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aah! witness fusion, witness clarity, witness, family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end. witness, life, witness, an algae cetera. with ideals, the french republic, islam for a claim. but just what is modern? france in a 4 part series. the big picture takes an in depth episode 3 on al jazeera with
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the assassination of to pans. former prime minister, sion so ave leaves a nation in shock and mourning with tributes pouring in from around the world. the suspect to the attacker confesses to the murder entails investigators that he held a grudge against an organization that he believed abby had links to ah, and carry don's to mrs. al jazeera broadcasting live from dough. also coming up. this is a dark, dark day in the security council to rival votes and divided un security council, threatened the critical aid deliveries for millions of people in northwest syria, u. s. president joe biden, the science and executive order protecting access to abortion, and calls the countries supreme court out of control over turning road. the weight
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and tesla c o e law must case terminating at $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter, setting the stage for legal battle. ah, it's just to after $23.00, g m t and 80. i'm in japan, a nation stunned by the assassination. that one of its most consequential host or leaders shins, abbe, he was shot dead on friday during a campaign speech in the south western city of nora. people have been paying tributes and laying flowers at the sight of his murder abate was the country's longest serving prime minister killed in one of the worst to acts of political violence since the 2nd world war. his attacker, a 41 year old, a former navy officer, says he had a grudge against abbe for his links to an organization which has not been named natasha. gl name begins are coverage,
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a shot to the heart by a man with a home made go routine campaign speech ending in an unprecedented assassination. former japanese prime minister sions obeyed, died friday morning in the western city of nora. he was campaigning for upper house elections scheduled for sunday seconds after our bay collapsed officers tackled the suspect. police say 41 year old had to ya, yamagata me, told them he was disgruntled with abbe and aimed to kill him. it was a rare occurrence in a country with a low crime rate and some of the world's most restrictive gun laws. emma, tim men all shook you, so we cannot accept that this violent act took place during an election. the foundation of democracy in the strongest terms i condemn this attack and to
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the 67 year old was a dynamo of japanese politics and a 3rd generation politician. his grandfather was prime minister, his father, foreign minister, with abbey distinguished himself as the longest serving prime minister with 2 terms in office. he brought stability to a political system that tended to kind of churn out. prime ministers are one after another. i'm not only dad, but he was also transformative and japanese politics. he made japan much more significant player in terms of regional and i would say, even global security. abbe promoted policies dubbed i b. nomics intended to boost the economy. he wanted to strengthen japan's geo political clout by amending its post world war 2 pacifist constitution. it proved polarizing among the public and his efforts failed. during his last year in office,
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he was criticized for his handling of the coven 19 pandemic. cuz as i say, i've worked hard every single day to revitalize the economy and conduct diplomacy that would protect the national interest during this time. i am proud of taken on various challenges with the japanese people. oh oh, though i be resigned in 2020 siding, poor health. the following year he returned to japanese politics and continued to wield influence within the liberal democratic party. a man who couldn't shed his political skin assassinated for it. natasha her name l g 0. well, japanese police have named the suspect as attached to montgomery. he worked upon maritime self defense forces for 3 years, which was recently unemployed. the suspect confessed. and as we mentioned, the police say he believed it was part of a specific organization, which in the government had a grudge against the police would not reveal the name of the organization and added
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it wasn't clear if it even existed. police raided gummies home and found similar handmade guns to the one retrieve that scene, as well as a potential explosive device. when michael pen is the owner of the ocean, get su, news agency, he joins us on skype from token, thanks for being on the program. so we know the suspect is in custody, but has anything more come out in terms of the why do investigation? well, in terms of the suspect himself, you have kind of already outlined what is the latest there. you know, we have this explanation that, that, that's the, from the police that the suspect believes ave was connected with some organization . they won't name the organization. you know, there's really not much we can do with that until there's a little bit more transparency from the authorities. and but one thing that is probably worth noting is that there hasn't been even the merest hint of that
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anybody other than mr. yama gammy was involved in this, in this killing of the former prime minister. there doesn't seem to be any sense that this was any sort of larger conspiracy. it appears to be the act of a single man. and by all accounts, a very rare kinds of incident in japan, what's the mood of the nation? well, you know, what we would be doing today is, today is the final day of the campaign season for the upper house selections to be held tomorrow. so this would be normally a time with sound trucks going down to every boulevard and, and politicians on the side of the road, you know, basically shaking hands and, and trying to get the voters to vote for that last minute. got it, got to get the undecided voters. but i think that instead of that, what we're going to probably have throughout the day today is kind of an eerie silence. people quietly walking along, people kind of in reflection and in morning for what happened. and i don't think
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that, you know, today is going to be a very different sort of day, a quiet or more solemn day than it would have been otherwise at this point of the campaign season. ok, mark penn. thank you for that. we're going to go now over to tommy he co, honey good. she served as a special advisor and speech writer for former prime ministers. and so he joins us now from tokyo. we very much appreciate you joining us, give us a flavor if you can. of the kind of man he was what kind of character was he impressed. a born strategy thinker always tried to look beyond japan's horizon in order to broaden japan's diplomatic horizon in an age when our gigantic neighbor is growing very much rapidly. by forging closer,
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ever ties with united states, australia, india, and countries such as the u. k. and france. personally, he is war and the friendship once ford to last eternally, i'm not exaggerating. he remembers people once met, he wouldn't forget. that's his personal charm. and he has maintained his deep love and with his wife kia, who is morning, very much deeply i would imagine today and on the wider political front. you touched on this briefly. how important was he in terms of japan's foreign policy and standing in the world in general?
