision by the court was an outrage or a significant mistake. vote show up and boat boat and the off year and vote vote vote. that's how will change. all right guys, i know there's no such thing as a quick when i'm out of here and thank you all very much us president job. i briefing the press at the end of the nature of some, it's in madrid. nato is more united out at russia's invasion of ukraine. he said, members are on track to exceed the commitment to spend 2 percent of g. d. p on defense. nato will defend every inch of nato territory. the u. s. he said, is rallying the world to stand behind ukraine, russia, he said, paying a very heavy price for the ukraine invasion that's go lives now to madrid. you saw
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him have that briefly. i'll just hear as jonah hall was listening in to what the president say said, what did you make of it? jonah law, president biden talking up unsurprisingly, what has been an extremely significant consequential nato's summit. this alliance transforming itself in the face of russian aggression, the biggest changes to its defense and deterrence, posture in a generation, and many of the troops and weaponry commitments being made by the allies at the summit, of course, being led by the united states and president biden. are all too happy to stand on that podium and talk that up. he talked about the f 35 squadrons, 2 of them being sent to the u. k. additional destroyers being sent to spain, a brand new permanent military headquarters to be installed in poland among a nate to a contingent of $11000.00 soldiers there. he talked about tanks, weapons systems, munitions, an additional $800000000.00 of military age to be released shortly. for weaponry,
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including defense and offensive weapons. and he talked about perhaps the most historic development at this summer. the addition of 2 new members to the nato alliance, sweden and finland, who are now official invitees. their membership has to, as we processed, but it has been politically decided. he said, we'll get exactly what he did not want. for this summit, an expanded nato and expanded vastly expand the order of nato with russia. he said, i don't know how this war will end, but it will not end with russia's defeat of ukraine. algebra started reporting live from the somebody, madrid for the moment. jonah many thanks indeed, politicians in israel has voted to dissolve parliament, sending the country to the polls. the 5th time in 4 years, not been as a served only one year in offices. prime minister. he says he will run in the new election, which is set for november 1st,
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ounces here has brought up smith reports from western israel, most politically diverse coalition government lasted just a year party including the hard right liberals. and for the 1st time palestinian israelis had come together with wanting to end benjamin netanyahu is 12 consecutive years as prime minister that yahoo is currently on trial for corruption. with his fall write an ultra orthodox allies. he engineered the failure to renew a measure that allows jewish settlers in the occupied westbank to live under israeli law. now, netanyahu has promised to win a 6 term in office to be be or not to be. that has been the only question for for elections, that will be the only issue for a 5th. i'm sorry if it makes israelis look shallow that the they don't deal with a piece, process security, iran matters or religion. none of those issues came up in the 1st 4 elections,
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so i don't expect the 5th to be any different. the new caretaker prime minister is a centrist yala p. this form a television celebrity replaces naphtali bennett la pete has cast netanyahu's potential return to office as a national threat was, he's been running a very good campaign for less, you know, 8 or 10 years, which is, he's not going to go with it. and now he's a replacement with that and yeah, he didn't fall into that trap. and it's now all the time is running the negative campaign of we're gonna have a disaster fear, le, fetus prime minister. while surprise, he's the prime minister. he will be the prime minister in a few days, and therefore, as long as the skies doesn't fall in those 4 months, then people will be able to expect the air libido is a reasonable prime minister. even with a centrist caretaker, prime minister, that's not likely to be any progress in talks with the palestinians behind lapierre, if there is still bennett who is opposed to any idea of a palestinian state,
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netanyahu's liquid party leads the poles, but it wouldn't win enough seats to form a governing majority. the next election could end up being the 1st in a series as israel heads into another period of political instability. burnett smith, al jazeera west jerusalem. that's kind of, you know, from our cuba elder who's a pollutant analyst and a hot it's computer contributes up. he joins us now live from television, good to have you with us a cave. and so a 5th election in 4 years. how will the is really electra feel about what sort of government will they returned this time? where's your correspondence just said they, they feel that the in a way it's business as usual. some of them believe that a year ago it was a miracle that bennett was able to. busy form and government was the islamist for
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his merits was labor was a very weird puzzle of 8 parties. the prime minister in a very good day had in his pocket the 6 members of pleasant. they just dropped out one after the other. and some people believe that this was an accident and now they're taking their vehicle to be fixed in a garage and they believe that the best. busy technician to do it is still benjamin, it's on the out but he thought only as you know, as in his ready, i take a place of saying that we are shallow. i think that there are 50 percent of. ready rallies that really believe that an antonio is as correct and fundamental strength to liberal democracy. and it reminds me in a way of what's happening in the united states right now pro life and grow the
