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tv   Witness Golden Land  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera. in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff. next, november c, u r. o 1022. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role for organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever sporting event next year. and for the cats are national teams. they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds that we hoping to convince both the fans and themselves, they really are ready to take on the world. what happens in new york. 1 has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah,
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i'm carry johnston, harring, doha. the top stories now on al jazeera, for, as johnson has resigned, as lead of you case ruling conservative party triggering a leadership race that could take weeks. you will continue as caretaker, prime minister, because our growing for his immediate departure or challenge reports from london, british politics that brilliant darwinian system is boris johnson put, it punishes vulnerability. good afternoon, everybody. and even the man once famously described as a greased picket, couldn't wriggle out of this one. i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but then the brakes going, but not yet gone far as the prime minister is to become boris, the caretaker, prime minister. it is clearly not the will of the parliamentary, conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party. and apple,
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a new prime minister, and i agree with the grey brady, the chairman of our back bench, n p. 's. that the process of choosing that new data should begin now. and the time table will be an ard next week. and either today appointed a cabinet to serve as i will until the new data is in place. it was a speech show on contrition, and it gave the impression of johnson as the victim, rather than the agent of his own demise. since tuesday, when key cabinet ministers, santi, job aid, and richie sooner quit the pace at which johnson supportive operated was astonishing the chris pincher affair. and what johnson knew about previous sexual misconduct allegations against the m. p. was a scandal too far. by thursday morning, the number of resignations had passed 50 and counting as an old western in the saying that a week is a long time in politics. we're currently that unit of measurement seems quaintly
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inadequate. try and our maybe 5 minutes. and there are many conservatives for whom speed has become vitally important. they don't want forest johnson hanging around for months until her replacement is found. they want him gone. now, george freeman, for example, who resigned as science minister. sadly, he carries with him a huge magnetic field force of instability and it's disruptive and divisive. and it's been a strength, as a campaigner, it's been a huge weakness, as a prime minister in the government, as the last few weeks and months are shown. so who will be the next prime minister? m p 's would like to feel reduced to to within a couple of weeks, some are already throwing their hats in the ring in every private soldier's backpack. there is a field marshals baton. having seen the performance of our cabinets over the last 12 months, sir, i think i would be encouraged to stand yes. this past leadership races have shown candidates are often successful because of who they aren't rather than who they are
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. and if the conservative party has any sense, it will learn the lessons of forest johnston's tumultuous time in power. re challenz how to 0 london rushes foreign minister is about to come face to face with some of moscow's fiercest critics. at a g 20 gathering in indonesia to survey love, rob's 1st personal encounter with foreign ministers from western countries. since russia invaded ukraine, some have refused to meet him on the sidelines of the summit. the former at minneapolis, a police officer, convicted for the merge of george floyd, has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison on separate federal charges. the rec shaven was found guilty of violating floyd's civil rights during his fatal arrest in may 2020. he's already serving $22.00 and a half years for murder. the 2 sentences will run concurrently. you ask basketball player brittany griner has pleaded guilty to a drugs charge in the russian court,
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but denied intentionally breaking the law. the 2 time olympic gold medalist was detained in february at moscow effort. the keener fast says that former president has returned home for the 1st time since he was deposed in a popular uprising 8 years ago, lays at cooper. he was invited to discuss the country's future with the head of a military genta that seized power in january and 4 other former heads of state. those are the headlines from these continues haron al jazeera, that's after witness. ah ah
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a new doctor is easier marchina lighting. okay. yeah, that's women. why more the taco bell? half recount the audit on chi. welcome. tough with our to come with all of the models made a lot less than 20 my lunch one. ah
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more formal and i to con or my, the entre maria's i, the only knew came to, you know, i mean, i go on and one, i mean only to answer yeah. i and i, i see a let me ah, ask lannie at last. the has wa stop. i look good wallace, the google you, amanda, silicon anonymity cuckoo to lathan ne, near de la lucille la la la boyland halsey thus, or later, while tom to lay up seat alcohol down.
