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tv   Al Jazeera World Senegal Wrestling With Reality  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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b, u. s. is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to walk with lot here and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world. from here. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will be even use in current affairs. that matter to you. oh, this is al jazeera, i'm telling you. navigate on with a truck on your world headlines. sher lancaster, president and prime minister, have agreed to resign after protesters over round their homes. the country struggling with its worst economic crisis in decades. and our fernandez has more from outside the president's official residence in colombo. gonna be roger pox. the president had been put on notice. there was a campaign for 3 months, a cold gotta go home, where people are protested from all walks of life. said enough is enough. the sort
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of crisis brought on by the president. his mismanagement by corruption was enough that he needed to go, and they said that they would force his hand if he doesn't do so voluntarily. yesterday, seans absolutely dramatic. never before seen crowds are using their joint strength to make the president and his government leave iran. rick romero, ne, as a member of parliament in sri lanka and previously stormed, served a state minister of finance. he says there are no short term solutions for the country's problems. what this has shown is people demand the change, the changes on its way, and therefore the new or so few things need to be done. the media prices, they can amik price that people don't have gas and shortages like that. so we would need the help of all friendly country than neighbors in assisting with that.
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and then we also need to box with the national my 3 funds coming to a stop level agreement with the week and then going for the necessary reforms. and that process has begun and that that process can be taken to be either i'm, if previously we had to program even my level finance and i'm in the country. so clearly i think the change was needed. i missed and everybody needs the government except the majority of the people in the country. and i think that the stablish are supposed to be to continue the challenges because we need to get the picture cues and really need to provide spreadsheets for that. been to need bridging finance and then of course the, the have to undertake the difficult economic reforms that are being called for. and we need to do this because they are needed. and this is the way to take the country
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forward. at least 14 people have been killed by gunman in a bar in south africa. 9 others were injured and they've been taken to hospital. it happened in the non damo settlement and so west south west of johannesburg, catch a local hoodie and has more the overwhelming pain as families are called to identify their relatives. it was after midnight when police say more than a dozen people shot by gunman in the bar. neutral harrisburg bodies piled near the entrance. our victims were tried to run out and escape. what we know is that the assailants, the just entered into that space. well, people in dreamed in soap and the shorter and only to them, investigators have described the shooting as a massacre said ins as that a new one now possesses the gun was to try it the act on it, on our communities,
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and was to call upon communities to actually lead indeed assist the police in, bring in to book a, those a pituitary. police say nothing was stolen from the business. now with their focus turns on catching those responsible, finding out why the victims were targeted. katya loop is of a young al jazeera muslims around the world have been celebrating the festival. a fairy tale of ha, in the iraq is city of mosul. prayers were held in the annuity mosque for the 1st time and security forces. regain control of the city. in 2017 man, thousands of worshipers. in pakistan's largest city karachi, came out for prayers. the large outdoor gathering has been held at the cities polar grounds since 1958th. those are the latest headlines on al jazeera up next. it's al jazeera world. thanks for watching. bye bye. for now.
