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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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spaces introducing b hives encourages people to provide plants and bushes for the bees and whatever small space they have. now in this project started in 2019. they trained on 15 women as be keepers, but it's become so popular that by 2024 they'll be 550 women making use of the terraces and roof tops of occupied easter gruesome as homes for small beehives dylan. i love her, the honey is harvested only twice a year. and these urban bees are pollinating plants, much less likely to have been treated with her besides the most around rural farmhouse. allah and there any man. i've got used to them. i'm not afraid of them. i even feel there's chemistry between us. so headline did was in cilla, women's co operative is selling next year's harvest through crowd funding so they can buy more hives to cope with demand. 3 years ago, a bees produced 85 kilos of honey. this year they expect 8 and a half tons,
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bernard smith, al jazeera in occupied east, jerusalem. ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories. ukraine is alice turkey to detain a russian flag ship. it says it's loaded with 4 and a half 1000 tons of stolen grain from the occupied ports of betty ask. the vessel is now anchored near turkeys carrasco port, which is about a 100 kilometers from the office straight. russia has denied previous claims at it, stealing grain from occupied ukrainian territories. and em, casala has more we have no information about the ship, about the type of the care go it's carrying or whether those care goes have been unloaded or not. and we have seen in the international news outlets international news agencies that the ukranian, a prosecutor's office, has told that they have written
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a letter to the turkish justice ministry on june 30th the day that the ship left ukrainian ports. but however, so far, there is no statement from the turkish authorities. ukraine says the russian army has dropped to phosphorus bombs on the black sea outpost of snake island. russia withdrew from there on thursday, saying it was good. we'll gesture to help the un establish a cord or to export grain from ukraine. ok, released this footage, showing what it says or to bombing raids on the island. the head of the ukrainian army says the jets were launched from russian controlled crimea. protest as have stormed one of libya's rival parliaments in the eastern city of to brook people angry about worsening living conditions. and he is long political deadlock. thousands of people are protesting in south korea's capital, sol, demanding better working conditions and an increase in the minimum wage. the rally has been organized by south korea's biggest trading in sea down.
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thousands of people demonstrated in the capital cartoon on friday, demanding an end to military pool security forces 5, tig asked the protesters near the presidential palace. on thursday 9, people were killed and dozens arrested in similar search. okay, they see headlines, nice continues, you know, to say or out it inside story. ah, a stunning combat for a philippine political dynasty guardian. and marcus julia won the presidency more than 30 years after his father was pushed out from power. but will he unify the
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nation or bring back his father's controversial legacy? this is inside story. ah. hello, welcome to the program. i am hush am abolla ferdinand. marcus junior has been inaugurated as president of the philippines. his father was a controversial leader that didn't bark a senior who was forced out of office in 1986 popular uprising. manny say he was under to aquatic leader. how killed jail or disappeared. thousands of opponents during his 21 years in office. and more than 30 years since his father fled the philippines, his son is now in power after winning a landslide victory,
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promising to tackle inflation and struggling economy. but when his father's legacy proved too much of a challenge, we bring in our guests in a moment. first, this report from demila and into gun in manila, the burden room workers after more than 30 years. the rehabilitation of the marcus name in the philippines is nearly completely gutted. bongo marcus junior, the only son in name sake of the country's late dictator, is now it's next president, after winning an unprecedented 3rd to $1000000.00 votes. the marcus is, are considered one of the most infamous political families in asia, and their name has long been synonymous with decadence and abuse of power. they ruled the philippines from 1965 until 1986 when they were ousted through a people power revolution. the president of the republic. oh boy, philippines,
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his inauguration and thursday is noticeably more grand than those of his predecessors aquino. and to that day, there is more parade and pump than usual by his speech focused less on the style j and more on reconciliation. we will build but better by doing things in the lives of the experiences that we of hug both good and bug. it doesn't matter. no. looking back in anger or nostalgia in the road ahead, the immediate months will be rough. but i will walk, got road with you. the marcus resurgence is the result of a decades long, well funded campaign to revise history in this year's election online propaganda coupled with the marcus families, vast wealth and their alliance with the 3rd day. by the way, 1st presidency, but his administration is expected to face
