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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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what we're talking about vi american today you'll, we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line for as greenland to purchase 300 years of danish colonization and international interest in the islands . resources grows. a younger generation emerges, determined to in the future, no matter that different meta rappa and his fiance, a student, and a politician, as they tackle age old issues with that powerful need for the fight for greenland. a witness documentary on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm need barker. this is the news. our live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia missiles hit residential buildings near ukraine's port city of odessa. 21. people are killed, including children. undeterred, protests in sudan demand an end to military rule despite a violent crank down by security forces. on the 25th anniversary of hong kong returned to china, president she g pings as only patriots must be allowed to govern the territory. and a road trip to mozambique white rhino saw reintroduced to the national park after 40 years. and i'm far as my what the sport to the man's top seed reaches the wimbledon round of 16 novak jock of h. a dazzles on center court with st. satisfactory. isn't to ring the grand fan for a 4th time era.
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ah. in ukraine, at least 21 people were killed when their homes came under rush an attack over night. the missiles hit a residential building and a recreation center. and the sudden a d. s. a region as alam fischer reports from keith. the attack came in the early hours of the morning. many people were embed, it was quick, it was devastating and story building partially destroyed. the rockets fired from russian aircraft according to local authorities. pictures from the scene in odessa were quickly uploaded to social media so, so none of them. so many people have taken shelter from possible attacks in the basement of buildings. but to carefully move the debris, trying to find one more person to save in the ukrainian parliament, they held a moment of silence for those killed in the attack, which also hit a local recreation center in order for ukraine in morning. so not to start so
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tragically as it started today with miss alt strikes that are better in odessa region. 2 days morning started with a lot of victims. we want mornings of ukrainians to become as peaceful as the mornings of each european capital. in the 21st century. the attack came just hours after russian president vladimir putin insisted his forces do not target civilian idiots. new book and our army does not take any civilian infrastructure. we have every capability of knowing was as situated, and we're ukrainian general say the number of russian missile attacks has more than doubled in the past 2 weeks. and they believe they're using more soviet era muscles, which are much less accurate. and that means more civilian areas may be head whether they are targeted or not. alan fisher al jazeera heave. ok, let's take a look at the state of plain ukraine. at the moment,
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the regions of the hands contained yeske remain under the control of russia and russian back separatists. on thursday, moscow withdrew its troops from snake island in the black sea. the strategic outpost had been under russian control since the start of the war. in recent days, russian missiles of struck hassan and southern ukraine. then on friday, moscow targeted the port city of a desa. one, a shell us is the security studies program director at ukrainian prison, a foreign policy and security thing tank. she joins us now from all slow. thank you for your time. firstly, we are of course, seeing a desa, a city that many thought ids seen the worst over once again, being striked, it's struck, it's managed to avoid some of the intensity of fighting that we've seen in the east of ukraine. what's this mean about where the conflict is going, where the war is raging? i, if you follow all the news, what is happening to almost each several days, we have the attack against the odessa region. so it is not the c v itself maybe.
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but also because our defense in the heat working much better so he's pretty man team, they almost daily shooting against the cd, but in the region each 2nd day. it is the 2nd news about the previous, the russians predominantly try to charge of the infrastructure. that's been the breach. that's been many of the main ports of the very south. so for that has been very important to causal desa from the he and from the roots similar to the neighboring countries because the grain that is now is not being able to be exported by c is exported by land to the neighbor romania to add, but also the fuel storage is so they tried to console. this is much of course this you need help. you understand that you need to have enough capacities. russians don't have enough capacity is going to be a sold directly against the c t. they are not controlling nikolai, but they are not in control of your soul region where you bring in our forces are counter attacking. that's why predominant you be using these old types. so here to
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me styles from as far as cast bmc. that's what happened today. you can imagine that he's almost several 1000 kilometers because they're afraid to come closer and because they don't have enough capacity to come closer to the seat. and what this is, this a tank being for hopes of a much needed grain reserve is being able to reach markets internationally. it is very important to understand that for russians is extremely, i'm beneficial to allow your premium grades to appear on the market. because russia, ukrainian biggest competition, a competitor, and so when speak about the book eatable data work is not just a security match that they're afraid that all you negate will be operational in the sea. but because the price is higher, so they can sell their grains high end to get some money because they can politically pressure the countries in the middle east and africa. that's was dependent on ukrainian crazed. and they can manipulate these in the negotiation in
