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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah ah ah so i feel really disappointed to have lost someone like this in this way or cause a key need the various yours legacies, that vehicle will expire minister, idaho,
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or bay has left out on your shows or should i get is i must was respect for the ah, come one, what i ordered was up offer, who am i? sang e e e e z and north half o. condolences again from now moving forward, we will have the granddaughter judy the last day towards the upper house voting one. day monday we will have a free and just election which forms the basis of our democratic process and this must be protected for order for me to select for you. dung got out of his, you know, we will not yield to violence. i want to express my unyielding commitment for thought and tomorrow. i will continue with my campaign trail for the election. say
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you will let you go. murray is sort of with all you will be the last day, but i will keep trying my best by reaching back out to the constituents with my own voice as going out that he must stay until unthinkable the end of the campaign trail journey would in terms of security, safety and security on this trail, we will, it will guide all budget i your implement measures to the best of ability to protect the safety is simply boosted equal going on. we had a meeting with the bureaucrats and us government law cockney, show you what i was. we looked into id, the facts on the matter and also talked about what we needed to do was in and there are 2 instructions that we've made from myself. we need to ensure
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that a free and just election must carry on the number to see that we must not delay any activities in the government. it will only do but do so in the most safest possible way. so those are the 2 points that i have into. i had instructed that's it from my side. i moving forward. i. are you thinking about a state, a funeral for the bricks? prime minister? dead mother. what on the was the one bruna which is had reports of the night that the ex prime minister had passed away. i haven't been able to think about what will happen from now, of course because it was a symbol x. the prime minister abbe had left such a big legacy. so as
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a government and total mac, then as the party is fairly close at i or congress a week that we would like to show our appropriate respect. and we feel that we should act accordingly. this is jamari to morrow you carry on with the term campaign trail and i think that has unnerved some of the constituents because of the latest developments. how would you incorporate that into what you would say to the constituents in your, in your campaign trail? judith horse in i think the foundation of democratic process is free and just somebody elections that are like what this is something that we must absolutely protect for. that's what we feel people to act on that i or she,
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we will never yield to violence. and this is what we strongly believed to that end. i will involve myself, i mean, and apply myself to the utmost. what i said in the remaining time for the campaign trail, i would ass mom, one of your people of japan, a quote or study congress to a key think about how they can contribute to protect mamma. how many democratic process that we have in japan and together let us meet with you make efforts to protect this democratic election process after your appointments premier that you've been seeking advice from? i am prime minister abbe, what kind of person was he to you? a you need phone call. no ex prime minister. he was your
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was as an ex prime minister of japan. he left a large legacy. got it. and sucking him. i don't take him out of that and beyond what he has left that had, we formed the foundation of our current and government and some of them actually even with domestic situations and what we have in international community. there was precious advice that i had sought from him, his my stuff and and i think that the small outlines, some of them and i was prime minister. i was, i myself, you are going to receive precious advice. at times he encouraged me go, you can, what time he gave his opinion on some of the matters giving me a really powerful support in many of the matters that i had talked about. he was
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a very warm and kind of person. and all i can say is us critical. i'd like to express my gratitude to prime minister of a you know that, and my intention is to reflect on what he had wanted for japan and trying to enact that sort of guy within my remit for this country. article and i think that is i believe in alignment with prime ex prime minister would have wanted it tomorrow. i think you were planned to go to be now going to prefecture. are you still going to yes, in terms of essential stuff and kicked him up. so there's been some adjustments to
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the end of the schedule tomorrow. when you got again, we're going to yamaha, she pre church, and ne, gone to the prefecture, those 2 prefixes. that concludes the press conference. ok, that was the current prime minister of japan, female casita who has paid tribute to the former prime minister. she bay bay as we've been hearing all morning, was died or has died after being shot. an event in the city of nara, the prime minister said that i was a personal friend and a great leader that's free and rob mcbride now who has coverage japan extensively, and he's currently in bali hello there role with just heard from the current prime minister, who was defiant, really about continuing the campaign ahead of sundays election. what else did you make of his tribute? yeah,
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it's very interesting because she the there, vowing that basically democracy goes on that there has been lots of questions about the, the elections for the after house. they're going to be held this weekend. this is what shinto ave was campaigning for. politicians from all the major parties have been out across the country and because she to himself was out of tokyo when this an awful shooting happened. immediately had to return to tokyo as it was realized, what a grave situation had befallen judge japan. but interestingly saying that the elections will go on, in fact, as early as tomorrow, he says, this seems to be the best way. the best answer that japan can give that the campaigning will continue, that the election process he says, will continue, that democracy must be protected and that violence can never be seen to win. we should never yield to violence as he put it and also paying tribute to shinto abbeys, legacy talking about his legacy as a politician also as a friend also,
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i think as a mentor we heard earlier, it's been a soon after it was confirmed that indeed sions arby had confirmed to have died. we heard from the medical team at the narrow medical university. this is the city. where should i be at been attending this political event? he was taken by 1st ambulance and then air ambulance to this hospital and we've heard a extensive press conference from the medical team talking in extensive detail about all of their attempts to try to save him. how to revise, interact with clearing from abilene. can you, who's actually speaking in bally where you are? so let's just have a listen. we'll come back in just a minute with also one really strong relationship
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with a little bit to, to really work for realizing i was doing article well even after that not for leaders for us to so so i can share this. did you are the shop. so i can just say, professor, really with the whole family really, really awesome. awesome.
