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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2022 3:00am-3:30am AST

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for from our london broadcast center on al jazeera, ah anti government protested censure lanka vowed to continue to occupy the homes of the president and prime minister until they both officially resign. ah, i'm terry johnson. this is al jazeera broadcasting live from don't also coming up. or the 20 people shot dead in 3 bars in south africa. president of cyril, i'm a poser, cause of violence, unacceptable, and worrying a desperate search for survivors in east to new crate. after a russian rocket to attack, destroys ne apartment building and japan's routing coalition is on course to win
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a sweeping majority in the house of parliament in an election, overshadowed by the murderer over prime minister, sions, and abbey. ah, protested in sri lanka, say they both remain in the president and prime ministers, homes and officers until they officially resign. presidents gotta hire roger baxter and prime minister renella wick m a singer, have both offered to resign. on saturday, their residence, his were overrun by protest as furious over their inability to tackle the nation's worst economic crisis. now fernandez, sent a report from inside the presence residence which open night has become a tourist destination and the protest site. a real carnival atmosphere here at the president's official residence. the great facade you see behind me, you notice the architecture, it goes back many, many decades. and this was the sight of that massive sea of people who overran this
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property. seeing the exit of president gore talbot raj boxer on friday. now obviously he has to resign officially, but for the protest movement that called for him to step down. this has been a victory. and for more sure lumpkins that are here. they say they're not going to lose an opportunity to see how their leaders lived. this is our tax money. so i'm here because of the out. so what kind of things been done for our tax money? that's actually what i'm here is the maximum or just shoot, understand the part of people and the sheer number of people trying to get in to see the president's house is posing a real problem. those who are part of the protest campaign who are still trying to control some of the crowds are urging people to be careful, very structural damage, obviously a very all property and just cannot handle. the sheer numbers are climbing up the
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staircase that has been structurally shoes. so that's posing a very rare problem and the danger and this obviously the swimming pool at the president's house of the water looking very much. 2 worse for the wear, but those iconic pictures of people are diving into this right after the protest is essentially over at this residence. now president go tabio roger boxer is reported to have been evacuated to safety before the protest says actually got into the property. we still haven't seen any signs of him other than to hear the statement that he has indicated he is willing and able and willing on his resignation. on the 13th of july, around a week from a rotten a is a member of parliament in july and previously served the state minister of finance . he says the process of change is just beginning to things need to be done, the media prices since they cannot be prices that people don't have gas shortage
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is like that. so we would need the help of all our friendly country, their neighbors in assisting with that and then be also me to embark with the international monetary fund, coming to a stop level agreement within weeks. and then going farther, necessarily reforms. and that process has begun. and that that process can be taken to the i am in the country then particular government debt. when i previously had a program, even my finance and i'm in the country. so clearly i think that change need to i am if, and everybody in the government except the majority of the people in the country. and i think that's the stablish. certainly they're supposed to continue the challenge of it because we need to get the picture cues in the need that
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even provides for that. we don't need bridging finance and then you have to undertake the economic reforms that are being called for. and we need to do this because they are needed and, and this is the way to take the country forward. there are 2 ways to look at if we had a program previously up to 2019. there are 2 in the country. we have a budget to ban a balance of payments in 20182019 be able to create the primary balance that's through share discipline, fisco, consolidation, raising revenue. and this time it will be tougher because the last of the cost side, and certainly that will create certain problems to be both. so the, i'm a pre fun program to go with the program to sheet it and protect the socially weiner. but i think this is now understood by much elaborate agency stool and we need to target the vulnerable and, and protect them through
