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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2022 10:30am-11:00am AST

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mosque in new delhi, hundreds of worshippers gathered that, the jama, my seed to offer prayers. oscar is one of the largest in india. muslims, traditionally mock the day by and sacrificing livestock, and then give it as gifts to family members and friends and poor. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, shoreline as president and prime minister of agreed to resign after protesters over run their homes. demonstrators also set fire to the prime minister's private residents. the countries struggling with its worst economic crisis and decades. michelle fernandez is in colombo with more and what could happen next? that is obviously as sort of a road map which is laid out by the constitution that governs this kind of event. now obviously you have the president having put an exit div that's on his resignation. the 13th that's the coming wednesday i he says he will resign to allow
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for a peaceful handover of power, the prime minister on a vicar missing. however, sort of putting a caveat on the qualification, on his exit, saying that he's willing to resign but will do so when a national government and all party government is put into place voting in japan's parliamentary elections is under way overshadowed by the assassination of former prime minister sion so abi, 2 days ago abbey's party, the liberal democrats, are looking to expand the majority. ah. 7 thousands in argentina have been rallying against the government as it struggles to rain in soaring inflation and poverty. protesters joins from across the political divide to hold a series of rallies in buenos aires. at least 14 people have been killed by gunman in a tavern in south africa. it happened in the nom samo settlement,
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and so i told southwest to johannesburg. but he say a group of men opened fire on the patrons just after midnight. 9 people were injured and had been taken to hospital police are investigating the motive and say nothing was stolen. at least 16 people to be killed by flash floods in indian administered kashmir flood waters swept through makeshift camps in the himalayas. where thousands of hindu pilgrims were taking part in an annual tract to a cave shrine. more than 2 dozen people have been reported missing. and muslims in india have been celebrating the festival of eda latha at a 17th century mosque and new delhi. hundreds of worshippers of gather to the jama, my seed to offer prayers. the mosque is one of the largest in india. those are the headlines coming up next to now to 0, inside story. good by. on counting the cost, we ask what's the price of rebuilding ukraine and who are going to be the financial windows once the war is over, plus,
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hyperinflation is gripping zimbabwe examined the unorthodox ways people are trying to protect their assets. counting the cost on all disease. japan is going ahead with its selections on sundays despite the assassination of its former leader. since obey was killed on friday in the city of norah. so will this affect the outcome? and what will it mean for japan on the broader region? this isn't side story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm getting abigail. japan's democracy will never yield to violence. those are the words of the japanese prime minister for mucous shita, as he promised to go ahead with sundays upper house elections after the assassination of the former leadership, obey the nation of
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a 125000000 people is in morning. yet many candidates have continued campaigning, saying they will not allow abe's murder to get in the way of the vote. japan's governing liberal democratic party needs to cement its majority to push through a number of reform started by its late leader. during his nearly 10 years, un office since obeyed, tried to revive the economy and made japan a more assertive player in the asia pacific. he was shot while speaking at a political campaign event on friday morning in the southern city of nora police are investigating. if the gunman named does 41 year old to so yeah, yeah, my gummy acted alone. ave, who is still a member of the lower house, had been campaigning in support of a, another candidate. so japan's prime minister and abby's ally says you'll continue on the policy track set forth by his predecessor guy. she said, i cannot forgive this dastardly and barbaric act which took place during an
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election, which is the basis of democracy as be incumbent prime minister. i will not give into violence and will defend democracy. i'll strive to further strengthen japan us alliance, carrying on the legacy, former prime minister ave, who lifted the alliance. new heights. attacks against politicians in japan are rare, but they're not without precedent. and 2007, the mayor of nagasaki, each each was shot dead by a member of the japanese criminal gang, known as the coots of 5 years earlier. a member of japan, democratic party, known for his anti corruption work, was stabbed to death outside his home. in 1960 and ultra nationalist assassin killed the head of the socialist party using a traditional japanese sword. and that same year should be grandfather and then prime minister and abuse k key, she was stabbed into fy, but survived. ah, let's not bring in our guest. joining us from tokyo mosquito sir rocha who is an
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associate professor at kale university in cambridge, tina barret, who's been associate professor at tokyo base sophia university, and also a visiting fellow at cambridge university. and then you show in the city of beth, who we have your chiro sato, who's a professor rich who may con asia pacific university. and welcome to you all. thanks so much for your time with us on inside story. and i'll just 0 mosquito, which of our legacy will live on most prominently and how do you think that it could continue shaping japan cummins. the other is to be remembered as a someone very dedicated to for insecurity policy. so the strengthening of the ones who has been focused on but at the same time, i would assume for science the arbitrator very big role in developing relationships . europe. so beyond asia, patrick region beyond in the pacific was something that he, he, he did a very good job. tina. well, what's your take on this? how, how will the, the former prime minister be remembered and, and, you know,
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he was known by many for his, i've been nomics, which is a try to get the japanese economy moving. what will be the last thing legacy of that in particular, what he tried to do for his own country's economy. and i think it's all made all next the him back to the premiership in 2012 off the he's a year not very successfully as prime minister as before. i think of a moment initially explained to them all the people that engaged the japanese population. but i think it's quite a mixed record in terms of what it actually delivered to the japanese economy. a lot of the problems that apply to the economy for decade. the wage stagnation, deflation, some of the things we still see them being prominent issues in the upcoming election. deflation has become inflation, but wage start nation and problems in the real everyday economy still exists. so i think it's a very mixed legacy that prime minister leads behind. we're going to get on to the subject of the upcoming elections at a moment. but 1st,