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a tough road ahead. the country is facing its worst economic crisis and decades. its education and public health systems are in shambles, and society is deeply polarized across the capitol. several activists have been arrested by police an all too familiar scene during his father's regime. but historian say, although the past has a way of catching up with the present, the conscious future under mark as junior, has yet to be written. and so there is little choice, but to give it a chance to unfold jemila dog and al jazeera manila. ah, let's bring in a guess in manila, butchered he darian columnist of the philippine daily enquirer in denver alvis cumber assistant professor of joseph, called bel school of international studies university of denver in the philippines city of martina danilo, around a convenor of the election watchdog contra dia,
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welcome to the program. richard, what does the revival of the marcus political dynasty mean for the philippines? well, in many ways, this marks are decades long frustration of ordinary people with this functions of the supposedly democratic system that replace the market dictatorship after 1986. i mean that revolution was supposed to bring about a progressive order. it what happened was the liberal, all the works in the country. what happens was political dynasty in the countries co opted that revolution, and hence, we had a lot of these functions. i mean the philippines, as one of the most concentrate that draws on earth, 40 reaches families to come 76 percent of newly created growth in 2011, up to 83 percent of the philippine congress is dominated by political dynasties. i mean, this are mind boggling numbers. and of course, the pandemic in recent years has also made the poverty gains and development del
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gains. also, there were reverse in many ways. so the return of the market is really countered evolution it's, it's a way by which the marquesas were able to exploit people's frustration with what replace their fathers regime. and now they're back in power in alliance with the de terry. this still remains really, really poor enforcing philip in politics alvin. this is someone who's going to face huge challenges ahead. but given the landslide victory, do you think that who would fill enough confidence to pursue an aggressive political agenda? i feel like he will likely be able to push back against start off this like prevention backlash against his policies. he, you know, he was elected with 31000000 like the of like off the latino voters. yes. a strong base. there's a strong coalition of leads around him and you know, he would likely focus on having his own think of policies that are somewhat a spin off the policy. so in independent foreign policy,
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i focus an infrastructure and a strong state. i guess the opposition, of course it's going to be a bit different. he will reward a different job of elite and he will focus on a different that the agenda to some degree. but i think he will have some degree of popular mad, some popular mandate to push forward his own policies, relatively autonomous from i would say, you know, a potential public backlash. denila. this is someone who is going to be home to buy the legacy of his father, ferdinand marcus, senior. however, he's not willing to defend himself of that legacy or at least denounce it, which is going to create some confusion about those who suffered under the era of of his father. yes, that's true. this information is the name of the game right now and it seems to be, but normally they shot us. not to mention that there is a shot refreshed on. of course, it's through a chart men, sean, sean,
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paul. but we also found the fact that the mark was asked for this or more than 30 years now. they really intend to make, i'm back to and young and they did so not to be there saturday to for them to be given the chance. but for them to get themselves, i'm out of that is to be the most, the big sean, something that's about a little universe. if you don't mind by saying that it's mainly because that is important. mean sean mainly because of this part of the game. and that's why there's a need to fight back. and richard explain this to us. i mean, you have a new president whose father was accused of plundering, almost $10000000000.00 during his reign of the family itself has been involved in tax evasion schemes. tell people seem to forget those things and say,
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you know what, let's move ahead with marcus family. yes, i mean, i completely agree with bonilla and a lot of journalists and colleagues to emphasize that all of this information. but there was a reason why i emphasize systemic frustration because this information is there in many countries all around the world. in fact, if you look at misperception index, for instance, the levels of the information, the philippines is similar to colombia to mexico, to brazil. and yet those can just keep on electing more progressively or spend the philippines. so we're forgetting, for instance, the dysfunctions of the opposition in the philippines, lack of unity among them. but more importantly, we are also forgetting the fact that this information is a most, i mean people are most receptive to decent information if the educational system is not incorporating the critical thinking that will help them to see with this information. this information is more appealing to people if people, for instance, are frustrated with the system and don't see any prospect or break out performance,
