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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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once the state behind who can plead since russia invaded ukraine, daniel has been driving across the border every day. crossing the border is always tricky, but the women say that to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and they're trying to be hopefully much easier to bring the goods in the know to if we leave to find a less chaotic situation that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted. just i'm, i'm not crank. as you can see. the notice mission has been accomplish one now, but she will return with more goods as long as rushes. missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine. talk to al jazeera, we ask, can you be more specific, how many folks are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, asked the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump and your wife for them, it's fine. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stall restock matter on al jazeera.
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this is al jazeera ah. hello rodney barker, this is the news our live from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. shock and grief in japan, after former prime minister should so have a assassinated at a campaign rally. why? oh rushes, foreign minister feels that he to the g 20 meeting as moscow's accused of causing a global food crisis. president joe biden signs and executive order aim to protecting abortion rights of americans in response to a supreme court order, overturning them. europe, braces for sama of travel chaos, as airline struggle with staffing shortages. and it's full set. glasses says he still has hopes of returning to a job in football. the former head of the world is been found not guilty before the
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trial in swiss. ah . for 1st japan's longest serving leader schanzer abbe has died after he was shot during a campaign event in the city of norah abbe wanted to build a prosperous nation and changed the constitution to allow japan to assert itself more strongly in world affairs. the social can i begin saw coverage. i shut the heart by a man with a home made gun routine campaign speech ending in an unprecedented assassination. former japanese prime minister sions obeyed, died friday morning in the western city of nora. he was campaigning for upper house election scheduled for sunday seconds after our bay collapsed officers tackled the suspect. police say 41 year old had to ya. ya mcgarr me told them he was
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disgruntled with abbe and aimed to kill him. it was a rare occurrence in a country with a low crime rate and some of the world's most restrictive gun laws. emma can men or q q. so we cannot accept that this violent act took place during an election. the foundation of democracy in the strongest terms i condemn this attack and to the 67 year old was a dynamo of japanese politics and a 3rd generation politician. his grandfather was prime minister, his father, foreign minister with abby distinguished himself as the longest serving prime minister with 2 terms in office. he broad stability to a political system that tended to kind of churn out. prime ministers are one after another. i'm not only dad, but he was also transformative in japanese politics. he made japan
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a much more significant player in terms of regional and i would say, even global security. abbe promoted policies dubbed ib nomics, intended to boost the economy. he wanted to strengthen japan's geo political clout, by amending its post world war 2 pacifist constitution. it proved polarizing among the public and his efforts failed. during his last year in office, he was criticized for his handling of the coven 19 pandemic. is as i say, i've worked hard every single day to revitalize the economy and to conduct diplomacy that would protect the national interest during this time i'm proud of taking on various challenges with the japanese people. oh ha. ah, though i be resigned in 2020 siding, poor health. the following year he returned to japanese politics and continued to wield influence within the liberal democratic party. a man who couldn't shed his
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political skin assassinated for it. natasha rename l g 0. will rob mcbride has covered japan extensively, he has more the reaction by japan's prime minister female cuz she though for me, ok, she that really finds himself an extraordinary situation. finding himself confronted, i think, by a nationwide grief trauma shock and offering off, i think a mix of salis comfort, but also with a sense of defiance. when he 1st arrived back in tokyo, as soon as he realized how grave the situation was, he returned to tokyo. he like others, had been campaigning for these upper house elections. when he 1st spoke to reporters, he appeared visibly shocked, tearful at describing. this is a bar berry kind of malicious act. later on when it was confirmed that she had indeed died, he offered a more defiant tone, saying that these elections must go ahead, must be seen to go ahead. the campaigning will resume tomorrow,
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saturday and japanese people will go to the polls on sunday saying that, you know, you cannot give way to what he calls political violence. that the election process the campaigning, has to continue and paying tribute titian. so ab, a personally as a statesman, as a political leader, as a friend to him personally, but also as a mentor, he was the longest serving prime minister, probably the best known figure in politics, both domestically and japan and also worldwide. and the figure who now is no longer with us or in our top story. now leading politicians have been reacting to senior since so abbeys, death with shock and sadness, and a statement to you as president joe biden express outrage and sadness over his killing. china reacted to the assassination through its embassy in tokyo. he said abbe had made contributions to improving china japan relations. the south korean
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president human socio described the shooting as an unforgivable act of crime, french president to minute by chrome, that japan had lost a great prime minister who dedicated his life to his country and work to ensure order in the world at india's prime minister to render mowdy reflected on his recent meeting with our bank, saying he was witty and inciteful as always, is declared a days morning or brazil has also extended a similar honor to latin america. edison lucy newman has more from santiago, one fernando, called for extremely strong punishment against the person who killed the former japanese leader. and he has called for 3 days of national mourning that goes a lot further. and the reason probably is that this kind of a, of a killing is something that he knows something about who remember that he was almost killed himself during the campaign rally when he was running for president. 4 years ago. he was stabbed by someone in the crowd. he knew very nearly died. he
