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concerns should we be about his, on to the law, we bring the stories in different ones that are rapidly changing the world. we live in, the one become roches new dollars. it becoming rushes new door, counting the coast on al jazeera, years for miles. is it on the go and need to know out is there is only a mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissect online. the fun thing and i guess going from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still, just sat for it and tapped i made a new app from al jazeera mean at you think it, it ah,
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the attack on one is, is attack on. oh, i, we will defend every edge of nato territory. yes, president joe biden warns russia, but nature is more united than ever after its historic so much in madrid. this as russian forces leave snake island in what they call a good well gesture. ukraine says they were forced out. ah, lauren taylor says al jazeera live from london, also coming up at least 8 protests as a killed us. you don security forces crackdown on the latest demonstrations demanding a return to civilian rule should is, his government publishes a proposed new constitution that would give precedent case sayed, even more powers and indigenous groups in ecuador, signed an agreement with the government to end 18 days of protests
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ah, hello hughes president, joe biden has made a final appeal for all nations to defend ukraine from russia's invasion. as nature summit wrapped up in madrid, members agreed to a significant increase in funding for the alliance, newly invited nations, sweden, and finland, or sign the protocol to join nato. next week, though, member states still need to ratify it turned the whole reports from the spanish capital. against the backdrop of russia's war in ukraine, nato has agreed. the biggest changes in its defensive posture since the cold war. we have faced the most serious security situation in decades. but we are, i seem to the challenge with unity undersold members contributions to an enhanced state of military readiness on nato's eastern flank were led by the united states. president joe biden said the lines had never been stronger or more united. we
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reaffirm that article 5 commitment is sacred and an attack on one is an attack on all, and we will defend every inch of nato territory every inch of nato territory. president biden announced a permanent army base in poland. the 1st full time us deployment on nato's eastern fringes. the u. s. will also send 2 additional squadrons of f. 35 jets to the u. k . sweden and finland were formally invited to become members marking the alliances . most significant expansion in decades and ukrainian president followed him as lensky told alliance members via video link that he believes russia will target lithuanian. next, the summit will have provided the vulnerable baltic states with a degree of reassurance. nato is ready to defend all our lives, including of course, the baltic states and, and last via because the intention of declared
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intention is to dominate over over the whole of europe. now, let me put in reacted to nato's. she mention the saying if military assets were moved to finland, sweden, russia would respond in kind of a kudos. wilson now it's elvia walk. can they understand that everything was going falling between us, but now there will be tension? certainly, wilson, it is obvious and inevitable. i repeat, if they represent a threat to the only hint of this unity came from president of the one who'd lifted his objections to finland. and sweden membership bids on tuesday night after a deal was reached between the 3 on measures that could lead to the expedition of members of curtis groups wanted in turkey. he warned that if he didn't see swift action on those commitments of the membership ratification process could yet be held up in the turkish parliament. in his closing comments,
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nato secretary general described a world that is more dangerous and unpredictable, and he was the things could get worse. a summit that took in climate change terrorism, and the weaponized ation of space seldom strayed far from the russian threat. jonah whole al jazeera madrid, russia says its forces of withdrawn from a strategic outpost in the black sea, ukraine's snake island. it comes after repeated attacks by ukrainian forces targeting russians occupying the island kremlin, called the retreat, a goodwill gesture, to help the un establish corridors to export grain from ukraine. but keith says the russians fled the island into speedboats following a barrel of ukrainian artillery and miss strikes onto her magic editor. james bass has more so much in madrid on efforts to get the grain out for you. and along with turkey, i've been working on the plan to try and get the grain that's trapped inside ukraine, out through the black sea, using the turkish navy to
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a score the ships with un inspectors to make sure those ships not carrying weapons when they arrive in ukraine, the plan is also for russian grain and fertilizer to be brought back to world markets. president urban at a news conference told me, plans are proceeding well. get a is same put in. we will continue to conduct phone diplomacy with mister vladimir putin and mister vladimir sell in ski this weekend or beginning of next week. we already have a roadmap that has been put in order. we will contact them and try to realize this grain corridor. as soon as possible, just an important development in recent hours, the barely populated but strategically important snake island in the black sea has changed hands. russia says it was relinquished as a gesture of goodwill. but one ukrainian m. p told me it was actually retaken by his country's forces. and when we have seen russia and gesture goodwill, it's something that couldn't be together. they just lost the battle for snake