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union because they are scratching them on. we already heard this from the russian official publicly speaking. it sounds bitter brick economic forum that let's makes in mind. in this case, europeans will lead to some of the sanctions. you understand that that is genocidal statement, but russian officials, i'm also great to say them publicly. now, all the while russia continues to insist that it doesn't hit civilian talk is that it's not aiming to in any way affect ordinary civilians. at least that's what so president vladimir putin repeatedly says, who do you think those comments are intended for which audience? is he aiming those comments at the international audience? or people back home in russia? you know, such, commence? i'm, what's it just decala dear jas, completely understandable? because with the current technology was too many journalists, according journalist, inside of ukraine, with all those features. we can see how you can say that you're not targeting civilians. when you're almost destroyed heart,
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you've c g. when you completely destroyed many, what see you when you are destroyed daily. nikolai, a, c, t, r. when you have $300.00 schools, churches trade centers each day you have just civilian objects and it is publicly visible. so i don't know who he is trying to take was these likely definitely not the international community on st to the international journalist for ukraine covering all this devastating. it's as ami russia, unfortunately, sometimes buying these information. but the cards all from the international media, and they are under various p propaganda from the russian federation. but still we are following their social network. so we're to monitor to understand what is happening there. and it seems that it isn't the big see, it is already certain understanding that something is going wrong with this war is definitely not the special operations when you have so many killed soldiers and so many killed civilians, irrespective of how widely this is covered by international journalists, the british prime minister voice johnson a few weeks ago warned of ukraine fatigue. and given that many of the financial and
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military backers of the ukrainians all dealing with their own economic woes back in their own respective countries. is there a danger that the world will start to look the other way when it comes to ukraine? on the part you? yes, but that is dia, i'm see, know, but that he's and usually it is natural happening with old conflicts with all worse . we have one day when it is at the front page of the news papers, then one week it can be somewhere further. luke, up on this, you really were. yeah, it is not of the prompt page is most of the days, but it doesn't mean that those who are in charge of the operational level on look, hearing less about the situation on the ground. also we need to understand that a little. so we'll depends own ukraine, how much we will be able to bring it to the international or to the international media explaining that the world over. and unfortunately, it is very far from being over. and the last but not least, is the understanding that unfortunately with each new monster,
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the russian leadership is the trying to will not only ukraine, but they already started to threaten a lot of the european country. so as soon as somebody from the russian top officials is saying that london will be the next target. it is very difficult to get out from these topic not to cooperate, but, but you could probably normal. we also are retired, but we just don't have other options as to why because we are fighting for all the lives while we're country. but at the same time, we understand that when the price is a rating, it is much more difficult to support somebody else. but what we're trying as an expert to explain to our community in black and in many europe over just to that. it's not any more russian ukrainian or dominant people. russia is very important to come where you pray. but would that is already european war, how they behave, how the church of others. that's why the european countries also should think about these as the european word that over to came to that hunter shirliff from the think
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tank ukrainian prism speaking to us from also thank you to sedan now where security forces are once again firing, tear gas, a protest as soon determined to bring an end to the military rule, ah, demonstrators of being chased down streets and alleys and several cities, including the capital cartoon. on thursday, more than 150 people were arrested. 9 protests were killed police or they're investigating a shooting incident that was caught on camera and shared on social media. the video shows the moment to protest or was shot in cartoon. and then an officer, a scene kicking the injured person lying on the ground. he later died in a statement, the police say they were track down the officer, the u. k and the u. s. embassies have condemned thursday's killings. hebert morgan has the latest from car to protests, as are angry, following the deaths and injuries sustained on thursdays protests. now the
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demonstrations on thursday has seen thousands of people on the streets of the a capital city of harder to him as well as the trinity of under man and the northern city of battery, as well as other states around the country. protesters say they were an armed when they took to the streets to voice their anger against the military, saying that they were expressing their desire to the military, hanover power to civil in government and abandon sedans, politics and returned to the barracks. neither did these are the demands they have been making since the military took over power last october. now security forces use use tear gas and live ammunition dispersed protesters. at least 9 people were killed. more than 500 were injured. according to the medic group, central committee footed, in his doctors. so, protested said the excessive force that they were met by, i threw out, abide by with the security forces, and the fact that they were injuries, and that they were dest, as by the fact that they were unarmed, and exercising their right to demonstrate and peacefully. that's has resulted in anger and that has seen people staging
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a one night sitting in front of and go to hospital where one of the protesters was pronounced dead and several of other injured protesters were taken to that hospital . so since the early hours of the morning, protesters have been trying to make their way back to the presidential palace to void their anger against the military. and once again showed the military that they don't want a military rule, but rather want a civilian rule. we're starting with a story. let's bring and dalia mohammed is a former journalist to an activist who took part in thursdays protests. she's joined us on skype from cartoon, but dalia firstly as somebody who's taken part in these protest directly explain what the sentiment is in the people taking part in these demos. and do you get the sense that this is likely to grow in the coming days and weeks? oh, well, ever since the 2 took place back in october and the full just haven't gets up, it's been 8 months tray of protests. anybody? yesterday's protest, they were more resilient,