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awesome. with a has expressed his dps of those the past 4 check stubs to job. to me for you to look at that for me. okay. that was us secretary of state antony blank and speaking at a meeting of g 7, latest in valley indonesia. let's bring in our correspondent rob mcbride, who is bay in barley forest and has extensively covered japan of the course of his career rub. we've just hearing tribute after tribute by major world late is what did you make of what antony blinking had to say yeah, i mean that the foreign ministers here at this g 20 have been talking throughout the day, expressing that concerns as we realize just how grave the situation was,
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and the severity of the situation is gradually being dawning upon people. and then throughout the day, hearing expressions of concern and also tributes come again as it was realized that basically she was in a very grave condition and ultimately was pronounced to have died. we have heard that from the secretary of state and to be blink. and he's been speaking here with the said g 20. we've also heard, for example, earlier on this afternoon, that was a daily briefing from the chinese foreign ministry. they, the spokes person that talking about the shock we have heard from the australian prime minister, entity, albany z, saying that his thoughts are with the family of students and also the people of japan from boris johnson of the u. k. there was a message saying about how utterly uphold he was and saddened from the us ambassador to japan rahm emanuel, for example, we heard attributes to. 1 a talking about him being an outstanding leader and an
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unwavering ally of the united states. so there have been gradually messages coming in from here in the g 20 from around the world. and of course, expressions of great shock and sadness itself. b in japan, which has been left really stunned by the departure of somebody who was seen as a political giant. he was the longest serving japanese prime minister, probably the most recognizable face of japanese politics. not only domestically in japan, but probably internationally as well. all right, thank you very much for that report and i doubt those tributes will continue pouring in. rub mcbride at the g 20 summit in bali. thank you. ok, florence louis now has a report on the assassination of japan's longest serving leader schanzer obey had been campaigning in the city of nora ahead of upper house elections this weekend.
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the former prime minister had been speaking for only a few minutes. when i witness report say too loud bangs were heard, and he collapsed to the ground. ah, group of men, a scene tackling another man, believed to have been the shooter to the ground. report say, a 41 year old man has been arrested. public broadcaster and h k ad video of what's believed to be the weapon. other reports showed our bay lying on the ground, his shirt stained with blood. while some one attempted cpr on him. a fire department official said abbe was in cardio and pulmonary arrest. he was airlifted to a hospital. the incident has shocked japan, a country with strict gun ownership laws, and low rates of gun crime. our bay came from a high profile political family. his grandfather had been a prime minister and his father was a foreign minister. after studying politics,
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he rose through the ranks of the liberal democratic party to hold the position of prime minister in 2006, becoming the youngest person to do so. since the 2nd rule, he resigned a year later citing health reasons, but returned to par in 2012. when he set about pursuing ambitious reforms, he pushed an economic agenda dubbed abbe nomics to boost japan's struggling economy . he's been described as a towering figure in japanese politics. he brought stability to a political system that tended to kind of churn out. prime ministers are one after another. and not only that, but he was also transformative and japanese politics. he made japan much more significant player in terms of regional and i was even global security. trying to reshape japan's role in the world stage. one of our these top priorities was amending japan's pacifist constitution. which bars the country from hostile acts
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except in self defense. but the issue was polarizing with polls suggesting many japanese are opposed to any change still pushed to change the constitution right up until the end. but his conservatism would lead to new frictions with his neighbors . a spat with south korea of japan's war time legacy resulted in the worst diplomatic and trade dispute for decades that contributed to japan's continuing economic problems. he also stood controversy with his neighbors. his 2013 visit to the asa cooney shrine, which honors japan's war did. among them some convicted war criminals was widely criticized and he returned several times. but what would turn out to be his last year in office? 2020 brought the devastation of cove at 19. the economy crated abi was widely criticized for miss handling the crisis. and soon after he achieved the record as
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japan's longest serving prime minister came the surprise announcement that he was leaving office early. citing ill health taken that thanks. i took over the administration. i worked hard every single day to revitalize the economy and conduct diplomacy that would protect the national interest during this time. i am proud to have taken on various challenges with the japanese people, but he never left to politics, remaining a member of the lower house and retaining enormous influence within the liberal democratic party. his tragic and untimely end not only shocked the nation, but his leading sum to ask whether a security lapse contributed to his demise. i'd bring in craig, mark now, who's a professor ad kiera su women's university and the author of abbe restoration. he joins me from tokyo. craig, thanks so much for being on this news hour. i'm not sure if you just heard, but the prime minister cache to has spoken and he described abbe as