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somali lance declared independence after the overthrow of somali military dictator sat by right in 1991 following, a 10 year civil war that killed mold and 60000 people in cool schwartz. yes, yeah, mad at the sienna that may have been min separately. i got a sanguine, i left him a voice took with that the whole to see i latoya palate. glad on said i thought at the end of this, now i'm pulling it down, push it back. i see them lighting keep a man called in moria. mooney said at yahoo! not com counseling with me at the end. i had to come in. it allocated to push back . mm. mm yeah,
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that is why i kept i lent connecticut matthew milan, swami in hosa intimacy . i took say that on, on creek us, my thought might be thomas a. so korea yeah. and say okay, i so you could imagine mr. camilla did them all me. i'm on yet. and with the, with the, with males got to me, they got billed in the best, i not have it in my you can get them a low cost of the money. i know to new jersey will just gobbled theme. yet he may be eloped beneath manada divided them into bear fallen hunger the day and by it's betty my stylus swore. massage like a sick. i call it all play. if i to bella
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so they say, colby, i think the older boys in guy gave him up to this one. will i have a basically the method with that and to lead to my house? he a covered idea mcduffy matilda to mean can inequity. you could tell only anthem only . christy jimenez kamali more thumb he go got up soon and i got alive and turned into your lodging. massage. yeah, he's or he's i'm sorry, but you have unit mir lester. you're not in a question. can you say that kate das here
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i talked to get out of the lease with a because i need to find in how you best on a friday a with a
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if you could give me a call about that. i me a ah a
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all. ok, stocks will stand up almost as much as you, liam. thump, grimalda's, hello, don't guy was the when someone i'm on holiday silva on mr. get amount to you. there was a promise. thought that whole area to live it, but i think i used to monthly for car. oh yeah. other like how, how little sarah. she's out of her love us. you know how my boy issue with the status on it? no, no. it's worth a fine. now money so we have something we have some good. yeah. yeah. yeah, definitely. rear visibility,
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afford to purchase here. dorothy ha, ha. okay. hm. so my us on, on the 20 of orsia kalani area, selma, yoko law due to lit total bar. mother mercer, on even here at canon mina colon, howard holmes, kalani, you will commerce. i was denied again antonio colonus alamo said way to violet. he had to lose how little to dark with us into the side of clinic iowa. to new down to annual leblanc, i was look about the order, the 100 percent behind
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those of us was latham of the comb. again, mantles, hudson, i man for high school. i have a lot of lisa going to school, bad of him, so i don't know how he, she spelled again, who had at the old hosting, has minis, can, can issues. however, i'm vocal colleen, and i, she did the i q metastasis and community engagement team to phone with key. ashley, do you, have you heard about the nutrition with? are in the, in the in fi hi, stuff to us were, were the color icon lodge go? it was for the thought on a whole class. my name is awful by and them ha, it coastal maintenance was fluid. okay. and rad. it should the can be about on poll . so the continue chinese india, which are good locally by. okay. shavon sheet,
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so fall, i'm coming in for us. we are now. i am in dire need. do i let me come when you are the only that they want to get upset? someone i mean i'm buying up when. sure me buy me. you know, yes, i saw a bike or maybe on sewer reading on. and he saw me. yeah. i was dial out with poly on, you know, cool near them in the body of the novels on. so i'm involved in allowing me yes. yes, yes, yeah, i mean it's a you know, oh, a good. well, i,
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well i see somebody at least m o m b, i do not all m a, listen. i just, i firm montoya on a lateral scale, hit this one line and this can be here. yeah, yeah, no. well, the handling me a lot. schulman do diminish on the gold coast, gone for making the eloquently elegant minister inimical the image on the my local stuff. do it to me all the biopsies, abusing popsicle one philip,
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anyone thought about it in federal state to police ikishia on it. now we're lease actually to walk as long senate all i mean, they all i do like a ball and again, i'm gonna do had me that i'm all that logan. another way to do that political model model in the law, heidi, me, it almost a lot of musty pass it on who lost her local by hel, alicio at those. had them, unlike any line and compasses, humidity. see my state law money, sell your cohort tenayo a month to limit alcohol. glad to meet us because of course i thought it was okay. okay. so a little bit back in was a whole picking lawyer, but the article was a thought is to look i can let the modeling under that to be map back in santa to
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mahalo and obviously so many and who've been at the h. s i c 11 placed on the model to my line it i mean, i'm hoping that i think that the honda traditional wrestling in senegal and village festivals now is the national, male and female who bought in larger reno's the big prize money out there a well looks at this unifying cultural force and to way out to poverty, to some synagogue wrestling with reality on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks. this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed
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coverage. the problem a significantly reduce the tribal part, but it is expected to initially economic boom from around the world. this one here depicts the late poets was offered and know up who was revolutionary poems in its play, the many a scale modern slavery in the u. k is enormous. we've just seen the tip of the iceberg. if you have something called a congress, you can point someone's stone. i haven't, companies need to start to understand that this is exploitation. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. and there are some very, very nasty people, al jazeera, investigate britain's modern slave trade with
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i'm carry johnston, hendo on the top stories on al jazeera or it's johnson has resigned as a leader of the you case, ruling conservative party trigon, a leadership race that could take weeks, the continuous caretaker, prime minister, but calls are growing within the party for his immediate departure. it follows a tumultuous 48 hours that sort more than 50 government members resign of a series of scandals. it is clearly now the will of the parliamentary, conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party and that for a new prime minister. and i agree with the grey brady, the chairman of our back bench, m p 's. that the process of choosing that new leader should begin now, and the time table will be announced next week. and i looked today appointed a cabinet to serve as i will until a new leader is in place. several, a current and the former cabinet ministers are being seen as potential successors,