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island because yes, without snake island control, we couldn't provide secure shipments of green. it's impossible, so that was absolutely needed to make the shipments today we did it. the un believes that the plan to try and get the grain out of ukraine could be a major 1st step in trying to solve the global food crisis. if they do a deal, i'm told it will be signed in a stumble. a political ally of putin says, some captured members of ukraine's, as a regiment may face trial. russia handed over $43.00 injured as fighters as part of a larger prisoner exchange on wednesday. but moscow, which considers the far right neo nazis as indicated that some members so held in russia could be put on trial for involvement in the war. as regiment was founded in 2014 as a volunteer militia to fight pro russia separatists in ukraine's eastern dom boss region. as fighters were fated as national heroes for defying russian forces who
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laid siege to the city of mario po ah, ensued on at least 8 protests as have been killed during anti military demonstrations, calling for a transition to civilian rule. thousands have been out on the streets of the capital cartoon, despite heavy security and the authorities cutting off the phone and internet services. on wednesday, a 15 year old boy was shot dead during similar protests, wasn't a 100 people have been killed during crackdowns on protests since the military seized power last october. security forces reportedly tried to force their way into a hospital where doctors were treating wounded protests is ever morgan has mortal cartoon. is this anti military protest imbecile denise, capital hut assume has resulted in deaths and injuries. were in front of a go to hospital one of the hospitals where injured protesters were brought to and where at least one protest there was pronounced that as a result of injuries,
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he sustained due to security of force as using force to dispose protested from the vicinity. of the presidential palace into denise capital cartoon. now protested having taken to the streets since the military took over power last october. but they see that 1st there was a significant de, because it marks the 33rd anniversary of the crew that brought former president. i wanted to shoot to power in 1989. they said that when the revolution started in december 2018, it was against president bush here and members of his ruling party and people who are loyal to him. but they say that since the military took over power last october, members and loyalist of the former ruling party have been coming back and have been getting key positions in government institutions. so they said that the revolution is far from over, which is why they are continuing to take to the streets. now, more than a 100 protesters have been killed in anti military protests, hundreds of us have been injured, but that has not deterred the protest movement. they say that they want to should, the military that they only want a civilian government politically talks facilitated by the united nations african
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union. and the regional i got, have so far failed to produce a political contempt and something that's the military. this is crucial if they are to hand over power. now, while the political talks are so far suspended, and while political parties are trying to grapple and find ways to come to an agreement, people on the streets say that as, as long as the military is part of the talks, as long as they continue to remain in power, they will continue to protest g as in state media has published a proposed new constitution that would limit the role of parliament and give president i say it even more powers will be put to a referendum next month, one year 2 sided fax, a prime minister and dismissed parliament. critics accused the president of staging a coo essay he's leaving the country towards authoritarian rule. it is a footman, has moved from one of the key changes in the preamble before it said that it was the religion of the states or taneesha that's been taken out. what's been put
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in a couple of articles about how to respond to the arabic region and the arabic world . so my site is known to be an art not list. so that's not something that's politically charged, preamble. it's a very low constitution. it's 10 chapters, 142 hours. a lot of it reads more like a policy documents, then a constitution. so constitution of the foundation, foundational principles of that of a nation. where is this is quite specific. it talks about employment, it sets out a chart for the nation and to invest it use right now to journalist revenue by the way you live in tunis force. so what extra powers would this new constitution give to the president? hello. so to the suggest constitution, you can see that the article,
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especially the articles about the executive power or villages that they are, the a, in the, the power of the president. we saw many changes between the constitution of 2014 and the constitution from the mall. and also from the 1st articles legacy has been, i wanted to change the whole political system easier through the surround them and through the new constitution. first of all, it changes a power because as we seen on a new draft, that is the center of power. include not only the president of people, but a new form of government, which is the national council, which is appointed and elected by, sorry, is elected by the people. so we have to have of the legislative power,
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the representative of people and the national national council. at the same time, he decreased the power of the initial from the judges. he described the judge and the judge a. so our only function not as a complete power and according to the new draft, the president on the head of the government. and also he appoints the judge as the judge are not able to go on strike at the same time the rule. and let's say the freedom of, for the devotees in the legislative power is so limited. for example, the devotee who resigned from his political party, he cannot join another political party or another block in the parliament draft said to tell me how likely is it? is this to pass? there is a referendum. is he likely to get his way and get a constitution that he's trying to achieve?