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a good friend and a great leader. how else do you think our bay will be remembered? we know that he was also a controversial figure. a yes, he did have a controversy through much of his career. as was mentioned in the report, he visited yes, security shrine which caused a lot of our resentments from japan's neighbors. and up to here leave it once he still center offerings, wallace prime minister. the other area of controversy was a numerous nepotism scandal where the various colleagues, friends of his, were accused of corruption where he was accused of using his influence to manipulate funding. public funding, for example, for a getting his political support has invited to a cherry blossom viewing party,
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which was in violation of campaign funding was so why he was dogged by that throughout his career. he was never indicted personally. no. but that did tend to take the shame off is a political achievements. and also he's a failure of epidemics to really revamp the economy. will cycles loss of controversy? and i also also mentioned some mishandling of our responses to the crowd of ours, a pandemic. but overall, he is being remembered as one of the towering figures of japanese politics in the 21st century. and internationally were as well as one of the most experienced statesmen of the democratic countries. craig and the prime minister could shade out was also defiant in that speech. just a few moments, a guy sang his campaigning to sundays up house elections will continue. what impact
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do you think the death of our buy will have on those polls? well, we'll have to wait and see it might intimidate people ah, from a turning up to vote. since such a shocking act of violence might escape people from turning up to vote, which is a voluntary, especially for upper house elections. the voter turnout is often being below 50 percent, but it could also have a bolstering effect either people feel they have to defy this act of political violence and then possibly pay or some tribute to the mr. obeys legacy. this could be expected to work in favor, rob the ruling liberal democratic party. and even before this happens, the a l d p in it's our partner, the tomato party was on track to comfortably win a majority. and that's probably going to happen on sunday, but it is
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a tribute for mr. rob, i, that's a prime minister. kisha has been so defined, you know, saying this, this will not stop on japan's democratic process. and so we're, hopefully the japanese lecture will turn out and show that a clinical violence shouldn't have any impact japanese society in day. thank you very much for your thoughts and craig, mark a professor and also the author of the abbe restoration. we appreciate your time on his knees. alan. if i can, let's move on now. and 2 other world news bars, johnson says he intends to stay on as u. k. prime minister, despite resigning his later of the governing conservative party, he says he'll continue in a k to a capacity until potty members elect his successor. because our growing for his
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immediate departure, the stage is now set for a leadership race that could take weeks. let's bring in poll brennan, who's been covering developments in london. hello, the poll bars johnson wants to stay on in a k. take a capacity. will that actually happen, though? when it can happen? because there's no definitive mechanism for removing him if he doesn't want to go voluntarily. i mean, it is traditional for the outgoing prime minister to at least have a hand over period before the new prime minister comes into office. there are differences though, between, for example, gordon brown, who lost an election or david cameron, who was on the wrong side of the bricks. it debates and theresa may, who couldn't get legislation through those. those were matters of policy and, and voting. the reason why boris johnson has fall and is very different, it's because his own back benches, his own cabinet ministers felt he didn't exhibit truthfulness sore integrity. these
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were personal problems of boris johnson, the man as opposed to political problems with him overall. and that is why there is a huge amount of disquiet that he should be allowed to sit in downing street as a some kind of caretaker, prime minister and the leader of the liberal democrat opposition party, sir a davy said it was frankly ludicrous. he said another signatory m p. it said it was beyond credulity. but the reality is that as the hours of past minutes were in the bit of a low now after yesterday's feverish atmosphere here in westminster, a sense of acceptance, i think is dawning on the conservative party that if he is not going to go voluntarily, there's very little they can do to force him out, and some of the crowds i'm seeing, there's no such thing as a caretaker m p a, sorry, p. m, at winnie. now to focus on the leadership contest route, getting resolved in weeks rather than months. in an ideal world, said one of the treasurer of the 1922 committee in an ideal world, dominic rob the deputy prime minister would have stepped up, but that ship has sailed. is the quote. so i think the conservative party coming to