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a direct social program. why don't be push through with the reforms. at least 21 people have been killed in 3 separate shootings in south africa for they say 15 people was shot dead and several others were injured at the orlando east happen in sweater on the southern outskirts of to hundreds, but for other people were killed in a separate tab and shooting the town of peter merits. but katya lopez, her young, has more the overwhelming pain as families are called to identify their relatives. it was after midnight when police say more than a dozen people shot dead by gunman in the bar. neutral hannah's burg bodies piled near the entrance. our victims who tried to run out and escape what we know is that the assailants just entered into that space where people entering them opened the shorter and only to them. investigators have described the shooting as
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a massacre said in us that is a new one. now this is the gun was to try it on our communities and was to call upon communities to actually really did the police in bring in to poke those perpetrators. police say nothing was stolen from the business. now their focus turns on catching those responsible, finding out why the victims were targeted to a little bit. so the young al jazeera gun. the ownership is a hugely divisive issue. in south africa, one proposed legislation, the firearms control act would stop people from legally owning a gun for self defense purposes. support to say few guns will lead to less crime. there are about 450000 licensed guns in south africa. critics argues civilians need license weapons to defend themselves, especially with a rising crime rate and an overwhelmed police force. more than $6000.00 people were
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killed in the 1st 3 months of this year. in south africa, police say these are the worst figures recorded in the last 5 years. in cameron is director of the advocacy group community safety actions society in cape town. he thinks police saw inadvertently contributing to the growing problem of gun violence in the last 12 years. and so recovery service has lost more than $26000.00 fire on state far. that means that in the last 12 years of african pre services, most likely the biggest gun suppliers to criminals in south africa, which is obviously very, very worried. and i think if we see it in that way, we need to understand a conviction rates for violent crime, in general in south africa and less than 5 percent conviction. right. it makes it incredibly difficult to combat crime efficiently in the country. i think
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this a via political interference in this of african are pretty service. we've seen that over the last 20 years, the majority of commission is that we're going to, we're not korea police members. they were politically connected ruling parties that were appointed. and we also saw this band, most of our specialized units in the south african pre service expectation it was said that they would need to combat serious, violent crime from ground level. and to give you an idea. yeah, for example, like 2019 african pre service lost more than 10000000 rounds of ammunition. so that means 10000000 rounds of ammunition was, is freely roaming on the streets of the country. ah, at least 15 people have been killed in charge of your in eastern ukraine,
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a softer russian rockets attack on an apartment building. rescue workers at fair. there are more people trapped in the rubble. russian ground forces are pushing to take control of the entire on. yes, region where chess of y'all is located out in fish reports from keith. 3 dawn sky lit up is russian rock. it's fallen chess of yar. an apartment block, torn apart, rescue workers know the timing of the attack means most people would have been in bed. so they're moving debra by hand tunneling down, trying to find anyone still trapped in the building. what have we done to them? what if our people done to hurt them? there was darkness, and then it all started. locals could only leucon helpless as the sets continued for neighbors. friends, relatives were with that. you have blood love. we ran to the basement. there were 3 heads the 1st somewhere in the kitchen. the 2nd i don't even remember. there was
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lightning. we ran towards the 2nd entrance and then straight into the basement. we sat there all night until this morning. willfulness easy, good. the local governor says there may be many more people trapped than the rebel having lifting gear is on stand by mom to rule again with her one more conformational war crimes where the russian federation they're targeting civilians everywhere, downs, villages, and cities. it doesn't matter if they're on the front line or somewhere else. the president's chief of staff called it another terrorist attack by a terrorist country, and he demanded government's act to declare russia, a state sponsor of terrorism. the russians have repeatedly denied the target civilians. q u. s. senators have pushed the idea of designating russia a state sponsor of terrorism, and they believe they could get almost unanimous support for it in the u. s. senate . that would put russia in the same category as north korea. iran and syria and the