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just had to go with home on a 200 and i got the other cannot hypothetical. you've heard of anybody bombarded. they sank and do come all up l a. m a z n i a day and grand. i knew the lieutenant address emily a 2nd say loud on the lintel under a capital. so linda alondo moved and i got to tell her, becca, begin, don't renew it. and gone pole and bumped down to
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a government massacre set in la devany combat are fair. that the no put it as i go and her mom, i didn't get it until it was in. i'm with him. you know, some people to begin a, i mean a low good it moves. i think i'm more buying a
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part of the rug with rod been up quite a bit higher than normal than what you meant if you got them would i bring him a number to get it to the woman with . 6
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michael, do, and you are gonna minute or 2 been okay. if i had to push me though, but if t bad will mark it well, but it would all but yep. when you're printing it normally, charlotte, i've got enough to what is it isn't gonna go on a ah, we need to go back a dispo 2nd. i need to mail him. also send his up to and this was a desinik l. as in david, my of it is best to stay on for the group at mc last me to dallas to sit there will of me to my different that i need to schedule a final point to as you
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said is down to the city. look, you got my notes if there is this bus, the problem there, joe. the memory class dodge. and then the monday, the so call from day it is also good. linkage on it. is it too sorry for compound number for the month. check that it allows you to on the bus at the sub the price show the on to on kind of factor loan. so get the importer set to the 6th of the month. okay, so in, in philly, generals the
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your exist then, or the last good to go past that goes to sort of the last was what was, you know, the going to do to liberalize the re fun, jo on the side you etc. opposed to to do it so far so good. so so the, the logical. so she got new to the news . ah, i've got another guy that was all of
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a lot of good men. i feel like it's locked at mit auto mon coma that i did not realize. it was a little bit sad. eunice. i'm going to give them a religion as the before me live alone. i love the blue undergraduate contact was a concert on, on touch with the ground that i found was also got to oh wow. that's the only on the lots of all the did long. it could be 5000000 to do it for the last minute
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you last me who said in figure since you were due on select sunday, i realized that you so cool was you see are being your mouth are broken more from from bed to fell out bow but obviously on that one blow oregon is it, is it i'm to liberalize this girl. why my bill was a girl. that's her last a we're do. there's no man. we value we're in. yeah, m double saw the salon does. i'm off look, but i think it will sub was sick with a member. so 1st that you were with me when oregon is allowed with
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mom a letter called or what if you like, you sort of got new. thank you. on contract would be like a house we realized left on the laser from control when you put in competition, really don't watch a much more security cable names right on countries. we need to figure out how much wrong a clue what. what would the law plus replete calabria? marcy phillips picked back. please i want you to do is to permit the water liquids your vision because we will see the word steve. grandma is with
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huh. a ah oh wow. i know i'm in in the ag by dana pearson that came with it. oh now, so i'm not so long easy. javan july. little so we live yet. equal to the advantage on our route. what does she need to see? so non panama city is a lot, it could be your thoughts around, god bless you. i like them with with
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money, but any adding not often with him, but i didn't get them if it's not my thing, but i don't. why don't look on one on one that if, if anybody that i'm not different, i look at them, but it may do a demo if them effect loving mother mc my that, that, but i'm going to go that route and then i can look, i will, i will i'm not getting, i'm getting while get it over them, but i need them to come wash while we're talking about it. but what i will do, i'm what, by doing that and i'm gonna, well, i will drive it up. we'll, we'll all of them on monday, but at noon when i let it, i didn't, i will double the amount of money now, but i'm not eating. i welcome. i may not. i know of you guys on my that i'm not gonna buy it and muzzle, but i'm money just going by this with
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ah m, i know that the me that they were kissing the atlanta or some of what i danbury about noon, but it, man, my mom i'm a dues on the commodity brake light, duty lum. we end up at the south k, v well may do before because dylan dylan is up with me, but it mach marcella. willis, deborah asap. wicked wilber congenital soon you can give muffled and gin, why they couldn't walk for her. no, nicola, cauliflower massey willy. no. rene fulfilled, but enough of update. fulfilling mcgee, you madame, received the letter?
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no, to premera shabby. i'm not a miss kid. miss kaleisha said the missio they def, so our madman, that if sudden muscular sylvie id, i'm not a so he put it back on by adding a degree b, m, a mystic or a one on the demand, isaac, of the blood and body. so could you blood and but it may say, madam, to knock, not to my you mahal could al comes, i knew the car when you read at her the, my birthday i emilio, a linen while marsan taylor baba. why did they empty to, to go by democracy room if in our local why at the, in my minute let no marco have got nothing you one more day i kind of knew almost