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but is no clear front runner, a series of votes by conservative m. p. 's will eventually narrow the field to 2 candidates before a final vote by the wider party membership. russia's foreign minister is about to come face to face with some of moscow's faces. critics, at a g 20 gathering in indonesia, it will be said he loves a 1st personal encounter with foreign ministers from western countries. since russia invaded ukraine, some have refused to meet him on the sidelines of the summit. the former minneapolis a police officer convicted for the murder of george floyd, has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison on separate federal charges. the rec, show vin was found guilty of violating floyd's civil rights during his fatal arrest last year. he's already serving $22.00 and a half years for murder. the 2 sentences will run concurrently. us basketball player brittany griner has pleaded guilty to a drugs charge in the russian court,
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but denied intentionally breaking the law to tom olympic gold medalist was detained in february at moscow. i felt like, you know, a former president has returned home for the 1st time since he was deposed in the uprising 8 years ago. lays a comp or a was invited to discuss the country's future with the head of a military genta, but seized a power in january and for other former heads of state. it comes as a country, faces growing bonnets from its groups. there's other headlines now. it's back to witness. ah, as country prepares to host an estimated 1000000 fans, the 1st group caught in the middle east. security is paramount. the c e. o of the international center for support. security says katara has been preparing for more than a decade and test track record a posting smaller tournaments such as the asian come the success, 40 them in thought. the strife of dog is that the, the walk coughing got
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a bigger vision. cut your husband's teaching, stimulation, and conducting training exercises for security forces a number of global safety indexes, right? cuts are at the top. last year, 200000 fans attended the era v for car. there's hope that perhaps this november's world cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics. with glen mile in. yes minute he came in gwinnett county man and darla had a guess of sir. yeah, darla a only elissia carol stanley or lincoln dyson male
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or little are gog within, within a month more dear la boiler had been bought balise monique on him because it is now below water law that he can i and boy, that was i'm a, this is a little humor. any my employment, ask la elisa, this is all it is i use alice on any going in van, hot filler somalia on olive oil in, in am and puerto, along with a guesstimate tie. be so say alignment is your larry lay your materially really alive with uterus, marcia gilbert and sullivan, cobblestone pool alike, missouri and in europe, the latter. so celia m a lanka, la youngin. what, gar, honestly your huntington hypersonic, how many feel are the quality in a pool ala m. o. m, as in, at the middle, got it color oxy. aligned into my until until and what will tale. sally cox get out
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of here. it's got to la la la choir yet to morrow. m. as in, at the post us will not have him. particular guy. you asked this get polarity. so holly and, and lay your mommy law gotti. i am gonna be cutting jessica, him a horse. and he saw he thought, to let the man put out the money to loose tamika up one. lincoln elements coil any a linear lanie? asked i why? i took money block us any light laneesa you saw on tools heater, boston. be lost on until latiere uncle toy. you're lonely. i said that the lackey thought us in a pool, a lace to man. i see in a studio picture. it's tom oliphant. i'm alejandro hon. pamela young with accessory pca. a la unitary monsieur leon casa foyle diverse east over
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well, how can i don't know. i know for les hello. yeah. okay, so ok, so as we should on terms turn key feel stereo color come by lithium and lithium kelly. i thought i was going with the terms donkey. i'm the mother who is wrong
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with hulu and in regarding a ha my shows over some of the other policy has 3w3w adoption that conditions. well, that's fine. i didn't go okay. i'm glad i wasn't thinking how north 101. okay. and what can i put you to so much shake down going to be given the last few months while i was to do it the way the new market can. i was shallow. a divan found was a way demand much of the off when i e g b. hello. ah,
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i cannot guarantee i think a busy with somebody else a lot. i know really a lot of things, you know, it's kind of a team that will mean i say on a tab with i think a lot to bed sierra b b i
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a a shade dawn in with mrs. it's almost laura that in these that a lot. i lay down that i leave. i can't delay the book
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i had the day of the hub, what i was calling regarding i believe as well as soon as i had the time that i was that i was way too late to learn. yeah. delete one of them. but yeah, give me the, probably the medulla for my haven't this isn't the young lady. i don't, i did to my daughter katie. my not then i am wiley and
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me me or him or stuff like that or both will be i mean i already know you're a hollow see last fall my god. yeah. go ahead. go call my what the hell of a good a all law. all a 100 on by a little bossy. yes,
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my find me. i lost my baby the my dad like montana madison vivian oliver lopsided policy analysis to master of legal software . and i will show you like a 4 way it is important only if you was a boy m. yes, usa law,
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monkey modeling that you do, all of you know you've got to walk. i'm on contract with my, your about your, your boy, me bill. 40 my just the yours winter dollars on night. the mom or the yeah. yes. on a merely jesse did i miss you all also 13 caught them all night. the interesting to it, to me in the boy last guy stopped on me on a little bit a bit with long less would it be a bob did how much it cost? what the us out a lot quicker had as he had to make
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a mental calling the only one in kind of his self sci lobbyist essays throughout that ammonia. i. when i last here last was he tessa white there. leah cushing, me to start with a bottle you know how and like, funny, bless, why it's more net that i get more in a how a love about them are you home with a
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do not go with with with the other way. i mean, not off, it could say you saw is that you shall it, that it gets a certain or the auditor. carla. hello, jose, a luke is on to this who called uncle aus is renella. i will be here with me as soon as normally i so she will go ahead.