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vote could fall in coming days. alley fisher al jazeera heave, a ration rocky to struck another residential area in the eastern city of hockey, entering at least 6 people. the me, a 12 year old girl is among the injured tillery attacks on ukraine. second biggest city have intensified recent weeks. and ukraine has criticize a decision by canada to return a repaired gas turbines. germany devices needed for the nord stream, one pipeline, to maintain supplies from russia. it was initially held back as part of western sanctions on moscow. but canada says returning the turbine would allow you to access affordable gas as it tries to end this dependency on russia. ukraine once the decision reversed, saying it plays into moscow, was to the head here on al jazeera, a wildfire threatening, ancient trees in one of america's most famous, national parks doubles in size in
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a day and we follow the plight of thousands living in unsafe accommodation. in lebanon, because they're to hold as well. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to cat hook your travel package today. hello, i think we may see more fighting coming to northeast in parts of china across the korean peninsula, over the next couple of days. big area of stormy weather, just rolling through the yellow sea, some burst of very heavy rag could cause that flash flooding. now the system linking all the way back into we're or beijing pushing further westward. again, we're seeing some intense downpours coming through and that st. shane of where to whether affecting a similar area as we go on through tuesday. so flooding, i suspect, is more likely than not, sir, quite heavy showers,
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crashing make their way into japan as well. 28 celsius there for tokyo, with some heavy downpours coming in across on she, he, she little dryer, dry across a good part of southern china was settle and sunny here. sunshine and showers across indo china, but southern parts of vietnam. cambodia. pushing across into thailand, monsoon range being some intense showers as we go on through the next day or so. and the monsoon rains popping up to on the other side of the bare been goal over the next few days at the moment. main concern is across the western gassy to central parts of india, but we will see those showers just eating back up towards that northeast corner of in the, through me and mark as we go on through tuesday. the further showers pakistan casa air with visual airline of the journey. traditional wrestling in san diego village festivals. now it's a national,
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male and female who bought a larger, really big money out there. a well looks at this unifying cultural full i'd to way out to poverty for some time ago. wrestling with reality on al jazeera lou ah, he with al jazeera and top stories. now this how protest to ensure that i have vowed to occupy the official residences of the president and prime minister until both leaders officially resign. president has been blamed for economic mismanagement, which is left the country short of food fuel power and that's gunman of killed at
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least $21.00 people, 3 separate shootings in south africa. one of those incidents happened in the barnes to west highway 15 people were gone down. russian rockets have hit an apartment block in the eastern ukrainian town of trusted. you're killing at least 15 people. several people feel trapped under the relevant in the coming hours. the rest and of a serious last rebel held enclave lose vital aid of the un security council failed to extend authorization for cross board deliveries. the only you and assistance can arise to the above. our crossing on the syrian a turkish border. un says more than $4600.00 trucks, accounting, mostly food, have taken aid there this year. helping summit 2400000 people. most residents have been internally displaced by the war. about 1700000 people are currently living in
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camps. more than half of them are children, since losing control of the unclaimed, the government has cut off the basic services and the tact medical facilities and schools that let's see on the left, russia pushed us to hint to hunger 1st and hate. and now they want to deny us the food a basket that bailey sustains us for half of the month during these very difficult times, russia is fighting with us over it. we completely refuse this veto. i am the mother of orphans, and i refused russia putting forward any plan to close. bob, i'll have a crossing. our society refuses it. japan's governing conservatives are on course to increase. the majority of the house of parliament, of the sunday's elections. boat was held just 2 days after the assassination of a former prime minister since he was shot dead at a campaign event in the city of norah. 41 year old suspect remains in custody. so it's louis reports. japan as
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a nation in morning after the assassination of its former leader shinto ave on friday, but fritz governing liberal democratic party, a glimmer of good news after sunday's upper house elections. the l. d. p has been the dominant parties at the end of the 2nd world war and had a high approval rating. going into the vote. ave was a member of the lower house, and still wielded considerable influence as head of the l. d. p largest faction. analysts say the results will help prime minister kish dad consolidate power. you know, the biggest threat to his position has been sheen's or arbor. so the fact that obey was killed a couple of days ago actually, ah, is another thing that made stabilizers regime and in a strange way the strong election showing will give him a chance to increase military spending, revising japan's pacifist constitution. one of our base unfulfilled ambitions is