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had to have, i think, 3 operations after the initial, as after he was initially taken to the hospital. so it's, so it's something that he feels very personally i think. and i think that could explain what one might call a very emotional reaction to the assassination of abby and the calling for 3 days of national morning in latin, america's largest country largest economy. once we're not, is not the only one who's outraged and shocked to by the, by the killing of mr. abbe all over latin america. here in chile, the president called about her with crime in argentina, president alberto fernandez called him a great friend of argentina. remember that there were none, this is a left winger politician, quite the opposite of aria. and yet he said that he had, he wished his loved ones well and it condolences all around during his time in
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office shin. so abbe had pushed to reform japan's pacifist constitution. let's take a look at what all this means. japan's cone constitution was drafted by the us off the 2nd world war article 9 renounced war, and only allowed japan to have a defense force that couldn't deploy abroad. shinto abby attempted to revise this aiming to counter the growing militaries of china and north korea. he passed legislation in 2015, the loud japan self defense forces to support allies in foreign conflicts. the move was divisive. the us supported it, but china and north korea disapproved. abbe also face public backlash for many who didn't want to see japan evolved in was abroad. or we'll, let's begin. sheila smith, she is the john e marrow senior fellow for the asia pacific at the council of foreign relations. she joins us by skype, from newport beach in california. thank you for your time. as we've been discussing, their abbe presided over massive constitutional changes in the country and a bid to make it more assertive globally, particularly militarily,
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how were received were those changes? well, thank you for having me up a, it was a very strong proponent of revision of the post war constitution. and his argument was very simple. it was that this constitution that japan currently the house was drafted under occupation and didn't have the imprimatur of the japanese people's voice. so he was not so much focused on article 9, but he was largely focused on the idea that the japanese people themselves should write the document that organized their national governance. he didn't change the constitution. japan's constitution remains on revised, but he didn't change as your piece pointed out. the image government's interpretation of that constitution as it, as it was applied to the self defense forces. and again, this was done by the cabinet in 2014 and then it was codified in law in 2015 and largely allowed the self defense forces to use force in defense of other national
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military is if it was required for japan security. so he moved the needle on article 9, interpretation by the government, but he has not yet it, or he did not achieve revision of the constitution. is it fair to say that he didn't always see eye to eye, particularly with his neighbors? and the reason yes, absolutely. and again, you know, i be himself would not be shy about identifying himself as a japanese nationalist, even when that word seems like a bad word or japan. but he had a, he had a very strong diplomatic relationship with both china and south korea during his 1st time in office in 2006 to 2007. so he was not somebody. he was pragmatic. he did not let ideology or ideas about japan's own interest, get on the way of diplomacy. and in, just before the pandemic hit in 2019 here, in fact went to beijing to meet with china's president sheeting pain to work with
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she on easing the tensions in that bilateral relationship. i most certainly sort of expanded japan's platform on the global stage hosting the g 7 g 20 the olympics of course. but what domestically, what's a good leader at home? well, he was in the sense that he came into office in 2012 and at the very end of 2012, when japan had had an opposition party in government. and the japanese people were very worried about china. the pressures on the same cutler island from east china sea, but also about the japanese economy. so when i came in to office, his priority, in fact, was the economy trying to give japanese hope about the future economic growth potential of their country. and it dubbed a new program of up a nomics which included fiscal monetary and structural reforms of the japanese economy designed to get it out of the malays that had largely been in for decades. and so many people saw him as is as an energized and energetic leader. not
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everything in his package of economic reforms worked. some issues took a long time. and sometimes the benefits of abby nomics did not dribble down into the household, economies of the japanese people. but they saw in him a strong and focused leader, even when they sometimes opposed more, his more nationalistic inclinations to be your chief oil of his constitutional ambition was to do still have more work to do. do you think he did? and so the party, the party, his party, the liberal democrats, have in their platform, the revision of the constitution. but i'll be really put it on the agenda in a way that no previous prime minister had and advocated strongly that it was time for japan to really have its own debate about how it was governed, and the values and traditions that it were embodied in that document he did not succeed in persuading his own party, that the time had come to revise the constitution, but he certainly stimulated the national debate in japan and ver,
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very briefly. how do you think he'll be remembered? i think the manner of his death is going to linger in the way the japanese people remember him. i think they see him as a good, strong leader on the global stage and a great leader in articulating japanese, interested. a time in the world is changing quickly. and not in japan's interests, so they are going to the fact that he's no longer there to guide japan's international relations towering figure in international and japanese politics. so sheila smith, the john e marrow senior fellow of the asia pacific of the council of foreign relations. thank you so much for that. thank you for having me. now. plenty more hands on the news, our including ukraine's hospitals are filling up with war casualties. we'll visit a health center in key if that's been pushed to its limits. taps, running dry and lebanon by roots, water supplies on the brink of collapse. in wimbledon,