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for instance. so i think to look at just information alone. you're missing your discretion to surface and you're not looking at structural offers that are coming to picture. not to mention that they said had, for instance, started the 3rd, the presidential daughter, or my presidential daughter, had she decided to run for the presidency. i'm not sure if mark as junior without even stating the rates, never mind winning 58 percent of the vote. so that aligns with the 3rd. this was also very important. contingent factor that meeting victorious, but nonetheless, correct. i agree with alvin that marcus will try to play his own game. i mean, clearly he's trying to be its own man. if you look at his cabinet appointments, he's putting a lot of lawyer list just wanted advice source traditionally there. so he's trying to also show that he can be independent from other houses, including the house that they're there, and try to be in his way, at least a unifying leader focusing on economic recovery and infrastructure development. alva, to break down this path, 2 words, the presidency was the monkish family taken advantage of what richard said, basically, which is a long frustration with
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a dysfunctional political establishment, or was it a family that knew how to use social media in a way or another to reinvent itself because ultimately when you have younger generation voting, the tend to forget the past. it's a bit of both. i mean, danilo and richard recorded are both correct on this. next structurally speaking, you cannot disentangled this information and education. and that said, the political mobilization of a family from the structural context where it exists. the philippines is as what richard said, the rights of the labor of the, the come back of the liberal in the 19 eighties and eighty's and the failure of stealing government. the words meaningful reform to the same time. you do the same time you while you have this polarization and started the philippine context. you do have political maneuvers going on. it got going on that's about i do want to highlight. but richard said, and i completely agree, i completely agree with this. the rule of education is extremely important, and
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a couple of social scientists have come up, come up with the idea that, oh, you know, if you take a look at the people voted for mark or you have college educated people voting for mark us. you have people with masters degree people would be age these in some sort of dataset. they sort of great this idea that education is a factor. and i disagree with this because i'm out of the studies that say that education is not a factor. they use data sets that, that, that look at education in terms of categories like primary, secondary and tertiary. but i bet if we have a better data set that looks at the quality of education, then we could actually say that education is indeed a major factor as to why people voted for marcos. than in the few days before the inauguration, the government decided to shut down the use websites, butler, is this something which is likely to be further consolidated by markers. or do you think that he will be under pressure to to reinstate it back? the thumb expanse,
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he will that i will be there. he's administration because he knows that the li billed the papers signed will be there. but of course, he will never the less the justify the refresh on the day and for the same reason on faith as far as his father is also very much in how you regard pass. then even if the president didn't seek him that much, i can did there. he was even use of the you know, a drug. but for the last, these are very bad signs for media. it's not just under the administration on just me, our website will not be out there and i just need organizations where shut down because the blocking our websites on the or there's no way that back once
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more. so we would see that we'd be so that's why she would have to happen even within the ranks of need. yeah, that's the difference between the mark was and the shot in the flash that meet the we're not progress so much, but right now the red gate has become so intense that you've been joined. the lists are pretty c, sean b r bagging richard. you mentioned earlier, the alliance between the 2 powerful dynasty is the deterred t. the taxi and marcus junior, which, by the way, for marcus to take over in this case, is he going to end up being politically beholden to saturday, 30 for the rest of his tenure. you know, i agree with the denila that, i mean, if you look at the mark as they will try the order rights for instance, to make themselves look good internationally. right. i mean, look at the non duration speech. it was mostly in english,
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very sophisticated prose, got a lot of high level dignity, ours he wants to improve the world and in the same way that kind of strategy. i think it also apply to the author, rival rivals for our lease. for that matter, i mean on one hand, of course the market this will say where i live for life. that's exactly what presidential sister i me, mark with senator mark is that we're going to be the life i life for life. we did the 3rd that they attended, the inauguration of started the 3rd in this solve the said will take care of you. but at the same time, feel that mark was in the 1st hours after he won the presidency of the month. she didn't use are the 3rd that the cabinet position she was asking for, which was the point of national defense instead, marcus chose to give it, for instance, to a former general, more traditional person. he didn't give the bar in the 1st lawyer that gave it the traditionalist. all so and then in the speaker of the house, for instance, everyone thought it is going to give it, for instance, to former president roy. one of the key are lecturing to campaign that brought that to us is to get it. he didn't give it to her, in fact, in support and he's on because in martin tomorrow this to take over the speaker of the house. what does it say?