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in i'm in high zuba, not the binnacle, modern, a fake or a say samuel low, low hunger i mean want no fee in with you. i forgot how many as i need new fi. i'm with my family. why don't i get, i'm gonna, i'm damn it. while i'm doing, i'm, i'm for la. ah, a visit with the guy that lives out. that's what i learned a lot that, look, you've got a letter,
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a colleague, i failed. why? why did you need what's up? what i bought, it may be an opportunity and we'll check. good practice. didn't you put a check? ok. you the newt let alicia in a plus impact on book bicycle our lips. it looks pretty sure he's it. so let's play sure and did a chill it. oh, 2nd download. so shipping, india and they pierre, will forward that beer flew going to taylor there, guy who can't say that the school is sad to juggle existing
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characters. wireless. they said they why did the hunger, but he doesn't exist any data in se ready, but it isn't a did a little more to what a, mcguire, they michael duffy, daniel demarco don't benefit. why do i go to baggage up on the market? democracy? i'm going to have a demo forced me. dara ma, by maggie de deductible by why i knew it alone will be happy to lock myself. but i am up at sac with well believe in the fema colony know that i did but any but a little problem with a need to be the lamb will this is debra a political i'm willingly in so active a model or a key and then i sailor would then proceed with her. i put
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a 1000000 daily weapon combat with them to mon madam, who does it at so many years as our, as our, as our london allowed them to us at so many gave all but and when, when michael, well known and i mean that the mom diagonally mom and america never, natalie made it, monet, modica operability some of the other? well michael mcgill longer than it was a good day. mean if under mantell from component, that's just they said it was a go on that to you from crown laundry. mean, like i said, i company like a government city leopard. loot, cooney, some grand. some very tablo natasha. it will show up, elicit lead to flattish future and it was then
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a sooty for it. i said, yeah. and the business, they say i said that most of what do you see in the the was your me, what is your thank you on enough committee was it's just that i didn't even save for me. and then if i'm not supposed to keep this along, explain me if what i didn't jealousy. ha, that go and accept, think of this girl or the local asha ali. dealt with up out of if you good. and
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then you don't like any other way to vent on, and then you turn in a laughable for desire for gaze on my chemo. jenika. so i lit, giving up a quick minute. does he a pop? i said to it you, it was your me, no video. go to set that that he did. if i had a bed, a big liquidity, a sick? yea able one. say i've only come back to set the miss are sam was your be on our face. them ways i'm way are so good on our more dionisio and it may ever said to to allow sam but dr. kit, i'm full liter of one minus one and it's
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a sack you for lab. what did they loud? mm. think read at emotion and don't understand it, it plays impulse better yet. go back. let me mom, look, gone gama, in the 1st one in luma. well, yes, it's a demo or anthropology or not and done yet. has ample, the sorry for lady sorrow for dorothy and funny in the last aspect of it. but he kennedy who door to find out that it's a good in for late. they've gone to santa monica yet with the law firm of the preparation. say it, i'm to remember. oh said patrick de la lute his
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yoke, you go to the coma it keep these georgia to parsonage. if you're a vector, do with twilio and please then we'll invest here with us. i exist. so luckily i sick or day mistake. he or exist there? good. yeah. exist it. oh, i knew it. and if any smile a lap work, shock. se is funny. no, no, put him on a, in this i in for qualifies a missile quotation for info that i'm about to scan the thesis of what the laptop. what is that for that, that i may all agree. sceptre shitty. getting their coma glass, if we can offer what policeman say existed, miss alto for malice,
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lacy looked at her nipples, unquote, lo day for up on a pos are on a possible stacy miller. combustor what i said, they put a partial minnock on one do button one that it will put them on camera. see what maximum or maximum on what elected to put apart. i put a partial elastic. if physic, m y, just pull up a put a shot physic technique. did you do is i just wanted your camera larry to tell, give will it was your would be the last little yellow minute. but emma an intervention for bliss. nationalization as a cup of butler. did i have your last knowledge? was it? did they got too much of it? i don't. susan. i may love your last le demos brooke. law valid. i have your last come see ins. is it a storage? yes. love sac. demolish newsome, i'd love your last 2nd demo's loaner. so the junkie m u. so ship you saw
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her fmla lucas had done because validated or possibly got up or something in for me to put in one place on masculinity for say, improper. deliver them on us. if there is a special and i've you live far, i'm glad i lived, miss. if i lived through or saw so muscular it's rush hour at the local community center in lieu batch of 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. that know that got jack is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting goods donated by people from all over europe. thought a, we are helping people on the other side of the border to once the state behind who can lead. since russia invaded ukraine, that new to has been driving across the border every day. crossing the border is
