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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Britains Modern Slave Trade  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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me tonight, i'll just there is only a mobile app. this is where we dissect online. and i guess from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still, just set for it and tapped on a new app from out is even new. at your fingertips, traditional wrestling in santa go hasn't been village festivals. now it's been national, male and female sport, and larger, really big money out there. well, looks at this unifying cultural full way out to college then ago, wrestling with reality on al jazeera. ah,
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hello, i'm down, jordan and joe hall with a quick reminder at the top stories here in al jazeera shoreline, because president and prime minister have agreed to resign off the day of protests that sold both their homes overrun by demonstrators. president got a buy a roger packs, i will step down on wednesday and prime minister ron wicker, i'm a singer says he'll leave it when a new government is in place. it might be a major escalation and months of protests over the countries worst economic crisis in decades. fernandez reports on the capital column, but it's anthony dd. when protested, see the president and his government would be soon to step down. in by the evening, came the announcement being told that dana, so he agreed to act according to the agreement party leaders and stepped down because he wants a peaceful transfer of power. he has asked me to inform the people of his decision to stay down on july 13th. the another mini glean, built out the raja,
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to search for an economy crisis, fits made life unbearable for many of the countries 22000000 people. after breaking through barricades is another unprecedented moment, the demonstrators turned into the president official residence in colombo. inside. this is what it looked like. what the president was moved by he security team to an undisclosed location earlier. that protested, ransacked his bedroom and took 50 lunch on his bed. oh, in moments the presidential who once reserved to the country's top leaders, appeared more like a recreational center. and our government leaders must leave sri lanka. they can't govern the country properly. we have children and we're on the streets leaving our
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jobs because we believe in this cause. we love the country and we are suffering protested, charged the barricades outside the prime minister's house, which the attorney sent from lays. roger puts his political allies new. this is a crucial movement for their party. anger is rising at the government's handling of a diagonal crisis. the worst in 70 years. the frustration appears to have turned into a movement that can no longer be ignored. in the end, neither curfew, not a freeze on the distribution of fuel, nor host of other intimidation, read tactics, were able to keep the 10s of thousands of people away from colombo to drive the president go to albert, roger poxel away. they say that successive. a years of mismanagement, corruption and loading of the country's resources has brought the country to its knees and they've had enough men of fernandez, audio 0,
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colombo pulls open the elections for japan's upper house of parliament. the votes being overshadowed by friday's assassination of former prime minister sions obeyed during the campaign event for the ruling liberal democrats. some analysts are predicting a wave of sympathy votes for the party which could expand its majority and the police chief in the city where our bay was shot dead as admitted there were security floors, local media say the national police agency plans to review its arrangements for the protection of prominent figures pro abortion rights activists have held demonstrations across the united states in washington, dc. civil rights groups organized a march and a city near the white house follows last month's decision by the supreme court to reverse a ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. argentina's governments facing a rising tide of protest as it struggles to rain in soaring inflation and poverty. on saturday protested from across the political divide. el separate rally isn't
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when as i raise to denounce the government's handling of the crisis, the left is angry with the terms of this year's debt deal with the i m f. while many on the right of protesting against corruption, at least 16 people have been killed by flash floods in indian administered kashmir . flood waters swept through makeshift camps in the himalayas. where thousands of hindu pilgrims were taking part in an annual trek to a cave shrine. where those were the headlines. the news continues here now jazeera after al jazeera investigation stage, and thanks for watching bye for that. ah,
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al jazeera was investigative unit reveals the true scale of modern slavery in suburban britain. behind the high street, there's a hidden work force under the control of slave masters. now there chattering, they brought her to gary, said bob, then they tied me to the bed and the guys did their jo at tish without a drop off. most of the initial victims of the modern slave trade, where women exploited for sax, how much we have to pay you for the girls by $1.00 of each go with now the market, the slave labor spends a wide range of money making activities from now. so i don't think the boy
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thousands of residential homes have become candidates, farms run by vietnamese gangs inside one worker trapped alone and afraid the horizon wonderful. navigate little eastern european car washes. tell us they work all day, all week and living scholar about the metal granted booty. we confront those accused of modern slavery. i've just been surrounded with. don't comrade, you punch someone in the stone. i haven't. we reveal the blue chip companies that may have been caught with slaves in their supply chains. a scale modern flavor in the u. k is enormous. we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.