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bushes. ringback it's a matter of freedom of choice. oh, for human rights, civil rights including there are significant. there is a significant number of israelis who believe that we need to put an engineer occupation and reach a settlement of final settlement without a senior neighbors. so can but miracle, as you described it be repeated. you think at this next election, will netanyahu be returned to power? i suppose very much it, it depends upon turn out whether actually people can be bothered to, to vote in the selection. yeah. and being most specific, so actually our faith is in the hands of the 20 percent minority of the israeli arabs who gave up actually on the system. they gave out hope that you just asked of the. busy to change, they didn't see
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a real change then change and we see actually, jews on the left side of the center is that we are able to work together. arrows and juice are able to form a government and even, you know, it's not just arrows. islam is barbee, this was the miracle. and i believe that if the arrows will turn out in a bigger numbers than now, it shows the polls are showing that only 4 out of 10 are going to vote. if it will go up to, let's say, 6070 percent, and a summary 40 can course the threshold and repeat this miracle and join a government headed by law p. it can happen again. it is time to go. and i'm not sure if it will be prime minister only for 4 months. he can be there for 6 and
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7 selections because it's, you know, it's, it's like. busy those 10 games that never and, and you need a time break and it doesn't happen and you see them for hours and we can send them for nathan. yeah. was provisional prime minister for 18 months since 2019. so this can happen. we are in a, in a deadlock. we are looking at tribal a conflict between skin eyes these friday. busy are used to the extent you liberals and babies, you know, even as a young may go, but them babies in is here to stay for a long time. ok, really good talk to you as always so many thanks indeed, akiva, elder and television. thank you. negotiations to put libya on a path to long awaited presidential elections of ended in geneva. the u. n. 's political chief urged the heads of libby as 2 rival parliaments to agree on
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a plan to hold a free fare and inclusive vote. a decision on whether to allow dual nationals to run has been postponed, talks aimed at restoring a un let election failed last december. let's go live now to geneva and a serious worry challenges there for us. bring us up to speed then rory, with how these talks concluded and what they couldn't agree on. well, it's all ended with a bit of a whimper, really, and you can tell us, i suppose, that the sense of disappointment there is here in geneva. lack of ability to come to a proper breakthrough in these discussions by the fact that there has been no press conference at the end. there is not yet any official statements from the united nations. the 2 rival parliaments and their delicate delegates have left and that is that for the moment essentially what it boils down to was
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a disagreements over heavy for half. who is the, the renegades military figure. he marched on tripoli in 2019. he's a very controversial polarizing person within the libyan political landscape. the talk about whether or not dual citizen should be allowed to stand for the presidential elections if, when they're arranged, that is all about half the basically he is a jewel libyan american citizen. the high state count, so one of the poems that was negotiating here, they radio one half to ought to be able to stand in the elections. the house representatives has and a lot of sorts with hafta. and they were trying to make it at least possible. the kids become the next president of libya,
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so they go away and they discuss it. and that is where we stand at the moment. no break through here in geneva, you say they discuss it, but what do libya's various political rivals do next? well i believe it's going to be difficult because this is a country, as you say, with that rival political basis in different parts of the country. they're going to go and talk back in libya about where they take things next. the presidential council, just before these talk started, said that if there was no break through here in geneva, then it's the could well intervene and use it's a sovereign authority to move things along quite what that means. we don't know the moments whether they are going to take that step. we don't know at the moment, but you can see why this situation has been so intractable,
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with rival political bases in different parts of the country. are factions allies to different political basses, international actors who have interest in who comes out on top? yes, for libya and for the country, it would undoubtedly be best for a degree of stability to be imposed for that to be free and fair elections. of course, people who always benefit from chaos and there are, i think many factions within libya have a lot to lose if things move towards free and fair elections. and perhaps they are making things felt i'll just say was, were a challenge reporting like that from geneva. rory, many thanks and have a national ceremony has been held in the democratic republic of congo in honor of its former president, patrice labovic. he played a major role in congress to fight for independence from belgium. he was abducted and assassinated 6 decades ago, a tooth. his only known remains will be placed in
