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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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again, he said no, jerry, a sing some heavy and sundry shower southern parts of ghana. but in togo, went away into ivory coast. seeing some lively showers in the shaft, pushing right up across a good part of seo into guinea. we have got largely dry weather. meanwhile, across march of southern africa, a few showers east of the riff valley, where to weather will steadily make his way towards the southern cape. ah. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here it is era. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. intelligence and playful ulcers are in high demand is pates in japan, but concerns are going over the illegal to smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. one 0, one east investigates on al jazeera. ah,
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a gunman shoots japan's former prime minister. sions, obey at a campaign event in the city of nata. ah, oh, i'm adrian. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up in politics. no one is remotely indispensable. britain's private subarus, johnson resigns, but once to remain in power until his party elect to success, the tops are running dry in lebanon bay roots water supply is on the brink of collapse, and ukraine's hospitals are filling up with wall casualties. who was at a health center in keys that's being pushed to its limits. ah, we begin without breaking news from japan full, a prime minister,
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sions obey has been shot during a campaign event in the city of nata. now this was the scene just before the attack hobby was giving a speech ahead of elections for japan's up a house and he is the moment he was shot. later, we see the security guards wrestling a suspect to the ground. he's reported to be a 42 year old man the we appear to see a we see what appears to be the weapon lying on the ground. thereby. quite sure, matsumoto is the deputy capital secretary of public affairs for the prime minister's office in japan. he says the capital ministers returning to tokyo because of the attack. japan is in the house next season and all the cabinet ministers currently scattered around the country to support their colleagues for the election. well, what that means is that coming back to tokyo from the campaign, and this is
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a great, great thing to do witness. this is an outrage attack, and that after such shall never be tolerated by under any circumstances in the chief cabinet secretary much more just said the government, strongly condense in its utmost us secretary of state. and the blinking is of the g . 20 meeting in bali. he says he's deeply concerned about our base condition. i do have to say before we meet that certainly by the about the we don't know the condition shot our thoughts and prayers in his family with the people in japan, which is very, very sad. we're waiting also asked that g 20 meeting
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in bali is our correspondent roper bride, who's with us now live rope. a truly shocking development. what do we know about what happened? i think there is a deepening sense of shock, the realization of just what has taken place literally just several hours ago. shock here at this g 20 across japan of course, and also internationally as we wait to see just what the latest condition is. the condition report from the hospital while the doctors are still battling to save the life issues. but certainly his condition would extra. we seem to be extremely great . we are getting international responses as well. we've heard from the australian prime minister anthony all been easy as saying that his thoughts of him and the rest of australia as will with the family and the people of japan. boris johnson of
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the u. k. has a tweeted, utterly pulled and sudden. also, we've heard from the us ambassador to japan run around the manual, talking about being an outstanding leader and an unwavering ally of the united states. of course we've been also hearing from a foreign ministers here at this g 20 led by the us secretary of state, anthony blink, and we're getting more reports from the city of nara. this is a city in the center of japan close to the much largest city of osaka. this is where a campaign rally was taking place as campaigns have been taking pipe throughout japan. this is the run up to the upper house election. sions, bay, who was now effectively retired from politics. he was out on the campaign trail campaigning for a candidate that according to witness reports, according to our teeth, he had just started to speak when he was approached by an attack of the attacker who has not been arrested. seized by the authorities is described as
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a 41 year old man who is apparently local to nara is also said to be a full member of the forces that were report. the 2 shots were fired and according to the authorities, bay was shot through the neck. and just he would seem to be at an unconscious condition when paramedics, i've got to him, were attending to him, put him into a vehicle to get him away from the sea. that was a hand gun recovered from the sea, which was set apparently to be home made in nature, hit the condition of ave, there's some confusion over this. he was said that the time to be apparently suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest and according to emergency services, there were no signs of life. it does seem that for a period of time, at least his heart had actually stopped working. he has been taken to hospital where we understand the tempt all wrong. going to save his life. rubio could see that this is the prime minister of japan. he like all the other ministers and