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all new forms of slavery, fueling the growth of rich countries in today's globalized world, me across the world, more people on the moon than ever before. they're driven out of the countries by war and persecution. all they leave willingly hungry for a new life in the wealthy west. but must migration has also led to a new surge in the slave trade. like the human cargo of 2 centuries ago, many victims of modern slavery or traffic forcibly to the u. k. others, a duke didn't go into britain with the promise of jobs that don't exist. thousands of others come voluntarily in search of a better life. only to fall into the hands of criminal gangs. at britain's ports,
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the government who sets up special units to spot adults and children who are vulnerable to a life of servitude. what we've seen, the policy young phone can goes traveling maybe with an older woman or man who's controlling their possible and quite a dominating force. so we look at he was behaviors festival. and then if we got any concerns, start going a few more questions about why they come in the k a t throat. one of the spot is brief, the colleague on an incoming flight how the moment we call the remaining flight from be crest coming through, say, particularly on the spot, we've had a number of young, a european goes being traffic to the sex trade. the spotters rescue some potential victims before their ordeal begins. are you traveling from by yourself where you're turning with someone a couple of friends. but the she had a number of people pouring into britain can be overwhelming.
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i. t one was traffic to britain from his home in viet nam when he was just 15. his parents had both died by the time he was 10. he was taken to an orphanage in a nearby convent. after his father's death, sick mother had borrowed from loan sharks. now they came for their money. they demanded the church sign over the family home. when the church refused, the men turned violent. boy didn't daughter. they put my hands on a board. they took a knife, held my hand and chopped, chopped off a part of a finger, and wrapped it in a piece of paper. why don't you kill me if i didn't sign the loan paid? the severed finger was sent to the church as a warning, and they signed over the property. but the loan sharks abducted one and enslaved
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him in a warehouse. a few years later, he was taken 86000 miles by laurie to accountable farm in the u. k. very narrow hall a not all on the warehouse was huge, but there were many plans that you knew that they were vegetables in their faces. lots of lamps, you know, in order to lay and then you monet, lamb. littler, neal, your work day and night. i had only 2 or 3 hours to sleep with only one blanket. it was very cold. high in my work i was elected when i was better off dead because i worked so much like i was cold and hungry and beat and i was so miserable. would have been more comfortable to die.
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twan comes from the vin city in central vietnam. ah, the province is a hot bed of people smugglers and human traffickers. we transport locals across continents and into britain. using it on the cover team. we track down one smuggler to this lodge gated house. oh. food. food eat more. research is poses a couple hoping to live in britain a happy life time
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with the smuggler makes it sound easy, but the journey is fraught with danger and it costs a lot of money. oh, okay. with the smuggler brushes away, our research is concerns about being forced into modern slavery. ah, ah,
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the work that i will get it will go back to the smuggler says it will be easy to find jobs in britain. i don't know when
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i many vietnamese women who make it safe to the u. k. do end up working in nail bars . our investigation led us to a salon on the outskirts of london, or under cover a search it came, took a job there. although we found no evidence of slavery, we discovered someone had been smuggled from vietnam. the shopper and his sister had just been brought in illegally. the final leg of our journey from france at a lorrie was the hardest one. i'm just going to be
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i i off amazon. i am needing and it did with him on hold on. the nail bar owner describes the roots used by his sister, alonza conklin vida. oh, i was on the on the my, my little he then put the key on these are the last week when he left his i he, that, that he, he, that one thou, sally, that one of my work, pappa, something happened the battle at night. but to live, i know, you know, i the smuggled women may be free to walk away. but without legal status or knowledge of english, they are often tied to their employers. smuggled vietnamese men
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often end up in a different trade came made contact on line with a man who'd become a gardener after cannabis fawn. and i'm like, he's kept inside an old looking terraced house on a suburban street. j o m a n. as in emily, lay out by way, the man tending these kinds of his plans hardly ever leaves the house. there's no furniture, just rows of plants. he breathe in fume some chemical fertilizers. snatches a few hours sleep on an o mattress and lives in fear of his boss, the police,
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and armed thugs who want to steal the drugs. i don't want to know what will be in you go no one on the line. like others toiling and breaking it's kind of his houses. he believes he was in a loss of money. but so far, it's a distant promise. the lines the wonderful photo.
