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tv   Witness Riders Of Destiny  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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into the wild tour board operator. money. rosas, i'm on liter is finding it hard to make ends meet. i can explain how much have been as affecting our business. there are more than 350 local to operators who rely on sunday bands, tourism. we don't have any other source of income. forrest office, our other carrier says the ban is necessary to my mother's update on one of the cinder bonds is bangladesh, his most bio diverse area. we had to impose this ban on tourism, fishing and other activities to promote seasonal wildlife breeding. we've only left the channel open for ships and other maritime vessels to pass through. many have welcome the conservation effort, but grain groups and activists say the government's environmental committee has given the go ahead to 320 industrial projects, including a coil fired power station and their next to the mangrove and the threat to its very existence. sunbeam chaudry, i'll just sit up shonda buns ah,
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what channel does aero, with me sell rahman in doha, reminder of our top news stories u. s. president joe biden has called on the well to stand behind ukraine as the cloud, the close of the nato summit in madrid. he said the military lines will defend every inch of its territory and he announced another $800000000.00 worth of us weapons, full ukraine. and the attack on one is an attack on all and we will defend every ish of nato territory. every inch of nato territory, for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said to redo it food and invaded, enhance our forest posture in europe. will station more ships it here in spain, where station, the more air defense generically in germany. more at $35.00 the united kingdom and to strengthen our eastern flank new permanent headquarters for their army. 5th corps in poland. russia says it forces withdrawn from ukraine strategic outpost in
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the black sea snake island. the kremlin says it's pulled out as a goodwill gesture to help you and explore grain from ukraine. the announcement comes after ukraine launch. several raids on russian forces on the island. cassandra brown, jackson has been sworn in as a u. s. supreme court justice, the 51 year old, is the 1st black woman to serve on the high court. she's taking the seat from retiring judge stephen breyer. at least 5 people have been shot dead by security forces and citizens capital cartoon. thousands of people are protesting. they're against ongoing military rule in the country. is there any politicians evaded to dissolve the parliament calling an election for them? but the 1st, it'll be the country's 5th in less than 4 years. 45 minutes, the iowa pete, will take over his interim prime minister until the polls negotiated to arrange long awaited presidential elections. and libya have come to an end in geneva with
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little progress a year in spokes person says the 2 sides still disagree on eligibility requirements . the potential candidates have all of those stories on a website that out there a dot com. i'm back with more news in half and next on i'll just say it's witness to stay with us. ah. a, a a,
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a minute. ah ah ah wedgewood, i'm on the phone. it'll be to the school valley for new lily, but obviously i do believe one by one school. how do you look it up to 1000 minimum like winning out then what about this? at a minimum, i don't have it out with carlos. he laughed with a market that told him to put so on. your bottle are the heads up and
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i thought i said calling yeah. done. got my eye about blank on my site. you need to go, so that you've gotten, ah hi ah columbia political baby boom, done. got them on some on see line. if the money on my son died, the dial on their line,
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so i'm down your pocketbook. it's on both the money with done. got the money, i'm sure. hold on. got muscles with the go down going out like the vietnam war. i'm a bang argued about what was up when your mom was hoping in, mama, i don't even know if i put my mind like, you know, brand new scholarship with the lafayette this blue with the yeah. did you ask us what it does? is he looking at the up when i get
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a check with you take a break i oh, did that work? i met with becky by john, who do i need to do with scalability? yes, kalu. i'm a teacher blah blah blah blah blah. i'm better on signing up beside jago. so massy, luckily puts on me, says i sort of what i'm laying. i bob at that most thought at the some us i'm letting my yeah. some priscilla sang at the
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when you get the joke you decide to go oh oh, i just had the joking and when you look it all. when you go to near me, my said anthony is uni. do your job. so i hope when you're not going to tell them yeah, thing i'm going to go to yes. hello. once again, we're going to go now by doing that, we have time on that or do you got an aluminum golden? yes. back on my income and you know to be ne, it do. yeah, yeah. well my hand is pretty much kasey. she says her good. now for the young
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with a with the let me see let did. did you get we can get them back. yeah. damn echo. know me some wine. yeah. good god. that's what i'm saying. yeah. lucky. ah well yes. how are you going to listen to the yet? did you get you'll get ah,
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ah, does he think i was have a mealy cy up when moving the lord on the plaza. so got food, the thing guys is in the mold are most definitely do that. we say atkins didn't have been muted. good news. well, you don't juggle, don't want this right yet, because i will really my nail. i've gotten with me. after a lifetime in finland and emigrant returns to somali land upon discovering his ancestral home could be
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a gold mine. but to benefit his community from the minerals beneath the land, he must navigate the age old, tribal disputes above it, or witness. golden light on al jazeera ah joined the debate. wonderful as it is, this little magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online act, your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she has done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist? i look like me, you need to listen to the voice in perspective,
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even when it's hard. it went challenges some of our foundational thinking, listerine analogies, era, around 3 quarters of sub saharan africa's cultural heritage is on display in western museums. but it didn't happen overnight. we were rob color time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how europeans colonization removed tens of thousands of artifacts and the appeal struggle to reclaim restitution africa stolen on episode one blunder. oh, now jazeera. ah, we will defend every inch of nato territory. every inch of nato territory.


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