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politicians. you've been out campaigning. he has not returned to tokyo. what's, what is a very grave time for japan politically. when he arrived in tokyo, he gave its 1st reactions to waiting media, a very tearful prime minister, talking about this barbaric unbelief. just at that but interesting lane, significantly stressing, but a doctor's we're still trying to save the life of sions. you've covered japan extensively, you know, the country very well briefly. this will come as a shock to the people of the country. violence against politicians is extremely rare. that was the absolutely, especially in recent decades, but active political violence, very unusual. the japan takes its politics very seriously. it is a very mature democracy. it is very respectful of the whole democratic process at times the politics that can be very, it can be quite angry,
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can be quite active and outspoken, but certainly the violence doesn't play much part of tool in the whole process. i think what will also shock people, it's the use of behind god. it is very rare to see any kind of file and use the toll given the very strict rules about gun ownership. so that will shop people. i think what will shock people at the most though? sions though he is probably the best known a political face that both domestically inside japan and also internationally being the longest serving prime minister of japan. he has been out campaigning for these upper house elections when this is taken place. so this will, i think, but certainly shop most people as they wait to see just the latest reports coming from the hospital. what his condition might be. okay, i'll just say welcome. prior to putting like that from bali, rob many thinks and said well, nick paid the prince. sions, of a hales from political royalty. his father was
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a foreign minister at his grandfather, a prime minister. he's a conservative politician, 1st elected to parliament in 1993. they became prime minister in 2006, but resigned the following year. it was then reelected in 2014 of his name is forever tied to is economic policies known closely closely as our been nomics. it was a way to jumpstart the japanese economy. the 6567 year old is japan's longest southern leader. he resided 2020 citing health reasons. in the midst of the kobe 19 pandemic, and his political scandals, the boss harris is a senior fellow for asia at the center for american progress. he's also the author of the iconic class chin's, i'll be the nude and the new japan he joins just now lives i got from washington dc . good to be with us, san out. it's very late at night. why would anyone want to harm should all be? is he a divisive figure in japan?
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well, he certainly, i think one of the more polarizing figures in japanese politics are that we've seen for several decades. and i think he was the kind of figure who inspired, i think a tremendous almost adoration from his supporters. but also i think strong feelings of opposition from people who disagreed with his policies. but i think beyond that, i mean, i think this kind of even, even at the worst moments of his premiership, where you saw massive protests against government, this kind of action against him would have been unthinkable. and yeah, you're now the and he's over 2 years out of office. it's even more unthinkable the longest serving prime minister in japan also that brief tenure some years earlier, full start you might say, but was he a good prime minister? what did he do to improve people's lives? i think even beyond the total, totaling up the,
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the pluses and minuses of his policies. i mean, i think you have to look at even bigger than that. and the fact is, as he was fond of saying, quoting prime minister thatcher, and he was always fond of saying, there is no alternative to, to my policies. and i think ultimately when we think about his legacy, it's really in shaping the choices that were available to, to the successors and both in economic policy and in foreign policy. he made very clear that his vision for japan was the blueprint for the way forward and from making japan relevant in the world again. and certainly so far we are, we have not really seen any kind of alternative to what he, what he laid out. and of course he had his shortcomings. there were, i think lots of missed opportunities during his tenure. but when it comes to shaping the choices of the japanese government in the options available to japan's leaders, he, he left the blueprint and that i think is gonna shape the policies that his successor pursued for years to come. he stepped down in the midst of the, the,