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by not being done by the late our research keeps in contact with the gardener. later we'll see her enter the kind of his house to meet him. the scalar bonded labor in britain lead to a new law. the modern slavery act introduced in 2015. it define modern slave not in terms of shackleton chains, but forced labor force criminality. and any servitude obtained with threats, deception, or violence. but government also appointed an anti slavery commissioner. kevin highland recently returned from vietnam. he went to the area where we met our people smuggler, there was a network operating in that region who are exploiting people who start off
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as being smuggled. then as they move that turns into a case of traffic because that becomes a debt hondage. and then they get moved in situation for example, candidates even no balls or other situations where they are exploited and being forced to work in sometimes very dangerous situation. government estimates around $13000.00 modern slaves in britain with the largest numbers, romania, albania, nigeria, vietnam, and from britain itself. the assessment that we did in 2014 davis 97 different countries that victims came from. that gives you a sense of that scale. 97 different countries and been identified there's no doubt that the scale of modern slavery in the u. k is enormous. we're
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just saying, you might even say just the tip of the iceberg. and read as the anti tracking director at the salvation army. since 2011, the charities run government funded safe houses for victims of modern slavery. in the 1st year there was $380.00. but just in the last 6 months we've seen over a 1000 victims come into the service. a total of over $4000.00 people been referred to the salvation army for support. yeah, the law, as the global market for human cargo increased prostitution, was the 1st industry to be exploited by modern slave traders. stephane didn't plan to be a pimp. what he wanted to be a rapper problem shop. his position belonged to circle. although we'll put more to group of on board on for border one day he was offered the chance to exploit his
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dances. bob remar, due to the more modern renewable perform a morning when will do parental mormon with marshmallows? jawandra block with the law is so porcelain reports has been brought in with the burbled from the bar to ship of fools formed water for him and i threw him to move off a blue often that was the start of 4 years as a pimp. exploiting young women in cities all over europe. ah huh. and it comes from a pool family in western romania. she was just 16 when she was forced to be a prostitute. was in forte. polasta and go i feel terrible when i think about the
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days when i was 1st just sleepless clients to drink and take drugs with them. okay . and it began when a romania man seduced her and took her to italy. he said it was for a holiday, but then he ordered anna to sell sex. she tried to refuse ela de veneer for dinner. he became very angry, and he to me, this glance also paid to beat me as well. i mean, it was the beginning of 11 years as a sex slave locked in dingy upon some cheap hotel rooms. she was controlled by her ex boyfriend, his brother, and also by woman. she refers to only as the bad lady banging mad that they millennia, that i wasn't paid any money because the bad lady used to keep all the cash when i
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buy them up, if they thought i was there, a slave making money for them, making them happy modest slavery is at its heart, the buying and selling of a human being. the traffickers are often vain ruthless. there's no holds barred. anything goes stephanie eventually spent 2 years in prison for atm fraud. now has a legitimate job in london. he's agreed to take us into his former world, exposing the men and women who drag others into sexual slavery. he makes a romanian pin call. robert
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robert talked business with stephan in his car, a car he didn't even have to buy gerbil. oh, a. well. he runs a handful of prostitutes from eastern europe. they work all night the. 6 was was. c the way robert control their lives, but said he really needs to use physical violence. my lawyer, my keep working because this won't take a look at it because my my business,
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i mean it originally bought in the car. so between the bank, the reason was inefficient. so brett's of violence. we also see indirect threats. so if you don't do as i tell you today, then your family home will be targets. if we know where your children are, we know where your mother lives. and if you don't do what we tell you, then they'll be real trouble. oh, anna's control was subjected to both mental and physical abuse. for years. they trafficked her all over europe, to austria, spain, and in prison. who now do cha, precision. and boy, it's monday, go broad search,
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guys, to me, to sleep with them. they charged me to the bed. then the guys did their job. and my, madame was very happy. she was telling me that this is how i like it. i was telling you that no, i dont like it police rescued anna from a hotel in west london in march 2014. but it was not the end of her ordeal. she returned to romania was the controllers tractor down, bundled her into a call and brought her back to england. shamrock i saw scafa mitch federal shock us us particle, shannon magazine each dare and unique. and i wanted to escape from there and break down the door. and shad vehicle i couldn't find the key. so i was very scared which they turned all the light and told me to do was declines wanted
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because if i didn't, i don't deserve even to eat. when i got married or saw what additional married casmer. no, they give me cold water. my silly tortured me, her bed there are but a chair, then beat me up with a belt and said i was there asleep for y'all as a crowd there. some are grey locker sir. clumps. asiquera smoked rather a slab iaa. anna was taken to leads in the north of england, locked in a hotel room and forced once again to be a prostitute. that yamaha. so there was lane and thinking it was not worth being controlled by them any more. former night was better to take my own life.