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they were more adamant with their paul's what they deserve, what they want from sedan, which is a civilian rule, the army, to go back to the barracks a chance. and that the revolution is the peoples evolution. and it's up to the people to decide what they want for their future of their country. and the call has been very clear. they've never wavered from their demands, which are very simple. they want to civilian government. the been ruled by the military for far too long. and they know the one that entity to government to dalia, i want to read a tweet of yours. in response to the statements of condemnation, from the usaa and the united kingdom, you said that we are hall broken. we are pulled, we condemn, we colon authorities to, to stop the violence. how important is it for the international community to continue piling on the pressure that is very important because any actor outside i can have an interest or is in their best interest that this
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country is more politically stable, is moving forward to receiving in local have an interest, however, that interest needs to be proactive. i mean it's nice to release the statement, but that statement has been released so many times in the past 8 months. i think all they do is just change the days of those papers that they release and write as we speak. they're supposedly being taught, being held by all invested parties and factions, and r and p, and actors. and well that to plato 1st for a more civilian government in the, in the people near future get why those talks are being held. the authorities are key, are gunning this down there, tear gassing does their legendary. they're killing us. they're, you know, cutting all communication, all internet out on internet activities. so with one hand, they're holding talks and with the other hand, they're snacking this in the face. so i don't have any dual king specifically about the alleged atrocities committed by security forces. they range for sexual violence
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against women to the use of heavy weaponry as well. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? i mean, yesterday when, when the protest we were at, we couldn't even reach the palace, boston road alice road because he was still walk. but the tear gas, the effects of the speech that we were way in the back. so i can't even imagine how bad it was and from what i've spoken to people, when i read, i mean they were heavily on that me just trying to get to where the quote was supposed to start. the roads were closed off by, by the authorities. so we really took her to the 40 minutes to get to the starting point. so good because of the law down they had over the city and i'm an art tune. i have, i mean, i would imagine it's even worse in the other. other states and other cities, but it wasn't me well in your face. you could see they when they and they were heavily armed. they effects of the tear gas. we could hear some grenades. and we
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could see people being rushed out or the quote as well. those who are unconscious, those who leave the so is always they were, they were heavy handed as always, there was nothing new they have, they have the authorities, reacted to quote, a journalist not to historian mohammed and called to him. thank you. thank you. meanwhile, tensions arising between sudan and ethiopia spoke by a disputed border. it comes days after sedans says it 5 heavy artillery and recaptured several of his territories. but up until recently were held by the ethiopian army. katya lopez, audio reports a 0 village may seem calm, but it's at the center of a heated dispute between sudan, any theo, pia, for more than a century. both countries have fought for its surrounding border area. alpha chava . a rich and fertile region of about 250 square kilometers al jazeera has gained rare access to the village where the latest rise and violence has emerged. sudan
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says 7 of its soldiers and one civilian were recently kidnapped by ethiopian forces . their bodies left mutilated. the one on, on the north, through the shade. one of the villages was a family member of you. it's not uncommon for i puke your neighbors to kidnap or kill us for on some, you know, they demand huge sums of money. we are forced to either pay or be killed. the, the opium government denies the accusations. it says a local rebel group is responsible and has promised to investigate the attack. sudan says there is no time to waste an ascending military reinforcements to the area. i am going to hug mcfall jani with up with all of our armed forces must respond to this assault. one of our duties is to protect our citizens, homeland and property, where it is our duty to safeguard the international borderlines of suden. the alpha chicago region lies within sedans, international boundaries, but ethiopians have long settled in the area and cultivated its land. behind the
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sudanese mountains, he'll be in forces reportedly on high alert, especially after the sudanese army recaptured a vast areas of forming land which were controlled by ethiopia for decades. now the threat of violence has made it difficult to fall. the nearby lance has to say that you know a lot, aka, that we a gripped with fear we have suffering. the cost of living is soaring, and women are forced to take all the low paying jobs. we no longer enjoy the dignified life we had in the past. the tension isn't new, but it is escalating partly fueled by border disputes, and also the construction of ethiopia, hydro electric dam on the blue nile, which sudan fears will compromise its water supply. and now the killing of soldiers has renewed their mutual mistrust. katya locus of the yan al jazeera
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plenty more, had on the news hour, including afghanistan's most powerful leaders, a meeting. but women are not allowed. how salvador says it will step up its war against criminal gangs despite accusations of human rights abuses and sport. big news about this, ma'am, that will surely make f livable fan. extremely happy details coming up. ah, the chinese president has defended beijing's vision of one party to systems for hong kong since britain returned the territory to china 25 years ago. she g ping was at the swearing in ceremony for hong kong, new leader john lee. it was his 1st trip outside mainland china since the coven 19 pandemic began adrian brown reports from hong kong. oh, it was a day for flying the flag, and marching to a new order. despite an approaching typhoon,