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finalist aim to inspire a new generation of african and our players, andes. here with that story, ah, russia has vetoed a vote of the un security council that sought to extend a deliveries to 4000000 syrians and the rebel control north western areas. a russian proposal to approve the you and operation for 6 months fail to get required support. you and his warring, the closing the core door could be catastrophic. it wanted humanitarian deliveries made by the bob. i'll how i border crossing from turkey to be extended by a year. well, diplomatic editor james base joins us life the united nations. james, quite literally the fate of several 1000000 syrians hangs in the balance, was the state of playdoh. 4.1000000 syrians
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rely on the single border crossing that brings in aid that they rely on. and these are people who do not have enough food that don't have enough medicine. at the humanitarian situation. in northwest syria is the worst. it's been any time during the war. so what we're talking about here is extremely serious. they used to be authorized in 2014 for different border crossings into syria to bring in aid since then and they're renewed every year. russia has objected to some of those border crossings, and we've been left the last couple of years with just one. the bubble how're crossing this year. russia said we only want that authorized for 6 months. and then after 6 months in january, then we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll consider whether it should be reauthorized by another security council resolution. or that's what russia was saying, the western countries in norway and ireland, which were acting as negotiators on this said no, it needs to be renewed for another 12 months. what we had in the last hour is both
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these proposals. a 6 month renewal and a 12 month renewal put to the un security council. the idea of the 12 month renewal, every one on the security council supported that with the exception of china, which abstained. and russia, which like china, is a permanent member of the security council said no, so they use their veto. they stopped that idea of a 12 month renewal. then the russian proposal for a 6 month renewal. well, that was not voted in that the only people supporting that were china. so we now have a situation at the moment and the existing authorization for the border crossing expires on sunday. for the moment, there is no authorization for this aid to continue across the border, and really important developments the last few moments have just come up stairs from the floor of the security council. and there, the russian deputy ambassador dmitri polanski has just said, we're not going to vote on anything else if they come up with any other resolution apart from ours than we are going to be. so. so he said another country can
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reintroduce the resolution that in the last hours vote to down our resolution and then we will not block it. but anything else other than our solution to this, our plan is something that will veto. i think the security council in a very difficult place, the us ambassador linda thomas greenfield saying in the security council chamber, this is a dark, dark day in the security council. she says it's a life and death issue. and tragically, people will die because of this vote, as i say, we still have some hours we have until sunday evening for some sort of resolution, but certainly the russian ambassador, adept ambassadors, talking extremely tough a life and death issue. indeed, sir. james, thank you. our tip america as a james base of you and there. thanks. now that g, 20 me to get in to nisha has been overshadowed by tensions around russia's invasion of ukraine. jessica washington report symbolic when russian soj lovegrove arrived
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at the t 20 foreign ministers meeting his hosting in each is read no more sooty, greeted him warmly. members of the media would not as welcoming i this gathering monks the 1st time g. 20 foreign ministers have met since russia invaded ukraine. and the war has dominated the meeting lever of accused his western counterparts of russia phobia and said they are deliberately not looking for common ground on economic issues. no, it was not us to abandon the old conference, was denied that states. oh, that's all they can say. ukraine invited as a special guest by indonesia has accused russia of deliberately starving the world by disrupting supply chains. it says it's beautiful to talk about food and energy security without calling for accountability. it just the regular mailing of the world with a starvation for the feminine. a witches in hulu,
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which is cruel and witches, which doesn't need any principles of humanity. and the principles of peaceful coexistence. however, the gathering has also reaffirmed that moscow was not without friends. lap rope has held several bilateral meetings, most significantly with china's wandering. indonesia had hoped to keep the focus of its d, 20 presidency on post pandemic, economic recovery. but the war in ukraine has overshadowed that go host indonesia has urged g 20 countries to work together to find a global solutions to global challenges. jessica washington out 0. bali ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says as many as $700.00 troops are being killed or wounded each day in the conflict with russia, the health services overstretched and as it tries to save the lives of the mounting number of injured soldiers. alan fisher reports some que they fought for the
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country another fighting their own personal battle soldiers winded, on the front line, no facing a long road to recovery of sent them at the very clearly i fully remember how i was hit, how i fell down. i couldn't feel my legs and i saw a lot of blood. this hospital unit in keith used to treat stroke victims. its purpose expanded. when more broke out, this unit normally has 30 beds, but because of the war, the fight to increase it to 50. and although it's 5042 are occupied by people who are in the military and have been injured in the fighting. the tele philipo has been here for 2 months. he volunteered for the army when war broke out, his unit was shelled, shrapnel ripped through him, causing internal and spinal damage. he couldn't walk when he arrived, but there are signs of hope. your desire for that i will be able to walk again. the doctors are very good here. i can feel in move my legs,