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that because 19 pandemic, a amid that series of political scandals citing health reasons. there's the same health reasons that ended his, his 1st brief tenea as prime minister. that's right. i mean, and i think, you know, ultimately what happened was, of course, his return in 2012 was enabled by new medicine and a new stress management regime. of course you early in his political career when he was younger, he was diagnosed with alterative. collide us, there were points in early in his political career where it looked like that would be enough to do rail, whose career he'd be hospitalized several times. and in 2012 would appear that he figured out how to manage it. and frankly, i mean, it certainly seemed over the course of nearly 8 years that he had figured out what seems to happen to 2020 is that, you know, the situation with a pandemic was so severe was basically that his is trust management regime was
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derailed. you basically worked without interruption for months and during the course the pandemic. and i think ultimately led him to being hospitalized several times and then finally resigning. really good social so many facts and it was harris steps in washington dc. thank you. trans, often seen as one of the safest countries in the world. part of that is due to extremely low gun violence. the number of gun deaths per year is rarely more than 10. police are the only people allowed to have hand guns, hunters, and target shooters up a bit to own shot guns and air rifles. but even that involves an all day course and a written test that also strict background and mental fitness checks as well as drug tests. all they was allegedly shot by hand made gun. japan's 1st arrest for possession of a home made 3 d firearm was in 2014. so general tucker sheeter is a professor of information at the university of chas worker. he joins to sound life
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from that good time with this message yet. how could something like this happen in japan? well, as you reported earlier, it's very, very rare. we have 127000000 people, but you know, as you reported, death by gunshot is less than 10. in fact, it was only one last year. and only for the year before last so we hardly see any of these things. sometimes amongst the gangsters, the ac is us. but you know, certainly not in our normal life. even on political acid assassinations, it's usually the nice machetes and certainly not involving guns. so after receiving quite a very negative issues in the united states, i think it kind of exacerbates this very negative feeling about, you know, the utilization of gun. so what's our security lapse surrounding the former prime minister today? yeah, this is one of the big, big problem that people are talking about as we speak now. we are facing an upper
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house election coming sunday. so obviously, you know, these major figureheads are going throughout japan and making, you know, a lot of lectures to support their allies. and for that reason, you know, i would say that, you know, the planned, i say speeches that they make are not necessarily as well planned as, for example, in other occasions. and in this case, there are some people that are citing, the lack of security are not enough s p awareness and also the possible positioning that he was in certainly gave a lot of room for people to take advantage. so what happens to sundays election to the up a house? i will that will. will this go ahead given what's happened to the former prime minister? i mean, i think that we cannot stop because of this. if we did, that's a defeat of you know, a democracy and we're all up to it. there will be whole teach of further i lectures that may take place, but the election will go on and it has to go on. and if anything, i would say that,
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you know, l d p will probably get an increased amount of load and more turnouts because of this incident. and, you know, it goes against what this, this, this, you know, barbarian man was trying to do. because in fact, it a little get a lot of, you know, get well those as we say. and um, certainly i think it might be if you look from pulse to perspective, it gives, you know, a jabbing the arm of many japanese who doesn't really turn out in a, who don't go out to, to vote. to realize that, you know, this is a methodology protected democracy. so, you know, i think the turnout ratio will actually rise because of this incident. what was going to talk to joe? many thanks indeed for being with us today. sierra tucker. she to that. so to come here on al jazeera, i'm pull drennan at westminster,
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where the race to succeed. prime minister boris johnson is underway, even as johnson himself is still inside downing street. ah, ah, hello, the skies are opening up nicely now. across western europe, we will see temperatures picking up as you go on through the next couple days. you can say largely class guys, they're all away from the southwest, up towards the north west. still some bits and pieces of cloud and rain further. it's just a round, sweden big bulge of cloud. they're just making its way down toward sir parts of italy. that's where we have got some showers long specified that we'll refer the race was squeezing that heat into that western side of russia, but the temperatures will pick up a bit towards the west. 27 celsius in london on friday afternoon, getting into the mid thirty's. there across good parts of spain and portugal,