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the authorities were determined to march the 25th anniversary of hong kong returned from britain to china. with an early morning flag raising ceremony. president ching ping didn't attend beryl the g at out, but he was present for the inauguration of hong kong, new chief executive john lee, a former security secretary and policeman. but it was clear who's in charge here. the assembled dignitaries, all had to undergo hotel quarantine, sum up to 3 days beforehand in a stern speech president, she told him the unrest of 3 years ago couldn't be repeated, dove ging, leila fung fung after experiencing the wind and rain. every one can painfully feared. a hong kong cannot be chaotic again. he also warned that beijing would not tolerate foreign interference or what he called traitors,
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meddling in hong kong affairs at the hand over 25 years ago. promises were made that hong kong way of life, its fundamental freedoms would remain unchanged for 50 years under a formula known as one country. 2 systems went out the half way point of the transition from british to chinese rule. with many critics arguing that some of those promises have been broken. president, she hailed that arrangement, insisting it's here to stay, julia unbar. how to go with no reason to change such a great system early your guide, you must be maintained for a long time hung she ginger analissa describe. she's visit here as a victory till now that so many of his political opponents are in jail or have fled overseas. not every one celebrating though, hang on. that, said i. yeah. i hope hong kong people can be successful in their international line . so that the world will know what's going on in hong kong. a rare voice of descent
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in the city with her now. few, adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. the taliban supreme leader has led a meeting of thousands of religious scholars, clerics and tribal elders in afghanistan is the 1st gathering of the lawyer. joe. aghast of the taliban seized power nearly a year ago. the meeting last 3 days, women were not invited and re, simmons reports. national unity is the taliban theme for their lawyer, yoga, 3000 participants from all over the country. meeting behind closed doors. not one woman amongst them. alarm world wide about the exclusion of women from public life is increasing and girls banned from school before they even reach. their teens are welding juno moser, my mother to see the girls issue is a challenge and needs to be solved by the government. and the government has responsibility to listen to the people's to man as aim the nozzle are to him. but
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since the chaos of the taliban seizing power last august, it's public face is seen by the west as differing to reality. yes, that is. oh this is it supreme leader? not a new face. the reclusive hi but tools icon zada has been in positions since 2016. he's reported to have ordered the schooling band himself. he talked to laugh ganawe's downs, pride at the taliban victory, and accused the u. s. of using conspiracy and propaganda. after that defeat. on the streets of kabul, education for girls is a major issue. when michaela these la cameras should try to open the girls school so that the level of education for both men and women should improve like he wants a female doctor. his teachers and nurses. ahmad was anchor in switzerland, the u. n's, human rights chief appeal to the taliban, to respect the rights of women and girls,
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secondary schooling for 1200000 girls discontinued. these are only some of the daily experiences of women and girls in afghanistan says that even took power. women and girls had experience is more significant and rapid rolled back in enjoyment of their rights across the board in decades. and in kabul, there's anxiety about the effects of banning access to education. so there is a ban on go school. ah, since last year their mental situation is not normal. they're at home staring at the walls. they can not do anything. most of the girls have goals, dreams, ambitions, ah, but they cannot do anything about it. beyond the education issue, the u. s. and most of the international community have shunned the taliban government at a time when the humanitarian crisis is at its height and the needs of millions of hungry people has never been greater. all this and the struggle that still going on
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to deal with the earthquake disaster in practical properties. andrew simmons al jazeera or pushed on up to ronnie's the executive director of learn afghanistan, a non profit organization that focuses on girls education and maternal health care . she says it's hard to believe the taliban will change their stance on women's education for past 3 years. the way the western media, i'm a human a follow but also in the same time the rest of the callers were actually actively lobbied. paula paula: that there weren't o r d are changed and because we can speak good english or have better skills, we need to give them a chance and humanize them. and today you can see that yes, we can be good english, they can conduct interviews, but then at the same time, yes, to the same people that they were in the 90 open food they did are against women working. and then in university we all are on women dictated but nobody with the
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point is it's not about how easy to about who is engaging with them. you thought that the united states of america was actually engaging with the taliban and it was very easy for them and then there's other women were not a give them the platform to engage be not cut off to be engaged with a colleague. i don't consider them equal enough or even clinically important enough to discuss it for them. and most importantly, there's no tax phone which is formerly used to be compelled when it comes to women rights. there are other parties working on it, but there's no form of fitting, which will actually further the agenda that you, anything you do on their own, on their own small women on their own. but there is no strategy platform that could be used to work on women or the government of el salvador says it will step up its campaign against criminal gangs. after 3 police officers were killed. all the 40000