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it says that the market will try to do the bare minimum to avoid major divisions, fault lines, and fights with other houses. but at the same time, they'll try to consolidate their own hold and power and push their own agenda. and i think if ever barcus, which is for constitutional change, that's where we're going to see a lot of divisions. definitely the just want more federalism more dysentery, the centralization of power. but marcus we have is on india, the bought the strong, strong centralized oven tomorrow. the president will have to deal with issues such a country which runs poorly when it comes to the global corruption assessment, which he is suffering from under developed infrastructure. how can he move forward to rebuild this country? so he will likely continue that the government's focus on infrastructure. so getting a lot of foreign government loans, particularly from china, did asian involvement back in japan and pushing the budget to sort of like
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financing a lot of this projects. so either the 3rd, the government pursue the budget deficit strategy. call that the bill marcus would likely do the same. and to some extent, this harkins back to how his father go for in the philippines in the 1960, to the 1980 s. i think the focus on infrastructure is really, really important. if it is done successfully, it can, it can lead to employment in place people, if rewards local business elite. because infrastructure projects will have to be coordinated between international players and domestic players. it builds this legitimacy because it makes it appear, he is doing something and more importantly, it creates a legacy for him and his family, for his, for the market has to continue on winning future elections. should his son or like sister run for higher positions danella in a way or another if you would like to why, why watch whitewashed, the legacy of your father. you need to, you need projects,
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you need to bring the nation something new. in this particular case, you have a president who takes over a nation, which has been massively hit by coven 9 team pandemic. $60000.00 would be those were killed in that. and you have an economy which is moving towards a recession. and you have an inflation, which is causing huge problems for the country. how do you see him getting enough revenues to be able to implement some of the pleasures he made during his election campaign? well, based on the refund policy pronouncement, we're seeing more access to be more access or more. and of course, maurier more dependence on boarding investments. if you go by appointments off the next step now they have a more need but. 2 nobody's perspective. so we can see here more would be in terms of export oriented rule for investment economy and something that's them.