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well, he's trying from a, from, with all the effort to buy a new constitution. it was, he's go from, from the beginning, he 2nd, the prime minister to solve the problem is he has now new constitution with new changes, let's say with 140 articles, mostly of them are with the board, a degree this such as the article number 5 which said that you need a nation and preserve the viewing islam page the words, i mean in this new draft it's, it's clear that he wants only to execute. he own political project is decreasing that he's not if power and he is giving himself more executive. and i told you we can go into the government. you find the
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judge is judge the judge. you. so how it is only a function according to this new address. so we are, we missing, let's say a new, a new, a new changes to the constitution. and it is clear that from the beginning he wants to change the political system for a prison national system. for more power, for the president of a completely different from the previous constitution of the 2014. they say that no, it just real briefly do you think it will pass? is it the reference will? can people vote for this? well, i think it depends with the participation of their to me and i to now in the more than 9000000 to me, i refused to participate with them, but we are not sure. but i think according to the consultation,
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the national consultation, that has been a month before, i don't think that you need will participate in huge number. let's say, i think using are waiting now for economic changes for economic reasons, not for constitutional or a political or the forms really. we are living there in economic crisis and we need now is what we need now is economic reforms. i think the constitution are in the laws as nothing to do with the social and economic life and the life of me. revenue, thank you very much. need talk to us. says gun this half hour a. yes, you pin court gets his 1st black female judge shortly after limiting president biden's power to cut emissions and rolling out the red carpet chinese president choosing thing is it's hong kong for
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a symbolic ceremony. ah hello, we got some other cool and damn weather across northern parts of australia, tropical australia, seeing some rather lively showers. big mass of cloud coming through here for the south. we have high pressure in charge. so lossy dry, we'll see temperatures getting up to around $1415.00 celsius there in adelaide, getting up to around 19 therefore per there is that where to where the further north, right around, the char pad on the cool side alley struggling to get around $1560.00 degrees over the next few days should be about 20 celsius so. so the cool enough here, but a lot of weight, whether they're in too much of queensland, even into the outback, in the areas of queensland seeing somewhere. whether you're part of that eastern side of new south wells, also looking rather disturb over the next few days and that unsettled weather. that
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could cause a little bit of localized flooding as we go one through our sad day to the south of sydney. see some live the showers coming through here, but to back victoria for tasmania. not too bad for new zealand as well. over the coming days since staying dry. margie dry across much of japan over the next day or so, and it's on the outside right. a season has ended early. what a 2 showers into the north and where to where the coming back into north korea, where we have seen some flooding, plenty of showers for a good part of china. ah, india is that a heat wave is igniting, blazes across the country, destroying people's help homes, unlikely. one on one east investigate india on fire. one al jazeera. ah,
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al jazeera, with every oh, lulu ah, ah, a reminder, the top stories here, routers, era years president joe biden has called on the well to stand behind ukraine. the close of the nato summit and madrid. he said the military alliance will defend every inch of its territory. at least 8 protests as have been killed in anti military demonstrations as to don, thousands have been out on the streets of the capital costume, calling for a transition to civilian rule. authorities have cut off the phone and internet services and trinity in state media has published prose,
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new constitution that would limit the role of parliament and give president case i had even more hours will be put to referendum next month. one year off to side sat, the prime minister and dismiss comment. ecuador government has reached a deal with indigenous leaders to end an 18 day nationwide strike and protests which have led it left at least 8 people dead. the state of emergency has been lifted and the government has agreed to reduce petrol prices in as groups had been demonstrating for more than 2 weeks, calling for economic reforms rest as close the country, nearly half a 1000000000 dollars. officials also vowed to improve health and education and stop oil. concessions in indigenous communities would be amazon on your pick is senior lecturer and political science at amherst college. she says the agreement signed is a bitter one. few hours ago. after 18 days about 10 people dead,
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hundreds of people wounded and criminalized across the country. the entire country clashed and they basically agreed of the 10 points demanded by the business movements. so only for the lower the price of gas by consensus instead of 215558 goes to $240.00 and they agreed the indigenous moment to leave the cds and stop the national strike. and there is a suspension. there is a revocation of a decree decree number 91 that was to expand oil drilling across the amazon. all the other points are just good intentions. we will try to increase investment in how to will try to help people get loans. but everything else is just the letter of good, intense. it's a very small achievement for a lot of effort, for a lot of dead bodies and for a lot of destruction across the country. nearly 3 months after her confirmation can g brown, jackson has been sworn in as
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a justice on the u. s. supreme court. she's the 1st black woman to sit on the court . that one year old will take the seat of retiring liberal justice stephen bryan. john henry and as more from washington i good time, she brown, jackson, john g brown. jackson is changing the face of the supreme court. with her swearing in the 9 member united states highest court has its 1st female black justice and for the 1st time no longer features a majority of white men. i think it's very important obvious for the black community. why? having pointed, judge brown to the, to the bench is so important, but it's also true for i think our country at large because it's a statement about how far we have come for so many years for hundreds of years. she replaces retiring liberal justice steven briar. so she will not alter the court 6 to 3 conservative majority majority who's reliably conservative decisions have