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and it continues with that theme as we go on through the next couple of days. could touch 38 madrid good to warmer than that to the south or madrid by the time we come to a sunday. so there's at west weather that we have just around the baltic states pushing down towards the balkans, pushing that heat further. reese was clear skies coming back behind the some lovely spells the sunshine light winter really will feel beautiful over the next couple of days. pushing on into the weekend and temperatures continuing to pick up nicely. live the showers down towards south the southeast. they're fine across much of the med fine. of course. northern parts of africa still hot with the usual showers for west africa. ah. intelligent and playful, alters are in high demand, is pets in japan, but concerns going over the illegal to smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. $11.00 east investigates on alta 0
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ah, alger 0. wait, wait, wait. oh lou. ah, again, this is al jazeera, just one new story dominating the headlines, the sal deformities, japanese. the former japanese prime minister sions. obey, has been shot during a campaign event in the city of nato. now sucka, there are reports that a 42 year old man was arrested. i've seen the current japanese prime minister for me. okay. shita has confirmed i'll bay is in
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a grave condition. he's condemned. the shooting says that he's praying that i'll bake survives for us. johnson says he intends to stay on us u. k. prime minister, despite resigning as leader of the ruling conservative party, he says that he'll continue at a can't take a capacity until party members elect his successor. but colds are growing for his immediate departure. the stage is now set for a leadership race that could take weeks. let's go live down westman, south central london, out as he was pull brendan, is that for us so that he's resigned, but he is to go on as caretaker is. is that gonna happen, paul? well certainly in the short term it will because there is no real mechanism for the conservative m. p. 's too to oust him from down the street. if he doesn't want to go, you'll recall the last couple of days where he was setting his store against everything,
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against even his closest allies. and it was a real job for them to persuade him that finally the game was up and that he was going to have to quit. it was only a last minute raft of an extra arrest at resignation. the took the number of government resignations to 9060. that made boris johnson's position totally untenable yesterday. and that said, the debate over whether he can continue is raging within the conservative party or the quotes that i can can give you. i mean one m p said it was beyond credulity, that forrest johnson should be allowed to stay at danny street for the next 2 perhaps even 3 months. while his successor is found at dominic cummings, who was boris johnson's foremost closest advisor became as kind of nemesis after cummings left. danny's reed said, it risked boris jones had been allowed to cause carnage if he was allowed to stay in number 10, or johnson himself has promised that he won't bring in any new policies. but that said, there are some existing policies that sir,
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could tie the hands of his successor. and so you know exactly how involved is boris johnson going to be a, how placid is he going to be helped or how proactive? mighty be in the remaining weeks of his, of his tenure, of the number 10 to who at this stage is most likely to words to, to take over how wide is the field of potential candidates. the field is pretty why the, the actual number of declared candidates at the moment is small as any to the attorney general soil braverman has put her hat into the ring and the chairman of the foreign affairs committee, tom, to condense his, are well respected within the party he's, he's got a reputation for being very good on foreign affairs. i think like you ran afghanistan, those kind of things. he's acquitted himself very well. obviously what we call the big beasts of the party. people like richie soon actually the, the former chancellor at such a java would be a good bet to be a candidates as for his, the former health secretary and again,
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a former chancellor himself. neither of them i declare that they will definitely run. but i think it's a safe bet that to have such a java will put his hat into the rank other names don't. who are ruled themselves out? dominic, rob, deputy prime minister, michael gove. mat hancock, former health secretary. those 3 have said that they won't run and at least trust i think is the other person that we need to watch. she's the current foreign secretary. she's in the jets who's coming back from the g 20 in indonesia. i'm coming back early because of the events here in london. she will, i mean, she's made know the disguise of her ambition to have the top jobs. she's racing back to put her hat into the ring i expect as well, but she's still in transit algebra, full credit reporting live from westminster and central london. paul, many, thanks. indeed. lebanon is in the midst of a water crisis. people living in the capital haven't had running water for weeks with a supply network on the brink of collapse. i'll just here as a hotter reports from beirut. this is the main water pipe to the lebanese capital.