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terms with the fact that they can't oust boris johnson despite the fact that many of them would like to. and when that does happen, paul, who's being tipped is his likely replacement. it's very, very early days and we haven't really got the full field of the contenders. a couple of early contenders tom to gun data, the attorney general soil braverman that said we're waiting for the real kind of what we call the big beasts of fire of u. k. politics of the conservative party. you would have thought that such a javert who was the health secretary, who resigned on tuesday, he was the 1st to go the 1st big a big political figure to actually resign. and protested boris johnson also wishes soon act the former chancellor who quit on tuesday as well. they were the early principles resignations and the other people who are being mentioned are people like list trust, the foreign secretary, who's racing back from the g 20 in indonesia. most likely to throw her hat into the
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rank. and there are other people like jeremy hunts who actually contested that leadership against boris johnson the previous time. so we're not, we're yet to see the full field. very rarely does that to the early people who pop their head of of the parapet fairly rarely do they make it through to the final rounds or at po, thank you very much for giving us that update hope and in life rest in london. thank you. still a head on out his ear and the former police officer who was convicted of murdering george floyd. it's another 20 years. we'll tell you why. anger on the straits of hazy protest is demand justice. the president is german elmo. we see one year after his assassination and installed rafael and the dial has been forced to pull out of his wimbledon. semi final will tell you why a little later in the program. ah .
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with how i was see some very heavy rain recently into parts of the philippines and also eastern areas of indonesia. so that easter side of the southeast asia, seeing some very heavy rain. this is east indonesia, 181 millimeters of freight, unusual wet weather here, farther north into the philippines, over a 100 millimeters of friends that western side of the philippines over the last 24 hours than that. where to where the will just ease its way. a little further west was a monsoon showers. of course they are pushing towards southern parts of vietnam and really pair pop as we go on through the weekend into the early part of next week. expect to see some localized flooding coming through here. elsewhere. much of malaysia. what is sunshine is showers more sunshine than showers the further west to go? still some live shows. it was the eastern side of indonesia campaign to say some possible straight here, not to wet over the next couple days where we will still see wanted to shout
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creeping their way toward sydney. the wet weather is easing out, across the ditch, pushing towards new zealand. we'll see some wet and windy weather coming in here over the next day or so. so the showers into the southeast of australia still in places we go on through saturday, maybe still a shower or 2 towards sidney that it has cooler and wetter and windier for new zealand. ah ah. ah.
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safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award. boat now for your hero. oh, i hello, are you watching? 0, i'm emily, angling. he's a reminder about top stories this hour. the former prime minister of japan. she has
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died after he was shot during a campaign event in the city of nora. he was $67.00 japanese and world leaders have been paying tribute to the countries longest serving prime minister embarrass. johnson says he intends to stay on a few k prime minister until members of his conservative party elect his successor . but caused growing for his immediate departure. staying with our top story and these estimation of japan's former prime minister sions by japan is often seen is one of the safest countries in the world. how does that is because of its extremely low gun violence. the number of gun deaths per year is rarely more than 10. police are the only people allowed to have hand guns, hunters and target shoot up emitted to own shot guns and a rifles. but even that involves an all day course and a written test. there are also background and mental fitness checks as well as drug tests. i was allegedly shot by
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a hand made gun. japan's 1st arrest full possession of a homemade trade, a firearm was back in 2014. for more on this that led, bringing tina barrette to is an associate professor of political science at sophia university in tokyo and a visiting fellow at cambridge university. tina, thanks so much for being on this news hour. i want to get your thoughts on jeans or of a legacy in a moment, but firstly, as i just mentioned, gun violence is such a rarity in japan fact with something like was happen. i think it's very shocking, said the japanese public. you say it's very rare that anybody in japan has possession of handguns and the last assassination of a politician in the way was back in 2007 the marriage. nagasaki had linked to the yankees, the japanese mafia. this is very different situation, and this isn't the seem to be an individual acting on his own impulses. but the fact that the gum is homemade, i think,