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let me bring in your chiro sato to tell us what you think the former prime ministers legacy is going to be. and my guess from tokyo mosquito was talking about the significance of all the work he did abroad. so i wonder if you can weigh in on that in particular and tell us where he really cultivated the most important relationships during his tenure. sure. yeah i've, it was one of the rare stuff as you get a thinking prime minister in japan and the reform. so the japan security policy didn't start to with bear, but all those incremental progresses previously made have been package into one coherent strategic policy by prime minister. and though the hub being completed with the amendment of the constitutional if he didn't get into this tragedy. but the are fortunate to be that he's project is incomplete,
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and the case you day is going to have to face a tough job of succeeding. best legacy. let's look at the upcoming elections. tina you mentioned names and them just a moment ago. ave, of course, has been out of office for 2 years. but what sort of political implications could his killing have inside the l. b. p, itself, the liberal democratic party? and to what extent do you think the political landscape has changed for japan's ruling party with this assassination? in terms of the immediate impact on the election, i don't expect to be a huge impact based on the tragedy that we've just seen. i think there might be some up search and support for the l. d. p. the ruling party that mr. all day with a member of based on sympathy that people have for the party and the last that, that stuff that but i think this will be more people who are planning spoke to the l. d p anyway on somewhat ambivalent about whether they'd actually turn out might
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push a few more people to actually go to the polls. so we might see a bit of a search in support for the party, but they were already on track to win a majority. mr. casey, there's been doing, we can be well in the polls and the opposition and it's very divided. i think they're about 12 parties in the opposition contesting the election and some of those opposition party that's free and some of the key policies that we've been discussing in particular defense. some reform of the constitution might actually support the l d p. well, i'm a sticky, she does go down that route to define. so he wanted the constitutional reform, but i think he should have been quite bade on how committed he is to following that element of prime minister, all base legacy. i think one thing we have to remember to the, to menu each other very well. i'm sure it was all a pick of his successor. but in the past year from it's the key. she has been with us. he actually wants to collaborate shopping of mr. bay, and i think the consequence of the tragedy will be that actually that will be
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easier for him to do so. we might actually see him assessing himself me as somebody who is following up with different path on his previous doctor who left quite a controversial figure in japan, right, mitchie. so do you agree with this assessment and do you think that the l d. p could witness a boost during the upcoming election elections. thanks to some parts by what's been described as a sympathy votes. yes, their degree of booster now, based on seems to won't. i think it is quite uncertain. no, we don't know, but saw the, the, even before the office mission of mr. albin, the, the government in the 80 peter rude and party with set to win this election. so the main because of the fact that the opposition parties are quite, we can divide debt and also to people who are b approver rating of the should a government has been quite high. so they did the, the way in which shared the government has been dealing with the coffee crisis and,
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and so the, the response to the war in ukraine and those are things that said the people have been, have been basically supportive over off. but in recent weeks are the there have been a more home crane sunday, dissatisfaction among the people robert rising, crisis inflation. so city government, i think it's going to, it's going to me touch rest as he sees after i'd say to, according to one of the latest polls that i've seen. in fact the, the, a support for the government has been dropping. it was 66 percent back in may. and right now it's at 50 percent. it depends on the various open impulse, but the still, the by japanese standards are the, the approval rating for it for the should a government, it's still quite high. but so the recent sa decrease, i think, has to do very much a better deal inflation and the rising price is and then that's why the government
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to win each address. it is. all right, ok, you're chiro. so clearly, abby was a very influential figure, is that the biggest faction in that ruling liberal democratic party? what do you think the impact of his killing will have on the party? will it create a major political vacuum? not the vacuum. the l d. p will remain solid majority party. but at the same time, the inter, a part, the dynamics who are fundamentally change with been gone. now, i think the function lead to resume the in fighting after this coming election. and for consider the, the margin of victory, the somewhat important in terms of whether he can continue to rain or bugs or functional need us the function, need us ready to withdraw the support. when you see the popularity falls
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over barrier issue, the province of pseudo just mentioned the call be read rising now and you know, this could make him unpopular and in for a shaun's big program. and if the government talks about doubling the defense budget, it has been discussed within the p. then that will make the party and pop it as well. and even able to finance those in the extra spending. some of speculating that the consumption tax might be rates game, and those would be a killer item for the case you the government, if they have to talk about all of those things, let's just look at some of the numbers for a moment. 0 because she has set a goal for the coalition of the l d p. and the junior partner to retain
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a majority in the entire of the upper chamber in the upcoming elections. the ruling block, he says needs to win 55 seats to keep control of that chamber. do you think that the managed to do so? sure, easy and dog said he does. number is proposed deliberate. the law for controlling the expectation and others to should he blame? dave should actually wins on the simple majority. siena give us a sense of what the upper chamber actually is, how important these elections are. and to what extent these elections are really seen sort of as a report card on the government's performance so far. i think maybe actually from south a very important if we look at the past history of japanese prime minister, one of them including with the all by himself, ministration of resigned when the election to combat the lease of the opera house.