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people have been arrested a recent months as part of a crack down. be human rights groups accuse authorities of arresting some people without reason. john hallman has more who salvador now been living in a state of emergency for more than 3 months, as the government tries to dismantle the country's gang civil rights suspended as authority to tank. tens of thousands of power in that state of emergencies. just been extended for another month by congress, dominated by the ruling party. gather apple la la, probably say that would be the individuals that are basic as an we'll do it as many times as is necessary that we're going to approve it until we finish off the last gang member in the country. then we'll go. i looked him up on the many salvadoran support that this is a country in which whole neighborhoods have suffered, extortion, rape, and killing over decades at the hands of gangsters called murderers. the human rights organizations say the rest have been incredibly arbitrary and could be based
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on nothing more than a tattoo or living in the room part of town. we see mass hearings by judges rooting on the fate. hundreds of people at a tire, meaning they don't have the right to defense. we see i missed the presumption of innocence and we have you spoken to judges and other members of the justice system about the tax on that you use your system. and they told us that agency and pressure from about not to a quick anybody ah, as a result. and so with those prisons are so that the government's planning to build new ones that the dishes are horrifying. there's massive over crowding, or the one was sent to most of those book that i should is lab prison, which means is overtaken the us to hold the world's highest incarceration rate. i documented cases to a journal treatment inside attention centers. ready but el salvador president says
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he's only going to get tougher after the killing of 3 police officers in an ambush on tuesday. assume that all up on the arrows on don't those pocket. the gang members are stupid. we're not going to back down. we are not even going to stay the same. what we are going to do is intensify this war against gangs. there are questions over both, whether that work of the salvador governments, russo tried to crack down hard without success and how many innocence would be left in the countries. prisons when this is over, john holman. out xena still ahead on al jazeera. it's the final day of the united nations ocean conference. we look at what's been done to ward off a looming ocean emergency and in sport, a t night strike fix the perfect moment to score his 1st major league soccer goal, the self company. ah
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ah hello, welcome to look at the international forecast. it's all about the wind for the middle east. it's largely dry. you can see not too much cloud showing up on the satellite picture quite a keen shamal wind just around the radian peninsula just around the golfer. and that is gonna cause the usual lifted dust and sand, one or 2 showers up towards the caucasus. but elsewhere as you can see, hot dry and sunny summer it out. so business as usual for the most part, maybe one or 2 showers. they were towards the afghan to star, maybe to pakistan, but elsewhere, said, lassie, troy, quite a keen southwesterly. when that is, of course, the south west monsoon, making its way across south asia at brisk wind, still brushing up that sir east coast of africa, samaria. we'd like to see more showers. i'm afraid not too many showers in the forecast here at present. not too many showers there to across kenya, the ongoing grout drought said he said to continue ethiopia,
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we'll see some showers, a chance of one or 2 showers to into coastal fringes of tans and air maybe into central areas of most and but you could catch a shower to the in zimbabwe, but for much of southern africa it is dry. not too much wet weather in the forecast may see a little bit of weather to sweeping across cape town as we go through sunday, which had him dryer behind. ah, the pool with ideals, the french republic, islam for a claim. but just what is modern? france in a 4 part series. the big picture takes an in depth episode to on out to sierra with bell.
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ah. with lou. ah, you're watching out. just a reminder of our top stories this our russian missile strikes have killed at least 21 people and wounded dozens of others near the ukrainian port city of odessa. a
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rescue operation is on the way to find people buried in the rubble in key if the ukrainian government held a moment of silence for those who've been killed. security forces in sudan are again firing, tear gas, a protested to want an end to military rule or thursday. more than a 150 people were arrested and 9 protests were killed. police were best to gating a shooting incident. it was causal camera and shed all social media on cones, former security chief john lee has been sworn in as the territories. new leader chinese president, gigi ping, presided over the ceremony, defended beijing's treatment of hong kong as the handover from britain 25 years ago . that the warn ukraine is driving up the cost of living worldwide, while prices of fuel and food are increasing. average salaries and not. and in france, apple workers have gone on strike, demanding better wages. several schedule flights out of paris is to main airports, have been cancelled. natasha butler reports from the french capital. i'm these
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paris airport workers said that that overwork to and overwhelmed and they're on strike, to demand better pay and working conditions a on this. it's a vicious circle, the bosses cut staff during the pandemic, but salaries are so low that they're unable to recruit people. so staff now have to cope with more work as people travel. again, it's causing a lot of stress. many workers say they've not had a pay rise for years and with inflation, they're struggling financially. sonya has worked to all the airport for more than 2 decades. she says she's been forced to resort to using food stamps to feed her children. you will she be lifeless. with inflation being so high in front petrol is expensive. it's just not possible. i can't afford to feed my kids, i can't fill my car. i can't take my kids on a break. it's not normal. because of a shy co harris, airport authorities impact the council one in 6 flights for some travelers, the reduced flights mean disruption and long accuse. believe me,