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so he will his girlfriend in with oh yes ma'am. hello monica. so tegan, whether he learned was so sick. oh no, i'm guessing on pumping. i had that i'm 60 lucito found the way central florida retail. alenta. oh wow. the not one well a gosh. loving a will come by then leave. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, technical lab but thought like a high cup of any medical. most of it, oh, i don't know,
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put an i can't live and in i think it was taken to get his id. if there's a thought, if you all go little this or you know, we just go by her husband. so my said to have them on when the me oh
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no no, no, no, no one can get a little bit of a miss on on my love to let them know tomorrow ma hm. kate, the mama. i sent them on order star 9. 11 with like i said article does is he thought that they had an answer to your to take a look at our model. i mean,
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ah no, do not 14 day notice that he oh, how has the amino anthony which looks like a whole national claim of it had on hand with africa or cadet you there? i mean the, the color in alicia, bail us, you know, i will for most oh, so i live. okay. oh wow. i
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i was, i was on dover. thank you. mm hm. and i do scores really good and i do appreciate that. oh hello. how's she also, dana, hey, i got to go as well. i do wanna call it says i thought i saw a pre approval, but it'll go one bit otherwise. i you, maria will, i will. and people late in the packing from 50. ha ha. in the lead one of your problem. yes, those are the algo g. yorba or how did you see a lady i li, cooking with well i go to the did luigi norco. i a little that will how good i know a home exactly where your little yeah. actually little good been able midwife has decided to valuable fisher. they said i or lieut miss. lucy did hear him. andrew with affordable. okay. okay. ha
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ha ha ha ha ha. how holy. and so when i've got to somebody else and i got off the i woke a l, a u b, a u haul furniture, a city, so i believe the on well, i have a blessed day back getting there. oh, yeah. okay. just so sorry. australia
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here where you are. see uncle tal, one kid i know where you saw go to what a will there be any. let us newt then and austin mess must come in. so i'm in
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with with
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with a boy garcia about around no way of caea. so i don't really a seek on now when we were in with this for who, who are the how viruses on i received
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a new one with her a new one i had. yeah. why don't i'm in the market hoard on in there. we have a case that that, that they are knocked out in court by no need lost. i thought he said i oh, a in a while. i wanted to be done. may
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have been when you get the message that said within a a a a
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a a a housing has become a commodity instead of a human rights, mag give some people the ability to take advantage of others. the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis, as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left
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empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah long with . hello, welcome. saw the look at the international forecast lot going on across north america at the moment. we have got some lively showers, longest bells of rain, some big and fun. read out pause. we some light how just the round, central canada, just around the northern plains, the u. s, pushing over towards the midwest and beyond actually into the eastern seaboard to heat to the south of that temperature, getting up to 41 celsius and rising for the likes of dallas over the next hour. so texas really hot that heat down into the southeast corner. plenty of heat down
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towards the southwest venus touching a $44.00 degrees saturday afternoon. there we go. with those big showers, easing across the mid west, pushing over towards the carolinas, towards eastern seaboard, quite a rush of showers still coming back in behind a little dry, little brighter by saturday, across many central and western paths, one or 2 showers there towards the desert southwest las you drive meanwhile, across a good part of mexico. we have still got some showers just making the way into central america, of course. and where to weather in the wake of what was probable still were her recon bonnie to send to nicaragua into costa rica, rash of showers, longest spells of rain coming into cuba over the next day or so, trying up saturday sunshine, its showers for the east. ah ah.


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