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that's been very much important. you can tell by looking at where japan is. japan is a neighbor to russia, north korea, china. none of which has ever implemented anything akin to democracy, each one of which is nuclear part. and when it comes to china, it's ah small is growing as we discuss like this today. and so japan must strengthen its national security. but you can't do anything alone. bice, by by yourself, which is why she's a law bear. met a huge number of foreign leaders, developed close ties with people from obama, from and biden. mae johnson. you name it.
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so without him it, japan could not have come this far. and looking at it more locally as, as we have to ship, there will be had been canvassing for sunday's upper house elections. how do you think this might affect the outcome of sundays, folks? even to doubt this most tragic incident. the victory for the ruling coalition was almost a scenario that would prove the victorious not necessarily because the ruling coalition needs is doing a tremendous job. but because under the single member district, fast post the fast pass, the post this 1st pass the post system. if the opposition parties are in disarray,
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they can't win. and so the tragic incident to a give even more power. i would imagine to the ruling coalition. and he wasn't afraid of courting controversy during his physical career. was he a, he's a very strong character in that respect. yes, indeed. he was a conviction politician and he became even more like that after he had recovered previously from his chronic illness, al serra, to colitis, which took away his prime minister ship ones in 2007. and it took longer for him to be in good shape. but after he came back in office in 2012, he was very much
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a conviction politician. you knew him very personally how much of a loss is he to all those who knew him in that respect, you can't fill the void. you really can't fill the void for me, it seems almost as if i have lost the entire purpose of my life as a professional. and how surely shocking is this for the nation at large? it's too early to say, but it's a moment when people many, many as i had would look back and talk what you were
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doing on that moment to stay 8th of july. i can see how much this is affected. you personally. how does japan move on from this? the thing is there aren't many options available for japan. there is no luxury for the country to choose one from the other. it's maritime trade dependent, open economy, nation running its democratic institutions. so japan and us in july, but hoisted a flag of the free and open indo pacific. and i think that's the course the country ought to take. and there's been an emergence of bipartisan agreement on that account. so i am certain that japan is going to
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take the course that seems a lot of it took so much effort to have a paved from where he co, honey good she we very much appreciate your time here today on algebra. thank you. thank you. o u. s. to present joe biden has ordered flags to be found at ha staff in all that shit that flags at the white house and other federal buildings will remain. so through sunday, president biden also signed a condolence book, the japanese ambassadors residence i knew him when we worked together closely for years, and we spoke in solar when i serve as vice president. and here, deeply committed to strengthening the alliance of friendship between the united states and japan, and pursuing an open free pacific region and service to his country. and people was in his bones even after he stepped out from public officers focus on his
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health. he stayed engaged the care deeply holding great respect. well, china has reacted to the assassination that through its embassy in tokyo. they said that they had made contributions to improving relations between the 2 countries. south korea's president unit. so if you describe the shooting as an unforgivable act of crime, french president manuel micron that said japan had lost a great leader who dedicated his life to his country and worked to ensure order in the world. and india is prime minister and remote reflected on his most recent meeting with abbe saying he was witty and inciteful as always, new delhi has declared a day of national mourning attributes from well leaders continued to pour in mexico . the president shared his condolences with the people of japan a if we are going to do, he was participating during
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a political campaign and he was attacked. they tried to save his life, but it wasn't possible. so our condolences to the people and the government of japan and of course to the relatives and friends of the former prime minister will be i will of course have more on this on. i'll just hear, but for now still ahead. someone has to grip this moment and make the right decision. the race begins to replace u. k prime minister barak johnson as a conservative party proposed to elect a new leader. and, and go. and it's just saying, why did the santa dies at 79? and my sister being one of the longest running presidencies, the wealth, ah boats, journalism, please, violently discussing protest this. these are sort of a book, tens of thousands of people, troy, to flee global, inspire to program making. welcome to generation chains,
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unrivalled with broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to apply for al jazeera english proud recipient at the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. oh i oh, where ever you go in the world? one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah
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ah, he with al jazeera reminder about top stories this morning. i've been placing flowers at the site where former japanese a prime minister since i was shot dead. he was a country's longest serving leader tributes, are pouring in from world leaders by described i as a man of peace. 41 year old of taca used a hand made gun to carry out the attack. form at navy officers says he held a grudge against an organization he believed that they had to now russia has vetoed a resolution at un security council that sought to extend a deliveries to syrians in the last rebel control northwestern region. un is warning not closing the corridor by the border crossing could be catastrophic diplomatic editor. james bass has more from the united nations for to be severe.
