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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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i can explain how much have been, is affecting our business. there are more than 350 local to operators who rely on sunday bands, tourism. we don't have any other source of income. forest office, our other carrier says the ban is necessary to my mother's update. on one of the cinder bonds is bangladesh, his most bio diverse area. we had to impose this ban on tourism, fishing and other activities to promote seasonal wildlife breeding. we've only left a channel open for ships and other maritime vessels to pass through. many of woke him the conservation effort, but grained groups and activists say the government's environmental committee has given the go ahead to $320.00 industrial projects, including a coil fired power station. and they're next to the mangrove and the threat to its very existence. sunbeam chaudry, i'll jazeera shown their buns. ah, what's your desire with lisa hill robin into hot reminder, volatile stories?
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you as president joe biden as cold on the wall to stand behind ukraine at the close of the nato summit in madrid. he said the military alliance will defend every inch of its territory. and the attack on one is an attack on all, and we will defend every edge of nato territory. every inch of nato territory, for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said. who do it prudent invaded, enhance our forest posture, and your will station more ships in here in spain, where station a more air defense generically, in germany, more at 35 the united kingdom and to strengthen our eastern flank new permanent headquarters for their army. 5th corps in poland. russia says its forces have drawn from ukraine strategic outpost in the black sea snake island. now the criminal says it's pulled out as a goodwill gesture to help you and it's full grain from ukraine. the announcement
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comes after ukraine last. several raids on russian forces on the island on jackson who become the 1st black woman. this is a judge on the us supreme court. the 51 year old is taking the fees of a tiring judge. steven breath was one more class than her appointment comes at a controversial time. sanctions remain high cost the following week rulings on abortion and gun laws. at least 5 people being shot dead by security forces is $2.00 capital cartoon, thousands of people protesting against ongoing military rule in the country. security forces are reported the trying to force the way into a hospital where doctors of treating wounded protested you and i think a should to arrange long awaited presidential elections in libya. have come to an end in geneva with little progress. the un says the 2 sides still disagree on eligibility requirements for potential candidates. israeli politicians voted to
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dissolve the parliament calling and election for november. the 1st, it'll be the country's 5th in less than 4 years. foreign affairs minister, iowa. pete will take over as into rim prime minister until the poles. i'll be back in half now with the alger 0 news. of course you follow all stories on our website, delta 0 dot com. next, it's inside story with hash, from alber. ah . nature's new strategic concept, the alliance says it's facing new challenges and has decided to adopt a fundamental shift in deterrence and defense. but with this new concept work, and we make nato countries safer, this is insights,
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laurie ah, ah, ah, hello, welcome to the program i'm hash am abolla. rush is the most direct and significant threat to peace and security in the western world. thus, nature's latest security assessment of moscow, it was disclosed during a crucial summit in madrid. the alliances members endorsed a more aggressive stance than the last time they agreed on strategy in 2010 more troops, more funding and more support for each other. russia accused nato of acting with imperial ambitions and using ukraine to assert its power. nater says it's facing him more dangerous and competitive weld as it presented his strategy or the summit
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. the alliance promised more troops in europe and declared an unshakable, long term commitment to ukraine. as part of that president joe biden announced a permanent u. s. army base in poland and additional land and sea deployments across europe. the u. s. will also send 2 more f 35 fighter jets squadrons to the u. k. sweden and finland were invited to join nato during the summit, marking historic shift in european security and nater sad. it continues to view its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent only while rear to rating its commitment to the non proliferation treaty. for the 1st time, nato leaders vice concern about the threat they see china posing in the future. so i and i is so substantially building up its military forces including nuclear
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weapons, bullying its neighbors and threatening tie bomb investing heavily in critical infrastructure, including in allied countries, monitoring and controlling it, sir, own citizens through advanced technology and spreading russian life. and this information, china is not our adversary, but we must be clear eyed about the serious challenges. it represents. russian president vladimir putin says he is not opposed to felons and swayed and joining nato. but he warned moscow would respond to enter deployments in countries that could pose a threat to reflect the she athene fernand. there's nothing that might concern us in terms of finland and sweden becoming nato members. if they want to, please go ahead, but they should clearly understand that they didn't face any threats before this. now, if nato troops and infrastructure are deployed,