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is something that makes stephanie people perhaps see a little bit more uncomfortable, a little bit more afraid because it's a possibility. if somebody manufacturing their own weapon is not something that we've seen in japan before and came out, we heard also from the current prime minister, a being defined basically about the upcoming election. so how do you think that they will proceed on sunday? yeah, it sounds like they will take place scheduled, and i think that's actually the right thing to do. i think japanese people mean that sensible that grownups, they can separate. the tragedy that happened today, the underlying political issue that the election has been about up until that point . i think there's a possibility that would be some simplicity vote for the l d. p for prime is kesha . there is a member of the same policy form, a prime minister, all bang, what i think in the election. and we'll go ahead and it will be about the economic issues which are troubling most japanese people, including inflation,
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which is obviously a global issue right now. indeed, it came out. why would someone one to ha i think it's difficult to speculate about the motives of this particular individual. it seems like he has some kind of garage again, the prime minister, although we don't know the details about we didn't know if they were particular political issues regarding our base legacy that make this individual in the way that he did. we know that i'll be quite a controversial figure domestically within japanese politics. and his agenda was more nationalistic than a lot of other for my japanese time, it says he reformed areas around defense, for example, in ways which were more effective than have been traditionally the case on his legacy. i think we can see a lot more right way when you moved japan more towards the right during his long tenure. so it is possible, it has some connections about. but right now,
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it seems like this individual doesn't need to be connected to other people through some kind of political networks. so we'll just have to all just have to wait and see. tany mentioned based on his nationalist and right wing policies. but he also had a clear vision and, and goals. how else will he be remembered? yeah, i mean, i think, you know, all bay is a figure that is globally recognized. i'm not quite unusual for japanese prime ministers. he said, for a long time he put for me relationships with all the world leaders, front and center as part of his agenda. and i think he quite successfully raised not only his own profile, but japan profile internationally during his tenure. and i think it's something that will help me in quite univers, me, in japan, is respected. he would remember about she'll be remembered for bringing the pics to japan, i think more difficultly he'll be remembered for his government, somewhat hazard response to the current
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a virus pandemic and also for his next economic policy which delivered quite mixed results. so his legacy, i think won't be a straightforward one, which is understandable. somebody who for such a long time and did have a very clear set of ideological positions, which people reacted to strongly. one way or another while we really appreciate your insight. thank you very much. your time time speak to us, tina brett, and associate professor in. take your appreciate time moving on now to the war in ukraine. and you kind presidency. lensky says, as many as 700 troops have been killed or wounded every day in the conflict with russia, the health services are stretched as it tries to save the lives of the mounting number of injured soldiers. alan fish fall. this report from ki they fought for the country another, fighting their own personal battle, soldiers winded,
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on the front line, no facing a long road to recovery of south america relatively. i fully remember how i was hit, how i fell down. i couldn't feel my legs and i saw a lot of blood this hospital unit and keep used to treat stroke victims, its purpose expanded. when war broke out, this unit normally has 30 beds, but because of the war, the fight to increase it to 50. and although it's 5042 are occupied by people who are in the military and have been injured in the fighting. the tele philipo has been here for 2 months. he volunteered for the army when war broke out, his unit was shelled, shrapnel ripped through him, causing internal and spinal damage. he couldn't walk when he arrived, but there are signs of hope. it's designed for your call that i will be able to walk again. the doctors are very good here. i can feel in move my likes, but maybe in 2 weeks i will try to walk by myself most here and making progress the
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daily sessions and the gym help, but it's slow. it's painful and not just physically let us love shit. nick stood to greet me, a huge achievement hit by shrapnel. he thought the damage was permanent. there was no her name, but i said to my comrade, i've lost my legs. he looked at me and said, no, ye still have leg singer. it was a huge relief cut, a pin campbell that seal him. he knows that when he's released from hospital, the real challenge begins parish, which arsenal a perfectly habilitation will last long after i leave hospital. but i hope in the future i will feel the same and i can walk and run like the full echoes, polio eager. brockovich is the head of department. he's been a doctor for 22 years. all his experience and training has not prepared him for the injuries he had to deal with over the last 5 months. much wash, particularly, it was hard in the beginning. we were working 24 hours