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recently called the courts. reputation for judicial fairness into question, and outraged millions of american the courts. recent decision to overturn the federal right to abortion. despite half a century of precedent to the courts, recent additions promised to respect his royal much of the nation with protests continuing on thursday, the president invited says, the court has brought that condemnation on itself because afternoon everyone. he wants congress to pass a new law protecting abortion rights nationwide. even if the senate has to discard the filibuster rule that effectively requires a 60 vote supermajority to do it. the one thing that has been destabilized is the outrageous behavior of the supreme court in united states and over ruling not only roe v wade, but essentially challenging the right to privacy. we have to change that decision by codified robi way, but in issuing its final decisions just before could challenge brown, jackson was sworn in the court handed president biden victory. the court upheld
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biden's authority to end a trump ear at remain in mexico policy that required many migrants to live on the mexican border in camps while they waited to apply for asylum. but it dealt a blow to buy in west virginia versus environmental protection agency. in that case, the court ruled the e. b. a had no authority to regulate carbon emissions at power plants because congress hadn't given a specific permission to do so. if the court applies that same reasoning to other federal agencies, it could significantly reduce the power of the federal government. so help me god. the face of the court may be changing but its direction is now steadfastly. conservative criticism or not, john hendrick. al jazeera washington chinese president, she's paying is visiting hong kong. it's the 1st time he left mainland china since the beginning of the pandemic. the 2 day trip includes the swearing in ceremony of the regions, new chief executive, john lee,
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and the 25th anniversary of the handover from the united kingdom. adrian brown reports from hong kong a powerful symbolic moment. china's president cheating ping arrived by high speed train. at the station that's been closed for 2 and a half years because of coded 19 it was a carefully choreograph welcome. that included many citizens from mainland china. it'll be a quick visit. and in a short address, the president said he'd been thinking a lot about hong kong, young gong, hong kong in your difficult test, one not for another. came risk challenges. one other of the hong kong we emerged from the fire and was remotely whole. it's the president's 1st visit here since protest 3 years ago when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, demanding political reform. on friday,
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the president will attend the swearing in ceremony of hong kong, new chief executive john lee. that coincides with the 25th anniversary of hong kong return from britain to china until a few days ago. it was still unclear where the shipping ping would be coming at all . that's because of another rise in the local kobe 19 infection rate. she last left mainland china in january, 2020, before his 0. cobit policy closed the country's borders, including the one with hong kong. there is a strong patriotic theme for this anniversary. communist party style slogans exhort people to celebrate 25 years of chinese rule. the symbolism is everywhere. security is extensive. water barriers deployed once more as they were during the unrest in 2019. the police now control these streets. a job made easier by
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the imposition of a national security law that led to the arrest of more than a 150 people. it poured with rain during the hand over 25 years ago, and it did so again on thursday. a tropical storm bearing down on hong kong. just as the president arrived, adrian brown al jazeera, on call. a magnitude 6 earthquake has struck near lose own island in the philippines, according to early data from the german research center for geosciences. the quake was located at a shower, depth for 10 kilometers is on as him to the capital. manila is also the country's largest and most populous island. no damage has been reported so far. ferdinand marcus junior has been sworn in as president of the philippines after when he a landslide victory in last month's elections. is the son of the former president of the same name. it was asked in a revolution in the 1980s. marcus,
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his vice president, is sarah detective, daughter of the controversial, outgoing president, would eager detached him to melinda, again, reports from manila see pertinent reward. this after more than 30 years, the rehabilitation of the marcus name in the philippines is nearly complete gothic bongo marcus junior. the only son in name sake of the country is late dictator, is now its next president, after winning an unprecedented 3rd to $1000000.00 votes. the marcus is, are considered one of the most infamous political families in asia, and their name has long been synonymous with decadence and the abuse of power. they ruled the philippines from 1965 until 1986 when they were ousted through a people power revolution. the president of the republic, oh, philippines. his inauguration and thursday is noticeably more grand than those of his predecessors aquino. and to that day, there is more parade and pomp than usual,
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by his speech focused less on the style j and more on reconciliation we. we will build but better by doing things in the lives of the experiences that we of hug both good and bug. it doesn't matter. no looking, bog and anger or nostalgia in the road ahead. the immediate months will be rough. but i will walk that road with you. the markers resurgence is the result of a decades long, well funded campaign to revise history in this year's election online propaganda coupled with the marcus families vast well and their alliance with the 3rd day. by the way, 1st presidency, but his administration is expected to face a tough road ahead. the country is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. it's education and public health systems are in shambles. and society is deeply
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polarized across the capitol. several activists have been arrested by police an all too familiar scene during his father's regime. but historian, see, although the past has a way of catching up with the present, the conscious future on their mark as junior has yet to be written. and so there was little choice, but to give it a chance to unfold, jamal alan, dog and al jazeera manila, politicians and israel have voted to dissolve. parliament triggering the country's 5th election in less than 4 years. natalie bennett only so one year as prime minister and says he won't stand again in november's vote. he's been replaced by his coalition partner jojo la pete, who were service entering prime minister until the election. adequate monday can always catch up any time. but the news and of course the sport on our web.


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