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in 40 the form of modern slavery was growing faster than prostitution. we reveal how big business in britain could be profiting from modern slavery. modern slavery is happening all around us. it's in our communities. people tend to perceive it as be by sexual exploitation, but actually, modern slavery takes on many forms, 3 or 4 years ago. we would have told you that sex trafficking is the major area of trafficking. we now know that trafficking for labor is about $5050.00, with trafficking, for sex. it's oldest undertakers working here. this is 7 days a week job that's grown with the community. my father purchased a black and blue sky and started to do the funerals in london and the family. we saw a stop being fog of enjoy watcher and began. is this hotness the stories we don't often hear told by the people who did them?
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jeff is such a level of actual east and undertakers. this is europe anal to 0. what happens the in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again after a life time in finland, an immigrant returns to somali land upon discovering his ancestral home could be a gold mine. but to benefit his community from the minerals beneath the land, he must navigate the age old, tribal disputes above it, or witness. golden light on al jazeera blue
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on darned jordan unto the top. stories here and al jazeera shall anchors president and prime minister have agreed to resign. after a day of protests that sold both their homes overrun by demonstrators. president got to buy a roger packs as expected, a step down this week. prime minister, whose house was set on fire, says elite when a new government is in place, no fernandez as more from columba the day there is very much a sort of, i won't call it a party atmosphere, but it's sort of a, a sense of celebration almost that they had got that far, they did what they said they would do. they would see the uh, sort of stepping down or exit of guitar be roger boxer and pretty much his government. no, we haven't had that officially. but as much as we have a sort of a commitment by the president given to the speaker that he would be resigning are literally next wednesday. and even the prime minister, who it's
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a little more open ended but says he will step down when there is a national government, an old party government that has been created both of open elections for japan's upper house of parliament. the votes being overshadowed by fridays assassination of former prime minister sions obey. during the campaign event for the ruling liberal democrats. some analysts are predicting a wave of sympathy votes for the party which could expand its majority. the police chief in the city were our bay were shot dead as admitted there were security floors, local media, se the national police agency plans to review its arrangements for the protection of prominent figures. pro abortion rights activists have held demonstrations across the united states. it follows last month's decision by the supreme court to reverse a ruling that legalized abortion nationwide argentina's governments facing a rising tide of protests that struggles to rein in soaring inflation and poverty. on saturday protests of some across the political divide l separate rallies,
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and when, as iris to denounce the government's handling of the crisis, the left is angry with the terms of this. he has been deal with the i m f. well, many on the right of protesting against corruption. at least 16 people have been killed by flash floods and indian administered kashmir. flood waters swept through makeshift camps high up in the himalayas with thousands of hindu pilgrim with taking part in an annual trek to a cave shrine. so those are the headlights and he's continues elijah 0, opt out of their investigation statement than to watch. oh bye for now. mm mm. our investigation is found that the fastest growing sector of britain's modern slave trade is unskilled labor. in part one
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or under cover a search to make contact through facebook with the vietnamese man who grows cannabis for a drugs gang alone . isolated and speaking, no english invites her into the cannabis far there's no furniture in the suburban house, just rows of plants grown on the powerful lights. ah, her name and put it on to her the dog. okay. 80 is not unusual to find that the main electricity has been tampered with. she's highly dangerous. you know your risk in your life. and then
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you stay in conditions where you're breathing in. so the pollen from the cannabis plants windows are tight up and everything it's running is usually on an extract to find with u. v. lights everywhere to grow the crop by all horrendous conditions. ah, now i am in capital and i want to cut my darling mcgayden down about my governor over the whole field. i yeah, well i'm coming home with a nail gun i ah. after our research it leaves the only other visitor to the house is a man who drops off food and supplies late at night. her days later,