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a newly constructed mausoleum in the capital kinshasa. i'm just here as malcolm web reports. now from my robi, that was 62 years ago. today, the democratic republic of congo was granted independence from belgium. colonial rule, petite. remember, stood there at a ceremony in kinshasa in front of the belgian king. i do all and made an impassioned speech slamming the belgian racism and brutal colonial rule over the preceding 70 belgian colonialists had killed about 10000000. commonly, people and looted of mineral wealth. now needless to say off that independence speech, government of belgium didn't like him very much. neither did the u. s. a month later, was assassinated, executed by a firing squad. belgian mercenaries were involved, the body was dissolved in a battle of acid and that to take him to belgium. now in the following decades,
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belgium has been among the slowest of the european former colonial powers to acknowledge it path that some things have changed just recently. following the black live matter movement, it's originated in the us. but following following their protests, that activists in belgium started the facing of belgium. king leopold the colonial era king and not seem to have prompted a series of gestures by belgium to try and acknowledge it past the current king philippe grasped regret. some people say that this doesn't really go far enough tendon kitty is a professor of political science for the university of kinshasa. he joins us now live from orlando in florida. good terry with a professor. ok, so we have this symbolic return of the remains and of the ceremony today. but
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is any of this group actually include improve the relationship between delsey and belgium. well, thanks for having me. i would suggest is taking the right direction a defend time is not enough by saying that i mean that it should be pursued so that reparation is on saw down to the family of member as well as d s t. i would argue that the assembly is in surround this return of who is also to be perceived in the context of african traditions. because as long as the body's not buried, we believe enough that they saw a b. c continues to wander in their life hereafter. and by having him
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buried that puts an end to that wandering around to that suffering of the soul of the sea. so that is important in terms of what for addition. but what i want to really emphasize the fact that returning get with these ones that yes, but those who are involved in this fascination are still alive. there was a list of people belgians who were identified by the big embodiment as having taken part in this assassination. 10 of them professor, i'm sorry to interrupt you that we were going back to madrid now to listen to were turkey's president recham typo to one who is addressing the press at the end of the nato summit was concluded. this was one of the most significant summits in the history of nature. and it has 1st been brought to a successful conclusion that the allies have the
4:42 pm
other 2 together to face up to the various challenges could alter the bit. the committee was gonna say in science, i would like to thank king city to 6 saturday and all the representatives of the spanish governments finishing for their hospitality and the successful organisation they carried out for this sum, excited the yellow ticket that i would also like to extend my gratitude to the secretary general store and his team for the successful organization by summit of the after the beginning of the war in ukraine. it showed the gentlemen told luck jane that i had meetings at a leader's level. was 1st video confirmed and then with a meeting in brussels, this was the 3rd meeting that we had
4:43 pm
a moment. we want to create a vision to develop form a way forward. this see our alliance is going to give full support to ukraine bush. but this support has to be presented with a vision for the humanitarian tragedy. and the devastation has to be ended. as soon as possible. we have to work towards this diploma ticket issue that we are doing to continue and intensify our diplomatic effort just to me towards of last thing ceasefire. trying to, in the 1st session that we had yesterday video that president lensky spoke to his wire origin. but video link, but i can see that from the beginning of these happenings, i have maintained a close contact with him. and also, as you are aware that i have also been in regular contact with the
4:44 pm
president, putting of the russian federation in all of our efforts are towards the establishment of lasting peace as conflicts continue. it is regrettable that the loss of life and devastation increases to economy. although the war has brought about an increase in inflation and other negative effects worldwide. type in old john, you know, new we believe as turkey, that's a ceasefire. the will mean a success for everyone to kenya sorta look to tough luck on a chevy than turkey is a country which is a country and all i can speak with every party who can assume a responsibility needs to go. and i was pleased to see that our efforts were
4:45 pm
appreciated from the beginning of the war onwards. weren't getting that out us and yet alone could is in the sunny one of our priorities was to reduce the wars impact on human life and to establish a ceasefire. right. and we provided our information in disregard unity. really cut to that. we have made contributions to the plans to export ukrainian grain from the black sea ports we have on the agenda mir module. plans to carry out a meeting in his stumble, which will involve all 4 parties, distinguished members of the press. thank you can check and one of the most important documents that attracted the attention of the public is the new strategic
4:46 pm
agreement. so 3015, you know, this will replace the strategic concept that was previously agreed in lisbon. wait a minute and this is evidence of the spirits of unity and solidarity of the alliance. and i think it is john auto group. it presents a vision to adapt to the current circumstances that nato is celebrating, the 70, if you look up the line and someone will not get it done to get turkey has always worked side us in the, in accordance with the requirements of an ally. it mean ange ultimate dictated all that a son and in most part of this strategic concept, terrorism was seen the most severe as symmetric threats.