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we will be compelled to respond and kind and create the same threats to the territory that is now creating threats for us. so it's obvious what they don't understand that everything was going fine between us, which it is, but now there will be tensions. this is obvious and inevitable in i repeat, if they'd hose a threat to us. ah, let's bring in our guess in moscow blood, dimmer sought nick of director at russia, east west center for strategic studies and analysis in brussels. there is avalon is director of the center for russia, europe, asia studies and in hong kong. and along is china. as analysts and chairman of under long international consultants, welcome to the program. vladimir, the new strategic concept embraced by nature that it reinforced the sentiment among the russians. that nato remains an existential threat for their country. yes,
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by all means actually, and that was not in the moscow choice because nato actually is not like it was in 2010 when there was a summit of nathan countries. and then at that time, russia was named as a partner. so of that, the, the, the, a present a summit that my breed to somehow could be called historic. because from my mind, this is an evident turn to the new cold war. and in these cold war, actually, the west and the nato countries are the direct and the imminent threat to russia. security, theresa, you get a sense in the new blueprint that the nato, that nato is pretty much concerned. not only about russia, but also about the potential of a chinese military corporation with russia in the near future. and this explains why they are adding china as
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a security challenge for the alliance. yes, the language is systemic challenge and i think there is a lot of negotiation among the members and exactly what type of language to use. some european countries have big investments in china and they don't want to see china and russia in the same basket. but i would say that what really clinched it for many people are countries in central and eastern europe, especially, was the february 4th documents signed in beijing in the run up to the olympics, where president putin and she, jim pink, signed an agreement to say or statement with many points for one of the key points was that they both. ready joined together to push back on nato. so i think that sent a red light to many countries. and we've seen a lot of cooperation with russia and china to those who have been paying attention . it's been taking place for quite a long time. there have been 3 recent documents in the last few years that they signed together. plus we've seen russia, china naval operations or exercises in the mediterranean, in the baltics,
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so they've been cooperating and sending signals to your own. okay, andrew, i'm in the, the, the, the alliance has been saying unequivocally that the consider shiners global ambitions as a threat to the international liberal architecture. how is this reverberating across china? well, this is of course nothing new as far as the united states and $360.00 degree compensation china because the solar, i'm starting with the trade war drum and then intensified visible by. ready technology war sounds on a c and so but then at the back of. ready ringback in fact the mia p a competitor there was. ready a country with pier give abilities. ready economics and. ringback
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in the military, in politics it's not russia is in fact china as a united states and the buying decisions. ready so the united states rather than get there or to play over with all their plans and then concentrate all they have to come from china because. ready and it's essentially strict to american money from song. ready this i'm trying to see a spirit of it, which can yet create a company or the united states before even the united states, their time to muscle response. and of course, china's connectivity going to stream it is a $230.00 countries along the largest trading compared with united states. and then g 7 the united states
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and lead coalition is introducing this g 70, g 7, infrastructure project. then it's starting to mid to late. all right. but the met, the war in ukraine has changed dynamics in the region to the point where we're talking now about a ju politic realignments. president biden is saying that the u. s. is going to have permanent u. s. army base in poland. i assume this would be a nightmare scenario for russia. well actually i would like to say that this would be, this wouldn't be it to my mind at my best knowledge. sure. are the nightmare scenario bukasa? yes, you're right. her hush out that the dynamics has changed, but that because deceased her a conflict, this is a military conflict actually basically. and the ground realities are not just like
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in the military books and general academy of our military services. so i think that russia is ready for that. and what is more important actually, that whatever the outcome of this or ukrainian or russia ukrainian conflict could be, i think i'm, i'm, i'm not, i'm not sure at that than these cold war which is going right after the summit. and which is going and then, which will be prolonged after the finishing all their russia ukrainian, and conflict that are in this and you realities induced new cold war. i'm not sure that the west will be the victoria site, not just like her in a post soviet union when they go to my shops, declared his perestroika. all right, her teresa, if sweden and filane, join nato, than the, the alliance will have
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a 1300 kilometer border with russia. this could, in itself, be the beginning of an era of a seismic geopolitical shift. there would see a rush, i grappling with the presence of western troops just on the border across the door . let me just pick up 1st and the previous point of my colleague stated that this is a new cold war. we must remember that russia invaded ukraine and it was an unprovoked war, and it's ongoing war. and this has been going on since 2014. so i think today it with president biden's speech at the end of the nato summit. he, he stated that last year when he met with president putin, he warned him that if he invaded ukraine, that he would see a united west and an even bigger and stronger nato. so that's exactly wouldn't putin has gotten. and when you mentioned thou about sweden and finland, we've seen a reversal of 2 over 2 centuries worth of neutrality from sweden. they have