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another man comes to collect the drugs harvest. it's a typical set up for vietnamese calibus gardeners. they are kept in a house with no way of getting out there, looked in and there there as so say, god knows, cultivating those crops, come with food, brought to them. they are not allowed to get out. and about and leave those premises. cannabis forms a, one of the faces of one and a slavery in the u. k. the farms are dependent on the labor of the vulnerable and the dispossess. and the week to lucia, chandra is a leading lawyer in the field of molten slavery. we show to the evidence from our investigation. they certainly appears to be an indication that the man, there may be a victim of monday slavery. he is not regularly receiving profit,
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but he is hoping to receive that. i think his words were, when i have money, i'll move to another job. so this person may be a victim of human trafficking for enforce criminality. the new slavery law change the way the police treat the vulnerable one of the good things about the modem, slavery act is actually recognizing that they are victims of trafficking, as opposed to actually be perpetrators of crime cannabis cultivation. the legal tests as to whether or not somebody is a victim and not a perpetrator. oh, this crime of cannabis cultivation is whether or not they were under the dominant force as a trafficker. destiny from this footage. i would hate that the person who has been filled and were to be referred in to the national feral
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mechanism and then they would be able to achieve assistance and protection if they had been traffic for one victim. there was a way out trial was just 15 when he was forced to work at a cannabis house in britain by more than a t craig home of 90. 1 day i saw lots of people outside shouting with no, i just stood law. had that why hulu pay, and when they forced the door open, came in shout, at least i was very happy because the police had arrived, were good my hands to the offices to hunker. for that point i thought i'd been freed up. i was very happy if a law got a teeter kid or i need to get cooperated. wound up the vulnerable teenager was
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placed through the foster family. but his liberty was short lived out shopping with his foster mother. one day he got lost in the crowds. unable to ask for help in english and with night falling, he started to panic. he was approached by chinese men who seemed friendly comb low. at 1st when they took me to their home, the man who promised to help me find my foster mother. when i got them locked me inside, after 6 months they made me work and growing kind of his plans. she loves me. don't live a good, choppy. so how did that happen? we made our bank with our 2 a day to beat me. tied me up with a rope and hung me on the account said that i was changed in a laurie and i wasn't allowed to go outside. after i finished work,
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they locked me in. a van took me back to the warehouse. the chain me up and made me stay in the building. the he worked up to 20 hours a day with no pe slept in the van and was given just bread and potatoes to eat. and slaves as a child, traffic to britain rescued and then enslaved again too. and finally escaped, and was placed in the care of a charity suit. emma, who m, i'm still afraid every night. thinking of the days when i was beaten and locked in warehouse pay. ah, the police estimate that there are tens of thousands of commercial kind of these forms all over britain. the gardens inside include many slaves, the victims were forced to commit crime and remain hidden from view.
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ah, in kristen has also seen a huge rise in the number of exploited people working in plain sight on the high streets of after and towns and cities. in this car, wash prices start from just 6 pounds around 10 us dollars. but how can it be so cheap? with claudia says he knows. he came from romania and worked at the car wash for 5 months. he agreed to secretly fill the work as conditions. ah, he starts with their accommodation, temporary cabins were up to 6 people,
9:42 am
sleep and a small room for each cold floor. chris asked bowditch this lucy, which suit crop up book to counter general . be awesome. monitor, whichever shinkel uncle, your there is a photo of it the start program of good thinking
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about the quality control. so looking for this a little bit of the most of the work is all romanian. they say the paid $35.00 pounds for working over 12 hours a day. that's less than half britton's legal minimum wage, but they claim that sometimes they're paid even less.