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acute mom with as things stand, this may end up being the law shipment of humanitarian aid, food and medicine from turkey into northwest syria. i believe ethan cook lovely. ben nodded 4100000 people rely on this lifeline, but it must be authorized by the un security council. and in the council chamber, there's deadlock a resolution to allow the crossing to operate for another 12 months was supported by all members. apart from china, which abstained, and russia, which used its veto. russia then presented its own rival resolution allowing the crossing to operate for 6 months, but it didn't pass. it was only supported by russia and china. this is not a moment to mince words. i have long said that this is a life and death issue, and tragically, people will die because of this fault. and the country who shamelessly deploy the beetle to day negotiations will continue. the current authorization for the border
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crossing runs out at the end of sunday, but russia doesn't sound in the mood for compromise or tease you some one her proposes our draft. so we would not say that this is our intellectual property. if someone proposes our draft for the 2nd time, why not? if not, if not, i'm say, i think that the pages over. so he asked the u. s. ambassador with the russians, unwilling to compromise. will she have to back down and accept the russian proposal . now that would be very humiliating for you, but it would be better than nothing, wouldn't it? his resolution was nothing. ah, we got 99 percent of the way there with the russians. we gave them 99 percent. they admitted they got 99 percent and they are holding out for one percent to continue to give support to the syrian regime. obviously tensions around the council table of increased because of the ongoing war in ukraine,
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but is about more than security council theater and drama. it's about millions of syrians, their lives at risk from starvation, or lack of medical treatment. james bay's al jazeera of the united nations serious a present matter on a side has visited the heavily damaged northern province of a leper. the 1st time since war broke out in the country 11 years ago. you supervise the partial relaunch of a major power plant in the eastern country side, as well as a water pumping station, electricity networks, and other infrastructure where ravaged by the conflict which is estimated to have killed up to half a 1000000 people left millions of others displaced the u. s. president has signed an executive order to help protect women's access to abortion and contraception. joe biden criticized what he called an out of control supreme court, which recently overturned rosie wade. the landmark ruling that guaranteed the constitutional rights to an abortion across the us,
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you said the fastest way to restore abortion rights is to pass a federal law through congress. we cannot allow an out of control supreme court work in conjunction with extremity elements of the republican party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy choice. we faces a nation between the mainstream and the extreme, between moving forward and moving backwards between the law and politicians and the most personal parts of our lives and protecting the right of privacy. this is a choice. this is a moment. the moment a moment restore the right should have been taken away from us in the moment to protect our nation from the extremist agenda. that is an authentic will do everything we believe is americans. now he's on musk has confirmed that he's terminating his $44000000000.00 takeover of twitter. it's osler, c o's, legal team says the social media giant breached several provisions of the deal.