9:36 pm
couple of hours. we came here 4 hours early as we knew there was going to be a strike. so we were prepared, these are the on t v, i saw that there was an airport workers strike. so i called the airline as i was worried dad cancel the flight, but it's okay for now. the protest to say that if the demands are not met, they'll continue their strike over the next few days. as francis school some the break begins, many people are going on holiday. these workers say they wish they could afford to do the same. natasha butler, al jazeera, paris, clap, or staff are also striking in the german city of hamburg. they also demanding higher salaries. the strike combined with a staffing crunch, has caused major delays of passengers at the start of summer holidays there. the german government wants to bring in workers from turkey to bridge. the gap for major chinese airlines of ordered a total of $292.00 air bus, a $320.00 neo jets making it the european manufacturers biggest ever single day
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sale. the orders are worth more than $37000000000.00. and the 1st buy chinese carriers in nearly 3 years. some of the planes will replace boeing's troubled 737 max china is a key market for air bus, and it's u. s. rival, boeing, australia's new prime minister, antony albany, as french and french president emanuel micron have met in paris where they've been trying to reset ties, relation soured, after the previous australian government ditched a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal with paris in favor of nuclear powered subs built by the us and britain, australia has since agree to pay nearly $600000000.00 as compensation to france is ridiculous. my pin and who is shot is visit, which comes after our telephone conversation a couple of weeks ago, right after your election. and after the moments we spent together on the side lines of the nato summit in madrid and marks the will to rebuild a trust based relationship between our 2 countries. a relationship based on mutual
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respect after we both know a difficult phase, but also a relationship. me that builds on a strategic and historic partnership story. australian france share a long history of corporation. we are partners globally, but also neighbors in the pacific and in the indian ocean. i am looking forward to meeting with president micron to discuss k global challenges and how astrology and france can work together with others to address these australias relationship with france matters. trust, respect, and honesty matters is the final day of the united nations ocean conference in portugal. the 5 day form brought together more than 20 world leaders and thousands of delegates. it's been a new call to action and a warning our world is facing an ocean emergency. rising sea levels, ocean temperatures, and greenhouse gas concentrations,
9:39 pm
all set new records last year. that's according to the world metro logical organization with pollution rising. scientists say more than half of the world's marine species may face extinction. the bar 80 years. and the impact will be enormous. more than 3000000000 people depend on the ocean for their food supply, the livelihood of millions more are directly linked to see life. but environmental activists have criticized the gathering, saying it's yet another top level meeting with lots of talk and no action. protests isn't lisbon. call for new international laws and regulations to ensure ocean sustainability and said they're frustrated by what they call years of inaction by world leaders regale to separate suarez, is a you and legal counsel, a special adviser to the precedence of the ocean conference. he conveys the importance of the lisbon declaration. there is a leading call talk in less not estimate political to think of what a 7595 was for women's rights. think of what stockholm and war
9:40 pm
for environmental. so the season political decisions are very important, but it is quite not accurate to say it's just a lot of talk because i have that question. you will be back and, and the 6 pages are very, i know because i'm particularly involved in the work. we have something falling. for instance, in new york in august we're gonna keep working on a new t on bio diversity, the high seas. so there's a lot of work. thank you. place this is more in lisbon, easy corner in the sense that it reads these are only can be man of international leaders on a very urgent matter. and actually we did tell them of action. maybe you'll be part of the shows, but you know, for me, this is a good product of our multi lateral system. japan's capital has been in the grip of
9:41 pm
a heat way for 7 straight day. thousands from to a water park in the suburbs of tokyo, which opened earlier than planned for the summer season. the temperature in the city rose about 35 degrees celsius this year, japan, so it's hot as june since records began 147 years ago. we could be expounded, filed a julian sanchez, filed an appeal against the british government's decision to expedite him to the united states for alien journalists. is wanted on spying charges connected to the release of classified military documents in 2009 australia recently elected government to reject to cause to pressure. washington to drop the case astonish, has been in prison or diplomatic refuge for more than a decade. to wonder now where there are warnings of a crackdown on those who create content on youtube. the government's regulation of traditional media has made the online platform a popular alternative, but some creators have been jailed and say they're being tortured and threatened
9:42 pm
with death. malcolm web reports from the capitol kigali. the, you know, we were john williams and tale says, being jailed by police for weeks at a time and receiving death threats. come with his job here in rwanda, that younger we wouldn't, he's a journalist and youtube will caster to have it. he says the people, he speaks to a sometimes threatened to with here his reporting on a community of people who were evicted by police and whose homes were bulldozed. there were houses from this area. we want compensation. many, several of reminders most followed youtube broadcasters are already in jail that are including some he reported on or were critical of the evictions. i'm focused on justice, human rights and advocacy. and i know, although the 3 areas are risky and a wonder, but am committed to john williams. you tube channels had more than $2000000.00 views since he started it last year. it reports on things that can't be seen on
9:43 pm