9:44 am
you could pick them up because of the car wash when it was. but it was one of the workers cause a friend in romania more in there before the people may be coming to this country voluntarily. they may be
9:45 am
thinking that they're coming for a job, only to find a job isn't what they thought it was going to be, or that they're being kept and absolutely appalling conditions. they're not getting the salary that they promised. then there are deductions for travel for accommodation, for transit to work and all of that sort of thing. so they are being used. the car wash owner is avi, on a lazy, a 35 year old albanian with british citizenship. one of the tricks of his trade seems to be keeping his work as in debt and taking the travel documents. the work is say he imposes huge fines for minor damage to cause. in one case 600 pounds in another 800 or so so far yes. was double it in one
9:46 am
05 with was your move to josh with us? will they claim this physical violence as well? the potential with baumgartner with his years this years i love to video the video triggered body. can you because the quote was us of the personal code you pick some code unlike the slaves of the past.
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no one is physically shackled, where to say that held by psychological chains, fear, poverty, and desperation. leaving is not easy. those who risk it will spend what little money they have to escape. one evening, claudio, he is a worker on the phone. he's been told to pay hundreds of pounds for accidentally damaging a car. he begged some one to help him get away. with huge conflict, natural predators with blackwood, blue, masonic one. on one hand, barney, i'm thought not quite educated. he walks out at 1 am, leaving his few belongings behind. if it sounds too good to be true,
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it probably is too good to be true and the streets are not paved with gold. and there are some very, very nasty people out there who, who will be looking to exploit to and make your life commiserate on a lazy workers appear to be like any others in canterbury. it's an impression that he encourages when i posed as a local businessman with a fleet of cars that needed cleaning lady told me his workers were part timers. happy to be there. any other? yes. hi, aria yes, to me. oh great. no you have you're busy boy. your vice law. hello. yeah. what about you guys? are they do they do long days? do the other got some advice or far they some of the start and it all finished 4 o'clock available for 9 o'clock usually. well, they, they thought i did globally finish 2 o'clock. yeah. they just mixed around. yeah.
9:49 am
to the shift if i sure there are 6 hours a day or, or 5 days a week, you know, according to evidence gathered by our undercover researcher, this is not true. the lazy is also keen to boast of his contract with a large car dealership. these are contract. oh, why should i so more of a comic road or we do like these are all valid. we do up to 45 day 5. long. have you been doing volvo for about 34 years now? for years? yes, yes. we could. you saw elsewhere just recently, we doing the board when i, when asked about where the work is live, he is evasive. know locally
9:50 am
in an attempt to win my business. he cuts his prices, if you do it, and polish, which is funny. for 1515. this footage appears to show me the home of forced labor. i have grave says that these workers victims of human trafficking this is something that needs to be test code very strongly by swift to effective construct your inforcement which is volvo. logical is much more about the something today by age. upson with the machine
9:51 am
has been washing the water is absolutely necessary, is for woven to investigate all part of its supply chain in terms of labor. who is it's cause we also filmed usa hand car washes, working at a nearby kia dealership. hallberg marriage last year. there was a significant increase in the amount of people who are in forced labor, and we realize that a large percentage of these all ream, legitimate supply chain, companies need to start to understand that this is exploitation. it is modern day slavery happening in the united kingdom.