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or maybe in 2 weeks i will try to walk by myself most here and making progress the daily sessions and the gym help, but it's slow. it's painful and not just physically. let us love shit. nick stood to greet me, a huge achievement hit by shrapnel. he thought the damage was permanent. there was no her in but i said to my comrade, i've lost my legs. he looked at me and said, no, you still have leg singer. it was a huge relief. caterpillar campbell, the ceiling. he knows that when he's released from hospital, the real challenge begins parish, which arsenal oper. rehabilitation will last long after i leave hospital. but i hope in the future i will feel the same and i can walk and run like before, echoes polio. eager. prokopik is the head of department. he's been a doctor for 22 years. all his experience and training has not prepared him for the injuries. he's had to deal with over the last 5 months. the mosque was cortical,
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it was hard in the beginning, we were working 24 hours a day and we learned by doing now it's easier. we have enough knowledge for the treatment and rehabilitation loan and to say both these young men will be of the scars of the injuries long after the war is over. a shadow across an entire generation. alan fisher al jazeera keith u. s. president joe biden has signed an executive order safeguarding the rights of americans to access abortion. it allows individual states to decide on abortion access protects access to access to contraception and shows up private patient privacy. speaking in the white house, joe biden said the u. s. could not allow what he called an out of control supreme court to take away freedom and autonomy. and he said the fastest way to reclaim women's reproductive rights was at the ballot box in november's mid term elections . and now my republican friends are talking about getting the congress to pass
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a national bank the stream positions overtake in some of the states. that will mean right to choose will be illegal nationwide. if in fact they succeed, let me tell you something. as long as i'm present it won't happen is i'll veto it. so the choice is clear. if you wanna change the circumstance for women and even little girls in this country, please go out and vote. or michaela joins us live from washington, d. c on there, sir. mike, how will president biden's executive order to boost protections for abortion and contraception be received by americans? well, president biden has been under a lot of pressure from his democratic colleagues to take some more forceful action in the wake of the court striking down row the way day,
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a precedent that has been in place for decades. and this is president biden's answer these, this executive order, which ramps are protection for women seeking care for abortion, which ramps up for protection on the borders of states that have already at a band abortions. there are some 9 of them with many more to coming coming weeks. and he's also a reiterated the administration's pledge to provide free contraception. so a number of measures being taken here, the executive order being likened by president biden, to the executive order past the 960 civil rights era. at once again, the intention is to protect women. but still, having said this, elvis executive order has limited reach in terms of the wider picture. this would require congress to pass. legislating a legislation, reinstating robi wade. and to this end, the president biden has urged the american public to vote for pro choice candidates
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in the november election. just to give us a sense miko of exactly how device, if this issue was or with the initial overturning of roe v wade by the supreme court. well, there's been a very you, her interesting poll produced by the pew research organization, they highly respected a polling group which finds that 60 percent of the american public are in favor of abortion. this is a very significant figure. and givens a right to prison and by then insistent that congress must ch the law. that being said, the, you look at that figure, that is some 38 percent vehemently opposed to abortion. so this is a split that largely goes down party ideological lines. a more than 80 percent of democrat voters support roe v wade and are deeply opposed to his being dismantled by the supreme court. on the other hand, you have son, more than 60 percent of republicans who are in favor of the supreme court action.
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so this is very much a political part is an issue. but if you take the big picture that poll in particular, points to a significant majority of americans supporting the reinstatement of roe v wade and criticizing the supreme court for its decision to dismantle it. michaela in washington dc. thank you. the family of murdered al jazeera journal. sharina black clerk has called on the us president to meet them on his visit to jerusalem next week. they want joe biden to order an f. b. i investigation into her death. she was shot in the head by straight forces while she was on assignment and janine the occupied west bank on may. the 11th at the al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into sharina, killing police and swollen curve, imposed a curfew after firing tear gas and water cannons at protest ahead of a planned anti government rally. ah,
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protest turn violent off to students try to march on the president's house and colombo. thousands of heavily armed troops have been deployed in the capitol ahead of a we can protest. public discontent is escalating us. we're lanka, battles, it's worst economic crisis and 2nd decades. the 1st candidates to replace boris johnson, his british prime minister, have been announced. they're standing at sorry, rather than standing against johnson. and that's an good many in his own party by insisting hill stay foot for now on rather than hand over to his deputy. the de barbara has the latest a day off devoris. johnson said he'd stepped down attentions turned to walk and who comes next around the newly cleaned up palace of westminster. the talk is of a clean break of restoring trust in governments. someone has to grip this moment and make the right decision. and friday, the 1st the political,
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big to be announced, the standing of the previous chancellor. rashid sooner and i have spent my career when people together see next one of 2 cabinet members who's resignation lead to a torrent of judy administers quitting, and johnson eventually giving in that should be a new leader. but on thursday, johnson insisted he'd stay in post until the new leader was chosen a process that could take many weeks within the party. initial opposition to him staying on in the interim seems to be weakening. i don't think that it would be appropriate for us whether way around the cabinet table or in any other parts of british government. just to kind of down tools and say, actually you know what, we're not going to do anything until the new boss is in place. we have a duty and our duty is to govern what's due to happen is all the conservative members of parliament get to vote on the leadership candidates. it could take several rounds before they narrow it down to just 2 names. assuming neither drops out, it's been up to the wider policy membership to pick