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so that's why it's going to be very, very challenging for the order. and even if they don't get the e that they need and the micro in small and their price s will also software. i said it's all i don't want to be, i don't say you're here by right now. really not so from being in so far as i normally would be concerned. and part of that he saw him on the bed so much that i didn't leave the box, but i was to pay you back your true dentist a shot you have to do that. and if, in fact being back, i'm actually boarding that will even go beyond this region. richard marcus will inherit from the detach the bloody war on the drug policy. and the supplements that he made were the rebel glue gross. do you see him continuing with that legacy or do
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you see him charting his own course? right. as far as i know, i mean, based on conversation, we saw these cabinet members. i mean, there are a lot of internal debates and i think markets policies still fluid how it going to stand on things. even though the infrastructure issue, which, you know, scholars like i'll be, have extensive written on. there is an internal debate on whether they're going to go public private partnerships, or they're going to rely more on foreign financing and government financing. and also in the shop talk station should increase the top that you have you spoken live enough on the drug war? i believe there's also going to be a lot of internal discussion so that deter it this including vice president started there. it was also departed education to get buried. and other lawyer, least of the 3rd will push for the continuation of a drug war. almost a start to school, but margaret himself recognizes that the drug war had been to be headache for the philippines. that headlines. it undermines root law, it turns off a lot of investors. so he has suggested that he may tweak it a little bit,
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for instance, more focus on surgical operations against big fish, drug lords, right, more focused on the patient. i think at least on the optics level, he's going to make some changes and tweaks. so he thinks we'll do better. but the big question though is, will he allow the international criminal court investigate the drug war under the previous president? because that could potentially lead to the prosecution of the previous president. oh, great conflict. we didn't polish all village talk foreign policy here when it comes to china. on one hand, he badly needs support from the chinese government. but do you think that this is a moment where he will have to distance himself from china and embrace more of american policies? so i don't think so. i feel like it, you know, people like, you know, people have written that the market is going to be probably the footsteps of the 3rd day. and i feel like that's partially true in as much as the market. the
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government will need the chinese government at the same time. you will also need american government. you will always have institution or the, the philippines will always be tied to the united states. whether it's about exporting labor to the united states or foreign direct investment or trade, you can have to disconnect from the united states at the same time. there is a question of that because survival and the question of like relational politics here, china dos give opportunities to the marcus government to do our. ready lease through particular for and projects that go through like foreign project going through some other more the financing and, and i agree that as well. and this goes back infrastructure. and as much as i agree, that it's fluid and i've done feel work here both in and then my commission, my ph. d. there is always a question of how do you to, why you look at, how do you extend your power? as i said, the president, and to me that goes back to having foreign financing, whether it's a budget deficit strategy or it's a public private financing. it's all about why they look at,
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at least to keep production power. denila. is he going to be in a way or another, overshadowed by the maritime tutorial dispute with china? and we know that recently they have had an issue, particularly about the joint exploration of energy in the south china sea, which decided to shell because of here's differences. is this something which is going to definitely have an impact on his future relationship with china? yes, definitely. and us are that the gentleman mentioned, the relationship with china will still be there if it needs to be seen whether or not my boss will pursue an independent part in policy and whether or not you wouldn't have the political will to do. so. what is the point reason for that region? 14 best still main thing, most relations with china given that no investments coming from that particular 130, some in separate households right now and based practically invested in bar use
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that source. and that's not to say that they are surpassing the sense as transnational corporations. and so i think it will be a balancing act for you at the station. the main thing, stronger base with china on right. ok. but that the same, i still have relations with other countries, especially they like richard in less than 20 seconds. 1986, a quino took, so it took o took over after the after departure of marcus. people thought this was going to be the end of dictatorship. now it's the return of the marcus. how do you see the few? so philippines, i think if the opposition doesn't get it's up to get or if they don't learn to write lessons and do the proper smore them, the most likely outcome for the philippines is what political science is called a hybrid regime. the philippines could end up more like neighboring countries like militia or far away. countries like congress in turkey, re, by yacht semi competitive electrons, semi free media. but, you know,
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was going to route the country which coalition will be in charge for the foreseeable future. good. so to darian alban, come by the middle row. thank you very much. indeed, i really appreciate your insights and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, algebra dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation, twitter, i'll 100 is a inside. so for me, ask about about on the entire team into my for now. ah and
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what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in and then pulling back out again. lynnon is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs, crime and radicalization. tired of negative stereotype youth worker began ideally, is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the story be, don't often hear told by the people who live them. live movie would. this is europe. and out of europe. in just under a year's time, castles al bait stadium will house, the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff. next november, i thought planning to move as this tournament unfolds. over the coming days,
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we will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever sporting event next year. i'm for the castle national teams. they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds that we hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really are ready to take on the world as 3 men to purchase 300 years of danish colonization and international interest in the islands results . his grades, a younger generation and marketing determined to and their future no matter that different meta wrap. and his fiance as students and politician as they tackle h l issues with that powerful need for the fight for greenland. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah
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