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it's damaged and taps have run dry, in hundreds of thousands of households for nearly a month. a position member of parliament ibrahim and namely, is at the site to find out why the repairs are taking so long. an economic crisis has led to the near collapse of state institutions, but many accuse successive governments of mismanagement. what we tried to do it with pressure and the political parties who are in the minutes. it is possible for women in the pipeline to subject what we want on for all we need the proper planning. i mean, you cannot find the dependent on what thing to live tankers are delivering water all over the city. a vital resource to household's already struggling with poverty and inflation is going on in every 2 or 3 days. we have to buy watts as cost around
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$70.00. people need wants us to washing clean, and for the bathrooms. water shortages are not new. not enough was invested in maintaining the network since the end of the civil war in 1990. it's been a year since the united nations warned the public water system and loving on was on the verge of collapse and that's 71 percent of the population. around 4000000 people could lock access to water. but dilapidated infrastructure isn't the only problem. the sector depends on the state for the electricity that operates the pumps. money is needed to purchase fuel to compensate for the lack of electricity fuel to it and diesel generators. also money is needed to stock up the stores for it would spare parts to address any breakdowns. the 3rd is to pay for salaries for the workers that come to work every day. water authorities acknowledge that merely repairing the pipeline won't solve the problem. the state is nearly
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bankrupt and the government is failing to implement the reforms necessary to qualify for international financial 8 big problem. the big problem is when we don't have electricity and no money to buy diesel, that means we can important few expect water services to improve anytime soon. in a country where the main pipeline to the capital was last service half a century ago. seneca, they're elses eda, beirut, returning to our top story and the shooting old for the former japanese private sessions. while by joining us, this journalist cb, i'm also who is just north of took the tokyo phoebe. what's the latest you have on a former prime minister condition to be? can you hear me? it's adrian in the studio. what's the latest on change of a condition?
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well, the latest is that an official at the medical teacher when he was taken in no written time, not really any. i will find out the name of what happened when he was show is a report initially conscious. but he was admitted to why had he and his wife to him. thank you very much indeed. that's no official confirmation, but it does look like it's going to be a very bad outcome. and what's the reaction of people been cause this is an extremely shocking event. done crime in japan, it's almost unheard of in fact, upon how some of the strips it's controlled and done in the world we've had from prime minister. he showed us very strong combination of the shooting saying that this kind of barbaric is never tolerated in the now it's going to be some kind of
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investigation into the security situation. because this comes ahead of an election on sunday and election. we know official mountain on a whether that will be countable, not. most policies has thought that campaign and he should have all the cabinet ministers to return for now. what if that election still going to go ahead? was there some sort of security or lapse security lapse or the surrounding the former prime minister that all conflicting the made that which was that was on the for that it was a nice 130 available. but i think that's something that the, the into but equally 5th point of all the rest of things. every in fact get it gone off so many frequencies and controls. and now
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i'm on the interview. maybe this is in this hope that actually has gone. so if i have the all, thank you, maybe he some kind of vision of need to find them. what do we know about dismantle? but the police had arrested at the scene. we know who he is. one is old resident of ebay with giving a speech and give him back a former member of the marine self defense. whatsapp around 3. yes. according to lee. that yet to be any kind of notice. but that did say that was very frustrated with a and did intend to tell him generalist phoebe,
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but also they're reporting live from just all the tokyo. many thanks indeed say be good to talk to protest. i have conversed on the streets of haiti's capital to demand justice president jovan, i'll boise a year after his assassination. the demonstrates as angry over the lack of progress in the investigation. ways was shots inside his home. police of the rest of the 40 people in connection with his mother. no one has yet been charged. what has happened here before the bus he has shows that show can do not work, though either cry is getting worse. so we need to talk all the issues we need to make sure that we fight again violence and have a political consensus and have free a next in order to protest as opposed to this months referendum on june. is he has constitution have been prevented from breaching the officers of the.


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