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a day and we learned by doing now it's easier. we have enough knowledge for the treatment and rehabilitation of both of these young men will be of the scars of their injuries long after the war is over. a shadow across an entire generation. alan fisher. i'll just either keith, the former minneapolis police officer convicted of the murder of george floyd, has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison on separate federal charges. derek shelven was found guilty of violating floyd civil rights during his arrest in may. 2020. shelven was filmed, kneeling on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes. he's already serving $22.00 and a half. he's in a minnesota prison for murder floyd's relative say they're upset, the officer didn't get the maximum sentence from washington dc. hydro castro explains how he'll now serve the 2 sentences concurrently. shelven was already sentence about a year ago in that state murder case in which
1:39 pm
a jury found him guilty of 2nd and 3rd degree murderers in the killing of george floyd. so this federal sentence of just over 20 years is for the civil rights violations associated with that killing, which are, are federal crimes. and shelven actually pleaded guilty to the set of charges back in december, which was his 1st time publicly taking responsibility for the actions that lead to george voids to death. that pre deal resulted in today's sentencing of just over 20 years and it avoided the potential for a 2nd trial and a possible maximum sentence of life in prison. shelven did not offer an apology, though he was given the opportunity to during today's sentencing, he did say that he wished george boyd's children well, but again, this family is still left with that hearing question of why this happened. and george flights brother had asked the judge to sentence shelven to the maximum
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sentence, saying that george floyd's family would be serving a life sentence of a lifetime without george floyd. and again, with a lifetime of asking that still haunting question of why did this have to happen? there been protests in haiti on the 1st anniversary of the assassination of president of an ama wasting the killing and resulting power vacuum triggered an increase in violence by criminal gangs and a massive political crisis. alexandra ramp yeti before a somber ceremony for a country. this re a year after president jovan elmore east was assassinated, haitian treaties and diplomats met to mark the occasion. the current acting president lee says he's committed to seek justice. i'm determined to encourage the continuation of the investigation until its conclusion . patient justice can count on the unconditional support of the government. despite
1:41 pm
its weaknesses, the justice system must continue to track down and sentence the culprit and so that our country will never have to go through such drama again. but despite dozens of a race, including a group of colombian mercenaries, haiti's investigation remained stalled and many accusing him self of being involved after he fired his justice minister and a prosecutor. last year, when they called for him to be investigated in connection with the murder, he denies any involvement of thursday 100 stick to the streets of the capital part, the prince in protest, burning tires and calling for n 33. the nation. the prime minister must go to jail because he was involved in killing the prisoner. this is not normally the 21st century shock, but his legacy will not done. we will continue. some of the rest of the columbia and mercenaries has released the video saying they have gone over 70 hours without
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food. they haven't been charged and haven't had access to a lawyer for a separate investigation in the us has led to 3 arrests, including a former us government criminal informant. in a statement on thursday, us secretary of state and tony blink in said the u. s. remains concerned about the limited progress of his investigation. since the killing, the already fragile economic and political situation in the country fell deeper into this function as the gang stock over large parts of the capitol. thousands of people have been killed, tortured or forced to leave. while what has happened in the 80 for the past years shows dogs show curts do not work. though he's a crisis, it's getting worse. so we need to tackle the issues. we need to make sure that we fight gang violence and have a political consensus in how free election by when none of these options on the
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horizon, patients are left in a grim spiral of violence and impunity. that sees an ever growing number of them ready to risk their life to leave the country. allison didn't get it. al jazeera became fast as former president has returned home for the 1st time since he was to post an uprising 8 years ago. bless, compadre was invited to discuss the country's future with the military jones then seized power back in january, and now the full my head of state. nicholas hark, explains. behind the tinted windows of this car is the former president of regina faso. bless, compel re returning to the country he ruled for 27 years. the man who fled from the presidential palace after a popular uprising 8 years ago as received a hero's welcome. hundreds of supporters greeted him at the airport. oh, where were king of prussia? above all, he knows only for you, sir. we escobar,
1:44 pm
a supporters want peace to research worker. ah, is the new britain, have a leader, colonel pearl? he said, i will go demi bow, who took power in a qu, in january, who invited, compel re to take part in they weakened silly ation meetings with previous presidents. most of them participated in overthrowing him in 2014, at the time to me by was an officer of the presidential guard at taking orders from compar right before he left the country. the former strong man has been living in exile in neighboring ivory coast. in april, a court in walker duz sentence compared to life in prison for the killing of the pan african leader and former picking up a president to my soccer. no justice, no peace and book. and i need justice before any kind of reconciliation for moleskin to come, you know, lacquer or the same savior. no, he must be arrested when he arrived at the about a book an of us will because he's