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calculated that the situation is so dire that they need to join nato. finland, as you pointed out, has a long border with rossa. so they have carefully calculated and they have decided that it is far better to be with nato than to end up like ukraine and be invaded and have the country bombed into rumbles. so i think that ross's actions have actually created exactly what president putin didn't want. he's got a stronger nato. he's got 32 countries al, rather than 30. that somehow you must explain to his domestic audience that this special military operation has created. all of this blow back on russia. in addition, sanctions are biting in russia, their economy is hurting, and europeans will never be as dependent as they are to day on russian energy. they will, it will take some time. but over the next 2 years, they will have to further diversify and they will no longer be as reliant on russian energy. so this will also hurt russia in the longer term. and finally,
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china can just sit back and watch a reduced and we can draw. so this will help them very much, or they have had some difficult times in their past history with russia. so tony doesn't have to do a thing. and in many respects some alice have said, maybe she dumping encourage russell to star this war in ukraine. and so china is actually the biggest beneficiary here, and it's carefully trying to convince everyone that it's not really supporting rasa . but as we noted earlier, these agreements has shown this, but china, maybe one of the biggest benefactors or beneficiaries when it comes to what happens in the future in the arctic. this is the key area in russia will be diminished and weakened, and china will drive a hard bargain with russia and may have more ability to navigate through the arctic . andrew, as you know, historically speaking for the americans, the, the 1st step to do if you want to counter chinese expansion is to go into the sphere of influence of china itself and stop in there. and don't you see
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the invitation of australia, south korea, japan and use it and to the alliance summit as a message that the focus is going to be now on the in the pacific region. well, those to pull off the, the so called port with india. and then comes the idea of forming g. busy 12 of the boxes including even sell career add to contain china. now i think that the one has called distinguish between the rhetoric or the narrative and the reality response on. ready is concerned, there was an initial what's the. ready lation we received by them and his team roping their hands in greed as the,
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as the washer initial kind of withdrawal and failure to achieve any progress. but now the. ready situation is beginning at the galaxies begin to st game after russia has concentrated on the bus and making the. ready gates and then there was a fatigue setting in, in the west of energy prices. prices increases inflation or even recession hitting the both of countries, europe, but also back home in a lot of space affecting back by the mid term chances. so in spite of all the rhetoric you can see that. ready was a lot of denial, but there was no doubt that there was a game changer as far as natal sunset. but unfortunately, more than was bought by soldiers ounces on the ground. you have only
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weapons yet this side was bad and cause russia is each country's the largest, the largest law, the largest territory. well ahead of us. the 2nd largest lead walls is canada. united. ready comes the company in the world in history has ever called washer. i mean don't even. ready denazi's and every. ready the redeemer, what would be the next step for russia? do you see them teaming up with the chinese, along with other countries to build some sort of a counter alliance to cope with the growing expansion of nato eastwards? ah, well this is a good question. actually. i was thinking it to myself on my point, is that my personal on impression that this is the moment, the crucial moment for russian foreign policy, when all the relationship between russia and later countries and the more general
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between russia and the wester probably has deteriorated for years to come at least the, the new strategic concept offer nate the summit in madrid to says about the year of 2013, or at least a 1030. so a rush actually is a, are doing a lot of effort to combine a combined strength for with its partners and allies like like china, bukosa, china, as my colleague from hong kong said that there was a, there were a lot of documents which were adopted to jointly, by china and russia, though i do not agree with your that the most bene, beneficiary site was trina, and that them chinese leda. she'd you been probably urged her let in approaching
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the start of the special military operation. i do not agree with this. completely saw and another in the assault wind direction. ah, this sir. and you are rapidly immersion. ah, she estie organisation which while has been already existed, but now it is more frank and the caspian, the caspian grouping. and also the s. c o. the shanghai corporation organization because it combines china, india, iran, actually with the population of more than 40 percent on the wall. so this is, this is good allies of russia and russia will be communicating with them and will be counting on their support and will be strengthened in these a groupings. ok ter, theresa the, the, the alliance nato itself has been very cautious about the need to move forward towards all the region, thus rushes from romania all the way to the baltic states because they were pretty much concerned about triggering an incident there would unleash