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also likely to be on the cards. although analysts say amending the constitution will not be an easy process. and also when it ordered that other there, it is still unclear how to amend the constitutional and which parts of it need to be amended. even in monks losing support of constitution amendment opinions very a lot of the can't be a quick change of the constitution. even any blocking 2 thirds of the seats can't do it. the japanese people vote on it, and it is hard to pass. vic. meanwhile, the suspect in our base assassination has been handed over to prosecutors inara, where he will likely be detained and questioned before being charged. police have acknowledged, there were security flaws in friday's attack, and have promised a thorough investigation. florence louis al jazeera south korea has reported more potential rocket launches from the north, so that military detected the trajectories of what appeared to be shots fired on
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sunday night. north korea often testifies launches during military drove this year . north korea has testified arrange of missiles or a band on the un security council resolutions. the race to take over from boris johnson as a british prime minister is shaping up to be hard for the contests. so for 11 candidates, don't leadership bids and more are expected to join before the selection process gets on the way later this week, for brendan looks for the issues contenders. will have to address politics is a brutal business riven with rivalries and shifting loyalties and simmering ambitions. and when the top job is up for grabs, the heat really is on it looks like it's shaping up to be a very, very kind of not the leadership campaign. if that does happen, of course, you have a window to be providing over very fractured policy at a point in which regards to what the lifetime cost of living crisis,
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the u. k is next, prime minister isn't chosen by the general public. instead, just a conservative m p 's over the in parliament will with all the less down most likely to just to remaining candidates. and then the conservative party membership in the country around $160000.00 of them will cast the postal balance. a 2019 analysis found that 70 percent of the members are male, 56 percent or older than 55. and a 3rd of them live in london in the southeast of england. expect policies which appeal explicitly or implicitly to that demographic. the conservative party models itself at the party for business. conservative voters generally don't support high taxes, they inhibit enterprise and growth. they believe. so it's no surprise that at this early stage of the contest, the leadership rivals are falling over themselves. the promise tax cuts. look, i believe in a lower tax. lower regulation cut the red tape economy. i think no conception
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should raise taxes either what you need a small tax cost that will grow the economy. i've always been a low tax consulting on july to the others are falling and whatever you decide on economic policy has risk, whichever way you go. but there, i think the much greater risk is not having the tax cut. but if you're cutting taxes, how would you fund public services, 96500000 patients are currently waiting for hospital treatments in england, such as near replacement. so i surgery on the next p. m needs to have a plan. low wage growth, big increases in energy bills, i'm price inflation nudging into double figures of all created a cost of living crisis here in the u. k. something the new prime minister is going to have to tackle. first and foremost, people are suffering the most is country, of course, of those who of hon. 2.6000000 kids getting hungry. you just said more cost to them directly. either side, you will see to have a series program for how we're gonna fix this country to fix our problem. remember,
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this is an election a which only conservatives can vote. the other 47000000 people of voting age can only watch and wait and hope for the best, hol, brennan, al jazeera london. a wildfire is threatening a grove of ancient trees in one of america's most famous national parks, who semitic park officials say the fire has more than doubled in size in a day was named jordan reports not. ah, the washburn fire began in yosemite national park on thursday. officials say the fire threatened some 500 sequoia trees in an area called mariposa grow. and that includes the famous grizzly giant that some of the oldest trees that there are. there's trees that are 2000 years old. they're massive giants when you stand next to them as fire fighters moved in some 1600 people at a nearby camp ground and community were told to lee. so far,