1:45 pm
a guilty. so he need to go to you. but ford amoeba, it seems just as can wait. burkina faso is battling a search of attacks from arm groups linked to isolate al qaeda, forcing millions of people to flee their homes. caberry is part of the solution, lunch. he could help bring an end to divisions. and enabled military leaders to regain control. during his time in office, he was an ally to the west and dealing with armed groups and negotiating the release of western hostages. with no end in sight to the violence. compar is supporters or perhaps the static about the piece instability of his regime. because hawk al jazeera, hundreds of protest is opposed to this man to referendum on tennessee as constitution had been prevented from reaching the offices of the electoral commission. ah,
1:46 pm
there were 10 faint his place forced back demonstrators in the capital. chin is the new constitution proposed by preston. cai say it would limit the role of parliament and expand his executive powers. lebanon is in the midst of a water crisis. people living in the capitol haven't had water for weeks, with the supply network on the brink of collapse, than a 100 reports from by worse. this is the main water pipe to the lebanese capital. it's damaged and taps have run dry. in hundreds of thousands of households for nearly a month, up position member of parliament abraham him namely, is at the site to find out why the repairs are taking so long. an economic crisis has led to the near collapse of state institutions, but many accuse successive governments of mismanagement. what we tried to do with pressure and the political parties who are in the ministry responsible for
1:47 pm
maintaining that might lead to subject what we want on for all we need to be proper planning. i mean, you cannot find the dependent on what thing to live tankers are delivering water all over the city of vital resource to household's already struggling with poverty and inflation. video that is going on in every 2 or 3 days, we have to buy watts as a cost around $70.00. people need was to washing clean and for the bathrooms. water shortages are not new. not enough was invested in maintaining the network since the end of the civil war in 1990. it's been a year since the united nations warned the public water system 11 on was on the verge of collapse, and that's 71 percent of the population. around 4000000 people could like access to water. but dilapidated infrastructure isn't the only problem. the sector depends on the state for the electricity that operates the pump. money is needed to purchase
1:48 pm
fuel to compensate for lack of electricity, fuel to it on these and generators. also, when it is needed to stock up the stores for it would spare parts to any breakdowns. the 3rd is to pay for salaries for the workers that come to work every day. water authority is acknowledged that merely repairing the pipeline won't solve the problem. the state is nearly bankrupt and the government is failing to implement the reforms necessary to qualify for international financial 8 big problem. the big problem is when we don't have electricity and no money to buy diesel, that means we can important few expect water services to improve anytime soon. in a country where the main pipeline to the capital was last service half a century ago. seneca there osha's eda, beirut, still ahead on al jazeera pacing together a prehistoric puzzle scientist and one of the largest dinosaur fossils imagined.
1:49 pm
tina i'm coming up and spoke with santa, we'll hear from a tennis player who's become the 1st african woman to reach a grand slam final in the open arrow. ah ah . ah.
1:50 pm
say that mm hm. and then international anti corpse, an excellence award. bought now for your hero, lou ah, scientists are calling it the law just kind of horace, kind of horace dinosaur that ever existed. now the remains of a giant new species have been unveiled in argentina. the prehistoric predator was
1:51 pm
discovered in the northern patagonia 10 years ago. car lake has the story. it round the earth a 100000000 years ago. now it's back from the depths. it's remains revealed for the 1st time. paleontologists of called it in iraq's us giga. after a fictional dragon from the game of thrones television series, they say it's the biggest find of its kind yet made access is imported under morocco. this is important because it is the 1st time we have the very complete fossil of a cocker. a don't to saw a special group of dinosaurs. it is so complete that we know everything from the whole arm down to the smallest toes, the whole foot and the length of the head. we have a lot of information and this has never happened before. the la carissa, though unrelated to the tarana source rex. it's similar in builds and features discovered in northern patagonia in 2012. it's taken
1:52 pm
a decade to excavate. the find spreads light on how these huge predators evolved is from athena. so recovery will mahard under cooksey theorem. they are the largest colors dinosaurs that ever existed. but until now we didn't have a complete skull. for example. so many measurements were given that in reality, we're not certain. and finally, we can establish the true size of the skull, come the arms, the legs, and this is fundamental to understand the evolution of this lineage. the fossilized remains are remarkably well preserved, providing more pieces to the prehistoric puzzle. car leg out, 0. ok, time nav his for his santa thank you very my, to emily. well, the former head of the world football, sad bladder and x year for president michelle. latina had been acquitted of corruption, add a port in switzerland. the bear had been facing charges of defrauding fifa. the case was centered on a payment of $2000000.00 from prefer to play tinny with the black as approval in