traditional media. in rwanda, like the court appearance, last month of another youtube, a monthly camera sera, was jailed last year and charged with genocide, denial. after re spoken, a broadcast about who killed members of his family during the 1994 genocide. he told the court he was tortured in jail, denied his medicine for diabetes, and told that things would get worse after wander hosted the commonwealth, had the government meeting known as children. and my mom was wanting to do him up with the teacher, but i forgot what child wouldn't you don't get on with us who we need at the region about you. i mean, she like when you let me, jeff, what will you be when you will be there? when did you know what trick leaders if commonwealth countries came through wanda's capital kigali for the meeting last week for london government denies torturing people and says it's court proceedings. affair country to many reports by rights
9:44 pm
groups. law cross president tool kit gummy was asked about rolanda human rights record in the closing press conference that are not due for the prison that shouldn't be there. but there are people who are new to new prison who should be there. now the commonwealth meetings over and the leaders have gone. john williams is left wondering what's in store for him. those are trying to speech to speak out the job horizon to this 2nd, foster to free their country 3, some of them disappear in a female or even they die. malcolm web al jazeera, kigali. rwanda got a good new story for you because more than 40 years after being wiped out, ryan owes a being re introduced to there's enough national park in mozambique the journey from man cattie in south africa is enough. took several days, an environmentalist,
9:45 pm
a hoping it will revolutionize the way protected animals are moved long distance. alexey o'brien reports for years in our national park in mozambique was called the silent pack. after being devastated during a 15 year civil war, which began in the late 19 seventies. it was this every feeling of just that quietness. there was not a bird, not an insect, and not an animal inside some african organization, paste parks partnered with the mos in beacon government to bring back wild animals and restore the park to its former glory. it's about 400000 dick this big trees animals, paradise. so father brought and lions and lay pits, zebra and antelope. and last but definitely not least, it's these guys turn black and white brown. i will be the last historical beauty that are yet to be re introduced into does in all. and obviously by bringing the biggest species that gets us was b as is going the birds and the beatles. it's the 1st time rhinos have been. and so
9:46 pm
now for 40 years and moving them from south africa was no small undertaking. the organizers say it was a difficult and expensive operation. transferring animals that can way up to 2 and a half 1000 kilograms. 19 white rhinos made the trip that's home to be the 1st of several to relocate about 40 black and white rhinos to their new home. having the political, herm will to reintroduce rhinos and all the complications that come with it. or it's very significant in what showing what wasn't because prepared to do or for controversial. it's a 60 to 70 our overland journey. the longest road transfer of rhinos ever completed . the animals were 1st taken across the south african border to me, push on national park and mozambique. they had 2 days there to erase and re hyde right before being reloaded and taken the rest of the weight is enough. we are
9:47 pm
actually proved that this is sort of a new way that we cannot move. ron has great distances across the continent has never been done before and with half warehouses in the right places, we can actually restock protected areas in, in other countries. so a long way away from, from, from us in south africa, there are only about 5000 black rhino left and about 18000 white rhino to protect them from poachers. they being kept and especially built high security sanctuary within the pac. it's an incredible feeling to be part of this and through witnesses . this moment is actually quite emotional, and the population has already expanded with the arrival of this little one, alexia brian al jazeera po, bottom is soto is the regional manager, south of the piece parks foundation. he joins us now from the to pursue in mozambique. thank you. so much for joining us. you must of course be delighted with the results of this conservation process and program, but it doesn't come easy. has it the longest journey overland for these animals and
9:48 pm
no doubt a great cost as well. tell us more. yes, there are any mazda already is enough, and today there was a city money will receive by the president of mozambique with the presence of many of us, many stuff in bob way and the delegation of the african, representing the minister. so the 2 countries that are doing 20 conservation areas that weakness the presence of right now. and we had a good news that the president of mozambique announced that a new baby rhino was born and there was given a name off places. so it was a wonderful event and we look for what now for a good protection and conservation of the species. and these was the 1st group of for rhiannon that came quite a bit to introduce more right now until we reached number 4044. when i was,
9:49 pm
you mentioned that political well is hugely important. but how important is it for united nations like yours to partner with commercial companies? i gather that the rhino is what i donated by a mining companies like right. sure. his part condition is, is the non profit organization that the partner with several countries in southern africa promoting, transform t a conservation area. so we believe that the approach of cost to stem management is the best to ensure that the species can survive. and also it can promote the sustainable development in southern africa. so. ready it is very, very important that is a political will and that we also follow what governments have defined as the policies and also the policy of study, which is now for integration of the countries in management of those resources. and
9:50 pm
can you explain from an ecological perspective, what the biggest threat to these rhino has been over the years and what will likely to be the biggest danger going forward? well, we have the climate problems. the climate is changing. talking about most of the website blogs, we have a job to have slides. so we should be able to to correct the logical monitoring and also take decisions so that we can do the right management off of law lives, including flora and fauna. so we believe that the political will is already dance. so this additional side, it seems to be much easier to, to deal with because that dependent on the, on the, on the poly on, on, on the policies of the countries. the other big challenge is to work with the
9:51 pm