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a new leader. what's different this time is it's not a different type of policy. it's not parliamentary deadlock. as it was over, teresa may with her get her breakfast deal through. in this case, the problem is the prime minister and in particular the premises judgment, his integrity and the fact that he really lost competence of so many people in his government. and that's meant that, that it's like weird that he's continuing the opposition. labor party still save johnson isn't gone soon. they'll try to force him out using parliament. he shouldn't be desperately clinging on when he has had to leave office because of his disgraceful conduct. and that's why i say the tory party should remove him, and if they don't, we will step up in the national interest and bring a voted though confidence. it's unlikely though that enough, conservative m p 's would back stomach in 2 weeks, parliament breaks for the summer, leaving westminster to the tourists and leaving the choice of prime minister to
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fewer than a 150000 conservative party members. but between now and then, plenty could happen to change boris johnson's time table for leaving downing street . the dean baba al jazeera london well seizing the moment. waxworks. museum mud into swords has taken his own shot at the outgoing prime minister and added an amusing vacancy signed to a 10 downing street display behind a smiling wax work of bars. johnson. the museum also placed his figure outside a job center in blackpool. still ahead on al jazeera will tell you why one of the killer fast those former presidents has returned home 8 years after he was out and piecing together a prehistoric puzzled scientist on earth for the largest dinosaur fossils and argentina in sport or ram estate from louis hamilton during qualifying formula ones, austrian grown ah
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hello, we have some rather wet weather. the forecast for the middle east over the next couple days. we have seen raised some very heavy rain in recent days. lots of cloud showing of course, southern parts of the arabian peninsula. yemen southern air is a saudi arabia, could still see some rather wet weather. the southwestern monsoon, driving showers, flooding rains over towards southern parts of pakistan and along the western get this where to weather that we have in to a mom will creep a little further northwards up towards the straits of her most as we go on through sunday. and that is likely to cause fair, better flooding easing up towards the u. a, as you can see, might even see a spot or 2 of rain here in kata, not too much, but still a possibility. nevertheless, further north, while hot sunshine continues as per usual plenty of hot sunshine across north africa getting up to 40 celsius. therefore kyra tad cooler, warm enough there,
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batted around $33.00 degrees, good rashes showers across a tropical belt, easing over towards west africa to pockets of every heavy rain there. just a round, liberia, to sierra leone. some parts sofa nigeria also sing some thunder showers from time to time. as per usual. as the south africa, southern africa, patrick a dealer, dry weather, few showers to the east, and wet weather. coming in to the south. ah . the bolts jen, and his and the police violently discussing crisis. these are some of a book. tens of thousands of people try to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight for al jazeera indies,
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proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. the oldest muslim, undertakers working here is 7 days a week job that's growing with a community. my father purchased a black and blue sky and started to do the funerals in london and a family. we saw a stopping window, which i'll be game is this hotness the stories we don't often hear told by the people who did them. jeff is such a level of nice. sure. east and undertakers. this is europe anal to 0. lou. ah,
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you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories, this our japan's former prime minister sion. so abbe has died after he was shot during a campaign event of the city of nora. he was 67 russia's foreign minister has come face to face with some of moscow's fiercest critics. at a tense g 20 gathering and indonesia invasion of ukraine is overshadowed. the meeting you as president joe biden has signed an executive order safeguarding the rights of americans to access abortion. that allows an individual states to decide on abortion access, protects access to contraception and shows up patient privacy. becky, there fast, those former president, blaze compar i as made. his 1st public appearance with john toledo, paul henry, sunday ago. dominga compar a has spent the past 8 years in exile and neighboring ivory coast after he was deposed in a popular uprising in 2014 nicholas huck reports. this is the 1st public
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appearance by blaze composure back inside the presidential palace from which he ruled. burkina faso with an iron fist for 27 years. boy is here at the invitation of colonel pearl, or he said, i will go that me bow. who after taking power in a qu in january is calling for national reconciliation. z initiative to meet with former heads of state has only one aim to bring social cohesion in face of the challenging situation that our dear country working up also is facing. but comp her is returned from 8 years in exile, has parked protest in the capital was due to he fled the country in 2014, after being deposed in a popular uprising in april. he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of the pan african leader. and former brit cannot be president to muslim car reconciliation without justice is not a reconciliation in the military when they took power in the crew. that was not
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their mission. their mission is 1st and foremost on the front line, not want to do in the whole of the government. their mission is to fight terrorism . attacks by arm groups linked to isis and arcade, have displaced millions of people. this meeting of former heads of state was supposed to be a show of unity and reconciliation in face of growing threats to procure fossil sovereignty. however, only 2 of the 5 former presidents were at the gathering combat away is expected to return to ivory coast. but this appearance at the palace has made many uneasy, fearing are returned to the past and more instability ahead. nicholas hawk al jazeera, at least a dozen people have been killed and an attack at a medical clinic in the democratic republic of congo. it happened late on thursday night of the town of lou may and north keyvi province around 40 kilometers from the city of bernie. some patients were report, reportedly burned to death. witnesses say an arm group from neighboring uganda,