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always tricky, but the women say that to, to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's gonna be hopefully much easier to bring down the goods in done no to if we leave to find a less chaotic situation that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted. this time i'm not crying. as you can see. that not us mission has been accomplished for now, but you will return with more goods. as long as russia missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine, new voice if heating up the airway, lot of pennies. listen, actually kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting palate a case, the rise of citizens. journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on so and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, on counting the cost. we ask,
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what's the price of rebuilding ukraine and who are going to be the financial winners once the war is over. plus, hyperinflation is gripping his and bob weight examined the unorthodox ways people are trying to protect their assets. counting the cost on all to 0. ah, this is al jazeera, i'm heading up again with a check on your world headlines. sherland as president and prime minister have agreed to resign after protest. her is over round their homes, the country struggling with its worst economic crisis. in decades, michelle fernandez has more from outside the president's official residence in colombo. go to albert, roger, pox of the president had been put on notice. there was a campaign for 3 months, a cold go to go home where people are protested from all walks of life. said enough
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is enough. the sort of crisis brought on by the president. his mismanagement by corruption was enough that he needed to go. and they said that they would force his hand if he doesn't do so voluntarily. yesterday. seans absolutely dramatic. never before seen crowds a, using their joint strength to make the president and his government leave. leave 14 people have been killed by gunman and a bar in south africa. it happened in an am zamiah's settlement and so south west of johannesburg. police say a group of men opened fire on them after midnight. local government officials of called the shooting a massacre. so deal with the pollution of a and that a, anyone know, this is a gun was to try it on our community in which community is actually really
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putting in, bring into those 3 poles of oak closed in japan's upper half elections, which have been overshadowed by the assassination of the former prime ministrations by 2 decades. the 2 days ago baize party, the liberal democrats, are projected to keep a majority. thousands in argentina have been protesting against the government. is it struggles to reign in, sorry, inflation and poverty. protesters from across the political divide have come together to hold a series of rallies important aries, a fast moving fire in the u. s. state of utah has burned through hundreds of pictures of land around the town of fillmore. it's one of several wildfires in the area muslims around the world have been celebrating the festival afraid a lot half in the iraqi city of more so prayers were held at the as naughty mosque for the 1st time since security forces regain control of the city. those are the headlines. it's back to al jazeera world. thanks for watching.
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with that one down. right? yeah. i mean, i'm not going to do i still, i need to get the deal for you. a allow buys the same car is, is carla, don't call for school. my funny story though, i did only go to mourn. yeah. bah, fi, glassware,
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only barn sees used to asco. i'm fairly t m m m o t t. ah no my my they said it was i said friday and then a but the answer my yet a safety. com yearly dear. i read through their lunch and i'll call you in a little chance pool for me, nikki. came in and out on pool. none lit up air or less. i be only the andy kicker yar mtv ac up l is. i am going to have a good idea to have, i mean, i guess the said arkansas law, even if hired women via a new deal to t j. i strictly fee just gotten on his school gas on to the directly gospel of so
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far as our wireless threats. don't go to fulfill our leave to plenty with nick dick. dick and ged, know you well my god, if i have a blue my name, i really a medina se entire process is still is for now and by fans with the dish of my own poor element of yes, you live technique, ss ab. yeah. live local. oh and we're lucky you did our nina sanker part of indies? no. c, v keeper. is he than one village? a milan pyre? hyena! don't go early see. but the, i guess what? yeah. yeah. well with that afternoon going out with your own when you're cool. go yes or no, i fell. i looked on as
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a yeah. so we on our back disappear awesome. or different competition, delicate muscular, or synagogue. it said up back to the lark or not. you are aware of the last, you know, grammar. this answer of it is a bad name. put get any visit the dallas with kelly. pretty kelly can't get a comma. did well. ok. ok. i had aqua, the cadell, marty job. some new by the see me seem to work because he thought that the queue for that is about the find in the la la la la la, did a fossil do you wanna come dick at the local or for any emma combine, maintain a bala name a complaint susie moody, you said that he had blah, blah blah, face up with trusted the well face up from it, put it put, put, fluffy, is suitable. the synagogue noodle,
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the when caught the con jan fair party, the group. these other kids should act. taylor my last i'm parent for a new one. i hope it isn't. there is lashanda eric over fare me again long a . so not to fear she so want to rent a new me it will. victor guys cut up our lives under my id 10 o v. a deal is what she did want to look with the