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claudio has stopped filming and walked away from the car. wash. he plans to return to romania. be to see women, you well? yeah, yeah. okay. a cannon way attention. i love m. shopped. there should be kilogram of mother come, tries change. mom this through fleming de la follow t goes to pong k hicks and i have been a little too close to put towards younger about the general clerk. of course. good . now one the or no stealing bar sublet and all the cars knowledge fuzzy was, that is up to tell us now for la nissan, $11.00 is offered to him in and quantity system force the but you could put the
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impulse more than this. well, i went back to the car, wash, to put our findings to the owner, and i'll be on a lazy. he was just back from a skiing holiday. we've been investigating your car wash for some time. now. we have clear evidence that you are preaching the law. you had somebody call the more than slavery act. okay. you've been keeping people doing 30 shifts. you've got them living in those little containers, all condition. well though, we will footage on it when we call film of it, you're keeping it conditions are mobile and later what if anything, i am not what their slave is. anybody know? nobody, virginia. how about the work? he punched in the stomach in the office. what you say about your body lying as well? oh no positive or nothing. what i should not do i'm cleaning course every day. i work 7 days a week myself. i've got 3 kids to grow, grow up, which already bought it. i work 7 days
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a week and i've never anybody. i never force anybody or told anybody to stay in here or no, no, no. but if you can't do that, you're going to do that anyway in the law. we know now that you are keeping work. i think it's more than anybody that your understanding is they will explain why someone who was so frightened of you always brought in a very right and they know the runaway in the middle of the night. you may 1st than anybody. i've been another for all the camera. you say you can use your punch, someone in the stomach, i haven't you talk money from people. was you take 6 pound for one. my haven't done a work for want, you know, pay i haven't done the body. so this is or fabricate everybody. profit is telling the truth. i just can you just let's go look at the accommodation that's go gone. common shows a congress without door really one. all right. the more than the boy. thank you. thank you very, have a lovely day. like nobody knew what
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the lazy, big brown customers responded to the allegations of slavery in their supply chain. volvo call said it's code of conduct stated it's employees and franchises must comply with the law. the lipscomb dealership said it did comply with volvo's code of conduct. kia motors, u. k, told us it expected all its dealers to obey the law. kia hallberg carriage said it was shocked and concerned by our allegations, and is investigating the legitimate and the illegitimate economy become wanting some white because actually companies and people don't realize sometimes that they are using people her exploit it and that they are using modern day slaves. in their supply chain and britain's growing demand for cut price goods and services is
9:56 am
fueling that exploitation. this is a horrendous crime. the suffering of the, the victims is beyond anything that we can often imagine. and so anything that be that can be done to bring human trafficking in modern slavery to an end should be done. lou. a lease,
9:57 am
the hype of english with all lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful. i'm one of the cds on the cover. i'll just euro's investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football, finance park to sell something like one. in addition, it has been said that you can make a lot of fun disappear. i have many other sites. i've brazen example i said the man who so football on i just you know, the highlands of bonnie have long attracted to it. visitors come here for the cool climate and to see bonnie's famous rice fields. but these fields and farms are more than just a tourist attraction. they provided a lifeline for the thousands who lost their jobs when the travellers stopped coming because of coven 19. pandemic restrictions brought financial hardship to many here valley. now as the island reopens for international travelers,
9:58 am
some say they want more than just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have helped form a tourism workers learn how to cut it used to be a tour guide. now. he farms, cabbages, and at the time. yeah, i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer as the island prepares to welcome visitors again, many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. never forget with hello, it's looking a little disturbed across southern parts of the middle east at the moment. lots of cloud showing up on the satellite picture and that brings with it some heavy showers, bought his fat with it, some flooding as well. so we are concerned about northern parts. all them on this little clutch of storms are rolling across the north. there, southern parts of the o, e, they will gradually bring some very heavy right into that southeast corner of saudi
9:59 am
arabia before it finally rains out. but flooding certainly a possibility. and one or 2 of these spots over the next couple of days for the north. it stays hot and dry, 45 celsius or so for many pass up here, levant some pleasant sunshine there. 35 celsius for damascus. let's hop across the road and see where the southwestern monsoon will taught him that mass applied across the raven peninsula, still fading. some very heavy damsels into western parts of india, red bodies enforced many orange warnings in force across a good part of india. in fact, we do have very big concerns for telling gonna sent central errors of india. we'll see some very heavy rain as we go through sunday and on into monday, sliding little further east was pakistan still sinks very heavy showers over the next couple of days. possibility of flooding coming in here. we could do some rain into eastern parts of africa, somalia and kenya state lassie, dry ah.
10:00 am
talk to al jazeera, we ask you be more specific, how many jobs are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, asked the people of cuba industry. if there is a difference between donald trump enjoy life for them, it's saying we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, joe biden is set to visit israel, the palestinian territory, and saudi arabia in an ultimate test of foreign policy set during his election campaign were ending all american support for offensive operations. the more in yemen, what we've done by the actions that we've taken is not to rupture the relationship, but to recalibrate. as russia and china compete for influence over the region at a moment of growing up, even with us, get back in again. fighting in the middle east on al jazeera ah.


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