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known as the allied democratic forces is responsible for the attack. former i go and president jose, eduardo de santa says, died at the clinic in barcelona. he was receiving medical treatment for a prolonged illness. to santas rolled angola for nearly 40 years and stepped down in 2017. he died age 79. for me, the miller takes a look back at his life. after his retirement from politics and, and go lane 2018 is a or do i did a centers had been living in spain. it's there had been receiving medical treatment for an unknown illness relations between the former president and his successor. shallower in so remain tense because of the anti corruption campaign led by lorenzo . much of the campaign, targeted members of the dissenters family and their associates received many international award. please commitment to enter colonialism and promotion of peace negotiations. he was praised for developing a goal as oil,
9:39 pm
which economy and attracting significant foreign investment. but some accused him of being a dictator and creating one of the most corrupt governments in africa. the former president began his political career as a member and fighter of the anti colonial movement, the popular movement for the liberation of in go low m p l a. after and goal is independent from portugal in 1975. the centers became and callers 1st prime minister. he became president after the death of president augustine, jo nato, in 1979. he tried to improve relations with the way, including the united states, which did not recognize the emperor lay lead government. in the early 19 nineties, he abandoned marks as leninism, and all that the what's called of cuban troops who had been in a go lesson for late 19 seventies. after years of civil war in 1991 cents, signed a peace agreement with the national union for the total independent kohler and agree to multi party election. first. in 2016,
9:40 pm
he announced his plans to retire from politics. he was succeeded by m p. l a, vice president lar, and so a year later, the main dissenters step down as the leader in 2019 and went into exile in spain. he only returned to a goal at once and 2021. before returning to barcelona. in the philippines nobel peace prize winner maria theresa has lost her appeal against a cyber libel conviction. it was announced by her new site wrapper, which said the decision. we can see ability of gentleness to hold power to account . the former c n n correspondent is facing a prison sentence of up to 7 years. wrestler is a vocal critic of the former president. she faces at least 6 other court cases. lebanon is in the midst of a water crisis. people living in the capitol having hot water for weeks, with the supply network on the brink of collapse. zayna hotter reports from beirut . this is the main water pipe to the lebanese capital. it's damaged and taps have
9:41 pm
run dry. in hundreds of thousands of households for nearly a months, opposition member of parliament, abraham, and namely, is at the site to find out why the repairs are taking so long. an economic crisis has led to the near collapse of state institutions, but many accused successive governments of mismanagement. what we tried to do is put pressure on the political parties who are in the ministry responsible in florida. but maintaining that my flood to solve the kaiser really once on for all we need to do the proper planning. i mean, you cannot find the a to be like beta depending on what singular tankers are delivering water all over the city. a vital resource to household's already struggling with poverty and inflation. video make that damage good. in every 2 or 3 days, we have to buy water that cost around $70.00. people need water to wash and clean
9:42 pm
and for their bathrooms. water shortages are not new. not enough was invested in maintaining the network since the end of the civil war. in 1990, it's been a year since the united nations warned the public water system and lebanon was on the verge of collapse, and that 71 percent of the population. around 4000000 people could like access to water. but dilapidated infrastructure isn't the only problem. the sector depends on the state for the electricity that operates the pump. money is needed to purchase fuel to compensate for lack of electricity fuel to it, and diesel generators. also money is needed to stock up the stores for it would spare parts to address any breakdowns. the 3rd is to pay for salaries for the workers that come to work every day. water sorties acknowledge that merely repairing the pipeline won't solve the problem. the state is nearly
9:43 pm
bankrupt and the government is failing to implement the reforms necessary to qualify for international financial 8 big problem. the big problem is when we don't have electricity and no money to buy diesel, that means we can important few expect water services to improve anytime soon. in a country where the main pipeline to the capital was last service half a century ago. seneca there else's eda, beirut, thousands of health care workers, so protested in peru, demanding more funding and better work conditions. please stop them from trying to enter the health ministry and the capital lima. doctors are also threatening to go on strike. mexican prosecutors are investigating the former president enrique penguin, yet in relation to suspicious money transfers. the head of the treasury's financial crimes unit says the former leader had around $1300000.00 us dollars sent to him. in 2019, and 2021. the transactions were linked to
9:44 pm
a relative who was making large deposit some withdrawals from a bank account. and, and yet, oh, it has denied the allegations. hey, it's important that the, let's very important to act responsibly to a white ungrounded judgments. the, and we can't publicly accused the former president of money laundering law. we have information on the operations he carried out. and that required unless to getting this money sources apple workers in paris. of course they're plump plans to strike this weekend for they've announced more strikes to come in the weeks ahead. staff shortages and the rising price of fuel are also threatening to disrupt summer travels in europe. natasha butler reports from the french capital. some paris airport workers voted to end their protest after talks with management showed signs of progress. saw have staged a number of workouts in the past month to demand better pay and conditions. they say they are overworked and underpaid, selfless sudle, did you go to soccer?