4:47 pm
and it is important to note that a decisiveness has been expressed in disregard. but not often the concrete steps also need to be taken juggling and then it's a struggle has to be taken in a complete unity in my speeches. and in my bilateral discussions i have expressed how important this matter is for turkey. i it is, it will. additionally, i mentioned that this is not just a matter for us, but that it is important for nato as a whole, lot of letters. what they shoot him in the shop to get it. there are terrorist organizations that are murdering innocent people. they are enemies of all of us. the weapons which are used against us today. john can be used
4:48 pm
against other of our allies already. no one can guarantee that this won't happen. that sort of history has lessons for us. that demonstrates that we should not be negligent in this regard. in recent days, learn the p k, k unity and other off shoot. so that you need to have displayed a bony mobile behavior. did already give you and then going to be problem solved, but it should just like a counselor that grows day after day out on this curse. the scourge threatens piece and we have to get rid of its 8 am in the give you down as we expect solidarity from our allies, not just in words but also in their actions. and i had an opportunity to express this long and decisive fight that we have carried out
4:49 pm
against terrorist organizations. was presented to leaders, u i d y p g, the p k, k, the pike id and y, p g and dice were presented to our all our allies and their bloody activities were shown. so all of us can see the fact hold on. do any, elaine it in on that a little quote on your, if our aim is to protect the alliance and it's and how convincing it is. then we have to take here in steps and sincere measures together against terrorism in relation to the financing of terrorism. me judge, we have to take steps. this is an essential part of our efforts. did you tell them that i didn't know that we are a country which has been fighting against terrorism for 40 years and we have lost
4:50 pm
many of our sons and daughters in this process as a country in disposition, but we have no time for delays. the experiences we've had in relation to sweden and fillings application demonstrates and have brought to the form turkeys read lines. from the very 1st day. we expressed the matters which were sensitive for us and we also adopted a constructive line. on tuesday, the secretary general facilitated a meeting with the leaders of sweden and finland. we had a meeting that involves before parties and a memorandum of agreement was signed. the agreement is proof. as far as we are concerned, that matters which are too sensitive for turkey has been understood. this is an invitation. but in reality what we expect to see is the promises being put
4:51 pm
into practice. we go on and now we want to see the matters which are listed in the memorandum being put into practice. what the distinguished members of the press was you know, must be thought open because on a telephone kite bit. did so good talk, let me know, or you'll not very much looking at diplomacy as a 0 sum game is a mistake. on the contrary, hi, diplomacy should bring us to the same page. i feel it is the shortest way. and the most assured roots to this all the memorandum of agreement signed between turkey and sweden and finland should be seen in this light. this is how i take it all. there is no doubt that this memorandum of agreement
4:52 pm
is to be a diplomatic victory. after a challenging process of discussions covered with disagreements which has achieved in complete solidarity in combating p k, k. and all this extensions p y, p g that they take saw a lot mama, one of the conditions and commitments is not to provide supports to p y d y, p g and the good on his movements. and also there will be no restrictions imposed as an embargo in relation to the defense industrial. this all looked on, i call a lot of good. so the agreements that sweden and finland has carried outside in relation to terrorism. and the defense industry was not.