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so all the way to the 2nd chamber is very important in terms of people's political perceptions of the power of the prime minister. and the 2nd chamber actually is important to the legislative process in japan. and then they have to approve bills that are all going to become law. and in the past in japan have major difficulty politically when one chambers been controlled by one coffee or one coalition. and i'm, the other chamber has been in the control of all the policies. so it is fundamentally important to the smooth running of the government, the ability of the government to get them registered gender past that the upper house has the majority for the moving coalition. but my colleagues that i think that's not really about the tool with the selection, the question is how big is b l d p majority. ok, one of the reasons i think the former prime is to all be without campaigning and nora and other places as he was trying to ensure that the ruling coalition actually have 2 thirds majority because that's the benchmark necessary in order to revise
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the japanese constitution new the l d t o for members of a very much missed the all they have that are fish, them are getting a big majority in the house and doing a lot of house bank. alright. yet sure. i mean, even if the l d p. when's the election? do you think it's going to give the, the prime minister and from what all 3, if you are saying the l d p is going to in this election, but will he have a big enough mandate to actually carry out the forms we keep talking about the issue with inflation obviously that's one that's on voters minds the calling when hes the majority, i think is so much a sutton. so there the extent of when yes there that's going to matter and attended that sir. that's going to affect it. did the power base of rec, she know within the party on deck and getting to south majority only by the l. d. p . and coalition for a new co may party is not quite easy, but sad. the in terms of thinking about a da da starting the process of amending the constitution,
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the people are not thinking of adding to more opposition party to reach or a supportive of the idea of changing the constitution. so the, if you put the old, these are 4 parties. the 2. 0, coalition parties under $22.00 opposition parties. and then did the people say that's our recruiter maker to such majority in both houses of the parliament. but a, and a question. to what extent, i'm an institution, he's going to be a origins. yessir ah, following the election i'm, i'm a bitter and skeptical. well, why are you skeptical? because that was one of the goals that was pushed by the former prime minister since obey. and in fact, it's been retained ah, by could she that himself? so do you think this and you don't think this will be some of the agenda? yes. if from, from the, from the inception to 80 peer has been talking about changing the constitution. yes, that's very much part of the parties. dna. but so in terms of the real policy
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priority on death? yes, there for some petitions for odd dp geisha in dessie, sir? yes, there did priorities very high, but for, for the general public it's, it's not quite a priority. kitchena. and also they're in at the front desk. dear du du du problem, is that the even lindy, l. d. p. there's no consensus on how to, how to move forward, what to change, what not to change this. it's a still a very controversial ac mitchie tow. what about a sort of foreign policy and defense? because the l d p, it has been pushing for an increase in defense spending to reinforce its defense posture and meds. you know, some threats from, from neighboring countries. how do you see that playing out? yes, the idea increasing defense budget. the surprising he got said them one more people are the general public support that idea. so did you have been a, there have been series of opinion pose about this on
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a large majority of the japanese, a supporter, the idea of increasing defense budget, which is quite near. so there, and the biggest reason i think behind it is a the war in ukraine. so did you know people are more concerned about the change of state of school by force, sir? not only in europe, but also it could happen. i in east asia as well. so the, but i under any not context at the 80 p has been talking about said the raising defense budget up to 2 percent of g d p. but the current level is around one percent. so. so do what said they're talking about is about is, is doubling defense budget let it's a lot bring in your chair on that's on that issue of defense spending and, and foreign policy. do you expect any change going forward or more of the same? i think the increase of defense budget will be rather incremental. it's not going to happen over night in terms of political feasibility. where are the 5th golf
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feasibility? the government really has to work on financing, increasing budget, not only for defense, but for the other projects, including the senior citizens pension on the form. and the also the coral, and pandemic, re dated body, a subsidy expansive. and also gives you the talks about the, the so called the new capitalism. and he wants to subsidize many start ups to revitalize the japanese economy. where does the money come from without raising consumption tax? and you know, it's going to be very hard to make. and in the end, most likely, the government led by weakening the the ship is going to result to equally meant that is more of it isn't as far as budget priorities that i'm glad you bring up the