community, which must be the main allies to assure that conservation can win. if you don't have the community, it will be really difficult to have these animals protected. and the private sector also have a rule which brings the commercial leg which will facilitate the financial side, and also the income income production, so that people can benefit out of it. so you don't want to get for the sake of conservative, but that's the benefit. okay, bottom is so to from the just piece park foundation. thank you very much and congratulations on the baby runner. still had on al jazeera in sports africa, leading tennis plan, light sub center court, wimbledon action coming ah
9:52 pm
. with full
9:53 pm
o. a promise times the need. thank you so much. men's time it's roll. number one, no bad joclett is a step closer to quenching his 4th wimbledon title in a row of 35 year old had little trouble dispatching, fellow serbian, near american manage to reach the last 16 junk rich winning the match in st. fed 6 love $63620.00 time grant winners looking when his 1st major of the year. i mean miss the australian open losing and the roland garrath, the quarter finals because i've been playing better and better as, as a, toward him in progress. so, i mean, that's obviously something that you know,
9:54 pm
you always wish for as a player that every message you play or you raise a level of tennis up a notch, at least. and i think that's what is happening and i'm on. so i know i can, i can always do better. i always expect the highs for myself, but i think so far so good. women's world number 2 owns deborah, is into the last 16 at the all england club. the tennessee and beat diane perry of france on centre court jabber reached the quarter finals at this event last year, which equaled her best ever grand slam performance. she won this match in straight sets and we'll face elise and merton's next. i wanna play my best tennis, and obviously when you, you're too comfortable is not that good as well. so i'm trying to keep focus. and i will have even a m differ more difficult much for the next one, but i'm always ready. um, you know, i'm just trying to, to play my game and,
9:55 pm
and keep, keep it, you know, as simple as possible for sure. egyptian star mohammed sala has committed his future to liverpool. the forward has signed a new long term contract with english primary li club. sala has enjoyed great success at anfield. having joined in 2017, he's won numerous trophies, including the champions league, and e p. l. titles and they will and quicker way of making offside decisions will be in place for this year as well. cup and catera, so called semi on automatic automated off site technology will be introduced at the tournament. the new system requires 12 dedicated cameras to track the action and a sensor inside the match ball will also be used and a player in an off site position will trigger an alert. the can then be relate to the on pitch referee. read about an old board if it here in the us, you know the feature i understand or from time sir,
9:56 pm
this is are very good to florida headline sir. but this is not the case. the march official sir order, feeling bolder in the decision making process, sir. a 16 year old was a match winner for the new york red balls and their latest majorly, soccer game. surge, gomez, for the decisive goal against atlanta, united and making the 9th minutes go much further needs really strike securing a team one when read both the 2nd in the eastern conference now the, the frances underweighed with denmark, hosting the 1st 3 stages writers had to tackle bad a weather conditions on day one, but perhaps the biggest cloud hanging over the events has been the police raise on the bahrain victorious team stemming from an ongoing doping investigation. paul reese has more from copenhagen, the called the power of the total friends here in copenhagen was the 1st time the race had begun to discuss anavia heavy rain making the twisting streets of the
9:57 pm
danish capital. very treacherous and indeed a couple of riders coming off that bikes. another kind of cloud was hanging over the stalls of this rice, with the fall, rain victorious team, having that hotel rated by police the night before, day one. meanwhile, your poll have announced a dozen or so other raids have taken place across europe. back on the course, even lampa was victorious in the opening day time trial. he'll know why the yellow jersey, as the race continues through denmark, and on to france. for eyes, carla sands caused the clock, the fastest time in 2nd practice. a head of the british grand prix is when you produce the best lap out the silver, some circuit to just edge out crowd favorite in 7 time. well champion louis hamilton finish, 2nd in a souped up mercedes. britton's landon norris was 3rd for maclaren with red bulls a championship leader match for staff in 4th,
9:58 pm
fastest i think we're expecting to be competitive in every single day this year because a guy resorted india very competitive car. our seats, the red bull us, it is america one. when and there's a be less bumps so under have been more high speed so yeah. um, i think we, we all knew going to his weekend that he was going to be at that bottle. and again, it looks like it's, it's the same here. okay. and that is all you support for now. need back to you. all right, thanks for. well, that's it for me, need boca, for this use out of american democracy. we'll be back in a moment for mar london. you sent it with all of the days. news. be more challenges here. sure. you stay with us. bye for now. ah. i taught it difficult, so i la la la la la la la. why is one of the, how do you to visit what else cancel the philistine with the,
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from the switch for you to let and about the fisa yada. that can a little sob. is it done? well, i can get to shower in the cod. there's topics here, how that if awesome, thought not valuable camilla coffee. i'm looking on a path on my gun a on the, in that a fee. alida is like a month to help out. yeah, i mean for the shuttle in a cool, shy. so if you wanted to either before the book mm . ah, a lady is a popular filming location is when it comes to stories about drugs,
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crime and radicalization. tired of negative stereotype youth worker. it's been a deal he is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera . the story we don't often hear told by the people who live them, live moody wood. this is europe. on al jazeera, on counting the calls g 7 leaders latest plans to squeeze rushes economy over the war and ukraine. we take a closer look at some of the financial badges they've made. last, what's next? first, re lanka. as it's economic crisis depends on the prompts one, dr. counting the cost on al jazeera ah .


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