9:45 pm
inflation is soaring, but our salaries have not increased. so what we have been asking for is an extra $300.00 a month for every airport worker with a number of flights cancelled or delayed in recent weeks. some travelers are taking precautions simple. second, i have thought we've come early in case we're stuck here. you have to plan for these things in advance. we were aware of the strike. so we arrived earlier because we were worried that the post pandemic makes of staff shortages and inflation have led to similar strikes in some other european countries in spain. cabin crew for some low cost airlines, a planning walk out. so the pay this month, while scandinavian airlines has drastically cut its services because of an ongoing pilot strike. meanwhile, british airways is cancel 10000 some of flights because of a lack of workers with borders. reopening and cove it restrictions, lifting demand for travel is a surging here in paris. international travelers are back in big numbers for the
9:46 pm
1st time in nearly 2 years. even at the airport work as demands are met, this expert says that staff shortages and likely to remain a problem for some time. joe or player genie apple's, he lost more than 10000 workers from ground staff to pilot steering pandemic when flies will cut on his age. so there are huge shortages with the problem is that you can't hi, these work is from one day to another. was many training and a certain you won't be operational in time for the soul. after being grounded for so long, many people are enjoying being able to get off again for work or pleasure. but the ongoing strikes and plant protests suggest it could be a turbulent summer for travelers. natasha butler, al jazeera paris. at least 10 people are presumed dead and dozens are missing. after heavy downpours cause flash floods and indian administered kashmir that happened in the jama district during the annual month long. i'm an after the after
9:47 pm
a hindu pilgrimage, many of the injured have been air lifted to hospital. there's been another day of flooding in the australian state of new south wales. many areas around maitland region have been inundated, nearly 50000 people have been affected. evacuation orders are still in effect in many areas. our recording of a famous bob dylan song has sold for nearly twice the estimated price at an auction in london. the musician recorded a new version of blowing in the wind 50 years after its original release in 1962. the disc is the only copy and was signed by dylan, the tracks producer and its mastering engineer. the starting price was predicted to be around $720000.00, but it end up selling for $1700000.00. scientists saw calling it the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever existed. now the remains of a giant new species have been unveiled in argentina. the pre historic predator was
9:48 pm
discovered in northern patagonia 10 years ago. car leg, how's the story? i mean, it round the earth a 100000000 years ago. now it's back from the depths it's remains revealed for the 1st time. paleontologists have called it in iraq, this giga, after a fictional dragon from the game of thrones television series. they say it's the biggest find of its kind yet made access as in bought a plan. they marxist is important because it is the 1st time we have the very complete fossil of a cocker or dawn to saw a special group of dinosaurs. it is so complete that we know everything from the whole arm down to the smallest toes, the whole foot and the length of the head. we have a lot of information and this has never happened before. the la karissa, though unrelated to the tarana source rex. it's similar in builds and features discovered in northern patagonia in 2012. it's taken
9:49 pm
a decade to excavate the find spreads light on how these huge predators evolved is from latinos hold academy will muttered under cooksey theorem. they are the largest carnivorous dinosaurs that ever existed. but until now we didn't have a complete skull, for example. so many measurements were given that in reality, we're not certain. and finally, we can establish the true size of the skull, come the arms, the legs, and this is fundamental to understand the evolution of this lineage. the fossilized remains are remarkably well preserved, providing more pieces to the pre historic puzzle, car leg out to a 0 muslims around the world of mocking the day of rough up one of the most important days in these, slamming canada during the hodge pilgrimage, is seen as a day of repentance before each celebrations, 81000000 muslims are there for the annual 5 day pilgrimage. i'll still head on al jazeera in sport, novick joke of its ends. oh, with
9:50 pm
a wimbledon nbc sports. ah ah. ah.