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air. she's the one to download a friend. like i said not to fear a sonya dallas in a lower apparently noon you will do you ugly on me on 22. i wanted to put a little on that in there from us as fillable. actually dont need to know comparative quantity until well completed. antonini county was what is do you have a, a a, a, a,
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a with a big the buffer dealer. to go do a t t onto the web list of the stuff in my face. she too young, competing with you and then it was here. i was down, i was doing season with do my day to fit and again,
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these are the big new you said to the local mass on for a normal 40 some did to you up. it must be on board to do to build the demoss hill mom a little messy local at fault by the lake. if not the on that as i've been, i've been, if was, if i see the leak is not the, i'm not in my 3rd in my book or a bit in miss pretty good. it a and it was the and so it was in there but then every one that more on, but i'd be glad that i do so. and then live b formally. i got a you, but i think a lot of it could be so and then you can collect the simone who's
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a id yet i'm in finance, dental. not a dance dancer to not live close to nicholas those again, shaw movie in more money as against what they just want to nip. what i meant on the side to get loud. you just go and do remember who's what i'm when they're at. yes. down the santa phillip you see it, i stare. you're passing your fantasy id formula. they're quite breaking sandy. something or now air, just as look as you or your mom, but let me do media said a little more audience. easy add that see on ivy walk with m y m poo r idella lieut olympic. but i my on knowledge of our book, one to looters. pasco, failure was already put here. it, la missouri did a fee fund is
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a live. and last that is fair. our little boys i have seen as you see on the upper, but to care. oh sport, ordinary young guy knew elysium no. barbara, thank you, but i'm political. i looked at those brought with like us been good. us are not. unfortunately, it isn't will adam of budget. that's good. dillman germonti i live is madam. thank this guy, newman of the list there because you guys a month was grandma marianne malachi, about the level of wellness via giovanni's. you could look for in what you meant and not to be a ged mental azure with winning for antoinette, paula, former selma, and my, the mentor niger will raise until approachability isabel back of a gig, yoko, marcia, and do me raise our job fair to our mom what almost election important bacteria,
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you just get something enough with me. a faint me pull me off the food aaliyah fairly shoved on that week on pommy kemati del mar pasco, in southern wow, yeah, video and food the fast, the thickening the they did it. good. marashi a you cause your cd. so he yeah, the yellow b e a one under the co, the flu and he's been eliminated. will model the pool of them
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and not so clinton stuff contribution for what i may last i've put on your own. i did so could just say he just really could motional somebody monitor a party or was it has any undue mean the seas? every kill me class it took a shipper to address and cuts some put him on for a minute. who somebody one is ever separate as a class at the doctor said progress, you all came up with my impression and then it says to me, if you could always send me well enough for 2 days, he said that there is something i can know for. i don't see the contract. it is cynthia sheet. is that the mark taylor a cd or just a peak? don't call it, says philip wood, dieter or no
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room gender model. are you doing with the scott renaissance is sanker and darla sank on a more fair look with designs more. jacqueline, a book with the best one you have, whereas you to not electric defend list that out. got a little money motto, milan is he member for us luther addison. i yeah. they will. yeah. la, la digney, on into a long la more shooting up our level to move up office with vision, you bought them. when i met him on to look at the lobby and i did go to google satellite, did you read a book fair down by the order it was responsible, a vehicle in baltimore?
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i'm so glad it's brought it to class. get the feeling he bought a vehicle you'd see on so bad so must be allowed. you don't make to put up up when to near bus go like that. he had been found a lot about somebody i put a while ago. now want to put up, what do you put up when you knew? i'd be glad you a champion, not definitely keep it on something. i don't need a j. my died the was it done me the said 0. wow. that i'm a die dog was m o was as it was due to last bunker for me. well, my allow you to my local id was the advisor. know the member that didn't is off bus need though to say double bond book with the job will go by literally in the see
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about them a lot. my book will up with the mob with my stuff the at the why do therefore do here. if you give it a fair come out of my god, it should have it little didn't. when i go back, make down a 100, you know it's up. it's started with yeah, le picks around if don't put yeah la pick shown to call a me and they come out, give me, i'll put the uncle to file it. do i like you then? is it going back to you? well, a but to, to put on to start to hear down to 50 don't do is your bill is dollar lot with new
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vanessa to live that in the privilege you are the ones you were wondering are form one. you said, come back with you put any kind brandon will go. yeah, yeah, you hoped to come out for parker's, you gladys, it was, i'm for sample and i think don't wanna figure silky corner or as you requested music or you maybe add even said she was on the potty. yay! even get back. yeah. get them to come to not even a compact to san diego name of the new combo. a he can you give me on my good year. he's fatty. ok. so then you look for the new come up with that those implants in the him. he sits in while back on again. as you with