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twitter says it will soon mask to enforce the merger agreement. well, she had a chance, he joins us live now from washington, d. c. and well another day. another dramatic statement from milan. musk right, i guess as little surprise that it ended up like vessel. actually, we were ending up like this is a long way to go, but certainly must have been signaling for some weeks since the end of april. and he made this deal that he's unhappy with sense to be. the reason is he's unhappy with twit disclosures about the number of fake accounts on twitter or twitter. 75 percent mosque says he's not happy with all the information he seen backing. backing that number up. it's very difficult not to notice that since musk made the steel shaft price or twitter slid. and it really does seem that he is overpaying over paying for twitter. so he says, right, i want to back out of the steel. the problem is he did sign a pretty cost agreement to buy it, which are, unless they are extraordinary circumstances. there is $1000000000.00 penalty that's
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not much for from us. but there's also a specific clause in that which allows twitter to forced musk to go through with the deal at the original terms. if the reasons must gives for back out of the deal of seem to be frivolous on this. frankly, if seem to be not talk to meet the requirement from us to escape by closer to it, it does have a very strong legal case in store to is already said it will be taking will be taking must to court. but this is where it gets interesting because any litigation would 10 years and years and years with enormous damage to twitter itself. so the question is, what is all this actually about? it is actually about boats. maybe this is a way to get full disclosure into court. some twitter about the number of boats that that's being viewed skeptically. is this a leverage move? is this about musk actually trying to re negotiate the terms of the deal? because even though twitter hasn't good legal case,
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doesn't really want to go through all that litigation doesn't maybe want to subtle . so about that or the house. musk who is very mercurial, has recently showered on twitter, and he is quite prepared to go to the court for years and he is new. he's got the money and try and try and get out of the deal for a $1000000000.00 or say, so those are the 3 scenarios we have. this one was going to run and run this stuart and date it well she had returned to in washington dc. thank you. are the 1st candidates seeking to replace boris johnson as british prime minister announced the standing johnson's anger, many in his own party by insisting he'll stay for now relevant hand over to his deputy letting baba has the latest a day off. devoris johnson said he'd stepped down attentions turn to what and who comes next around the newly cleaned up polish of westminster. the talk is of a clean break of restoring trust in governments. someone has to grip this moment and make the right decision. and friday, the 1st the political,
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big to be 6 announced their standing of the previous chancellor. rashid sooner and i have spent my co payment together soon. next, one of 2 cabinet members who's resignation lead to a torrent of judy administers quitting. and johnson eventually giving in that should be a new leader. but on thursday, johnson insisted he'd stay in post until the new leader was chosen a process that could take many weeks within the party. initial opposition to him staying on in the interim seems to be weakening. i don't think that it would be appropriate for us whether we around the cabinet table or in any other part of the british government. just to kind of down tools and say actually you know what, we're not going to do anything until the new boss is in place. we have a duty and our duty is to govern what's due to happen is all the conservative members of parliament get to vote on the leadership candidates. it could take several rounds before they narrow it down to just 2 names. assuming neither drops out, it's been up to the wider policy membership to pick
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a new leader. what's different this time is it's not a different type of policy. it's not parliamentary deadlock. as it was over, teresa may with kelly to get her breakfast deal through. in this case, the problem is the prime minister and in particular the premises judgment. his integrity and the fact that he really lost confidence of so many people in his government. and that's meant that, that it's like weird that he's continuing the opposition labor party still say johnson isn't gone soon. they'll try to force him out using parliament. he shouldn't be desperately clinging on when he has had to leave office because of his disgraceful conduct. and that's why i say the tory party should remove him, and if they don't, we will step up in the national interest and bring a voted no confidence. it's unlikely that that's enough. conservative m p 's would back stomach in 2 weeks, parliament breaks for the summer,
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leaving westminster to the tourists, and leaving the choice of prime minister to fewer than 150000 conservative party members. but between now and then, plenty could happen to change boris johnson's time table for leaving downing street . the dean barbara al jazeera london former and go then president jones, i was the fantasy died at the medical clinic in barcelona. he was receiving treatment for prolonged illness. for suntrust the lead on go for nearly 40 years stepping down in 2017. he died age 79. from the miller takes a look back at his life off his retirement from politics and then go 92018 to their daughter to santos had been living in spain. it's. they had been receiving medical treatment for an unknown illness relations between the former president and the successor shoulder in so remain tense because of the anti corruption campaign. led by lorenzo much of the campaign, targeted members of the dissenters family and their associates centers received
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many international award. please commitment to enter colonialism and promotion of peace negotiations. he was praised for developing and gold as coil which economy and attracting significant foreign investment. but some accused him of being a dictator and creating one of the most corrupt governments in africa. the former president began his political career as a member and fighter of the anti colonial movement, the popular movement for the liberation of in go low m p l a. after and goal is independence. from portugal in 1975, the santas became a goal as 1st prime minister. he became president after the death of president augustine, jo nato, in 1979. he tried to improve relations with the way, including the united states, which did not recognize the emperor lay lead government. in the early 19 ninety's, he abandoned marks as leninism, and ordered the what's called of cuban troops who had been in and go less. and the late.


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