9:51 pm
sake that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou ah, ah, i woke about the sport without d. thank you so much. name volley may now be 86 bits set. blotto says he still has hopes of returning to a job in football. the former head of the sports will governing body has been found not guilty at a fraud trial in switzerland. his old colleague at faith, michelle patina, was also cleared, or a small reports. even before, as swift court found him not guilty of fraud step ladder, the former had
9:52 pm
a world football, appeared confident of what lay ahead. i am not innocent in my life, but in this case i am innocent, in which cases are you not innocent? stoplight your pit? stop bait, exactly like you are. the former fee, the president and the ex had of european football, michelle play teeny, were accused of a legally organizing a $2000000.00 payment in 2011. bladder said the fee with replete in his work as a consultant. the court found in their favor. both men were bound by fif and 2015 as part of a wider ethics investigation. move that effectively ended the careers of 2 of world football's most powerful men of the school. if the vote never, never believed. if he found it with me and his this institution of a teacup, either her of it just because inevitably met the to be now to norma, could be that it was
9:53 pm
a great because live on the from gold fair. i am still here now, and this is a decision. it keeps me not only more credit because i philips ever did teach me new stamina to look for fever to local food both but a come back for either man won't be easy, particularly for blotter, who was 86. his ill health caused delays during the trial. he's been off to this for a long time of but it's it's, it's come to light in his, in his library like to in his life. platinum, i still wants to return to football. i'm am play a role in football and he may well now a seek, some sort of office with him football. it's been a messy ferris. expose a lot of the the shenanigans inside fee for we mustn't forget the butter. oversaw a system of fi fitted into both enormous amount of corruption. with federal
9:54 pm
prosecutors say they will exam the details of the verdict before deciding whether to appeal the court's decision. as far as smile al jazeera. no joke of it is true to his 4th straight wimbledon final joke, which did lose the 1st set against britain's camera norie. when the next 3 have a match, he's aim for when this title for 7. never easy walking out in the court to have a lot of flow, fresh expectations from yourself and of course from others as well. and cameron didn't have much to lose. you know, he's playing probably tournament of his life and obviously playing at home. never easy, but you know, i wish him all the best an injury to rough and that means nick, curiosity straight. he was already through su, sundays. title decided to play with you to play in semi's book, nadeau was forced to pull out because of that head to his domino muscle. it will be
9:55 pm
curiosity, 1st, ever appearance in a grand slam, final shocking sleep. last night the, to be honest, i got probably an hour late just with everything like the excitement. i had so much anxiety so much. i was ready feeling so nervous and i don't feel nervous usually. so i just know there's a lot of people that want me to do well and get my best, but i had a shocking site last night. so hopefully i can get some to select like now she needs use honest diverse as she's hoping to inspire a new generation of arab and african players. the well number 2 is 3 to saturdays wimbledon final. and she's closing in on the biggest title when of her career. laura bern, manley reports 12 year old. i ann knows exactly who she wants to be when she grows up. thanks to aunt jabbers, grand slam success now feels like a realistic target for a young girl from to nicea. as far so such an godzilla,
9:56 pm
i think ons is a great player and i dream of being like her. she plays so well and i want to reach her level one day if i can job or has one place to the wimbledon final, becoming the 1st african woman to re, to grand slam title, to fighter in the open era introduced to the games a 3 year old by her mother, jabbers says it was her parents who made sure she had access to the game. she loved the world number 2, hopes her chief months will make it easier for others to follow in her footsteps. i want to see more place from my country, from, from the middle east, you know, from, from africa and her. i think we, within believe enough at certain point though we can do it. and now i'm just trying to, to show that and hopefully people are getting inspired. ju, bulls efforts are already having an impact on the game into nicea all at
9:57 pm
a bad commute is that on a hot on more people are coming to the tennis center here. and during the last few seasons, the number of memberships has increased, especially from girls. you know, they want to have the same career as ons. it's great that she won the summer final . it is an honor for everybody here. it's means for once tennis has knocked football off the television, screens in the cafes of to nice on a debit. some hours on stewart has become known as the minister of happiness interns. yet we are missing joy in our lives because of the social economic situation. yes, your tennesseans are looking for something that can lift their spirits sealed already and national heroes are there now have a chance to take her popularity to a whole new level. laura bowden manley on to 0 and will champion max for staff and will be in poll position for saturday. sprint race set. so the austrian groom, pre the mercedes pair of lewis hamilton, and george russell both crushed down in the final minutes of qualifying
9:58 pm
a stock. and recorded the quick is lance, i'm with the ferrari's of sharla clay, and colas science just back. okay, that is a sports looking for now. nice. all right, thanks a lot on the right before we go, we're not kidding around when we say this very fellow may be the g o a t take a lot of becoming a media star and pakistan, thanks to his extraordinarily long he is his own, assess the world reco breaking, measuring nearly 55 centimeters. he submitted a bid to the guinness book of records for last month, the garage, she simba's, now living a pampered life off to winning several beauty contests. a long way that beauty last, that's it for me. and he bog, this news out there in the mars. he's over in london more the days. stay with us. ah, the shot is that good? also a nationwide?
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yes. one them one. the how do you to visit? what else? cancel the philistine. it's in the, from the space for yeah. and about the fisa can a little sob. is it done? well, i can when to fish out in the car there topics you had that if awesome thought that i could valuable camilla coffee and like in the past on the ma yanine that a fee alida is like a month hot body. i mean for the shuttle in the cool schafer can move bonded even before fucking with the ha ah ah a how and why did it become so
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obsessed? with this law we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. one day i might be covering politics or in the next i might hear of i procrastinate from serbia. the hungry for what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here douglas 0. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. me holding the powerful to account as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera. he .


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