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me, my letter is my issue if you needed me and my sheet so good to my did i do not approve it competition and with it like can i didn't i you last halls, roscoe's a little don't it on dos is just god knows you a lot, buffy. what? i love listening. did he ask them what? well, a de la champion olympic useful african ella all been in a police more typical, more made. but i d. e sundays as if it were fanaticism does act as it is. yes. yes, it basically effect event. yeah. because if the 2nd 2nd my document doesn't look like she for be that would be like it might because it's
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a it will usually anybody my dad you with me, her name anyhow. when i did it, i'm going to dallas my pretty like is your us are walker c v i d g q on dante, ma'am the dublin and they're gone, but particularly the do the order, pardon me,
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but the cur. like that is to reality. echo uncle, them us with good dumont it is. you didn't find me. take a trip. well go. oh, continental is it you said the via column. but you got a random blood deangela institute to divert kel commander, combine appalachia too. so give me a good, the bigger dip. love model, i get none of that here. grampa la, looking at a bottom when to sash la, looking at it, it is simple. omar o o complement, appeal on washer, study. bitter to j. o. 2, don't bantam, ha, ha. ha,
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i don't know about a lease with
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soon as you pointed out that day on monday for the little one and the suppose. yep, i'll on top o minutes. the liddy cassiano obama allowed under their glasses since it accompanied but a new term for an ongoing plan is l. m met before some article over again. you got going, alluded and about by at column one and this is ellen in focal. i need less dell, dell it in a particular spot, deep met if a buckle showed me the little blood pip somewhere that's i shall. so shell. get in there by da da da da da da. as i'm pure, could give a ticket of i believe it book or history a kid as it, is he a sanity elected a son? turn back on me or feel you john?
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yeah. really difficult because he bought it on the store q on 15 and took out labarte. a he like to do. is he in abilene a bottle left by it was ordered. let me, let me look at it today. and i was just in this past st. ahmed, i like, i think that he's actually got one more day there by near the deca jacka said this is a bunch of opposing sub lanet sceptre. let me got a, a city. so can you do beneath the champion circle you move or faith, please. a
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give questions, please call one. thank you. so a 3. thank you, sicker, because you're not there. who was i very lovely. a new com got in my life. some premiere live in your, in your memory, in longer than i did the similar kim deaker. what the letter said about it and get to put custody in missouri. i'm on mama patrick in the notes on their cell or yeah, i missed you last you landed it or if you asked be a different sample for like
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a the a al jazeera well to reach for remarkable post new survivors after those closest to them were taken away never to return some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the cerebral neat so massacre 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left
3:57 pm
behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die on al jazeera. ah, a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of on networks journalists on al jazeera, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to katha book. your travel package today. hello i. we still got some very cold weather into parts of chile at present. it is winter caused it significant snow fall,
3:58 pm
certainly over the high ground santiago with temperatures struggling to reach 9 celsius over the next couple of days. little warmer there for want us airways to risten wet weather around for the river plate. natalie hava. it's way push up into europe wise. you go on 3, monday, 12 degrees celsius. this j tab, which is starting to recover. therefore santiago bassetti still cool enough on the chevy side for chilly, as it were further north into brazil, lots of sunshine around here, showers there up towards northern parts of south america. big downpours, up towards the northwest corner of the continent. sir. plenty of showers may mile into the caribbean, it is sunshine and shower, some lively ones coming back into nicaragua, costa rica, panama, scattering a showers across the eastern audits and the scattering showers t for the greater antilles. pushing across to southern parts of mexico make a way farther north. you can see there is some wet weather across the gulf of mexico pushing into southern parts of the u. s. that tending to just ease its way a little further east with some very heavy downpours. therefore,
3:59 pm
the carolinas pushing into georgia more lively storms pushing out a central parts of canada, easing across the central plains and mid west cats are airway official of the judge. hm . ah
4:00 pm
say that mm hm. and then the international anti corpse examines award boat now for your hero. ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, you're watching the news our live from headquarters in del high. i'm getting obligated coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 14 people are killed in a south african bar shooting. so at o community group say it's a massacre processor is occupied. those are lincoln presidents home saying they will stay until the country's leaders go.


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