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the washburn fire has burned more than $280.00 heck, tears park officials say they could close more of the national park if necessary. it looks a pretty scary and i we were going full force on our suppression tactics. for now, visitors are cautiously proceeding with their vacations. it's definitely erie and, but it doesn't make me want to turn around and want to keep going. sequoias have evolved to withstand fire, but they don't always escape. wildfires in the last 2 years have destroyed nearly 15000 sequoias, 20 percent of the 75000 estimated trees found in the american west. so far, park officials don't know when the washburn fire will be brought under control. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, thousands of people in lebanon's, northern city, of tripping. they are living in danger because their homes are at risk of collapse
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. the city has suffered from decades of government, neglect, and instability. and hundreds of families are living in unstable structures as they're too poor to go elsewhere in a hot report. in just a few moments, hallad eco lost everything. the 3 story building where his family used to live class. the tragedy in lebanon 2nd largest city tripoli has scored his 6 year old son. most of his younger sister humana died under the robin weilacher, a conflict in our country. the government doesn't care about us. we knew the building needed repair, but we couldn't afford to move up. another thousands of families are living in danger because of the poor state of buildings, temporary fixes to reinforce the foundations are not permanent solutions for families live in this rundown building. was either going to go look at these stairs,
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they are about to collapse. it will cost us $3000.00 for repairs. we don't have $4.00 in our pocket has happened. a job. local authorities estimate up to $10000.00 housing units are at risk of collapse. they say there's only so much they can do without the central government addressing the economic collapse that's forced much of the population into poverty that they're asked by had on there been more quote, there's a ticking bomb in tripoli. we, the municipality are doing our job by warning people to evacuate, but assertion is the responsibility of the government. any solution requires money and the lebanese state is nearly bankrupt. but even before the current economic crisis, tripoli was neglected. the united nations says this city more than any other in lebanon, is in need of social housing. there has been no development or investment for decades. many of the buildings are old and haven't been maintained. some were
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damaged during the civil war that ended in 1990 and the political violence. and the ensuing years. others were built illegally with poor quality materials, yeoman's, that comes up with a bit that how can you blame those who can't afford construction materials or restoration costs that were already poor and they have become poorer with the collapse of the local currency. many here know their buildings aren't safe, but they have nowhere else to go. all they can do is wait for the next tragedy center for their elders. eda tripoli northern lebanon. now, novak a joke of which has increased his italy of wimbledon titles with a convincing 4 starts of victory over the next curious in sunday's final snohomish reports. the 21st grand slam title will know that the duke of ich, and the 7th wimbledon championship materials falling just short in his bid to beat
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one of the games all time greats every single time, it gets more and more meaningful in special in some i'm very blessed and very thankful to, to be standing here with the truck for all the success joke of which has endured in his career prior to this final. he never even won a set against curious this was a strain his 1st appearance in a grand slam final. and he appeared to be enjoying the occasion. 02, yes one. the 1st said, 6 school girls got the better of this exchange but lost the 2nd set as the parent pushed each other to the limit. the 3rd said, curios became increasingly distracted. at one point, asking the empire to jacked a member of the crowd, i don't want to
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do a conventional main focus and took the set to 6 for curious did all he could to get back in the match as the full set went into a tie break but when it really mattered job to, they just had that little extra actually secured, a 4th consecutive wimbledon champion. i really respect your last, i think you are phenomenal tennis player in athletes. amazing talent. i mean you've been hearing all of that for many years. i never thought i'm going to say so many nice things about your consider considering the relationship here is a bit of a god. i'm not gonna lie a thought applied well, but that that was on the congratulate. no back on your team. of course you've won a change about and even i only talk any more,
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he say tom till the bulkheads compliance, you know, he knows my know menu how you and i have a very tough relationship at times. but i was like, thank you for putting up with an arm and, and the crowd between the amazing couple of weeks and naples. here it is, is this when has move, jock a bitch above roger federer on the all time grand slam winners list on the raw found the dull is still ahead of him. son hamish, and just sierra ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories protested in shall anchor, have vowed to occupy the official residences, or the president and prime minister until both leaders resign. the president has been blamed for economic mis.


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