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issue of the new capitalism. because that is something that was being pushed by, by the prime minister. and he had, in fact, pushed back against the abnormal policy of the former prime minister. should be, you know, this talk of a new capitalism. your chiro, how radically new a vision has been. do you think it's very difficult to see, you know, he's looking at the united states where you have all the unicorn companies and creating big new economies and you know, she is really the passion, emmy, right? but the, it's not sure whether the government published the produce stove and, you know, every time japan wants to do something, the government tries to lead the process. but the, maybe the, the fundamentally wrong starting point is you're talking about starbucks. so
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you know, let's just talk about the turnout and what's expected for the upper house elections because turn out last time around in 2019 was about at 48.8 percent, which was the 2nd lowest. in fact, in post war japan, how much appetite do you think there is for the election this time around? i think we generally turn off the upper half collections is bit lower than it is lower half collections and even bay turned out and trending generally downwards. in, in recent years, so i would expect to put a cover around the 50 percent mark. maybe the tragedy this week will prompt a few more people to come out. some votes. also i think people are very much concerned about cost of living issues, inflation, stagnant wages that we can, again, rising energy prices, the, the role of brenton box, of political issues. so it's possible in this sort of situation where people seem
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to squeeze and ceiling that needs to be renewed economic direction that might prompt more people to come to the poll. but i think we're still not expecting anything historically different from, from off selection. what about the younger voters? because according to reports, also turn out has been particularly low among younger voters in the recent elections, in contrast to some of the some of the elderly voters that have come out to vote. why do you think that is? yeah, i think partly it's because they go to the mission, michael, elderly says unknown to come out to the political proxies, pitch the tool at the old to a more reliable and for a lot of the issues that are important to younger people are secondary when it comes to the platform of political call to me to kind of an old society as well. so older people are more numer. most of the policies are lead by older companies.
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gentlemen who don't necessarily ret present. the younger people of japan very helps them to look at the call to see themselves in their lives and their issues reflected in those do all themselves or does that lead to the political? but that's not just the japanese trends. and i think the world boating is always lower among younger, both. right. but you to, i mean, if you look at the l p d, it is l d p, excuse me, it generally is viewed as a party of conservative continue ity and japanese politics. so do you think that's the mood on the streets right now, particularly in the wake of the assassination of the former prime minister, or are people looking for for a steady hand? yes, that that's quite sure the people are sort of, they're tacitly trustor the early policies including the economic policy. so there, despite the fact that there are more and more people are, are dissatisfied with the current economic situation. but they still expect l d p
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to do that good job because their, their opposition parties are not quite trust dads and divide it to week. so those who expected more vigorously economic policy that they bought for for the l d p. and that said the trends not, not only today but also did the situation that has been there for, for more than 10 years. i guess you're chiro where you are is isn't the same thing in battle. and cute you are people just looking for a steady hand and, and also yeah, we're coming to the end of the show. but just tell us how much influence you think . and our bay will continue to have on japanese politics if any at all when good as a bare husband, dependent on her budget, transferred from the center of government. and the local politics is designed around the subsidy from the central government. but though,
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the young people who decides to stay in their rural neighborhood rather than moving forward jobs seen talk your soccer, big cities, they have to innovate and then understand that they cannot depend on the government . but i, you know, they have to think hard in order to, to produce create the business is seen in a rural area where population is declining, right? not the easy path for them and just say yes or no, we'll abby continued to that has legacy will continue to live on yes or no or going on the policy? no, i don't think so. i order this. she signed the some over the call on the policies being reversed. alright. they yan gamed value in the way over the whole nation. that was really surprising. thanks to all i guess for joining us on inside story and she touch rocha, tina beretta, and your chiro sato. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time
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people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah, shoreline can protest as take over the president's home. most he and the prime minister said they'll resign. ah, i don't know about this, and this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up the suspect in the assassination of japan's former leadership. so abby is moved from the police station where he was being held as voters had to the polls.


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