1:53 pm
2011 in a statement. but he said that he had fought against injustice, and one latter has long denied wrong doing earlier was spoke to gavin hamilton, who's an international football journalist and the editor for sports business. he told us that the verdict is unexpected. well, it's a slight surprise. i think because the swiss prosecutors had been up to shoot the case for many years and would determined to get a verdict or they wanted suspended a sentences for, for pattern and platinum and they wanted fines as well. so it's a surprise. i think that they've been acquitted, but platter has always maintained his innocence. this is the case. it goes back many years, of course brought back so that the payments were allegedly made in, in, in 2010 a. he's now a very old man. he's 86. you can see from the pictures outside the court that he, sir, he's not in the best of health. i think um, he's been off to this for a long time. but, but it's, it's, it's come to lighten his in his library lighting, his light, platinum. i still wants to return to football and, and play
1:54 pm
a role in football and he may well now seek some sort of office with him football. um so they will be pleased with the fed, obviously in the lawyers. but it's, it's been a messy ferris. expose a lot of the, the shenanigans inside fee for and the way the business was done within free for, for many years under a platter regime and, and we mustn't forget the butter. oversaw a system of features that involved enormous amount of corruption. we've seen so many tv deals and people a convicted in, in america, of her crimes and corruption and, and many people still awaiting justice in, in, in the united states because of the fee for gate investigation. so this is a huge and a long drawn out of her range and is my dear, at least the 1st when of the women's africa cup of nations in morocco, they beat botswana to now on thursday. the 2nd game of the day,
1:55 pm
i have 111 of the really 13 african women title and have been to all 8 of the previous woke up a top to finishes at here are guarantee the spot. abbey 2023 final st. austria. and using in our south africa, on the 2nd game of the tournament that baby born, the 316 spots in total available for african countries at the world cup or synagogue have already qualified northern ireland suffered the heavy defeat on their torment that w at the women's euros. they were beaten for one by no way. we'll have one that this title and 2 occasions. victory puts no, it tougher group a, which also includes host england and austria. oh no, i found the dalla has been forced to pull out of his wimbledon a semi final against nick carrie. also, due to injury the doll had been aiming to win his fed straight,
1:56 pm
grand slam title of the year. a spaniard that went through like practice session on thursday, but decided shortly afterwards that he would have to withdraw from the torment he 22 time grand slam when i was struggling with the stomach muscle tear during high school to final when against taylor fritz. i think its don't make sense to the law and if i, even if i get a lot of time doing the inc, my korea to keep going under a very basic was done. says in that line, i think it's obvious that if i keep going the danger to go now i'm going to be wars on wars them. and that is the think that i can say now and feel very sad to say that adults greg hyster rival no back joke of it is getting ready for his semi final match against home favorite cameron nori. late on friday. the sub is aiming for his 4th consecutive wimbledon title. if he was the title he would reach at 21 grand slam titles, moving possible to phaedra and just one behind and natal. denise. yes it was.
1:57 pm
jabber has become the 1st african woman to reach a grand slam final in the open air. to her beat at germany's tatiana marie and 3 set to make it through to saturdays. that title decided, a korea has already seen her become bab player to win a tournament. on the elite w t a tour will number 2 will now take on yelena. becky, not in the final i'm a proud to newton woman standing here today and i know and to need to, they're going crazy right now. hopefully, you know, it just yeah, i just try to inspire really as much as i can. you know, i want to see more, more a, not just an agent are above recon players, aunt or i just love the game and i want to share, you know, this experience with them. i see the juniors playing here either 14,
1:58 pm
i. so some players and i hope they really grew up and, and be here played here on the center court. ali bertina has become the 1st player from castaneda to re to grand slam semi. the russian born a player beat form a champion simona highlights in straight sets on says playing a really good. so she played good last year. this year she had the good results. saw for sure is going to be very tough my should, but i'm going to try to do my best focus on my game in we see what's, what's gonna happen. and that's it for me, emily. thank you very much. all right, and that's it for this news hour. i'm emily anguish, but don't go anywhere. adrian will have more of the dice use in just a moment with a disorder difficult. and so a lot of them, why is one on one, the,
1:59 pm
how do you to visit with counsel the philistine with the, from the switch for you to someone that and about the fisa, that kind of little sob isn't done well, i can get to shower in the cod, there's topics here. how that if wilson thought not valuable little coffee, i'm looking on the press on the macedonian that a fee could be done. it's like a month to help out. yeah, i mean for the shuttle in lincolnshire so i can tell you why did i can't even look in the book. mm. ah and a,
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