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a massive military confrontation with us, but do you think that with the invasion of ukraine, than was the red line that was drawn by the alliance. the moment it was crossed, there was no point of return was in no one wants to see a nato russia war with the fact that there has been penetration of swedish air space by russian plains. there has been some russian drones going into polish aerospace, you know, everyone has played this down in order not to increase threat level. but i think that what we've seen now with the newt nato security concept that this is a huge concern. and that's the only way now forward is better defense, not just to turns but defense. and i think that this has really demonstrated that russia is a deep concern. that hard power is something that you know, everyone just that we can negotiate with them become more energy dependent on
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russia. have this kind of interdependence. i think all of this strategy, i mean, the germans called it bundled or handle, or there was political. it was really much really focused on relations with russia, and that has proven to be put on the ash heap of history. so i think that this idea that if were nice to russia then put in will be nice us, everything will work out well. well, that's been pretty much learned that that was a huge mistake. so i think the, the big question now is when is the way forward? what kind of piece exactly i don't hear when talking about that. so i think that's one of the key aspects, but also looking at the bigger geopolitical picture, no one can ignore that. china will become or is it something everyone needs to keep their eye on? and this means for the europeans, it's not as burden sharing its burden. shifting the u. s. needs europeans to spend more on their own defense. so the us can focus more on the into pacific. and this is something that europeans will find difficult because we are in an inflationary
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period. but security should always trump politics and economics so that i think that's the key. i see your point. i have few other issues to discuss with you if you don't mind a, andrew, are we likely to see more auction as far as this south and east china seas are concerned? well i think that you can see that the united states is now writing high at least sensibly on, on the kind of ability to rally in. ready a. ready ship i mean this has never happened before. busy the truck and later at the time was almost more, but now they do have been re energize, riding high on back, is trying to bomb a global alliance democracy against china. so there's talk about g. ready g and 12 of the offices there was also. ready there's
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a pacific for structure initiative, but then you can see that the china and russia are starting to push back the i refer to the reason of brits, something with brazil in india and south africa trying to expand the brakes broke as it were group in tina and also you ran some addition to what's a. ready ready ready and the various. ready parts so i think that we can see a growing divide between the west and develop countries and ok benefiting well as the 11. $11.00 is that the, the but i think well, according to the whole you see is going to account for 60 percent of the world's economy. ready and 30 so you can see that the balance is shipped from the gym in
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very few words. if you don't mind, do you see a potential for reconciliation between 2 and russia? ah, you know, yes, yes. despite the only horrible situation actually, which is now has come to exist between nature and russia, i think there are some crew show, boy and soft mutual interest, which to my mind should be present in any future relations between russia and major countries. all right, this is international terrorism and this, these non proliferation of nuclear weapons, theresa is the, is nato and europe in particular, ready for scaling up military force. and we, we know what comes along with this, which is basically great defense expenditure. well, i think as a micron sent just a couple years ago that it was brain dead. so i think that nato has come back and
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that when you member states join nato, it means that they're not really voting for you strategic autonomy that they prefer to be in data. so i think that yes, this is going to cost money and it's going to have to be prioritized, but it's there. germany has pledged 100000000 to strengthen their own military. so the $989.00 peace dividend is clearly finished and countries will have to in europe, especially how to spend on their own defense. we'll have to leave it that theresa alone, andrew lung, and lemme so to go, i really appreciate you and i thank you and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website a dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside. so you can also turn the conversation on twitter. our 100 is at a jane size 40 for me, how to model the entire team here into like one ah
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and with generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, community board a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but maybe not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. for some,
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a robot is a mechanical law or even that self driving train of the apple. but android today can be the ever the humanoid robots like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries, live on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. origin honor because it al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics here say he is incredibly lucky. those coming out of the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town, they take us to their basement where we find others sheltering from the shelling these evacuation. now the basic 3 day journey devastated buildings are now
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a grim reminder that the russians were here. how and why did who and become so obsessed. with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house in 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. mm. mm. oh, wow. government oh al jazeera with all this is al jazeera ah
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