4:53 pm
we'll have to be followed with concrete steps and by a natural legal agreements need to be reached. the promise made by sweden is this $5073.00 terrorists will be extradited, returns to 30 top law. my p k. k. and it's extensions are carrying out activities to collect funds. these will be prevented and investigated. net, there will be clear and substantial guarantees given in relation to the prevention of terrorist propaganda being carried out against turkey. they could not with the participation of justice, federal law, intelligence and security forces. longevity agreements have been made up along the
4:54 pm
best for a robot. believe high school is included in the european mechanisms. it will in the support that they will provide in this way to link it to the associate that in summer, all of the sensitivities which turkey expressed from day one have been entered into this memorandum of agreement will move together with nato and which turkey has also achieved and also the people of sweden and finland have gained spit other because every legitimate step taken against terrorism will contribute to the establishment of peace and security. the distinguished members of the press looked into summits and on the margins of the meetings. i had the opportunity to meet many states and government leaders. and in this context,
4:55 pm
it still talked about secretary generals thornburg you saw and finish leader. the nissan and the leader of sweden did participated in a meeting which involves the 4 parts release. i have a meeting with president micro you by prime minister johnson america ballistic about going to and by president biden of the usa chance i have also met with the chancellor from austria on my shelter. and the chancellor shawls shields from germany. and also with mister richard from the netherlands unit, could you move us going and go to the unit from southern korea? last budget is done. they cut out the picture of it,
4:56 pm
but i've also had the opportunity to speak with many state leaders, including the prime minister of hungary. holla, why is one i'm going to visit one of the things that we form the nitty that we were able to assess the matters on our agenda with bilateral discussions. fuckin m does not time. turkey has the 2nd largest army in the nato, and it is the 5th largest contributed to the alliances and also yet again, the 1st of all the big is the arctic. and in this way, it was seen very clearly the 30 gender will continue to have a significant save in the policies and decisions of nato not to get a lot of em at. we shall continue to give the necessary contributions to later and
4:57 pm
we expect the same sincere solidarity from our allies and it will lock you in if you don't. i mean, i believe that the summit in major it will be a turning points for a greater alliance. and so the 1st, i hope these developments that god will bring about beneficial development is for everyone and extend you my sincere greetings. mister president james space from al jazeera english. you talked about your plans for a deal to get the grain out of ukraine. can you tell us how that plan is going to work? how close you are to a deal when you plan next to speak to president get a same put in getting same density that was
4:58 pm
sallow. their music house this weekend or perhaps the week ahead telephone. i'm assuming we will resume our telephone number. sholonda can be dialogue with mister put in, and if there's an escape, we already have a roadmap in place. you don't judge cody. so our aim is to put this corridor. you come into effect as soon as possible that we have our own 20 ships in the area that will do that. and, and with these ships, we will work towards the was the movements of these grains and the exports of the grain and to 3rd countries. this is going to be our efforts made up really just a bit from reuters for that's my mother's home. if i'm going to buy them in just a short while ago. for now, mister biden knew made
4:59 pm
a reference to his meeting with you and said that he had spoken to you about the sale of the f sixteens, and that he would try to get this passage. his congress called a little john and i had hung wagner did he promise you that he would work with congress and disregard a otherwise, it seems that there is a negative atmosphere in washington. did he give you any estimated dates that a 2nd quick question? is this, please don't rush. let's just resolve the 1st question, mental as you know. and then just take a seat. i'm going to get round to the 2nd question. don't worry. extending your shonda parliaments are places where the difficult issues have to be taken on so much come in and get and of course the mr. president said that he was like do
5:00 pm
whatever he could. but of course, the matter doesn't. and with the democrats, because there's also the republicans in the pitcher. and last week, i mean, because i had a large team getting over in the us, get it the more cutler. good. this team carried out discussions both with the republicans and democrats, same by roger, and of course, last night solar. mr. biden and hi, had a discussion get you say, you know, going did adjust and following that we will if necessary, send another sion. and by having discussions with the republicans as well on the side and we will work towards their support sort of the key. so me, me and guided due to the sick ledger. i think mister biden's sincere efforts in this regard. in this way you will receive substantial support. so i will be sending a delegation to the us.


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